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Magic Tiles 3: Piano Game Positive Reviews

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Magic Tiles 3: Piano Game App User Positive Comments 2023

Magic Tiles 3: Piano Game app received 136 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about magic tiles 3: piano game?

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Magic Tiles 3: Piano Game for Positive User Reviews

Fun game but the adds!This game is great, it’s super fun and challenging 😋 but the amount of adds is crazy. Like every time you mess up there is an add, every time you click on a song there is an add and basically every time you click on something an add pops up, like seriously 😐. Anyway I would like to let anyone that is considering downloading the game that YOU CAN’T COMPLETE THE GAME. So basically once you finish the song it repeats it and it gets faster and faster and faster till you lose and then of course an add. Just a lil tip but If you don’t want any adds I would recommend turning off your WIFI on the devise that you are playing on 😅😂. Over all it’s a super fun game just a bit to many adds. Thanks 😊.Version: 8.111.004

Love it but…I love the game it’s really cool but there could be more songs like my fav song is Wellerman and worlds smallest violin but you don’t have to put them in bye.Version: 9.073.014

Amazing just 1 thingI know it is supposed to be like u don’t need wifi but u can but with the wifi for some reason it’s so laggy. If u r reading this I’m not saying it’s a bad game and I really like it but it’s just really annoying. The challenges and multiplayer too. I can only play them on wifi and it’s really laggy on wifi so most of the time I just lag out if I have wifi and I’m try to use it. I am having so much fun but, i’m really annoyed on this game. Please fix this! Edit: Astronaut in the Ocean swears and that is absolutely bad! Even if I like the song.. I wish u would cover the swearing up with something else?.Version: 9.071.008

Awesome but...Hello person reading this I hope your day is awesome! This game is really good but there are a couple things about this I don’t personally like. Number 1, There are a couple ads but not an overwhelming amount but a number that kinda ticks you off. Number 2, I don’t know if it’s just my device but when I go to play it loads fine but it starts in the middle of the song and I swipe out and then it starts from the beginning (rarely). Number 3, again idk if it’s just my device but when i start a song it’s sometimes (rarely) it starts in a very low/high sound when I swipe out and go back in it’s perfectly fine. I’m really confused about why it does these things but other than those things it’s PERFECT! I have 3 suggestions can you put in the song Fancy Like by Walker Hayes I love that song. Suggestion 2, can you put in more pop music like that. Suggestion 3, can you put in the rock song I Feel Like A Monster by Skillet. Thank you for your time! Sincerely, NoName.Version: 8.101.002

Amazing, but there are things I would changeFirst of all the game is one of the favorite games I’ve had. I love how the games never laggy or has any issues, and how it can be challenging and easy. I’ve installed and uninstalled this game like a million times, but overall I think I’ve had all the magic tiles games for about 1-2 years in all. It’s impressive how well they made the game. But there are something’s I would change. First of all it would be cool if they added more songs. It’s been mostly the same songs for a while now and I kinda wanna try something new. Another thing that I don’t like about the app is how many adds there are. I think if you get a subscription you won’t get any adds, but some people can’t buy a subscription like that. Finally the last think I don’t like the most about the game is how most songs aren’t the originals, and other people sing it. I know it might be hard to add the real song in, but that’s one of the reasons why I keep uninstalling the app. I think a lot more people would play the game if they used the original sound. That’s all I have to say, but overall the games amazing! I can’t wait for the next update!.Version: 9.031.103

Pls fix xxxtentation voice in sadThe game is amazing but please fix xxxtentation voice and I got three stars first try on closer it my fav song.Version: 8.055.003

Love. ItI got this game when my mum went to hospital. I was so sad. But when I started playing, it really cheered me up and I knew things would be ok..Version: 6.25.403

Glitches and adsWith the glitches it’s really irritating and it make you lose. Then with the ads it always this annoying one type of ad which gives you money it’s always those ads but other then that everything is great!.Version: 8.111.004

It’s great, but the adds...I think it is a great game, but recently, a new update changed the whole thing. It used to have certain special songs here and there that you would either have to buy or watch a video to play, but now ALL of the songs are like that. It sorta stinks because it is supposed to be a game you can play offline, but now you can’t. Other than that though, I love the game. But there is just one more thing I would change if I could though, (personal preference, doesn’t affect anything) is that the little red notification dot DOES NOT go away on the three options you have on the bottom. (Songs, Quickmatch, and Community) To me that is just annoying. I am one of those people that never have unread (taped into to get the notification away) emails, but that is a personal preference. Now onto the good part! I love this game! It is a lot better that other piano tiles games because I don’t think that it is as glitchy as other ones, and it has quick matches against other people. I also like the variety of songs. (even through I don’t like them as much as the old ones before the pop music) In an overall review, if it did not have the adds, it would be 5 stars..Version: 6.117.103

Decent app 👌🏼Magic tiles 3 is a really fun app that I will say I’m getting quite good at. I also have the previous game made by the same company (piano tiles 2) and I will say they have added a lot of things that I like a lot but at the same time I’m starting to think the 2nd version was a little bit better than this one. On the previous one there were challenges and different ways to play. On the other hand, I really like this one because of the songs and stuff. I also like how they’ve added a battle mode where u can play against ,up to 4, people. I think the developer/s have done a really good job making this game and I would definitely recommend this to anyone who liked their previous one. Thank you for reading my review 🙏☺️.Version: 8.012.003

Please read this reviewHello to the person reading this. I hope your having a great day and doing well. Anyways I’m gonna start talking about the game a little bit. It’s an amazing app! You should download it. But when I’m playing this game why do I have the constant need to itch myself? lol but it’s very funny how when I’m playing I have to scratch myself but I don’t, because I know I’m gonna mess up. I love how this app has the actual song and not like a cover or any of that stuff. It’s because some apps I have downloaded didn’t have the actual song and it was a cover and I did not like it. I love the overall game. I think you should download it! This game is great!!! This game is amazing, great, awesome and fun! If you are looking for a challenge this is the perfect game for you. I also like how this game makes it easy at first and then it gets harder and harder as you go. Edit: it actually does have covers which makes it 10 times worse but it’s still a good game overall. Also I did not say this but there a lot of ads and it’s pretty annoying. I would play this more often if there weren’t covers and it would have less ads. I would give this 6 or 7 out of 10. If you made it to the end of my review thanks for reading it have a great day!.Version: 7.129.004

Change a few of the updatesI uploaded magic tiles 3 on my old device, and it was perfect, deserved five stars. But in the past year updates have been made to make my opinion of it go down, which is very ironic and frustrating since rather being promoted , they have been demoted in my opinion. This app got me into what is now my favourite artist, TheFatRat. And Monody used to be my favourite song on this app. But recently changes have been made to the song. The chorus now comes at the start of the song instead of the end, an annoying amateur move. And e so no now is a lot faster and harder, which makes it almost impossible for me to actually enjoy the song, since I have to be so focused on pressing the buttons. But overall, the song still has the proper voice singing it (Laura Brehm sings a lovely note) and the app is very good in lots of ways. Definitely still download it!!.Version: 8.053.204

Great gameSo first I want to say that this game isn’t just for fun, if you don’t believe me that’s fine; this game helps with eye coordination and with mentally being Able to understand what you are doing you have to know that hand eye coordination is so very important. I also have a few tips. 1. If you look at the spot where all the numbers of tiles you got are and don’t look at the tiles it increases your chances of finishing, I finished faded, which I was working on for two months, when I decided to look at only that spot then I finished. 2. If you place your device in a slanted motion it would help increase your chance of hitting the tiles not the sides. So I hope you will take this into consideration and not think this game is bad, even Pnut24, you judged and judged the for all the flaws, I don’t know how old you are and I don’t need to but I am 12 this game relaxes me so you should find positive things to shed on your negativeness..Version: 7.076.101

Good, needs a few minor changesAmazing app (good job devs!) but I’ve noticed in some cases, my game just glitches out after I watch an ad and it makes me loose on purpose, the same has happened with my friends multiple times. Another thing is, With the song “new rules” it is has a VERY low voice. Like, think of the person with the lowest voice. Then throw them out a window because this one is lower. (Don’t actually). I also have a suggestion(s). So first, I would really like it if there were daily challenges. It would be really fun. Second, gifts. I think that you should be able to claim all the gifts you got from playing a song like, let’s say “bad romance”. I got 3 gifts from playing that and I only got one. Please change that. The last thing is ads. I mean, I get some people just want to advertise, but this is just to much. Everytime I enter a game, exit one, it plays ads. Same with single player. (Could I please get a dev response?) thanks to the person reading this. You took time out of your day to hear my complaints..Version: 8.055.003

