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Rebel Inc. App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Rebel Inc. app received 42 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Rebel Inc.? Can you share your negative thoughts about rebel inc.?

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Rebel Inc. for Negative User Reviews

Great conceptThe concept is amazing but the game needs a lot of reworks, more ways to gain reputation would be a start, and the fact that you can never destroy an insurgent group is extremely frustrating considering that you need a minimum of 3 units to do so and that’s given perfect conditions. In my game I end up needing around 5-6 units just to keep it under control because of the amount of enemy’s that spawn. Also reduce time to train national army, it takes to incredibly long that if i want to use them I have to buy them at the start and only get them near end game..Version: 1.2.2

Unbalanced GameplayFirst of all, the game is very fun to play, but it is near impossible to play after getting to the Banker Governor. In order to actually destroy insurgent rebels, you have to corner them using at least 3 of your armys. And because you only have 4 of those that stay, it gets very hard. Most outcomes are determined simply by luck. Also, the public opinion runs out too quickly. When I am trying to keep the territory’s from being captured from 5 different groups of insurgents, all I can simply do is play a long loosing battle. The fact that the enemy captures the territory faster than your troops can move makes the game unfair. And upgrades such as the “local militia” which makes it harder for the insurgents to capture the territory, don’t even affect it at all. You constantly are.. 1 chasing the enemy out of territory 2 while they run, capture territory back 3 they capture the territory they ran into 4 now repeat step one This is why the game is so difficult even on normal mode. The enemy grows so fast, and you have so little troops to do anything about it. Either having more permanently deployed troops or decrease the rate at which the insurgents grow. -thanks I’d like to return to this game rating because after deleting it and coming back after a while, it appears they fixed the issue of balance twoards the insurgents. The game still has many other issues but it’s better than it was. -thanks again.Version: 1.3.3

Wish I could give a negative star reviewNow I love plague inc. so when I saw this I was super excited, but this game is ridiculous. First off the people you gave to use in order to unlock other areas do not support what needs to be done on that specific map. The insurgent rate at which they spawn is absolutely absurd. Coalition forces need to be able to stay spawned longer. You literally have to choose either do what needs to be done for civilians and let the insurgents run rampant or choose military over civilian development but you cannot stabilize the region. Corruption is increased wayyyyyy too fast with no quick way to bring it down. You literally have 18 months to two years to develop the area before the bad guys show up, sometimes they show up in one spot and other times they show up in 3 different sections and that is when you just start your game over. You lose reputation like it’s a $1 sale, once you start ticking down because of the stability just restart the game because you will not get it back fast enough. The spawn time for the national forces needs to be shortened since the coalition forces can be summoned almost immediately. I would give this game an honest -2 stars, very very disappointed..Version: 1.1

DisappointingThis game turner out to be a massive disappointment primarily due to the way the systems of the game work, for example I have the rebels trapped at the top of the map and am then forced to relocate my troops because a rebellion happens on a completely unrelated tile..which ultimately allows the rebels to escape the zone they were trapped in and become difficult to fight back. What makes this worse is that if the rebels have more than 3 tiles reputation begins a downward spiral that is impossible to recover from, especially when you are forced to extend troop rotations to try to contain the rebels which further damages it. This is worsened when events stack on top of eachover and make it a gamble as to wether I maintain my reputation or loose it and have to deal with an increase in corruption. Considering this game is made by the same people as plauge inc it is a massive downgrade to the theme of your strategy games, often you have little more then pure luck to determine the outcome of an event in this game, which does not mesh well with the idea of strategy behind it. While I am glad to have given you money to support your future projects as you are an amazing company, I do feel this game needs massive improvements in its core mechanics as winning the first few levels even on normal difficulty proves to be an unfair challenge to a causal player, thank you for your time.Version: 1.4.6

Did I get a different version?I’ve tried the second mission a good twenty times and can’t stop insurgents from basically spawning everywhere. I’ve played literally hundreds of games over the last forty years and have never before come across a game where repeated attempts using different techniques have universally met with failure. Buy it if you must but don’t be surprised if you stop playing after the fifteenth time insurgents walk through a garrisoned area when they’re supposed to have been destroyed instead..Version: 1.3.3

