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Dark Reader for Safari App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Dark Reader for Safari app received 29 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Dark Reader for Safari? Can you share your negative thoughts about dark reader for safari?

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Dark Reader for Safari for Negative User Reviews

It stops working so regularly, that it's pointless to installI have used this extension on Chrome and Edge and decided to get the paid version on Safari. Sadly, the free version for those browsers work much better than this one. I'm sure it has something to do with the way Safari add-ons work, but it crashes every couple of days. At that point, it's not worth it cause you have to restart your browser every time it stops working..Version: 1.4.3

Buggy as HELLSo I purchased this thinking it's a great little Safari extension for browsing based off positive reviews, but it doesn’t always work, like try 80 percent of the time. Sometimes it’ll darken, sometimes it doesn’t fully darken and leave the web page white… It needs major improvements and is quite buggy. If I had known it was this buggy, I would not have made the purchase. Waste of money. Edit - Since “updating” to the latest version 1.4.0, NOTHING was “fixed” and there was no “performance improvements” made that I noticed. Am I missing something? To the Developer… you might want to re-write the whole extension from the ground up again! Could have been a great little extension and has the potential to be… Edit #2 - Since updating to version 1.4.2, still having issues. One of them is I can not click on the toolbar to disable the extension, as well as YouTube videos are partially blacked out from the bottom half, but the top half is viewable..Version: 1.4.2

Am I Paranoid?WARNING -- CAUTION -- AFTER you purchase & install Dark Reader it tells you that it will read and capture everything you type! Including Passwords, Credit Card Info, Phone Numbers, Business Information, as well as your browsing history for every website you visit. NOTE: The info published on Safari > Prefrences > Extensions > Dark Reader conflicts with their Privacy Statement published in the App Store! Thier Privacy Statement claims that they never collect data. However, it does declaire that the information is transmited through 'Third Party Services'. Makes me wonder! Personally... I immediatly uninstalled after purchase. Good Luck.Version: 1.4.3

Paid for this and no updates at all.Developer doesnt care about this app at all but asking for money whereas Chrome version is free but constant updates..Version: 1.4.6

Privacy concern''can read sensitive information from web pages, including passwords, phone numbers and credit cards''. yeah...I don't know how I feel about that. Think this through before purchasing. Personally I don't feel comfortable giving access to my personal info and browsing history. Thanks, but no thanks guess I can survive without it..Version: 1.4.3

Blinding Light be GONELove the app, and would rate it higher, but the permissions of it concern me "Can read sensitive information from webpages, including passwords, phone numbers, and credit cards." Umm, why do you need to read that information?.Version: 1.4.6

Works about 80% of the TimeI estimate that Dark Reader for Safari works for about 80% of the websites I visit. There are 2 main modes, Dynamic and Filter. Dynamic is supposed to look better and Filter is faster. However, I don't find that Dynamic usually looks better, so I've been using Filter. On some websites, Dark Reader inverts everything, including photos so that they look like negatives, which is not good. On other websites, fonts become unreadable because they are the same color as the background. I contacted the developer about this but he has not responded. Lastly, the free Chrome extension contains more options than the paid Safari version, which makes no sense. The developer's website says "Most of the features will be ported soon," but who knows when that will be..Version: 1.1.0

Abandoned by developerI paid for this, and it's now broken on half of the websites. It's no longer maintained by the developer. It's now worse than the free Dark Night app, which is pretty good and is based on the same open source project DarkReader. The official one is dead, the developer forked the project, took the money and ran away..Version: 1.4.6

Try Noir or an alternative insteadEven after many updates, the Safari version is terrible on Mac. Recommend that others try alternatives..Version: 1.4.4

Disappointed after knowing it on WindowsListen, I adore this extension. I am not a dark mode user, in fact I cannot read dark mode images or sites easily at all. Yet, dark reader has become an absolutely essential part of my digital life because of how robust it's tweaks to making light mode more comfortable are. The update (on windows) that allowed you to choose your background and text colours was HUGE and finally allowed me to make my browser precisely what I needed it to be for my eyes, and the Safari version of this extension just seems to be absolutely years behind the ones on Windows' browsers - not only is there no ability to manually change the colours to your liking (Odd, considering the option seems to exist on the iOS and ipadOS variants) but the ability to change the browsers' font is also missing. I do not know if this is an Apple imposed limitation or a deliberate design choice on dark readers' part to better flow with the Apple aesthetic, but as someone who desperately needs a serif font to read comfortably over long periods of time, I was incredibly disappointed to find this feature missing. I will be using dark reader for the dimmed light mode for the time being, but so many features from the other (free!) versions for other browsers being missing is a huge let down and I truly hope we will see further development of the extension in the future..Version: 1.4.4

