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Spirit Airlines App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Spirit Airlines app received 64 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Spirit Airlines? Can you share your negative thoughts about spirit airlines?

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Spirit Airlines for Negative User Reviews

Service needs improvementMy siblings surprised me while I was on my birthday vacation in Florida recently which was amazing. I decided to cancel my flight with AA to fly back with them..... I have flown Spirit in the past and thought their service had improved....... The website was difficult to navigate and I was unable to upgrade my seat and pay for my luggage (which would have been free on AA). The ground staff was very unprofessional. Some members were leaning on the counter, others were distracted by their cell phones and one refused to answer a question because she was not 'working'. I paid for my luggage, and my sister realized that she didn't need to pay for her. ( the one personal bag Is very confusing) When I asked for a refund for my luggage. I was told that my bag was already on the belt and there was nothing that could be done. I must admit another employee saw my frustration and attempted to help which ended in the same result. I think this airline needs to be more client centered. I would be happy to offer my services to help to improve the quality of customer service. Donna A 8:30 pm flight from FLL to Philadelphia on 2/5/22..Version: 2.5.1

Doesn’t Work Most of The TimeI’ll never fly with Spirit again. Not only is their customer service absolutely TERRIBLE, but so is this app. Constantly giving me an error message, never does anything I need it to do. Can’t check in, can’t change/edit anything in app OR from their website. Error after error. I highly discourage everyone from flying Spirit. Cheap does not mean good and they won’t be very helpful if you try to get assistance from them directly. The woman I spoke to over the phone was giggling and laughing, probably with one of her coworkers, while I was obviously stressed and hoping for someone to address my concerns over this trip that they cancelled less than 24 hours before my flight. Messaging them over text is no better and takes hours to complete a conversation, although they still aren’t helpful there either. I’ve learned my lesson. I hope that Spirit hires people who care about their job and take it seriously in the future. Never again!.Version: 2.2.0

Pay a little extra and use someone elseI decided to take a chance on Spirit even though everyone jokes about how terrible of an airline they are. I’ve always heard they overbooked every flight and that’s exactly what happened on the trip to Costa Rica. Our tickets said to see the attendant and we were the first in line with about 15 people in line behind us who all had no seats. We were the only ones who got lucky enough to get seats but we shouldn’t have even needed to worry. They told us we didn’t check it in time but the app doesn’t work. It’s garbage. Now I am in Costa Rica hoping I can get back and get my daughter to her college exams, but I have no faith in them. trying to check in on their app and it just goes to a blank page. We tried it on her phone with no luck either. I’m sure they will tell us we didn’t check in in time and have 20 extra people more than they have seats available. This airline is a complete joke! even the people working, the counter were rude, through the luggage after we told them to be careful with it, they had attitude and mopped around like sloths. I wish I had paid the extra money to use a reliable Airline..Version: 2.16.0

Terrible like the airlinesApp doesn’t work Website doesn’t work The only thing that works is the airplane engines.Version: 1.5.8

Flight mco to DTW was delayed by 4 hoursThis delay after our cruise will have us waiting 12 hours at the airport..Version: 2.17.2

Beyond UselessWhen you enter your flight details it spins until you get an error message and it doesn’t matter how many times you re-try! Deleted the app..Version: 1.3.4

CrapI agree with review above this is a piece of crap.Version: 1.2.7

Service was awfulTerrible first time experience with Spirit. We found out at check in at the Detroit airport that our flight was cancelled due to “weather”. Yet all the other airlines were operating and completing their routes. Very non caring and unfriendly service at the check in desks too. They could have at least pretended to empathize. The next flight they could book for us wasn’t for another 24 hours which would have taken a whole day off of our 5 day getaway. We booked with another airline but were very late arriving at our destination airport and could not pick up our rental car at 1:00am. Huge cab fees to our hotel and then back again to get the car rental. We were told Spirit had multiple cancelled flights the same day for some reason. We do not believe it was weather related and most of the other frustrated passengers felt the same. Never again..Version: 2.16.0

Shockingly badI’m trying to check in using the app, I enter my passport’s expiry date but it keeps changing and saving it to two days before what I entered, also having issues with entering my US address.Version: 1.3.2

Utter crapWont let me create an account. Wont let me check in either. Just crashes..Version: 1.1.0

This App doesn’t work at allIt’s really frustrating when they forces you to download the app that every single click show a message “ups something it’s wrong try later” I’ve trying to check in for 2 hours and the App still the same. Really bad.Version: 2.13.0

