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Solitaire Cash App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Solitaire Cash app received 156 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Solitaire Cash? Can you share your negative thoughts about solitaire cash?

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Solitaire Cash for Negative User Reviews

PaymentI won was never paid, what a scam, way to go on playing on the people who are down and out, way to play with peoples feelings.Version: 6.5.6

SCAM! SUS!You don’t actually get any money from this app, they’re straight up lying 🤥 Any earnings you get from playing are only to be used to BET on more games. You don’t get to withdraw any of it. After reading other reviews, there seems to be FRAUD going on with this app too. Overall, I’d say this app is a SCAM. STAY AWAY, Y’ALL!!.Version: 6.5.8

I want to know…Only one review so far!?! Strange! First you claim that you match the players based on their skills! How do you know their skills! The rooms should be 100% random. If you can explain that …will be much appreciated. My second suspicion is … do I really play against real people. It usually takes me 1.5 -2 minutes to solve it… but somehow there are always multiple players with scores of over 10k especially when you play for cash … how is that possible?! To achieve result of over 10k you need to solve the solitaire in less than a minute… which is borderline impossible from mechanical point of view… it doesn’t matter how good you are you still need to move the cards around..Version: 6.7.1

What I once loved, I know can’t standWhen I first started playing this game, I absolutely loved. I won’t a decent amount of money within the first few months, so I always made large deposits because, I would generally make my money back including winnings. However over the last month or so, the game has been very glitchy. There have been many times when I go to drag a card out and the deck flips or if I am dragging a card already on the board the deck flips. It’s just the start of the issues I’ve been having lately. I know it’s not my phone because I play other solitaire games and these things do not happen. I sent an support email and never received a response. I tried deleting the app and reinstalled it and, it worked decently for a day and back to the same thing, and it seems to be getting worse. We all don’t like losing, but when you lose because you just lost it’s one thing, but when you lose because of glitches or lagging it’s another. Can’t blame the internet here either because I have the gig with fios, and again this doesn’t happen with other games. Sad that I will have to delete this game because it was my go to and favorite game. Best of luck to anyone that plays and if you start seeing glitches stop playing before they steal your money!!.Version: 3.4.4

Fun game, pop ups almost ruin itThe game is solitaire, hard to mess solitaire up it’s pretty fun. And you can theoretically win money without spending any (though it’s really hard to do that haha). The only problem is the dozens of pop ups you get every. Time. You open the game, advertising the gambling options and offers to deposit money. And I get it, this is how the game gets profits, they want you to add money. A pop up for it every once in a while is totally fair. But it’s so many back to back that it really doesn’t feel like they’re separate offers rather than a barrage of “GIVE US MONEY NOW!!”. The worst part is that the gambling portion isn’t available in every state. And there’s no acknowledgement by the app if you can’t partake until you try to deposit. So sometimes even if I’m willing to give into one of these spammy ads, I get to the payment page and it says I can’t continue. But I’m still stuck being harassed by the pop ups about something I can’t do. If I didn’t live in a state where the depositing is allowed I probably would have deleted the app by now. With the option available it’s tolerable. Once you get rid of the initial bombard of them it’s just a fun game of gambling solitaire that I enjoy..Version: 2.4.1

F (ad) u (ad) n (ad) (Also: Bots)Update: Since writing the review below, I have come to the conslusion that the game is also full of bots and/or AI players, given how quickly some of these players are able to complete a game. I also believe that 90% of the positive comments here in the app store are either bots or Reputation Management Firms flooding the reviews with positive comments to dilute the real reviews from people who have actually played the game. Original review below: Here's how (ad) the game works. (ad). When you launch the (ad) game, you are first treated to 5 ads. (ad). Then, between every (ad) screen change, (ad) you get another ad. Once you have (ad) closed all the ads, you get a (ad) chance to play the game, which (ad) is basically a time-limited version Klondike Solitaire. Winners are (ad) the top people who got the highest score (ad) in the shortest amount of time. After the game is done, you get a few more ads, return to the main screen, where, after some ads (ad), you can collect any winnings you have (ad), then get s few more ads. After closing the ads, (ad), you get some ads, return to the main screen, and can start a new game, after, of course, closing the next round of ads. (ad) If it (ad) wasn't for (ad) all the (ad) ads, (ad), this (ad) game (ad) would (ad) be (ad ad ad ad) far( ad ad ad ad ad ad ad) less (ad) annoying (ad). (ad).Version: 3.1.0

😔Terrible game, do not buy. I’m a single mother with 3 children to look after, we’re struggling with money as there dad left when they were born. I saw this app and thought it would be a lovely way to make money While still spending time with my kids, little did I know I was wrong. I open the app, sign up and it seems good. I play for around 2 days and no progress has been made. Im quite good at it but every time I get a high score there’s “people” who get higher making me loose my money. Over the past weeks I start to find myself in a gambling addiction. Neglecting my children and spending every last pound on this game, me, my sons havnt showered in days. Yesterday we got kicked out our house and is now living on the streets. One of my sons died from starvation. So you see.. do not buy this game at all costs..Version: 7.0.2

Thiefs!I have played this game for so long just to make it up to $100. Any time i won it was literally ALWAYS only .01c. This took me ages to finally reach $100 because not every game wins of course. I finally reach $100 and it will not let me cash out as promised in the terms and conditions. I have emailed complaints at least five times now and no one ever responds. The gift card option to cash out on is conveniently ALWAYS sold out and unavailable for me to use either. I can’t begin to describe jut how many hours it has taken to finally reach the $100 amount for withdrawal, only to discover it won’t ever pay out to me. I have tried EVERYTHING. Don’t waste your time or effort or money. These kind of apps need to be shut down..Version: 3.9.1

