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Flat Earth Sun, Moon & Zodiac Positive Reviews

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Flat Earth Sun, Moon & Zodiac App User Positive Comments 2022

Flat Earth Sun, Moon & Zodiac app received 154 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about flat earth sun, moon & zodiac?

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Flat Earth Sun, Moon & Zodiac for Positive User Reviews

Awesome. Totally awesome.I live in the “Southern Hemisphere” where you can bet the sun rises in the east, floats across the northern sky, and sets in the west. Another reviewer wrongly screws this information up, and thus gave a bad rating. Hopefully that reviewer might revisit..Version: 1.2.6

ConstellationWould be awesome if somehow you could add a sky constellation map to this.Version: 2.2

Is route around globeHi Dave, Have you thought about using the route of the ISS to determine the flat earth map?.Version: 2.8

I Love this app!Thank you DITRH for such a hit app which unveils our true plane of existence!.Version: 1.2.2

Brilliant appBrilliant and really puts our world in true perspective.Version: 1.2.6

Excellent AppThis app works great on iPad, a five star. This app is poor on my iPhone 4s iOS 9 in which is suppose to work, developer is in the process of fixing and they have been very prompt in getting back with me. When app loads up on iPhone, the clock zooms to full screen thus making the hands on clock disappear. I tried the secret button at top left to make hands turn on/off but that did not work. I checked my zoom mode under phones general accessibility settings and it is off. Also the button for the wind stream screen will not work for my iPhone. It just gives a blank black screen but lets me go back to clock screen. Update or bug fix for iPhone 4s iOS 9 in progress. Thanks in advance Apple and David Weiss..Version: 1.7

Love the app; tho 1 issue needs a fixLove this app! I use it multiple times a day. I have the latest version 3.7. I’m having one issue in that the astrological (dot) won’t stay when closing the app. I have to go in settings every time I open the app and slide it off and back on. It’s no big deal, just annoying. Hope it gets fixed as I like to check the astrological chart every day..Version: 3.7

Nice workWell done David. Keep up the great work, this app keeps on getting better and better. Cheers, Laini.Version: 5.0

Boom 5 Stars worth the moneyThey are litteraly spot on I love it ! Thx guys for putting TRURH out. Ppl are so brain washed, there more afraid to telling truth so they act dumb and ale up everyone ! It’s flat era.Version: 1.5

Best App for FEDavid Weiss is an Angel from the heavens. The app is informative and a great way to make new FE friends. I subscribe just so we can awake more ballers. The game is changing..Version: 5.0

AustraliaPerfect!! It all makes sense now..Version: 1.3.7

👍Great app I spent hours looking at videos and listen to podcasts David you’re the man keep up the good work 👍.Version: 2.4

You Need To Get This App 5/5The World Is Flat And The World Needs To Know What Time We Are In On Flat Earth. Great App 👍🏽.Version: 1.4.6

Works even in Australia.I wasn’t sure if this would work in Australia, as some Flat Earthers don’t believe it exists, but it does. Thanks!.Version: 1.2

Flat Earth ClockLove my first FEC. It’s about time we see something like this. Gives me a great perspective of what’s happening and when. Be sure to unlock all the features..Version: 1.2

Love this appThis app is so good!.Version: 3.5

The most life changing app ever created!This app is more than just a highly informative and educational tool. It’s a conduit for the transformation of human consciousness! The more people that come to the realisation that the true nature of our world is vastly different from what we have been told, the closer humanity comes to collective mental emancipation..Version: 3.4

App won’t load keeps quittingLoved this app for 1 year no problems now I can’t get it to load for about a month now. Please help.Version: 3.2

Absolutely incredible!Thank for this!! I have been a full on flat earth believer for about 1.5 years but still never came across the pattern of the sun and moon. Love this model in real time and can be sped up! Also the rotation of the stars is blowing my mind lol. And the links to more videos and resources is incredible. Thank you to I think David Weiss who developed this!!.Version: 2.5

Great App, could be improvedThis a great app to showing the truthfulness of our Flat Earth, so I wish to personally confratulate you for attenpting to bring out the truthfulness of how time works across a flat earth. Ignore the trolls & haters who refuse to look into this truth as they are just too indoctrinated from a young age to wake up to it. The app could be improved like making the shadow darker and dusk abit clearer, other than that it’s a decent app..Version: 1.2.9

It’s flatThank you I love it...Version: 3.7

AmazingThis is wonderful. Keep up the great work. I love it!!!.Version: 1.3.9

AntarcticaGreat app. It shows the sun circling the earth we live on. I wish it could show how million years ago the circle around the earth included Antarctica. Antarctica was once dry land before the circle of the sun became smaller. As the circle gets smaller the ice wall grows bigger and moves closer to us causing rising sea levels. In a million yrs or less Australia will be part of Antarctica. Global earring doesn’t exist the sun moving closer & closer and that’s reality. We live in an hour glass. Love the app.Version: 3.0

Crazy good!The only thing I would change is add a keyword search option. Especially helpful during a conversation to be able to search specific words to drill specifically to that content. Yeah I know I’m being picky lol the app is that good.Version: 3.4

Keep Crushing Weiss!This app gets it. Glad to support! Looking forward to future updates as we spiral upward..Version: 1.6.5