A horrible experience trying to get seats for my 8 year old daughter and I!!What a horrible experience I have had with Spirit Airlines. My previous experiences of trying to buy seats on line with Spirit was a hassle, but the most recent was beyond bad! I could not purchase seats, despite numerous attempts for over 5 hours, to fly with my 8 year old daughter. The ap kept coming up with, “oops there is a problem, please try back later.” So, the prices of the seats kept going up as availability went down. Then there were no aisle seats left and almost none left at all. I tried the chat function and finally was assigned seats. The seats were gained after over an hour of dealing with the chat person until after midnight, and they were middle and window and instead of $28 a seat I was charged $92! I’m very tall and the middle seat is uncomfortable and I paid way more for it. Not to mention all the time it took to TRY to get seats and check in all evening. The money saved with Spirit is sometimes a lot, but is is a horrible experience. I will do everything I can to never fly Spirit Airlines again. I would encourage everyone to go with a different airline! The online/ap is totally inefficient and ineffective. Customer service is extremely poor..Version: 2.20.0

Doesn’t Instil ConfidenceThey force you to use online facilities to avoid their hidden costs , yet the app just keeps crashing ... in this day and age there’s no excuse for this level of ineptitude.Version: 1.1.0

Very DisappointedWe were getting ready to board our plane and they asked us to return to our seats and within a few minutes they announced that another group of people were going to board our plane instead because their plane had mechanical issues. Our entire plane of people were delayed TWELVE Hours to Orlando causing many of us to miss a connection to other countries by 1 to 3 days! They offered us a refund but no assistance in maintaining our travel plans. We had to spend an additional $300+ per person on another airline to get to our destination AND miss part of our trip, AND spend an extra 8 hours in airports and traveling in the air. When we issued a complaint we were offered $7, yes only $7, for all day in the airport and a $50 voucher for our next flight with Spirit. I have never received such poor service from any airline. Even the lady working the counter where we were boarding was appalled that they would give our plane away and said it was wrong of them to do that. I’m still hoping to be compensated for money and time lost. We will see if they come through for us. We cannot afford to fly with this untrustworthy company..Version: 2.16.0

Crashes for everythingPretty awful, crashes when you try to do anything.Version: 1.2.3

Worst airline, horrible experienceOn our flight to Cancun, one person in our party didn’t receive her checked luggage until the next day. Then our flight back to Dallas was delayed due to maintenance, then when they finally boarded us, we were held on the plane for over 2 and a half hours while they dealt with the same maintenance issues. We were not given drinks or snacks while we waited on the plane. Then they deboarded the entire plane saying the flight was being canceled and sent us back through customs to get our checked bags. Several bags had been tampered with and items stolen. We were taken to a hotel and brought back early in the morning for a flight that was supposed to leave at 11:00 am. The flight (same plane) was delayed for the same maintenance issues and we were told they were going to try to bypass the maintenance issues and fly without some communication and lighting issues (mentioning the seatbelt sign might not work). We finally boarded at at 12:34 and deboarded in Dallas at 4:00pm. We felt incredibly unsafe flying with Spirit and will never fly with Spirit again. They also issued meal vouchers in Cancun that could only be used in the US, and expired quickly, insuring the vouchers wouldn’t actually be used. I don’t recommend flying Spirit..Version: 2.9.0

Unhappy First Time UserDownloaded it to use for accessing my upcoming trip and get boarding passes etc like other Airline apps but when I tap to access my trip, it just endlessly spins.. Not happy! Please Fix!.Version: 1.1.0

Useless, just like the airline itselfThe app doesn’t work, and for me, neither did the website. I’ll be deleting the app, and the airline, from my life... worse than Wizz Air, and that is really saying something. Only fly with this airline if you are beyond desperate..Version: 1.2.1

Worst App Ever!This is the worst app ever especially for a frequent flyer on all airlines. The first flight to our destination city Spirit is flying. App crashes every single time if not when opening as soon as the first click down it goes and disappears. Can’t get boarding passes, buy luggage (nice surprise a charge for a carry on) or change seats can’t do anything in an app that crashes every single time. Go on the website and it’s just as horrible. It’s hard to navigate, most links don’t work, can’t check in either but was able to buy seats and again luggage since they charge for that too even though everyone has a carry on. Once you add up the cost it’s not any cheaper than other discount carriers and with advanced purchases nor the major airline. Lastly when we called to see why the app crashes or the website don’t work and want to check in, there’s another 25 buck charge for that too, wow. So now we will have to wait in the long lines to get paper tickets which is more than frustrating and we’re also TSA pre-approved so instead of zipping through the process which we’ve paid to do now our onboarding will take forever. This is the first and last time we will fly with Spirit!!!.Version: 1.2.7