False advertisement don’t win lots of money etcDeleted because As always its just another waist own money and gambling it kind of game that you have to put in with own money to win actual money and that’s if you can win every game and get better scores than many others and get few dollars shared with 1st 2nd and 3rd placers it’s free but the money bonus ad they call it isn’t cash out abl and you lose any winnings from that was earned on their bonus cash it’s basically winning more no cash out bonus cash with bonus cash and it bothers you to deposit own money only way you get kind of money to cash out if win and there’s no big rich win bucks have a better odds at a real casino. Ads make you believe differently but knew it was going to be a waste of time but tried it and I a pro at solitaire found legit game no own money needed and get paid just to play solitaire and watch ads but it pays as ad promises more hours you put in the more can get paid but this game definitely isn’t money making as ad claims. So 3 star for false advertisement and claims. But like solitaire so it’s only good to play just to only play to pass time if bored..Version: 7.1.2

Be wareDo not give this game your banking information. They will withdraw all your money from your bank account. Last night they drained my bank account. Wish I could give zero stars..Version: 7.1.0

CrapLove how I am on a timer but your game is the most unresponsive game I’ve ever played. Bravo losers.Version: 7.0.1

Usual selective algorithms keep you losingWhy are app developers so greedy? Usual story of it not being a simple game of skill, the app feeds you into groups and therefore results it wants in order to get you to initially win and then ultimately lose so that you deposit more money. I am very very fast at this game and regularly complete in 90 seconds and I do not win over the long term. This is not sour grapes. I will hit a high score and the group will wait for extra players for ages in order to push me down the rankings. Some people might be thinking that they are paying out to the eventual winner and making money whatever and that’s true but by using an algorithm to pick who wins and when, they hustle you into depositing more. Steer clear. Still waiting for an honest real cash app!.Version: 3.3.0

RiggedGame is rigged against you. Have played about 1000 games, it will predictably and without fail make sure that you never win too many games in a row to where you can cash out any substantial money. It does this by hiding the algorithm for who is in the same game until afterwards. So many people are playing at the same time it isn’t truly random who they “pair” you with, they make sure you win and lose when they want. Namely, whenever I am about to run out of diamonds, I always win no matter how poorly I do. They want me to keep playing of course, and offer several messages to remind me to deposit money. Then once I accumulate diamonds again, I almost never win despite having my best games. I hope this app is investigated for fraudulent algorithm. This is 100x worse than a casino. Edit: they replied and obviously denied they rig the games, they place players of similar skill level together to avoid this. I took a chance to believe it and deleted my account then app and rejoined as a new player under new account. Despite my game level going from level 40 to level 1, the quality of my competition was exactly the same and I did not win more games playing at the level of a beginner even though my scores should have been substantially better than the competition seeing I was regularly beating other level 40 players. AVOID THIS APP AT ALL COSTS. They will do anything to take your money. Also they charge a $1 processing fee for any withdrawal which is another version of theft..Version: 7.2.0

Do not recommend gambling your own moneyIf you are doing a free to play, you’re fine… but don’t play any games that requires money. Mostly if you’re playing a game online. There’s always a pattern to online money games and you will see it the more you play it. If you are to gamble, gamble in real life. I would score low in a money game and even if I won, it is weird for everyone else to score as low or lower when i lost a couple games to really high scores. Then after one win, you will lose majority of your games. Plus, the payouts do not make any sense. If 7 people are betting $5, then the payout should be at least $32 split, but it is not. I understand there should be a fee to play it, but it shouldn’t take so much from the pot. That should be split with the other winners. Another note… they say they match players to make a fair game… not once and ever I will score over 9,500 score or even get close to 10,000, but somehow the other matched players reach 10,000 many times and one time had 11,000. Is 11,000 naturally possible? You would have to do the whole thing under 1 min or less to even reach that! They basically consider me a professional solitaire player… I average 3 mins at most! 2 star because the game is still enjoyable..Version: 6.0.1

DON’T be FOOLED you CANNOT WIN it’s a SCAMFrom my experience over the past several months playing Solitaire cash and papaya games other apps. These games are constantly changing and not in a good way. They have made it pretty much impossible to win and if you do win, the payouts are ridiculously low! The games are 100% rigged and they have gone through different ways of rigging their games and it’s obvious. They have taken away the higher payout games and they are no longer available unless you get to the higher levels. They also keep reducing the number of friends you can invite and now it’s only 2. There is really no chance to get bonus cash in this game anymore they have taken that away. So now if you want to get to the higher payout games you have to dump in a lot of money into this game and YOU WILL NOT WIN IT BACK!!!! They have rigged and made this game literally impossible to win anything more that a couple of $$$. Papaya games has sucked the fun out of playing this game. PLEASE Do NOT deposit a dime into this app, you will not win and you are only making the developers richer!!!! So many solitaire games on the App Store. Deleting Solitaire Cash and going back to Solitaire King, they have 10 different games and multiple payouts high and low and you can invite 15 friends and Solitaire King actually pays you when you win!!!.Version: 6.4.3

RiggedThis game is rigged! if you put your money, you cannot get them back. they gave you extra dollar if you finished the quest but when you check your withdrawal, they will say that it belongs to extra cash then now you run out of real money until you lose them all! Your also playing with bots too! you can win on high stakes. they said your playing with other people but every players name has numbers. you always lose your money. DO NOT EVEN BOTHER TO CASH IN. I LOST MORE THAN 100 DOLLAR AND DID NOT EVEN WIN A SINGLE PENNY. YOU TRY TO WITHDRAW THEN YOU WILL END UP WITH NOTHING INCLUDING THE ONE YOU WON IN THE ACTUAL MONEY GAME.Version: 7.2.0

