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PrizePicks - Fantasy Game App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

PrizePicks - Fantasy Game app received 13 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using PrizePicks - Fantasy Game? Can you share your negative thoughts about prizepicks - fantasy game?

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PrizePicks - Fantasy Game for Negative User Reviews

Don’t count on making moneyI’ve been on PP since the start of the 21/22 NBA season. Fun app and enjoyable way to do DFS, until you realize it is near impossible to make some cash. The greatest downside is that PP is *very* selective with their board. For example, if a 3 point prop for an NBA player is a heavy betting favorite on other sport books to go over 2.5 made 3’s, then PP will either: A) Round up to 3 to make a push scenario the likely outcome or B) Not include the player on the board at all. I was in a popular PP NBA Discord and anytime someone notable in the discord found a solid player prop, PP would bump the line within the minute. With NBA, most of the options available are players with tight lines that could go either way. The best over/under props in comparison to other books were either bumped or not included from the get-go. Maybe NFL or other sports/esports lines are different idk. I only follow the NBA and was most passionate with NBA props. I only did 2 pick power plays and just about broke even. I used analytics and the discord i was in to my advantage. But as stated earlier, most of the “analytic” plays are either already bumped or not included by PP. I average better percentage victories playing casino slots than i do on a given day with 2 pick power plays on PP. Maybe you’ll have better luck on PP than I did, but remember, the house always has the advantage, not you..Version: 6.2.5

Missing Funds / Random Account LogoutI profited about $300 from prize picks and requested a withdrawal it was pending for over 48hrs… then I received an email stating that my “withdrawal failed” then hours later I was randomly logged out of my account and when attempting to log in it was telling me that my “email/password was incorrect” even though it isn’t. I even tried resetting the password multiply times just to receive a pop up stating that “password reset has expired” but I receive an email stating that my password was successfully changed. But I am still unable to access my account and I have messaged PrizePicks support multiple times through their support email, website, and Twitter and support is no where to be found and it has been multiple days. I never leave reviews so I’m genuinely disappointed with this sports betting service worst experience….Version: 7.0.1

Stole MoneySo my buddies and I have been using PP for about a month, at first the app was a lot of fun. But just last week both my friend and I lost $150 dollars straight from our account and It showed that we have no entries won on our account. It was very confusing on why they took all my earnings that I won the previous night. They also took my friends money that he recently deposited into his account. So he wasn’t even able to use the money, he pretty much just donated $150 to PP with this app doing nothing in return. There is also frequent times where this app makes deals saying that if you lose you will be given back a certain amount of money you put in (ex: the start of the playoffs you were given a $10 cushion to bet and if you lost you would get that money back.) These deals sound promising but most of the time you’re not given back the money and end up spending money on something you usually would not have. There is something about this app that just feels off…. $150 just going missing from my friend and I, promo deals not working, and Player props that are always changed and scewed to whole numbers to mess with the picks. (ex: Khris Middleton might be projected 2.5 3’s on a different app but on PP they will make it 3.) This is not an app I would recommend unless you have lots of money to spair/give away…...Version: 6.2.8

Ok but could be betterThey have paid out whenever I’ve won, but they force you to parlay. If they allowed single player plays I would probably stay, but since they aren’t I am leaving. This is why: If you were making straight bets on 2 props, and hit one, you would break even. On PP, you lose half your money. If you won 1 of 3 on straight bets, you would lose 2/3 instead of all your money. If you won 2 of 4 on straight bets, you would break even. Here you lose all your money. Sure, there is a bonus hitting 2 of 2, 4 of 4, and 5 of 5, but this is very hard to do. I would rather have a better chance to preserve my bankroll. Update based on response: If you must do parlay style, then 2 out of 4 should break even. 1 out of 4 should get you .5x. 1 of 2 should break even. 1 of 3 should get you .67 etc..Version: 6.2.8

They will slowly lose businessI honestly had no complaints up until this very week. When I first started out with PrizePicks it was nice and easy. I enjoyed the individual player props and how you don’t have to be on whole teams or entire games you can just know your stuff on certain players and aspects of your favorite sports. I also loved their promos with matching deposits and upping their winning scales allowing you to win 10x your spread. However this good thing turned sour once their payment method kept changing. At first all you had to do was deposit through the app, then it was if you use Mastercard you must deposit through PayPal with it. I had no problem with either but now all a sudden Mastercard isn’t accepted which takes away money from thousands of users like me that don’t enjoy using 3rd and 4th party apps to deposit and withdraw money. I shouldn’t have to go all around the world just to make a deposit and PayPal doesn’t make it any better. PayPal will have your cards linked but will only accept your entire bank being linked just to add money to PayPal. So now something that was so easy and smooth became a whirlwind just to get money deposited on the app which messes up promos, potential winnings, and timing on your bets. I’m about to walk away from it.Version: 6.3.5

Misleading payoutsSolid app, but the payouts are misleading. Be aware that they do NOT return your original stakes on bets!! For example if you bet $25 to “win” $75 you are only winning $50 because they keep your original stake. Your account balance on the My Entries page will show “Amount Won: $75” but your total balance only increases by $50. Your terminology is totally misleading whether you spell it out in the fine print of the rules or not. When I asked customer service if PrizePicks returns original stakes on each bet they told me “yes we do”. So I proceeded to show them that if that’s the case, my account balance would be incorrect. And then had to spell out to their customer service what original stakes even meant although this is a common sports betting term. Clearly the payouts are a bit confusing if their own customer service is unsure of how it works..Version: 6.1.1

