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Hoop - Make new friends app received 103 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about hoop - make new friends?

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Help!!!Good app. It’s just that I was using it then I got logged out of it. I tried logging back in and it’s not letting me anymore. Hoop please help with this. Overall, good app.Version: 2.23.1

Good App Most of the TimesI think that this app since I’ve gotten it has been great. I’ve met almost 100 people that I wouldn’t normally have came into contact with all across the world. However, after this most recent update, they have taken away the option of creating a Bio for people to read. I think that the Bio option is great for people who want to get to know someone sorta before they even talk to them, and allows said person to even choose to want to talk to the other person as well. I think that the creators of this app should reinstate the Bio section and update to reflect some previous versions. Other than the most recent update, it was a good app. Totally recommend if you want to get to know people around the world and relate to people who we would normally would never meet in real life..Version: 2.18.2

Hoop is a great app but..I’m continuously getting 18+ bots asking me to buy there premium and it’s really irritating as there obviously bots and not real people. please can you try add a new feature that is you have to take one new picture so the app confirms it’s a real person.Version: 2.18.8

Awesome appDefinitely one of the best apps of this kind out there. There are definitely some really nice and genuine people on here. Worth the download!.Version: 2.17.12

Pls helpWhy does mine keep on coming up with “huuh, looks like somthing went wrong” on my profile page, you said it was fixed but it’s not???.Version: 2.17.6

Not half bad but…It’s just a alteration of yubo or tinder but instead you have to pay with an on game currency to add people. It connects to your snapchat and really that all. You can get some free currency daily but there’s ways to get it in game. It’s not bad but paying for a profile is a bit weird..Version: 2.19.2

Love itI absolutely love it I have made my best friend and she is so kind she helps me with my depression and stuff we live in different countries we have only met each oth q hour ago and already want to meet up I love this app you should get it you my meet your soulmate I want to meet a guy but my luck doesn’t always work.Version: 2.18.4

BiosDefinitely would have been 5 but because of the bio removal it’s gone to a four. good were good bc you could tell what people were looking for and not judging off looks. Please please bring them back lol..Version: 2.19.1

About itIt’s so good I like a lot I have met a lot of new people especially girls that are willing to talk forever haha But one thing I would like if you could search like search a particular name and all the people that have that name would come up and search preferences as well like what colour hair and body type and stuff like that Thanks.Version: 2.18.4

Pretty goodHonestly didn’t have high hopes for this app but it’s straight forward and serves its purpose. I’ve met some pretty chill people on here and I haven't seen any creeps or predators after using this for about a month so that’s a plus. Edit: So as soon as I turned eighteen I was only shown profiles who are listed as 17-21 which I liked cause it was kind of difficult to find people my own age before and I’m not here to make friends 14 year olds (no offense to any 14yos). The downside though is that there are a lot more suspicious people in 18+ that are clearly older than the intended age range for this app. I got someone asking me to be her sugar baby within the first day I was switched lol. Other than that, like I said, it’s a decent app but that’s something to be cognizant of..Version: 2.19.5

NEED MY ACCOUNT BACK 😫I’ve had this app for over five months now and just a month ago I was banded for inappropriate behaviour don’t know why no I haven’t done anything wrong for that to happen but I’m just saying I really want my account back and I can’t get my account back it’s been over a month since I got that message...!!!.Version: 2.18.8

Pretty good but needs improvementsIt’s an amazing app... met loads of people that I still talk to and it’s great but the only downfall is the sheer amount of “people” that request your snap that only want you to buy their only fans or things of that nature, it’s a bit of a shame and I believe should be handled with more... force. On the improvements side, I believe that only thing I can think of is possibly making a “verify profile” where you take a photo of yourself trying to copy another photo as much as possible and then someone on your lovely development team would check them and say if this profile is who they say they are. That’s what I’d do to maybe crack down on those that only use this app to get people to buy certain products. Many thanks!.Version: 2.18.3

BrokenI was using hoop a couple of days ago and the people that have added me and the people I’ve added and they’ve accepted wasn't showing up so I thought that was weird but didn’t think much of it then today I went on it thinking things would be better but when o add people it takes my gems away but stays on there profile and doesn’t add them and when o restart the app my gems come back but I still haven’t added the person I deleted the app and logged back in and I still have the same problem..Version: 2.17.6