Big scam“they took 15.99 from my account I don’t know how and why” I download the app and when I first open it says I won (but I didn’t even play yet) and find out later they took 15.99 from my credit card.Version: 6.0.1

Deff RiggedI’m here to say you can definitely win money and a sufficient amount. With that being said, I’d still say it’s rigged.. for instants when you have to collect a set of cards it’s usually about nine cards a set you always get maybe three sets completed but once it comes towards the end of the competition to win you don’t get those cards, you only get doubles. I’ve had ultra rare packs several times and I still failed to get any new cards to complete my set just old cards that I’ve already gotten but it says that they’re ultra rare which I don’t get. Another thing that convinces me that it’s rigged is when you do the matching game to either win less money, a little more money, or the most money, you always get matches for the least amount of money no matter what you never win the higher amount.. They can say that it’s not. I’d say whatever, I’m not convinced and will never be! I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on this game and they do not like to give back whatsoever. The only reason I’m continuing to play is because I like solitaire. Out of hundreds of dollars I’ve spent they’re OK with giving me three cents back as a thank you, I just don’t appreciate that. But what can you expect from a computerized game especially one that involves money, right? If you play and download this game, you’ll see what I mean. It’ll speak for itself. It’s me action. Speak a lot louder than words..Version: 6.9.2

Getting reduced rewardsI have been playing this game for around 6 months and although I love playing the card game the rewards have been reducing. You can no longer on the mini rewards games get any rewards unless you play a paid game - that stopped the other month but in the last update a week ago now the non paying game gets less rewards -one from 60 for a win to 50 and second place from 40 to 30 so it takes a lot longer to reach the 1200 you need to play a potential money winning game if you don’t or can’t afford to spend money of your own. The only good introduction on the last update was a chance to play 3 times on the videocash clash. I’m less inclined to play now as it takes so long to get the 1200 even though I like the card game playability..Version: 7.3.1

Scam through and throughI started like most players by only using their given gems to free play solitaire, without putting any of my own money in. I won a lot and went from the starting 16 gems or so go over 200 very quickly. I understand you can’t win any game and there’s surely some algorithm to keep you from winning too much (like the unspoken ones at casinos), so I would play a few gem games and lose until I was ready to bet real money. I put $15 in initially and won some games, but didn’t have any issues yet. After reading other reviews, I can say with 100% certainty that this app is rigged and that you are playing computers who will surely outplay you when real money is on the line. I have no issues winning when I gamble for diamonds (their free play option), always taking first no matter how big the ante, but every single time I play for money, the cards all start out as the same color, leaving many of their underneath parts unable to be uncovered. I really wanted to give this app the benefit of the doubt and keep trying to win my money back, but I have no doubt in my mind that this company and this app developer makes it impossible to win whenever money is involved. It is a scam through and through, and as a poor college student I am severely embarrassed that I fell for the trap and trickery of this company. DO NOT DEPOSIT YOUR OWN MONEY. YOU WILL NOT WIN..Version: 2.4.5

Bots and you can’t withdraw winningsThe bonuses are good however real cash is used first. When it comes to withdrawals any bonuses earned are deducted, and the amount you can withdraw reduces as you win so you can’t withdraw winnings. so it is ok for fun but you aren’t going to win big. The algorithm changes and the games are noticeably easier when they want you deposit. In addition the enticement to deposit came up once 7 times in a row. The diamonds you earn take a while to build up. And there is no option to trade them for money. For example it takes so long to earn decent amounts of diamonds it would be nice to change them for a cash option. Maybe 1000 diamonds = £1. The free roll is nigh on impossible to win. Also sometimes it feels like you play a game and the winner already announced before all players finished. I was extremely concerned to see that no affordability checks or Anti money laundering checks were carried out. And the advert for this came up during an all age appropriate app. I feel this should only be advertised on 18+ . It’s ok for fun but I would advise against giving your money. You’ll be lucky to break even..Version: 3.5.1

Warning! Attention!Mon compte Paypal a été hackée en jouant à ce jeu! My PayPal account was hacked while playing this game!.Version: 2.4.4

Cash games US onlyI love solitaire so was looking forward to playing this one but was disappointed when I found out that games with cash are limited to the US, I’m in Australia so can only play the gem games which there are a very limited number of so it gets a bit boring playing the same game over and over again for very few gems in return. Either have more gem games for those of us or stipulate cash is US ONLY so people overseas won’t waste their time..Version: 2.4.5

Hmmm ?I like this game, but most of the time I lose, not because I finished slower than others. I realise that 50% I lost because I got stuck can’t move card. If I get stuck now and then yes I wouldn’t mind. But there are time that get stuck 5 to 6 times in a roll, and end losing all my money. Do think twice before you keep playing for money. For fun is ok but not for real money. 👍.Version: 7.2.0

SCAMI’ve read the other generic responses from the developers on this, so I’m sure I’ll get the same, but just for everyone out there who reads this one. The games let’s you win essentially for a certain amount of time. When you deposit they tax 20% from you, so a £5 deposit will cost you £6. The game makes money off every game because the win pot is much lower than the money that goes in. And after all that, they charge you another 20% when you withdraw, and you can only withdraw whole numbers not the change. One you’ve built up cash, and enter higher stake games, even if you end your game immediately as it starts, everyone else has already finished and they have all cleared the board in seconds which is impossible. It means it’s a predetermined loss, and there’s nothing you can do about it. So you lose any cash you’ve built up. The developers will say other people play the game using different strategy, as a generic response, but it’s not a different strategy, it’s impossible for 5 other players to finish a solitaire game in seconds. AVOID THIS APP..Version: 7.0.2

