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Fenix for Twitter app received 38 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about fenix for twitter?

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Fenix for Twitter for Positive User Reviews

Apps are great but require some featuresSync tweet position to iCloud as tweet marker sometimes are unreliable, customisable swipe gesture, the timeline search should only search for the tweet on the timeline, and add new tab options for twitter-wide search instead of just a saved search. Thanks for the work..Version: 1.0

Great!!!Best app for Twitter ever. ❤️.Version: 1.16

Excellent Bar The Odd CrashReally like this ad free alternative to Twitter app, would like to see it available on desktop too. Has worked mostly glitch free for a few months for me, though today it wouldn’t launch (iPhone 11). Reinstalling and power cycle didn’t work, but updating from iOS 15.3ish to 15.4 got it working again (had to reinstate columns etc and saved bookmarks were gone, but no big deal).Version: 2022.2.1

Crashing + one annoyanceI've used Tweetbot and Twitterrific before but Fenix is my go-to Twitter client. It's simple, easy to use, and doesn't require a subscription. One issue I'm having on both the iPad 6th gen and iPad Air 4 (both on iOS 15) is random crashing. Thankfully, it keeps the spot where I stopped scrolling so I can continue where I left off. A really annoying problem I encountered is that if I accidentally tap any area outside a composition window, it will close and the tweet would be lost. I'm hoping that the developer would change the behaviour so that if there's already text in the window, it would be saved as a draft..Version: 2021.3

Quotes, Likes And RetweetsI’m not able to see whose quotes my tweets or I’m not able to see who RT or like my tweets but apart from that I like the app..Version: 1.13

Random crashes and feature poorThe app overall is decent and mules ahead of the official Twitter client. But there have been some really random but very regular crashes of late. The polls feature is still missing (not sure if it’s an api or Development issue) and some of the features don’t work as expected (ie translation). I would have given this a 2 star rating but as it has a liner timeline, and a stars off where I left it means it does the basic things I need / want it to. The lack of ads is also great..Version: 2022.2.1

Awesome!Thanks for making such a great app. I love how easy it is to add my searches to the bottom bar. As a photographer, I really enjoy the media view option for those searches, as I follow many other photographers. From a privacy standpoint, I love that this app respects my data privacy. From an experience standpoint, thank you for removing adds and promoted tweets. It feels like I am seeing only what I want to see, as it should be..Version: 2022.2.3

Feature requestPlease add the ability to share to this app from other apps. Critical feature! I’ve found this app to be superior to others (such as being able to pick your followers while creating a new tweet).Version: 1.9

Why is the is the bottom dock margin spaced so close to the icons?This app is THE BEST TWITTER CLIENT. But this Is driving me crazy. It’s close to the icons and nearly touching the post plus circle. Then there is so much space at the bottom due to the iPhone 11 screen-chin. Again, love the app but please fix this - I bought the app because of how the UI looked in the App Store images so it was disappointing. Everything feels so premium besides that. The header is spaced really close to the avatar icon at the top as well. If you are detail oriented like me with attention to design - this could bother you!.Version: 1.12

Wonderful AppIt is best App for twitter but give 5 star if I knew how to use the trend. I like view different trend on different area. Only can see where I am and access only with search.Version: 1.12

Full screen option pleaseI really enjoy the app but I would like the option to view my timeline with the entire screen of the iPad screen and not a split view with Mentions etc..Version: 1.1

Great, but can be improvedThis is an incredible app, I love the layout and overall feel of it. With that being said, there are a few features that could be added. A clear cache would be great, and hopefully easy to add. It would be nice to be able to sort replies by likes rather than defaulting to recent (if Twitter API allows this). It would also be nice to be able to customize swipe gestures (positioning of like/retweet/reply). These last features are likely hard or impossible to implement, but would be nice to have: an in-app translate feature (doesn't just open google translate), and Twitter polls (depends on API). Still a great app, worth the purchase!.Version: 1.14

Good app but needs moreI love this app since I started to move away from the official twitter app. my only criticism is the lack of notifications in general and would hopefully be implemented at some point.Version: 2022.3

Please support RTL languages (right to left)Awesome app. Just please support the languages which starts from right to left. We are waiting for that. Thank’s.Version: 1.1

Great Twitter client.This is the best iOS client for Twitter that I have come across, and it is free of ads!.Version: 2021.2

NotificationWhere is the notification option?.Version: 1.16

More!!!Help us say no to algorithm software everywhere! Thank you! Fenix renewed my use of Twitter after years of annoyance and information overload. The interface of this application is incredible!.Version: 1.2.1