Could be betterThis game causes me to pull my hair ( literally and figuratively )Its a nice game, that much is true. The only thing I have against it is the brutal levels are next to impossible for me. It appears like this game requires luck as a skill and everything is just so unpredictable. I can’t really strategise anything if one moment my national guards can stomp but at the next they're seem like they're using sticks ( i know that the rival are funding them but its just nuts when its just the beginning of the game yet the curve is already too steep. I tried defending a province instead of attacking yet it still blows. ) The game is totally not balanced even if you’re spending a lot for civilian utilities whilst defending core locations. Whats more ridiculous is that you have to beat a map in brutal to unlock other maps..Version: 1.4.2

Hmm...Whilst I love the concept and the general layout and design of the game, I must say, it’s a bit much... At one point, one is doing a splendid job of controlling the insurgents and gaining tons of support. But, the next, the insurgents suddenly pop-up in two to three other locations. So, I would appreciate if the insurgents would be a bit more... delayed. I would also gently critique the punishment for keeping the coalition soldiers. Especially early game, they’ve quite vital to being able to effectively combat the insurgents. But when one is forced to retreat them or constantly lose eight to nine reputation, all while having rampant insurgent problems, and still waiting on the national soldiers to train, it simply makes things too difficult and overwhelming, in my humble opinion. That being said, kudos to the game develop for doing a superb job at simulating how hard it is to tackle these problems in real-life. With that being said, I do realize the game is supposed to be challenging, however, in my opinion, it seems too much to handle. Though, that is my opinion and as I noted, given the topic, it inherently is supposed to be difficult and challenging..Version: 1.3.3

You want your stupid review, here it is.First off, this game is extremely unrealistic. Second, the mechanics are broken stupid. Third, sure the creativity is great!; maybe the devs should stick to killing off everyone with infections rather than trying to resolve conflict. Why do I say these things? No country or it’s people will demand things that a government can’t provide during a war with the enemy in its own country. The governors are all idiots because they raise corruption and inflation . Why don’t you actually let us input some type of government without becoming totalitarians. And you make the insurgents completely stubborn when clearly the players can (at multiple times) corner them. But the game spawns some idiots in the darkest corner of the map to drop my reputation in a heart beat. Creating a military doesn’t cause corruption if it needs to fight a war. If people wanted to stabilize their country, they wouldn’t act the way they do in this game. Sure it’s just being optimistic but you guys don’t even input all of the realistic aspects of life and politics into this game to make it as hard as it is. Fix it, I’d give it no stars..Version: 1.1

You should be paid to playAwful game; simple concept and lazy execution. Save your money, it’s mediocre and ignore the positive reviews; the majority are most likely fake. This is not a strategy game, strategy implies you can alter your method to counter game progression, in this game you lose with early game decisions with no way to modify your strategy in game to affect the outcome. As soon as you make the wrong decision there is no way to rectify it, and as your situation deteriorates exponentially it is impossible to pinpoint where you went wrong. I repeat, not a strategy game; make all the right decisions and you win, make one wrong decision you lose with no explanation to where your strategy fell short. Seriously, do NOT buy..Version: 1.6.0

Has Many Unaddressed IssuesOn launch, this game featured a interesting concept and insane difficulty. It has maintained said difficulty, that, unlike in plague inc, is more based on luck than strategy or skill. If you look through the negative reviews for this game, you will begin to see what I mean, with insurgent difficulty and seemingly useless upgrades. The developer responded to these very relevant complaints with a cut and dry comment that was the same in every instance. In the latest update (Tanks & Caves) the developer addressed none of the difficulty issues, rather adding pay to win elements such as advisors and the tank commander. While I understand that this game is intentionally difficult in order to bring light onto real world issues, this difficulty and lack of response from the developer shows me that this game seems to be more of a shameful cash grab rather than a fun pro-consumer game. Should one purchase this game, they will likely be unable to beat even the second map, due to the usual complaints. With so many people complaining about this game with so little response, I simply cannot recommend it. If this review receives the same generic copy-pasted response as well, that would also further prove my point. In conclusion: don’t buy this game until these issues are fixed..Version: 1.3.3

