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Toca Life: Neighborhood App Complaints & User Negative Comments

Toca Life: Neighborhood app received 41 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about toca life: neighborhood?

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It’s good!but...The reason I rate this app a 2 is because of the weigie board! It’s inappropriate to have such a disgusting this in a child’s game I think you should take it out right now for the safety of all little kids minds and futures!.Version: 1.0.1

We love Toca Boca but...Neighborhood is such a let down! The price has hiked up - just by a £1 but there’s nothing extra. If anything there’s less. There are only 3 buildings and very little to do in each. Choosing furniture for your house was cool but I think it could have gone further - change colour schemes etc. Overall we’re pretty disappointed in this one - but we love every single other Toca Life game..Version: 1.0.1

3.2I got it but it is not worth 5$ if it was 1$ I would be more happy but you cannot explor it and that Macks me sad.Version: 1.0.1

The app doesn’t workI love toca boca but this app wouldn’t open properly. When i open the app it glitches to usually a black an white screen and it just lags . I don’t even know what the game looks like because it won’t work. i spent $6 on this and it doesn’t work . Disappointing.Version: 1.0.1

Some problems...Hmm... it is a very good app but some problems.. #1 I pre-ordered it because I was so excited about this and it’s Oct. 25! Hmm? Where is the app I payed for?! So I had to purchase it again!! Come on toca! And #2 the sloth ghost. The way you have it set up is very creepy. As a Christian user I found this almost disturbing, I don’t like to say it so I won’t but in a children’s game? Really? I could be reading this wrong but according to what I’m looking at my eyes tell me I’m right. What you have is a thing that talks to ghosts and I find that disgusting of you Toca Boca, Sure you have older users that may find this cool but I can tell you that I am not laughing and this is not funny. If I were a toddler playing this game (because let’s face it every child these days has a phone) and if I were playing this I wouldn’t know what this was but I can tell you my parents would have some explaining to do if I were a toddler. Now I know you had to have this adorable sloth ghost but why not have it be the last egg thingy in the machine in the house store? That would be WAY better. And for the price and the fact I had to pay for it twice AND the moment of disgust I had, I’m giving 4 stars. C’mon Toca Boca you can do better..Version: 1.0

There’s a better oneThis isn’t my ideal game it’s because it me it was a rip off there’s a better one for free where you can shop and everything and you can only role play in this one So maybe buy the other one instead of this ITS A SCAM FOR $.Version: 1.0.1

Can we customize characters?When I bought the game I thought you could customize the characters like in Toca life but you can’t. I hope the developers add in character customization..Version: 1.0.1

Add dis plzAdd food shop and the youtuber named ItsFunneh.Version: 1.0.1

Same old, same old.I’ve been playing with toca life for ages and I really enjoyed these apps more than ANY other games I’ve played so far. It’s free and interactive, everything is in your hands. But of course, it has its limits. I get every app in this series has its own special feature. From riding horses to being a doctor. But ever since Toca life: School, I’ve been underwhelmed. The first game I bought was Toca City, where you can change your individual characters and you’re eligible to go to more locations than any other toca life game so far. I really wanted to see that again. Instead of just one building with 4-5 floors or maybe 3 buildings, try 6, and let us customize the characters more or add over 45. I guess I’m late to say that, mainly because of Toca life: World. I’m so excited for it and I’m really hoping it comes to the US soon. I know that there’s a lot of bugs that need to be removed and touch ups that be done, but don’t keep us waiting!.Version: 1.0

Food...So in the game like a year ago, the people were able to eat the food that you can make. But now the people can’t eat any of the food so you always have to throw the food out if you’re trying to role play with them eating the food. You know what i mean... so If that was fixable I would love your team to fix that little problem...but other from that your game is a very good little game! Suggestion: make a Toca life mall please we all want it!... Thanks..Version: 1.0.1

