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Bubble Pop! Puzzle Game Legend app received 112 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about bubble pop! puzzle game legend?

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Love It!Got this to keep little people in my world occupied but I’ve found I’m playing it before they’ve had a chance to play! Well, I needed to test that young children would be able to manage it! I find it so relaxing and pretty addictive. I don’t mind waiting for the ads to run each time as this is usual with free games..Version: 20.0626.00

RachFun game just downloaded it so far quite easy, lot of adds but just wait for x to come up n cancel adds. moving through levels quite quick. There are different power up that i like too its not a stressful game so far and i like the the colours..Version: 1.2.5

This is great but...I love this game but on the advert you get to choose which level you want to go on but on the real game you have to play loads of games to get to it. There is one other thing about this game and it’s that there to easy and I want a challenge. I know this was short but I have to go meat my friend in her garden but remember what I said and if your going to by it then each out for the things I’ve said but anyway, byeeeeee👋🏼🤩🤨😊🙂😇😃😀😁🥰.Version: 21.0414.00

Bubbble popGreat relaxing game.Version: 21.0429.00

BEST. GAME. EVERI would give this 5/5 stars because it is amazing and it gives you all sorts of ideas and helps you understand the type of things that are happening. And also it helps me when I’m bored because it doesn’t need Wi-Fi. this helps me when I’m on road trips and I have no signal or if I’m camping and have no signal or whatever and it helps me to do whatever I want when I’m bored and there’s no Wi-Fi so I would download this game and play it forever because it’s my little non-Wi-Fi fun game?😂 also I’m just trying to sound professional so don’t make fun of me if I say something wrong in here😂😳..Version: 21.0120.00

Sort out the adsNo problem with the game - it’s right up there. No problem with ads - developers need to make some money. However, when you ‘buy’ an ad because you think you need just one more bubble to solve the game, recently the ads have failed to load from time to time. All you can do is close the app and start again. Annoying if it isa particularly difficult game and it was the first time you came close..Version: 21.0414.00

DddffBubble is fun and relaxing.Version: 21.0518.00

Love this game!This game is a fantastic stress reliever. I really love the option to purchase a “no ads” version - I much prefer paying a one off fee rather than having to suffer them spoiling the game. I like the layout and graphics and that the game isn’t too gimmicky. Not getting much else done since I started playing it though! 😁.Version: 1.6.1

Bubble PopHi there! I like this game alot I want to encourage you to try it. Thank you ML.Version: 21.0429.00

NO REGRETSThis game is just:WOW. I absolutely love this app and I will be recommending it to my friends and family just download this game it’s just amazing well done developers and everyone else involved in creating this app I really hope that you will download. The adds are NOT that bad so if you think they are you ARE WRONG I love this app and you WILL to. Well done creating this game I love it..Version: 21.0414.00

Mind BogglingJust love this game... Only I had a problem which I had to have apple store fix. The game froze during game play and the only way to turn it off was to shutdown my iPad. Then I was unable to restart the iPad up! Even tried powering the battery. Hence, I had to have it looked at and the apple techs got it started and did a diagnostic for problems which they could not find. Once, home I deleted it to iCloud and then reinstated the app. All good! Have you had any problems like this? Still a happy customer !, I’m glad you replied to my msg but you didn’t answer with solving the problem I have with screen freezing! Still happening! Screen freezes constantly... very annoying. Pls reply with any suggestions that will help!.Version: 20.1217.00

I love it 😍OK so first off, it’s really relaxing. It’s super chill and it helps me to calm down. I love all the bright colors of the balls. It’s really cool and I love the amount of levels it has. And I love the fact that you can get infinity rainbow balls that just makes it so much easier because sometimes when i’m trying to pick a large area to shoot I end up having issues lining the line up with the balls so that I can shoot the correct area without shooting the wrong area with a different color ball. So it just makes it so much easier to just have rainbow balls and then you can shoot whatever area you want without having to aim like an orange ball at an orange area and get points..Version: 21.0429.00

