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RadarOmega App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

RadarOmega app received 12 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using RadarOmega? Can you share your negative thoughts about radaromega?

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RadarOmega for Negative User Reviews

Great if you don’t live in uk!Saw this app being talked about heavily on YouTube so decided to buy it! Didn’t realise it doesn’t work in uk been sat for two days trying to get my local weather with zero results. Luckily I follow the tornado season in the USA so I’m gonna use it for that 😳.Version: 4.7

Not enough better than RadarScopeI am a RadarScope pro 2 user and some of the reviews show this is taking the place of RadarScope. I don’t find it to be better than RadarScope. I also was expecting the 3-D model of the base reflection to not just be a 3-D graph but an actual 3-D of the reflectivity. If anyone out there has used GR2Analyst, you know what I mean. If you don’t already have a RadarScope, this would be another option for you to consider. One thing in their favor over RadarScope is they have temp/dewpoint..Version: 4.7

RadarOmegaWithout any doubt, no other developer’s radar product has given me the satisfaction in seeing not only the progress of the application’s features but the excellence of the customer service in such a short period of time. Please continue to excel!! Would certainly choose this application over most other apps; the subscription prices are quite fair considering the quality and content and the detailed user’s guide. I’m considering to subscribe again pending authorization of developer given my opinion above. There are a lot of new features that make this application stand out and the staff deserves some kudos for the work they have done. The updated manual will be indispensable to get the most out this high quality features I regret the changes in my opinion since the original review. This application is much more suited for a professional meteorologist or storm chaser; their inability to respond as often reflects this. The website needs a caveat informing the subscriber not to expect responses within 72 hours I suggest that your Radar Omega app description contain a caveat indicating that the software is mostly intended for meteorology associated professionals; this way, the user does not expect to have full knowledge how to operate its many features. It is quite regretful that you had to mention that I asked more questions than anybody else. I hope that your future customers do not find themselves in the same predicament..Version: 3.2.1

RefundHello! I didn’t realise you can’t use it in the UK..Version: 4.9

Too costlyI agree that this app is loaded with data , but,,,, if you are not a subscriber you will not see any of that information. Just too costly if you want to view radar across the whole country at one time. The purchase price of this app only gets you single radar at a time. This should be mentioned more clearly . For this reason I can only give it 2 stars . If your going to charge for everything else then why not let the user try the app for free. I expected to get more for the purchase price. Very disappointed..Version: 4.6

Kinda misleadingBought the app at 12$ cdn … thinking I was good to go .. been seeing great reviews from this app for severe local weather … then is turns out I need to get an alpha / beta / gamma subscription to get more options … pricing varies from 11$ a month to much higher … so just beware getting this app.Version: 4.9

Not a fanThe app has good features, however they fail to tell you that when you purchase the app you need to pay even more money for certain features..Version: 4.0.0

Subscription chargesLove the app absolutely incredible. However, I upgraded from the omega to the alpha within the same day and was still charged full price for both? Why am I not charged the difference instead I was charged $22? You would think you spent $10 and for a few dollars more a month you can have the upgrade. If I get charged for both next month unfortunately I will have to cancel I guess.Version: 4.7

Us onlyNo description of Canada so it should not on Canadians purchases.Version: 3.2.1

Was this a joke? Gimmick?This app doesn’t not function, there are so many features that are broken, such like MRMS view, where even is that option, sat view is missing many components in the app are broken. The cross platform apps don’t work either, there’s no radar data. There are so many broken functions that it voids the agreement and I get refunded..Version: 1.2.5

Map ProblemsJust recently got the app and so far 2 complaints. First, is the radar quality. Quality is low until zoomed in. Second (the larger issue in my opinion), the zooming is very finicky. It’s not fluid and seems to jump around a lot. Would love to see this issue get resolved. Also, the app is EXTREMELY laggy when moving around and zooming in and out. It’s now to the point where I can even use the app and just open Radar Scope instead and get a lag free experience. This needs major work!!! Last, why do I need to allow my location to be used EVERY time I hit current location. Extremely unnecessary and annoying..Version: 3.0.0

MisleadingI paid the $8.99 but as soon as you click anything in the app it tells you that feature is not available without a subscription. What was the $8.99 for? If the developers want me to pay a subscription the that needs to be stated AT THE TOP OF THE APP STORE PAGE, not buried way down at the bottom in small print. It’s ridiculous how little of this app works for $8.99. And yeah, about that MONTHLY subscription price, it’s not $3-$4 it’s more like $10 to $20 PER MONTH. Please stop misleading punchers into thinking the are getting a functioning app for the $8.99 price..Version: 4.7

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