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Step - Next Generation Banking app received 28 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about step - next generation banking?

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We enjoy itWe have been using step for a long time and we never had any issues but I am noticing there are better cards for teens out there more advanced apps more of a debit card for my kids with more flexibility. I don’t like that anyone can open my app without a passcode or face that should really be changed. The app seems a little outdated compared too green light my son receives his direct deposit in step but I may switch too green light since they have security when signing in and more flexibility in the debit cards this one is more like a prepaid. I would stay if they updated the app let the kids design there own debit cards and make the card a debit not a credit not teaching them much since they don’t have too use the terminal when purchasing.Version: 2.3.147

New features I recommendI recommend that there is a savings option so that teens can have a saving to teach them how to save and also a goals option where you can add as little to as much of your money to that goal till they reach the amount they need for the item like if they want to save for new headphones they can title it as “headphones” and then they can put how much they are for example “$30” and they can add to that goal till they reach the amount and the saving feature would be just like any other saving feature on other apps.Version: 2.3.45

Step is great for helping teens build credit and balance their allowance or payments.This app is great thus far. Being a parent, I specifically searched for an app that gives kids or teens a bank card with an account without any monthly fees. Step has this. I have been connected with the app for a year now. It has updated a lot since then. The credit builder is something I recently found out about. Not sure if it’s been here all along. I know it really does report positive account activity on your reports. Get your children started while young. Then by the time they become 18, their credit score and report will be excellent. Something I wished was available when I was a teen. It’s a simple process to sign them up. You just have to already connect current banking or CashApp in order to send money to your children or teens. My experience using the app is great. There’s a help section to answer many questions or you can chat with someone. You get a virtual card while waiting that 14 - 21 day period for the physical card. Just be careful where you use that virtual card to avoid unsecured websites. Up next, they are soon adding stock trading where teens can buy stocks..Version: 2.3.125

AmazingHonestly I don’t see the issue people are having with the app. If you fill out the proper information everything ends up working out just fine. I’ve had the app and card for about 3 weeks now and it’s worked fine and I have had no issues with it. It’s absolutely amazing and I hope it only gets better. I don’t know if the bad reviews are fake or trolls but I’m sure some of them are but not all. It’s fairly simple to get setup, my mom and I got both our accounts setup within a good 5-10 minutes maybe less. We had no issues since and the app has worked better then expected. I love what the app creator stands for and made this app for its absolutely outstanding 🤩!.Version: 2.2.1

Amazing card and great serviceI’ve been using step for about a month now, and I’ve never had a problem! The sign up process was very simple and the physical card shipped almost instantly, and arrived only about a week later. Setting up a parent sponsor was no trouble, and neither was linking my debit card. I’ve only had to contact support once regarding a question I had and the response was within the hour. Overall, I definitely recommend this card for anyone interested in building credit, or just a nice card with great support and no fees!.Version: 2.3.93

Definitely recommendI’ve been using step for about a month now and it is so convenient as a 13 year old I didn’t have a way to save money unless it was cash then it’s easier to lose and spend but with step I can keep all my money on my card therefore I can save it and I can buy stuff from online and more I used to be bad at saving money but with step it’s so easy and my mom has scheduled for me to get $40 in allowance at the end of each month it automatically appears on my card so I definitely recommend especially to teens and parents and you get three dollars every time you refer to friends I’ve made about 30 dollars so far off of referrals.Version: 2.2.1

This app is one of a kind!Ok this app is AMAZING!!! I’m 14 and me and my friends find this app so helpful, we like to go shopping together a lot and obviously can’t bring our parents cards with us because it’s theirs, so we usually need to carry all of our money and we are always losing it, then we have to recount and all of that but STEP!!!! Step came into our life’s and we are SO THANKFULL!! And our cards came into the mail pretty fast! My parents can send me money and I can send money back! Same thing we my friends too! And also if you are a teenager and want to download STEP your going to need parent approval and you parent has to get the app also they they know what you spend your money on and who sends you money and also what money you send!! Overall this app is the best! Cash app and Venmo all have fees when STEP doesn’t!!! I hope this review helped because honestly from my experience you should 100% GET THIS APP!!!!!!.Version: 2.2.30

