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TV Mirror+ for Chromecast App User Positive Comments 2023

TV Mirror+ for Chromecast app received 59 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about tv mirror+ for chromecast?

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TV Mirror+ for Chromecast for Positive User Reviews

Amazing! But...I just wish we could crop what would go onto the other screen! If there was a way to make little boxes around what part of the screen you would want to show then it would be 5/5 it very little lag and works amazing out of all the screen mirror apps I have tried! Works great for iPad and iPhone.Version: 2.2

Read thisThese other reviews make no sense at all. I'm on an iPhone and mass downloaded like twenty apps. This was one of two that was actually minimal latency and good quality. This is also $4. Works perfectly for me, so dunno what these other people are smoking. Feels bad to be the developer.Version: 2.3

Performs well. Needs a little more work.This app does an amazing job at casting my iPhones screen onto my TV display! I was pleasantly surprised on how easy it was to connect to my chrome cast and how the application is able to keep a steady connection. I mainly use it for Udemy because they recently removed their chrome cast feature a while back. This app is a solid remedy to my issue. Now for the ugly. I did run into a couple of hiccups along the way. Heavy applications (think games) and switching back and forth between apps might force the app to crash or lose connection to the chrome cast. It’s not a dealbreaker, but it can be a little annoying if you’re doing a live presentation and you need to switch between application (sheets/slides/docs etc). Nonetheless, it’s a pretty sweet and solid app that does the job well. Some slight improvements can really make this app become perfect!.Version: 1.2

It works!App works well, looking forward to the update that includes sound. I would suggest changing the phrasing from “screen recording” to “screen casting.Version: 1.2

AudioGreat app for mirroring ables us to use video call on the tv but would be better if the audio was to come through the tv not just the phone.Version: 1.8

Works wellI have been using this app for a few days now. I haven’t had a problem with it other than some small glitching when some settings are turned up too high. It is working very nicely. This is by far the best app I have seen for Chromecast Mirroring..Version: 1.4

Simple as simple can get...I installed the app to watch homemade videos on the big screen and it works great the one draw back is there is no sound... maybe with an update or two the programmers can fix that.. I also went pro to avoid the adds... all in all it is a good tool to have in your arsenal....Version: 1.2

Works well enoughPretty good app for when you want to cast a website that doesn’t have Chromecast automatically come up on it. I found that having the original tv mirroring app(not this + one) caused a conflict that made it not work for me but I contacted support and got a fairly timely response with a suggestion that was the solution to fixing this, and now it works fine for me..Version: 2.2

GoodGood.Version: 1.0

Good for meJust what i needed, if you want a full screen just adjust the picture size of your tv. Picture quality : 90% (for the pro version).Version: 2.4

Songbird WayEasy to use and works well.Version: 1.8

Sort of OkWhen you broadcast why is it recording?Where is recording saved? Won’t my iPhone fill up really quickly in this case? A good help tutorial would be useful.Version: 1.1

GreatBut something that is a bit annoying is that when my phone is off it disconnects instead of a pause in the cast but ok 👍.Version: 2.2

Mirror your phone… or not?!?!I am writing this review in hopes that it will help get this app to work properly… …or my money back because it just crashed worse than Kobe!.Version: 2.3

Mirroring and sound works good - easy processBuying the pro version was worth it. The quality of the screen is very sharp for rewatching school lectures that includes a lot of white board, slides and handwriting. Sound quality is very good too. Easy to use. Installed app. Opened app. Tap to start mirroring/recording. Recording is required for mirroring and it was documented somewhere that it does not use phone space as they are temporary. So all good. Using iPhone 11, Chromecast Ultra. On same Wi-Fi 5 GHz band..Version: 2.0

Pretty goodWould love more resolution options. I’m only looking for speed, not quality, so maybe the ability to go farther down in the resolution settings?.Version: 1.8

Easy cast to TVDownloaded this app for £3.99 and works very well. Downloaded another last week for £8.99 and not so straightforward..Version: 2.2

Yay it woksWorks on chrome cast!!.Version: 1.9

Have had it a long time and it still rocks!!’Have had it a long time and it still rocks!!’.Version: 2.4

Great thank youGreat thank you.Version: 1.0

Mirrors screenDoes what it says from iPhone XS, easy to use, I might be doing something wrong but it only mirrors the screen, it does not cast the sound for videos etc Great for showing photos.Version: 1.0