Not the best..Ok.. to be honest Toca boca is lucky that I am giving them a 3 star rating because its honestly not a great app. If you are going to pay 3 pounds for this game you expect it to be packed full of stuff to do. But it only has 3 apartments. A robo cafe. And a furniture shop and that’s it. It’s such a small app. Disappointed ☹️ really probably one of there worst ones..Version: 1.0.1

Neighbourhood??I thought it was going to be a neighbourhood with parks cafes stores and I actually thought that you could add all the Toca games that you have now into this game so your could go form the city to the farm to the hospital and etc only if you had neighbourhood and the games you had pretty disappointed about this wasting £4 just for 3 locations and it isn’t even realistic like the other ones 😕👎🏽👎🏽.Version: 1.0

No❤️Don’t get it.Version: 1.0.1

Sooooo...I wrote a review already and toca boca replied and explained how to stop this from crashing unfortunately that didn't work.Version: 1.0

Can’t get inI played the game for a couple minutes and it took me out of the game. I go back in it takes me to the part where he drops the boxes. It turns into a white screen and leaves the app.Version: 1.0

Ouiji board 🤦‍♀️Ok.. this is a cute game. I enjoy designing things so designing the apartment and all is really fun. BUT the ouija board and the crystal bulb take this down two stars. I even stopped playing after this. As a Christian, I truly HATE witchcraft. That’s all from satan, and it shouldn’t be in a children’s game. I also hate it when there’s a cute, fun, addictive game and there is something evil, or inappropriate snuck in there that younger kids don’t understand. They just get pulled in to these evil things.. it’s really sad. I’ve seen so many other reviews about the board and I believe it would be wise to take it off the game. Thank you for reading. About Jesus Jesus is the savior of my life. He has helped me through good times and bad! And I have accepted Him into my heart, now I know I will live eternity in Heaven with Him. If you would like to be accepted here’s how. There’s nothing hard, you just have to truly believe what your praying. Pray this prayer. “Jesus. I love you, And I know you have done a lot for me.. I want to live in Heaven with you. Forgive me of my sins. I accept you into my heart. In the name of the Heavenly Father ᗩᗰEᑎ. “.Version: 1.1

Well...It’s a fun game but once you find all the secrets which is pretty easy it gets really boring. The secret thing with the ouija board and the globe was so overrated and the ‘secret club’ was so easy to find. I think this game needs more places to visit like a food store or a corner store. I love how there are four apartments!.Version: 1.0

It’s okayDon’t get me wrong, the game is great, I love it, but there’s a just a lack of everything. There’s hardly any people, clothes, things to do, it gets boring really quickly.Version: 1.0

Won't downloadI wasted my money on this it won't download.Version: 1.0

Needs some improvementThe app seems to go off when you are not connected to wifi. I do not like this new addition to the apps. My daughter found it really nice that she could play toca boca on a plane or a car journey, but she can’t do that anymore. Also this app needs more places to hang out. Like a park or a row of shops. And maybe a food store. From watching my daughter she does really love the app but if you could just try and change the app. She will love it 10 times more!.Version: 1.0

I’m so mad right nowI was so excited to get the app and then when I opened it my screen just turned black, my devise is brand new and i turned it off and turned it back on, deleted the app and reinstalled it, I don’t know what to do please help.Version: 1.0.1

A bit disappointedOkay, so first of all, I am disappointed why? Because I just wasted 4 dollars. At first, I was pretty excited to see the game, and there we're 3 buildings I was honestly like ”okay”, lol. But first I checked the apartments they we're really nice, very cute, overall liked the apartments :) then I checked like the store it was so cool and how they had those little pillows, IT WAS JUST SO CUTE haha, but yeah, then I checked the club thing and it was very cool, yeah, that we're ALL the buildings, there we're.. It eventually got boring, since there was literally 3 buildings, I was all like ”did I seriously just waste my money?” it just got pretty boring, it would be much cooler if they added more BUIlDINGS. Yeah, that's all if you are reading this, it's your choice you can either waste your money or just buy the game, but the apartments the store and all that, stuff it was pretty nice but yeah, bye for now, :)..Version: 1.0.1