ExcellentExcellent, totally converted. Just need to fly up there and confirm. Sooo exciting that we have sooo much to explore. With Tesla energy we can very possibly explore, we will need unlimited energy methinks 💪😎👍.Version: 4.8

Videos won’t play!!I adore this app and all it stands for BUT THE VIDEOS WONT PLAY!! I just did the update and still nothing. Everything is turned on under settings. Very frustrating. I pay so I can watch and I haven’t been able to watch in weeks now. I’ll rate you at 5 stars when it’s fixed. I have an iPhone 11. The videos always worked until 2 updates ago. Something changed. I use duck duck go because the others aren’t private enough..Version: 3.2

BETTER, FASTER, STRONGER, FLAT EARTH AWAKENINGSuch an awesome tool for the flat earth evangelism! Hats off to the developer for the courage to put out a product that allows the every day person the opportunity to look into the flat earth awakening. It’s a risk to invest money in something you believe in, in order to develop a product that will give an explanation to how it is possible the earth can be flat. Whenever I’m asked what happens when you get to the edge of the flat earth, I pull out my phone and begin to explain using this app. When I see the eyes dilate due to a sudden epiphany, of the FACT that there is a plausible alternate reality, it is because of the courage of the developers to make this app, so that every day people like me can use it as an effective tool to bring Truth to the masses..Version: 1.3.9

A certaintyHaving studied many theories this was literally the last one . Eric Dubay and David Weiss have provided such compelling evidence that it’s seems very clear to me that the earth is not a globe. More importantly the gaffs and guffaws of NASA and the absurdity of free mason science have pushed me into the flat earth . This app is a great aid to explaining to fiends and family..Version: 4.7

A few things to fixThank you so much for this app!! I reference it nearly every day since I got it. A few annoyances: - Brightness goes to 100% upon open. Very annoying, please fix. Please don't adjust brightness upon open. - When I have iOS portrait on and locked so that landscape is not enabled if I turn my phone), upon open of this app, landscape mode is automatically set so that I must turn my phone to the right. My natural is to turn the phone to the left for landscape mode. Can you make this an option? I don't want to be forced (while I'm locked in portrait) to turn my phone to the right. I noticed on iPad - The clock portion covers up the top left area and covers part of the date. Please fix to either left justify the date or make the clock a little smaller on iPad. Thank you again!! 😊.Version: 1.4.9

Favorite App!This is the best app I’ve ever had. Each day I wake up excited to see what the new video is. If you get this app your ball brainwashing will be replaced with the evidence based old time knowledge that everyone used to have, before the luciferians started wiping out the truth on an industrial scale..Version: 3.3

Fantastic App!)It is truly and excellent visual tool that helps demonstrate the nature of our realm. Well done Dave Weiss for making this possible -) Get it, and get one and gift it to your friend !!!.Version: 2.0

Thanks for the awesome app!To DITRH, Paige and anyone else who helped to bring this app about; I sincerely thank you! Two of my kids (13 & 10) wanted new cellphones for the holidays; I’m installing this app on their phones before I give it to them! I suggest anyone selling a phone via OfferUp or eBay do the same to flat-smack more people! It’s almost 2019 and people still ball-lieve in a globe?! 😂🤣😂.Version: 1.2.2

So excited to see this app!My wife and I have been learning all we can about flat earth evidence, ie lack of observable curve, lack of actual photos of a quote ball earth, lies of the International space station, lies of moon landings, restrictions on Antarctica, being able to camera zoom in on objects that should be 100’s of feet below alleged curve, and on and on... Thank you so much for making this clock! People are waking up!.Version: 1.2.2

INDISPENSABLE TRUTH TOOLI love this app! It’s wonderful having a visual tool I can pull out anytime to teach others how seasons and time zones work, which are common questions from inquisitive minds. Not only have I used this on an individual level, but once educated the entire Grand Canyon University basketball team at Sky Harbor Airport! I was so glad to have my handy Sun Moon and Zodiac Clock App! ~AZFEChick.Version: 1.6.6

Worth Every pennyI’m still new to this flat earth conspiracy, id never dismissed it and Id also not said it was true,I’d always stayed away from this conspiracy coz as you know the ridicule is immense . I saw you on a Alex Jones podcast and you challenged viewers to download the app and do the 2 week challenge by watch a little vid every day for 2weeks. Well I downloaded the app and watched them all in 2days! Lol. I’m definitely convinced now. The only thing I can say negative about this app is, I’d hoped that I would of been able to use the clock as my home screen clock, as my background, rather than the boring standard one what Apple have. Apart from that I love this app, its £3 well spent :) thank you for opening my eyes to the flat earth.Version: 1.5

Great collection of videos/pictures and informationI was looking for a working flat earth clock model and something that shows how the night and day work… this is perfect and also has a lot of extra content that I enjoyed looking through and more stuff I hadn’t seen before as well!.Version: 5.0

Its flatLove the app, love the podcast, love it all. Stay Flat brothers and sisters xx.Version: 1.6.9

Truth sets you free!Take the time and look at this well designed well thought out app! It will change your mind! Just know once you take the red pill, you can’t go back into the Matrix! And remember all that is being offered is the Truth! Nothing more! God Bless!.Version: 3.5