I love itI have only just started using this app and it is great but people have been asking for my snap the we start talking then I will go of off it for like 10 minutes then I go to send another message and then it says this messsage will be pending until whoever adds you back but we have already been talking and it doesn't make sense to me and i was wondering if there is anything to help this because I am getting quite angry because I have met so many great people but this keeps happening and it's so annoying.Version: 2.17.4

Use of diamondsI recently bought £0.99 worth of diamonds (1000 diamonds) and then I pressed the star symbol button on the bottom half of the screen and I keep doing that until I have no more and I was wondering what is it used for. As I thought it would be to request people quickly but I was wrong and the lightning bolt symbol is for flash requests. So I was wondering what the star symbol button is used for.Version: 2.19.2

BioBring back the bios.Version: 2.18.4

Hoop reviewI think this app is horrible if your a girl all boys add you for is your nudes or to e in a relationship when u don’t know them. I find this app makes you feel like your being harassed and most of the boys aren’t very respectful on there some of them are lovely but some of them arnt. I think this app is a good way to make new friends but it can get a bit annoying with loads of people asking you to see your body and stuff like that. Also this app isn’t the greatest thing in the world if u struggle with talking to people and most of the people that are on there are pedophiles..Version: 2.15.0

Bio !!Hi love this app, Met amazing girls here, only problem is the bios gone, and there is less about the person to know, or if they are the ones for you ! If the problem here is they use curse words, simple ban, remove, or warn the user and their bios !! Bios is one of the main important things in adding someone or seeing if they’re the one for you ! Thank you for reading this is too have ! With the bios it will be 5 stars 🌟 !.Version: 2.18.7

It was great 😬I really enjoyed using hoop it’s one of my favourite apps however on the recent update you have removed the bio option and in my opinion it should be put back in because there are some users on the app who want specific things (like nudes or story views) and i want to add people to make friends not send nudes and it’s a waste of diamonds to add someone and realise they don’t want to be friends other than that the app is great it would have been 5 stars but the recent update changed my mind 😬😬.Version: 2.18.4

CornI would like to rate this app. I had to give it five stars. Because of this app I met a lifelong friend. When I downloaded this app, I downloaded it as a dare with a couple of friends. As I kept swiping through people I saw a girl who was my age and shared some interests. I obviously asked for her snap. She added me back and eventually we began snapping every day! When my in life friends left, I was left with my girlfriend and a few people I knew, but didn’t trust. You know who never left me though? The girl I met on this app. My mother always said she didn’t approve of online people. But kids, you could meet a lifelong best friend online. I already know this friend is going to be in my life forever. I plan on meeting up with her soon too. We also made a pack that we would be in each other’s weddings (lol.) So why not meet a best friend through this app?.Version: 2.17.14

RatingGood so far 4out of 5.Version: 2.17.8

Bug improvementFantastic app overall! love it and I’ve met some amazing people through it...the only problem is every time I go onto the app it’s not showing me any people I can add anymore and when I look at the people who have added me I can’t see their picture..Version: 2.18.4

PhotosThis app is really good and I have made some good friends on it. However, with this new update you have to have a picture with your face in which is completley fine and i completley understand. When I went to change my photo to another one that has my face in it, it says that i cant because it doesnt show a face. It is fustrating because no other picture works aswell. Overall it is a amazing app but they just need to fix the new update a bit..Version: 2.17.12

It’s good but could be betterThis app was great, then the amount of gems received were halved and now it seems kind of pointless as you can barely add anyone. I preferred it that way. Also a feature I would suggest is refining searches by age which the use can use, so people whom are 17 don’t have 14 year olds asking for snaps..Version: 2.19.1

MyI love the app it’s just I hate how u need jems to do the guys I hate that about the app but I love everything else and a great way to make me fiends.Version: 2.18.8

I get diamondsNah tbh this app is pretty cool i’ve meet some nice people on it.Version: 2.17.6

Good app overall just one concernI think this app is really good but the only thing that annoys me is that if you use a half face picture( which is still my face), it says I can’t use the picture but some people have insecurities and unless the picture genuinely isn’t their face, the app should still let the person use that picture..Version: 2.17.14

