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Pixelmator Photo App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Pixelmator Photo app received 62 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Pixelmator Photo? Can you share your negative thoughts about pixelmator photo?

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Pixelmator Photo for Negative User Reviews

Needs moreNeeds masks and layers for the price.Version: 1.1.5

Good when it worksBut the latest update made UI often unresponsive..Version: 1.1.3

Lr is so much betterI just subscribed to Lr mobile and it is amazing how much better and more tools Lr has compared to Pp. I love that there is selective editing in Lr, playing with curves softly overlays on your image in Lr rather than having it in a small box to the side. This really helps as you can keep your eyes on your image as you make very fine adjustments with curves. The only thing that I now use Pixelmator Photo for is ML Enhancing. Noise reduction is a lot better in Lr as well with their selective editing, which Pp does not have. Also, RAW editing seems to be a lot less limited on Lr than it does on Pp. I think in the end, if Pp had selective editing, it would easily be better than Lr..Version: 2.0.11

Latest update insta crashesWould love to continue using this but the app just flat out crashes.Version: 1.2.1

Good once you locate the help pageKnocking off one star because finding the help page to get started is a PIA. It needs to be a separate icon on its own. Once I found that I was mostly happy with the app. It is almost the same as the old iPhoto editor on my iMac from back before Apple killed it. I’d say if you’re an experienced editor than this is a good cheap choice. I’m still confused about why the Pixelmator app for five bucks has feature not on this app. Sketching, painting and the ability to add text to a photo should be included on this app. Having to run it through Snapseed to add a signature is dumb. I’m sure after some practice I’ll find joy. Til then and the addition of those missing features this gets a three..Version: 1.5.4

Photo editing options limitedNo chromatic aberration removal tool, a denoise feature has no adjustment options. The app needs to be a bit more oriented towards pro applications..Version: 2.0.12

Subscriptions 😔Very sad to see this has switched to a subscription app. The monthly price they are asking is almost as much as the previous lifetime price. The new lifetime price option is 10x the price it was yesterday. Such a shame because it’s a great app but these prices are just nowhere near realistic..Version: 2.0.13

Used to be a good alternativePreviously I recommended this app to lots of my friends for one important reason. It was a one time payment alternative to Lightroom. This app used to be a one time purchase of 7.99. Now they want something like 5 dollars a month for it, and if you want to purchase the app to own forever it’s now 60 dollars, which means they increased the price by 750% without adding anything new. The subscription plan is the same price as Lightroom premium now which is much more versatile and feature packed than pixelmator photo. So in other words, the advantage they had was not locking you into a subscription, and now that’s gone. Don’t buy this, just get Lightroom. I know the app is free still for people who bought it previously but that doesn’t make me any more disappointed that the only thing going for this app was not needing a subscription, and now it’s just another mediocre photo manipulation app that’s the same price as its much better competitors..Version: 2.0.13

Application, aide en anglaisAide écrit en anglais et l’application est primaire.Version: 1.4.3

Not upfront - this is subscription bas3dI am incredibly disappointed. At no point until after downloading the app are you told that this is a subscription model. I have no problem purchasing at one time, but I won’t do subscription models. There are too many other programs out there that can accomplish just the same thing without paying through the nose monthly. in fairness, I cannot review how their program works as as soon as I saw that it was a subscription model, I deleted the program. It would’ve been nice to try it out but alas ‘tis not to be..Version: 2.0.14

Support does not contact you backGood app, lots of potential. How ever it Keeps Crashing on me while I am working on a photo and it does not always apply my alterations to the photo. I reached out to their customer support about 2 weeks ago. NEVER HEARD BACK. So not sure what to do with this app now. I got it because it looked like a good app and Apple backed them on the keynote. Guess I should of went with another app. One that provides actual customer support..Version: 1.4.3

GaenselThis is one of the best apps that Apple has available on its platforms. Good sensible work flows, follows apple protocols with the apple photos app and is a pleasure to use. Powerful and fits right in to any iPad. I think it’s great and usually I am bit mean! Now got too big for its boots. What’s this sub business!!? I’ll use my camera app!.Version: 2.0.13