Good...but not so good 😞This is very good! And I’m not trying to hate on the songs but for example, if you listen to one of Charlie Pugh songs,(or multiple), then you can see/hear that it is not the same singer. This frustration is for other songs as well not just Charlie Puth. So the people who made this app, could you please fix this because that would be wonderful for me and everybody else who might have this same problem or agree with me on what I’m saying right now. Sorry if I’m being a bundle of weirdness and frustration now but all I’m asking from you people who made this game is to improve the game, (especially the songs). Thanks for reading this and I hope you will listen to me and improve the game and songs.Version: 7.111.006

Not bad but glitchesThis isn’t a bad game and I get a decent amount of enjoyment from it. Nice to have the full song and decent selection too and my sis is overjoyed by the by the inclusion of Blackpink. Despite this the biggest drawback is the glitch caused by adverts. While it doesn’t happen every time there is a common issue that after an advertisement there is no sound until a volume change is made and it doesn’t matter if the ad is for continuing a song or to play a new song. Another thing I noticed… I don’t know if this is a glitch but one of the songs started playing double time after an advertisement. Something to look into perhaps? In saying this I don’t think the amount of ads is too bad considering but I wouldn’t increase ads if you want to keep it playable..Version: 8.101.004

Just a few disappointmentsSo, I love this game, I just want to say that up front. It’s great but there are a few things that could be fixed. When I’m playing one of the many games there are two problems. N.1: there is no pause button!! I have to go help my mum in the kitchen, I have to go bring in the shopping but I can’t pause my game! That is rlly annoying. N.2: I die. I stop the game but then an add goes on. Then I want to play a different song but I need to watch an add. Everything requires an add! This rlly annoys me. Then you need to pay to get rid of adds! One last thing, this app is rated 4+ but there are swears in some of the songs, which may not be suitable for younger children. Generally a great game that could improve a lot more with just a few changes.Version: 9.011.005

Could be better..I only started using this app a few days ago and it’s soooo good! I love playing it and listening to different songs. There could be some improvements because there are a fews songs from TheFatRat which i love but it says to play it, you need to watch an Ad like all the others. I pressed to watch the ad and after watching it, it doesn’t let me play the song which is VERY UPSETTING. Also, the app exits on its own for some reason. Is it me or is that a problem with the app? Idk, but other than those flaws, i would highly recommend it, but keep in mind, if u don’t wanna pay a subscription, your going to have to get used to watching ads every now and then.🙄.Version: 8.071.004

A couple of problemsMagic Tiles is a fun game that I could play all day long. It’s very entertaining. I could go on and on about how much fun it is but let me tell you about the cons. Number one, there is way to many adds. Every time I end a round I have to watch the same adds over and over. I mean I know that you guys are trying to make money but please please please cut back on the adds there are way to many. Number two there’s not as many songs as I thought there would be. Please fix this. Some of the songs go way to fast and I can hardly keep up by stage three. Number three. Please change some of the vip songs over. All of the good songs are vip and I’m not paying money just to do the good songs. Other than that the game is super fun. I really enjoy playing it but please fix these. Please share this game with your friends and play this game. Me and a lot of other people recommend this game to you. DOWNLOAD NOW!😊😊😊😁😁😉😘😍.Version: 8.101.002

Awesome game! But..It an awesome game! I love the idea. It’s fun musical and some times even challenging. And those are things that I really do like. But this weird thing keeps happening to me. Now I don’t know if it’s a glitch or something but every once and a while when I first click a random music it’s not just one specific song it goes super high pitched and really fast. And I’m talking like it hurts my ears high pitched. And for some reason it’s only the female songs? And for some reason the more I play the game the more frequently it happens. Like last year I played 5 songs a week. And it only happened like once. But now I’m playing about one song each day of the week and it’s done been like three times. Every week. If this is a glitch please fix it. One more thing. This is just my opinion there is to many adds. And some people are saying that there not the same artists but here’s why they might get copy writed! Other than that stuff it’s a great app one of my favs! But like I said please fix that. Thank you for your time! -dragon.Version: 7.127.007

I love thisThis is the best app ever and there is barely any adds I think I would pick this app out of any other app in the world.Version: 7.024.003

Don’t listen to other reviews!This is a good game. Please get it. It doesn’t force you to buy any VIP things, it only asks every now and again. The ads are practically nonexistent, but about 1/2 of the ads are very, very inappropriate for a four year old, so please remove the ads for the app ‘episode’ as they are very inappropriate. As for the songs, yep they are very good. There are easy, very easy, medium, hard, very hard, and impossible levels. Also, I saw on another app, Acrylic Nails, a very offensive review. A snippet from the rude review: ‘and the bodies of the people make me feel sick - they should probably hit the gym as they look like human blobs. FIX THIS PLEASE!!!!!!!’ which is very offensive because anyone overweight will surely have a reason as to why they cannot ‘hit the gym’ and what does it even matter that they aren’t ‘slim’ and ‘hot’? They are still humans. If you see this behavior going on, please report it because it is not nice to be bullied, and I know. I have had 2 years of straight bullying by a group of people. This kind of comment is unnecessary and unacceptable. Thanks and have a great day! Download the app!! (Please do not download phone case diy by crazy labs it is such a scam and I hate it).Version: 9.121.101

LOVE THIS APP! But..has a few problems...Hi, I am obsessed with this game!!! I love all their songs, and is really addicting. I love that they have a have an online mode so people can play with people all around the world! But, it is sort of a lot of ads...which is really annoying. Also, I don’t like it that now, it will not let me in the game. And I know that it is not my device because I just got it. I really love the songs they play, but they need to at least put a search bar so we can search up songs. Also, we should be also treated like the V.I.Ps! It is annoying that songs that people like can’t listen to without a subscription. Also, once again, less ads please! It is so so so annoying! I would also like for there to be more songs, like Ariana Grande all the way to Zayn! I really would like these people, and I know that others would too. They also should have sections that not only VIPs can play, but like early Disney songs, like Camp Rock, and also eighties music! It would be so fun to have varieties! So, please do these things so this app could be way cooler. Good Bye!❤️❤️❤️.Version: 7.066.004

Amazing game, a few small problems.First of all, let me say that I am not a Karen. I just want to get through a few small problems in this spectacular game. 1. Swearing This game says it is 4+, but that is not including the swear words in songs like ‘Astronaut In The Ocean’. 2. Voice modifications In some of the songs, the voice of the singer is really high, like a chipmunk voice changer. In others, it is way lower. In most of them though, it sounds normal but you can tell it is by a different singer. I understand that you cannot put in the exact audio because of copyright reasons, but don’t you make enough from people buying premium and the ads (you guys are really good with the ads, they are not excessive after every song like many other music games.)? Thank you so much if you read this, and I hope this message means something to you guys..Version: 9.075.008

Not many popular songsNot gonna lie, I love the game, sure it gets frustrating now and then but it’s an amazing pass time but if you search Taylor swift, Lorde or other extremely popular artists it comes up with nothing. I would love to see even just a few of them in the game, also I can’t find the use of diamonds or coins, I think that there should be like a tutorial or something for where to use them..Version: 8.081.101

BossSo this game is really fun. But the problem is to much adds but don’t worry it’s okay. It’s really fun to play with your bored. I am so happy I find this game lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣. But when I turn off the network its not too much adds there are no adds anymore.Version: 7.047.002

Y I love it 🥰I love it I know u use adds to make money and the add amount is perfect Ty for making this and here are a few suggestions (1)pretty pretty plz add wrap me in plastic it’s my fav song I’ve been looking for it idk if it’s in vip plz tell me with ur response case I love it so much if it’s not in the game plz add it in a future update and pretty plz make it not in vip (2) u should add this thing it should have a music icon like this emoji 🎵and if u press that it will take u to this thing and u can add a song ID and u can have that song so it’s easier to add stuff and add it to a another thing where there are all the songs u put IDS in to get (3)can u make this thing before u start playing u can choose a background it’s not really important it’s just case maybe the people don’t liek the background u give them and there should be a custom wallpaper in vip so u can take pic draw a drawing something in album and u can use it as a wallpaper that whould be cool (4) when u do a race if u have vip u cna do a custom person or if u don’t have vip they cna choose charpters there shoudl be a red one blue one green one pink one and purple one that’s all I really hope U add these in a future ubdate or multiple ubdates Ty for reading htis keep giving thsi game power and keep inspiring ur people ❤️❤️enjoy ur day.Version: 9.031.103

