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Magic Tiles 3: Piano Game Negative Reviews

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Magic Tiles 3: Piano Game App Complaints & User Negative Comments

Magic Tiles 3: Piano Game app received 115 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about magic tiles 3: piano game?

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It’s fineI like that app because it’s very fun but I don’t like it because when I don’t tap the correct spot I will die and I would press the video button it wouldn’t let me watch a video but after it would play a video after it said no add available..Version: 7.049.003

OkIt’s good but it has a lot of ads and you don’t get that good of a song sometimes.Version: 8.043.005

Ads ads ads!There are too many adds on this game,I can hardly play one song without there being an ad! I also think that the game should use the songs with the REAL SINGERS singing the song because it seems like piano tiles 3 are just trying not to get copyrighted and it seems like they are forcing you to pay that is why I gave it 3* because I personally think that is what it deserves and nothing more than that! There is a not a very good choice if you are not good at getting 3 crowns. I would recommend this app but for very patient people as you use most of your time watching 30 second ads to get NOTHING! I think you should at least get a free life from the ads. Apart from that this is an average game.Version: 7.012.005

Fun but not the bestMagic tiles three is really fun and addictive but it is kind of a scheme, you have to watch loads of ads including whenever you miss a tile, after you complete the level and sometimes for no reason at all. The same ads play over and over again and it felt like it took days before this one ad ended. 😫😒 The game also has a subscription which means no ads and better songs but it is very expensive and overpriced being $8.00 a week. For what you get out of the subscription it is really not worth it. If you are a person who loves ads I highly suggest you get this app..Version: 7.047.002

Fun, some glitchesDon’t get me wrong, this game is fun. But there is a reason it has a 4 star rating. There are a LOT of glitches, probably with an easy fix that really makes me want to delete this game because it is so frustrating. One is that sometimes when I click on the tiles it won’t respond to my finger and causes me to lose. This is very frustrating. The next one is not a glitch but please don’t advertise a game with the real songs and then when you play you get the covered version. At least give the people singing credit. Now I am not sure if this is a glitch or not, but I will watch an ad to unlock a song and if I mess up, I can click the redo button to play again. Let’s say that I would like to play a new song, I play one of the basic ones. (This ties into what I am saying about the glitch). Let’s say that I would like to play the song I just unlocked. I have to watch an ad yet again for the same song. This causes me to play Closer and Dance Monkey over and over. Not fun. I really like this game, but I think I will stop playing this game and play Piano Tiles 3, because these glitches are so frustrating. Thank you for reading my review! Have a great day! 😊 -Jorden :).Version: 8.041.004

It’s good but there’s quite a lot of things that need to be fixed!😬First of all it’s a AWSOME app, I love it and I’m addicted to it! But it needs some fixing. First there’s this lag were sometimes the voices of the singers voice goes in slow motion or times lapse sound. And the some of the songs don’t even sound like the actual song! Like the song “Someone You Loved” it doesn’t even sound the same at all! And it also gets glitchy a lot and it’s hard to press the little notes. Also there’s WAY TOO MANY ads! Like every time I finish playing a song or I mess up theres an ad, LIKE SERIOUSLY 😒. I know it’s a free game but like chill with the ads! And there should have a pause button ⏸. The only way to pause it is to double click or swipe up on your device! So in the ads they have way different songs to what’s actually on there 😡😤. And... there’s this thing where you can like songs but you can’t see the liked songs! Please fix these things!.Version: 7.076.101

Good premise, bad executionThe game itself is enjoyable, but there are just too many issues with it for me to want to keep the app. First of all, it’s just a rip off of two other games: guitar hero and piano tiles. Why can’t we come up with more original ideas? The amount of ads is ridiculous, and every time an ad plays, it makes the sound of the actual game go away so I don’t get to hear the song unless I restart the app after every single level. The levels themselves make no sense. It doesn’t go from easiest to hardest, it’s just random songs in a random order. The songs are decent but on the list will say, for example, “Chandelier by Sia.” And then it’s a cover of Chandelier. And don’t get me wrong, the covers are totally fine, but they’re not only advertising it as a different artist, they also aren’t giving credit to the artist you’re hearing! If you get through the first round of a song without messing up, you get three stars. Then it plays faster and you can earn crowns? Just pick one and stick to it. It’s confusing this way. Finally, when the song plays faster, it’s just like I hit fast forward. It sounds ridiculous. I will say I played the game for entirely too long despite all these flaws, but will be promptly deleting the app now because it’s just too frustrating..Version: 7.033.003

Liked the previous ones a lot betterI was really excited to play but then I noticed that you need a membership to play songs like shape of you and more than half of the songs. If you are rich and have a lot of money to spend then download it but if not it’s a complete waste of space and money! Please if you read this get rid of the membership and make it a one time pay thing to play the rest of the songs. It may not seem expensive but if you want to get your moneys worth then you’d have to play it all day which for a pretty crappy game I’d think that it’s a complete waste of time! Over all the game is absolute trash and belongs in the dumpster! I loved the other games and expected this to be better but compared to the others it seems like it should be deleted!.Version: 6.22.030

Good but not the best!Hello! I really love the songs to this and all but there are a few downs, I don’t know why things cost money, cause your just staring at a screen so there is absolutely no reason to buy it, especially to the addicted! Also, I think there are to many ads, you say that you don’t want an ad to revive, so then you get reset and it does a random ad, and not the one you asked for, so it’s literally making you watch an ad no matter, although I’m keeping this app for holidays, I really hope it doesn’t use data or WiFi! But the songs on this are amazing so I’m gonna have to say 50-50 cause it is really fun bye! Xxxxxxxxx.Version: 7.066.004

To Everyone that complains about adsI have scrolled through the reviews and there r people complaining about the amount of adds yes there is heaps but IF U TURN YOUR WIFI OF YOU WON’T GET ADDS!!!.Version: 7.066.004

They sound like chipmunks...So I redownloaded this game and played closer, but the thing is, the song was slowed down. It made the singers voice sound particularly odd making the song not that appealing to listen to. So I purposely left and played sunflower. The song was sped up and made the singers voices sound like a CHIPMUNK! Other than that, dance monkey was fine..Version: 7.125.301

Enjoyed it more beforeI really liked this game, and I played it a lot with my sister when we were little, but now it only has songs, and they don’t sound so good as the original songs, before it had songs it was more about piano songs, like ‘twinkle little star’ or more, it had many levels and it was pretty fun, the game started getting harder when you went to a higher level, now there’s only songs with audio, such as Bad guy, Bang bang bang, Attention, Killing me, etc. The game is still fun, but it was better when it had songs from piano and it was actually harder than now... It’s still good but not as much as before, and that’s why I don’t play it often..Version: 7.076.101

Good rhythm gameIt’s good but no rhythm game is complete without Brain Power, pls add.Version: 8.041.004

It’s ok but not for longSo yea it’s an ok game and it does shower with ads like every other game like this. Though it does steal certain sounds from the original piano tiles and is taking art from it. Also the reason I say “not for long” is that if you play a song and it’s distorted or cuts to silent for most of it then that means that song has been claimed by the music company because they have not bought any licensing rights for the music and have been asked to take it down, though a way to get around it is to distort it a lot so it sound almost completely different from the original. Example : Lady Gaga “Bad Romance” is very high pitch and is sped up, only a small chunk of the some plays so for the rest of the time it’s completely silent and unnerving. 3/5 stars.Version: 7.066.004