Nice app, but not worth the priceIn general, I like and use Pixelmator software; however, this app is fairly new to me. This ‘trial’ lets you edit/save only 3 photos, which is maybe enough to get a sense of the app and what it can do. It has a nice interface, very straight forward. The app seems to focus on being good and simple at a few specific types of image enhancements/changes, and it does them very well. The downside is that it does little else. So it really depends how much you need and would use the specific type of image enhancements this app offers, and if it is worth paying an ongoing subscription cost for, or the extremely high ‘lifetime’ cost. I definitely don’t feel it is, especially compared to doing the same types of image enhancements/changed in another app or software. If I were to rate the app without regard to cost, I would say 4 stars. Rate value for money at 1 star. I’d say each person needs to decide if these very specific and limited enhancements are worth the unusually high cost, or ongoing cost, for themselves..Version: 2.0.13

Developers won’t check a box to allow app usage on an M1 MacTitle..Version: 1.5.4

Not sure it’s worth a subscriptionI bought Pixelmator Photo a couple of years ago, when it was $4.99. I use it only casually, and it is worth the one-time purchase. I mostly process and edit image files using desktop tools, but Pixelmator Photo can get you most of the way if you only need to do whole-image processing (e.g. white or color balance the whole image, adjust shadows or highlights, apply curves, cropping, etc).If you need to change color spaces, use masks or do local area adjustments like dodging or burning in, you’re out of luck. That said, I am going to wait and see before updating to to the subscription model version even though I’m grandfathered into unlimited use. I’ve seen other one-time purchase apps abandon the previous buyers and I want to see what improvements or new features get introduced..Version: 2.0.14

Very good app, could use some new toolsI really liked this app. It does a great job at manipulating exposure, contrast, and so on. I definitely want to play around with it to see what it can do. So far I think it's missing a dodge and burn tool to fine tune the image. One app I like a lot has the dodge and burn tool but it also has a similar tool for saturation/desaturation and another for sharpening/blurring. also has a similar dodge and burn tool, but it's for saturation. As good as this app is, such tools would me it even better. To me this ap has one critical problem that will prevent me from using it. It has a undo button but not a redo button. I often like to compare the before and after the last change I just did. I am not talking about the original version and the now, sometimes when I changed the contrast, for example, I like to toggle between the undo and redo button to see a comparison between the change I just did and before. Sometimes I go a few steps back and redo them again just for comparison to see if I am going in the right direction. The app missing a redo button is like trying to make a hamburger with just one hamburger bun. This is a deal breaker for me..Version: 1.1.5

Almost uselessI’m sad that I paid for this app. I expected something more than a photo fixer and color shifter. I cannot even add text to an image. How do I get a refund?.Version: 1.0

AverageNot having selective editing really lets this app down..Version: 1.4.3

Why do you have to import to files?Hard to judge the quality of the editor as I’m hung up on the frustration of how it handles files. You have to import photos (which makes a copy in the Pixelmator folder on your iCloud Drive) rather than simply edit the image ‘in place’ - eg an image in your Camera Roll stays there and is edited there. Because of this approach I’m very disappointed with the money I spent and have buyers remorse. I don’t want to end up with many duplicate photos just because I wanted to make some edits. Poor design choice guys 😔.Version: 1.0.7

Definitely do not recommendI can’t even send a support ticket as the captcha isn’t working. Therefore I have no way of contacting the company. Total waste of money..Version: 2.0.11

Not RecommendedAll the things you can already do in very easily on iOS, plus a few more. But of those few more things there's little here, both in operational and technical terms, to justify the price of subscription. Delete..Version: 2.0.13