ComplainI would like to complain a Janus against this employee in the San Jose airport because we got miss treatment by lady name was Aranza. This lady was so harsh on my wife and I and didn’t give us any information about the airline policies. Apparently she charge us $200 for carry on at the gate of sprit flight and we were advised by her to either you pay $200 or you cancel your trips and you don’t get on board. This lady was very impolite, and on the other hand at the counter of sprit , nobody advised us to check in online or at the counter and somehow we missed that and they send us to the gate and at the gate we had no choice to pay $200 which was impose that money on us, However, we have had very bad experience with this flight and our trips was spoiled by this lady Aranza obviously we just witness after bunch of Spanish traveler that they didn’t pay for their carry-on, and this lady talk to them at least two minutes at the gate and let them go and we think we are victim here by Aranza. However, such an employee is going to be bad example for a spirit airline, we hope people who be concern about such an employee do some action for the future. There is something was so obvious that she was so unhappy and talk to us impolitely . Sincerely. Fariborz Malekpour shirazi the traveler.Version: 2.21.0

???I downloaded the app and i can’t even enter my flight details to have access to my boarding pass and my dad was able to do it on his phone. Unexplainable and not very useful for me!!!!.Version: 1.3.3

Inaccurate flight informationThis app was not helpful in any with our recent trip back home from New Orleans. Our flight was delayed 8 hours but according to the app, our flight was on time. All the information about our flight was sent via email and the live employees were next to no help either. I had checked us in for both flights prior to the delay, but somehow we were not checked in for our connecting flight. The flight supervisor was rude and condescending throughout the check in process since it could not be done via the app. I had even called customer service to make sure we had seats and that employee did not alert us we were not checked in. Overall a horrible experience after a wonderful honeymoon. I wouldn’t even give my enemy the vouchers for future travel on a Spirit flight. To compensate us for the 8 hour delay in the airport, Spirit kindly gave us $14 meal voucher for the flight not even inside the airport. Honestly the cheap rates are not worth the headaches this airline is guaranteed to come with..Version: 2.14.0

Customer serviceI have never seen so much crap in my life. I had an emergency where I could not get to LAS so I called customer service and I was also on live chat and not once was anyone able or wanting to help out. I was stuck in twenty nine palms and had no ride so I was trying to just fly out closer to hear to save money or whom ever was taking us to the airport. It was the worst customer service I have ever seen and such cold hearted people that couldn’t even take the time to get management on the phone but was quickly to say no. What are we coming to in this works. Is it really all about money and we look the other way when people are in need of help. I was not trying to get out of anything. I was just trying to get help moving my flight to either lax or Sna to save cost and on the stranger that was willing to drive me and my 11 year old son. My daughter could not get a rental for her car until this Wednesday so that’s why I needed the help..Version: 2.20.0

Please avoid this airlineIt might be cheaper but cheap will cost you more, I did booked a flight with months of anticipation and with months of trip planning, I did booked spirit instead of DELTA to save me just 50 bucks, at the day of the flight, they made me wait more than 5 hours postponing the flight at the end canceling the flight with no reason given, I tried to reschedule the flight for a couple hour late but the was no more flight landing until the next day, making me cancel all the reservations and appointments for that day making me pay the cancelling at last moment fees, and I did request a refund for the flight right after, but i after a few days I haven’t got any email regarding the refund, so I speaked to an agent and I did give him every details and he did submit for me a refund request, that happened long days ago, and today a received a email regarding my refund request sayin that it wasn’t approved due wrong information when I give every exact detail, and now I’m just keep waiting on the calls and emails and still don’t have a response… please avoid this airline just to save you a few bucks, cheap will cost you more..Version: 2.17.2

FlightI’ve been waiting for a few months now and never heard back from spirit air. I booked a flight in November to Las Vegas . I used myLegal name of Joseph and use my credit cardWhich was billed in the amount of $187. I never got a confirmation for the amount that they took out then I used my debit card and booked a reservation in the name of Joe. they took the money out of my debit card and when I went for my flight out of Detroit to Las Vegas I had no problem when I try to return from Las Vegas to Detroit I had a problem they had no reservation for Joe what they had a reservation for Joseph when I got back home. I checked my bank account and found out that they had taken the money out of my bank account when I inquired in Las Vegas they had no booking for Joe but a booking for Joseph same last name same spelling same birthdate they charged me Joe for a no-show I’ve been trying to get a refund from Spirit Airlines I talk to representatives they told me that the money was not taken out I have proof document of money being taken out of my accountI will not recommend spirit airline to anybody with this kind of run around but I’m getting.Version: 2.10.0

Frais cachésBillets pas cher sur Expedia mais payé pour siège ensemble et extra pour sac..Version: 2.0