Good game but…If you’re playing ranked matches for money the group of players is put together after I finish my game. I can’t help but have a niggling feeling that via this process the developers can control when and who wins and therefore gets paid. I’d prefer a group be chosen based on skill and history and locked in before the game starts. I just had a game where the winner had 4000+ points. Then I had a game where I scored 6000+ points and the highest scorer was 9700 and 3rd was 7000. It may have been an unlucky game for me but there doesn’t seem to be any consistency other than you get to win now and again (regardless of how high your points are)..Version: 3.5.1

Once You Start Winning, App Drags & CrashesApp was working great, I was having no issues, playing great and winning small tournament. As soon as I won the $50 tourney, app started dragging to load, saying internal errors, no longer showing updated tournament wins..Version: 7.0.1

ThievesIll run some numbers and let you make your decision. These people take at least 25% our money and they could easily choose not to. In a 5 dollar game with 8 people they pocket 10 out of the 40 dollars. Might not sound so bad but here’s the payouts. 1st place: $15. Second place 9.10 Third place. $5.90. Why not just 15, 10 and 5? Still. This is pretty fishy. First place gets to triple their money n second place doesn’t even get to double it? Alot of times you barely lose or win. These games are usually very close. There are other ways they could split the money, they just choose not to. First of all first place should only get 10 dollars. This is solitaire. Doubling your money on a solitaire game is still pretty crazy, agree? Second place gets $9. Third place gets $8. Fourth place gets $7. I’m sure people would enjoy this game A LOT more if they payouts were like this. One more person gets to enjoy everygame n you don’t ever feel like you lost out just because you didn’t get first place by a couple points. You still pocket 6 dollars a game. More people might play if payouts were better. More people means more money right? I for one will never put a dime into this game if this doesn’t change. It’s crazy to me that people don’t think about what they are doing. If I’m not mistaken you already profit about a million dollars. How much is enough?.Version: 2.4.0

Real reviewNot blowing my own trumpet, and don’t claim to be great at many things, but I am good at Solitaire/Klondike and have been playing it an unhealthy amount for years… In top 3% on Solitaire+ and on average clear a winnable deck in 70 seconds (that’s average, not fastest),so in other words, I’m beating most players 97% of the time unless they are really lucky. This game 100% uses bots after you’ve been lured in with some easy wins. I’ve played enough to know that this is absolutely rigged. Also, if you have children that use your devices, consider putting passwords and safety measures in place. I found out about this game out of the corner of my eye while my 4 year old daughter was trying out an awful, free, advert riddled colouring in app on iPad. Goes to show how morally bankrupt the devs are. Cheers.Version: 3.4.4

What kind of scam is this!I downloaded it because I thought I could make money playing solitaire. After playing a couple games, it told me that I had $14 coming to me. Or so I thought. So I logged in to my PayPal and authorized the payment. Then I received as message from my bank saying the payment didn't go through because of insufficient funds. I had misunderstood. I was supposed to PAY THE GAME $14 as I would add money to a pot in poker.. What kind of scam is this! It's a good thing the money wasn't there because I would have been upset if the game had taken my money under false pretenses. Your instructions need to be A LOT more clear that this is a gambling game. None of your ads use the word "gambling." They're all about making money by playing solitaire. FALSE ADVERTISING! UPDATE: After receiving the developer response, I'm more convinced than ever that this is a scam. In their response, the developers admit that they don't advertise that you have to deposit money to win money. When I read that, I expected the next part of the sentence to be some kind of lame reasoning for not putting this info in their ads. But they didn't even bother with an excuse. They don't tell you you have to pay because NO ONE in their right mind would pay to play solitaire! SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM! Don't give these crooks any of your money!.Version: 6.6.0

ScamI’ve read your reviews. I thought I’d try the game. Sure enough I earned $15 USD. I tried to redeem and sure enough you took out of my account C$22. Prove to me , like you’ve responded to every SCAM accusation. REFUND MY C$22 PLUS THE $15USD YOU OWE ME.Version: 4.0.3

Not happyI am not happy that the real money games aren’t available in my country, we shouldn’t be able to download it if you can only play the one game on it, it made me really mad when I clicked onto one of the real money games and it told me that i was not able to play it because of the country that I live in, it’s very sad to be let down like that when I have been playing for weeks to get enough gems so I could play the real money games.Version: 2.1

ScamTotal scam, had winnings in my bank. To collect your winnings you need to be signed up. So once I sign up, money is no longer in the bank. Rip off scam..Version: 7.0.2

ScamRigged game stole 1000$ from me in a day and it keeps you playing due to the bonus cash system that doesn’t let you withdraw your full amount of money. That being said gimme a refund and I’ll delete this and be on my way..Version: 6.5.6

Enjoying but…I really enjoy this one because I play solitaire to switch off my mind but because I’m from Australia I can’t use the real money option (which is fine) but I wish there was a way to switch off those games and to stop getting the pop ups for the tournaments & the pop ups to add money to my account…. Also more gem only tournaments would be great as there’s only 1 available…..Version: 3.0.1