Don’t Like Machine Learning in App at All.I was going to buy Pixelmator app originally because it is a great app on iPads. Then I decided to try this photo version of it. I have used many simple apps like Pixelmator Photo for years. I do not like the over emphasis on ML menus in the program at all. Machine learning gets it wrong too often and it just clutters the app! I’m going to buy the regular Pixelmator app for photo edit simplicity and more paint features. I wish I could get a refund although too late. This app may be better for Apple Raw format although many of us will still use JPEG formats. So chose carefully if you want these codecs & machine learning that may not be worth anything to you as a common user..Version: 1.5.4

Original is better…It’s an ok app, but the original is better. This is basically filters, not much editing tools….Version: 2.0.3

Can only modify photosCan’t find any way to save the edited photo as a copy, will only allow me to modify..Version: 2.0.14

Missing selective editingLove using this app, and it certainly fills in a lot of the gaps missing from the iPad/iPhone native photo editor. Quick, easy to use and the way it integrates with my iCloud Photo Library for me is a massive bonus. However it’s massively missing selective editing with brush/linear/radial tools as many others have pointed out - I hope the developers can add these soon as I don’t want to use AL if I can avoid it. Would give three and a half stars (if I could), would be instant five stars with local editing!.Version: 2.0.14

Almost what I needSo you’ve taken a handful of photos in similar lighting conditions, and after editing RAW values, you want to batch apply the same variable adjustments across many photos. This is impossible with pixelmator photo, and the batch option only applies Machine Learning adjustments or photo filters. Batch editing to crop and add filters is virtually useless for me, all I want is to apply my previous adjustments to multiple photos. Editing a single photo is fantastic, but I’m wasting my time making the same adjustments.Version: 1.1.3

Downloaded but nothing workingHi This is weird. Downloaded, barely any editing options to speak of. I did see eraser tool, which I tried out on a street lamp. It made a real mess of back ground. Definitely doesn’t seem to erase objects without causing damage to image. From what I’ve seen so far, I want a refund. I’ve got free apps which work better. Has it somehow downloaded wrong?.Version: 1.4.3

Massive subscription feeGoing from a reasonable one time fee to a massive fee for subscription? No thank you..Version: 2.0.13

Utterly uselessEvery time I attempted to import a photo it gave an error. I was unable access any of the features of this application. As far as I can tell it is completely pointless..Version: 1.0.7

Essential features missing for some use cases.The intuitiveness of the application is unparalleled in comparison to other apps, but still find some features that are essential to my workflow missing, such as Lightroom’s upright features which make easy work of my interior shots. Regarding the ML features, I find that they can be sometimes too aggressive, and find better results with Lightroom’s auto adjustments also. Lightroom’s filters also seem to be more subtle and nuanced, and seem to overall achieve better results. For my use case, which is mostly architectural/interior photography, I’m currently finding a better workflow and results with Lightroom, but am eager to make the switch when and if these features are implemented/optimized..Version: 1.4.1

Difficult to useI’m having trouble with the import process. This app does not handle multiple RAW photos well, bring the across from Photos to Files one image at a time, then creating a duplicate 6 times the size even with simple edits. Let me import them all at once into the app itself, edit image after image without going to the picker every time and then export multiple images to HEIF.Version: 1.0.2

VERY SAD DAY!I personally find it hugely sad that you’ve gone over to a subscription model. I’ve read your blog, and, to a degree understand your thinking, BUT, as always it’s the little guy that looses out! It’s a money grab pure and simple. Pixelmator Pro is fantastic and I use it daily on my iPad Pro so I’m delighted I already have it before what is really a vast price increase - there are a lot of people out there (myself included) who cannot afford subscription based services. It was the same years ago with Photoshop when they went subscription based, I couldn’t afford it, but the good thing is that led me to Affinity Photo. There are other less drastic ways of increasing your income, it’s a pity you didn’t offer alternative options to newcomers..Version: 2.0.13

Ruins quality of imageThe app is a great tool for editing photos but I would not recommend to photographers who shoot with RAW images. Every time I use the app and save my image the quality of the image is reduced to a quality of an iPhone photo, imagine uploading a 22mp photo that can be zoomed into before the editing process then when saved zooming into the same photo is not possible. Still not a Lightroom replacement for professional photography but really cool features for lower quality photos..Version: 2.0.4