MehI got the song and u need to pay. U can’t listen or play faded, or vip. U need to pay in order to actually get ur songs. Not loving it.Version: 6.22.030

It’s amazing but...Well I always like this cause I found my fav songs one of those is let you down it’s my fav I have it with 3 crowns but one day I was playing like usually till I got to that song the person who sing it was like a man it was strange cause the singer of that song is a girl well the guy start creeping me out I just go out and go again in the same song it was normal like nothing happen I love tragic titles 3 but that really creeping me out so bad I was wondering if u can fix that, that happen 2 times and I play that song like 3 times or more at day it’s strange that can happen and not only me me and my brother was playing like a competition who survive more and we play “let me down” we both on our tablet sound the boy sing I was in shock so can u fix that? Oh and one day the song I was playing was wrong idk how it was singing before I could touch the tittles it just pass me 1 time but can u fix that? Pls? Well I love the game I will really thankful if u can fix that.Version: 7.066.004

Simple fix to a small yet buggy glitchSo whenever I play, when it’s loading it gets stuck on 9% loaded. The fix is to close the tab then open the app again. However please fix this, it affects you’re game play. Next, the original artists aren’t even singing the songs! It’s some rip-off people singing it unoriginally, I get copyright restricts how much you can do with music, but if you’re app reach 1 billion visits then Surely you have enough money to buy some sort of deal with the song! I think I made some good points here, now update you’re app cause it’s been way too long!!! There are soo many reasons why this app cannot be a 5 star at this very moment, but I rated a 3 just to be nice. This is a one or two probably if I wasn’t feeling generous today..Version: 7.083.007

Safety IssuesThe company or whoever checks the reviews deleted my last review where I pointed out the danger of this app I admit I was in rage at the irresponsibility. Such a disappointment, to sum it up: this app has a free game mode feature where you can play with other people around the world and compete. Sounds good right? That’s what I thought to til I learned there’s a free chat in each room. Basically this means people can chat endlessly without being monitored anonymously. This has led to predators abusing this feature to talk to and possibly groom young girls. To parents considering taking a look into this app I recommend talking to your kids about internet safety and people’s intentions online to ensure they aren’t participating in shady activities with strangers. I really hope they don’t delete this review again, I’m just trying to warn other people. Freedom of the press and my opinions right? I think that’s the reason some people download it, just to talk to young kids so deleting the feature would mean a lot less downloads idek what this world has come to. Companies profiting off child grooming and knowingly trying to cover it up? This could quite honestly become a scandal so it would make sense why they try to hush the people who try to say something. So yea it’s a tough world out there, stay safe..Version: 7.125.104

FAKEI picked the song summer and when I played it the song was playing in the background but I was playing we wish you a merry Christmas! Fake game I tell you.Version: 7.014.011

Good good except the music I hated itIt was good but the music so I was playing why don’t you say so and it was like going like really fast and then it didn’t play like any music while I was still doing the game so and when I was playing music I was doing Despacito and it was like a sound like really harsh it sounded like yeah it sounded like really harsh everything’s OK… Except the music so I wouldn’t actually get a VIP because I got a VIP and it still did the same it was just a waste of money so don’t get the VIP it’s just a waste of money and I hate that the music was actually not saying by the real creators because his original but the creators weren’t in and I hear different people you guys really have to fix that so I really don’t enjoy this game that much but it’s really fun though so I like it and I don’t like it at the same time and I hate that there’s a VIP because you know paying for a game is just waste of money I hate that you have to pay for a game that is worthless so oh and another thing I notice is that in some songs the lyrics are like the original like they put different things in the lyrics that in the original song it doesn’t actually say that so I give it a 2 star.Version: 7.125.301

So badThis game was obviously only made because people wanted a third game. You can see the game was made with ZERO effort put in. The songs aren’t sung by the real singers, but instead by the worst covers on the planet. There are also an insane amount of ads, I know you need to make money but for a company this large you really don’t need that many ads. Next thing I want to talk about is the glitches. I’ll be playing normally, and then boom, the game crashes. Another glitch occurs when I tap a tile and it says that I mistapped when I obviously didn’t. The game is also way too fast, you should at least be able to choose the difficulty whether it’s just a choice between hard and normal mode or if it’s 30 different difficulties I don’t care. Please, next time your player base asks for a sequel, try to make it playable..Version: 7.076.101

TRASH LYERS SHUT THIS APP DOWNOkay I played the Billie eilish song and it was trash didn’t even play the hole song and it was a rip off just like the song girls like you you lied you said you fixed the minor bugs but you actually didn’t it’s so glitchy it glitched through have of the song this game is trash I’m never playing it again I woke up to this sh** excuse my language but I expected the full song and the real singer not some faker from your company THIS. IS. TRASH I’m done one star THIS ISNT EVEN The right music I was playing 7 years and it was a girl not the right lyrics and the piano don’t even get me started I HATE THIS APP SHUT IT DOWN.Version: 7.041.004

Way to many addsThis game in general is good but there are always adds in between every song, and sometimes more. Sometimes I would be playing a song and it would be glitchy which would make me lose..Version: 6.73.109

No good songsThey only have stupid popular songs like dance monkey they need things like AC/DC.Version: 8.021.006

The songsWhen I want to play a song but I play a different one it removes the one that is my favourite before I can download it >:(.Version: 8.041.004

Unnecessary updates😕This used to be my favourite game, but after the recent updates I can’t play one game without crying out of frustration. Monody was definitely my favourite along with cheap thrills but now there are hardly any double tiles and they changed the song, there’s a new singer for cheap thrills and a new start and I can’t express how much I want to play, but I can’t handle it when I do. If they had crept it the way it was I would give 5/5 stars but the updates they’ve done are so unnecessary and have in my opinion kinda made it worse. Also I can’t play it offline for some reason, idk if that has something to do with the updates but that’s a huge bummer as well..Version: 7.081.101

Good fun but can get annoyingI find it really fun but there are way to many ads and at first i was like they have to make money somehow but now there is an ad every 2 seconds and it keeps lagging and my ipads fine internet is fine but when it lags it will stop me from playing and then either say i was to slow because it kept going when it froze or i tap something as it starts lagging and it picks it up as me pressing the wrong note. Its so addictive that ive been playing it all day but it keeps bugging me because its always happening otherwise i would love this game. Also when i "miss" a note it gives me an option to watch an ad to keep going and when i ignore it I assume that i just got out of watching an ad and then i hits me with one anyway and its done it so much that ive just started watching ads to at least be able to keep going..Version: 7.066.004

This app is to be for kidsI remember when it was for kids but now it’s 12 plus and I am 12 and it swears.Version: 8.041.004

Not impressedThe tiles don’t even match up with the timing of the music. I knew that was the case with the first version of magic tiles which I used to play. By Magic Tiles 3 you would think that they would have improved that by now. No way would I pay for a subscription..Version: 7.066.004

CopiedEverything copied from piano tiles Sound effects: copied Game concept: copied How game functions: copied It’s also glitchy, slow and looks rushed. The whole thing also screams piano tiles but with different songs. Plus it’s a pay to play game. ALSO it says 4 and under. The ads and songs say something else. Please fix it or just demolish it. It’s a horrible quick cash grab game that’s completely copied from the superior piano tiles.Version: 7.024.003