HORRIBLE AIRLINESpirit Airline was horrible! Every client should have the right to carry their suitcases for free when checking out our luggage and carry on’s not having to pay exaggerated extra money for one simple suitcase and bag. My family and I had to pay over 100 dollars for a small suitcase and our personal bags each. It’s ridiculous! Seats were so uncomfortable, all worn out and close together and assistance was absent during the flight. Very unstable flight as well and lack of clean and sanitize restrooms and again seats the plane it self. One of my family’s friend flew in this exact same airline which they also experienced multiple conflicts, their plane had malfunctioned and had them wait for a day and few hours more until they could finally aboard their plane, which we highlight the airline did not cover any of the extra costs they had to make involving food not hotel due to these technical issues. I really do not recommend this airline, with the exaggerated extra pointless charges and the airline not being responsive nor considerate to the public is ridiculous..Version: 2.20.0

Unhappy travelerThis is our first flight with Spirit Airlines and will be our last. Our trip was in celebration of our 39th anniversary. I upgraded our seats to an exit row and when our new seats were assigned we ended up separated from one another when trying to move seats together, Customer service was horrible, on line chat could not locate our booking and kept requesting an Itinerary number. We have received email correspondence from Spirit twice a day reminding us to pay to select our seats, pay additional fees for a carry on, pay fees for expedited boarding, and Wi-Fi. No itinerary number was provided in any correspondence. - Only our confirmation number. Not having an itinerary number resulted in a 40 minute phone call (majority of time placed on hold) with a representative who was unable to provide assistance, unable to mi e our seats There is no discount with Spirit age yet all charges are added in. I now call “spirit airlines”. The lack of spirit airlines!!!.Version: 2.21.0

App won’t recognize my emailI have been using spirit airlines website for many years and have a free account. This app will not recognize my email..Version: 1.0.3

UselessU cant finish adding dates to book a flight.Version: 1.3.2

Worst airlinesHad 5kg extra they charged $99 usd! Never book with this airline its the worst.Version: 2.11.0

Essentially doesn't workCan't check in online via app ("internal server error") or retrieve a boarding pass when checked in (progress wheel just spins and spins, then no result). Utter waste of time downloading it. Don't bother, use the website instead..Version: 1.1.0

It’s not worth the discountI know the fact that spirit is less expensive is really tempting, but please guys if you see this. Don’t make the same mistakes I did. They cancelled our flight once, we stayed overnight to catch the next one, then they cancelled again. By then it was too late to have our whole trip. They boarded everyone, had us wait inside for an hour, then cancelled because they did not have a pilot 😭what airline doesn’t have a pilot? What airline doesn’t have a pilot and boards everyone anyways? They nearly refused to refund us too, though that was kind of our fault for booking with a 3rd party..Version: 2.6.1

Worst service and airlineAt the airport the staff gave me the worst advice, I paid $100 for baggage then had to pay $125 extra for being 5lb overweight. Could have been avoided by just checking my carry on which they also charged me $50 for, no help at all. These guys are a scam.Version: 2.17.2

Most difficult website to use - bad company.My mother Lin law was dying and need a flight from Myrtle beach. Got on line and tried to book it. Less then 24 hours so it kept showing available but would not book it. Called them and held on almost 1 hour 40 minutes and finally someone came in. Suggested i join their $9 club and go directly to the airport to have them book it. Got there 3 hours prior and was told they could not help me. I told them about holding on for so long and told to join the club. They apologized and said “we hear this all the time”. Offered to file a complaint but they did nothing. Bought a real ticket from a legit airline and got there. Since then tried to see what my $9 club gets me. NOTHING. Sign in and there is no options to use it ANYWHERE. No instructions or help unless you want to wait an hour or more to speak to someone. Go Frontier if you want a discount airline. This may be cheap but no good when all they do is take your money..Version: 1.2.7

Not good would rate lower!Honestly had the worst round trip with Spirit! Would never recommend anyone ever fly with them! I’d rather pay a little extra next time then go through all the canceled and delayed flights! First of all if you cancel someone’s flight that had been booked months in advance and purchased seats they should got an email for another available flight for the same day! After 50 minutes on hold I finally got a hold of someone who needed to book me into another flight as the app was not working! They managed to change my flight from FLL (where i was) to PHL(where is was trying to get) it ended up being a flight from PHL to FLL , I got told I was lucky since there was only 1 seat available , but it was still wrong! Then the managed to change my return date (it was never mentioned to the person on the phone to change it) to 2 days later! After getting off the phone and looking at my app to see if the flights had been updated it was all wrong , and had to call again! This time holding for over an hour! Finally got someone else on the line who said that the flight we had tried to book since 8 in the morning after finding out the flight had been canceled had no seats available , but I could see on the website that there were 3 seats open at the time of the call! Honestly I’d give them less than a 1 star rating but it’s not possible!.Version: 2.0.3