PTWI’ve had this game for a while now and one of two things has become increasingly apparent. Exhibit A, when I first bought this game I had assumed that it was the full version. I was surprised to see that almost all the content aside from the base maps were completely locked. Not to mention the fact that just to unlock one map requires you to use a specific governor and play on a specific difficulty to progress. Or, you could pay to unlock that map. Exhibit B, I find that the difficulty is severely imbalanced when it comes to initiatives. For example, no matter how much anti-corruption I purchase I still end up losing reputation to corruption. Not to mention the extremely overpowered insurgents, which spread faster across the map than any soldiers can contain. (Bear in mind that you only get about 5-6 Coalition Soldiers and 4 National Soldiers.) They are essentially impossible to contain at that point. To improve, I would suggest the devs debuff the insurgents to make then more manageable. Secondly, I wouldn’t make the game so reliant on micro transactions. If you are reading this devs. I would appreciate these changes to be implemented..Version: 1.13.1

Meh.Just a mad dash to spend your resources while simultaneously pushing insurgents around the map. Not a lot of depth, not much strategy. Did I mention pushing rebels around the map? That’s all there is basically.. Finally dealt with those pesky rebel groups by cornering or pushing them off the map? Have a few more randomly, not enough? Have a random enemy base pop up and spam more! And without that there is no real gameplay, spend money and watch a little hammer animation aside. A fairly well made game but it’s base gameplay is quicksand..Version: 1.0.2

Love the game but difficulty is too high, rebalancing needed!I really like the game...but even the basic level is really tough. Brutal? Absurd. The developers really need to adjust the brutal level or make it so you unload other features after winning on normal, which is also very hard. It’s as if they made it so hard you HAVE to buy the cheats to unlock other features. I already paid for the game. I won’t buy from the developer again if that’s how they design their games. Would have rated 5 stars if it weren’t for the annoying approach to unlocking features in the game. Update based on developer response: If the only way to progress to the additional maps and governors is to pay for the cheats, then you should say that up front. Games shouldn’t require you to buy cheats to progress or say so up front. As of now I’ve stopped playing—I’ve beaten all the basic maps on normal. Brutal? Forget it. Only one map I’ve beaten on brutal. As others have noted the rebel behavior is HIGHLY unrealistic, making it impossible to win in brutal unless it’s just plain luck. I won’t buy from you again, and it’s too bad because I love Plague as well..Version: 1.4.5

Welp, here’s my take.This game is good, however you often find yourself putting it down out of boredom. I understand it may be difficult, but I believe it would be interesting to see features that we saw added into Plague Inc, community scenarios being a major one. Yes yes, I know that the maps are made custom and are not a map of the world, but it’d be awesome to see Events, Options and more that people could add. It would be also nice to see tiers of Insurgents, and killing someone of importance like a Commander in a Stronghold demoralises the enemy, but hurts negotiation. Maybe we can have Special Forces units (Coalition) that can be deployed in a Region once and after taking out every threat depart. I dunno. Buy the game. Devs don’t care..Version: 1.4.1

Too hardIt worth the money, to hard to move around not new levels.Version: 1.16.1

Fun but goes from being too easy to too hardReally addictive game much like Plague. Once you understand it, you’ll complete the easy levels very quickly and then the normal levels just as quick. However the fun soon stops when you attempt Brutal mode and realise there seems to be no way of winning - insurgents just keep coming and removing your reputation level faster than you can ever replenish it, making it impossible to stabilise, let alone actually win the level. Shame as the game had potential to challenge Plague at the top of the charts..Version: 1.2.2

Too challenging, due to limited optionsThere isn’t enough ways to buffer or boost rep, not enough money to gain enough soldiers in time to handle insurgency, and it seems like the second mission is genuinely the most difficult one. I have tried every HQ placement, different routes on the initiatives, and all ends up the same, there simply aren’t enough soldier available to eliminate groups of insurgents..Version: 1.15.1

Could be betterIts a great idea. But its so unpredictable. There is one level which is impossible; I have done everything possible and it has no impact..Version: 1.4.6

Good but issuesSecond level is laughably difficult to beat without paying for cheats. Borderline impossible until you get lucky on the hundredth try..Version: 1.0.2