Two faultsNow, great great game however there are two faults. Hence the three stars. 1 - way too many adverts. When you play a song and you hit the wrong note you go straight into an advert which are normally 30 secs long and you can’t skip them. This means that when you play 10 songs you have watched 5 mins of an advert. Stupid. 2 - way too much money. You must have to pay to get better songs like the top 40 and things like that. Also, the songs that you “play” aren’t even the actual ones they are covers by some random people that cannot sing as well as the real people that sing it. For example, Lewis Capaldi’s “Someone you loved” really just isn’t the same. If you want to listen to the songs in the same way as you did before do not download. The songs are a ripoff. The best ones are the ones where they do n sing because they aren’t the best singers. However, with their own songs they are fantastic singers but because the songs do not go with their voices it just does not work. Thank you so much and sorry for being so critical xx.Version: 7.074.101

Enjoyable, Just not quick enough!!!Honestly, I really like this app. It is very fun and enjoyable, although their is just one thing that the app does that just really annoys me. The loading is PAINFULLY slow. I really wish I could put the fact of the wait out of my mind although it took it 11 minutes to load on my last go on the game! It’s simply just TOO slow!! I really think they should get rid of all the old crappy music and put the money towards getting the app to work a little faster, that’s all!!! As it’s really hard to keep the game loaded if your tabs are off. But except from that one thing, this app is brilliant! Loads of fun!!!.Version: 6.72.207

One question, sorry,To whom, this may concern, I just wanna say tysm for making this game!! It’s just, people are moving their wrists around heeps during this game and I’m hoping they don’t get like autheritest, sorry it’s misspelled. As I saw a doctor about this game and they didn’t highly recommend it. It’s still an amazing creation that the world loves, but I just wanted to let this app know before it became a world wide problem as it can cause problems and restrictions with wrist and fingers, as, they don’t live forever. One last thing, I have noticed that the singers on this game are not actually the real, singers voice as, I notice it’s someone else pretending their the singer. As that turned me off as well, I was looking forward to playing this game for ages and my high score hasn’t changed yet either! It’s probably a technical glitch but I’m sure that will be right. I really hope this comment didn’t bother you, as I’m not a Karen and will never be, it’s just I’m concerned about the millions of people playing this game. Please dont take any of this to heart it’s just to inform you. Think about the good part! You won’t get roasted by other people! Because you already been convinced by me! And you can show people this email, as I will NOT mind to get famous lol have the great rest of your day, thank you!.Version: 8.043.005

BugIt took me 12 hours to load in the game.Version: 6.122.402

Disappointing. If only zero stars existedI get that we can’t have the “Original” artists music. But cmon!! The music is sped up to sound like Alvin and the chipmunks IN THE FIRST ROUND. Then because the music is done, we are left playing the rest of the round in silence. I get like 10secs of ultra sped up music then nothing. What a cheat of a game. Yes the ads are annoying but that’s not even what frustrates me. Half the time I can’t even listen to a preview of the song to see what it ‘might sound like’. Then again what’s the point, you will get a completely different sound all together (as mentioned before). The game glitches as well. It will freeze a bit and ruin a rhythm. Lagging more like it. This company just releases more of the same app without actual improvements. I cannot believe someone would even consider giving this any star..Version: 7.076.101

AverageThis game is pretty normal to any other musical game. It recommends headphones, it has the same couple of songs, it’s not in time with the beat of the song; it’s just average. The song that I see on almost every musical app is Bad Guy by Billie Eillish (sorry if I spelt the sir-name wrong), and I don’t understand why it’s so popular since it’s only someone speaking under their breath into a microphone. Also it has replacement singers, not the actual recorded song. This is annoying because in the choruses and the main hit lines of the song it doesn’t sound as good as the real singer does. I still like the app because it passes the time and I love listening to music. You are VERY lucky I’m not installing this, looking at the amount of problems I have found! 🥱😴😒.Version: 7.125.301

AnnoyingI only downloaded it because they stopped facebook logins for piano tiles 2 so i lost everything i achieved in that game. In this game you have to watch ads to unlock each song and after you play it you’re also bombarded with another ad. I usually play games without internet so i watched a bunch of ads to unlock songs so i could play them without internet. Even though i done that the songs wouldn’t play because i needed internet connection, so basically you have to have internet to play the games and even if you do have internet, you are then constantly harassed by ads and the game trying to convince you pay a ridiculous amount each week to enjoy it without ads. I don't like how piano tiles has become, it seems to me that they only care about the money than the user's actual enjoyment. I’m officially washing my hands off them..Version: 8.053.004

Please fix this1. Adds So a lot in the reviews are saying there a lot of adds but I didn’t actually minded there were few adds popped when I first time started this app (I’m sorry about my grammar) Anyway as time as by adds were keep popping like popping up in choosing an song or make a mistake or after when you finish like I get it you have to pay but like still people who aren’t VIP still needs something free right? There is only 2 songs available who you don’t need adds but still there should few more. 2. Few bugs I know this is inspired by many comments but there are few bugs that please fix. Sometimes I can’t hear it at all so I have to close the app and open it again it’s happening every song after. Sometimes it goes higher sometimes it goes low and most of the time I can’t hear anything at all so please fix this. There also another big issue that is not related to the comments. When I play the game when I was in the middle of the game I was up to the crowns part well the screen actually froze for 5 seconds and then I lost. Sometimes the tiles don’t work properly i have to press them twice that I have an higher chance an loosing the game..Version: 8.041.004

Great game but...This game is great and all, trust me, it’s fun, but there are many things annoying about this app. The first one is ads. I can’t even get through one song without having to watch an ad that I’ve probably already seen 189 times. When you make a mistake, the game gives you two options: Watch an advertisement to continue or don’t continue and then watch an ad. I get the first one, but why do I have to watch an ad to get to the menu? It’s like double kill! I make a mistake and they’re like, “Okay loser, you made a mistake, do you wanna fix it? No? Okay then I’ll just torture you with an ad about Episode!” The second problem is more of a personal thing but it’s still annoying. Why do they change the artists of the songs? I don’t understand it! When I go and start a song I really like, all I hear is another voice or a super auto tuned voice. Bad guy bothered me because it was the artist singing, but it was completely auto tuned. It’s like they don't have respect for the original artists. I know about copyright and all that but it gets to a point where I’m just ready to give up because of it sounds nothing like the actual song :/.Version: 7.064.005

Audio glitchesEvery two songs the audio cuts out and you cant hear it anymore until you reboot the app, too many ads : double adds up to 30 seconds even when not using revive, way too many ads in general anytime you want to go back and forth to menu or start new game. Overall good game and mechanics are fine..Version: 8.061.011

Stop changing musicI really like the game and it’s fun to play. But the music is sometimes not the right one or you changed it. Like the roses imanbek remix. You changed it into super slow motion and now it’s sounds horrible! Please don’t the right songs and makes them sound the same. Like dance monkey sounds like a complete different person is singing it. Please stop with that! It’s no use it makes me want to play the game less if the music isn’t right. I touch the tiles to the beat. But when it sounds wrong,I can’t get a good rythm. And I always muk up..Version: 7.127.007