App is pretty great, but missing some key features16 Y/O Male. I began using this app in November, before it began to gain traction. I’ve met some pretty cool people on here! Don’t download expecting to find your #1, however, you’re gonna go through a lot of people before you find someone you can really vibe with. This brings me to a few suggestions: Hoop should bring back the “search by distance” feature. With the quarantine, and people switching to online school, you'd probably want to find someone near you that you could meet IRL in the future. I’d also like to add and search for people with similar interests to me. That would aid in finding some people you can really connect with, without having to swipe endlessly. Besides that, I feel like this is an amazing app, and I’d definitely recommend people use it!.Version: 2.18.1

Hmm idk how I feel about thisJust got it so I’ll put a 4 star, pretty good for first time using it but it’s already asking for a review so… if you wanna know how I feel about the app read the title.Version: 2.24.0

Good appI think this app is amazing, it’s very easy to use and I get quite a few people respirating for my snap and asking me to add theirs which is great as that’s what I wanted from this app. The only downside is that when I’m trying to choose an image to add to my pictures, the pictures where my face is fully showing is coming up as my face isn’t showing which makes it difficult to find a nice picture or find a picture at all to put there. If that could be fixed then the app will earn all 5 stars..Version: 2.17.12

My friends have all goneAll the people that I have added and added me back or whatever have gone and it reset.Version: 2.17.8

The new update is awfulI’ve been using hoop for a while now and so far I’ve enjoyed it. I have met so many new people. However, I’ve noticed an update and I don’t like it. I can’t put in my own bio and for some reason it’s only showing a few people each day, like literally there is 3 people, then the next day I’d look and the other 3 people I saw had been replaced. Please bring the old one back ASAP! Many thanks.Version: 2.18.4

A few suggestions:)I think the idea of this app is pretty cool, I’ve just joined so I haven’t yet made many friends. I’ve noticed a few issues such as it took a day for me to even see any profiles, my bio doesn’t update when I change it sometimes, and things take very long to update and load. Not a huge deal, everything eventually loads up. I do have a few suggestions on how to improve the app though. I saw in another review that there used to be a search by distance feature, I think that should be brought back so we can find people in our area easier. I also think you guys should add a messaging feature right on the app, so that people can either request to message or request to get their snap. Last suggestion I have is that the profiles should really be checked out before being allowed to post. I’ve seen a large amount of girls using this app to sell explicit pictures, many of these girls under the age of 18. I just don’t think people should be able to use this app to advertise such activities as that is not the intentions of the app. Overall, I’m not too disappointed with this app. Like I said, it could use some improvements. But I’m sure with time things will come together. I think this app has a lot of potential and it’s off to a pretty good start:).Version: 2.17.6

Really funI would’ve given it a five star a month ago but due to the update where they’ve removed the bio I feel like it’s definitely more of a judge on looks kind of thing. I liked being able to find similarities in other people..Version: 2.18.4

Help...When I launch the app it goes to a blank white screen, I can’t do anything after it unless I turn my phone off and back on again what do I do? But it’s a great app overall <3.Version: 2.17.2

Great but...I really like the app. I’ve met many people and it’s a good app. One thing I would like to change that you should also be able to search by state because many of the people I have met are from different states. Also, I have tried to add face pictures with Snapchat filters on but it says that you need to include your face. I hope you can bring back the search by distance too! Also Idk what happened but most of my snaps I got from people have disappeared! Like if I scroll down until the bottom I can’t see all of them Also you should be able to search by name cause sometimes I see someone I like but accidentally skip them and I can’t go back cause it also goes back by one so having that option would be great!.Version: 2.17.14

My viewI really like the app. It’s an amazing concept and I have met a few really nice people on it. But I have a problem, last night (October 25) I went on it, and it said that it couldn’t load, went on my profile and my age and gender was not there anymore, I try to add it and it says “error loading information” so I log out and now cannot log back in at all.Version: 2.17.2

BioIt’s a great app overall but I don’t know why y’all decided to remove the bio. Please bring it back..Version: 2.18.4