My review...I love this game and it is absolutely awesome! However there are a few things that bother me that I wish they would change. The first thing...THE ADDS! There are so many of them. Whenever you die, you instantly get a add and it’s just super annoying cause sometimes you just want to relax and play this game for the fun and music but the continuous adds are just very annoying. Second I love music ALOT but I wish they would put more songs up! This game is absolutely amazing but I wish they would update the game with more songs and maybe add a new song every time or so they update this amazing game. Now I have stated all my flaws but let me state all the fantastic features about this wonderful game. This game is my favorite game I have had yet. It is very fun and I like how you can challenge with your friends! All the songs are great. I love how it challenges you after you beat a level of the song and it goes faster and faster until you have died. This game is absolutely wonderful and I would definitely recommend getting it. It is tons of fun and I absolutely LOVE IT!.Version: 7.062.010

Too many addsOmg! I love this game! I can almost play bad guy. BUT THERE ARE TOO MANY ADS!!!!!!! I get so annoyed by how many ads there are and almost smash my iPhone every time I fail a level!! I can’t even play a song yet!!! Just the ads, everything else is perfect! I will go insane with all the ads. I’ve seen like 200 ads today, no joke. I still have 3 more weeks on holidays and this game will drive me insane with all the ads. I think people should be able to spend the money you earn from each level on second chances in the game instead of watching an ad every time. Love the bit where u can pick your own ad..Version: 7.064.005

Magic tiles 3This is the best app I’ve ever played I think everyone should download this app on my opinion😊👍.Version: 7.022.007

Great App Just Having Some ProblemsI love this app so much me and my sister always play it. It’s just that the songs have a different voice and it’s not the same as the real song. I hope you can fix it because the song don’t sound that nice. Another problem it that when you play any song it’s sometimes slow so the singing is slow but the tiles are normal. I don’t like this glitch because sometimes the music doesn’t get to finish because it’s so slow. It happens with any song but it only happens sometimes. Last problem, TOO MANY ADVERTS. I hate that there is so many adverts that just come up. It’s always the same ones as well so I hope you can fix these problems, sorry if it’s too much. Review By Commenting Apps.Version: 7.062.012

Amazing great appThis app is AMAZING I defended recommend it. My mum doesn’t usually like me on my iPad but this app is really good and she likes me on my iPad as long as I’m on one of these sort of apps. And it’s a really good game for finger stretch’s and after I played this app a few time I’m all ready quicker at typing. It is very addictive but in a good way, I love playing it and it is so fun to sing to it but the only bad thing is that it’s not the real singer it’s someone singing it I’m not saying that they’re bad at singing but I would like it better if it was the real singer. But except that it is an amazing app and I definitely recommend this for ages 8-12. I rate it a 4/5..Version: 6.117.002

Decent.My first gripe is that the singers aren’t real. I don’t really mind if your avoiding copyright, but if that isn’t the case, I’d like to hear the real singer (though, the vocals for the in-game singers are quite good)My second problem is that they wouldn’t add Doja-cat’s rap in “say so” but they’ve add a song that says the n-word in it (I’m Asian, thus the censorship). The third thing is that when I watching an add, it gets quite laggy. It would go extremely fast, therefore I miss a tile. That’s only sometimes though. I’ve also noticed that the song, “how long” sounds cheap and not like an actual cover. Not good on the singer's talent, I know that it’s the instrumental, definitely not the singer’s fault, possibly the microphone. I’d also like to mention that they are extremely biased when it comes to The fat rat. It would be nice to see other songs as well, since I keep on replaying the same songs over again. The songs that I request are: “Blood, sweat and tears” by BTS, “Positions” by Ariana Grande, “Love shot” by EXO and “ Kiss and makeup” by Dua Lipa and BLACKPINK. Overall a decent game. UPDATE: they added how you like that! Put Blood sweat and tears by BTS!!!!! Come on, Armys beg you guysssss! Also “On the ground” by Rosé!!!!.Version: 8.031.005

Its goodI like this game a bunch and its really fun. the thing that really bothers me is that the songs aren't sung by the original artists. Otherwise its an amazing game!.Version: 9.101.009

CoolIt’s cool but way too many adds and to listen to new songs we have to watch the stupid adds and after every song I have to watch the stupid adds so I just reset the app and I don’t have to watch the stupid adds any more now I could just playing the songs in peace what out any adds.Version: 9.101.009

I don’t get it!💁🏽‍♀️ Awesome game!If you come across this game, then you should download it if you want. Honestly, this game is amazing. I just got it a few days ago, and I really enjoy it. I love playing the endless where I can go super fast. It challenges my agility. Also, I just LOVE doing this, when I was younger, and I had my Tom, I always played the piano game. So when I came across this game. I HAD to get it! People are saying that the ads are horrible, but there are FINE! Don’t you want to continue when u mess up,p? The ads can also show some neat games! But... I do have some things that I don’t like. Like when I play a level, sometimes, the song does NOT sound like it was sung by the artist. I think it’s either you can’t use the song (you don’t have permission) or its copyright (you can’t copy the song). But that’s okay. Another thing is, when there are little prize boxes, I go after them, it usually doesn’t throw me off, but it can be frustrating. Soooooo... plz fix this if you can, and the game is awesome! ❤️👋🏽 Thx for reading this, plz.Version: 7.022.007

Pretty cool 😎Hi to the people that are reading this right now I’m a kid that’s parents let me play this game and I just wanted to say that this game is really fun but the only reason I give it four stars ✨is The things that get from the subscription are really cool and I just wish I could do that free with no money because I think spending money on a game it’s a waste of money 💵 but to some people it’s fine and I would say to those people this is five stars but the people that think spending money on a game is a waste of money then I’d say four stars because sure you can do really fun things without the subscription like picking a song that you want to do and tapping on the tiles along with the rhythm of the beat and the song that’s really fun but I wish I wish I wish I wish that I could do the things the subscription does but for free☹️ but overall I get this a big whopping four stars I really like this app and I had it for a long time now and I totally totally totally suggest this to any other person that’s interested I hope my review helps anyone that’s thinking to get this app😁😄😆. From a kid 👩🏽who played this game and loved it 😍.Version: 7.076.011

5 stars!This game is wonderful for when your bored and have nothing else to do. You can play a piano for as long as you’d like and it never gets old. There are different songs to choose from and great things you can do. You can use diamonds to buy more songs and have a spectacular time. I appreciate it very much that somebody had the creativity to create this game! I enjoy playing it every day with fun that never comes to an end. It looks like an ordinary piano game but once you actually install it it will be the best choice you ever made!.Version: 7.066.004

Great but a few thingsThis is a really fun app, and it’s nice and enjoyable but sometimes on the tracks it glitches out and I try to click the tiles but since it’s glitchy it says I got it wrong and makes me watch and ad, and then after the ad is finished, it glitches again, and it takes a while to get back in your feet and into the rhythm of it again. And also, most of the songs you have to get VIP access for or pay diamonds or watch an ad, and you only have dance monkey and closer by the chainsmokers free. There is not many options or opportunities. Also, I got three gifts on one track and then at the end I didn’t get them. So fix that please, because I risked having to give up my progress to get them. But I gave this app four stars because overall it is fun to play and easy to learn how to. If the developers could just fix the glitches and gift things then it would get my praise, full approval and five stars. I would give it three and a half, but I don’t know how to do that. Anyway this has been nice. Goodbye. AND FIX THE GLITCHES.Version: 8.085.201

GreatProbably I was like most people: there are some bad reviews...Idk whether to get it! Look I know you have a vision in your mind of what it should be like,this game gives most of my vision personally! Even though there are a few adds here and there it’s a great game and has loads of good songs! I never regret getting it and it’s really good! Personally, when I listen to music I get bored and want to fiddle around (my fingers are flexible so that may be why...) this lets me listen to music and keep my fingers busy which is great! It also help my piano playing as it makes my hand become faster to react and quicker to play! Edit: For some reason now my phone feels more uncomfortable...wierd... From ur unknown reviewer :).Version: 7.066.004