Useless for non US addressesThe country selection defaults to USA and if you try to change it the selection options are empty..Version: 1.0.2

Worse Customer Service EverSpirit offers cheap affordable tickets but will cancel flights whenever they chose. When you call customer service to try and make rearrangements, they treat you like you are in the wrong. They offer very little help and are rude to you. I recently planned a trip to Puerto Rico and they canceled my whole trip two weeks before we were to fly out. Instead of just canceling the return flight they cancel the whole flight. When I called customer service was extremely rude, the customer service manager even hung up on me. I arranged for seats and baggage on both fights to and from, when I finally got a customer service manager that would semi-work with me, me and my family were rescheduled on the same flight there, and I was not guaranteed my paid for seats to keep my family together… though I paid for it. And the refunded me my return flight fee except for the seats and luggage fees I paid. Day of flight I talked to the gate about getting the seats I paid for, they refused and again rude. When we finally get back home I try to cancel my spirit membership and they have done nothing but give me the runaround and I still can’t get it canceled. Again customer service is rude. This is the worse air service ever. Thankfully United Airlines treated us way more friendly on our trip back..Version: 2.8.1

Asked for a refundIt all started with me canceling my flight within 24hours of booking it and I had the guarantee to make sure I get my money back should I have to cancel for any reason. And unfortunately I did have to cancel I get a reply by their SMS TELLING ME all is good and I should receive a refund within 7 days. Then 15 days later, I received nothing, I try to call and go through all the hoops to be told I didn’t “do my part” after 2 hours of struggling with virtual help and phone conversations with actual Indian representatives( outsourcing probably) . They basically told me to go F#%k myself. So if I can help anyone to stay as far away from spirit airlines as possible, then I’ve done my part. They are horrible and don’t value customers or customer service. The worst possible experience I can ever recall. I’m usually a very tolerable person but when everyone tried to blame you when you have all the proof saying that you did your part and they pretend that it didn’t happen, that’s when I draw the line. To blatantly tell me there’s nothing they can do for me even with all the proof I provided, then I will fire back. I don’t write reviews this way but boy did they push my buttons today. I hope this helps people stay away, far away!!!!.Version: 2.3.0

Not fair chargesMy flight from LA to Houston the agent checked me in and did not charged me for my carry on bag. Even though I’ve asked the agent if there were charges and she replied NO which I was fine with it. Then arriving to Houston and getting to my final destination New Jersey before boarding this rude agent started asking me to get out of the boarding line. And I was asking why? Then she said that I needed to pay for my carry on. I was so upset asking her why from LA they didn’t charge me for anything and why they started giving me problems? But that just not happened to me even with other passengers and I was like this is ridiculous cause they should have charged since the begging not making people think that everything with our flight is fine. But this is the part that got me more angry when finally boarding and putting my carry on at cabin baggage there were many spaces empty. In conclusion I’m a traveler and just because of this bitter situation I would NEVER travel with spirit again! This flight was an emergency for me but NEVER again, FRONTIER is way better then this airline even the customer service. If you are looking for something affordable and good service go for FRONTIER or UNITED airline..Version: 1.5.6

Couldn’t book seats togetherWouldn’t accept 3 different bank cards to book our seats together..Version: 2.20.0

Don’t move your seats using this appThe app okay. I was able to look at my flight time and boarding passes (it did not crash on me like other users seem to deal with). However, I wanted to move our seats on our flight, so I did that. But then it never updated our boarding pass with the new seats I chose. Instead, the pass check to “check at gate”. So, I went up to the attendant and told them the pass said I needed to check in with them and that I had moved our seats using the app. She prints off boarding passes for us and instead of them being he seats I chose, they are all the way at the back of the plane and we are no longer next to one another. I explained to her the seats I had chosen and asked if we could have those, but she said those seats were already taken. If you’re going to make an app, all aspects of the app should function. To show the seats I chose were available and then to find out they actually aren’t and we got moved to the very last row of the plane is very disappointing and frustrating..Version: 1.0.2