HoopIt’s a good app like bro meet new people.Version: 2.17.8

New profilesHey ever since the new update I can’t see profiles it say “huh something went wrong here please try again” Please could you fix this.Version: 2.17.9

OptionsI’m really loving the hoop app and making friends from all around the world but i think hoop should learn your “type” by the people you’ve added like example instead of “my area and worldwide” you should be able to specify a country. Or instead of just getting a variety of guys you should get people based on who you’ve added in the past..Version: 2.17.14

Good to Use but there’s always a ButGood app, just same people just show up on it, same as same requests, even tho you block them, just new accounts, have had it for about 2 months, it’s been showing in the last month with the same continuous people wanting my snap even tho I blocked em, I guess no app can really have a 5 star with an error, soz.Version: 2.18.7

...I don’t know if this is supposed to happen or not but everytime I find someone I want to chat with I press the button to add them on Snapchat and it takes my diamonds... but nothing happens? Do I wait for something like a message because I have no idea ... please someone help me ..Version: 2.17.8

Decent but needs a tweak or twoI've used this app a lot and I am level 16 so I've matched with roughly 300 people but I after a while I recognise the names aswell as there photos and I've 100% already got there Snapchat so maybe having a setting that's turns off users you have already matched with may come in handy Thanks.Version: 2.17.2

Great appI am requesting an interest section where you type in your hobbies and interest them you can add all the people with those same interests.Version: 2.19.2

Great but there is a problem.Hello, i started using this app not that long ago and i love it! but recently it’s started no working. For example when i click on the snapchat button it won’t let me add them and i’ll continue to press the button but it will just waste my diamonds. Another example is when i know i have diamonds but it says i don’t. Hopefully these problems can be fixed because i would really love to continue using hoop! ◡̈.Version: 2.17.6

GoodIt was very gooood.Version: 2.17.8

App IssueSo ive been using this app for over a month now, and a recurring problem ive had when Ive been using the app is that it says I'm all caught up on adding people, even when I get notifications about people requesting for my snap, or if they've given my snap. And recently the app has been crashing whenever I open that page of the app too.Version: 2.17.8

Request are not showing up?Earlier today I was on hoop and Got a notification that someone had requested my snap. I went to the request tab on the right and there wad nothing there. It just says you are all caught up, which i am not because someone just requested my snap. Usually even if you have gone through all of the accounts that have requested you can still see who has given you their snap and who has asked for your snap. Well not for me. There is nothing there and I cannot accept request or add people. I tried logging out and deleting the app and re-downloading it and it did nothing. This issue is very annoying and should be looked into. Is anyone else having this problem?.Version: 2.17.14

Hoop RatingThis app is very useful, entertaining, and super fun. It always gives you something to do and it’s a great way to meet new people! I have recently been experiencing some hacks or just some things that are not working. There has been repeating profiles or people that I have already accepted or deleted, but the profiles just keep coming back and I don’t understand why. This other reason I am not saying is the apps fault, but I would always get many requests and now I have not been getting any at all and I don’t know if that’s just me or there’s a hack and I haven’t been receiving them. I just saw that there was a new update and I realized maybe that was the reason. I updated the app and these problems are still occurring. If you could fix those problems for me that would be great! Thank you!.Version: 2.18.0

AmazingVery cool.Version: 2.17.8

AmazingI’ve had this app for maybe a month now and I’ve made nearly 250 friends , it’s so fun talking to new people and making friends , especially when there from different countries/places as it’s so interesting to learn about their way of life and culture . The only thing I would change about the app is to bring back the bio/information section and to have more ways to get gems . But overall I love this app and definitely recommend to everyone.Version: 2.19.2

Good. It’s okayYeah.Version: 2.17.6

WowI downloaded this app to see how it was gonna be and that was about two months ago, before it used to be the best thing to see new people but now I get the same people and when I use my diamonds on a profile it will waste it and it will stay on the same profile and not change it will only change when you press x but that’s not fair and also when you go to see the people who wants your snap or to go see the people you used your diamonds snap it will take about like 5 minutes to just see the people snap , also when you go to delete the notification that you gave them you snap it takes like 10 minutes to go delete another one. BUT I STILL THINK THIS APP IS GREAT BUT PLEASE JUST FIX THESE THINGS !!!!!!.Version: 2.17.7