ImpressedI’ve been looking for a legit screen mirroring app like this for a while. It’s nice to see a qualify app that delivers as advertised without any hidden restrictions AND whose full featured version isn’t something you have to subscribe to weekly/monthly/annually. Nor do you have to pay a ridiculous one time amount for access. It’s reasonable. Like apps were before 2018 I guess. Thank you!.Version: 2.3

Works the BestI have tested a few apps to try and mirror my phone screen, and this is the most responsive app I have tested. Worth the $4.Version: 2.3

Sound needs some adjusting.The quality is worth the cost. The one consistent issue I have every time I use it, is the sound is at a higher pitch or maybe its slightly sped up..Version: 2.3

ExcellentWorks first time and keeps going _ very stable and great hd quality and sound - well done!.Version: 2.3

Works like a charm!Actually works..Version: 1.4

Actually works well!So I read your instructions and apparently the problem was the connection. My Chromecast device and iPhone was far away from the WiFi router and that’s why didn’t work well. Thanks for responding and giving tips on what to do or what could be thr problems. Now I really enjoy this app. I love it!.Version: 1.2

Impressive App!I wanted to play Ark Mobile with my Xbox controller via my TV for a better screen size and I tried so many that just had too much lag. I almost gave up until I found the free version of TV Mirror+ and was stunned by how well it worked! So well in fact that I ended up buying the Pro version for all the extra features! I have read reviews on here that said they didn't like the app because sound played through their phone and the TV when mirroring (which is annoying) and I experienced the same issue. I contacted customer services and they helped fix it - just turn down the volume on your phone! (Lol) Clearly this is a 5 star app and should be first choice for screen mirroring. Thank you!.Version: 2.2

Tvmirror+ proExcellent app could you point me in right direction for best settings to avoid buffering thank you. Keep up the good work.Version: 2.4

Very reliable appThis app is great for showing people how to change there settings on there phone. Would recommend.Version: 1.7

This one works.Casting apps are so frustrating so great to have one that works.Version: 2.3

Excellent with iPad ProTrying to cast anything and everything from iPad Pro I fumbled around with different apps trying to get it to cast. Nothing I tried was as easy as TV Mirroring for Chromcast. It completely mirrors whatever is on the iPad. What you see on the iPad, you see on the monitor. Went to Pro version - well worth it - rather than sit through commercials. Try this one FIRST before you go to anything else..Version: 1.7

Thank YouVery good casting and I am enjoying it..Version: 2.3

Works well on nvidia shield tvYou have to wait for nvidia shield tv screensaver comes on then you open this app on iOS device and it then finds built in chrome cast from the nvidia shield tv. I Tested on iPod 6 and iPhone 6s with ios 12.4. Watching videos with screen capture watching video from an iOS app on Sd resolution setting there is occasional slowdown of video for a few seconds every couple of minutes. I have the iOS device near the nvidia shield tv and wireless router . The closer to the router and nvidia shield the less slowdown. But I guess this will get fixed over time with a newer update to this app. Overall this app is very good, played iOS games very well. It’s like having an Apple TV . Very good app well done and for the price I don’t need to get an Apple TV . Thumbs up to the developers good work:).Version: 1.4

GoodI thought it wasn’t working but the problem wasn’t with my Chrome-cast itself and after fixing it and rebooting my phone it was perfect.Version: 1.8

AverageAverage.Version: 1.7

FarahPlease fix Turkish series Yoturkish and Turkish 123 sites english sub it want play videos from this sites.Version: 2.4

LOVE TV MIRROR CAST+ PROI am having a blast with TV MIRROR CAST + PRO! It saves me the hassle of connecting another casting device and saves me an HDMI cable import! And of course with TV MIRROR CAST+ PRO you can mirror the cast the whole shebang! Both video and sound that is!.Version: 2.3

Love it!!Does exactly what I want it to.. the free version is not bad, but the pro is awesome..Version: 2.3