Needs workI’ve got LOTS of problems. I’ll start with the big ones, AD HEAVY. I will play a game, and get like five presents, but I’ll get an ad, and then it’ll glitch, and I have to restart, not getting my presents. Sad :( Also, level one is HARD. I mean, it’s level one! It should be easier! I have more. EVERY song I search, isn’t there (ex: Blood//Water by grandson, and siren beat by Jawsh 685). Oh, and glitches, yikes. There are a LOT of glitches. I’ll play a match, and lose at like 300 points bc it glitched. I am actually REALLY good at the game, but I have like 13 loses, and 5 wins, just bc of glitches. I still have more. These are tiny tho. VIP is to OP. I saw someone who had at least 3,000 wins, bc they chose a VERY hard song (as VIP) and did it two vs two. Unfair. I almost forgot. New songs. They are EXTREMELY hard to get. I’ve been playing for 2 weeks, nonstop, and haven’t gotten a single new song. Pls make easier to get. One more, the songs aren’t sung by the same person. Pls change that. Well, enough for the complains, let’s focus on the good side, It’s a wifi free game, that has awesome music, and helps ur brain problem solve quicker. Other than that, there isn’t much more good in the game. Sry. I hope this helped. I honestly don’t recommend this game to anyone. It’s just a money farm for the creators. Trust me. So sry this was long, but I had a LOT to say about this game. Thx if u made it this far! Hope u have a good day! Bye!.Version: 8.031.110

Not the real pianoThis game is absolutely horrifying on the way that you are not actually playing the real piano. I only just found out that when my sister said I was way too good. Also I had a little feeling that it was not me playing the piano because when I don’t finish the long sounds it just keeps going! I personally think that this app should be improved like piano tiles or be taken down. Now I and others will strongly agree on my argument that this app is not what you want to get. If players are reading this then I would recommend going to piano tiles because this is not the place to go. Thank you for your understanding..Version: 6.15.118

Good but the songsOn the ads it says there is Senorita but I cannot find it, along with many other songs. Also I am on level 15 I think and I have been able to play Girls like You for a while now, however now you have to be level 16 to play a song I have been playing for ages. Please fix this. I must be lucky on most apps because people say there are soooooooo many ads, however I have not many. Overall great concept just please put the songs that you say on the ads actually in the game, and fix the Girls like You thing. Thanks.Version: 7.066.004

It’s okay, but some faultsThis game is pretty good. It’s a fun concept and great for developing fine motor skills. If you’re thinking about downloading, I have some warnings; 1. Lots of ads - watch an ad to start a song, watch an ad after you finish, and if you want to save yourself and continue after messing up that’s another ad 2. Songs - It’s true that you get to play some of the top songs out there in this game, but don’t expect the original version of the song. Some covers are okay but some are breathy and irritating 3. Glitches - there is one glitch where the song backing track goes slow and the bass really drops, but the tiles move at their original pace and this can happen mid song. If you watch a video to continue sometimes it also glitches, and the tiles momentarily freeze and then continue, but skipping ahead. It’s not a bad game, don’t get me wrong but be wary of the fore mentioned things..Version: 6.91.301

Why I gave it 3 starsI gave it 3 stars because when ever I open the app it loads to 16% then goes no higher I haven’t been able to play it for a couple of months now. When ever it does let me on it glitches a lot and won’t let me tap the screen I checked it wasn’t my iPad and it wasn’t the iPad I tried deleting it then reinstalling it but that did not work I have lost all of my progress in the game that I have had for 2 years so I have lost 2 years worth of progress. I would not waste my time if I was you. Can you please fix it as soon as possible. Please I am desperate to make it work. I hate how you have to wait In till you get to a certain level to get a certain song and it doesn’t have a search bar so that you can pick the song that you play. I also hate how if I buy a song with diamonds or heart it will make me pay again when I haven’t played it in a while. I know I have a lot of complaints but it is just everything that I can Remember that was wrong with the app that I did not like. I also hate how there are so many adds it can get frustrating with how many adds come up a day Thank you for listening to my opinion.Version: 7.035.002

It’s Okay...I was playing this random game few months ago and I saw this app from an ad, when I first saw it I was addicted to it already somehow I have reasons why I gave this game three stars... 1: In the apparently looks like you can choose what song you want to play with, in fact, in the actual game, you need certain abilities or money to unlock other songs, which is not worth all your fast tapping, just to receive a new song to play, 2: I noticed this bug (maybe not) ever since I unlocked faded, the actual singers from most of the songs in the game, are not even the right voices/ singer from most of the songs in the game.. (e.g: Faded-) it doesn’t sound like the real singer- last time I checked faded, the voice of the singer was very light and calm, So These Are All My Reasons For Why I Gave This Game Three Stars, Thank you, Peace ✌️.Version: 8.033.007

WAY too many ads (and other problems)!I know this game needs profit since it's free, but putting an ad every time you press something isn't fun. It's a great game, don't get me wrong, but the amount of ads is distracting. As well as there being so many ads, another problem is lag and how long it takes to load the game. If you fail/lose, it'll give you the option to continue if you watch an ad. It makes me frustrated that sometimes the ad will freeze, then kick me out of the game, even if I have collected "presents". I won't be able to open the presents after. This game is creative and the game play is outside the box and addicting! I love this game, but this is my what I've found excruciatingly annoying about this game..Version: 7.024.003

It’s ok...Ads pop up everywhere, it literally forces you to buy VIP which is expensive. It is very glitchy and when you press a key sometimes it just freezes and then it all of a sudden starts again and you make a mistake. When you make groups for all of your friends and strangers people don’t even go into a match, they just talk and never start it. They spam the kick button so no one can join and the host are able to threaten other people to do something inappropriate and I don’t even want to get into the detail about that. Overall, they need to change a few things like an amount of time till you can kick people again and maybe get a report button to report inappropriate users because this game is 4+ what if a five year old looked at what inappropriate user are doing. They will be scared for life! If this game had a few changes and fix glitches and maybe take the VIP price down I think it will be a more family friendly game. The good thing about the game is the music! Even though it isn’t the original singer the singers are very talented. One more thing, sometimes when you load the trial albums it crashes so if you could fix that that would be great. Lilith 😀.Version: 7.074.101

Lots of ads!There are tons of ads! And if you wanna play the songs that you like then you have to pay! I wouldn’t have downloaded if I knew how crappy it was.Version: 7.064.005

THEY R RECORDING U!There is static don’t download! (static happens something is being recorded!.Version: 7.066.004

Bug on songBug on jingle bell rock I click the damn thing like 9 times and it made me rage quit like there’s nothing wrong with my thumbs it’s a glitch on jingle bell roc.Version: 7.083.007

Some major problems1. The music is bad This app was fun and enjoyable until you play songs that you know but sound nothing like the real thing not to mention that isis just the song playing in the background and it isn’t actually you playing it. 2. Adds I know you guys have to make money but when you put a revive for an add but you just restart it instead because you don’t want to watch an add but you get another add this is a little scamming if you ask me you may as well watched the add but probably the most disappointing thing about the app is that because it isn’t you playing the song you may think that you have already played the note when you have not and sometimes it doesn’t register your taps which if it’s on purpose is real scamy.Version: 7.076.101

OkThis is not a very good app. I like rhythm games so when I saw the app being advertised on piano tiles 2, I thought that I would give it a try. Also some friends have it and they think that it’s ok. However, the fact that the audio is edited makes it sound as if the author of the music has not given consent to use their music and the company is trying to avoid copyright. There is not very much sync to the music apart from a couple seconds at the beginning and it doesn’t play very well. I wouldn’t mind the audio changes unless it started from the beginning of the song and went to the end of the song. When I played “Shape of you” by Ed Sheehan the song started from beginning but then as it got to the middle the audio cut out then started from beginning again. This was the same with Monody and Unity by the fat rat. Although I have critics about this game there are some good things about this. I cannot get lyrics on other apps such as piano tiles 1&2 and the menu music and menu itself are nice. The colour scheme used is also appealing and I like the feel of the app. Overall I would not recommend this app to other newer players of this genre of games but it is not all bad.Version: 6.91.121