Recommendations for the Hoop communityIn the beginning using this app I wasn’t quite sure because I didn’t really meet people I can interact with but later on I started making new friends and it was really fun to be honest. Although I think you should let us add people on hoop, I have friends that had hoop, but I had no idea until I asked them, it would be amazing to add and have them on this app. But what I am sure of is that soon time will pass by and hoop will get many updates and it will be for the better. Also, even though adding your friends sound fun some wouldn’t want there privacy to get ruined and have ppl see who they talk to or have added, so maybe you can make it like snapchat only you know the ppl who you follow or have added. Thank you so much if you read my response and i would love to hear your feedback..Version: 2.17.7

Love it but.....Well I absolutely love this app I made 451 Snapchat friends and it was amazing we talk all day now but we I first logged in I spinner the spiral too fast and the wrong for my birth date came up and it said I foundry change it and I was on level 23 and I was really upset when I had to start over just to put the date in but yeah The app is awesome you just can’t change your birthdate but that should change too we should have at least 2 chances to put the right birthdate on there and if those two are gone and we try to do it again we should get asked how old are you and what year you were actually born and to probably be confirmed by your parents like I’m a 2007 and I did 2005 like literally I was upset cause I couldn’t change it but I definitely recommend the app if you need more friends..Version: 2.19.3

CoolCool and fun.Version: 2.17.6

HELPI’ve loved hoop since I’ve gotten it but one day I delete it and once I downloaded it back it started to malfunction. I wasn’t allowed to give anyone my snap and I couldn’t ask for someone’s snap. It wouldn’t even load! I deleted the app again and re downloaded it the next day and it kinda was better. The app would load quickly but I still couldn’t give my snap to anyone, the X button worked but when I pressed the “ask for snap” button it would show the loading sign but would never load! It would also allow my to press on other buttons such as the coins, the X, the go back, ESC. I really need you to fix this because I love this app and wanna continue using it!.Version: 2.17.7

The Best Review Here 💯This app is awesome for making friends if you consider yourself to be an outgoing person. I have added many people I have great conversations with and have made friends. The biggest problem on this app is that there are so many garbage scammers on here. Its a ring of them from what I can tell is based in the US, but they are not really US Americans. Its fairly easy to tell and is also very annoying if this problem isn’t fixed, the app will be labeled as a place for scams. That would be terrible for branding and would hate to see this new thing get ran into the ground. The thought behind this app has global potential, but will not be successful if they don’t handle these minor problems. It’s the loudest 10% that makes the name behind something. Like this review if you want a change. 🙌🏾🙏🏾.Version: 2.18.1

Works really well but i have a questionIf you have blocked someone on snapchat, does that prevent them from seeing your profile on hoop?.Version: 2.17.12

Good app just one thingEverything is good about it only thing is that with WiFi it doesn’t load anything and I have to use my data and my WiFi works perfectly fine on everything else so I do not see why there is an issue if you could fix this it would be greatly appreciated:).Version: 2.18.4

Excellent, speedy service when contacted!When setting my age with this recent update, I accidentally set the year of my birth to 2001, when, in reality, it is 2002. I did not notice this until after the fact. Upon noticing my mistake, I also realized that I could not change it back to the correct date. I thought all hope was lost, when I noticed the “Assistance” option in my settings. I reached out to Team Hoop via e-mail, and the problem was solved in virtually no time at all! In a matter of about 5 minutes, I was able to change my settings to the correct age, all because I reached out to the Team. Thank you Team Hoop for speedy service with a smile! :).Version: 2.17.10

Good app with problems.I just want to start this out by saying this app used to be amazing... but not it’s starting to fall apart. I used to get hundreds of requests a day and everyone I requested always gave me their snap but after I deleted my profile and made a new one it stop working. I’ve tried deleting the app and making even more profile but it just doesn’t work it won’t ever load people profiles for me and when it does I can’t request their snap. I also think people can’t see me anymore on the app because I use the same photos as before and what went from HUNDREDS of request is now sadly zero i tried making sure my profile was complete and I check I had the right snap linked up but it’s like my profile just doesn’t excite anymore PLEASE HELP ME even when I try to watch an add or get assistance it says the sane thing can’t load try again later >:(.Version: 2.18.3

