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Human: Fall Flat App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Human: Fall Flat app received 71 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Human: Fall Flat? Can you share your negative thoughts about human: fall flat?

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Human: Fall Flat for Negative User Reviews

Waste of moneyI payed for this game but it wont load in, it keeps sending ,e back to my home screen.Version: 1.02

ControlerYou sound allow Xbox controler to play the game as well.Version: 1.5.1

Can ya add thisI watched the YouTuber itsfunneh and when she played this game she had a face on her character but when I customise my character I does not give me an option for a face. Can ya add that I would really appreciate it if u did.Version: 1.1

Hate it just hate itIt won’t let me play it on my phone or iPad please fix and I’ll play it and give a good review.Version: 1.6

It’s so laggy!!!!🤬🤬🤬I can barely play the game because it’s going that slow I want my money back garbage game!!!! 😡😡😡😡 It’s always freezing!!!!😡😡😡😡😡.Version: 1.8

MehCan’t download it tried it like 50 times still never worked please help me and fix this it is not letting me download it and I just lost 8 dollars.Version: 1.6

Why?Every time I play co-up my game crashes plz fix it is a pain my buttons don’t work.Version: 1.6

Ehh...Don’t get me wrong, the game is great! But my problem is that it keeps getting stuck on the loading screen. To make sure it wasn’t my internet I switched my internet connection, it didn’t work. I switched back, still didn’t. So I restarted my tablet and it still refused to work. Can you please tell me what’s wrong? Ok this is later. The problem now is multiplayer is broken, it can go 1 of 3 ways, 1st is it gets stuck on connecting, 2nd way is it gets to loading then it just freezes, 3rd way is it fails to connect. This game is not worth 5 dollars, it should be free..Version: 1.2

Do not waste 5 pounds on this game!Terrible game. The developers have not even bothered making decent mobile controls. The button to pick things up just about works but the sensitivity is just insane! You have to be so small with your movements. Also, it does not have very many maps so you complete it relatively quickly. It is not worth 5 pounds..Version: 1.2

Waste of MoneyBought this game and went through tutorials. Fine. Went to play after tutorials and none of the controls work, even after closing and restarting game/iPad. Outdoor understand if it was just glitchy, but the controls literally will not move the character. Wish I could get money back..Version: 1.02

Good gameGood game its fun but everytime i try multiplayer with my brother it says “ connection to the server has been lost!” my wifi connection is great but it wont work plz fix.Version: 1.01

Does not support multiplayerCan not connect with friends, fix please.Version: 1.0

No communication when in multiplayerWaste of time and money as I can’t communicate with other opponents when in multiplayer..Version: 1.02

Good But ScaryMy son was playing human fall flat on the train crash level and when he turned of the music and kept the sound effects he heard this creepy and terrible terrifying sound and it scared me and him we thought wait why this is not a horror game this is weird PLEASE GET THAT CREEPY SOUND OUT OF THE TRAIN CRASH LEVEL IT SCARES MY SON AND ME please stop trying to scare kids if that’s what you are trying to do but if you are not then what the heck are you doing with that creepy noise on the train level it is scary 😦.Version: 1.2

Controlls and cross platformI’m giving a 2 star because the controls and quite difficult and you can’t do cross platform with Xbox with is irritating as all my friends that play the game I can’t play with so it would be amazing if that would be sorted.Version: 1.02

Are you trying to make me angry?This game is so infuriating the ice level is impossible to get past specially that part we had to put the boxes on the stone pillarsHow is anyone supposed to play this without multiplayer?Oh multiplayer doesn’t work.Version: 1.2

UpdateUpdate the game it keeps on kicking me out.Version: 1.6

HiWhen I play with people it glitches.Version: 1.2

Cross platformThe ONLY reason I’m leaving 3 star is because there is no cross platform with mobile and Xbox and me and REALLY want to play it together. Other than that I love this game.Version: 1.0

I know this is the point but...On am iPad it is truly difficult to get around and just is not that fun.Version: 1.2

ComplainIt’s really good but I can’t get a face.Version: 1.1

Hard and frustratingSooo hard. The controls are useless and probably will never be fixed👎.Version: 1.2

Lame-I used to play this a lot but i only play multiplayer, and this game is really dead now, nobody plays it anymore and it just gets really boring. So that’s why I’m rating it a 2. Overall, it’s a decent game but pretty boring now..Version: 1.8

This game is a waist of MONEYWhen i start playing it everything was fine.Until the next day the controlls don't work anymore😡.if you fix this i will be happy..Version: 1.2

Needs to fix this problem...Keep on sending me back to the home page when I tried to join the other team ☹️☹️.Version: 1.02

Won’t even openPlease tell me why I’ve just spent nearly a fiver on this game for my son to use on his iPad mini 2 and it won’t even open!? Really annoyed deleted nearly everything off his iPad so more than enough storge but it literally won’t even load to open it just crashes!!! Yours sincerely A very peeved off mum!!!!!.Version: 1.6