I’m obsessed but I have 2 problems!I’m obsessed with this game and it’s extremely addictive but I have 2 major problems that I found in this game. 1. The ads. I know that you have to have adds to pay to keep this game free and pay for it but there is so many of them! Also, each ad is about 30 second to a minute long. I don’t want to have to wait that long just to keep playing! Some of the ads ate inappropriate for younger or less mature children and I would not rate it as 4+ maybe 9+ is better. Also the song choices might not be appropriate for younger kids. 2. I mess up more than I’m supposed to. No I’m not terrible at this game! I’ve been playing it for around 2 or 3 years and I’ve kind of mastered it, not to brag, but sometimes when I tap a key it messes me up on purpose! Like I’ll tap a key and it says that I didn’t tap it. I don’t know if I’m not tapping in hard enough or something or if this is a glitch. Thank you for your time to read my review and I hope you have a nice day!♥︎.Version: 8.101.003

Great game only needs a few tweaksOk. First up this game is all around amazing! I love it Second thought. I Personally Think that if it had a pause button it would’ve gotten that last star. But I LOVE this game so much i love all the songs and I’m already at level 14 and I only got it a few days ago! 👌. My favourite song is probably... Wedding Pino! I love that song so much!!!!! Oh and also fix the music timing because I tap the black tiles and then the music is just playing in the background and it’s really annoying when it does that. But I still love it!.Version: 6.19.015

♥️♥️♥️♥️It is great but pls get rid of the commercial break.Version: 9.041.004

Good but need s’more songsSo I love it but I think you need to add more songs like heatwaves because that’s a song but saldy not in there.Version: 9.121.101

This game is awsomeThis game is one of the best I’ve ever downloaded u should for sure get the game right now.Version: 9.095.003

Song requestIf you don’t have this song already please and savage love I love that song it’s so good please add it but otherwise it’s a great game.Version: 7.091.101

Good game. Just the adsSo I really like magic tiles three but the problem is the ads I hate the absolutely hate the ads. Please get rid of the ads and if you do I will wait this five stars because I really just do not like the ads I really like the game I love how it always has all these really funny games and songs but if you could just get rid of the apps. I also have some ideas of some new songs you could add I would really like it if you could add like AJR. They have so many good songs my number one favorite would have to be Bummerland. But anyway I just I just I would like it if you guys got rid of the ads that would make me so much happier and I would probably make so many other people happy because before I downloaded this game I saw one star reviews two star reviews and three star reviews all because of the ads. So I also love how you get these little GIFs but another problem is how do I even freaking use them how do I even use them so yeah. If y’all could just get rid of the ads and then if here and when you do get rid of the ads but hopefully you do next time magic tiles three asked me to write a review I will give it five stars because it doesn’t have any ads but just please get rid of the ads. And that’s all I have to say. -Lyric Fortier 8 year old.Version: 8.111.003

AmazingSoooo cool I can play it on the go.Version: 9.031.103

Must get!Magic tiles 3 is so addicting. I can't believe it, but playing magic tiles taught me how to play piano. There is a huge variety of all your favorite songs, and I discovered 13 songs I didn't know, that I LOVED. This game does have ads, but if there were no ads in any games, I wouldn't have discovered Magic tiles in the first place! And at least they do the ads at good times. But beware, this is literally the WORST multitasking game. You need to have all focus on the game, unless there's an ad break. I love to play with my friends. We see who can go the longest without messing up. There's a battle mode where you can compete against people from all around the world! It's super age appropriate, and if you're in a younger age range, it's fine, because there's nothing bad! There are little presents you can tap on in the middle of the game and it gives you gems and stuff. I'm still not sure what the gems are FOR, but it doesn't have any effect on the game. Must get right now, and to whoever is reading this, have fun, and play some awesome music!.Version: 8.043.005

AMAZING!!This game is really fun and enjoyable. It’s really addictive and it requires concentration. In Magic Tiles 3, you have a range of options; you can play against your friends, play against people all around the world or choose your own songs from the wide selection and go solo! The only downside about this app is the ads. If you click a wrong button whilst you are playing, Magic Tiles 3 lets you keep where you are and carry on if you watch an ad, but if you decide not to, there will always be an ad to watch. I would change how many ads are in the app. Except from this, this app is amazing and I would really recommend this to anyone who is really interested in learning how to play the piano..Version: 7.066.004

Great gameI love all of the music and the way it goes faster each time the song ends. I also love the game because you can collect presents whilst you are playing. There are so many different songs you can do and it is so easy to level up. It is so so so so so so fun and that’s the best thing about it. It is very relaxing and helps you calm down. Some times it gets tricky but it is ok because it is actually easy so it just needs a bit of practice.I recommend downloading this game..Version: 7.047.002

ReviewIt’s an amazing game and so far I have found no songs that swear. I still think that it should not allow you to play with online people unless you can’t talk to them through a chat..Version: 7.064.005

Pretty cool gameI absolutely love this game! But there are a few issues. The membership cost is a little too expensive. 8 dollars a week? Really? Since I’m a kid, I always fail to be able to pay for it. I suggest that if you were to lower it a little, you may get more people paying. The more people that pay, the more money you guys get! Secondly the glitches are very annoying. They most of the time don’t get me but they are still troublesome. I will be in the middle of a song and it will mess the whole thing up! If you can find a way to fix it, then it would be great. Myself and others who enjoy the game would appreciate it! Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this! Also, I really would like to address that even though I have a lot of criticism on this topic I do love this game. Thank you whoever made this game and/or simply read this. Have a fantastic day and I hope you smile today! Thank you whoever made this again! You are very appreciated!.Version: 8.063.010

Magic Tiles 3This is such an amazing app. There are some spectacular songs and efforts put into this game. Some songs can be challenging some easy but I love whatever levels they are. Although I would like to see less and shorter ads as maybe people cannot afford to pay the amount to become a VIP. Also just suggesting that maybe we could create different levels and whenever we reach for example level 100 you get a prize and become a VIP for a month. Apart from these suggestions this gam is incredible, I’m really impressed with what people did with this app..Version: 8.031.005

Soooooo many adsIts a really fun game but you have to watch ads to unlock song and every time you lose you watch an ad BUT the game is fun to play and to avoid ads you can turn off you’re internet but then you will have to deal with the songs you already have And maybe add a song like traitor, girls like you ,good 4 you it might help with better reviews.Version: 8.101.004

Took away songYou took away the song happier which was my favourite song on the game but the rest of your game is great.Version: 8.121.016

Meh 😒Well to start it is ads hell and all it says is buy this spend money spend money all in sweet way but then I got one that said SPEND YOUR MONEY 💵 GET UNLIMITED EVERYTHING NO ADS HOW GREAT what was very shouty for a ad and all they are like is basically like buy it to support are community we need it and it goes to so many benefits and it can upgrade are apps like omg give it a rest chill get a coffee or some boba 🧋 or maybe some tea and some cake you know but they do have fairly good selection of songs and stuff but when you go against it freezes for me so I lose and the others carry on this actually happens on both so just fix that and give it a rest on adverts and stuff they are literally begging for you to buy like ahhhhhhhhhh so yeah this is my review and have a good life and peace ✌️ out I guess :edit thank you for reply to this one and I am deeply sorry about being rude to the game and I will have a little think about vip and I do not what this game to have to have to payed for thank you amanotes I don’t know if that is rightfully spelled.Version: 8.111.003

👍🏻Magic tiles: I play this game quite a lot when I am bored and it occupies me as it is very entertaining. The game is about fast fingers! You can pick a starter song and you have to start tapping to the beat and slide your fingers up the buttons and collect prizes on the way! Each round gets harder and faster so you have to be very concentrated. I would recommend this game to people with adhd as it is about concentration but this game is a free for all! At the end if you have been fast enough to finish all the rounds you get to unlock new songs like the latest pop most from social media! As you play the game you mustn’t press anywhere other than the buttons as you loose and have to restart or you can watch an advert to keep playing. Overall this game is great and I recommend 8.5/10.Version: 9.081.010

It’s perfect for me!So, I literally just download this game and it seems really really good! I’ve heard that the first level is supposed to be hard it’s not for me though because I’ve been playing on my younger brothers iPad. And the reason why I gave it four stars is because I care about other peoples opinions. But if I haven’t heard that it’s been glitching or The first level is really hard I would give this a five star personally. So, I don’t wanna hear no haters saying I have cheated by playing before I even downloaded it, because I practiced and I worked I still worked on his iPad which is all that matters. I helped him and I’m glad I helped him and I can work on my account, and I’ve been hearing that people have been wishing that you could get more stuff for free, and that’s like just one thing that I agree with. I don’t see anything else happening with me that I’ve been happening to people! Might be because I just downloaded it but I’ve seen someone they said that they just download it and they listed all of the problems that I have listed that I have not had. I’m sorry if this was really long but thank you for reading!.Version: 7.127.007