Spammy app & cash sucking when withdrawing6 pop ups you have to close before you can even begin to play the game and this is EVERY time you open the app. I deposited £4 as I feel I’m quite good at solitaire and wanted to see where I would get up to, got up to £16 and figured I would withdraw my initial £4 and play with money that I had won, with the withdraw fee & the removal of all my bonuses (would make sense to remove any bonuses if I hadn’t have played £20 worth of games, I would’ve expected some of my bonuses to be spent) my total amount ended up getting reduced from £16 to £7 from only withdrawing £4! It’s almost pointless even withdrawing any money at that point..Version: 3.4.1

BotsYou cannot win, because the game using bots to take you down. Scam..Version: 7.0.3

Another scammed gameDon’t bother with this game with the belief you will win money cause you won’t I’ve been playing this game for quite awhile and haven’t deposited any money to see if it’s actually possible to win money cause the game gives you in game currency for logging on each day I eventually saved up enough to withdraw £8 and turns out you can’t withdraw money unless you have deposited money into the game I’m not really bothered over £8 but it’s not as the game has advertised like you see advertised everywhere plus the gameplay is pretty god awful not all the solitaire games can be 100% completed it’s more of when you know when the game can’t be played anymore and exit and you get additional points for the time you have remaining in the game not completing the game it’s a terrible way the game is calculated I wouldn’t suggest it to anyone plus game tries so hard for you to deposit money with stupid pop ups only thing good about it is there’s no ads.Version: 7.2.0

These games are designed to make you pay so you loseAfter games like these being advertised on games my children play I decided to download and have a go. The moment you open the app it requests you to spend money. Which if again you have children and don’t have restrictions on they could easily spend your money. In fact even if you don’t use your money and just use the gems it requests you to hand your money over 7 times. They draw you in by letting you win once in every few times and then ramp up the difficulty so it’s almost impossible for you to win. And even if you’re a light player apparently you’re in with people who play the same as you apparently. Anyway this is a gambling app and says it’s for 17 and over so please stop advertising it on kids games for 4 year olds. I worked out you probably have a 20% chance of actually winning anything so why waste your money..Version: 3.4.1

ScamI promise you based on much experience, the people on quora and other sites and apps saying you can make money on this are either in league with the company. And there for committing serious criminal offences in both Canada and America, or they’re somehow cheating. I have finished in 30 seconds, as apposed to a minute and 30,40 seconds, and when it’s the gem play it’s whatever I always get first place, but with cash, I almost never place in the top 3. This app just steals most people’s money, and not enough people use it to make an real money. Avoid at all costs, you’re better off betting on a gambling site. Forgot to mention I ran several cash games through a program I developed. Some games (ALL being cash games, gem games have never been this way, and I play 7x the gem games) are sometimes rigged to be impossible to win. So it’s very suspicious that some people do have 9000-10000 scores if we’re playing the same exact game. If not, that would explain how it’s not fair and some people are literally given the win while others are not. I’m going to gather 12 months of data before reporting to federal entries, and once I understand what I can and cannot disclose from them, I will report what I can on Reddit. I find the develop responses to most people with poor reviews to be evidence enough that something is up. People are required by law to gamble under their legitimate and legal name in my country, so using usernames is already a major red flag to me..Version: 6.9.2

Solitaire CashI love playing bingo and I have loved playing this game. I did not know you could do this online. At first, It’s fun. I felt really lucky or whatever. However, it is now kind of costly. This must be because the lure you in with the easy wins then cut you off right when you think you’re on to a good game. I don’t like that. Clearly these places monitor how much each person is winning. if you cannot keep yourself in check with spending you could be in serious trouble financially. It Pays almost immediately. However, once you start winning for a minute or 10, you pull up cards yet the numbers on your card are not called out. So you may score between 9k to 23k for a while, if you’re quick. Within a week or two it trickles quickly to almost nothing or “better luck next time”. That’s a pisser. Inevitably, your “wins” are basically covering a small portion of the money you’re pulling out. So pay attention. Also, I transferred some of my winnings to my PayPal account and 10 days later it is still not in my account and customer service has not returned my inquiries.$200. lost in their pockets, not mine. And, I play because I actually need money. I know how dumb am I? Haha I’ll be deleting this once they find my $200. Do others have this problem?.Version: 6.9.2

Save your hard earned cashThis game is absolutely rigged for you to lose all your money. The app creators must be making an absolute fortune of our backs. I love playing the game and had. Free app which I enjoyed but when this kept popping up on Snapchat I thought why not?! When you play with diamonds alone and don’t put any cash in, of course I win quite a lot. But everytime I deposit money into this game, the games become impossible to complete and someone is always faster at you than completing it. You may have a couple of cash wins which is designed to get you hooked but don’t fall for it, you have as much chance using your money for a lottery ticket! The House always Wins. As someone who is a proud hardworking individual, I won’t be giving anymore money to those who designed this to get rich!.Version: 6.9.2

Sneaky on the money front…I would give this 5 stars if a few things were changed. I agree that if you play well, you can win cash, even if you don’t put much in…. But…. 1- real cash is used before bonus cash when playing cash hands, and this makes it almost impossible to build up a win balance… even if bonus cash came out as a pro-rata percentage of your total it would be fairer. 2- when you withdraw, it looks as though it charges you £1 for the privilege- bit harsh when they are already making money off each win. 3- when you withdraw, there’s no decimal in the value box. in other words I have £4.90, I can only withdraw £4. 4- when you withdraw you lose the bonus cash you’ve earned (that you can’t spend until you’ve spent your real withdrawable winnings) meaning that you start again. 5- it takes from 2-14 days to process withdrawals , ok… but you can only have one active withdrawal at a time! The whole system is set up to properly limit the amount of real cash you can actually withdraw. Looking at the other reviews there will be a generic response to this saying ‘we are a legitimate business, but take all comments blah blah’, but a few changes would probably remove this and still make you tons of money. I suspect this is a massive cash cow… I’d love to know how many payments out of more that £10 you actually have to make!.Version: 3.3.3