Huge fan but not good anymoreAt first it was good but after it was deleting characters out of my game and crashing. Does this game not support the iPhone 10?.Version: 1.0.1

I guess it’s okI love the Toca games and I really wanted this one, but then I bought it and started playing. There is barely anything to do; only a cafe, four apartments (one of which you can move into) and a home store. One thing I did really like was the apartment that you can move into, no one else’s stuff is in there so you go and get stuff you like from the home store and move in. Overall I was a bit disappointed because it’s very expensive to buy and I expected it to be a great game like all the others..Version: 1.0

Doesn’t workI can’t get it to open.Version: 1.0.1

A Ouija board? Really?We have loved and have cherished every single Toca Boca game that you have ever produced. However, ever since you guys got bought out by this other company I’m not sure I like the direction you are going. We love this game up until the point that you have to do a séance with the Ouija board. Are you kidding me? For children? I know it’s done lightheartedly but there a lot of people that this is a big deal for. So we remove this game, unfortunately after purchasing, and will not be installing it unless This portion of the game has been removed. We will also be monitoring very closely forthcoming releases of any Toca Boca game. Again, I know that a lot of families see this sort of thing as harmless. On this game I’m sure it is. However, I don’t want to put these sorts of things before my four-year-old child. Later in life if they see that this is OK, they will have that decision. I, on the other hand, I’m not a fan..Version: 1.0

So SoThis is a good game! Just not as good as the other Toca Life’s. I love what you have and the idea behind it is great. But three locations? I’m sorry but I got bored really quickly. But I think that this game is really cool and I love the idea of the decorating, but I love this game I’m Toca world better because you add more locations. But overall I love the idea, and understand that this was just to hold us over until Toca World, but I believe that this could’ve had some minor changes to make it 4 or 5 stars.😀 Happy Thanksgiving! - Olivia The Ouiji board is a little weird for game for 6-8 year olds, I mean the sloth ghost is kind of cute, I mean if I were a kid I probably would not be scared of it, but if knew what a ouiji board was back then ( I do now, not because of this game) I would probably scream my head of, so yeah maybe not the best choice..Version: 1.0.1

This app is fun But.........I waited so long for this app I am a big fan of toca boca My sister and I had 4 years of toca life adventure and have all the games of toca life but I was so pumped for this one when I played it the codes were so easy to hac and I did it in a half hour and the close are so cheese there were more girls then boys and only three play seens it was a little disappointing There was only one child but it was fun furnishing the rooms I hope you update it soon and I also understand this is just to hold toca players over till toca life world 🌍 thank you for the time in this app it’s fun but it need improvement and I’m a little flustered about the ouiji board it was a little scary when I discovered the ouiji board and what it did I took my 2 little sisters iPads and hid the ouiji board if I got scared of it and I’m twelve I can’t think about my 7 year old sisters reaction my family and I are a Christian home and I hope you can take the voodoo stuff away from this game I’m not just saying this for my sisters I’m saying this for other children that get scared of weird stuff like that hope you approve soon and update And I am not saying that I do not like the game but it gets boring really quick the utter apps are more fun than this one it Is not my favorite toca boca app three is I hope toca boca world 🌎 is more fun than this I hope you understand and update soon 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳.Version: 1.0.1

This is just noMy kid is upset because she didnt get to do anything else.Version: 1.1

Not that goodThere’s not much stuff and you can’t make your own person and not much places/:but the rest is good.Version: 1.0.1

Okay, But Could Be A Lot BetterThis game is okay, but feels like it isn’t very good value for money considering there is less to do in it compared to the other Toca Life games. There are four very small apartments to play in, one of which is almost completely empty (although you can decorate it). There is a furniture shop and a robot café. I think the developers should consider adding more buildings and more apartments in this game. I think they should also add more clothing for the characters and more food items in the apartments. I have my fingers crossed for a future update that will improve this game and my opinion of it. Personally, I think you shouldn’t waste your money on Toca Life: Neighborhood and instead get Toca City or Toca Life: Office as they are much better games with a lot more to do in them..Version: 1.0