Insurgents infinityIt’s annoying how the insurgents escape death over and over. This makes me feel like nuking those dirty insurgents. (Should be a option). In every map I try to corner the fools so I can kill them but insurgents are like weeds or acne. They pop out of no where and ruin everything. We get it. Insurgents in real life are a pain but there has to be some limitations. I feel like “STABLE LOCATIONS” should remain “STABLE”. Instead of having a 3% chance of turning into insurgent land. Your head quarters and 2 territories near it should always be protected from insurgents without the need of troops due to the fact that they are all most likely stable and have an actual police and militia force protecting it. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a peaceful way to win the game without the need of other nations or your own troops getting involved in some extremist group? I mean in real life we can see how much of a pain it is to try to run a successful state without a bunch of idiots destroying the schools and hospitals you built. I really do enjoy the realism but I feel like there should be a better way to shut the insurgents down for good. A “secret police force” upgrade. (Kind of like how there’s Islamic Religious police in Saudi Arabia, iran, and list goes on). It’ll be expensive but it’ll prevent any insurgents from popping up in “Stable” territories. Make it easier to destroy the insurgents. I mean it makes sense doesn’t it??.Version: 1.3.3

Potential but needs serious rebalancing.Good game, but it needs a serious rebalance as of right now the brutal difficulty is virtually impossible to beat on map four. The insurgents are too strong and pop up in three separate zones. There is no way on Earth to contain them and often they’re stronger than your coalition troops. Corruption is out of control as well and upgrades don’t seem to help at all. I’ll re-evaluate my rating once the balance issues are addressed. Edit:// Updating and dropping my rating. Everyone giving this game good reviews is playing the first few missions which are interesting and fun. Once you get to the later levels it’s literally impossible to win on the harder difficulties. The final mission is so obscenely hard I’m astounded. Coalition troops can’t win even with four armies supporting them. Regions will not stabilize even if you have half the upgrades purchased. They go up one tick per time unit, but you’re losing rep at a rate of 3 per unit. Simultaneously the invincible rebels are swarming zones non-stop and demolishing your rep. This game has some SERIOUS balance issues that need to be addressed and they don’t become apparent until you’ve played for a bit..Version: 1.0.2

Has potentialSince my last review vanished, I’ll add it again. I concur with what a lot of people have said, it has an amazing amount of potential...however... it has some serious balancing issues. I played all the maps, viruses, and difficulties on plague inc, it was challenging and sometimes frustrating, but failure was usually due to my long-term strategic or short-term tactical failures. Rebel inc. doesn’t seem to share that value, many things just drain reputation or skyrocket inflation and corruption without much benefit. The costs of countering insurgents are also highly unbalanced; i fully understand risk/reward play, but the rewards of the military upgrades just aren’t enough. Also, I really miss the customization of your viruses, there’s virtually nothing like that here. You get different governors but their effects aren’t that extreme, or game changing for the most part. Adding things (like the dna changes in plague inc) would be nice, smaller bumps are standalone, bigger bonuses would come with trade offs, etc. You could couple them with your favorite governor and do a min/max sort of thing, high risk/high-reward and all that. So far, I ran through all the maps and governors, and haven’t had much interest in going back; there just isn’t much replay ability to pull me back..Version: 1.1

2nd level impossible on regularInsurgence pop up everywhere and just waste u....stupidly designed...don’t mind a challenge but wow.Version: 1.4.5

Fun engaging game, not without flaws.Completed every map on normal, and am now trying to do the same on brutal difficulty. While it could be something I’m not seeing, the reputation system seems to be broken on brutal difficulty. You either focus on suppressing insurgents and you’ll lose as they slowly drain at your rep (which you won’t get back as districts won’t turn to your side fast enough), or you’ll focus on civil projects and they will simply take too much ground. It’s seems to fall on RnG to hope the AI controlled insurgents make a bad play. Played cause of an update still RNG toss will own half the map and have 3 rep while insurgents also only own half the map while rapidly losing land and deal -1 rep per nano seconds completely unfair RNG trash. Morale system should work both ways..Version: 1.13.1