Good if you don’t care about winning $I would consider myself above average at solitaire. I finish most games between 1-2 minutes and score highly. For the first few weeks I would spend about an hour or 2 and rack up the 120 gems to play in the free roll, usually score somewhere between 2nd and 7th and if I won any “cash” I would play the $ rounds and usually lose those. Sometimes I won a couple, but then I would lose. I still found it very fun and since I win 1st and 2nd in almost every gem game, I was able to earn enough to play free roll a lot. However, I have never made a deposit in this game and unfortunately it seems that after a month or so it became IMPOSSIBLE to win a free roll tournament. I have videos in my phone showing 1st place gem tourneys 7-10 games in a row, a very high win rate and then you just see 9th, 8th, 7th in free roll tourneys again and again. If it’s fair skill based matchups, you would expect that from time to time I could still pull a top 3 finish when I win almost all the gem rounds. It has become impossible. I will have over 10k points and get 9th in a free roll tourney twice in 1 day. Absurd. I just got a losing score for the last time and I’m uninstalling. Side note- they don’t tell you this, but your sign up link only pays if the player who joins makes a deposit. It’s false advertising to state you get a dollar for every sign up if it doesn’t state they must make a purchase..Version: 2.3.4

SCAM!! LIARS AND THIEVES!!!!If you want to win money then don’t play for money. If you deposit money you will not win it back. This is a gambling game run by computers that are programmed to make the developers the most money, It is not a fair game, it is definitely rigged, which anyone who deposits money will soon find out. Played this game for a few months, spent a lot of money. I usually only play the gems, the dollar and sometimes the $3-$7, occasionally I’ve spent up to $10 a game. But in all my experience of hundreds and hundreds of games I’ve never been able to get a deposit of actual money. Ive played this game so much I am an expert. I should win more times than not. THE ONLY WINNERS ARE THE DEVELPOERS! These guys take your money, impossible to win any actual money. I want to know one person who has ever made any money off this app other than $5 or $10 The app is rigged to not let you win any actual money. Please don’t waste your money it’s an unfair game and you will never win any money even if you are the best solitaire player ever. They have used some good psychological tactics to make you think you can win and to make you deposit more money. If you don’t believe me then go ahead and deposit $25, spend the $25 and see if you actually made money. Even the best players are quickly depleted of their money. May as well go to the casino and play the slots, you have a better chance there at winning money..Version: 3.4.3

SCAM, Play for Free BUT DO NOT DEPOSIT YOUR $This app is a scam, it’s not legit! This review is from my experience and I want to help save anyone I can from losing your hard earned $ thinking you actually have a chance of winning something from this app, you DO NOT, you will NOT win $, please DO NOT deposit!!!! Play for free… It’s a scam and you’re not going to win your $ back. I have played this game for over a year and papaya games has recently changed their algorithm and you can NO LONGER WIN $! You may be able to win a couple of $’s but not enough to cash out. The bots are scoring crazy high scores (OVER 10,000) and now most of the time I can’t clear the deck and I’m left with a score of 700 or maybe 1000. It’s not because I’m not a good player, I’m definitely not a beginner, I’ve been playing this game for years and again this app for over a year but I can’t compete with their algorithm. I used to be able to clear the board but not since they changed their game. So, it’s pretty frustrating to get beat over and over and over again against bots! It’s not strategy it’s not that I’m a horrible player it’s that you cannot compete against papaya game’s algorithm. You’re a fool if you deposit any $ into this app, if you do you’re literally just GIVING papaya games you’re $, they will not let you win, papaya games is the ONLY winner!!!.Version: 6.5.0

Do not play wit real moneyThe free game is fun, but DO NOT spend any money on here. From my observations, there are clearly algorithms that they use. I’ve been analyzing their game for a few months now. In the beginning, you WILL win a little money (And this is what will get you hooked). But then it will quickly become increasingly harder to win. It is the EXACT SAME PATTERN each time you deposit money. When I tried to call them out on it, they say that they do not use bots and they only match you up against other real players who are on your skill level. However, on numerous occasions there were games I played that were mathematically impossible to finish and I could only go so far. But yet, there were like 3-4 “real people” who achieved scores higher than me that are were par with solving a match in its entirety. How can real people get a score of over 10,000 when a match is mathematically impossible to finish? Also, their ads are ridiculous. You will get about 6 pop up ads in the beginning when you open up the app (which is fine), but then you’ll get 2-4 pop up ads after every 2-3 games you play. Its obnoxious and unnecessary. All in all, this app needs to be investigated for foul play/fraud. Currently looking into this..Version: 3.9.2

PLEASE DO NOT deposit ANY $$$ into this appPLEASE DO NOT deposit ANY $$$ into this app! I have played this app and their other games for a while now. Recently, they have changed SO much and have made it impossible to win any money. Well, except for a couple $$$ here and there but NOT enough to cash out. They have locked/taken away the higher payout games, taken away most of the invites now you can only invite 2 people which means you ONLY get $2 worth of bonus cash and that is it!!! No other opportunities to get bonus cash. So, they have taken all of this away so you/me will deposit money into their game because we can no longer use bonus cash. The game is so rigged you will not win and get our ahead. I am a fairly good player and I have tried and tried but they have made this game impossible to make any money…Please I am telling you DO NOT give them your money. If you can’t win playing with the with their $2 measly bonus dollars don’t think you’re going to win depositing your own money! There are MULTIPLE apps that give you unlimited invites and some give you 15 at $3 each invite of bonus cash, un-rigged games and they actually pay you out when you win unlike this app. This app does not pay, games are rigged and look at the developers responses to reviews. It’s cut and paste. I have deleted this app since it is a complete waste of time….Version: 6.4.5