Magic Tiles 3Okay... erm... I like this game but there is a MEGA glitch you NEED to fix... it get’s me laughing SOOO much XD but you need to fix it... sometimes the game has this glitch where you go into a song and your playing at normal speed and everything but the persons voice goes SO low and sounds like some kind of old man trying to sing but this is just... lol. This glitch so needs to be fix but it’s still SO funny! Me and my friend were playing “We Don’t Talk Anymore” and the voice was so slow it was like slow and really, REALLY low voice... then, I played “Havana” now and the same glitch happened... so... great game but this is insane funny!! XD.Version: 6.41.718

Fast??I’ve played this game before and deleted it when I got bored of it and now I’ve come back to it. Idk if I’m just remembering this game wrong or something but the number of ads have definitely increased. It’s nice to play the more well known songs but they sound funny and you have to watch an ad every time you want to try to unlock it. Once you’ve watched the ad, you still have to get all 3 crowns to fully unlock it. I’m not amazing at this game but I’m not the worst either so I feel bad for those newer players joining the game and not being able to keep up with the fast pace of the 3 crown, ITS JUST RIDICULOUS. Personally, I believe the game would be better if you only had to get the 3 stars to unlock the songs fully..Version: 6.117.002

It’s okay, but to hard and to fastThis game has so many cool songs, but when I first tried it, the first song was really hard. I wanted to try other songs but it said reach till level 2. When I got further and further into the song, I kept missing and pressing the wrong keys that weren’t even there and didn’t exist. I became to frustrated at the game, and I really want to delete it since o have 2 other games that are better than this one. I didn’t even know you can earn presents to, but the one thing I’m very disappointed and frustrated about is the first song. I can barley even reach the last star because of this annoying song. Now it’s stuck in my head for playing the song to much. I don’t think I’ll play this game until I’m better at it. Unless if there’s a slow down update where you go at the songs slowest speed and the songs fastest speed and make it harder. Hopefully I won’t be a stupid crybaby since it’s just a game. Hopefully I also get better at it. I thought this game was gonna be better than my other musical games..Version: 7.047.002

A few bugsThis is a really good app, but I am suffering a few bugs. I started doing the song dance monkey and when I was holding down on the titles it was not letting me do it so it really got on my nerves also these people aren’t the reall people singing them which I didn’t like one of my friend told me that this had no Buggs but unfortunately they was wrong, this is a nice game to express singing but it’s not for me I got this from magic titles 2. This game is good for kids and extra but you need to work on the game because I am experiencing lots and lots of bugs. Unfortunately I’m having to rate this 2 stars and I understand that when the people are singing it’s not them because of copyright but I am still annoyed because of that. I hope you understand that I’m not being rude this is just my opinion on the game/app..Version: 8.012.002

Sucks never use this appThis is just stolen content, I recently used this app called Piano Tiles 2 is it’s actually not stolen content. this Game Is Trash.Version: 6.122.402

Needs search buttonThis game need a search button.Version: 7.083.007

Purchased no ads option but they still playFun game but after purchasing no apps option, disappointed that they still play. Even after troubleshooting.Version: 7.022.007

Umm........I’m usually not the type to write a negative review, but this is my honest opinion of this app. Ads. There are wayyyy to many of them. You want a song that you’ve not unlocked? Ad. Oh you accidentally pressed the wrong thing and failed? Ad. I only got this app like 2 MINUTES ago and I’m already noticing the many flaws. The songs, sure, they’re popular, but some of them are...... strange. I just watched an ad(Yeah, I really dislike ads, but for one of my favorite songs, I’ll watch one.)to play “Shape Of You” by Ed Sheeran and guess what happened? The music was all weird at the beginning, but I didn’t think much of it. So I kept playing and then the singing started. It was wayyy deeper than the original, and it sounded weird. I’m not sure how many songs they did this to, but I know for a fact they did it to this one and it sounded downright strange. The only good thing I can say is, the tile game itself is good. I just hate the ads and music is abnormal. Whatever company made this, improve this game. It NEEDS it. Buh-bye!.Version: 6.41.718

DisappointedThis is a decent app and was happy when I realised you could search for songs and artists. But I was extremely disappointed and dissatisfied when I saw that one of my favourite singers and the queen herself Ariana Grande wasn’t one of the artists used for this app. Would be wonderfull if you could change that. Thanks.Version: 8.073.008

About adsWhy there’s a lot of advertisements, I hate it so much and those advertisements are really long it’s annoying. It says that if you want to continue you need to watch those advertisements , so I don’t want to continue then I skipped it, and then it still give me advertisements, these really made me mad 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡.Version: 6.41.718

TerribleAn ad after every song, an ad for an extra life, they’re just milking you for a quick buck. Also the music is worse than the old ones..Version: 6.20.019

Absouloutly RUBBISHI started playing this game about 2 or 3 weeks ago because all my friends had it and it was said on the reviews to be AMAZING so i downloaded it. After 2 days it started to reveal itself to how it really is. I’m not saying because i don't have quick thumbs. I actually have SUPER FAST thumbs and i was quite good at it until it started glitching. When i tapped something right it said i lost and when i tapped something, sometimes it said i didn’t tap it at all. Also, this game is practically just ads ALL THE TIME. When i lose, (which is all the time now because of the glitches) all there is, is ADS i wish to people who download the app GOOD LUCK thats DEFINITELY NOT GUARANTIED. This app is so rubbish i deleted it a week and a half ago. This soooo deserves a one out of five..Version: 7.035.002

Lag and too many adsWhenever I play a new song. Either the notes freeze or it glitches and it wont let me touch it. This is a huge problem because I cant play properly, I suggest getting piano tiles 2 than piano tiles 3. I dont know if 2 has multiplayer. Also theres too many ads. whenever i finish a song an ad shows up. EVERY SINGLE TIME Its very annoying, atleast lessen the ads and fix the lag then it would be perfect.Version: 7.074.101

Good app but...The add in which I got the game had the song blinding light, which I love. I thought cool, that sounds fun. I had previously seen other adds with cool songs, but I was disappointed when I got the app and it didn’t have those songs. I even scrolled down the entire list and looked at the vip section and the songs that I had seen of the adds weren’t there. There are about 15, songs, maybe more maybe less, but after you unlock them it’s just classical music instead of pop, which I liked piano tiles for. I got this for pop not for classical songs. Otherwise I did have fun with those 15 or so songs..Version: 7.074.101

Absolute garbageWhen will devs stop peddling cheap reskins of the same cheap game over and over? My guess is NEVER, especially considering that TRASH, LOW EFFORT, RIPOFF CRAP like this gets put out with a VIP SUBSCRIPTION MODEL THAT TRIES TO BILK $20/month out of its preteen player base, ready to charge it to their parents’ card without asking at their whim. Who buys this? Who wants to be a Magic Tiles 3 VIP? Is this where gaming is seriously headed? If it is, consider gaming as a whole dead, western capitalist society dead and let’s move towards the light in an orderly fashion because with crap games like this adopting predatory, out of their mind subscription pricing models, and sustaining themselves doing so, then the world is almost certainly ending and we probably don’t deserve to live here anyways because we allowed this to happen on our watch. To the boardroom of this dev company: you are the worst. You are useless and should go golfing or reserving underground bunkers for the apocalypse or anything besides doing the “work” you do, which is pump and dumping the stock of your own trash heaps and sweetening up the quarterlies to sucker in new shareholders to fatten up your exit bonuses. You are non-essential. Go away..Version: 7.083.007