Doesn’t support Sony A7C raw formatPlease work on supporting Sony A7C raw format as this model has been released for more than a year now, and a lot of ppl who works on compact devices have already purchased this one. Will give a five start once this being fixed..Version: 1.5.2

DisappointedI watched a video on this product before buying and this doesn’t do what was specified. So far I can’t find the mask feature. It’s not very intuitive and even for a beginner this is proving very basic and disappointing..Version: 1.5.1

Subscription is not for meThis is a very good photo app. However, I only need this app occasionally, so if the Dev forces me to pay a subscription, I will delete it. Same for pixelmator..Version: 2.0.13

Lost a customer of any future productsI read their explanation for switching business models, and it tells me that while they may be competent developers they’re not so good at money management. I don’t do software subscriptions. In most cases I’ve seen, devs with a subscription model are the slumlords of software development…allowing their products to go stale while continuing to collect the checks. As far as grandfathering current owners, how long until what we have becomes abandonware for a “completely new” version that, surprise surprise is subscription only. It’s happens all the time..Version: 2.0.13

Good Editing Menu, Bad Selection ScreenA little glitchy, often after clicking on a photo from the file selector and then going back, it'll put you all the way back at the top of the list, which gets annoying fast when you have hundreds of photos and just want to sift through them. You also cant swipe to the next photo in the list after clicking on one, hence having to click back and then getting sent to the top of the list again. Also sometimes it flickers the image after clicking on it until it disappears into a gray screen. In total I just wish the selection screen fought me less, I like the menu and I like the editing selection and what it offers, its just a bit of a hassle at the moment. Using an iPad Pro 11inch with all updates..Version: 2.0.14

A 700% price increase and it’s now Subscription!Thanks for increasing the “lifetime” price by almost eight (8) times. $74.99 to “own” this one single app that’s already purposefully limited Not worth it. The US pricing was $7.99 before, now it’s $59.99. Thanks for making us users take the blame for your mistake of a business plan..Version: 2.0.13

Another app goes the scummy route of subscriptionApp was good until the developers got greedy and wanted to turn this into a cash cow by going the deplorable subscription route. Paid a lifetime license for my purchase, but if you EVER try and force me into the subscription, not only will I dump this app, but will look at legal action for breaching my lifetime license..Version: 2.0.13

Great app 1 problemThis is a powerful app but the big floor for me is no brush tool. Lightroom or Snapseed is still my first choice for this reason.Version: 1.1.2

My thoughtsThe app is great and works great. But I can’t use it for anything serious because it still doesn’t have gratuated filters like in Lightroom, and also the algorithm for highlights recovery is really bad when you compare it to Lightroom, you can never get the same edit like in Lr..Version: 1.5.2

Can’t do the basicsMaybe I bought the wrong app, but as something which is supposed to be the best photo editor app on the iPad, I assumed you could set the size of the photo (ie, I wanted it to be say 35mm x 45mm) or add a border/frame around the image like 10pixels thick etc etc. Just basic stuff found on pretty much every other photo editing app. Short of changing the colour balance, and aspect ratio I’m confused what this app actually does offer. I’m also finding it very difficult to request a refund as I’ve only used it for 5mins..Version: 1.2.1

Was expecting more functionalityThe Pixelmator I use on my mac is full featured and can do everything I need. I was hoping this app would allow me more than just to change the hues of a photo. Regret spending money on this..Version: 1.5.2

Great, room for improvementWould be great if Clarity and Texture were added as well as brushes to allow specific areas to be editors..Version: 2.0.8

Liking this.👍👍Been looking for a app that could take over from Lightroom on the iPad, I really dislike the subscription that comes with adobe Lightroom as photography is just a hobby but struggled to find a app that edited RAW photos the way I liked. Just need a clarity adjustment and noise adjustment with lens distortion fix and I’m super impressed. Any plans on implementing these adjustments soon?.Version: 1.0.2