AmazingI don’t care what people say, if you disagree with this , than obviously you haven’t inclined yourself to ancient text throughout many cultures stating the arets(earth) is stationary ! Very much appreciated, not looking for accuracy or the imperfections, just love the idea and the work and the availability behind the developer , thank you.Version: 1.3.8

Well done !Not only is this ground breaking but it’s also just as interesting . I’m very impressed and look forward to seeing what the future looks like as the truth gets out more ! Keep up the great work !.Version: 1.2.3

Go to dateLove this app, would be nice to have a pause button feature during the time lapse feature so I can see where things are at , or have a “go to date”, if I want to see where the sun and moon will be on a specific date..Version: 1.6.2

Flat Earth is coming. Expect US!Just purchased the app, didn’t what it looks yet but I know it will be awesome! Thank you!👏👏👏👏👏👏🌷.Version: 1.6.3

Adam BartlettInsanely accurate. Explains eclipses also. My favourite app.Version: 2.0

Great flat smacking appEver has people ask about flat Earth and how it works at a party? Just whip out the app and watch them be amazed and stunned at the same time.. thanks for the app Dave..Version: 1.4.3

Earth is flatI did my research many years ago. Great app although I don’t use it super often! £3 well spent! 🔥.Version: 4.6

Be patient! -life of brainwashing takes time 2 reverse!You need to be patient with yourself. I am new to this and am finding most of the info hard to navigate. But remember, I’ve been brainwashed for 4 decades just like most of you were. Be patient with yourself. The brain wants to revert back to the fallacy and will fight you especially at the beginning. But the facts and evidence speak for themselves. So please hang in there. This is an amazing app and well worth the money. This app shows us the truth and can answer all your questions. Just give yourself time. Decades of brainwashing can’t be reversed in one day. But the truth will intuitively break through if you let it, because we are designed for truth. The truth sets us free, in fact! By extension, that means the globe lie is a prison. Persevere so you can help others see the truth. If I might make some constructive comments please don’t take this the wrong way. I’m having trouble with the menu system being logos which I don’t understand. Also some symbols I didn’t realise were buttons for menus. I’m finding navigating a bit difficult. Also I live in Melbourne Australia too and it is not accepting my sub of monthly payments I get an error saying not available. And it won’t click off the screen so I can’t access the videos from the shortcut and don’t know how else to get to the video menu. Apart from this, I commend you for your bravery, talent, and for producing such an amazing app. You are setting the captives free! I feel it is my duty to at least let every person I meet know, before they leave this realm, of the truth about where they are living. This app will help me to do that. God bless you and multiply your faithful ministry..Version: 1.6.4

Amazing AppI was trying to make my own flat earth astrology map and work it out in my head until I noticed astrology has been added and the ability to speed up and slow down the days is exactly what I needed to see as a visual learner. Amazing. No one should not have this app. Amazing that these simple truths of our world have been completely distorted and made to seem sooo much more difficult to trace/predict than the luminaries really are when there aren’t 6 different motions going on all in different directions as the ball earth model claims..Version: 1.7

It’s also a compass!Hi David, was great meeting you again! I mentioned to you that this app may actually work as a compass. Well although I haven’t seen the sun yet, I’m 99% sure this clock will act as a compass. Perhaps before 2036 I’ll see the sun and give it a good test. I’m at sea right now but will upload results to my YouTube channel at TheyLieAboutEverything.Version: 1.1

Satified CustomerI have had this Flat Earth App from the very beginning. I originally got it on an old iPhone, the layout didn’t jive and the guys were able to fix that. I eventually had to offload the app due to other phone issues. As soon as I got my new phone, I quickly downloaded the app again and I have LOVED all the new updates! My recent problem was not being able to subscribe through the app. It wouldn’t allow me to pay for my subscription. I am happy to see that resolved. Subscription is not mandatory... but I would gladly pay a little bit for the year, to help keep this app going. AND TO Help KEEP THE TRUTH OF OUR PLANEt to be uncovered and to be spread to those who are unsure of what exactly they’re seeing! Thanks guys!.Version: 1.6.9

Accurate positioningI’ve been a Flat Earther for many years now and often see models like this in videos, so it’s very pleasing to find such an app to view/ play with whenever! I’ve monitored it very closely for some time now and must say how accurate it is, no matter the time of day, either the sun and the moon are in those particular spots - fantastic to see it work! Thank you very much, keep on truthing!.Version: 1.3.4

Best app everThis is an amazing app with many features and works perfectly and has awesome videos. Definitely worth the money and will recommend it to everyone..Version: 1.8

Awesome app!I stumbled on flat earth a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it. For whatever reason I stopped looking in to it. Time goes by and I started to check out a great channel RP78 and got to see David on there. I love listening to all of your work and research. And got the app as soon as I heard about it. The videos are a great edition. Looking forward to more of your work! Thanks David!.Version: 1.6.2

DITRH with you I’m ALL INThanks for your exhaustive work on this tool. It helps to explain to my friends and associates a better model of where we live than any other tool I have found. It has been my go to site to start so many on the path to revealing the biggest HOAX ever pulled on us all. Keep up the great work you are doing..Version: 1.3.8

Whaaat?The APP store is messing with us! They won’t let me post my nick name without ridiculous lengths... talk about control & manipulation. Can you say, “ABUSERS”?.Version: 2.0