Good, but some downsidesThis app is awesome! I’ve been using it to send my child money when she does her tasks. I love how the app is set up and it is really easy to use. I also love how you can get cash back on some participating locations and teach your kids about credit and good financial skills. The downsides of this is that it takes a few days for the money to go to your kid’s account which means that they can’t spend the money that they got right away. It also takes a while for the physical card to ship to your house. But I do understand that it’s not really the app’s fault, it’s just something that you need to keep in mind. Besides that, totally recommend!.Version: 2.3.134

Pretty cool but card hasn’t arrived by estimated timeThis app is great! I really love it and it does actually help banking lol especially for me lololollol. I love the fact that I was able to somewhat customize it and the fact the app was dark mode-at least on my screen lol- it was a haven! The only issu I’ve had is that it said my card should arrive by June 23rd, but it’s now July 2nd, and I still don’t see it :(. I can still use the digital card for any online shopping but I also want the card itself with me just in case. I don’t know if maybe someone in mu family took it or if it never arrived but still. Other than that, 9/10! Would recommend! :) Im pretty sure this issue doesn’t happen often since my friend got her card already but I dunno. Still a good app though..Version: 2.3.39

In loveNow a days everything is electronically…. Like we use to have pay phones ☎️ but now everyone has cell phone tables …etc so even if we don't want to we have to learn to use it…..I enjoy all apps but this one I love… i can send my kids money and see how they spend it on and make sure that they save with the savings … 2 in one without using bank and being able to take out money at my favorite stores Target and Costco for free is a plus 😉 whoever invented step gets a 5.0 from me bc it really helps getting my kids on board with their education … no good grades no vbucks 😁 or allowance.Version: 2.3.155

This is what your kids needLet me just start off by saying that it is 100% FREE no fees or anything like that and it’s easy to send your kids money and it’s easy for you kids to spend money safely and you can keep track of what your kids a buying and what there spending it on and the card is amazing you can pick your own color purple, blue and yellow I think and it has your own signature on the back and if you lose your card don’t worry you can lock your card and you can get another for FREE and while your card is being shipped to you, you can still buy stuff with your virtual card so if you forget your card you still have your virtual card..Version: 2.3.73

Great way to start your financial journeyThe card looks like a real pre-paid card and it was so easy to start my mom and I had no problems so far. If you visit the website it may answer all of your questions it is like cash app but for teens you can request money and send money and you can send a note with the money and it is so easy to buy what I want, you can choose what color you want your card and I think you should give it a try. I don’t know why some people are giving it a bad rate I think they are just trolling over all it is a good app. I also forgot to say but it is free of charge so it cost no money to start. Good luck with your financial journey 👍🏽..Version: 2.2.54

Awesome alternative to greenlight!My oldest was looking for a debit card and we didn’t want to go through the hassle of opening a minor checking account. We also have 3 younger children and several older relative that still send checks for holidays and special occasions. This app/banking company allows us to easily deposit checks into our account and disperse into the kids accounts. They send each child a card and are super quick to replace damaged/lost cards. My son got a new phone and phone number and step made it very easy to transfer his account to the new number. Highly recommend if you are looking for all the perks of greenlight but don’t want to pay the ridiculous fees. Step also refunds some ATM fees. Thanks Step!.Version: 2.3.35

LOVE THE APPOk so I been with step since 2021 of April and I haven’t had any issues until lately my mom stop sending me money on step and I told all my friends to join so that way I get $10 but they all said their parents said no or that they with a another teen banking like gohenery or greenlight and in step sometimes I wish we didn’t need a debit card or a bank to send money to our step account like I wish we can just press the add money and we can add any liner of money we want but if anyone wants to help me out my step user is $angelinaochoa10.Version: 2.3.93