Best game❤️ stop giving your stupid dislikes.I very much enjoy this game.Version: 7.049.003

Excellent except...I love how the speed gets faster as you go. one thing bad is that the variety of songs is quite low. Once I searched up the song ‘The Middle’ because I thought it would be a great song, but it only came up with sorry nothing Then I decided to try Sorry by Justin Bieber obviously it is not there. I love competing with my little Sister but the second we fail it goes into another ad. Behalf of that, Excellent game but a little to much ads. I recommend this to people aged 8-20 year olds who like a challenge but are fine with ads..Version: 8.061.011

Great but...I love this game and since I type a lot I am pretty good at it (not trying to brag) however I sometime make little finger slips and stuff like that. I was thinking perhaps if you could make it that you are allowed to miss tiles but it takes away a certain amount of points or the rank line at the top goes back a bit. Also the amount of ads drives me Crazy with a capital 'C'! I literally can't! If I add u pp all the time that I get ads it would add u pp to millions of hours. Not ligit but you get the point. I know money doesn't fall from heaven but Cmon! Is it that hard to control yourself? Thank you for this game, definitely download it. But please loosen the rules a bit and reduce the amount of ads. Thanks for reading this and I really would appreciate these fixes! Thanks! :D.Version: 7.066.004

5 STARS SO YOU CAN SEE MY REVIEW :/Hi :) Um, I’m just not happy with this app! I have a good quality phone and I’ll admit, over the past few months, the iOS 16 updates have messed it up a bit. However, the touchscreen works perfectly now. I downloaded this app because it seemed fun and interesting. And it is!!! There’s loads of songs to choose from, as the design is good. BUT, and this is a big but, THERE ARE MANY BAD QUALITIES. 1. Touchscreen issues. I started playing a song (Dance Monkey, Tones & I) and the amount of times I “lost” because I “didn’t press the tile”! Was not impressed 😒 2. VIP. There is so much that you cannot get, and I’m not going to waste money like that! I fell there should be more things you can get for free, but I understand that app developers need to get money. 3. Song quality. Lagging, speeding up, and much more. I was not happy with the way the vocals and song did not match up with the tiles I was pressing. All in all, I would give this app two stars. ⭐️⭐️ Thanks, hope you have a great day! Xx.Version: 9.111.009

I love this game but can you please fix the amount of ads!Please read this review! I love this game! I have just bought it today and I am so entertained! It is literally now my favourite app, however, there are so many ads!! If you fail or lose a game by hitting the wrong key, you need to watch an ad every single time! It becomes time consuming when all I want to do is successfully complete the song. Please take this review to notice and please fix it!! It’s such an incredible game!!.Version: 8.041.004

Love it but…So I really love this game so I was reading the review and this person said that they should make the game like the songs are like teaching people to play the piano so this is for that person or anyone else who thinks that, your trying to make the game what it’s not- it supposed to be a satisfying game LIKE piano but not LIKE-Like piano so it’s like your trying to make the game what it’s not. It’s like if you said MINECRAFT YOU LISTEN TO ME! YOU HAVE TO BE MORE LIKE ROBLOX! You get what I mean? And btw to this game keep up the good work I love this game!.Version: 8.111.004

Adds the adds!Ok love the game it actually got some of my favorite songs but one things wrong Adds yes we know adds we hate them adds I know how it’s how you get paid and all but this is a free game! Like come on! And also when I want to revive and click the add it won’t work like the game hates me! The screen just goes blank and I have to completely reload the game! And I am playing on my phone so that could be a issue but it is an iPhone 10 so I don’t think it’s faulty I just think the adds make the game glitch. It would be very nice if you could fix this problem..Version: 7.123.007

Worthy for 5 starsThis game is the best and is my favourite game. I’ve been playing this game for 2 years and never gets old. But I would like to make on little suggestion, pleaseeee add more KPOP songs. Anyways this is the game I would reccomend a 5 star. :3.Version: 9.123.012

Great game, but:This game is really good but there are too many ads!!! It gets frustrating when you die that you have to watch an ad as well as to start a song, it’s ridiculous! Also another ongoing issue is that a lot of the time songs are sped up/slowed down. I’m almost certain it’s a glitch but needs to be fixed ASAP. Asides from those few issues it has made to be a very good game to drift into when your bored. I would recommend it to everyone getting it!.Version: 7.125.011

10/10 definitely recommendBest game ever I just think that they should add more song 🎶 🎧.Version: 9.041.004

Amazing gameLove this game, I have played it for 1 year and am addicted. Amazing songs for all types of people. There is Rap, Pop, Country, Rock and more. All the songs are unique in there own way. I love everything about piano tiles 3, I loved piano tiles 1 and piano tiles 2 but my favorite is piano tiles 3. I just the developers could make more free songs that can be played without ads. I think the ads take longer each time and I they can’t control the ads. So maybe make more songs that can be played without watching an ad or using VIP membership. But other than that the game is amazing and I definitely recommend playing it is an easy way to get your fingers moving. I love the concept of the way they do the challenges that can be completed. And I am 100% onboard with 5 stars for this game. I personally think that this is a game that anyone can play and everyone could enjoy. Like I said 5 Stars and I 100%recommend people try out this game..Version: 8.085.004

Just two questionsThis game is the best it is so addictive. I have had this game for 5 hrs and I love it. In the reviews it said some Pretty bad things about adds but all you have to do is turn you’re internet of and there are no more adds it’s great. But I have just one question what are the diamonds and hearts? for it is just a waste because you do nothing with them and why are the adds so long? Other than all of the adds this game is great it is really fun and hard👍👍👍.Version: 8.111.004

GoodI like this app it’s pretty good but the only problem is that when I die and the want and extra life I have to watch an add but when I watch the ads it still doesn’t let me have an extra life and when I want to get a new song I have to watch an add for it so when I watch an add it still doesn’t let me play the song because it says I have to watch an first.Version: 9.041.004

Amazing game, but a few problems...First of all, this is one of the most fun games on my iPad. It is such a creative concept, and the game itself is just spectacular. But a few problems are in this game that really need to be fixed. 1. Ads There are so many ads!!! At first I was like, ok, this fine, but now an ad pops up every time you finish or mess up a level. I get it since it is a free game you need to make money somehow, but still, maybe take it down a notch. 2. Glitches Now I’m sure that these are just some minor bugs, and to be honest they are pretty funny, but I have a glitch were some songs the singers voice is really low and slow, and another where the singers voice is really high, like a chipmunk 😄. Please fix this tho! 3. Swearing I know that in two songs, bum bum tam tam and rolling in the deep, BOTH have SWEARING in it. I don’t think I really need to explain the problem in this. 4. Songs In the ads they say there are songs like talk, old town road, and sucker. But where are they? There are still good songs, but I was looking forward to these. Also, some of the songs sound like they are not sung by the actual singer... Overall, this is a great game and I recommend it. Just please fix these minor things, especially the swearing, and you would get a five stars from me..Version: 6.91.301

Com raid ElmoSoviet anthem.Version: 7.014.011

Awesome!Okay, I don’t know why people keep giving this app game 1 star! I think it’s really fun, and a great way to spend time when you’re bored. I would totally recommend this to everyone! Thank you for this great game!.Version: 8.031.110

Outstanding!You guys make outstanding games even I can’t make them! Make more trust me it’s so hard but so fascinating I can’t get past any song!.Version: 6.73.109

Please please read thisI love the songs on magic tiles three and I really want you to read this because well I love this song called dynamite and it’s by BLACKPINK so I really need you to read this so you can put my favorite song and put it on there because it’s my really favorite number one song so I am hoping you can really put it on Magic Tiles 3 and I love everything on there but one little tiny thing you need to put on there I need you to put on A pause button when you play because well because sometimes when you’re playing there’s no pause button and when someone needs you and you are playing you can’t stop and because when you are playing and your iPad or phone is about to die there’s no pause button so you need to put a pause button on there this is my number one Game I mean Number one Game on the App Store like this is the best game ever so can you please put BLACKPINK on there it’s called dynamite love you peace out✌🏻.Version: 7.125.301

It is awsomeThe game let’s you choose what song you like and it has so many songs and not so much adds.Version: 9.031.103

About no playersWhen I play this game but I go on the player mode no one came and win but you can add some fake people.Version: 6.72.207

Hi Im jaysy (yes its spelt right)Love this but I think there should be no ads for FREE because its to much money and also Why don’t u put the og songs with the real siger voice? Its just weird.Version: 9.083.016