Guiltless Obsession!I’m obsessed with the Flat Earth topic. I now can see how it intertwines within every day of my life. I don’t care what people say or think. I have become immune to them. Whenever they push, I pull out my phone and show them the FE app. I explain the perspective they’re looking at and how the sun and moon rotate above us and show them the stars in the zodiac rotating around us too. I’m finding (most times) it only takes 5-10 min before the lightbulb goes off and they get it. I had a person recently tell me, this makes soooo much more sense, it’s simple to understand and I don’t need a degree in science to explain it. Thank you Dave, I LOVE it!.Version: 3.7

Great app but...Great app bit the meet local people function doesn’t work! Paid the yearly fee and every time I click to find local people the app crashes!! Every single time Had to uninstall it seems to work now...Version: 4.7

Mind blowingThis app and podcast has taught me more about the world I love and live in that any other thing in my whole life. Let’s just say it’s an eye opener and very empowering. Watch the videos, ask questions and find out for yourself the true nature of our “uni” verse. The world is an amazing intelligent design..Version: 3.7

I fixed the crash on open issue** Updated Review - and potential fix for those experiencing the crash on open issue: There must be a problem with the new Terms and Conditions text box. I turned off my data and internet, and was able to open the app. With the internet still off, I went to the app’s settings (the gearbox in the lower right hand corner). At the bottom of that screen, there is a Terms and Conditions link, I clicked that and was presented with an empty screen (I guess the terms can’t load with the internet off), a checkbox, and a submit button. I turned the internet back on, checked the checkbox and pressed submit. That seemed to fix the crash on open issue for me, although I have no idea what I agreed to in the Terms and Conditions. It’s an awesome app when it works. Great for dispelling the false flat earth concept that has been pushed on us for so long by the mainstream media, schools, and the Flat Earth Society..Version: 3.2

I love the app!I was inspired to listen to The Flat Earth Podcast and download the app by my father. He found your podcast by watching jeranisms videos I think. I get curious where the suns at. Or where the moon is relative to the sun, so I just click the app and BOOM, right there. I’m a flat earther of 2 years now. Thank you DITRH! Cant wait for future updates on the app..Version: 1.3.8

It makes senseWorks great and makes sense..Version: 1.6.1

Great tool for quick referenceIt’s difficult trying to explain many things regarding the facts of a geocentric worldview when many great videos are highly censored. This app points you directly where you want to go. The clock and the options are really helpful . I’m still learning the ins and outs and enjoying it very much..Version: 3.5

One of the greatest purchases I ever madeI categorically refuse to buy apps but I made an exception after viewing a few videos on the free website. Not only has this app helped me visualize a more true version of our world it has been invaluable in lifting me out of the abyss we are all born into..Version: 1.6.1

Stupid.Everything is conspiracy.....Version: 1.6.7

EpicHighly recommended!!.Version: 1.6.2

EnlightenmentWow. David is a messiah. Thank You. True Enlightenment. I get it, NASA is a big fat lie. What on earth are they doing with the money. If I was American I’d ask for a refund. David thank you thank you thank you..Version: 2.9

Great AppAbsolutely brilliant. Money well spent for a change. Answers every question and has all the relevant answers in video. 👍.Version: 4.2

Real dealI’m new to the flat earth truth. This app gives you more knowledge of how our real planet is. The information videos are great. Love the zodiac option. Keep up the excellent work.Version: 1.6.2

Love this app!!I love this app so much, I use it everyday, multiple times, and not just for the clock, I love everything that comes with it! Really love the daily video, I’m always getting on first thing in morning to see what video I’m watching this morning while getting ready for work....I constantly am using the pics they provide as a visuals when discussing FE to others..the sweet pictures they have that can be seen in the rotating background pics, can make it stay on one single pic, but I like seeing the different pics each time it changes..The only thing I wish they would do, and it’s not even a complaint, but would love a feature where you could use the FE clock on your Apple Watch, to be able to use the FE clock and not standard analog or digital numbers....so if that is possible to do! I know I’d be one of many I hope, that would greatly appreciate that feature....thank you for putting this out there for us!!! Stay woke my friends!.Version: 3.3

👌🙌♥️💙Had it from It was free. About to start gifting this. Respect and love to Dave and all of the gang. They know who they are ☯️☯️☯️.Version: 4.2

NiceSeems really nice. The count down text could be positioned better I think, though..Version: 1.2.3

Most Important App of Our TimesOnce the cabal falls and the great awakening has happened, this app will go done in History as one of the stepping stones to waking people up..Version: 2.0

Compass ?Can you not make it a working compass ? How the hell are you supposed to know your heading using this compass? As it is now, it’s useless. It is not the same as the one I use on my phone, this compass has no fixed line that shows your degree of bearing. It only has a line that moves to always point north. To be able to be precise it needs a fixed line that always faces the direction you are facing with a pointer over the degrees bearing, like any other compass has. There also needs to be a spinning dial that moves around as you turn so you can see what bearing you are facing. It needs a 360 spinning circle with numbers on it. Until this is fixed, the compass is useless, unless the only thing you are looking for is the North Pole...Version: 1.4.6

Great App, But Buggy…The app is fantastic. I’ve been using it since it was first launched on iOS. It’s a great way to introduce others to flat earth, and a great way to explain how the celestial bodies revolve around our flat plane. I’ve given it 4 stars for now as the messaging feature doesn’t quite work yet even though I’ve subscribed. When that gets fixed, this is definitely a 5 star app!!!.Version: 4.4