Waste of timeThis game starts out cool they kept they old format from plague and it works ok but after you do the first level and you get to the next map you have to use the economist leader to unlock the next map. Well this is virtually impossible even on earn money WAY too slow while the terrorists seem to grow at an inordinate pace. Even if you use the civil leader on the second map it’s almost impossible because the terrorist grow too quickly. This game is only fun if you use it as a time killer and you play on the first level with the first leader that’s it. ***update*** AFTER PLAYING THIS GAME FOR LITERALLY HOURS ON END AND TRYING EVERY DIFFERENT TYPE OF COMBINATION IMAGINABLE IF YOU PAY THE CORRUPTION OFF AT THE BEGINNING OF THE GAME YOU DONT HAVE ENOUGH MONEY TO COMBAT INSURGENTS. IF YOU PAY TO INCREASE HEALTH AND EDUCATION AND WATER YOUR CORRUPTION GOES THROUGH THE ROOF. IF YOU TAKE STEPS TO COMBAT CORRUPTION THEN AGAIN YOU DONT HAVE MONEY TO DFEAT TERRORIST. IF YOU SAVE YOUR MONEY YOU GET ACCUSED OF WASTING MONEY AND HURTS YOUR REPUTATION SO YOU SPEND A LITTLE ON MAKING LIVING BETTER AND TO COMBAT CORRUPTION THEN USE SOME TO GET A MILITARY COALITION AND NATIONAL DEFENSE FORCE YOU HAVE A CHANCE BUT THEN THE TERRORIST OUTPACE YOU ON GROWTH HURTING YOUR REPUTATION. THIS GAME NEEDS SERIOUS HELP IT WOULD BE GOOD IF THE TERRORIST DIDNT GROW AS FAST, NATIONAL FORCES TRAIN MORE QUICKLY, MAKE CORRUPTION AFFECT YOUR REPUTATION LESS..Version: 1.2.1

Promising theme, unbelievable difficultyI was instantly drawn into the premise of this game. Huge fan of Plague Inc so I bought this without even reading any reviews. The first level was great and pretty much exactly what I was expecting. Level two insanely sky rockets to almost an impossible difficulty, I’m honestly not sure how anyone has beaten level two. Even if I have the maximum number of military units and air strikes, it’s still not enough to fight off the insurgents. You destroy one unit and instantly two to three others spawn in the opposite corners of the map making it literally impossible to corner them off and destroy them. I’ve tried building up the roadways first to make traveling quicker, I’ve tried improving my support first to enable me to have more time, I’ve tried basic upgrades until military options open up and then going all out with military and none of them get me anywhere close to winning level two. I’ve had the game for three days and it’s close to being deleted already. Love the idea, but this is definitely not for anyone other than the most hardcore of gamers than will literally devote their entire downtime to this game..Version: 1.3.3

Great Concept Bad GameThis has so much potential but it’s too difficult. There’s no progression. You can’t use what you learn from your defeats in the next round. Winning has as much to do with blind luck as it has to do with your ability or grasp of the game. I mean seriously I played for about 4 hours on normal and I tried my luck with different strategies yet only won once in the first hour or so. You can’t see where you go wrong so you can’t change what you do. There’s no way to save yourself once you mess up. You just lose very slowly with only a backdoor way to quit. Once I only had insurgents pop up in two spots and I still lost only about 10% away from being totally stable. Personally I think reputation should have a direct correlation to how well you’re doing and it should be volatile both up and down. That way you’re forced to govern in a way that the insurgents and coalition will put up with. And for that matter why should you not be able to stick it to the coalition and side with the insurgents. Ik it’s just an iPhone game but still it would add serious depth..Version: 1.3.3

FrustratingCan’t stop insurgents just popping up in random areas. Need to have more soldiers else impossible to win.Version: 1.13.1

Great game with a few issuesJust like plague in I fell in love with this game from the start. The strategy is deep yet easy to understand. Inclusions like the different maps and governors add variety’s to the game that plague sometimes lacked with every designer feeling the same. The games difficulty’s feel well balance except for the the insurgents. They are not impossible to deal with but they feel to strong. You know you have a problem when fully upgraded soldiers with air support and a nearby garrison stubble to liberate a tile. In addition while the fact you have to encircle insurrectionists to eliminate them is cool in theory it is hard to do in practice. The fact they can basically spawn anywhere(with some map specific spawns) means that it can be up to ring to decide how easy it is to deal with. Sometimes they spawn on a corner and can be easily surrounded . Other they are in the middle of the map and spread like a plague. This will be 5 stars once the insurgents are either nerfed or the soldiers are buffed..Version: 1.1