I recommend but….Step is a GREAT app it is really cool haw you don’t have to be 18+ to be on this app. You can request and sent money with your mom, dad, or friends. This app is really cool if you want to keep all of your money in one little card instead of having to carry loads of cash. Overall this app is really good but I also feel like there could be some upgrading. If you want some type of card the use in atm’s to deposit money step isn’t the right answer. You can’t deposit money into the step card you can only take money out which kind of sucked when I found that out. It would be really nice if they had that feature. Another thing that I also don’t like is the you can only request and send money from the app. You can’t use it on Facebook pay or apps that have money sending features. It would also be really nice to have that option. But besides those two problems step is a great app..Version: 2.3.49

I love stepHonestly i was so scared to ask my parents for this card. But once I did it was so easy. I love this card so much. It helps me learn about cards before i’m 18. I was a bit scared about my credit score but then saw it can only positively affect your credit score which made me feel happier. the only thing i would like to add is deposits in ATMs would be so helpful. My parents don’t add anything to my step card. It is all my money but i would love to be able to add the cash i have into my card without going to the trouble of my parents having to do it. I also have one question. if you join the app under 18 but are about to turn 18 what happens?.Version: 2.2.12

Issue/Bug: Error message when trying to get into the app.In all honesty, this app is great, but there are bugs that need to be fixed. I was trying to get into the app today, but a error message popped up. It told me to retry, but that didn’t work. I read another review with this problem from 5 months ago, and I guess they haven’t done anything to fix this problem. I re-downloaded the app, but it wouldn’t let me get past the page where you put in my email. I closed up the app and re-opened it, and it happened again. Please fix this, I have $30 in my account and need it back..Version: 2.3.3

Step problemI’ve Been using step for a long time a recently I lost my Step card so I ordered a new one I have to order a new one that came everything was going good that’s when I tried to add a new one to my Step so I added it to my Step and now I’m trying to add it to my phone every time I try to log into my Step and wouldn’t let me log into my Step and it always says you have to put a Social Security number so I put mySocial Security number and I’m trying to log my step and it won’t let me login and I’m trying to do this for months now and I can’t even get into my Step anymore and see my stuff.Version: 2.3.134

Keeps DecliningI’ve been using step for what’s about to be a month and up until 2 days ago I had no problems whatsoever Until I got hungry a few days ago and asked my dad to put a little bit of money into my account so I could go to the store for some reason the money he was trying to transfer kept declining I ignored and said I’ll just by what I can so I go to the store and get my things when i rang up my items at the register boom my payment has been declined Instantly I’m confused and embarrassed so I ask for my card back I leave and think maybe it’s something that’s wrong today I’ll try somewhere else tomorrow and that day was today I go to another store to buy some snacks and the exact same thing happened and I can’t even get into the app because it keeps saying that its having problems loading I need to know if something is happening with my account that is making it to where I cannot buy anything..Version: 2.3.3

TOTALLY RECOMMENDI usually don’t write reviews at all but Step is literally THE BEST APP for teen banking. 100% FREE NO MONTHLY FEES WHICH IS AMAZING. they added a lot more features since i had Step and it’s so amazing. there is direct deposit, the deposit cash feature is now available, the new savings feature, you can request and send money with anyone who has Step, you can link a bank account, link another debit card, direct deposit, and so much more. you also have a physical card that they send to your house and a virtual card that you can use to order online. literally the best app for teen banking. totally recommend! :).Version: 2.3.86

Easy way for teens to manage moneyMany banks won’t allow kids younger than 16 to have a checking account with debit card. Two of my kids (13 and 15) have summer jobs taking care of younger kids. They get paid by Venmo. Without a bank account or debit card kids can only receive Venmo payments but cannot pay others with Venmo. Now with Step they can transfer funds to and from Venmo and they can use the virtual Step card for Apple Pay. A Step plastic visa debit card is coming in the mail that kids can use like any other visa debit card. No fees and great customer service make Step one if the most satisfying, practical and innovative financial tools ever..Version: 2.0.209