Best twitter App by some distanceFinally I have found a Twitter App that does what I need a Twitter App to do for me in that I receive the tweets I want to read in chronological order, it displays the full tweet including pictures from accounts I follow & it plays videos straight away. Brilliant App, well worth the money.Version: 2021.3

Not very customizable layoutUPDATE: from 3 stars this got 5 stars now … I figured it out … pls provide faq or short user guide for basic config and setup INITIAL Impossible to disable multi column view on ipad? Why do I need to see Mentions and DM views all the time? How can I configure Fenix on ipad to see just Timeline view? Other than that decent but as a paid app shall be lot better imo.Version: 2021.3

Very goodFull width media looks great. Customisable Good theme choices Gesture choices Needs pip functionality and will be 5 stars.Version: 2022.4.2

Top Twitter appA terrific UI – the swipe gestures are the best. I’ve tried a few other apps and they work, but not as smooth as Fenix. Appreciate the smallish app size and that it doesn’t grab all my data, too..Version: 2022.3

5 stars because I know it will be great!The only thing I ask for is being able to see my notifications (likes and retweets). That’s the only thing missing to make this perfect..Version: 1.1

The best twiiter client i have been missingThis is just a top notch client, woeks well, beautiful, allows multiple accounts, customizable shortcuts(columns) to search, your list, etc. and biggest, no more tweet you find are ads(promoted) only at end. Easy buy recommendation.Version: 2021.2

Amazing Twitter Experience.This is an amazing application, that offers buttery smooth scrolling. My only gripe with the experience: there is no way to quickly like, retweet, or reply to a tweet. Using the peek feature brings up the options but, tapping on one just takes you to the tweet itself. None the less, if you’re looking for a new and better experience over the official Twitter app, then look no farther..Version: 1.9

How can I tip you?This developer needs a tip jar. I’d gladly continue to tip them based on how much I use this app. It doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles but I don’t need those. This is the closest you’ll get to a Tweetdeck app on iOS..Version: 1.15

Fantastic Client.My god, the thread feature that takes a tweetstorm and turns it into a legible article is worth the price alone..Version: 2021.1

Nearly perfect - needs a thread bubbleIt is a near flawless app. Please add a better way to show threads..Version: 1.16

A really great, clean appMy first impressions of this app are really good. It helps you focus on the content more than anything. I wasn’t sure whether to buy this app, but now that I did I’m VERY happy 😀.Version: 2021.1

Easily the best Twitter client I’ve used since 2006As a Twitter power user since 2006, I have bought and tested pretty much every Twitter client in the last 14 years. And I am here to tell you this is absolutely my favorite. I am a heavy user of Lists as it helps me focus on specific topics or groups while also reading chronologically. So I don’t have to see the algorithmic feed full of things I’m not wanting to read. Lots of little touches that are really helpful. Keep up the great work!!.Version: 2021.1

Great app for Twitter.The most customizable Twitter in the App Store. Can you add auto video play option?.Version: 1.16

Love the app but missing one feature.The app had a clean and organized layout. Fenix is a great twitter client unfortunately it lacks notifications..Version: 1.11

SimpleWhat Twitter used to be before all the faffing about with “recommended tweets”, non-chronological timelines, and other nonsense. Also, does not require you to login to Twitter every time like the previous app I was using. Edit: Removed one star because the app doesn’t transfer bookmarked tweets to main Twitter account. It would also be nice to have some way to jump straight to the most recent tweets instead of having to scroll forever if you haven’t been online for a few days..Version: 2022.4.2

Best Twitter appFeedback: create an option to hide the tweet button as it gives the app more real estate. as not everyone likes to tweet often..Version: 2021.3

GreatThis is a great app but lacks some features like automatic theme change, I hope that will arrive soon..Version: 1.0

Love this appThis app has great features for a Twitter power user. I love the customization options like the ability to add lists as tabs in the main interface. One feature request: let me customize the swipe gesture. I would love for it to open details of the tweet rather than liking or retweeting. A retweet is not an every moment action for me, but expanding details and seeing replies is. Customizability of the swipes would make this app 6 stars :).Version: 1.16

Thank you,well doneFinally, there is an app for twitter that can browsing whole media posting in grid view like instagram. Well done, developers!.Version: 1.16

Great!Great twitter client! However, I would absolutely love the ability to like or RT a tweet using another account without having to send the tweet to my other account, switch to the account, then find the tweet in my messages. To be clear, this feature doesn’t exist in the official Twitter app either, but I would use Fenix exclusively if this were a feature..Version: 2022.2.3

BrokenNo longer works. Please fix. Crash on launch every time. Dev advised that I should remove and reinstall the app. Seems to be working fine now. Thanks..Version: 1.15

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