🤩🤩🤩🤩Amazing it’s me busy for hours.Version: 21.0518.00

Bubble PopI Love bubble pop, and could play it all day. It as a very calming effect. With all the different types of bubble games, it keeps you very occupied. I would give a 10 out of 10 for older people. I don’t know about younger people..Version: 21.0120.00

Bubble popI love bubble pop! It helps me keep my kids occupied when I am busy and it is a fun game that keeps your mind working. I would recommend this game to people who are creative and looking for something fun. 😁.Version: 21.0511.01

Bubble pop reviewI really think this app is quite good. There aren’t too many adds and the game it’s self is exactly how the adds perceive it. I personally love to play and I think you should defiantly give this game a go..Version: 1.6.7

GreatIm a 38 years old woman who simply love your game! Going through a rough time in my life recently... And this game helps me escape.. Helps me relax!.Version: 21.0429.00

❤️❤️Fun.Version: 21.0511.01

Bubble popGood for keeping mind busy.Version: 21.0518.00

YaRyan12345678.Version: 21.0429.00

Bubble popI can’t wait to see what level I can get to..Version: 1.5.7

Remove the adThe game is brilliant but it’s annoy that ad’s pop as you go through but you can remove the ad’s just go too the store touch more and the find Remove Ad’s but remember it’s only £ 1.99p and that’s it no more ad’s that we don’t want too see. (Except there is a watch video to get a chest and spin wheel).Version: 21.0120.00

Best game ever.I’m very emprest this is the best game ever you have five stars from me and I cannot wat to carry on playing this game and I just want to play this game for ever and I can’t believe l am still playing this game l can’t wait till the next time I get to carry on playing this game and that’s the end love from Zoe alis Argrave..Version: 1.7.3

Go ahead please do you want me to come get your stuff done ✅ was a way of tBob he cmon Biggs was a great one of your friends and I think we were all about it haha 😆 is the season for a year to get this app and the best of all this game I have had it was a little better and Sheehan’s has to not only be one ☝️ is a good day hv has a good night everyone is so happy 😀 was a good even better game than I did and the last one I QWERTY was a good day and I got the chance I was just going to take you back I just got to the tying up and I just want you guys back I just want to get to see the new house I don’t want you guys going on my truck and I don’t know if it’s just me and I don’t want to get it and I’m not going to get to it because I’m going to go to bed I just got to work so I’m.Version: 20.1112.00

Love this app!I LOVE this game. I have been playing it for months now and it’s the game I play when I watch tv lol. Sometimes it doesn’t give me the option to watch a video to get more balls to shoot which is weird bc it lasts like a few weeks. But, other then that it’s the best game I have played. I finished all the levels and when I realized I was out I was so sad! I had to go back and replay them and try to get 3 stars bc I’m in quarantine right now so I have been playing more than usual. They came out with new levels though which I will probably go through fast so keep making more!!.Version: 1.7.4

Bubble pop!It is really fun to play you pop bubbles get big brand new high score’s this game is bubble ridiculously Awesome .plus you get daily gifts now come check this app out you need to have a go at playing!.Version: 20.1203.01

ONE OF THE BEST GAMES EVER!I love this game! I would highly recommend it. It’s full of fun levels that are a bit on the easy side but not so hard that you can’t get passed a level. I’ve only been playing this for about and hour and I am already hooked. It’s super addicting. Once you start it’s almost like you can’t stop. In this game you have to burst fun and colorful bubbles to gain more points. There are all sorts of power ups and more hints to help you in levels. Make sure you match the bubbles color to the one you are shooting. Once all the bubbles are popped you win the level. I hope hope you like this game s much as I do.😁 -AKE.Version: 1.6.0

So far, so good.Fun and relaxing..Version: 21.0429.00

Bubble popEasy to play up to now very easy and relaxing game without stress Regards Michael, good game still play it now and again but when I start playing I wonder why I’ve left it for so long I really like it regards Michael.Version: 20.1102.00

Bubble pop10 out of 10 But I have a problem with one of my games l got over 3000 games l played it well not allow me to continue the game to see how far I can go ?.Version: 1.4.3