Not stableKeeps crashing on trying to add trip to the app!.Version: 1.5.0

Never AgainIf I could give lower than one star, I would. Spirit starts low but charges you extra for anything additional such as seat selection and carry ons. If you need to be anywhere on time, don’t use Spirit. I’ve never had as many delays and cancellations as with Spirit. Sometimes multiple delays in one trip. They have a reputation of cancelling your flight in less than 24 hours of your trip with no reason and will not help you rebook. I received a text message that I will receive an email on how to rebook my flight, but never did. I used their chat service and it’s all automated responses and didn’t receive any help after being on hold for hours. I attempted calling and was on hold for 45 minutes until it just hung up after receiving a digital recording stating, “Sorry for the high call volume”. Lastly, the flights always have tough landings like a teenager with a fresh learner’s permit. You think you’re saving money but once you include having to rebook or get another airline last minute because you get no help from Spirit, plus extending your hotel stay, it’s actually pretty costly. STAY AWAY FROM SPIRIT!.Version: 2.6.1

Rude people on the phoneHere is the reason why I gave them one star .i was going to book a flight through their app but I received an email telling me that something went wrong and I have to call them .so I went ahead and called the phone number in the email I received it so,after 15 min in hold someone answer me he was nice and tell me they the booking didn’t win true because the card declined don’t know why I always use this card for all my purchases but it’s ok .then he told me he can book me by phone and almost after over 40 min he hang the phone and cursing me because he couldn’t finish which I told him it’s ok my concern was just to make sure my card will not charge .then thanked him and told him I can go ahead and book it my self again online that will be easy but he insisted to do it by the phone which the price was more higher than online ,so please everyone read this review don’t waste your time and money with this company specially if you are immigrants,thanks.Version: 1.0.3

Baggage informationMy first flight on Sprit so I wasn’t familiar with the process. I asked a staff member in the ticket counter area if my luggage was the correct size to be considered as a carry on . She directed me to the stand and told me if it fits in there you can carry it as your personal item . Well I go upstairs to the boarding area where the staff member starts to make announcements about the luggage. I got in line to see if my luggage was ok. But I stepped out of line when it was my turn to again measure my bag . It fit , well when it was time to board , the staff member informed me that I would have to pay $100 to check my bag . I said but it fit in the container you’ll told me to go by . She stated it had to fit sideways . I would have appreciated it , if that information was told to me in the beginning . Also the young lady saw me get out line with the luggage and as a courtesy she could have told me then that I needed to check my bag . Mind you a friend had flown with Sprit with that same bag for free . I just don’t like the inconsistency ..Version: 2.12.1

NOT FOR BOOKING-only for ticketsFor the love of all things Holy, do not waste your time trying to book a flight through the app. It’s fine for exploring pricing and schedules, and it’s fine for tickets once you’re booked. But I have been incredibly frustrated by the booking process though the app on numerous occasions (I should know better by now). First, it doesn’t store trusted traveler or companion info (which isn’t an app thing, it’s a Spirit thing-and if they cared about customer service they’d do that-but we all know we aren’t flying Spirit for their customer service). The real rub is when you’ve spent all of your time putting in the info and making selections on seats and bags and add-ons, and then you get to payment and get an error because PAYMENT NEVER WORKS IN THE APP. The app is a mediocre tool that definitely gets part of the job done. But only part-and will leave you infuriated (like me) if you try to use it for booking..Version: 2.20.0

Spirit is the worst airline ever.I want to give 0 star but I can’t, so I’ll give 1 star. When I entered the airport spirit had a mess. Literally I saw a men screaming at a spirit worker, I don’t know why, but I bet they deserve it. Me and my family were late because THAT LINE WAS HUGE AND A MESS. When we got there, the door was open. It was 8:10pm and the flight leaves at 8:15pm. A freaking man closed the door when WE HAD TIME, like it’s not fair, there was a men in front of us and he let him go. I was literally crying, it was really sad. CAUSE WE HAD TIME, and the plane left at 8:40pm AT 8:40pm. I think it wasn’t the airline fault because that stupid man closed the DOOR. I have a little brother of 2 years old. You guys think is fair? HE IS A BABY A BABY. He was uncomfortable and crying. However it’s also spirits fault, THERE WAS A HUGE MESS OUTSIDE, there was not enough staff, there was like 100+ people and only 5 people in the cashiers. I wish they cancel Spirit because the other reviews are even worst. Like SPIRIT YOU JUST CANT DO THAT. Your staff is even worst. Like bro, well this is why I think SPIRIT Is the worst airline ever..Version: 2.16.0

Terrible appFirst, I resent being REQUIRED to use an app to check in for a flight. Next, its tons of hoops they want you to jump through with information entering and document scanning, which it fails to do and throws errors, saying to try later. It demands information not legally required, which i find very invasive. Once you get through all that BS, to check in is like trying to check out of a godaddy site purchase… a dozen upcharge attempts for every conceivable detail. Tech is no longer a shortcut or efficiency. Its a corporate $ grab that slows everything down and infuriates customers. Its really making travel not fun. As a global nomad who has traveled very extensively much of my life, I find myself shying away from the frequency due to companies like this, making it all about their profits and data harvesting, and NOT service..Version: 2.12.1