Thanks Dave.Changed my life..Version: 3.7

Life changingGreat app, love everything your doing for the flat earth awakening and the nonsense awakening of the beer bug. Keep at it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 2.5

Thank youI like this , i use it as a bedside clock not sure what the plan is with the faq’s as it gives the standard questions but no links to answers is this something ur working on as i would be happy to pay for this idea if it was possible , thanks david for your hard work ... from a closet flat earther 😁....... reply nope not for me . Reloaded ect still no answers nor videos but got weather , might b where i live they dont want me looking 😉.Version: 1.4.6

Great appReally shows how our earth actually is in a very simple and undeniable way. Lots of great videos and information also. Recommend to anyone who doesn’t trust the narrative, or who knows god truly exists..Version: 3.2

Very niceThis little tool is great whether you’re a flat earth researcher or not. Not only does it show you the location of both the sun and moon (which is accurate even if the earth were a globe), but you can quickly see the time difference of other countries, which is very useful to me with family abroad. As a hobby astronomer I’ve found it to be accurate as far as the moon is concerned, which is nice because most celestial tracking apps are overburdened and difficult to operate. I’m sure it will become even better. I also appreciate the zodiac chart as it helps me track constellations. A truly multipurpose app, well worth it..Version: 1.3.9

AwesomeWorks great, love it, David keep on rolling. I gift this app to close friends. It’s working. Like on your flat earth podcast intro Weiss is an awesome guy awesome guy, awesome guy awesome guy, awesome guy awesome guy, awesome guy awesome guy,.Version: 1.6.1

Best clock app for phone!!!It’s very beautiful and comprehensive. I have had many who still trust news & govt (think we are spinning) become fascinated by the May features of the app. A few have gotten it too. Thank you for helping break the spell with this app!!!! <3.Version: 2.0

The app that provides the proofThis app shows you exactly what is happening in our world. It’s a perfect way to explain flat earth to those that are stubborn to listen. Kudos to all involved with the development! Note: I just updated the app but still get a “video can’t be played“ message win trying to play the feature video. I get a similar message when trying to access the archive. Please help -I miss my daily dose of truth..Version: 2.2

Should be required in every school!This is a fantastic app, and I check it out almost everyday. It certainly beats reading the news during breakfast. And it’s very informative too. The app updates far too often in my opinion. One of the updates did break the app on my iPad, but I reported it to the developer, and it was fixed in the next update which came very quickly. Good work!.Version: 3.7

To those who give 1-star dont understand their own Globe belief!I live in Melbourne, Australia. Its funny to me those who say “the sun sets south of west when it shows north of west on app” you fail to understand that the sun is NEVER meant to set south of west in the globe model as the sun mever travels further south than Tropic of Capricorn. That in itself should have you questioning the globe! Great app 5-stars i have already had many people look into flat earth and question their reality off the back of showing them this app..Version: 1.3.6

Pretty good, not fantastic.Laughing out loud at the negative reviews. Look guys, It is nor a crime to use your imagination. Maybe try some anger management classes, meditation, or other form of stress relief. As for my review the app seems to work pretty well but is still a bit basic. It could use some more features and I’d like to see a more defined terminator. Overall pretty good app..Version: 1.2.8

Thank youThanks so much for everything you’re doing David! You woke me up to flat earth, I never though we went to the moon or that the earth was a globe but you speak so eloquently and break it down so well! Keep up the good work! Happy to be able to support!.Version: 2.9

App problemGreat app I’ve been looking at it for weeks Had an update just now clicked on it Now the app won’t open Can anyone help Regards Tony.Version: 3.6

Thank youI really enjoyed your interview with STG Report today, thanks for putting this out there. I’m looking forward to going through all the video links rather then searching through all the YT propaganda. Cheers from 🇦🇺.Version: 1.5

They can’t stop the truth.Easily the best app I have ever downloaded, iv been awake for a long time and was with flat earth at the beginning but this app was great for me to confirm a lot of things and has won me countless debates down the pub, watching people squirm when I shoot down all of there weak globe earth arguments is so worth the small amount of money I paid, well done David your the best!.Version: 3.9

Excellent!!A doorway to the truth!.Version: 2.2

Seems like Apple is trying to bury this....It was the #1 utility app last week. Now it’s almost pushed out of the top #100..Version: 1.4.6

Question About Temperature ScaleCan you please tell me how to change Celsius to Fahrenheit? I adjusted Settings but cannot seem to establish F degrees. No doubt it’s my error, as I am still getting acquainted with this beautiful app. By the way, I’ve only recently begun to consider the concept of flat Earth but now find myself hoping it is so. It’s an odd feeling to countenance the unthinkable, but the arguments are fascinating, compelling—and strangely comforting..Version: 1.3.8

SeanGlad to be on board with flat earth movement. After following many conspiracies I decided to look into this and just wow. Glad to have purchased the app from David Weiss. Big fan now. Just started the pod casts got many hours of catching up to do!.Version: 1.6.2

I love this app,Seeing what I consider (at this moment in time) a theoretical working model of a flat earth is actually amazing to me. It’s got so many features, Especially the video archive is great.Version: 3.7