Could become great...This app has some nice features and pretty effective ML, but it falls short on some basics. Photo editor or File manager? I’m confused as to why the developer chose this clumsy interface to import photos. First of all, a photo app should not have the ability to delete files in your iCloud, this makes very little sense. Please eliminate this ability! There is no need to import photos and create a copy of each photo being edited. Why would a user want more data/storage used just to edit a photo? No other of the myriad photo apps do this and they still manage to preserve the original version of the edited photo. Please restructure the app so it defaults to your photo library for browsing/editing photos WITHOUT the need to create another copy. This app is missing some basics like vignette, text, and frames. Curves should have an option to toggle on 5 sliders for each level, this makes using curves much easier to adjust each level. Choosing your own points is nice, but it is more of a pain then a gain. Please add the ability to collapse the various editing tools without toggling them off..Version: 1.0.7

Cannot create ImagesYes! AFAIK you cannot create an image in this app!!! There is no file new (or equivalent). A search of the interweb shows some convoluted methods of copying other images and then editing them beyond all recognition! Apple produces M! IPad … up step various companies taklking feature related to ML … and yet it cannot do what even MS paint can do!.Version: 1.5.2

Massively disappointedDoes frankly nothing new a thousand apps don already do. I was perhaps expecting, if anything, for it to basically be a more featured packed version of pixelmator, but instead it bares little to know resemblance to the original app. It’s basically like every other raw editor out there, only with a huge fanfare giving me hope to something else. Maybe for some out there this will really be useful, but from my own perspective, it doesn’t offer me anything over lightroom. I really expected this to be one of a new breed of apps that can actually harness the iPad Pro in an intelligent way, but I feel this is basically just a skin on an app idea I have seen literally dozens of times. Polarr for instance does all this does and more. Very disappointed—sorry..Version: 1.0

Rent SeekingPixelmator Photo is an inferior product to Lightroom. It’s missing a huge list of features in comparison, there’s hardly any support for RAW assets, and the other features are already available in the Photos app. The only major reason to use it is lack of a subscription, which is now gone. If I have to pay, I might as well pay for Lightroom, and not an inferior clone. The current “generous” offer of getting all features for free for existing paid users is a bait-and-switch. Six months from now, maybe a year, when subscription pricing has actually turned more people away than generated revenue, it’ll be stopped and then everyone has to pay. It’s happened before. Time to move on..Version: 2.0.13

FreezingDon’t know but the app is freezing up as soon as I open it. I love the app but can’t seem to get it working anymore. iPad Pro 11 inch M1. It’s really annoying. I can’t do anything. The app opens. That’s it. I want to reinstall the app but my data will be deleted it says. So I’m not sure what’s gonna be deleted if I do so. I really don’t understand what’s happening here. I updated my iOS to the latest release to date. Same problem. Long pressing the icon on my home screen gives me the option to import a photo. When I do so, the app opens and I see a spinning icon saying “importing”. But that is as far as it gets. It just won’t work. I can’t tap what I want, nothing happens. Can you please respond? Thank you. Edit: Since I couldn’t wait and had no solution I deleted the app and installed it again. Problem solved. Thank you for not responding at all. You’re welcome..Version: 2.0.11

Magic heal works well, otherwise needs workThe first thing I tried with Pixelmator Photo was the Magic heal tool. It’s pretty magical when it works. Just scribble over things you want to disappear and they, usually, disappear. Sometimes you get a nasty smudge, so undo and try it slightly differently. Good stuff. In terms of adjustment capabilities, it provides a solid set of capabilities, well-packaged and with lots of nice presets. It’s pretty easy to punch up a landscape or portrait in a matter of seconds. Now, the not so good. Strangely for a photo editing app, it doesn’t seem to be able to see my photos. It can link to file shares, like Dropbox and iCloud but where are my photos? Other apps do not have this problem. Next, if you so much as look at an image you get a giant sized file — e.g. I have a 5MB high quality 20MP jpeg exported from a raw editor. Just looking at it causes a new 45MB file to appear. Contrast this with a truly non-destructive editor that stores your adjustments in a side file and requires essentially no additional storage space. These basics are so annoying that I don’t really care to look deeper into the program until they are fixed..Version: 1.0.7