Awesome game to play, just two things!Don't get me wrong, magic tiles 3 is a great game for all ages. It has great songs, you can play against your friends and lots more! The first thing I think could improve is ads. No one likes ads popping up while your playing a game. The ads keep coming and coming and it's rather annoying especially as you don't get anything from them! The second thing isn't too bad it's just that the majority of the songs aren't sung by the person who wrote them. Anyway, magic tiles 3 is sooo much fun to play and I would definitely recommend it! Hope you have fun playing it!.Version: 7.022.007

Love it!I love this game so much but could you please make a use for the coins and diamonds because I have nothing to use them for lol? It says you can use them to buy songs but it doesn’t show a way to buy them. Thx!.Version: 9.101.009

Good but to many addsI love the game I play it all the time but it just has to many adds the adds to unlock songs are fine but the random adds that that just make me want to delete this game but otherwise it is so fun 🤩 and I love play against author people.Version: 9.011.005

Needs a bit of workGreat game. I absolutely love it and I would play it all day. I have this game for about 2 days and already have experienced glitches. When I locked my phone, you could still hear the music coming out of it. Also it has far too many ads. Some people can’t afford vip so it isn’t very fair that there is an ad after every try. Also there is a lot of inappropriate songs on there. By that I mean a lot of swearing in different songs I would recommend searching the lyrics before playing. Magic Tiles please fix this. Many kids will be playing this game and don’t want swear words in the songs. Overall very fun . Would definitely recommend TIP!!: if you don’t want ads while you are playing, turn off your mobile data..Version: 9.031.103

Good butI think piano tiles 3 is great but I think that there should be songs made slower for newbies.Version: 9.095.003

Love it but maybe less ads :)Hello I really love this game it al started when my brother got addicted but then fortnite won him over so I am still addicted:) but what I find I there is a lot of advertisements I understand it’s for good reasons because it’s a free app but maybe you could make less adds but that’s about the only con in this game otherwise I love it :) <3.Version: 6.115.011

A few problemsI think that this is a great game. Just a few problems.. First of all, I do not really like it when you have to watch ads. You have to watch ads to get other songs if you want them straight away, and most of the ones I like are at the bottom, which will take a long time to unlock. Secondly, when you play against other people, it would be really helpful if you told how to change your profile picture and name. Other than these few issues, this is overall a really good game! I love it. Thank you for reading this. (I know a few is three, but never mind).Version: 9.061.106

Calm 🎶This game makes me calm. But, every time I enter the app, it tells me to enter the password for (nana your business). Obviously, I press cancel cause I ain’t entering any password for (nana your business). This annoys me, it makes me feel the game is trying to take personal info off you and do whatever programs do with personal info. Is it apart of the game? Is it a bug? The game needed an update so it might be a bug that had been improved and I didn’t realise the game needed an update. It didn’t do this when i first got the game. Honestly, this whole paragraph might just be me misunderstanding the ways of games. I’m not a game so I have no idea how games do these things..Version: 7.129.004

Just a little problemGreat game! Outstanding Graphics quality by the way, but There is one absolutely fine bug, the song are a bit flat, I mean it’s really good and it’s got no ads and that’s reliving but if you could make the real singers that sing the songs actually sing there normal way? If not it’s absolutely fine!! P.S (To some of the people that look at the reviews) You should definitely download this app!!💞 P.P.S (To the creators) Please make more stuff like this me and my family enjoy playing die by die on it 🙂🙂.Version: 6.122.402

Miar loves your game very much ❤️💖💙I love this game. Because it’s very very awesome. Thank you very much I love it and again I love it!.Version: 6.74.303

Wow what a gameI enjoy playing this game.Version: 7.083.007

Could be better…Magic tiles is a great fun game which is very addictive. Although sometimes it can be kinda annoying cuz it doesn’t let me do the multiplayer version sometimes. Also you need a Facebook acc to save the data and sign in into the multiplayer game but I don’t have Facebook… why can’t it be like Instagram or tik tok or something… Anyways it has many songs which are very nice and fun to listen to and literally after every time you get out (which is barely ever for me but anyways) there’s an ad. This game seriously has too many adverts!! Other than that it’s a great game and close to 5 stars so yeh Thanks for taking your time and readingggg and developer please update the game with new songs as welllll.Version: 8.105.009

Really good and loved the song but....I love the songs and how smooth some of them are but they have to many ads about one thing like simply piano like couldn't they have a different variety of ads because I sometimes quit the song and re do it because I hate just one type of ads Thanks..Version: 7.111.006

People are being to unreasonable.I actually quite enjoy this game. I think I was quite good at this game because I played Piano Tiles 2, so this was a nice reminder of the hours I spent trying to reach three crowns. I understand some people won’t like games like these, but if your not good at the game you shouldn’t write a review saying it’s horrible, because quite frankly, it’s not. As long as your fingers are fast enough this games is amazing, and you will want to play it for hours. What I like most about it is the songs, they added in songs that sound amazing, making you want to continue playing just to hear the music again. Although some parts could change this is a magnificent game with lots of potential. The bad reviews just come from people who either can’t play it well, or just got the wrong game for them..Version: 6.19.015

WOW!This game is amazing, the devs have put in so much effort! It really relaxes me and it doesn’t have ads, which is awesome! Great choice of songs and beautiful beats and rhythms, keep up the good work devs! Love this game so much😉.Version: 6.41.710

Feedback!Hey guys so what would be awesome what you could add on e words of the song so you know the white writing on the bottom like how it says here’s a example *someone you loved * bye Lewis caplidi or whatever he’s last name is anyway so like it says who it’s made from and the song name when the song starts you could put the song words in and make it another colour when it says the word cause I do love to sing along here’s a example *im going under in this time I fear there’s no one to save me * i think that would be great to add in! And you can maybe add in the real person singing bye!!.Version: 7.081.101

Évolution du jeu enlever Ads le à déverrouiller en passent de music en musiqueJe trouve que se jeu et cool😚🤩.Version: 9.031.103

People under rate this appLook at the title to this review. Yes there are a few ads but not an unbelievable amount like some people say, you get to choose to watch most ads it says ‘keep going watch an ad’ and to play some songs you have to watch an ad but again if you don’t click the ad button the ad won’t come up. There is maybe 1 ad and 10 minutes worth of playing this ad you have to watch (but really guys come on it’s a free game and has to have some way of making money other than people subscribing to the monthly payments) I don’t normally make long reviews but i had to because this app is amazing and people are just really critical these days. Peace out..Version: 7.129.004

GoodIt’s a super good game glad the devs made it but I can’t play Utility and pls add faded by Allen Walker it’s like my fav song.Version: 9.101.009

Good but wrong game!Good but not the game should have a on screen piano With the lines that disappear when they hit the piano at Sinead into piano with every note instead of pre-recorded Songs it will teach people how to use the piano and would be available in all kinds of things change that up and you basically completed the app people don’t want this you should be able to turn around and instead of having those keys you should be having those keys on actual piano except they should be the real keys hope this helps your original game is good except the noises are completely right and then enough keys The game isn’t really what the game supposed to be so this really doesn’t have a reason to exist but still great game.Version: 7.061.006

In love💖💖✨I’m I love with this game!This is the game of my life. I’ve almost finished my third crown on the song ‘Closer’! I’m already on level nine when I just started yesterday! That’s because I’ve been addicted to this game and played it so much! I would ❤️ to see more people playing this game! But! It’s quite hard because when you’ve finished your three stars, you get your two crowns of the song repeated, but faster. The last crown is even faster! I still can’t believe I’m on level nine when I only started yesterday and I’m 9yrs old! Please download and choose your own songs! I’ve just unlocked my favourite song, but it’s VERY hard! Download it NOW!!🍪🍩⭐️✨💖🦊👌☀️🌸🎨📚.Version: 7.074.101

Love, but glitchI really really like the game but there is a glitch that I really don’t like! It makes the songs go really fast sometimes or really slow. It ruins the songs. Please fix this. I would also really Iike new songs! But other than those it’s a really fun and addicting game..Version: 8.085.201

Weird🤔🤔So, my big sister has magic tiles 3 as well, but can do swipe tiles and I can not. I just updated the app, but it still doesn’t work. Please tell me how to fix it 🙂🙂.Version: 8.101.004

