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Cultist Simulator App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Cultist Simulator app received 26 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Cultist Simulator? Can you share your negative thoughts about cultist simulator?

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Cultist Simulator for Negative User Reviews

Give it a tryA unique but potentially confusing game..Version: 1.0

Great game but sound doesn’t workThis is a great game but sound has never worked in the IOS version. I cant believe this still hasn’t been fixed.Version: 1.8.2

I haven’t got a clue..I’ve been playing it for about 45 minutes and I haven’t the foggiest idea what it’s about, what to do, and i’m no more the wiser than the first minute I started playing, and the cryptic text is totally lost on me, i’m bored already....Version: 1.4

Wasted potentialI bought this game because I loved the writing and world-building of Fallen London, but I’m very disappointed. The interface, music, and writing are wonderful, but due to timers constantly draining your health and money (and causing sickness or other maladies), playing this game is a rushed, stressful experience. You don’t have time to read carefully, think about the story, or explore different possibilities. I would love to linger in this world and learn more about its characters and secrets, but the game design prevents that. I don’t recommend this game at all. I’m sorely disappointed and regret purchasing it..Version: 1.4

Original idea, too frustrating to enjoyThis could be a really good game, and it is clever and original. However, there are just too many things going on, too many concepts to remember, and too many mechanics to try to understand, all while your hard-to-get, harder-to-develop cards expire and degrade within a couple of minutes of getting them. Honestly, it might be more fun and rewarding to actually try to create a cult in real life..Version: 1.0

I want to give this the worst review possibleNothing happens in this game. The mechanics are a bit like Reigns - there are cards which you add to a pile to make things happen. It’s just that all of the things you make happen are utterly useless, and then just as you make the slightest bit of development your character dies of… something. And then nothing carries over to the next life. Maybe I would get better at this if I kept playing, but I’ve ploughed a number of hours into this and nothing changed. Character, slight development, dead. Reset. No clues. No pop-up hints. Nothing. I don’t doubt that there’s a great game in here somewhere. But I guess it’s too infuriating for me to constantly have nothing happen and call it entertainment..Version: 1.0

Addictive FrustrationImagine being blindfolded in a large, dark room with a bunch of randomly placed furniture and told you have 60 seconds to get across without bumping into anything. If you bump into something, you fail. And if you don’t make it across, the game ends. If that doesn’t sound like a fun game to you, this app isn’t for you. While it’s interesting to learn by trial and error what works and what doesn’t, it gets terribly frustrating the number of ways you can die, and how quickly. You are constantly trying to put out multiple slow, creeping fires while at the same time trying to figure out what the whole point of the game is. Not exactly fun, but the frustration of wanting to solve this incredibly intricate moving puzzle is pretty addictive. Wish they had a free version as I likely wouldn’t have paid for it..Version: 1.4

Too irritatingI like the idea of this game, but the mechanics are just too frustrating to be enjoyable. The card dynamics are too fiddly, it's too grindy, and you're forced to restart too regularly for what feel like arbitrary reasons. I kept going hoping it would have the same magic as Fallen London, but it seems they've kept all the souless grind, but sucked out the engaging narrative. The lack of a tutorial is meant to be clever, but ultimately it's just covering up what a messy, poorly designed game this is. The mechanics are confusing at first, but ultimately revealed as simplistic, with the only real challenge being the extreme time pressure you're put under. I've updated this to a 1 star as I can see the devs have ignored similar complaints before. People aren't going to keep trying to master a game that is ultimately dull & unfulfilling..Version: 1.8.3

Text way to small for an iPhoneSEThere is a lot of text in this game to learn what’s going on and it was way too small for me on my iPhoneSE. I havent been able to get the gist of what the game is about, such a shame..Version: 1.0

Interface poorly implementedStuff gets spread out all over the table, it becomes a mess quickly. I want to play a cards game, not a manage your card table game!.Version: 1.4