A new sponsor.I love the app it’s amazing. But the only problem I am having is my mom not wanting to have a passcode on her phone, and the app requires you to have one if you want to join step. I have a password to get into my phone but it’s my mom who just won’t have a password because she doesn’t want one. So I have to ask my sister to be my new sponsor who is 21. But there is no article that helps you find out how to get a new sponsor. With out a sponsor that means I can’t really use my card witchy is going to on its way . So please tell me how to find a way to get a new sponsor. I do not want to cancel with this banking for teenagers..Version: 2.2.30

Best card everThis is the best prepaid card I’ve ever used, the others I used cost too much to upload money and you have to go in stores to upload money and they charge you to upload your money to the card and the card charges you so many charges monthly charges,charges you to put money on their cards, STEP is the best so easy to use no charges to upload money no monthly charges best card I’ve ever tried and I’ve tried over 50 cards 💳 thank you STEP I recommend this card to anyone easy and headache free thank you 😊.Version: 2.3.171

StepHey , my name is Javon I recently sighed up for step I think about 2 months ago I really like the app a lot but I didn’t have the problem until I turned 18 and my grandmother removed me from her as her sponsor, I use that card for everything plus getting direct deposit and I have money on that card and that also my way back and forth from work and I’ve tried to sign up for different people to sponsor me but it still won’t let me get into my account and it says that both of my cards are locked and it’s been two weeks now i haven’t been able to get no help or anything and It’s very frustrating when you have computer people trynna tell you what to do..Version: 2.3.77

THE BESTThe step card is the absolute best thing ever. I’m 16 and there’s not many options banking wise for me due to me being under 18. I love step because there’s seriously NO hidden fees. Everything is free from getting the card to actually putting money in your account. It’s super easy to use, it takes 2 seconds for me to add money from a debit card. Another one of my favorite things about step is that my parents can send me money instantly, I don’t have to use their card anymore to make online purchases or to buy things in the store. I just started working at my first job about 2 weeks ago and now I can even cash my checks in on step or use direct deposit! Guys, if you’re thinking about whether you should make a step account, do it, do it, do it!!!.Version: 2.3.3

My step cardMy step card is a week late and I told them this more than once and they say it's late bc of Covid and I text them on the step app and they said it would take them a day to reply and it's been 2 days and they still haven't replied and I'm getting very frustrated bc my brother got his card before me and we ordered it at the same time and it don't make any sense. And my friend is also having problems they won't let her spend no money and she has over 150 dollars in the app. I don't not recommend this app. You guys should just use cash app of something..Version: 2.0.298

Great Teen AppI love this app like fr I do. The way the savings works makes it very easy to slowly reach my goal and teach me to save my money and spend it slowly. I do have one issue although. I am 15 and unemployed currently and my source of income is a weekly payment from my mom. We had just figured out that there is a pretty big fee just to be putting money into my account. I don’t like this one bit. It makes it very difficult for us to think around this situation and add a bigger amount less times. I love the app over all though so if I could just get some feedback on how else to get around this problem would be appreciated..Version: 2.3.118

My money hasn’t comeLook, everything about this bank is exactly what I needed which is perfect for me because I’m a teenager but there’s a huge problem. I gave my mom $50 in cash so she could send $50 from her bank to my step account but nothing has arrived and it’s been 3 days already! She even said it should’ve arrived because she got the notification that it did but my account balance is still $0.00!! The card says it expires 10/24 and I don’t know if that means it expired in 24 of October or in 2024 because I just made this account a few weeks ago and when I try to buy something online it says it’s expired. I need help please I’m afraid to replace my step virtual card because then I don’t know if my $50 never comes..Version: 2.3.77

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