Good but too meany adds!Ok so not gonna lie this is an amazing game I play it all the time and there is nothing I wish to change apart from 1 thing: ADDS! I know this is how the main way they make money and how m fine with that! It’s just that every time you finish a song (no matter how far you got into the song) and add, which is usually a 30sec one, pops up and when/if your a new player and ‘mess up’ just as the song starts an add pops up and it’s really annoying and I know this as my younger sister also plays this game (she’s not the best XD) it’s basically just add after add after add please can you limit the adds to maybe one add every like 2 or 3 songs? I hope you look into this! I would still recommend this app tho and keep up the good work developers! 😁😁.Version: 9.045.009

Um maybe I’m wrong but plz readSo there is this treasure hunt thing and I got the remove ads for 1 day. I was really happy because I thought it would make the continues free without ads so u can press continue and carry on without watching an ad. But when I died in the song bad guy I pressed continue and it said there is no ads available. So there is something I have to say though is my internet wasn’t on. I think this is quite weird because I should have been playing when I die and press continue and no ads should come. Oh and if I make no sense plz let me know😕 Overall SUCH A GOOD GAME MY WHOLE FAMILY IS LOVES IT😋🤩😻👌.Version: 7.012.005

Awesome game but some update ideasThis is an AMAZING game and I mean it when I say it! But, there is one thing I don’t love about the adds. If you don’t have vip on this game you have to watch an add to get a free go-again-pass but once you finish the song you have to watch ANOTHER add. Also, furring the add after the song there will sometimes be this annoying static song from the Home screen music. I don’t know yet how to stop this but I don’t like it. Another thing, when you finish the song you go to choose other songs but the same ones won’t be there anymore, at least that’s for me. A little add on would be when you do battles you can unlock some of the songs if your in first place. Then you can play those songs as the home screen music. That’s just an idea though. I’m don’t know about a lot of tech stuff but I know that there is lag on this game sometimes. I don’t know if that’s just my device or the game. I’m just throughout out my problems here. I would love you to put less adds on this game though! Oh and maybe for the next update (if there is going to be one) you could add some more songs maybe? Just another idea. Other than these few flaws, this is an awesome game and I really think this does improve your middle memory for anything you use your fingers for. Such as texting and typing on a computer. That’s all though!.Version: 8.055.003

Amazing! But I’m drowning in ads -_-This app is amazing! It’s fun, addictive, and creative! But, there are just too many ads and or problems with them. I know this isn’t under you control, but 95% of all the ads I receive are scams, and also, the ads freeze and take 5-10 minutes to unfreeze! Also, when I don’t want to continue with the song when I mess up, it just plays an add anyways! Then what’s the point of not continuing because you don’t want an ad!? It also gives me ads in the middle of a battle, so I lose! And also in the middle of a song, so I mess up! And another ad on top of that because I don’t want to continue! Overall, this game is absolutely amazing and keeps me busy, and has an amazing selection of songs! I know you need to earn your money, but if you could reduce the add by a teeny bit, that would be great. Thanks! 😁😁😁.Version: 9.031.013

A great and amazing game!!An amazing game, and i love how sometimes you get a reward for watching an add! This gae is the epbest, especially for the people that love music!!(me) great job, keep the good work up!!.Version: 9.093.004

Good but too many adsI love this game! But, I had an IPod, but recently got a phone. With an iPod you could only do stuff with internet. This app worked to play on my iPod while I was out and about, but on internet I had a few ads. I recently got a phone. With being on the internet all the time with my phone, I get ads. But, I am getting an ad a lot. Too much for me. I like ads, but I don’t like a lot. I also love this game so much even though there is a ton of ads. I have a request: Can you use the songs Dance Monkey, What a man gotta do, Sucker, Truth Hurts, and other popular songs? I would also love to have the song Senorita available on every device? I don’t have Senorita, but my friend does. When I’m with my friend I love to see who is the best at a song, but we only have 1 song the same. Over all, I really recommend this app although it had to many ads. My brother downloaded the app on his iPad, and during Faded the game glitched and stopped working it finally worked and he didn’t know so he got out. I love this game but it has some tweaks to fix.Version: 7.033.003

The most fun game i have hadThe people who made this game is genius. It is so fun and it exercises your fingers it also is a great change to learn new hit songs and sing along when you know them! But it does glitch a bit and it sometimes cuts out the sound but other than that great game i recommend this game to everyone 😉😍😜🤩.Version: 7.081.202

Love it! But…I love the game so much but some parts just annoy me today I was gonna play one of my favourite songs only to find that it wasn’t sung properly I heard in a deep voice which didn’t sound like the real song which really annoyed me because I was really looking forward to playing that song today bur over all i love the thank you for making it just try to make the song sound like it sounds like Not being a Karen. Thank you..Version: 8.105.009

I love this app!This is my favourite game ever!!!.Version: 6.22.038

Glitchy GameSo the thing with the game when me and my sis I was playing the songs were very slow and there were in slow motion and they weren’t the real singers voice. That is the part I hate can’t you fix that glitch. But it was quite funny because when my sister was playing the song ‘Closer’ it was in slow motion and we were laughing. But otherwise that I love this game I wish all the songs were free and also I would like a search button so we can search up songs which is way more easier than looking for it and scrolling down the page. But I am totally recommending this game. Also there is none stop ads after I finish playing a song there is an ad and one time when I was playing there was an ad right in the middle of playing a song!!!!!.Version: 7.047.002

MagicThis is the best game but when u beat your highest score you should move on to the next level.Version: 7.047.002

Why I have this a 5 star and why I love this game so muchThis game is unbelievable it is the best game ever because me and my friend stejsi play this game while we FaceTime eachother😀 i Love magic tiles so can the person that made this game put more games like this because it’s just AMAZING!! You can chat in this game to and play songs together with your friends on magic tiles like nearly every magic tiles you can chat but I think that this magic tiles is better then the other ones and I love when the piano goes fast! Oh and also if there are to many ads you can turn off wifi and then there will be no ads😀😀😀😁😁👍🏻👍🏻 And I have been play it for about 5 months and I am on level 14.Version: 7.061.006

A great game but needs helpThis is an awesome game, but it needs some work. When I play this game, sometimes it lags and glitches, so then I lose immediately. But other then that, this game is really good..Version: 7.064.005

Quite ambivalentI think this game is amazing. All my favourite songs are up there, such as bad guy, new rules and I have even unlocked jingle bell rock(al though it is not Xmas yet) besides the fact that in songs that may vary ( such as seven years old and let it go ( did I mention that even let it go is available to play from frozen) now lets get back to where I stopped. Besides the fact that let it go and seven years old are sang by different people ( I think) in my point of view it sounds better that the real version. I have just got onto level 17 in two days which has shown that this app is so addictive and has lots of hot songs on and plus u get daily rewards, new songs every level, a challenge with cute bunny’s you complete in which u can get big prizes and much more. Please do not listen to the negative comments which are unacceptable and please read this review. Download this app NOW!!!🦄.Version: 7.045.001

Fun game, a few issuesCool game, quite suitable for kids (but I must say some songs are a little sweary). Not TOO many ads, but the game would obviously be better without. But it’s nice that the ads aren’t happening every second. Firstly, if the game added a pause feature it would be a total game changer as it’s extremely annoying when you need to stop playing but are doing well in game. Secondly, the songs sound a little off, well really off. It doesn’t really change the game but yk..? Lastly, I think that adding a larger song library would really benefit the game, because the song selection is most definitely not what everyone would like to play (k-pop, 80’s, 90’s ect.). Overall, pretty good game apart from the random glitches like when the weird rainbow notes don’t work..Version: 9.031.103

Glitchy!Love the app but it has some glitches every now and then and songs are a bit distorted? Don’t know if that’s meant to be like that, but they really need to sort out the glitchiness of the app cause my battery went from 45% all the way to 14% in a matter of 6 songs played. I felt like it was using a lot of my battery up as well as slowing my phone down cause of the glitch. Overall, I would like that fixed but other than those few kinks I think the game has a lot of potential and is already so popular, definitely recommend trying it out when they get it fixed!.Version: 7.014.011

Plz readThis game is awesome it has millions of choices and the FREE APP is really just A great app overall like here are my fav things about it the app is great for a challenge and it gets harder and harder so that is really good and it has easy choices too and many hard choices and if you don’t like it you can get a new app instead and it didn’t cost anything so you won’t be disappointed if it is a game you don’t like you just gotta get rid of it and it is not a problem and you can choose the level of how hard it is you for sure should get this app and I love it you will love it too I’m sure it keeps you busy but it is not boring so it will be fun to play and it lets you play with your friends or family and all you have to do is sign up and still it doesn’t cost you anything and it is really a fun app for your family and friends to enjoy and share with them and I have never been able to get off the app it is so fun and I love it 🥰 I was not too sure how I would love it but the app was so fun I got so happy after school I almost passed out I was so happy 😀 I recommend this app to anyone who is reading this I really love this app ❤️🥰😁🥰❤️❤️🥰😁😁🥰🥰❤️😻.Version: 8.091.101