AmazingThis games is so relaxing and when u and stressed u come and play it thanks a lot because I love it so much you should make another sort of games like this thanks a lot dude I love it so much 🍔🍔👌👌👌👌👌👌👌.Version: 20.1105.00

Good, but..I enjoy playing this game for sure, it’s entertaining and has moments of difficulty that keeps it interesting. However I have extreme problems distinguishing the red and the pink colours apart, and would love for them to be changed more drastically, or have a way to change the colour scheme entirely based on coin or something..Version: 21.0511.01

Love itLove it.Version: 21.0507.00

Bubble popGreat and enjoyable!.Version: 21.0518.00

Great game but some flaws!I downloaded this game from a advert in another game. I love playing it. However, it has some flaws which are really annoying! I have completed level 366 many times now and can never get 3 stars. I have even tried the features. Also, some of the features freeze when you use them such as the beam shot feature. I used a booster and completed the level in 2 shots and still only received 2 stars. This is the only level on 2 stars and I am on 526 at the moment 🙄. Also another thing is the constant adverts which are really annoying to! Overall it’s a great game..Version: 1.7.7

Simple relaxing funSimple to play, one of those very relaxing puzzles and with some fun thrown in.Version: 21.0518.00

EntertainingVarious levels of difficulty make this great fun.Version: 21.0507.00

Used to love playing thisLoved playing this game but got to level 1191 and now I don’t believe this can be completed such a shame as now I’m thinking of changing to another game Thank you after loading the upgrade I have now completed that level Thank you.Version: 1.6.6

AddsIt is a good and very fun games but there are way too many adds. I thought that when I downloaded the games it would be one of the games with no adds but then I play it and there are too many adds.Version: 21.0518.00

LoveHi sorry to bother you guys but I just wanted to say I love your game so much fun ok bye.Version: 21.0518.00

Bubble popHave only just started to play this game, at the beginning it was a breeze and I know I’m just started the harder levels but really enjoying it..Version: 1.4.3

Great funReally good fun and relaxation when you’re over challenging your brain with Scrabble and other highly intellectual options. Still needs a degree of logic and spatial awareness! Love it!.Version: 20.0928.00

So addictiveI wanted a game to pass the time and found myself addicted to passing each level with 3 stars! The only down side is the ads after each level but they can be removed cheaply and permanently. It’s great for any ages from kids to adults and is great to pass time..Version: 1.5.9

Love love love this game!Great for hand/eye therapy..Version: 21.0507.00

Bubble popThis game is very fun and you can beat lots of level. When I got this app I thought that you were yurt going to pop some bubbles but in this game you do much more, this game game is free and is not rubbish. Buy this game now!!.Version: 1.8.1

FrustratedI really love this game but the buffering and long adverts are driving me nuts. I can barely complete a game before the buffering kicks in and it’s become worse since I updated the app. Only way to get back is to switch device off then on again only to find less than 60 secs later it buffers again. Please sort this otherwise I will be deleting app. Also the adds are far toooooo long!.Version: 21.0318.00

Very fun!Overall this game is really good it makes a really nice sound when you pop the bubbles it’s quite easy which is a good thing the only thing that bothers me is after every level you have to watch an ad.Version: 1.4.4

Fun, but...I’d been having fun with this game until around level 300 when it became very glitchy. It crashed and froze up many times before it simply wouldn’t open anymore. I tried everything to fix this and finally hades to delete it. I don’t “live” on my phone as some do and it took me weeks to get to get to the point at which this game stopped working on my iPhone XS. I’m going to reinstall it and see what happens. I paid to have the ads removed before and wish I didn’t have to do so again. We’ll see what happens this time. If the same thing occurs my next review will be more harsh, and if it doesn’t, it’ll be more favorable. Either way, I don’t like having to pay to have the ads removed for a 2nd time. (Perhaps this is by design?????) Update: It seems this game has been updated, and I’ve lost absolutely nothing! Of the very few games I play to pass some time, this is my favorite. Well done gang, and thank you!!.Version: 20.0821.00