Scam company, just like Ryan AirThey advertise low prices, then charge you for extra stuff that they don’t tell you about: - must check in online, or you pay extra fee - carry-on bags extra fee - even though they say you can cancel your flight within 24 hours of booking, they will charge you a “cancelation fee + admin fee” that ads up to the same or more than your ticket. - service is terrible. The flight was on time, then delayed for a hour and a half due to technical issues. After 2 hours they finally brought passengers onto the buses and out to the plane, but the plane doors we locked and no one would explain why we weren’t allowed in. They made us stan in the hot Cabo sun for 45min before a supervisor finally came out and instructed the bus to return and bring us back to the terminal. Once we returned, Spirit airline staff mentioned that they should not have sent us out to the plane in the first place, but still had no idea what’s going on. Avoid this company if you can..Version: 2.0.5

The worst costumer service everI prepaid for a Carrie on bag it was smaller then a laptop and easily could have fit under my seat but I had a backpack that was small but full so that’s why I prepaid for the carry on , well I get to the plane to board and they scanned my ticket and no extra bag was found , I didn’t have a physical card but had cash Apple Pay my I’d card information and they would not let me on the plane or take any of my payment systems or the cash , the lady had the nerve to tell me to ask a stranger to pay for me , I’m an intervert and at this point I’m completely humiliated and my anxiety is higher then it’s ever been in my life , they told me to step aside and they were preparing to cancel my flight over this very small issue that was technically there problem to begin with , I’m not a negative person I always try and find the good in things but the way I was treated was extremely uncomfortable embarrassing I will never ever fly spirit ever again in my life , and I’ll go out of my way to tell people to not to fly then as well , thank god a nice older lady heard what was going on because the flight attendant was being loud and obnoxious and offered to put it on her credit card and I gave her a $20 tip on top of the ridiculous $65 fee for the smallest bag ever ! I’m so disappointed in this company 😡.Version: 2.4.1

Search results blank screenI’ve updated to latest version. I put in my search and it gives a completely blank screen so can’t see the results. Useless waste of time, it’s 2022 how hard is it to get a app development team that knows that they’re doing..Version: 2.6.1

Coughing Hector on passengerDisgusting Flight attendant Hector who was on flight 222 leaving from TN to AL has the audacity to every time while passing nearby me would purposefully cough. When held to his accountability about his intentional disgusting behavior and thought to be transparent with his statement “at least I’m covering my mouth”. Sir Hector, your intentional behavior of purposefully coughing when in my area of sitting and no other place while in the aircraft is reasonably to believe you have a disturbing problem that requires you to have your head and heart checked because professional service lacked and ugly type of behavior that requires me to seriously pray for your soul. Definitely demonic behavior to purposefully cough near a person who you have targeted while your working. This is the very last straw I’ll fly with Spirit because between the service of the airline and now staff, bogus prices for luggage and delays and changing of gates at the last minute, No THANK you… cheap seats doesn’t equate to quality service. ✌🏽✌🏽✌🏽.Version: 2.20.0

Keeps CrashingEvery time I try to check in the app crashes I’ve reloaded the app several times hoping it might help. It didn’t :(.Version: 1.3.6

Personal experienceSpirit started off strong for me, even though many of my friends had told me to avoid them and book with another company. I decided to take my chances on the cheaper ticket. There’s a reason spirit is cheap. Early on spirit was easy to use and laid everything out in plain text on what to expect. However, two days before my flight my grandma had a heart attack and was in the ICU. I called spirit to try and get some guidance on what to do with her tickets and they told me I would get a $120 store credit that only she could use. Keep in mind she’s in the ICU and I paid for the tickets. (This policy makes literally no sense). Also keep in mind, I spent nearly $400 on her tickets… I only got $120 in store credit for a $400 ticket for someone that had a heart attack in the ICU (with paperwork). The company is heartless and is only about business. Don’t expect any chips or drinks, don’t expect any legroom without doubling the price of your ticket, and don’t expect the staff to be nice to you. The company is full of bad vibes and they have no heart whatsoever. I won’t be flying spirit ever again. Any other airline in the world would gladly refund the full amount of the tickets with only spending about $10 more dollars. Avoid this airline..Version: 2.7.0