Don’t wast moneyDon’t wast £5 on this game because it takes forever to load and that is so annoying so don’t do what i did and wast your money spend it on something better then this ok..Version: 1.2

GarbageWorst controls. Spending time to touch both objects. Garbage mtf..Version: 1.8

Server joiningMost of the times when I try to join the server it always says connection lost. I’m not sure if it’s my phone or the server, could you please fix this. Also love the game👍.Version: 1.01

This is stupid 😡I can’t download the game Even if I have good wifi And I like it I played it Before now I can’t play it 😡.Version: 1.8

Just a reviewI love the game but does it have a PS4 controller option?.Version: 1.2

It could honestly be much better.You see, the reason for giving such a review is because of this. I am playing on iOS, or, mobile, and when I played the game, I was quite disappointed. First of all, for mobile or iOS, you cannot paint your character. You either, get to choose a model to use as your character, a shirt, or some pants. And, the only areas of your body you can customise in colours are your head, torso (includes arms), and legs! You can’t paint your shirt, and customise your pants to make shoes. Also, you make it highly complicated. You just need a simple game, where controls are obviously different from PC and Mobile, but you can do the same things. Players on computer can paint there character! But, oh, mobile players can’t? This seriously decreases the amount of imagination kids get to bring to there mind, if there playing on mobile. Please try and change this in an update, if you don’t, I will not recommend this game if your trying to have fun with your imagination. Thank you..Version: 1.8

Why can’t I join peopleT.TI tried to join my brother game but I can’t join him for some reason.Version: 1.02

Faster plzWould’ve got 5 stars if you made the character ran faster or you made a print button/key.Version: 1.8

Great game but…Iove this game but lately it’s doing this thing and I can’t go in any public servers at all it says no games found and it is really bothering me lately so it kinda needs fixed but the game is good.Version: 1.8

Did not mean to buy this bought by mistake.So one star thought it was free and just clicked on my phone. Not games fault i just dont want to spend $6.99 on this and know way to undo this mistake..Version: 1.2

Pretty goodIt’s a hilarious game and rly fun to play with friends but for some reason I can’t always join a multiplayer game without a invite link. It won’t open the multiplayer menu it just says it’s trying to load. Also whenever someone receives a text or notification the game freezes and glitches for everyone for a few minutes. And just a warning, the levels are long and frustrating so if you have a rly bad temper I wouldn’t rly suggest it, it hurts friendships. Otherwise it’s rly fun and funny. But we do need more (and easier) levels. Also sometimes with ropes they can mess up and disappear and stuff which makes it hard. Update: so me and my friend play this game together and the forest level won’t work on multiplayer, the wrecking ball sometimes won’t move and we can never pry of the wooden boards to the yellow house on multiplayer yet I tried it on one player mode and it worked fine plus if one person doesn’t have amazing WiFi then both sides will glitch rly bad..Version: 1.6

Dosent workThis game is the worst game ever if you play on iPad you can jump, move around, stick to walls but you can’t pull yourself up I don’t recommend this game if you are playing on an iPad. I would give it a 0 star review if it is possible because you can’t do anything with a parcour which means you basically can’t do any map.Version: 1.02

Will not loadWe have purchased this game and it will not go past the landing page and will just cut out. How do we get a refund?.Version: 1.8

Mark my wordsThis game triggers me a lot but so addictive :/.Version: 1.01

Multiplayer issueI downloaded the game and gift one to my partner as well, but the multiplayer mode is not working. We selected the same region, sent the invitation, restart, etc. but it won’t connect. We spent an hour figuring how to join/host game but just can’t found any active lobby..Version: 1.8

Please make chatI want more levels and a chat so I can talk to people please-~-.Version: 1.6

How do I even pull myself up!This game is to confusing for me! Please make a spot were you learn how to do everything. I do NOT like this game, it looks better on pc..Version: 1.4

WhyWhy doesn’t multiplayer actually work? When I try to connect it just says searching for lobby.Version: 1.7

Doesn’t work anymoreGame is now unplayable on my iPhone 12 mini as the lag is terrible. Which is a shame as before the updates it used to be super smooth and fun to play..Version: 1.8

3rd level multiplayerI got this game because I watched a YouTuber I like play it and it looked really fun. Having read the reviews, I knew that there were some bugs with multiplayer. ‘That’s fine’ I thought ‘I don’t really have anyone to play with’ I got to the third level and discovered something that disappointed me. The third level can only be done with multiplayer. In the aforementioned reviews, it says there are bugs with multiplayer, causing me to not be able to get past the third level. I have uninstalled the app because of this..Version: 1.02

Works on iPhone but crash on iPadIF YOU CAN’T Have a compatible app don’t sell it or mention it..Version: 1.7