If their model could stand against opposition, then wouldn’t need to censor the other side.This is the best FE’ers can do with 3 bucks apiece. It’s as accurate as can be for that price. While the space authorities get 50 million dollars a day, and still have harness mishaps, green screen glitches, CGI goofs, and bubbles in space having been recorded. Good luck finding those after they hid them from you. But when it’s a yes or no, flat or ball, question, it’s easy to see who’s telling the truth and who has to lie. This will make it very easy to show someone the true earth. But globers can’t even get past the sun’s diverging rays shooting down to the left and right between the clouds. They can’t acknowledge the diverging rays, they can only support their ball by assuming the rays coming towards them are parallel, from their ridiculous 93 million miles above them sun lie, and are hidden in their perspective..Version: 2.9

Updated reviewI had a big wish list and you explained why couldn’t happen (apple and platform restrictions). With new updates I did get some features I wanted. I have now raised the rating to 4. On your next upgrade can you make a larger moon in the field so we can see a visual of what we’d be seeing in our location? I don’t like clutter but I hate wasted space even more. Great work! I’ve since had 3 more people buy the app. and they aren’t even converts!.Version: 1.6.3

Finally!Thank you DITRH for this app! Amazing how much controversy this has caused. If only these people would take an unbiased look at the subject matter and see that we’ve been lied to and that the earth is a flat stationary plane with everything moving around above us. Thank you again..Version: 1.4.4

Ever wondered how the 24 hour clock works?This app is super cool.Version: 1.3.6

Best paid app you could ever getLet’s face it. Companies have been giving us free apps since the beginning of apps. We love free apps. Don’t let the $2.99 turn you away from this one, though. For what this app does plus how nicely it was put together, it should cost much more than that. Very intuitive, informative and just plain fun. 5 stars all day long for the FESM&ZC app!.Version: 3.2

AwesomeWhat a totally amazing app. I love it. Lots of love from England..Version: 1.9

Not openingAwesome app! Great value but unfortunately keeps crashing when I attempt to open it..Version: 5.0

Great AppAll You need to know about the subject is here, peace people!.Version: 3.5

Our true worldThis app is amazing! Whether you know where you live yet or not you won’t regret spending the pittance this costs. True education! Huge thanks to Dave and his development team for the best app I’ve ever purchased..Version: 3.4

Update won’t openDon’t download this yet until this get worked out. I updated my iPad but not my phone. iPad app does not open now whereas I had no problem before this update. I still give it a 5 because I know how good it is and I’m confident this glitch will be cleared up soon. Problem solved!!! Thanks for your prompt attention to this need!!!.Version: 3.7

Great appWas originally apprehensive about purchasing your app.. I’ve been a “flat earther” since early 2016. Can’t believe I put it off for this long.. I’m on it at least 10 times a day. Love the feature short vids and I’ve also had great success when showing it to Luke warm globe inquisitors! May the most High creator bless you.Version: 1.6.9

Flat earth is realThe earth is flat, please do the necessary research it takes to fully understand how flat earth works. This app is incredible! Been looking for something like it for awhile now. Thank you DITRH for creating this! Still trying to get my wife to see it the way I do, y’all were talking about globe earth and flat earth people being together ? Me and my wife have been happily married for 4 years and known each other since we were kids, we make it work :) I love providing knowledge to her and each day I feel she is understanding more..Version: 1.3.4

Great App!!I really do love this app and it is so nice being able to go into the archives and see some of the great videos that have been censored away by the “tube”. 1 thing that would be awesome...... Can you somehow make the app have an option for a wallpaper on your device that moves in real time. It would be a great to have on the unlock screen and as a working background!! Thanks so much..Version: 1.7.1

UnacceptableEvery time i go to my flat earth clock. they keep asking me for support monthly payments. it's pissing me off.Version: 1.9

Clock problemHey, Weiss love this app! Thanks, for being a leader in this truth movement. So, my clock on the home portion won’t correct to the right time. Right now it say 2:10 am and my time is 9:10 pm. When I did a download a while back I lost connection and after that it has been like that. Any suggestions as to fix the problem? I’ll still keep this app no matter what. Do you think a simple uninstall and reinstall of the app could be the solution?.Version: 2.8

Useful ToolGetting the handle of using this. Tried looking for videos for meteors (clumps of ice and gasses, I guess) and craters (popped gas bubbles) on YT and here. See that you respond to a few funny reviews here. Can you please help me out with a visual to that to help draw an illustration in others mind? Please, thank you for your time. God bless ya and those reading. 🤝.Version: 2.6

Great appI think this is a wonderful concept to try to help people to challenge their world view. I do wonder if it is possible to add the option of a sidereal view of the star signs? All the very best to you! X.Version: 1.6.2

Reality in an AppThis app is great and worth every penny. It fits my logical mind and although like many others I lived most of my life in blind ignorance, the app and associated resources have truly enlightened me to the lies we have been told. Thanks for putting in the effort..Version: 3.7

FE pretty coolIt’s great, how do i forward it to other people??.Version: 1.3.7

Amazing work from David.Love the app. I watch it every day without fail. Very hand tools... again LOVE IT..Version: 1.6.9

A revelation of truthEven though I lived under the idea that we’re all on a massive spinning ball in an infinite space it never rang true in my minds eye. I followed it and accepted it through out my life until I came across the flat earth which to be honest hit me like hearing ringing bell. When you have a revelation of truth it wakes you up and brings you back to life. Honestly get this app. That’s all I Can say 🤗.Version: 4.4