No idea why the flight was canceled on Christmas day! Merry Christmas!!My son received an email stating that his flight has been canceled on Christmas Day, with no reason why… He has gone out of his way to have a test done and have Christmas with me for the first time in my home since he was 18… So much looking forward to having him home for Christmas! With no help from spirit, He had to rebook it himself for the next day for the same time of departure. They did not rollover!!! Then they lost the reservation for the paid bags for the flight over; he had to fight to get that re-addressed, they put it on his return flight. Thank God he had a return flight because we would’ve lost the money on the paid bags that were paid for and checked in for the flight over!! Yes we are very fortunate that spirit is still alive and therefore available for the vacation travelers… However they don’t make it easy to help you out when they’ve made the changes that they really should help you out with! Want to love you Spirit....but......Version: 1.5.8

Used app to make a reservation same day had to make a changeI used this app to recently take a flight. I booked it and I noticed I selected the incorrect boarding time. I immediately updated the flight and it showed as being updated. I noticed 3 days later that my calendar still had my precious flight. So I looked ok the app the make sure. Saw it did not change my flight at all and I had to pay the extra fee to change my flight. I called that evening and I was on the phone to explain and after 20-30 minutes the phone went silent and was not able to reach anyone. I called twice and said it will have someone to call me and wait was unknown. I checked the website and saw it was closed for phone support. I texted the number and waited 2 hours for someone to respond and explained what happened. I know I should have checked back to make sure everything was correct correct but honest I trusted that it would correct itself. I will not use the app to make flights ever again. I will go back to using the website like I had done prior. I really hate that I spent so much money on a flight for the weekend that was equivalent to American Airlines..Version: 2.12.1

Bad ExperienceMy husband and myself were attempting to fly out of Orlando yesterday with Spirit on flight 1795. Not only did we sit at the airport all day due to delays.. but when we finally we're getting boarded, the woman at the gate was very rude. Mouthed off to me, so I told her she could've been a little nicer. THAT WAS ALL I SAID. We got boarded and next thing we know, we are being kicked off the plane because they said "we appeared intoxicated" which is not true. We are stuck in Orlando currently until tomorrow for the next available flight. My husband and I both work and have been forced to miss 2 days of work/pay. He owns a business and I am a sales manager so it is crucial for us to be present. This incident also forced us to spend more money on hotels, Ubers, food expense etc. I truly hope that this message gets to the right person and that something is done to help relieve us of what we experienced with you all. We will not use Spirit again in the future...Version: 2.12.1

UnusableCrashes constantly, not matter what you are trying to do. Just use the website instead..Version: 2.0.1

Save yourself some time: App Doesn’t WorkIt’s bad enough to have to fly with Spirit and deal with the zero-notice 3-hour delays, tiny seats, no wifi or outlets, the constant up charges for things like traveling with more than just a purse/backpack, choosing your seat, or getting a mid-flight beverage. To make things worse for their customers, they’re also subjecting us all to their heinous mobile app that logs you out randomly, crashes unexpectedly, and—when everything else is going fine—just isn’t able to communicate with Spirit to pull up flight information or check you in to retrieve boarding passes. I had (literally) 3 minutes of success with the app and was able to get boarding passes for my group’s first flight; immediately afterwards the app become nothing more than a waste of space on my phone. Restarting the app, signing out and signing back in, reinstalling the app, trying it on a different phone, trying it on different days—none of these efforts had any impact. “You have a flight? I’m not sure about that” “I want to check you in but I don’t believe your name is what it is” “Is this airline even traveling today? I can’t find a single flight” “Maybe just go to the website bc I have no idea who you are or what you’re trying to do and I’m pretty sure you’ve never booked a flight with us before” - Famous errors of this godawful waste of time that spirit is calling their App.Version: 1.3.6

Money stealing scamYour app is full of bugs that make for a terrible user experience. When trying to pay for the luggage in a flight, the payment got declined as we got an error message the “Free Spirit” number wasn’t registered to any account (even when this number was directly copied and pasted from my account information). I was eventually able to pay for the luggage, but I have now found out that Spirit charged me the full price of a suitcase for every time the payment was declined in the app and an error message was given. Do not use the Spirit app if you don’t want to be robbed off your money. I cannot believe a company of this size can let such errors exist when they’re robbing their already paying customers..Version: 2.10.0

Doesn’t work 😐The app will not allow me to put in trip dates or passenger birth dates even though they require it. Can’t get past the first screen ugh..Version: 1.2.1

Not a stateI tried to purchase a seat and due to the fact my address is not US i can not chose a state or have an option or a province so it would not work. I could not pay for or chose a seat i wanted..Version: 2.4.1

Update didn’t fix iOS issueUpdate didn’t fix the problem of crashing once I put in my information. Just spins forever and then goes black screen and crashes. Also get a red notification “JSON could not be serialized because of error: The data couldn’t be read because it isn’t in the correct format”. Whatever that means. Please fix!.Version: 1.1.1

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