Insurgents make it too difficultTrying to corner insurgents is just too hard as there is always somewhere that they can run to. You have to spend loads on military to stand a chance, but that ruins the rest of the game and drives your support down. Most of the military you get early on, wants to go home after a few minutes and you don’t half enough local military to stop insurgents, who start running wild all over the map. I don’t normally complain about a game being too hard, but this is ridiculously hard. Either that or the tutorial is so bad, it teaches you how to play incorrectly. Following the lessons you learn in the tutorial, gets you nowhere in the main game..Version: 1.4.5

Exact same outcomesI’ve played many games in my time but I have to say I am put off trying this continually. The first stage on medium difficulty I can’t get passed. Maybe I’m playing wrong but if that is the case the tiny little help you get at the beginning is far from sufficient! A little hint like insurgents crossing rivers is probably one that needs to be broadcast more than just a passing suggestion. After a few hours of trying I’m contemplating giving up on this game. You can’t ever kill them off even with 100% peace they were still spawning. Can’t corner them because your over rating drops. If you kill off the insurgents how about just letting it cruise until you finish that level instead of letting them all respawn and going out of control more then before. The same 4 options over and over and each one just antagonising the insurgents. It would be good to just have an ignore button so you don’t have to give them the time of day while trying to fight them in the same battle and even when forted off and cornered they can jump 3 zones to one that doesn’t have any in. I thought they were meant to be killed off Overall it’s not a waste of money as anything this company makes is worth the $ I just feel more education is needed at intro level.Version: 1.4.3

Good but some lazy difficulty mechanicsOverall I’d recommend getting this, it’s a good way to pass the time but not as well thought out as plague inc. I’ve marked this down in my score as I’ve noticed that when it comes to tackling brutal levels that when I scrutinise each area’s concerns and address them they continue to be a concern until they decide to rebel. If you’ve played the game you’ll know that this can cause the domino effect where everything collapses - so you lose the game even though you responded to what they were complaining about! It’s tough enough to balance out all the different challenges but I think on the brutal difficulty level they just inserted lazy game mechanics. I’ve beaten the first six stages on brutal but more often than not it ends up feeling more like blind luck rather than considered gameplay in response to the situation as it develops..Version: 1.7.0

It’s alrightThe game is good fun, and playable, and I do not regret spending my money but there is so much that can reduce your reputation so quickly, while you have so little money to deal with it; you get the insurgency under control (using all your money, to buy upgrades and national soldiers, which by the way, we should be above to get at least 5 national things), and then the corruption will make you lose, because you don’t have enough money and trying to get the upgrade type thing which removes corruption costs so much, and by then you aren’t earning enough. To sum up, you get one thing under control, you use all your money, you are broke, another thing will get you and all you can do is watch and wish you had money..Version: 1.3.3

Fun but campaign is way too expensiveIt’s a fun game but the app costs £1.99 and you don’t even get the campaign with it. Another £4.99 on top. Fun but not enough to warrant £7. At least have a way to unlock it through playing. I shouldn’t have to pay for a game and then pay again to play the full game. Either make the initial download free (so users can find out what they’re getting into before purchasing) or make the app £7. You won’t cause you know no one will download it for £7..Version: 1.6.0

The Game is ok but the ideology behind your efforts are impossible for me to get behindI’m aware that this game has been praised by the UN and that doesnt surprise me at all. This is based on Western thinking and nothing more. Sadly, bribing a people to comply via gifts (hospitals, schools, infrastructure improvements) doesn’t work very well with any group that values something other than capitalism and comfort. In the Vietnam war, Johnson tried the carot and stick approach and the North Vietnamese laughed at him. In the Gulf and Afghan wars we tried the tactics used in this game and failed spectacularly, sadly. How about incorperating religion into the game huh? I thought not. Many people on this planet cannot be bought off with material comforts but Western strategists cannot seem to understand that. They cannot get out of their own personal and educational experiences and therefore are doomed to fail when dealing with non western, non materialist cultures. The tactics in this game may well work with Eurocentric peoples but that is only a fraction of the world. Nice try but I just cant bring myself to play it anymore because of the unfortunate reality of the last 21 years. Before invading a nation, maybe we ought to study them in depth first. Better yet, hiw about just not invading..Version: 1.10.2