Great for making new friends!Honestly the easiest way nowadays to make new friends on Snapchat, to get more streaks going or just to fill out your snap map. Definitely recommend! Just wish the bio section allowed more writing :).Version: 2.17.1

Hoop is a lit appHoop is lit that’s all nun wrong.Version: 2.17.6

BalancedUnlike many other apps that have a similar structure and purpose paying doesn’t automatically make things easier you can chose to pay or watch videos to improve which is a great way of supporting the company and the people using the app.Version: 2.10.0

AlrightIt’s pretty good for making friend but there is also a few bots and it can get really slow or not load at all.Version: 2.17.6

Love this app HOOPFAN!!!This app is so good it should take on YUBO I would to go live and make friends, but in your own better way, is it true that there’s category’s coming to decide if you’re slim or chubby so people can find a personal preference of people that they like I mean I think it would be a good idea and like if you could do groupchats, the apps amazing !!!! We Love You Hoop 😍😍😍.Version: 2.17.1

SO GOODReally recommend, great for making friends , and opening up to people from different countries and learn different cultures !.Version: 2.17.8

Great app but I have one suggestionSo this app is amazing, I use it daily and I’ve made many friends off this app! I’ve even met some of these friends and now we hang out daily. I’ve met some of my closest friends on this app, so don’t get me wrong I love this app, but with all things it could always get better. In the most recent update the developers removed the search by distance filter, I have not been able to find a single person in my state since then. I believe they should introduce a filter that allows the app to show you just people in your state, the user would have to select the state they live in on the settings tab and once they have selected a state they would now be able to use this filter to view all people in their home state..Version: 2.17.5

Update got me messed upI really liked this app and was having a great time on it. Till this new update that messed me up. I have tried putting several pictures of me on it with my clear face and it has not worked at all. First I tried putting this mirror picture which did not work which I get cause it kinda showed my face but didn’t. Then I tried this picture that showed my face clear with the fendi filter from Snapchat which did not work and I was like ok, maybe it did not pick up my face because the filter. So then I try couple more pictures that don’t have filters such one with me and my friend and another one of me and the sun and then the last one with me goofing around. All these pictures you could see my face 100% and know it’s me. I just want that fixed cause this app really be giving me cute boys snaps so please help me out..Version: 2.17.10

Beyond slow.Profiles won’t even pop up for me. it keeps saying “huuh something’s wrong”, and i’ve only gotten 10 profiles to load the entire time i’ve had this. i have over 1,200 gems and i do not want to lose them by logging out, but i’ve tried everything else. shutting my phone down numerous times and closing out of the app numerous times doesn’t even work. this app needs work. update 1 : i’ve logged out and deleted the app at least 4 times. i’ve contacted the support team, and no one has gotten back to me, which is SO frustrating. i love the concept of this app and i just want to have fun playing it, not see a stupid loading screen anytime i want to find profiles..Version: 2.18.8

HelpI just got the app and everything is fine but every time I try to add a photo it will just load and not work. Please help..Version: 2.17.8

HoopYour app is very good but I think there should be a way to buy unlimited diamonds because realistically the only reason I’m writing this is because of the diamonds.Version: 2.17.8

FeedbackShould be great to be able to message other to make sure it’s not a fake profile.Version: 2.17.8

Love it!This app is spectacular! Whether you’re looking for new friends or looking for that special someone, it really does working. I used it for friends but I ended up meeting my lover on this app. The only thing I would criticise on the app, is that there are a ton of bot accounts that add you randomly asking if you’re into pornography which needs to be dealt with. Apart from that, Hoop is a great app for finding new friends through Snapchat and I highly recommend it :).Version: 2.18.8

Met the love of my lifeDownloaded the App in February because my friends told me to. I only really did it as a joke and wasn’t expecting much from it. I even joked about them trying to find people on there to date and how stupid it was. About a week or so in, this boy requested my snap. I accepted his request and after talking for a little we realised we were actually in the same school district. After talking for a few more weeks he asked me out on a date. I wasn’t really expecting much to come from it but he was a really nice guy so I went along with it to see what would happen. He took me to this restaurant and we really hit it off. After a few more dates he introduced me to his family and we made it official. We’re now coming up to 6 months together. I’ve never been so happy and my mental health hasn’t been this good in years. I really found the right person. Thank you Hoop!.Version: 2.19.2