FlatterOnce you see the flat earth for what it really is there’s no going back to the globe lie.Version: 1.6.8

To David and familyHi David followed you for a while! Just want to send my heartfelt sorry for the passing of your mum! Hope you don’t mind me getting in touch! A friend and fan from the UK! What a great man you are!!! Peace out my Brother..Version: 1.9

Great intro to a amazing realityWorks for me, Peace out, keep up the good work.Version: 1.2.5

Everyone needs this app.Puts into perspective all of the oddities surrounding the heliocentric model.Version: 2.4

Great AppWorks fine if understand we’re not on a spinning sphere🌎 Thanks for the App, cheers🍻.Version: 1.2.3

Best joke app I have ever seen.I show this to my friends and co workers and they all laugh. We all think this app is hilarious. Sometimes I pretend I am a flat earther and see the reactions I get. It’s so much fun. Quick edit to the end. It now comes with a timer. I set a timer to the max for the day when flat earthers realize the earth is round. It only goes to 164 months. Wish it went longer. It also comes with comedy videos in the corner. Still the best joke app around. Ha. Get it? Round..Version: 1.2.2

Incredible app! So much live earth info!Worth the price. I look at the price as a donation to the spread of truth. It’s amazing to see where the sun and moon are in real time. I have friends all across the earth, and it’s great to see where the sun moon and stars are for them. It’s like a live view of earth from above. I love it. 😊.Version: 4.2

Thank you, thank you, thank you!I love this App, just for the video content and the question and answer section. The visuals are great too, when you are trying to help someone else learn the truth about where we live and why we have been lied to..Version: 3.7

Flat Earthers Rock!Thank you Dave and Blue Water Bay. This is my favourite app. Lots of features and go to videos. Very handy..Version: 3.5

New Flat EartherI have been researching flat earth since my brother kept prompting me, now I can’t ever go back, it’s FLAT for sure, David Weiss/DITRH really opened my eyes and answered all question with their great videos and explanations on this fabulous App, now just trying to convince the husband, I gifted him the app so he can discover in he’s own time 😅 I also gifted my brother the app as a thank you for waking me up to the truth! Love this App! Susie Bowman.Version: 3.6

ComputerApp is fantastic. It would be awesome if you could make this also available as a computer app or in a sort of wall paper engine so we could have this on our windows or Apple desktops. Ill gladly pay up for that!.Version: 3.0

Earth is flatI astral projected passed the firmament and it’s pith dark but I saw a big flash of light before waking! Love this app and I hate the liars of globe tard.Version: 1.9

Wasn’t expecting this to be so awesome!•I love this app. •I love that I wake up each morning to a new video short that confirms FE. I love that anytime someone questions a topic, all I have to do is pull up the “?” to find the topic and 💥 boom, there are videos that explain it. I just did this with someone who was talking about satellites orbiting the earth. •I love the clock itself as it helps conceptualize the FE model, which makes total sense, more sense than heliocentricism. •I’m sure there’s more I’ll learn to love but I just downloaded the app this week. •Thanks Dave and whoever was involved in the creation of this app!.Version: 2.9

Thanks DavidNot one proof that we are on a spinning water ball rock and this app knocks the ball out of the park!.Version: 1.6.9

Long awaitedThanks for creating this app! I’ve been hoping and waiting to see one created. Getting closer to what I hope to see...the 24 hour ring rotate around the flat motionless earth. Thanks again!.Version: 1.6.9

Best app I have in my phone.The sun and the moon are located EXACTLY in the position the clock shows it. Test it and proved it with a compass. This is definitely a hit Dave and congrats for the app; and I hope as we learn more about our real world we can also include in the app the track of the sun analemma (as an idea I would use like a dash line if this is possible) and how the sun traverse from tropic to tropic. That would definitely bring this app to the next level. But so far it has been my usual clock. Keep the great job!.Version: 1.4.9

GreatGreat app.Version: 1.6.3

Fun to play about withIt’s a great app for both believers and sceptics to play about with. Found it accurate and other functions exceeded my expectations. Also liked the astrological signs..Version: 1.6.8

Excellent!I updated my review because I just had the BRILLIANT idea to restart my ipad and see if that fixed the problem. It did 🤗 *** Here’s my original review in case someone encounters the same problem: Just downloaded on my ipad pro and it immediately crashes upon opening. I hope this is fixed so I can edit my one star review.Version: 3.0

PERFECTION!Literally the only app I use. I recommend this to everyone. I respect David immensely. Love the daily videos and having instant access to undeniable truth. Having this app is a serious game changer. Trying to find uncensored and honest information is almost impossible nowadays. I pray for your prosperity and reach to others. I’m so grateful for you and your work. Knowing who I am, where I am from and what I am apart of is life changing..Version: 3.5

Cool app with interesting videos to watchI first heard David talk about flat earth 18 months ago on TIJ and found what he was saying really interesting. Loved his chat when he brought RV on to talk about Satanic government. He was back on TIJ and set listeners a challenge of getting the app and watching a video a day for 2 weeks. I’m just starting my journey but the videos I’ve seen so far are interesting and worth watching and the app has some really cool features..Version: 1.6.2