UhGives me anxiety.Version: 9.095.003

Strange glitch…I have had this game for about 3 and a half years now and it’s amazing. I have started playing it a lot more recently and even brought the game to my bus. Basically all of my friends have this game and I even created a group for it lol. We always love playing this and battling even if we r offline we just play it and whoever dies first loses. But recently it has been glitching a lot and all of my friends are experiencing the same problem. What happens is that when we r playing it randomly stops like when you press the home button or off switch and it pauses. But we aren’t doing that. We just play and it randomly pauses all by its self. This is how I lost a battle between me and my friend this morning because even when I pressed another note it just didn’t do anything and it kicked me out of my own room! I hope that it gets fixed soon because we r all really good. And we want to play the game. One of my friends plays SAD! and it always glitches in the same place so she can’t play the song. But generally this is a really good game and I hope I didn’t put u off getting it because of this review. I would definitely recommend!.Version: 9.045.009

I don’t knowI love this game, I’ve had it for awhile, but there are some things that I find annoying. First of all, making songs that you used to get with the basic game into “vip only” is mildly annoying. Second, there are so many ads, right when you finish a level there is an ad, if you fail a level, there is an ad, I’ve even gotten an ad in the middle of a level before. Third is the thing that gets me the most; the faded violin instrumental, my absolute favorite level of the whole game, I got it from a challenge as an award, I then deleted the game for about a week, I redownload it and so much has changed, and now I can’t find my favorite song anywhere, I would seriously consider getting the vip if it meant that I could have that song in the faded album, but I can’t even find it there, I really want to know what happened I’ve just finished updating the game and now it won’t let me even open it, I tap the app on my home screen or the “open” button in the AppStore, but it just kicks me out!.Version: 7.129.004

Love that gameJust a little to many adds tho.Version: 9.095.003

Love it 😍TI is the best Game ever 😅😅😅😅😅😙🥰🥰🥰🥰😘😘😚🥰😘😘😘😘😘😘😚😚.Version: 9.095.003

Amazing Game but a few thingsI love this game there are so many different genres of music and there all optional but the adds are sooo annoying especially when they are 30 second adds I feel like I’m watching the add more than the actual game. I find it really fun on my iPad ,but it is sooo annoying when the music goes super fast even though I’m on the like first stage. Also it’s glitchy I was playing a song and it went all deep and weird sounding but I still say this is a fantastic game from anything else I still say this game rules!.Version: 9.083.016

GreatI absolutely love this game I have been playing it for almost 5 years I am so addicted of this game. Only one problem too many adds but other than that fabulous work..Version: 8.055.003

Too much adsThis is honestly a great game! But too many ads every time I die there is an ad. That part is annoying but anyway I enjoy the game 😊 Oh and if your reading this I wanna say something: Tell me if you agree with me ^~^.Version: 7.066.004

Tempo GlitchesNow this is a great app (as you can see by the review) but I do have this really annoying glitch that I hope you can fix. So you see it dosen't do this for all the songs, but ocasionally the Song's Tempo will get completely knocked out of whack either to fast or to slow. I can tell that this isn't intended because this causes the song to not be in sync with the tiles at ALL. Whenever the tempo goes up it sounds faster then Alvin the Chipmunk rapping at the speed of light, and then the song stops when I'm only a third of the way through leaving me to tap the rest of the tiles in silence. Whenever the tempo goes down it sounds like a bullfrog eating molasses while singing the blues, and it dosen't even reach the chorus by the time I've finished the level. So the app dosen't do this with all the songs but whenever a song does do this it completely messes up my concentration and I would prefer to enjoy the WHOLE app. Other then that I really like this app and do not regret purchasing it. :).Version: 7.066.004

Amazing! Although it needs some WorkThis App is Amazing, I love it sooo much! ...Although, there are the smallest(or largest) little pauses or glitches sometimes when I do a song and it messes me up! It’s almost like a small skip. Also, adds pop up Whenever they want, a few times apps have popped up in the middle of a song or right when I hit the start button! I’m not going to pay for no adds and all that. This app is still addicting no matter how many adds there are. Another thing, most of the songs aren’t even sung by their Real Artists, which I find very disappointing. I really don’t like that their is a different person singing Faded because he is making it sound like a full on pop hype song! Which it’s not. I’m not going to pay to get the real artists singing them. I would also really wish that there would be a thing that you could turn on lyrics to the songs so you could sing to them which I believe would be soo cool!!! I also wish that the song Oceans(Hill song UNITED) could be on there and song Christian hit songs, and this is just my wish because I’m Christian and I love the songs. The app does have really good song choices though and keeps up with the trendy songs! This App is Still Really Fun and Amazing🎶🎵😋 Take this into thought please 😊🥺😊 - Creators please read.Version: 7.064.005

A few problemsOK so there are WAY TO DANG MANY ADDS٫ IK U need MONEY BUT TAKE IT DOWN A NOTCH PLS! the next issue is a bug . Sometimes have٫ i press a note٫ and it dont work so i have to frigging restart٫ its a really good game but you put the really good songs for VIP or have to unlock٫ and its really intense to unlock stuff٫ also pls make it so it doesn't ask every time u open the app the get VIP coz it gets annoying٫ and at least try remove the swearing٫ overall this game is really good and addicting٫ i recommend it٫ there's just those things that are annoying anyway its a really good game 👌👌👌👌👍👍👍👍 :D.Version: 7.111.006

This game is great!!Hi anyone who reads this- So this game I have had for a while now. I had it on a really old iPad that really was bad so it glitched and Automatically cut me off and told me i failed, but that was just the iPad. Now on my phone I love it!!! It is just like the ads show it is, and the music is so therapeutic and relaxing. You can do a one to one battle with a random person all over the world, but you can’t communicate with them in any way. There is of course an ad in between every time you play, which does annoy a little bit but it isn’t unusual. Every time you fail an ad plays and it is impossible to get 3 crowns. But gr8 fun 🤩 Recommend!! ❤️.Version: 8.033.007

I want have opinion on thisWell this game is like the best game ever, tho I do wish there were more songs that you could play without watching ads. I understand that you need ads to make money to maintain the app and keep it free but the experience would be even better if there were just less songs that to unlock you have to watch ads. still I’ve seen how many complaints there are about ads, you have so many people playing this game to the point where you can remove some of the ads. With so many people playing and how many ads there are you need to start removing some of these ads or you will start losing customers. So for my conclusion you should really just remove a few of the ads, it won’t harm your profit to much of anything not at all I understand again that it is to make money but you have yet again so many players that you should remove some of the ads. Thank you for reading.Version: 9.021.012

Awesome game but needs workMagic Tiles 3 is an amazing game and I am obsessed with it (it might be becoming a problem 😂) There are a few things that could be worked on though. For example, (I know a lot pf people are complaining about this but that just means it needs to be fixed more urgently) there are WAY too many ads! You finished a song? Here is an ad. You want to start a new song? Here’s another ad. Something I think would be a cool feature to add would be is a search bar. This would mean that you can search up songs that you want to play. Another idea I have is to have a feature that allows you to recommend songs to be added to the game. 😁.Version: 8.012.003

Great game but please read thisFirst of all I just want to say this game is really fun because you get to choose out of so many songs, one thing that I don’t like is that you can’t do some songs you want to do because there not on the list of songs, is there anyway you can let us choose any song we want instead of just some songs. Another thing is that when I’m playing and tapping the tiles the screen stops and then goes again like there’s a glitch or something and it is super frustrating mostly because it makes me lose. One last thing is that when you lose you have to watch an ad and sometimes I see the same ad like 10 times in a row and I’m like WHATS THE POINT!! Also even when I’m on the home screen in suddenly pops up an ad and it’s so annoying like UGH ANOTHER AD, I get that your company needs to make money but please make the ads pop up less please. Thank you if you read this all the way through, and besides the changes I want you to make I think it’s a really fun game for all ages. Have a great day🌈😻.Version: 7.031.005

Glitchhhhh but it’s goodSooo I luv this soo much and I play it when I’m bored but some of the songs were great before but the day after, they were slowed and some sped up!! So plssssssss I beg u fix it :/.Version: 9.121.101

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