Decent Start but Needs WorksPixelmator Photo feels like the foundation for something special. The controls, UI and quality is top. What’s missing is an iPhone version, noise reduction, localized corrections and ability to work with specialized iOS Camera features such as Portrait Mode and Live Photo’s. I think Pixelmator Photo should get moving on an iPhone version first then add noise reduction, then localized corrections in that order. The iPhone 11 Pro is a hot item and it would be to everyone’s benefit to use Pixelmator Photo on iPhone 11 Pro..Version: 1.1

Really not impressedI have a photo of a cat where one eye is darker than the other just want to do what the app says on the tin and just lasso an area an increase the brightness/ contrast. This IMO is not rocket science and should be bread and butter. Back to good old MS windows paint basic but does more than change brightness of the whole photo..Version: 2.0.9

UnremarkableDoesn’t do anything other (cheaper) apps do as well. It doesn’t allow anything really creative, mostly the same boring set of filters..Version: 1.0.6

DisappointedTrying to switch from Lightroom and bought the app to try out. Can’t import many photo at once? Only import from my photo album but not SD card? Disappointed..Version: 1.0.4

Filter app.. not for actual image modificationThis app is not for altering images, it is for applying filters. I thought this app would be capable of smart edge detection, cut and paste, as well as having layers. It can’t do any of that, but merely apply Color filters and the like. Apple refused me my refund and I now have a bad taste in my mouth with this app that I cannot use. Apple customer service?! My next laptop may be pc.Version: 1.1.5

Great app, but…This app has great functionality and interface and does it's job very well. But to make it an Excellent app, it really needs local adjustments. Linear, Radial and Brush masks like Lightroom has. Otherwise it doesn’t stand out from the rest. Just a few sliders to change colour of your pictures..Version: 2.0.9

Won’t downloadI would love to try this free offer, but it won’t download onto my ipad pro. The installation just sits there doing nothing..Version: 1.1.2

Very different to pixelmatorI already had Pixelmator for phone which gives you the iPad version. Since Pixelmator photo is only for the iPad and costs a Little more I thought it would be like Pixelmator but have more features or the same features but be designed around the larger screen of the iPad. This is not the case. Pixelmator has layers and painting tools and cool warp tools. You can select parts of the picture to operate on. Pixelmator photo does not have any of this. All pixelmator photo is, is adjustment of colours, brightness, shadow, contrast etc. for the whole image at once. The only thing it has that pixelmator doesn’t is an image upscaler..Version: 1.5.4

Wont save any images that I edit on iPhone 12 ProInstalled on my iPhone 12 Pro running iOS 15.2 and tried editing an image. All seemed great till it came to trying to save my results where by the app just sits there saying “saving” with a rotating ring forever without actually saving the image anywhere. Only way to stop it is to force close the app but you then still have the same problem of not having saved the work you’ve done. What a total waste of money and time..Version: 2.0

Great app, sad to see it go subscription.I have turned off automatic updates on all my devices. I'm so fed up with the exorbitant cost of subscriptions. On the Mac I use only apps from Setapp, which is a one time subscription fee service for tons and tons of amazing apps for Mac and iOS. I never ever get apps impulsively, which is how I found Pixelmator . I bought all of them, in support of their resistance to subscription pricing. I don't know a single person who is not sick of subscriptions and were all getting rid of them and finding Setapp alternatives or finding apps we can buy. I guess soon I'll have just a few apps on my iPhone and iPad, although as the App Store dies, Setapp may just rise from the ashes. Very sad. I can only hope they do right by those who bought the entire Pixelmator lineup in a lifetime purchase discount. That I can live with. Such excellent apps, but there are a lot of great applications that are not subscription apps. Keeping my fingers crossed for some clear information on this rollout for Mac and how they will reward the loyal users of many years and many purchases..Version: 2.0.14

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