GreatI’ve added so many people off this. It’s easy to get diamonds, there’s great people on it, and you can control everything. I was a little upset when they took away bios but other then that it’s good..Version: 2.18.4

BugHoop is great I use it to meet new people all the time whether it be in relationships or just friends however I don’t know what’s happening at the moment but on the section where people normally ask for your snap or give you their snap there’s no one on that list it just says you’re all caught up even though I used to have loads of people on there can you please get this fixed ASAP..Version: 2.17.6

Needs a search optionIt’s good, but it needs a search option or message option for everyone.Version: 2.19.1

Ella’s thoughtsI’m not getting people near me but it’s great apart from that.Version: 2.17.7

It was goodI was using the app and it was really good, I met some really nice Pythagorean’s i still speak to and it’s now a month later since I got the app but then recently all the people who had asked for my snap that I hadn’t accepted or declined had disappeared from that little section where it tells you who wants your snap. At first I didn’t think anything of it like maybe they just disappear after a certain amount of time but I’ve found that I’m not getting anyone who wants my snap and it’s been almost a week. I just thought like ok no one wants my snap that’s fine but then me and my friend who also has hoop decided to use like thousands of gems and request everyone’s snap without even looking and my friend instantly got people giving her their snap where as it’s been more than 24 hours after and I’ve still got no one. I have tried deleting and logging out of the app but it hasn’t worked. So basically what I’m saying is that the app is really good but mine seems to have broken..Version: 2.18.4

Great concept however!This app really does do exactly what it says on the tin! No need to spend Money to make friends! However I have noticed over the last week or so that there are a load of fake profiles somewhere around the 20% mark if I’m honest, my suggestion to this would be doing a very simple human verification this would eliminate all if not 99% of the fake accounts. Thanks G..Version: 2.17.0

I still have a weird glitch with my Hoop app! You said “it was fixed”Ok so today I was on the hoop app and I have 360 gems usually when I have gems I just add people, but now whenever I try to add someone it just won’t add them! It won’t do anything! It’ll just stay on that one person. So my first reaction was to close the app as you would, nope nothing happened! So I uninstalled it and reinstalled it. nope that didn’t work either! I thought to check if the app had an update. Nope! PLEASE HELP ME!.Version: 2.17.6

Une bonne applicationSuper appli mais je voudrais qu’il y a moins de bug que ta plus d’espace pour écrire ta bio et gagner plus de diamant.Version: 2.17.1

EllieWhen I first downloaded hoop I thought it would be an average meh app. I wanted to make new friends but when I came across a profile we started talking and now we are engaged. It’s been 3 months and all I can say is that this app is a life saver. I’ve found true love. Thank you hoop and all the creators and developers :).Version: 2.16.0

Loading picturesRecently I’ve not been able to load people’s photos when the request my snap, it’s not my WiFi because all my other apps load things instantly, I can see there profile just not there pictures.Version: 2.18.4

Face ScannerHoop is a great app but maybe you could tweak the face rules maybe you have to have at least one picture that shows your face because i’ve tried to upload countless pictures that have my face clearly shown yet it still says there is no face in this picture and its super annoying.Version: 2.17.12

App issueI’ve been using the app for a while and I really love it, but recently it’s not been working. Like if I add someone my gems go down but nothing happens and If I refresh the app they come back. Also when I try and see who wants my snap it just tells me that I’m all caught up, I’m not sure if it’s just me having this issue but it’s really annoying. Could you pls fix this :).Version: 2.17.7

App issuesThis app has been working great and I love it, I’ve been using it from first release but this recent glitch/bug has prevented me from using the app. I still receive notifications when people ask for my snap or when I receive a persons snap but whenever I ask for a persons snap it no longer works, it removes the 10 gems and every time I continue to try it removes another ten, I also can give people who request my snap, my snap as well. please could this issue be fixed, thanks :).Version: 2.17.7