I love it but I’d love some improvementsI love this game, but needs a bit of improvement. When I “miss-tap” it gives me an add. I watch the add. Then when it’s finished, I click the next tile to continue, but it starts glitching sometimes, and then I start clicking. It freezes, and I have to watch another add to continue. Another thing is that I wish we can have a couple more chances to watch another add to proceed, because it gets harder when your in the crown stages. For example, I can’t get to the second crown on a song and I’ve been trying and practicing, but overall, the game is pretty cool and fun..Version: 8.043.005

I hate this appIt wouldn’t let me hit any keys. It is NOT fun at all. I can’t even hit 1 key, I CAN’T HIT THE FIRST KEY. I hit it but it was like “noooo you didn’t hit the key” though clearly I was!.Version: 8.041.004

Cool Game but Lots of GlitchesThe actual game is good, fun and addictive but it is really irritating as after every song I have to shut down the app and restart it again otherwise the next song I play comes out at a crazy speed - so fast you can barely hear the words and the song is finished before less than half of the tiles have passed. It also glitches all the time so I lose the game because the tiles suddenly stop then start again. Also, when you lose the game it gives you the option to watch an Ad to start it again but it often says that there aren’t any Ads to be played so I have to shut it down again but when I do this I lose all the progress I had made in that game which is really annoying. Aside from all that I think it’s a cool game and it has some of my favourite songs on it. I enjoy playing it and it is really quite addictive!.Version: 7.076.011

NOT HAPPY. STOLE MY MONEYI used to play musical tiles 2, so thought i would download this and give it a try . On the opening screen of the app immediately it sends u to a screen where it says “ pay for VIP subscription “. I tried to click on the upper left corner to leave that screen but it did nothing. Guessing you had to pay to play this game, I attempted to leave the opening screen, by pressing the home button to leave the app. When i did this, it scanned my fingerprint ( i have ‘one touch’apple pay) and there was no screen saying “ are you sure/ cancel” which i believe is mandatory for apps with “ in app purchases” It charged me £8.99 without my consent. I needed that money to pay my ee phone bill this month, not for some stupidly designed app. I cancelled the subscription as soon as i noticed, and there was no option of same day cancellation or any option of getting my money back. NOT HAPPY AT ALL.Version: 7.058.006

So buggyI knew there was a reason i deleted this the first time! It is so buggy, far too many ads and it doesnt always pick up on your touch when playing. If you want the 'true' experience, you have to pay. Its terrible. Dont make a game unless its gunna be good for everyone, not just those who put money in your pocket. Terrible.Version: 8.033.007

Great but I don’t like the new updateThis is a brilliant game but I hate the latest update it has just ruined the game for example Let it Go used to be a great song but now it’s pretty bad and the same with Bad Romance by Lady Gaga. If you could do all of the original singers for every song that would be very much appreciated. Plus please please please can you add Dynamite by Taio Cruz and plz make it a free to play not one you hv to pay for. I would very much appreciate it if you could add this song I know it is very popular and it is my most favorite in the world. Please Please Please. If you do this for me I will rate this game 5 Stars and just say Amazing Amazing Amazing. Please..Version: 6.122.402

Issue with continuity after an ad or vip clickAfter u make a mistake, for really high tempo songs, the notes sometimes jerks when continuing , like a lagged and the. Instant fail again, For really fast tempo songs the tempo resume immediately , right after u click vip continue there is no way to instantly hit those notes and then u sort of repeat the mistake cycle all over again, I get stuck with some of these notes and used up 3 to 4 continues to get going again it’s really annoying , a suggestion to slow down and regain momentum like In piano tiles 2 Or move the notes back up a little more.Version: 7.076.101

HelpEvery time I tap the on the app it just exits.Version: 8.012.003

Worst business model every.The game is super fun. But that’s it. You CANT EVEN PLAY. For every 5-10 seconds of game play, you have to watch a 20-40 second ad. EVERY TIME. So, the way this app works is you have 2 options. You have to watch 1 of 3 repeating ads EVERY time you make ONE error (and in advanced speed that happens). Or, you pay $8 A WEEK to not have it badger and irritate you into submission. So, $32 a MONTH, or have LITERALLY 90% of your screen time watching the same ad you’ve seed 78 times in the last 15 mins. I’ve downloaded this app a few times over the years to see if anything changes. It doesn’t. Just poor business and terrible customer experience. You’d make a LOT more money if you knocked the price down to, I dunno, a reasonable price, and not try to force people past a pay wall to EVEN MAKE THE GAME PLAYABLE. Idiots. Ps. Take a close look at all the 5 star reviews. Seems to be a looot if overlap as far as words used, poor syntax, and well “I’m patient, so if the ads bother you it just means your impatient”. Haha. Are we stupid? No. Be a big boy and fix your app. Being a bully isn’t a good look. No one in their right mind would enjoy this much harassment..Version: 7.062.012

Too many ADS and NO SONGS AT ALL.First, stop with all the adds. Two thirds of the time I play, no three quarters of the play time I play is wasted on ads. It’s annoying and time consuming. Especially the ads when you exit a level. Second, make the faster levels a bit slower or do a difficulty scale just so we know how fast or slow it is. Third, ADD MORE SONGS!! Such as my favourite: how you like that and kill this love both by black pink. And add others like positions and etc. But a turn from negative to positive, I like the style of the tiles. But can you add more colours. Please read. Thanks. Edit: every 2 seconds there is and ad. STAHPPP.Version: 7.123.010

Not very good but still enjoyableOkay first of all it was enjoyable but there was too much issues and its very low effort game, the songs literally just play in the backround and you have to tap the tiles right on the line(but i like how it follows your tap range every time you press the tiles on a different place) whereas in games like piano tiles and dream piano you have to perfectly align the tiles to make it sound like the original song and only when you press the tiles the piano sound plays. Also there is a quite a bit ads actually but all games have tons of ads so its not very an issue. The bright side is that there is quite a lot of songs to play on but why do you have to unlock it with ads? WHY? You could use curencies like dream piano and you should make it so that whenever you complete songs with good score you unlock free songs, other than that it’s enjoyable but only play this if you want to have large variety of songs to play with..Version: 7.127.007

Too many adsToo too many ads. The game is ok. Sometimes ads don’t work and it takes a while for it m to load. There were ads after you die or after each time you play..Version: 6.122.402

The games fine but they alway change the songs!The game is fine but they always change the songs. Death bed used to be my favourite but they changed it!.Version: 8.083.105

Ehhh...Okay this game is excellent in every way EXEPT the artists and tempo. Some people don’t care if it’s by the same artist or not but I do these songs don’t even sound anything like the people who wrote the song and that gets on my nerves I like hearing the original not some other stuff. Some of the songs are really fast for no reason the tempo of the real song (example cheap thrills) is steady and doesn’t really get that fast but according to magic tiles it’s really fast and it just doesn’t sound right AND... you unlock it at like level 5 like I just can’t. It gets really hard and some of the songs are REALLY annoying because they play them in these really high voices and it sounds like someone just sucked a hole container of helium and they won’t even stop telling you about there deals! (Which are bad) and so I tried magic dream tiles it’s the exact same problem! The only part I like about that game is at least the “artists “sound somewhat close. Okay maybe I was just over exaggerating at the beginning this game is not the best in what way what so ever. aAnd what is up with how they always change the sounds of the songs!?! 🤯.Version: 7.062.012