A bit dense, but okAs much as it’s initial charm has been delightful to steep myself into, I can’t help but find myself starving or getting murdered before a great deal of the “cult” stuff begins. I’ve dove into about 20 games now, experimented to my hearts content, but haven’t managed to achieve proper cult status nor found a successful ending. That aside, the music, sfx, art style, and concept are all fantastic. But the countdown gameplay makes it difficult to revel in the delightful storytelling delivered through text. It seems a bit hindered this way. At the price it is, it’s easy to recommend. But the gameplay itself is so conflicted in its design and comes with a learning curve Im certain very few have overcome. I think it’s interesting, but demands far more than just your interest to keep playing (which I think very few people will afford it)..Version: 1.9

A LOT of grindingThis is a compelling idea but needs serious editing. The game is basically all about grinding with random drops, which would be okay if it felt like you were making meaningful progress. However there is a looong stretch in the middle of the game where you can spend hours without much really happening. And there are some random occurrences (curses) which can completely ruin your game without much recourse. Without save files, you just have to start over again..Version: 1.9

Cool concept but very complicatedI generally think I’m a pretty intelligent person but this game made me doubt that. I wanted to love it. The concept is very cool, but after hours of experimenting and two games lost, I find myself generally frustrated, confused, and not able to make a lot of progress. I wanted to enjoy the “discovery” part of playing this but I may have to seek out a guide to see if I can mine some more fun from it..Version: 1.3

机制问题游戏机制有问题啊。 1:保存形同虚设,再开还是退出界面。 2:我正在用的卡就能被吸铁吸走。我调查有什么意义?刚出嫌疑牌就去调查,不到20秒就被吸走。就是要我重开的意思。 3:到后期满桌都是卡,冷却结束后不能自动归位很麻烦。 4:有时候感觉游戏是故意要你命3000,又不能SL,牌时间又短,只能从头开始。刚开始还有动力,现在只觉得杀时间也不会获得快乐。.Version: 1.0

No instructions or explanations. Unplayable.Not sure if this is even a game. There are no instructions, no explanation on the mechanics of how it works, not even anything stating what the goal is. There are random cards that you put on random pedestals that produce other random cards until the game is randomly over for whatever random reason. It is completely unplayable without explanation as to what is going on, how it works, and what you’re trying to accomplish..Version: 1.9

Mediocre and perhaps overratedThis game is quite interesting and exciting when you first start. Reading the description and reviews, it seemed like a very mysterious game as you’re suppose to find out how to play. When I first played it, it did match the descriptions quite well. It starts off slightly confusing and all but as you continue you start to read more of each card and try to look for clues on what to do. But it does get quite frustrating and in the end it feels like a waste of money. The mechanics works, the graphic are good, and the idea is interesting, which earns the 3 stars from me. But it feels very difficult trying to make significant progress in the game. Trying to gain new cards just to study another card is hard because you don’t get a tutorial. Your character always seems to stop developing at one point because of the difficulty. My point is, the situation of “I can’t seem to get past this point” happens too often. This makes the game frustrating and boring, while defeating the purpose of the game..Version: 1.0

Text too small for phonesI have tried to play this game a few times but I find it very difficult to read any of the text as it is too small for my iPhone 6 screen..Version: 1.0

ImpossibleThis game is impossible. There’s no instruction. It’s confusing, stressful, and boring..Version: 1.4

Needs more clock optionsThis is an interesting game so far, but a half-speed option would put it to five stars for me. As others have said, cards don’t always appear in your field of view, and when you’re a new player, you may not have time to read everything you need to, even if you’re a fast reader. If you don’t enjoy the experience of time pressure, you’re not going to enjoy this. If you can tolerate that you’re under intense time pressure even on your first play-through, this is a clever and interesting game. But 30 seconds is not enough..Version: 1.9