Love!!I’ve just watched your zoom with Sharnael and I think your theory’s are pretty impressive!! For all the one stars you got, I would just like to say that these people are closed minded! They call you paranoid and the app is for people willing to accept anything but that’s in fact what they have done over the years believing NASA, the media and the government. I suppose it’s an easier life being ignorant. Anyway, I love your app, I love your comments back to the hate (they made me laugh) and most of all I love your bravery for speaking your mind as I still haven’t told people that I think the earth is flat. They already think I’m crazy with other “conspiracy’s” that have actual proof! Have an amazing new year and take care of yourself! I will continue to watch your videos!.Version: 2.5

Fantastic app 👍I’m from Victoria Australia, I always believed in a geocentric flat stationary earth, though never really spoke about much it due to lack of confidence & the belittling verbal attacks i received when I did share my views. With a little experience in sailing, flying planes, & skydiving it gave me a little understanding of compasses, gyroscopes, levels, horizon perspectives etc. I also previously worked as a nuclear densitometry & gained a good knowledge of Mass Density Volume which is what made me realise just how gravity stunk like Total BS!.Version: 1.6.9

Great graphics on the Flat EarthThe overall graphic are rich and smooth. It is a wee bit crowded perhaps a clock only option would be good... but overall a great educational example of the flat earth. Thanks Steve.Version: 1.2.1

Gotta have itThis app is awesome. It provides an incredible visual of our beautiful Mother Earth as her true self, a FLAT PLANE! I love seeing where the sun and moon are at any time of the day or night. I also love that it tracks the phases of the moon. I particularly love the daily videos. With censorship at an all time high, it’s nice to be able to open the app and find videos pertaining to FE. Searching for them on YT is nearly impossible since the algorithm only yields globe-promoting bull crap. The other things I really like are all the fun little settings like adding the zodiac signs or the compass. Every time it’s updated there’s something cool added on. It’s one of my favorite apps!! Thank you DITRH for creating this app and keeping up with it! I’m so grateful! I’ve told several people about it and I use it as a visual aid when I have convos with others about FE. If you’re reading this, you GOTTA HAVE IT!.Version: 3.1

Not workingI had the paid version over a year and it worked great but now when I click on it the app crashes immediately. I tried reinstalling and my 3 app support emails have not been responded to. The app itself is great if you can get it to work now. I am a flat earth truther disappointed in the lack of help by David Weiss and team..Version: 3.1

Beautiful interfaceWell done guys 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟can’t fault it, also was a brilliant idea with the video. Looks good running on my new xs max..Version: 1.4.6

The most honest app everAbsolutely brilliant well done, if you like reality this is the app for you.Version: 3.1

Cat is out the Bag!!!!Iv always known deep inside due to staying away from the television and media. I tend to read and conversation is a big tick with like minded, that aren’t trapped and closed minded. This app does everything faster so being even more intelligent on the place we dwell takes less time trying to break through YouTubes fences.. anyone putting this app down is a troll it’s fantastic get and become a better wiser person quicker BLESS .!!.Version: 3.5

Great appHas all the answers to your Flat Earth questions! Tons of content A place you can donate to help the movement!.Version: 3.5

Thank you , great app.I use this app to help the blind , to the truth, see and hopefully open their eyes. Thank you and great job, look forward to your future updates!.Version: 1.3

A sorely needed utility.It’s just about perfect but can you also look into adding a zoom feature? What about an isochronic 3D mode? That might be wishful thinking, lol but I would be so happy with just a zoom feature. Thank you again for this brilliant tool!.Version: 1.6

Great app!Love it..Version: 1.2

The moon was way offEdit: Was 4 Star now 5. Updated and fixed the moon. Keep up the great work guys! The moon was way off today. First day downloading to help support DITRH and the rest of em but the moon was not even close to where it was irl today. Love the rest of the app though. If the moon situation is either a fixable bug on my end or addressed I’ll update this to a 5 ⭐️.Version: 1.6.2

Scorpio image shown for cancer image in zodiacAll great! The only issue I see is on the zodiac wheel, there are 2 Scorpio (scorpion) images shown. One for Scorpio and one shown for cancer, which should be a crab..Version: 4.4

Love the app!!!Hey Dave I have no other way to reach you and have a really important question. I’m 16 and hate wasting the face diaper and was hoping since you say in your interviews that you get away with not wearing one that you could tell me what to say and my rights. I live in New York and have been researching what to say but can’t find my rights to not consent hope you can get back to me thanks!!.Version: 2.2

No longer workingI used to enjoy this but it won’t even load even after latest update it crashes as soon as it gets to main screen..Version: 3.1

The App of all appsBeen looking into the flat earth for 6 years now and been a flat earther for 2 or 3. David Weiss has given us the perfect app that proves beyond doubt that the earth doesn’t do what we’ve been told and is not a globe. Buy your friends this app for Christmas..Version: 4.6

Mind blownYesterday I was convinced the earth was a globe spinning in space around the sun. Today I’m convinced the earth is a ‘flat’ circle. One of my main question is why or how does the sun go around the earth traveling north and south between the Tropics of ‘C’s. What powers that movement and how far it travels north and south. The other question is what do we see in the sky at night - where are those stars, planets, comets, nebulas, etc and how far away are they? Are there other ‘worlds’ ‘up there’ that are reachable? Light years as a concept almost seems absurd now..Version: 2.5

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