ShockedToca Boca has never disappointed me but today I was... This new game excited me so much i rushed to buy it,started playing, with an open mind! but then, there was hangers and washing machines but no where to get clothes, there is a cafe but no food store and a huge fridge that is empty unless you steal from your neighbours which isn’t the best game play, i think an update is needed to satisfy all, with food stores and clothes stores and some source of entertainment, it’s a neighbourhood.....Version: 1.0

Okay but not great...Despite the price jump (which I do not approve of at all) from £2.99 to £3.99, I remained optimistic about this game. Surely if they are putting the price up it must be much better, I couldn’t be more wrong. While the initial look around the game when I first downloaded it was exciting, after it I exited almost immediately, bored. There are not a lot of characters unfortunately and one big complaint I would have is not nearly enough clothes! Then there is the fact that there is only three locations, you could argue four but I would say three considering the lack of difference between the apartment floors. 3 locations for £4 is not good enough and there really isn’t much to the game at all. Once you have designed the one apartment actually available for design, the design store is essentially useless. That leaves you really only able to play in the cafe and apartments which gets boring within 5 minutes, trust me! There are also no outdoors locations which I do not like. I am normally a huge fan of Toca life apps but this one, in my opinion, is just disappointing and boring. Wasted potential just like my wasted £4..Version: 1.0

Way to tiny and false advertisingWhen I added this game in to toca world only two buildings.Version: 1.0

HOW TO GET TO THE CLUB!So I pre ordered the app and at first I was SO excited but the app is kinda.. dull.. also I was most looking forward to the Ouija Board. But I couldn’t find it. That made me really sad and angry. I don’t like how the “Cute” themed room is already decorated. I was expecting to give the app a full five stars but.. I mean.. It’s okay. 1-10 more like a 6. I’ve spent three days trying to find the Ouija board but it’s nowhere! Please help by adding a review telling where it is because I can’t find it and I’m very disappointed. You lose a star because if that. It’s false advertising. OKAY NOW HOW TO OPEN THE CLUB! so go in the Cafe and scroll all the way to the right. Once you do that’s there’s shapes on the wall. Tap the shapes so they’re all triangles. A key will pop out. Tap the key. Wha la! Your welcome!.Version: 1.0

Good, but needs major improvements...I downloaded this game excited and optimistic for a new Toca Life game, however, there is not nearly enough content to keep a child entertained for more than 30 minutes. In this game, literally all the player can do is go home buy stuff for their home, and go to the robo cafe. Personally, I love Toca Bochum games because they are usually very inventive and entertaining, but with this game it’s not really the case. New locations are desperately needed such as, a corner shop and a tailor. Let’s hope most of these problems will be fixed with the release of Toca World..Version: 1.0

Do you need wifi for it?Well I’m on my iPad I used to play this for hours and had no problems I didn’t need any wifi or anything but now if I don’t have wifi it crashes but when I’m on wifi it works so is it s glitch? This is for all the apps but I love the game when I’m on wifi.Version: 1.0.1

Doesn’t work on ios 14Just bought this game but doesn’t work on ios 14. This is very frustrating!!.Version: 1.0.1

Rip-offThis game is such a rip-off you pay six dollars for only three places, I mean if you’re gonna make us pay at least make it worthwhile. You don’t even give us the full set I mean come on..Version: 1.0.1

I love it but...Soo basically I love all the toca life apps but this one has disappointed me a lot only three places what happened to the amazing toca life apps I know you are busy with toca life world but that is know excuse if you are thinking of buying it don’t it isn’t worth your money please toca read this and add more locations and only 3 days till toca life world!!!!!!!!!😀.Version: 1.0.1

Wat if we don’t like the characters?!I don’t like the characters at all! I would like to be able to change them. I didn’t just pay 6 dollars for a game that u can’t do anything with😡.Version: 1.0.1

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