DisappointedI read up a lot of research and I saw that it was controller supported so the main reason I got this game is because I thought it might be easier with a controller and it looked fun but as soon as I got into some game play and connected my controller my controller didn’t work on this game and I was so disappointed but if it had control of support I would keep this a five star review.Version: 1.2

Your fatYou copyrighted the original game isn’t even like it this is stupid and rip-off.Version: 1.6

...I thought this was a great game but....It has lots of bugs like when u lift up your arms those circles on ur hands? Well they go flying outta here and whenever I press the jump button it always makes me let go of my hands, sometimes I put my hands up and run up to it and jump (since it’s above the Void) And I go to press jump and I jump but I walk of the edge? If that’s happening to anyone else please just send a comment ! If the developer reads this it’ll be really cool 😎 Anyway, overall those bad things, it’s so enjoyable playing with my brother and friend in this cool, exploring, fun game! I would also wish for some more maps in this cool game if it did then I’d rate this 5 stars!.Version: 1.2

It keeps crashingEvery thing works great but when i load a level as soon as the character stands up it crashes..Version: 1.8

Wouldn’t recommendI spent money on this but it’s a bit to hard for me. I barely play as it just doesn’t entertain me enough. It is very stressful. I wouldn’t recommend for young kids. This game might be easier on bigger devices like tablets, laptops and computer (maybe even tv for x box and stuff).Version: 1.2

SO STRESSFULSometimes the hands don’t stick which is really annoying.Version: 1.02

Nice game but....I deleted the game and got it back but it didn’t let me do multiplayer and my IPad is new and it works on my sister iPad and her iPad is old please fix also great game 👍👍.Version: 1.2

Won’t loadI seriously won’t load … I tried everything and waited two days and it did not load a inch !!!! I heard that it is a good game but….Version: 1.02

Ok I need moreDon’t get me wrong Its a good game buttttttttt......youTubers like aphmau etc. They have eyes and stuff they can edit there character but pulpic can’t do can that pls be updated or I will sue jk I won’t ever do that but pls update that.Version: 1.02

Just read it plsOn all the other versions you can paint your characters and customise them and have fun but why can’t you do that on mobile? Without painting the characters its just dressing up a mannequin. Please can you include that feature?.Version: 1.4

Like it butI really love playing this game but then it started to log me out then it started to not let me play with my friends even when I tried a million times I’m not sure what the cause of this but I think it’s my WiFi but it’s still not working even if I have WiFi anyway good game love it.Version: 1.2

Multiplayer issueCan’t join and play with friends, multiplayer is the best fun part of this game. Sadly, paid just to play alone. Hopefully can fix the issue soon.Version: 1.4

A bit choppyI’m playing on iPad Air 4th gen and I’m a bit annoyed that this game doesn’t support 60fps because it can get really choppy and hard to move sometimes.Version: 1.5.1

Takes forever to downloadGood but takes an hour or less to download.Version: 1.4

ClappedVery dissapointed i couldnt play with my best friend on game night like come its game night?.Version: 1.0

Good game, but…Overall, a good game. But, I wish you could make levels & add photos & drawings like pc. And I’m on a school ipad in which Game Center is restricted, and single player is boring. Please take out the Game Center thing & add the pc stuff.Version: 1.8

Do not buy!I bought this app so that I could play this with my brother but soon after I purchased it I realised that it is not compatible with cross platform play. So I continued to play the game regardless for my own fun but the controls were hard to use and the I could not figure out how to climb. This game was not up to my standards and after requesting a refund found out that you cannot get your money back. Do not get this game it is not worth your money!.Version: 1.4

The game is OKThe game just always kicks me out and does not let me play but beside that the game is great but please fix this bug..Version: 1.6

Online gameThe game is not working when we play online servers are down That is no good.Version: 1.6

Ughhhhh8 dollars down the drain i hate it it wont let me down load it and i didnt even get my money back this is a scam.Version: 1.02

Waste of money for MobileThis game used to be great on mobile, I played it all the time having fun. So I thought I should come back to it. Looking at the trailers excited me, but when you play the actual game on your device, you might as well delete it. Insanely laggy and hard to control. Last time I played it I thought it was a great game. Its changed for the worse. This game is a complete rip off. Do not buy it on mobile..Version: 1.6

Please readWhen I grip on to things it’s ungrips before I can get up and it’s really annoying and I can’t climb anywhere and don’t start me on the multiplayer it’s SO glitchy and the people can troll (which they usually do) and you can’t get to the next lvl and you can’t chat so no one knows what your doing. Also the thing where you can choose your outfit will only let you choose the things that they have already made. So my point is if you want to play human fall flat DONT play it on mobile..Version: 1.2

The kicking issueI really love this game ngl I’m addicted but I hate it when I join other servers but I just get kicked for no reason like its really unfair.i understand is people are annoying but people are just kicking other players who didn’t do anything.Version: 1.2

...Game keeps crashing...everytime i get close to finishing a level it crashes so i have to do the level all over again...😤😤😤😤.Version: 1.2

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