Bubble Pop LegendPreferred because you abbreviated the endless ads to fix various locations. Six or seven No’s should be enough! I agree. The designers of these games are not stupid! But they certainly appear so when they require five or six No’s when I just tapped that number of negative responses between the last two games! I will never, NEVER even try the games that make me say No ninety-eleven times after every game! I often stop playing Bubble Pop just because the game promoters of some other game don ‘t understand that No means just that! And certainly repeated opportunities are just plain annoying because I do NOT change my mind every five minutes! Not a chance in .... you know what!.Version: 1.6.1

Best and most addictive game EVERHi makers, I absolutely love the game. I got the game 1 month ago and am on level 421. I have only one concern. Could you please have a way to disable piggy bank. I have already sent a email to the developers ages ago and they haven't done anything about it which really annoys me. Other then that I love the game. This is my review xxx.Version: 20.1217.00

Surprised me!I was looking for a game that doesn’t over tax me, something I could do in bed. I tried various “relaxation/anti stress” games, but they were either too boring, too peculiar or completely pointless. Saw this as an ad and that I’d give it a go, so glad I did! Great too do in the evening, when you’re settling down or just when you want time to yourself. I’m glad a gave it a go, as I’m now slightly addicted too it!.Version: 1.5.2

Bubble popFun game to many adds.Version: 1.4.2

OMG love the gameLove the game so much I’ll play it 24/7.Version: 21.0507.00

Crashes - UPDATEIt’s a surprisingly fun game, but it keeps crashing and when it does, my iPhone gets really hot. Had to delete the app eventually —— Further to the above, I’ve updated to 4 stars as this was my mistake! I’ve found that a recent iOS update was the source of the app crashes I was experiencing. Since carrying out a hard reset on my iPhone, I’ve downloaded this game a second time and, thus far, everything seems to have resolved itself. Only 4 stars due to the amount of adverts, but otherwise a great, fun game!.Version: 20.0619.00

Bubble popBeware don’t pay for the ad free version as they’ve taken my money but still get constant adds and they’re not good at responding to any issues you raise **UPDATE** This has now been resolved. Everything working fine now. Just annoying that it didn’t work from initial payment..Version: 1.6.4

Loved this gameMy go to game when I had time to kill. Finished all the levels yesterday and need more..... have to find something else now🙂.Version: 21.0511.01

Bubble popI love it!.Version: 21.0507.00

Fun & yet relaxingLove the action & challenge.Version: 21.0518.00

LoveLove it.Version: 21.0511.01

Good gameI like this game a lot it’s very good at it I can’t explain how much I like this but it is an amazing game and I recommend people getting it it’s only 4+ soAnd some people might think that this is a bot but no I’m a real human.Version: 21.0401.00

Like it, but ...I like playing this game, but just when you start getting to challenging levels it freezes and you have to delete it, reload it, and start all over again. Very frustrating!.Version: 1.6.9

It is amazingIt is AMAZING It is a game I can play any were I don’t mind the ads you did a great job on the game ignore the hate comments and just look at the good one. Keep up the good work.Version: 1.3.1

ExcellentHave played a few of this type of game but this is one of the best. Does what it should do. Not mind bending but a relaxing game to fill in an hour or to wind down after work. Well worth paying the small amount to get rid of the ads. Recommended..Version: 1.5.7

This game is the best!Thai is the best because it makes me calm from school and from taking care of my brother!.Version: 21.0507.00

Fun!This app is so fun and sometimes it’s hard to stop playing once I start! I don’t know what it is about it but I find it fun and relaxing to play. I love everything from the visuals to the sound effects. A great game, would definitely recommend!.Version: 1.6.1

A lot of fun.I recently purchased the no ads version coz I like relaxing with this in bed without spam. It’s a good time killer. Cheap if you wanna remove annoying ads. Give it a try..Version: 21.0414.00

Too many repetitive adsThe game is great. But annoyed by the same ads over and over agaIn. No point repeating the same ad if I don’t like it and won’t download it. Only purpose is to make me pay for ad free to stop the annoyance!.Version: 20.0709.01