Garbage customer serviceThe app is easy enough to figure out, but I’m starting to believe the whole thing is a scam. My brother had a really hard time withdrawing his winnings, and recently I had a miserable experience with customer service when I tried to do something as simple as changing the email on my account. After I did so, my whole account got frozen and I couldn’t deposit any money. I contacted customer service and they literally can’t do anything at all. They only say to be patient and it will be resolved within an hour, but it’s been 15 hours and they haven’t made any progress whatsoever. All in all, the betting is simple enough to figure out, but beware of anything that requires customer service because you will just waste your time since they are pretty incapable of any useful progress no matter what the issue is..Version: 6.2.5

BUT……It’s a good app but they only allow up to 2 credit cards and one PayPal account to deposit cash it was ok at first but one day both of my credit cards I added expired and I couldn’t get the removed until I’ve been with them for 60 days to request to remove a card so when I waited the 61 days I requested to remove 1 payment card so I could add my new one so I could deposit money to play the support agent told me I could remove one so I finally deposit money to play and I put my picks in and like 4-5 hours later I get email saying they deactivated my account do to fraudulent activity and money laundering mind you allllll because I asked to remove MY old payment card this happened to others not just me and now they won’t even tell me what I did they won’t respond to emails nothing . So just a heads up if you request to remove an old payment card they will FLAG YOUR ACCOUNT AS FRAUDULENT AND DEACTIVATE.Version: 6.2.5

Great App, Horribly ManagedI have been playing on this app for over 5 months and can honestly say that the team running it is irresponsible, unhelpful and they have demonstrated that they lack innovation. Player props have to be inputted manually, and frequently this isn’t done until late morning PST. This means most users can’t place their boards for days with early games or they do with little time for the user to research and make precise picks. This not only significantly impacts the user experience but hurts their bottom line in revenue. Additionally, they don’t have live scoring for some sports (specifically baseball) and they don’t appear to be trending towards getting that on the app. Without going much longer, I would encourage anyone considering downloading this app to drift towards FanDuel or practice some patience and simply wait for sports betting in your state to become legal as the experience will be significantly better for you..Version: 6.3.5

They locked my account after winning $1000So I won $1000 and with PrizePicks, you have to request to withdraw, so I did. Everything was ok, I even have screenshots from my winning lineup as I was showing my friends and couldn’t believe it. I wake up the next morning with an email saying that the withdrawal was denied or there was an error. So I click on the app on my phone to see what’s up and I was signed out. My password wouldn’t work so I tried resetting and every time I was sent to type in a new password it would say “Password reset time out”. I contacted every form of support that they had and no one has message eme back ONCE! So moral of the story is to not use this company. I bet they’ll gladly take your money and you’ll have no issues spending it but the second you withdraw, you’ll be screwed out of your money. I literally was enjoying it until this happened and it’s been weeks with NO reply from them. DO NOT USE PRIZEPICKS!! They don’t even have a phone to customer support. I checked..Version: 7.2.3

Poor customer serviceI’ve never done sports bets before and this app has completely ruined that for me. I haven’t been able to verify my ID, I’m over 18 and believe I live in a state that allows it, at the very least I have multiple friends who live in the same city as me and are verified. I tired submitting my ID and I failed once, I try again with different photos thinking maybe it was poor photo quality or something, I am denied again, I try once more and when I sent the first photo I was immediately denied, they didn’t even say to send a second photo like they usually do. Customer support is useless because they won’t disclose how their verification process works, and on top of that I kept getting the same guy for the customer service! If I have issues and the first guy didn’t resolve it why would he somehow be of help the second or third time?! At this point I think My account is on auto deny and googling this issue just shows Reddit threads where nobody seems to have solved the issue. They give no information after denial and can’t tell you if there’s any recourse or anything I can do to become verified. Very upsetting and I’ll warn my friends from using the app at all if this is how poor the customer service is..Version: 6.3.4

Withdrawal processI had tried to put 40 dollars into the app but had mistakenly put 100, which i had no problem with because i knew there was a way to withdraw the money. when doing so i found out i had to do a play through amount of 25 dollars which was no biggie because i had planned on using 40. when using my 25 i hit and the total credits i had was 270 dollars so i submitted a withdrawal. first one fail, second one failed, third one failed and just right now i was told by their lousy support group that i could try again so when doing so it showed it tried to take 270 from my account rather than place it in and when i messaged the support guy he said my bank info was wrong and to do it again, right when i did so my withdrawal request got instantly denied. now they’re trying to claim i have a new play through amount of 75 dollars. i don’t care about no play through amount of 75 they can take it out i just want my 75 plus the 75 i earned off the 25 dollars i put in and they’re giving me the run around of why the money can’t be put into my account. once the issue is solved which i doubt it will be dude to this being a WEEK long process i’ll no longer be using prize picks..Version: 6.3.5

Fine App. Only on here until it becomes legal in State to have sportsbook app.What can I say except for, PrizePicks is going to really struggle to stay in business over the next few years. I have no idea how they expect to continue to have success with building their customer base when their lines can be so selective and worse than that they put out a lot of whole number lines. Meaning you will likely have a draw especially in the less frequent stats, such as strikeouts in MLB and SOG in NHL. It makes PrizePicks practically unusable during MLB season. NBA definitely has its issues as well but at least the whole numbers are less of a factor on Points, they do it for assists and other low numbers like 3s as well. Long story short, it is only usable as long as theoptions stay low, but will move on AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Which I know is a common theme in the community. Good Luck PrizePicks. Bringing nothing special to the game except headaches..Version: 6.3.2

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