Not recommendedThe equation will be blurring into a gred image..Version: 1.3.3

Seems really buggy to meThere was a recent update that started turning all my pages sepia. Took me a bit to figure out it was a buggy release and not some local setting. After updating things improved. Now the extension has completely stopped working in my Safari and I no longer see the icon in the toolbar. Disabling it and reenabling it causes it to apply dark mode to some open pages, but Dark Reader icon is still nowhere to be found in the toolbar..Version: 1.3.2

Security concernsJust updated the app and had this message pop-up: 'This extension would be able to read and alter web pages and see your browsing history on these websites. This could include sensitive information, including passwords, phone numbers and credit cards.' Uninstalling it straight away..Version: 2.0.3

Doesn't detect existing dark modeIt works OK, but if the site already has a working dark mode this extension butchers it with additonal styling which isn't needed. Use Noir instead – it's half the price and works properly..Version: 1.4.6

Its goodIt is a good extenstion, but for $8, i would have expected more. It wont work on online word documents, which is the main reason i brought it. It is dissapointing, hopefully they update it soon.Version: 1.4.3

Paying for paupersThis extension is free on both Firefox and Chrome where it works much better. Try rendering LinkedIn on Safari with this turned on compared to the former two mentioned. It is absolutely horrendous and I paid for this!? Please give me my money back..Version: 1.3.3

Fails to load pages too oftenFar too often I've found that pages will fail to load at all and I need to disable Dark Reader, empty caches and reload the page. Microsoft Sharepoint is a very common candidate but there are others. I've now decided to disable the extension completely..Version: 1.4.4

Not as good as dark mode safari and more expensiveI have to buy other app even though I bought this one at first. The dark mode in here is not very consistent and pleasing to the eyes. For example, if the website is already in dark mode, Dark reader still apply and the result is quite bad. Wish i didn't pay 7$ for this.Version: 1.3.3

Causes Safari to crash on my machineAs much as I want to like this extension, it causes significant problems on my computer. It causes all kinds of issues with Safari and I frequently get messages saying that Safari has suddenly quit working. I disabled every single extension I had, and then used Safari for several days after reactivating them one by one, and no other extension was causing these issues. As soon as I reactivated this extension, Safari started crashing on me again. Again, I really want to like this because the page rendering is beautiful and reliable, but for whatever reason it causes Safari to crash far too much to be reliable..Version: 1.3.3

Not bad, but could be so much betterI haveen't tried other dark mode plugins for Safari so I can't provide much comparison, but I have used Dark Reader on Gecko and Chromium browsers and the Safari version feels years behind. Most urgent improvements would include adding support for local .html files, determining why some websites simply aren't affected by the extension, and a variety of minor bug fixes leading to some websites appearing mottled light and dark..Version: 1.4.6

Crashes very often, devs uninterestedThe extension crashes very often, rendering pages unreadable. When you click the extension icon there is no response. This is a problem because it requires closing and reopening my browser in the middle of the day, which derails my work at the worst times. The issue has been reported for years on Github but has gone stale as the developers don't seem interested in debugging or fixing it. The extension doesn't work reliably, but has not been updated in a year. I hesitated to leave this review, but my frustration has won. Unlike Dark Reader's other releases, this is paid software and it is fair for users to expect support..Version: 1.4.6

Needs optimizingIt looks great when it's finished rendering the page, but this is often slow and glitchy, especially on iOS.Version: 1.2.1

Missing theme choices from mobileWould be nice to have theme selections like on the mobile platforms.Version: 1.4.5

Didn't work well...I was excited to see this extension. However, even though you don't expect perfect results because it's not official dark mode, it's not been good. I have constantly had images removed from sites, light parts still showing etc..Version: 1.3.3

Great at what it does, but be aware of permissionsDark Reader is great at what it does, but be aware of permissions issue: As reported by Dark Reader in the Extensions preference pane, it requires full access to webpage contents ("Can read sensitive information from webpages, including passwords, phone numbers, and credit cards on all webpages") and browsing history ("Can see when you visit all webpages"). This should be disclosed prior to purchase. Compare with Content Blocker extensions (e.g., Wipr), whose preference pane reports that it "does not have permission to read or transmit content from any webpages")..Version: 1.1.0

What happened to the PDF function?Works great in all other aspects, glad to see a dark app finally and not have to use Chrome anymore. The only issue is that when PDF's load, they are still loading completely white..Version: 1.4.4

Where is the "LIGHT" mode???The filter is not the same, i want the beige looking color, available on firefox extension.Version: 1.4.6

Good but have stopped usingIt is a good app and does what i want but I have had to stop using it as it turns on when i have not asked for it to be activated. I hope the issue can be sorted soon..Version: 1.2.0

Used to work a dream but now does not show up anymoreThis used to work perfectly but i updated my mac to the new software and it is gone from my safari preferences under extensions and the app no longer works - please avoid at all costs unless this is able to be fixed, I paid to have something that no longer works :(.Version: 1.3.3

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