Potential... but boring grindingI don’t understand the glowing reviews. Have played for 8 hours and haven’t died yet nor have I beaten the game. The beginning was interesting as I was discovering a lot of new things. However the past few hours I’ve just been grinding to upgrade everything and it’s getting really boring. Maybe I’m just playing the game wrong... but I encountered a scenario I was clearly unprepared for so I decided I better slow down on the exploration a bit to actually recruit followers and level up skills. I guess I’m probably ready for the next challenge now that I’ve spent a few more hours grinding my upgrades but the problem is you never know if you will encounter something difficult that you should have prepared more for. And at this point I would just quit if I died and lost my last 8 hours of progress... But other people seem to be dying all the time and having fun with it. I don’t know. Seems like it would be a huge slog to rebuild my cult. tldr; the exploration is where this game shines, but once you understand how certain systems work there is a lot of repetition in the progression of recruiting, leveling up skills/lore etc. I wish I could bypass the busywork and just focus on exploring new things..Version: 1.7

This game!Ok, this is not a scathingly bad review, nor is it one where I say “buy this now!” This game has a high learning curve. Played first time for a few hours before I died. Then again once I kinda knew what was going on. This game doesn’t hold your hand, and is difficult to master. But it is fun once you learn it. Look into some non spoiler reviews to see if it’s your kind of game. So far, I like it. Worth a few bucks if you like the genre..Version: 1.9

Waste of moneyFar too much going on with almost no reason behind it all. It’s a messy complicated and unhelpful mess. There’s not enough time to read the story before things expire and most of the time “decisions” aren’t actually choices. Really really regret buying this on a whim (it had good reviews at the time) and would not recommend it to anyone at all.Version: 1.0

Couldn’t carry on playing for more than 30 minutesIt’s a shame there is clearly a lot of thought that’s gone into this game but ultimately it just can’t really grab my attention. It’s irritating as it’s too fluid and too confusing. If you are going to make the game mechanic so loose I think the UI should be a bit more fixed so you have some concept of the core elements. I end up with a board of floating cards and categories that jump around the place, sometimes combining similar cards sometimes not. Also the learning curve is all over the place, instead of introducing elements slowly over time you are left with dealing with everything at once whilst not even really understanding what the goal or purposes is..Version: 1.8.2

Good port, def worth the price; needs tweaksI really enjoy this game and I love that it’s on a more portable platform. The game itself is challenging & puts my multitasking to the test (which, for someone with ADHD like me, is wonderful). There are a few things that keep me from giving all five stars: • sometimes sickness or despair drag cards off to the side, out of my view, no matter how many times I move them back into my playing field. When they reappear, they go out of my view. I wish that it would stay in my field of view (ideal) or (if it can’t) at least maybe do a small pulsing glow on the edge of the screen to remind me like “hey this is here btw” • no DLC characters — I wish we could have the DLC Characters of Dancer, Priest, and Ghoul. Steam does them as separate purchases, so this listing could do that too. Heck, even the same price as the steam listing. We already got the base game on iOS for much cheaper than we would on Steam..Version: 1.4

Keep Waiting for the “There” ThereI’ve played this over and over, after waiting for its release, and I’m pretty much done. It looks like a deep strategy game with an interesting narrative, but all it boils down to is desperately placing cards wherever it will let you, hoping something reveals itself. Aside from the meh quality of the gameplay, there are some design flaws that make it worse. For one thing, cards and destinations (or whatever you call the places you put the cards) often spawn offscreen with no indication that anything has happened. For another, while you need money, it stops flowing after a couple of turns. So, you still go to work, but you no longer get paid. Then you get sick and cannot do anything about it... They should have called it “Live, Die, Repeat,” but then people might confuse it with the far more exciting atom Cruise movie..Version: 1.0

Barely a gameSpread a dozen variously coloured kitchen timers out across your floor and set a few of them going. When one finishes, set another one going. Move them around a bit if you like. Every so often, throw one of the timers out of the window. When you run out of timers, the game’s over!.Version: 1.8.3

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