How I met my boyfriend off hoop!I would say in about late January I had received a request from a boy so I finally added him back on my Snapchat and we just got to talking and soon enough we started to really like each other. The sad part was we lived 400 miles away. But on March 26th, 2020 he asked me to be his girlfriend. With covid booming at the time it really took us a long time to meet so August 25th was our first time meeting. Ever since then we have been making drives, half way, and even train rides. Been going on 1 1/2 years now and if I would have never seen this app advertised, I probably would have never met my future husband. And yes I can safely say that because I’m sneaky and found a ring! Thanks hoop for helping me literally find the love of my life!.Version: 2.23.1

Pretty swag.I’m doing this to get diamonds..Version: 2.17.8

New feature??Can y’all put like a city or province locator so I can search for people in like my city.Version: 2.17.10

Pretty goodIt’s a great app for gaining friends on snapchat however I’ve been experiencing issues lately concerning my being able to check my inbox. When I do check it, it will say I’m all caught up, which I am not. It will wait up to about 60 seconds until the profiles load that say So and So would like to get yo snap, and here is my snap; when these profiles do load on my inbox finally, I click them and experience no input on their pictures or bio from their profile. I don’t know if this is an issue only concerning me but I spoke to a couple friends about it and they told me they were experiencing the same issues. Hope y’all can get this fixed up or I can find a solution to my problem..Version: 2.17.6

Hoop ReviewThis app is really good and I’ve met some lovely people through it. The only few things that’s annoying me is I’m 16 but I don’t really got along with people who are younger than me but most people who come up are either 14 or 15. I’ve even had 13 year old come up. I think this app would be great if we could change the age preferences. Also I’ve set my preferences to just the UK but there will be the odd people who come up from different countries. Other than that, I love this app.Version: 2.19.2

Put the bio backPlease put the bio back i need to know who’s interesting.Version: 2.18.4

Fake accountsI love this app and meet lots of people but the bad thing I don’t like about it that there is fake accounts.Version: 2.17.8

Good conceptGreat app, I have made many friends from it, but the app currently has a serious bot problem, I keep being added by users trying to advertise their p*rn site and spamming me out with inappropriate pictures. I probably get added by at least 2/3 bots a day, the real people on the app are drying out..Version: 2.19.4

It’s goodIt’s really good but I hate the gem system it’s awful.Version: 2.17.9

App issuesHi usually the app is great but recently it is not letting me get anyone’s Snapchat. I click on the icon to get their snap but nothing happens. My gems go down but as soon as I come off the app and then open it again my gems are back to the amount they were before? It is also not coming up with anyone who has added me as it says I’m all caught up but I know I’m not? Nothing is loading either and I’m really confused. If you could fix it that would be great! Thank you :).Version: 2.17.6

I love this app but it doesn’t workSo I was using the app when it said “huuh, looks like something went wrong” so I went onto setting to see my age gender and photos were removed ,so I tried deleting them and it kept repeating that message ive tried deleting the app and restarting my phone and nothing seems to be working.Version: 2.17.2

Super slow and unusableThis app used to be sooo great and amazing, I don’t know what is causing the slow down it’s so bad the app is unusable, it takes 10-30 minutes to load up a profile.. when you spend your gems on someone it doesn’t go through you have to wait 10-30 minutes and if you close the app you’ll have your gems back as if you never spent them. It’s definitely not my internet I have a 1 gig connection and it’s not my phone I have an X. Look into this please. Update: it’s getting worse and worse I don’t understand why the developers are like this they keep telling us it’s because a lot of people have been using the app lately.. now the app is freezing after a few seconds of opening the app, I think I’m just going to delete this app UPDATE 2: I deleted the app and reinstalled it now everything is working sooo smoothly I also noticed all of my notification history was all gone I easily had over 1,000 notifications and I guess that was the reason for the insane slowdown so if you want to avoid future errors delete those notifications once you add that persons snap..Version: 2.17.8

Absolutely love!I didn’t expect to get many adds when I downloaded it, but hoop has helped me get so many new friends! In the first 24 hours I got 20+ new friends and my snap chat has become so much better! 100% recommend this app..Version: 2.18.4

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