Amazing gameI love this game I have enjoyed playing this game and there is not to many ads so that is the best part I like to read the feedback and this game has amazing feedback and I love the game!👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🤩 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 1.7.4

Great game, but too many adsThe game is great. It’s addictive and user-friendly. The ads drive me insane though. Most games only have 1 ad, but this has 2 ads after EVERY level - so every minute or so. It seems I spend more time with ads than playing the game :(.Version: 20.0626.00

Not too badIf you’re just after a relaxing game to match colours then this game is for you! However if you want a goal to work towards, like something to build or work for then try something else.. good for what it is but gets old quickly.Version: 20.0827.00

Home waiting for Coronavirus test boredWhile I have to stay home this is making me feel less stressed and having fun . My hubby put it on for me. Passing the long days ...Version: 1.6.9

Bobby Pop playing of gameI like this Bubble Pop a lot better than others I have played . The only problem I have is it keeps hanging up while playing especially at the 200 game level. I have to delete the App and start all over. Also, when I fill up the piggy bank I have to buy it for $4.99 cash in order to use the coins. There should be an additional option available, if I don’t have the cash funds to buy it. I would recommend transferring them to actual coins, to be played within the game, or buying objects like the laser, bomb,flash etc. Overall I have enjoyed the game along with others as a senior retiree, especially during the COVID-19 virus pandemic quarantine. I would like to recommend it to my friends and family, but only if my suggestions and or recommendations have been reviewed and hopefully addressed. Thank you..Version: 21.0318.00

Grant MartinAwesome game!!.Version: 21.0507.00

Bubble upVery good game app.:).Version: 1.6.9

I don’t like the change!I love Bubble Pop! And I loved being able to watch a video and get a laser beam to replay a level! I was replaying each level until I got 3 stars on it. But now you have changed it to watching a video to get a “random” booster! I don’t like or use the other boosters much! They’re not as good! It would even be different if you could save the boosters until they were useful, but you can’t. If you don’t use it at the beginning of the game, you lose it. Anyway, I think you have made a big mistake. I realize that it’s just my opinion, but I wanted you to know how I felt. Bubble Pop was really the only arcade game I played..Version: 20.0612.00

It okI been playing this game for 2 years now and I love it but it but it saying buy this for 599 but I don’t want to buy it so I log or waited a bit than I came back on and it wouldn’t let me back on but over all this is a great game I love it so much stay safe thanks for taking ur time to read this paper :).Version: 21.0414.00

AddictiveSeems on of the better “bubble” style games. Great customer service when a problem arose..Version: 1.7.9

PhkhamisAwesome game.Version: 21.0511.01

Bubble popIt’s the most fun and relaxing game ever.Version: 20.0916.00

Bubble popLove it.Version: 21.0511.01

Bubble PopLove this game.Version: 1.6.3

More than amazingThis game is so fun I could play it over and over my little sister loves whaching me play it so I showed her how to add it and I play it before bed to relax me and then I play some more when I wake up I could play this game forever and ever so fun the person who created this game is a genesis thank you so much for making this game even potter heads like me are satisfied with this game.Version: 21.0302.00

Bubble popFinally managed to get 3 stars for all 840 levels. Can’t wait for more upcoming levels. Really enjoying it..Version: 1.4.4

Bubble pop!Bubble pop is a fun games and I like it because you have to think about what move to do next because if you put a Colour in the wrong spot than it just takes up more time because you then have to make that set of colour 3 or more. But overall I love Bubble Pop!!!!! You should install it and be on your way to playing it🤪 But the ads annoy me because there are sooooo many. I know why you have them but please stop putting so many ads on the game.!.Version: 1.5.5

Love this!!I realloy love this game. Maybe too much....Version: 21.0511.01

Bubble popGood stress buster.Version: 1.6.8

FunI just started but the levels keep changing. The ads are not too bad. Overall a fun game.Version: 21.0511.01

The ads are annoyingI am in love with this game and it is incredibly addictive but the reason I did not rate it a 5 star is because of the ads. You can pay money so that there are no ads but I would not want to do that and even if I did it is in dollars and I use pounds. But don't let that stop you from downloading this game it is very fun to play..Version: 1.4.7