They only take your moneyNo fun at all!!! You just pay when you get the real money!!! They charge fee to buy money and they charge fee to withdraw money!!! They charge around 15% fee!!! Nothing free and this game is all except being free!! Be advise.Version: 6.9.2

Ok but…I’ve played this game too many and I’ve come to learn that although solitaire is a great game in and of itself, this game has got to be rigged. How can I win over and over again for such a long time, gain enough stars to play for cash bonus wins only to not be able to complete a game at the very least. Then start from scratch and amazingly I start winning over and over haha. When I started playing the game I would win and keep winning, then it becomes impossible. I know the game teams you with similar scoring players and/or bots but I’m talking about actually having a game that you can actually get through-score aside. Anyway I’m deleting the game because after gaining enough diamonds to play for money a dozen times over there’s a definite pattern and I’m not up for that. Doesn’t matter to me, but it is fixed. I like to play when it comes down to my skill and not an algorithm..Version: 6.8.1

The devs are lyingSo either these reviews are fake or this game can’t detect cheating, I have proof of a game that went for maybe 20 seconds with no possible moves my maxed score was 68 and the other bloke who manages to finish in 20 seconds also had 11,000? Last I checked we all have the same deck so how was it possible for everyone to fail except him with that score? I’ll put money into a game when I believe it’s actually fair and isn’t a scam haha terrible game creators act more like leeches than leeches do and it’s sad.Version: 2.4.5

Fun but kind of brokenI would consider myself above average at solitaire. I finish most games between 1-2 minutes and score highly. For the first few weeks I would spend about an hour or 2 and rack up the 120 gems to play in the free roll, usually score somewhere between 2nd and 7th and if I won any “cash” I would play the $ rounds and usually lose those. Sometimes I won a couple, but then I would lose. I still found it very fun and since I win 1st and 2nd in almost every gem game, I was able to earn enough to play free roll a lot. However, I have never made a deposit in this game and unfortunately it seems that after a month or so it became IMPOSSIBLE to win a free roll tournament. I have videos in my phone showing 1st place gem tourneys 7-10 games in a row, a very high win rate and then you just see 9th, 8th, 7th in free roll tourneys again and again. If it’s fair skill based matchups, you would expect that from time to time I could still pull a top 3 finish when I win almost all the gem rounds. It has become impossible. I will have over 10k points and get 9th in a free roll tourney twice in 1 day. Absurd. I just got a losing score for the last time and I’m uninstalling. Side note- they don’t tell you this, but your sign up link only pays if the player who joins makes a deposit. It’s false advertising to state you get a dollar for every sign up if it doesn’t state they must make a purchase..Version: 3.2.5

AwfulGame started off well, lots of challenges and games to play. You can’t actually win money unless you compete in the money games which you need money to do so basically you will never get money. You can only play the game that you need to use your gems to play. I have now had no gems for 2 days which means I can’t play at all. Therefore I have deleted the app. No point having an app on my phone that I can’t play. The games a way to get money off you. They give you loads of games for free that you get addicted too but then take them away and the only way to carry on playing is by taking your real money. Deleted and gone. Waste of time..Version: 7.3.1

ScamsThis is totally a scam. I was told that $400 was in my PayPal account and it’s not. SCAM. All of the money making apps are scams.Version: 2.4.4

GlitchingThe ads which are annoying as they normally are are glitching you can’t hit the x to close the ad.Version: 6.9.2

ScamGame is designed to take your money. No way to actually make any money with this game as the hands you're dealt are rigged. Stay far away.Version: 6.7.3

Scam (ad)Endless (ad) circles of (ad) tasks and (ad) never pays. They make you watch a million ads and go through loops of endless tasks that require watching more ads and some of them are basically watching more ads. Then they say you get paid in 7 days. Then you keep watching ads and at the end of the 7th day, they restart the process for you ro watch more ads. Scam Scam Scam.Version: 6.9.2

Algorithm based matchingDo not deposit cash into this app the winning scenarios are unrealistic. It gives you easy boards for a specific period of time to make it look like an easy app to win on then it seems to give impossible to complete boards. I have had boards where it is impossible to complete as multiples of the same card are hidden behind a card you would need to move onto one of these. Also the scores for the higher cashes seem somewhat fixed, I ha e completed boards in a crazy quick time on some higher cash amounts and there always seems to be 3 or 4 people that have finished with a better score and bare in mind I have finished these boards within like 1.5 mins. You could excuse this once or twice but everytime is very unrealistic. My thoughts are bots play the higher cashes to prevent bigger payouts. Update I have sent an email direct to support showing a screen shot of why one of my boards was actually impossible to complete yet someone else who as stated in the responses “has exactly the same board” seems to have completed it with a stupidly high score. This specific board was absolutely impossible to complete..Version: 6.3.2