Playing with friends was fun, until now😡This game used to be my favorite game to play because i could mame new friends in the custom room area. However since this game has been updating, without giving the option to not update, it has been very confusing to find my friends rooms. Now whenever someone makes a room the game automatically changes your room name to something else so no one knows what your room is. Another problem now is that this game is making you sign into your facebook to chat. I DONT EVEN HAVE FACEBOOK! The only other way someone can chat is to sign in through an email, well not everyone has an email do they? I was making so many friends on this game and now i cant even talk to them anymore. If you would just go back to the normal version i downloaded when it didnt change our room names and didnt FORCE us to sign in for chatting the game would be so much better and more people would like it again! I really really really hope you fix this and change the game back. Everyone would appreciate it so much! Thank you so much! Have a wonderful day! Please fix this though 😔😢🥺💔.Version: 7.129.205

AdsWhile I don’t mind ads, the amount of ads in this game is unreal. Like, really? After every song? And then you have to watch more ads to get new songs only to watch another ad right after playing that one song.... might just be me but it just seems like too much just to make people pay for a subscription..Version: 8.053.204

Waaaay too many adsYes it’s a free app, so they have to make money somehow, but there’s ads after each song, played it for less than 5 mins and I got 5 ads, this is way more than necessary. Ads play before you get to play each song, then they play after each song, I’ve never played any game with so many ads, I can understand if they were giving you the option to watch the ad, for example if you didn’t score high enough to unlock another level and watching the ad would then unlock it, but they don’t even do that, the amount of ads just makes it utterly unplayable.Version: 8.033.007

There is a bug that makes the game unplayable.So far I have discovered that the bug is about when I no doubt have pressed but presumes that I miss. I find it evident when there was a very long note block that stretched above the screen. When I was about to press it, the bug occurred saying I pressed above it. Made no logical sense because the note block was too long to press above it. I don’t want to get rid of the game since I have worked decently hard on it. So far I have 76 008 coins and I don’t want them to go to waste..Version: 8.043.005

Good game but too many adsAd after every single song or attempt even if you are only in a game for 2 seconds , very tedious.Version: 7.083.007

ProblemI don’t like the ads You should use awarded ads!.Version: 8.041.004

Kinda OKThis game is kind of good but there are loads of ads and they seem to put an ad in at every possible chance. I also find that this game glitches quite a lot so if I press a tile it won’t register it and I’ll have to watch an ad to carry in or give up which is really frustrating. You also have to press the tile at a certain line to ‘get it perfect’ which is annoying because I find the line quite low down my screen. It also takes quite a while to pass a level and get more songs and the fact that the original singers aren’t actually the ones singing it is just annoying..Version: 7.047.002

Too Many adsFun game to play, I admit that. Music games have not always been my favorites to play, but this one definitely grabbed my attention since the first time I started to play it. I like that you have songs that are currently playing on the radio which makes the experience really fun, specially when you play the game while using your headphones. However TOO MANY ADS. This has been the game with the most ad interruptions I have ever played and makes it super frustrating to even want to continue playing. When you are finally getting the hang on a song one slip and it directly takes you to a 20+ second ad by that by the time you come back to the game your focus is completely lost and you are lucky if you are able to catch up to the speed again. Is a fun game to play but the over amount of ads is the biggest turn off and very frustrating. I gave this game a 3 star rate because is the most fair rate I could give but the ads really brings it down a whole notch. The amount of ads is so annoying that I even bother to come here and write a review about it and believe me I am not one to waste time on writing reviews about anything. To the app developers or to the team that is in charge of making updates to this game, please fix this. I'm sure there is a better way to still promote things that do not required the exesive amount of ads you display and still give players a chance to not have their game interrupted by them because of one simple mistake..Version: 7.061.006

NoI feel discriminated against . not cool bromies ..Version: 8.043.005

Explicit music and ads.I find it extremely disappointing that you’d actually not have the time to censor explicit music. My 7-year old sister plays this! Another thing is, is that you put an ad per song which is kinda Annoying and your milking us for money..Version: 8.033.007

Fun game but..This is a fun app, it really is. But I have a few problems with it. First, the songs that are on there aren’t sung by the creators, they’re sung by random people, who (no offense) aren’t that great at singing. I would prefer the real singer for the songs that are on there, it would make the app more enjoyable. Second, I feel that the first level is much harder than other levels on there. When I started, I thought the first level would be easy. It wasn’t. Long story short, it took me 25 minutes to pass THE FIRST LEVEL!!! It should’ve taken me about 2 minutes to pass that level if it was actually easy. Lastly, the ads aren’t very true. They show that the songs are sung by the real creators. I got the app and found out that the ads were lying. This made me a bit angry, considering that I love most of these songs. Also, the ads showed what looked like the first level and made it look very easy. When I tried it, it wasn’t easy. Please fix these problems, or at least try your best to..Version: 7.064.005

HornbillBad.Version: 7.025.007

Good Concept but Bad ExecutionI’ve played Piano Tiles the original and Piano Tiles 2, and honestly, I really liked the idea of Piano Tiles 3 a lot more than the previous two releases. However, the set up of this app is really poor. You don’t get to pick your first song, which I guess is ok because it’s a demo. It’s an overplayed song that I really find to be annoying, but it’s only a three minute song so there’s not much to it. However, I’ll be tapping the notes on the “perfect” line and it constantly pauses my game, making it so I click the wrong note to un-pause it. It has made me fail a few of these times and really, it’s just annoying at this point, especially do to the fact that you only get three tries. I’m going to give it a few more chances, but from where I see this going, I’ll be deleting this app by the end of the day. I’m sorry, but the developers need to work harder and make this game functional at the high speeds that the game requires. (No, it’s not my phone. My phone is new and up to date.).Version: 6.74.303

Imagine paying for this...I don’t usually write reviews because it isn’t worth my time, but this game is too awful that I couldn’t let my voice go unheard. I downloaded this game thinking I would be playing fun little piano songs, but it turns out that this game automatically starts you off at crazy fast, skilled songs that are classified as “easy” and “level 1.” Also, in none of the first three songs I played (I couldn’t get further without immediately deleting the app) can you even hear the faintest note played by a piano, it’s just a normal song being played in the background as you press black squares (what I mean is there is no attempt at a piano cover for any of these songs because whoever created this app was too lazy to do that because that would be crazy if there were actual piano songs in a piano game). Overall, you are basically wasting your time playing a game where you press random notes that don’t even follow the tempo or beat to the song while listening to soundcloud, off-key singers as they pathetically attempt to sing songs..Version: 6.122.402

OiThe old music was a lot better & there’s basically an add for every action you do-going in to a song, ending one, unlocking one-yeah. Pretty much everything..Version: 8.043.005

Where did all the good songs go?Just today all the songs I love have disappeared!! Plz make them Non membership so I could play the things I love thx.Version: 7.081.101

I hate itIt is a wast of storage don’t download it.Version: 8.041.004

Why?So, I got the game for fun. I usually read the reviews before I get a game but I forgot to this time. I download the game and open to find... not only 2 songs available but everything else you need an ad to play; I don’t really care that much, but it gets even worse... So I end up playing one of the 2 songs available. And then I mess up. I want to start of from where I was so I choose an ad. Because you need VIP to retry without an ad. I continue playing then I mess up again so I stop playing that song, and you’ll never believe what happened..... I had to watch ANOTHER ad. To sum this up... you WILL be bombarded with ads nonstop. Also I have no idea what the coins and gems are for because I wasn’t told how to use them. It says that you can buy coins with gems to buy common songs. But for all the songs you can either buy VIP or watch an ad. (And I checked.) I’m pretty sure the good reviews are either from the people who made this app or people who bought all that stuff extra stuff. If this is a free app then why is almost everything unavailable. I shouldn’t have to watch ads or pay you to play a game. I could go to an arcade and have a better time..Version: 8.012.002