Needs a few tweaksRe-Review: I was a 4* rating for this game however I have dropped it. Don’t get me wrong the game is fun and quirky but the new map and commander(tank) the new map is un-winnable. I have, seems reputation drops rapidly at one point and sometimes enemy squads don’t wipe out and sits on a full bar in my favour when a battle is ongoing and stays like that. Think tweaking how faces work - put a skill on that a)lets you destroy cave network or b)let’s you use cave networks for faster deployment. Also the choice for Tanks - or drop down to APCs or even Jackals/Mastiff etc. More needs done to boost the score.Version: 1.3.3

Good game but..I seem to find that the skill level between the 3 modes are ridiculous this game is not fun when the game constantly throws an impossible amount of events at you. Like you have just started to sort out the insurgents then suddenly they pop up in your main centre and you lose ridiculous amounts of reputation. Just way to random, only way to win is simple luck of where things pop up....Version: 1.3.3

Built to make you pay moreThis game is extremely difficult. I think it’s almost impossible. I haven’t seen anyone getting past the 3rd level. As for me I’m on the second level using the second character you get which is terrible, you think that beating the first level would warrant an upgrade or an actual reward. Instead the game is made harder so that you’ll want to spend money to unlock everything. The insurgents are kill happy and will surround you and kill you before you are even remotely prepared to fight back, so you’ll have to sit there and watch them gain a massive amount of territory while your soldiers are being trained. Even when you do get the soldiers trained if you use the coalition soldiers (which as this point you’re basically forced to) they will betray you and ask to leave when you are finally making progress and you’ll either forfeit reputation or just let your territory be taken over by the endless droves of insurgents. The best answer the devs are gonna give anyone with the problem is to go to reddit and find the only solution to winning that level. I might actually have been persuaded to buy something as I did with plague inc. how it has unique and fun things you can unlock but you can still play the game normally and have just as much fun. Just because I know the game is built around micro transactions I’m not gonna buy any..Version: 1.4.5

ShameI love strategy games, but this is another that just punishes you for playing it. FTL is the same. It’s left me wondering why I even bother to play games anymore. Even on casual difficulty the insurgents just pop up all over the map and seem to get into occupied territories and then can’t be contained. The coalition troops want to leave almost as soon as they arrive. It takes forever to train the national army. Moving forces around the map takes an age. You can’t spend too much money before inflation get out of hand and the corruption ties your hands as well. I did enjoy Plague, but this is just too monotonous and boring for me. Wish I liked it more, but can’t seem to find any pleasure here..Version: 1.3.3

Fun but impossibleLove the strategy. However, the insurgence is impossible to control. There are never enough funds to keep on top of civilian initiatives, corruption, all while hiring more soldiers. The national soldiers take too long to train, while the coalition soldiers are not around long enough. It is impossible to destroy insurgences without at least 4 soldiers, though by the time there are enough funds, the insurgence takes over too many zones. Please NERF the insurgence. Otherwise very fun..Version: 1.3.3

WAY TOO MUCH HYPEAfter however many months i’ve been playing i’ve discovered this game is not good. It’s repetitive and annoying (at times) everything in it is too expensive, not only do you need to pay for the game but you need to pay for good maps (or win on maps with a certain advisor on a certain difficulty) not only that though, if you want to use the cheats they added to the game YOU NEED TO PAY AN ADDITIONAL £10 or you can win on EVERY SINGLE map on BRUTAL!! It’s ridiculous and this company is just hungry for money. I recommend the game for very very very inactive mobile gamers..Version: 1.7.0

Disappointed by logicI have two thirds of the map stabilized yet my reputation still decreases nonetheless, it does not make sense. There aren’t enough troops to mobilize most of the time, even if you have the money. Killing all insurgents early in the game causes a new band of insurgents to spawn randomly then spread like wildfire; the only viable tactic is cornering them, but this does not seem that realistic. Because of these limitations and more I’m just forced to use the same tactic each time, gets kind of boring..Version: 1.3.3

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