Almost a 5 starI really enjoy this game. Good to see new levels coming out too. However.. I know there are a lot of people playing apps that enjoy being competitive. I’m not one of those. I am looking for more variations on something similar rather than something increasingly difficult. I am now getting to more challenging levels that just undermine my leisurely enjoyment. Developer, how about considering other options for this game - either within this game or as a separate one, that just allow more leisurely play. I’m happy to leave the more challenging, and even timed, games to those who are after the competition. Otherwise all This game is a 5 star (great to aim at things without downing unfortunate pigs too.).Version: 20.1112.00

GoodJust too many ads lol.Version: 21.0507.00

AdsA bit to many ads, but it’s a great game and i can get lost in time playing it too, but the ads...there’s to many of them!! I get you have them for reasons but there so annoying 🤬.Version: 1.3.2

AwesomeKills time effectively.Version: 21.0507.00

Bubble popVery challenging and fun..Version: 21.0429.00

Great time fillerLove playing this game but want to pay to remove ads but can’t find anywhere to do this? Can you help please?.Version: 20.0916.00

It’s funIt’s fun..Version: 21.0429.00

WowVery addictive, pay the extra money and get add free. Set a timer to stop, time just passes by when you’re playing, you lose track of time..Version: 20.1028.00

Bubbleriffic!Bubbles of fun.Version: 21.0511.01

Bubble popFun and relaxing!.Version: 1.6.3

Very very very noiceSuper cool game! I forgot to eat my breakfast once because I was so addicted to this game! I have been having dreams of this game at night time 😂. Five star, no taking that back! Good job developers, this is probably one of my favourite games because it is perfect to kill time with this game. I love the sound affects. Just one thing, BILLIONS OF ADS....Version: 21.0318.00

Fun game❤️.Version: 21.0518.00

Good funGood little game. Reminds me of a game I used to play when I was younger. Now waiting for the kids to find it on my phone and start playing too!! Exactly what I was expecting when I downloaded the app, unlike some of the games I have downloaded!!.Version: 1.7.4

Great for boredomGreat for playing in the tv commercial breaks, just be sure to put it down as the tv program comes back on otherwise like me before you know it you’ve missed the ending to that ‘must see’ film you’ve been dying to watch!!.Version: 20.0626.00

Fun “brain break” sort of gameThis is great for my lunch breaks at work, where I can play almost mindlessly to give my brain a break from the chaos at work. Only down side is that it’s heavy on the ads so when they had a promo to go ad-free for $1.99 I went for it, but it charged me $2.99. Not a deal breaker, but still a bit rude. Great game all in all..Version: 1.7.6

Bubble popI am learning every moment how to improve playing this game. I am having fun and I am teaching my husband. My grandchildren enjoy it too.Version: 21.0414.00

Luv itPre sweet game and nice and fun.Version: 1.6.7

HookedI play word games and alien attack games. Not girl games. Hate to admit it I’m hooked. I have ditched the other games. Not because I don’t like them. I’m just hooked. Mark ( surname withheld ‘cause I don’t play girl games ) Australia..Version: 1.4.2

Great Game!I love this game a lot! It’s really easy and it takes your mind off struggles! It’s relaxing and well done, not that many adds, no swearing or inappropriate content and reasonably easy! (Get this game).Version: 21.0401.00

Pop itYou should download this game it is the best.Love it so much and I hope you love it ♥️🧡💛💚💙💜🥰😍😘.Version: 21.0518.00

YaI have to give it a 4 because everytime I try to shoot the ball changes and I lose the game so that’s why I have give it a 4 if that didn’t happen then that would of been a 5 but I still love the game everytime I am stressed it calms me to because I turn the sound up and when I pop the bubbles it is so relaxing but a part from that I love it.Version: 21.0507.00

Great gameFirst time playing and love it.Version: 21.0302.00

AwesomeI love it.Version: 21.0518.00

Bubble popHi I’m not sure if you like the fact that I have played it and I don’t think I have ever played a game like that I love it Hope you like it..Version: 20.0821.00

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