Please read thank uOk this game is fun and all like all different celebs use this for adds but the problem is the adds are nothing like actual game it's so annoying because if you finish a song it makes u play it again but faster and u have to watch adds but if your vip you still get adds and then you finish the faster version there is a even FASTER one I hate it why do we have to watch ads to win it's not fun you need to fix that and second of all it's so glitchy when you are good at a song it glitches for no reason it's so impossible to win like why do faster versions but if there won't this stuff it would be a fun app so I rate the app a 2 star.Version: 7.125.301

GlitchSo I was playing closer and I almost got 3 crowns I used a life thing and then I pushed the keys thing and it was glitching and I’m the only one on wifi and then I lost.Version: 7.045.001

I rate a 5 out of 10I love the game I totally recommend it but I really think the app should improve on ads like when you have finished a song an ad pops up and when you fail a song an ad pops up I really think they should improve on that and also I don’t really like that it’s a different person singing it like I was really excited for bad guy and I played it and I was really disappointed that it was another person singing especially with new rules so yeah that’s my feedback for this game I mean I recommend it if you have good patience with ads but if you are inpatient then I don’t recommend this game for you.Version: 7.045.001

Few problemsI gave this app a three because there are just too many problems with it. The first problem is the ads! There are too many adds on this app. I got them when I messed up and when I was about to play a new song. They all go for 30 seconds and it just gets really annoying after a while. The second problem is too fast!! I only got this game yesterday and i am only new to it and the tiles are already going so fast!! This needs to change. The third problem is the singers. All the songs I have played doesn’t even sound real. Like for girls like you it was a girl singing it. I would like the songs to be sang by the real singers or someone who actually sounds like the singer. Overall I think the app is pretty fun to play in your spare time. I definitely recommend it ( only if u like adds ) Thanks for listening.Version: 7.043.001

Ok game, but there are problemsFirst off, the ads. There are so many ads. You have to watch ads or keep playing the same 2 songs over and over and over again to be able to get other songs. And the first songs that you get are sung by different singers. That’s not a horrible thing, but most of them sound nothing like the original and you can tell that not as much money was put into it as they had for the rest of the game. I played the challenge and was almost done with level 8 and played probably the 35th ad. The ad didn’t let me hit the x! Sometimes after you watch an ad it lets you play, other times it doesn’t. I don’t know how well you can control the ads, I’m assuming not too much, but some of them are not ads that I’d show to a 4-year-old. I’ve probably spent an half an hour watching ads, and I’ve only had this game for 3 or 4 days! Sometimes I do the battles just because I can’t play songs that I want to play otherwise. I don’t know how much money this company has earned from me watching ads, but I’m guessing at least $100 dollars. This wasn’t meant to cause any issues or to be rude, I’m just trying to help you all improve. Thank you for your time and good luck in your future development!.Version: 7.074.101

Epic but please fix thisOkay so i just downloaded it again after years and I thought hey this is amazing until I lost then I kept getting annoyed of how often the app would give you adds so that’s one of the things but another is how when the song plays it goes really low tone then really high pitch in some songs as well as the people singing are not the actually singers so please fix these because I looked though the other reviews and others have the same problem. So I have an idea, what if you make it so the gems have a use and you can use it to buy a thing to make your own game thing and then link it up to a song and release it so others can play it. These were my thoughts and I hope you get these fixed thank you..Version: 7.111.006

MoneyTo much.Version: 6.122.402

Magic tiles 3This app is really fun but you have to keep in the beat or you will lose. You have to think about what you are doing. I Love this game and you should try it out.Version: 6.22.038

Not bad 🙂I’ll be honest the sound always goes off for nooooo reason and it is overloaded with ads no offense 😒🙂there is an add after every song and you need more song selections that are Christian.Version: 8.043.005

Not the best...Played it a few times then it started glitching, I did all the usuals to fix it and it wouldn’t work I started to try play it the next few days and it stops loading at 30%. Kinda upset wish it work better can u try and fix the glitches thanks.Version: 8.045.102

Good game- but with some major issues.This game is somewhat enjoyable- it is mostly non stressful and can be quite fun, but recently I have noticed some bugs within the app and wish to come forward about my experiences with them. I have frequently encountered a strange glitch with the audio in which the speed is either dramatically increased or decreased, and the pitch altered substantially. When this occurs, the sound no longer syncs up with the placement and speed of the tiles. At first I believed the problem was with my device, but after reading some of the reviews it has become apparent that this is a glitch that many others have had to endure. Of course, it is not a major issue, but it rather takes away from my ability to enjoy the music tracks and instead makes them rather frustrating to listen to. I wish the developers of the game would further investigate this matter and perhaps set it right. And for those considering downloading the game, I do recommend it. If the glitch occurs, simply close down the app and open it again and the problem usually resolves itself..Version: 7.076.101

Umm... it’s okay.Usually really fun, and it has a nice premise, but there are just some parts that are kind of poorly executed. For starters, the ads are just unbearable. Of the gaming apps on my phone, this is by far the worst. Literally, you watch an ad before the game, sometimes in the middle of the game, and after the game. The glitches are pretty bad too, and they’re becoming even more common. :( Finally, the music. I have quite a few things to say about this. The artists never even sound like the actual singer, like, I don’t think Bastille sounds like Britney Spears, but okay. I’d rather have a totally random singer rather than these super robotic ones. Also there’s no variety, and they never update it. I mean, obviously they’re not going to do an artist that isn’t mainstreamed, but I don’t think Fall Out Boy or Lorde are that rare! Ugh. And like I said, it’s never updated! I’ve probably been through four levels at this point and still have the same suggested songs. So, in conclusion, it could be much better, but I guess it’s fun when you’re in the mood. I really didn’t mean for this to be a super hateful comment, just some things that I’d love if you could fix. Thanks for reading!.Version: 7.076.011

SucksVery glitchy if you want to have fun while playing it you have to spend money.songs are good.But if you want to play the really good ones you have to spend money.I enjoyed playing this game but I only got to play a few and it got boring and it kept glitching..Version: 6.17.013

Lots of reasons why this game is badThe only problem is that i don’t know how to Change my profile picture because it’s embarrassing and I will delete the game if I can not find it out another thing that is bad is all the adds always come on when I get into the game and whenever I finish a song and when I loss a song it is really annoying and another annoying thing is that people chat to you and you should not be able to chat because when they chat they can say rude things and also when you join people to play with they kick you out I don’t like the idea of that, I actually hate the idea of that because one day I was just trying to join people to play with but they just kicked me out and I could not find anyone to play with and I was about to delete the game so that is why this game is 2/5.Version: 7.035.002

Why should I report an issue with Magic Tiles 3: Piano Game?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Magic Tiles 3: Piano Game to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Magic Tiles 3: Piano Game customer and are running into a problem, might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Magic Tiles 3: Piano Game.

Is Magic Tiles 3: Piano Game not working?

Magic Tiles 3: Piano Game works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Magic Tiles 3: Piano Game.

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