Full screen for tvWhen mirroring my iPad to my tv it doesn’t fill the whole screen, same goes for my phone. Just wanting to say that if there’s another way of making it fill the whole screen without it distorting I’ll be happy. Other than that, the app does need some updates. On my iPad, mirroring to my tv is somewhat smooth but to my phone it’s not smooth at all. Could just be my phone but I don’t know. If you can, please consider making some updates to the app. Just for everyone who are considering buying this app, it’s ok, not the best but really depends on you. If you buy it and don’t like it you can always get refund. Just need some update to fix some stuff and improve thing on this app. If they get it then this app will be great. That’s all for now. 😗.Version: 2.4

Good funAn app that I have been looking for for some time. Casts practically anything on screen to a Chromecast, although the limitation, as others have noted, is that it doesn’t seem to cast the sound as well. I got around this by Bluetoothing the sound to my Blu-ray player simultaneously. I can now watch videos from the web browser that aren’t cast-enabled on my tv!.Version: 1.0

HappyJust purchased the product and so far it does actually what it said on the tin 😀.Version: 1.7

Love this pro version !!!The pro upgrade was really a great purchase and I wish I had done it way before I did!! Everything is now in great working order and we are so happy with this app!! Awesome!! Thanks much!!.Version: 2.0

Really neatI like it a lot works nicely but what’s the difference between this version & the free (none plus) version? Didn’t know their was a free version of this app until I already paid for this one. Not saying I wouldn’t have paid for this one if I knew but I’m more curious to what the benefits are of having the paid version?.Version: 1.4

Good appAt first it didnt work turns out i didnt know how to use it lol , so i am correcting my previous rating , 5 stars its prefect ! I play minecraft from the phone (as a remote) and look at the screen 😁😁😁.Version: 2.3

Apple WatchI have had this almost 3 weeks now have tried numerous times daily to set it up but my iPhone can’t seeM to ever be able to find the update.Version: 2.3

Nearly greatA very cool app which works brill on the iPhone but for some reason has a glitch when using with iPad. Every few minutes it stops broadcasting with an error message and also freezes the iPad so that you can’t use it at all without turning it completely off and back on??.Version: 2.2

Brilliant, does what it says and all for free!Works well with my iPhone Xs, often use it to mirror online videos without any issues. Would be great if sound could also be transferred to tv as well.Version: 1.7

Screen Share - it worksSimple and easy and it works.Version: 1.5

Awesome app!!I first downloaded the non-pro app and it kept showing adds , so I decided to buy this one .. at first when I read the reviews a lot of them were negative , but after I tried it , there was sound ...no adds...and good graphics . I totally recommend this..Version: 2.2

Does what I need it toI haven’t had any of the issues people mention while streaming iPad pro v2 12.9” to chrome cast ultra connected with Ethernet. If I run max settings there is some glitching or delay, but with moderate settings there’s no issues at all. The only problem I’ve had is with my chrome cast not being compatible with all monitors. I’m excited to get a new roku ultra and try this there..Version: 2.3

Recording?I love the app. Just one question though. When I open the app it says the videos will be recorded. Is that so? I don’t want to record nothing I would be streaming..Version: 2.0

SO WORTH IT!!!!!I searched for so many apps, but this was totally the one! All the apps I looked at lagged majorly, even the free version of this app had zero lag time! Because this app was only $2.99, I knew it had to be great due to how fast the free version was. Definitely worth the upgrade so you can enable sound, have no ads, and very fast broadcasting time. This is such a better way than spending over $100 on an Apple TV. Very happy!!!!.Version: 1.9

This app is great (not payed to say this)When you put the right settings on in this app it’s perfect and very helpful and now I don’t need to pay for movies😂.Version: 1.8

Could be betterThis is a great app and it’s the only one that hasn’t lagged like crazy for me. The only complaint so far is that the audio can lag and cuts off sometimes :/. Hoping that the company will fix it..Version: 2.3

Easy if you spend 5 seconds reading instructionsDoes what it advertises well. This is the pro version with audio (except for apps that don’t support screen mirroring anyways). Ignore the reviews complaining about lack of audio. This is for casting your screen mirror to Chromecast. Ignore the reviews complaining about smart TVs. There are settings available for streaming resolution, frame rate, and buffering delay. If you still have lag, your problem is with your network, not the app. Again, very easy to use if you spend a few seconds learning the app..Version: 2.1

Doesn’t workRubbish. Doesn’t work. Cost £10.Version: 2.2

CoolThis app is easy to use and awesome.Version: 1.0

The app was good!! Is there any sound as well?Is there any sound as well?.Version: 1.0

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