Good game but ad liesIt’s a good solitaire game, something to beat the boredom, but it doesn’t pay out like the ad indicates. You have to put money in to get anything back and you get pennies on each dollar. As always the odds are in favor of the game not you. Plus when you try to take your money out it takes a “fee” and you have to wait. So go into it as a game, not with the thought of getting rich, because it’s just not gonna happen. I promise you, anyone who is shown to have won a big amount, won it over time. Example: it says I won $325 and I have never been able to take it out, because it was ‘bonus’ money (and a total over 2 years of game play, not a one time lump sum), I did win a $1something, but that’s not enough to take it out or waste my time trying, because, after figuring it out, (if I was able to take it out) I would only be able to take out is about .75 cents. Any play/win when using ‘bonus’ money is not your money and you will not be able to take it. Sorry hun, but facts are facts. So if you are struggling to pay bills, pay your bills, don’t put it here. If they tell you otherwise, shame on them, they are just being scammy. Luv ya, have a great day!.Version: 3.8.0

ScammyKind of feels like a scam been playing this game for a year and it wont let u actually withdraw the money you won from cash tournaments. If you have 5$ you can take out 1$ and im not talking about the free cash thing u can use to enter the tournaments..Version: 6.0.1

Enjoy playing the game butThe game is fun to play against others but as far as winning cash, you might win here and there, but there will always be “someone” quicker or better. What I dislike about this game and I feel should be stopped is the constant bombardment of popup requests to deposit money, it’s relentless and you are more likely to lose that money than actually win anything worthwhile. I think the developers of this app are irresponsible in constantly asking people to deposit money to play as there will be people with gambling addictions who succumb to these popup requests..Version: 6.1.0

RiggedIve played solitaire all my life. I consider myself very good at solitaire. However this game has an way of locking you out into deadlock even if you make zero mistakes or misses. You can tell the way the deck is locked with all the same cards being locked away. Its so stupid. Its a waste of time. Doesnt matter how fast you are there is always a bot thats beaten you by quite a few points. Id find another legitimate app before I decide to deposit on a rigged platform like this. Play a non monetised solitaire game on windows for example and you will see how rigged this version is. I never get locked out on non monetised versions of the game. Meaning these are randomly deciding to lock you out and thus taking your money. Kinda shady and scammy. Just my opinion..Version: 6.0.1

Fixed to take your moneyThis game is tailored to take your money rather than give you a fair chance to win. I deposited £10 per day for 2 weeks and noticed a sharp decline in winnable hands. The computer will deal poor hands that are impossible to win so you get a low score and therefore have to deposit more to carry on playing. It’s good to play for fun with in game diamonds but after that I would recommend standard sports betting if you are looking to win extra cash as this game seems to be fixed to pressure you to deposit more, especially with it’s never ending pop ups to entice you into depositing more cash.Version: 3.2.3

This is a scam!!!!I added my credit card details and then app gave me an option to deposit money. Instead of DEPOSITING THE MONEY THE EXACT AMOUBT WAS WITHDRAWN FROM MY BANK ACCOUNT!!! This is a FAKE APP!! Scam! SCANDAL!!!.Version: 6.9.2

Clearly rigged unfortunatelyIf you were to video your game you would see even when you cannot possibly get all the aces out, you have say all black on the ends of your columns and no reds being dealt so you submit as when the game can go no further BUT it was a paid for game and guess what, you rank somewhere outside of the top 3 yet the first place holder has allegedly scored over ten thousand which mean they completed the entire pack of cards and had over 3 minutes left on the clock. So obviously not actual other people playing not even boys, it would be nice to actually play against real people not just have the competition be entirely fictional. I would pay to play against real people but this is just totally fake sadly. There is a way, a loophole almost, to do well at winning gems but you will never win and withdraw actual money here either. The bonus cash is always the last to be used and is forfeited if you make a withdrawal that takes 14 days for approval and can only be made if you have enough non bonus cash and a linked payment card.Version: 7.1.0

Good game but doesn’t work in my locationThe game is great, it’s fun and I’ve never had an issues with the game crashing or glitching. However, I’m constantly being harassed to put down a deposit to play in the real money games but then it won’t let me because this feature “isn’t supported in my location”. I live in Australia not the middle of the Arctic. Also if you don’t support real money play in my area why do you constantly shove ads in my face telling me to play the real money version.Version: 3.0.1

SCAM - save your moneyThis game is a really clever way to scam you. You’ll make money and win competitions initially, which gets you hooked on it, but then it becomes much harder/basically impossible to win games. Also, the money you have goes down way more than the tournament costs. So, for example, if you had £5 and entered a tournament that cost 8p, instead of having £4.92 you’ll end up with some random balance like £2 (it’s not even consistent with how much money it takes). I screen recorded it so I literally have proof. I’ve emailed them about it and haven’t heard anything back; I’ve emailed them previously when I won money and a got a reply back within days, so it’s not that they’re just taking a while to reply. Honestly, take the money you earn initially and move on, don’t get sucked into it because you’ll just end up broke..Version: 6.2.1

Not worth itYou only get money if you spend money….Version: 7.1.0

Please add option to mute musicOverall it’s a decent game. I’ve had it a few months and got addicted to free play. I’m only up to about $.90 so far and as my blue diamonds accumulate they end up being lost. Some games are easy and others are hard. Don’t know how all this works. Recently just heard music. I don’t care for it and would like the option to mute the music but keep the shuffling sound, etc. Ps. You won’t get rich playing this game but it will pass the time. After every other game you have to click to close an ad trying to get you to deposit money. After closing and re-opening the game you have to close about 3-5 pop ups about the current tournaments. So if you play on and off throughout the day this can use a lot of your time during the day. I do like the new pause feature. Edit: just wasted $4 on jackpot sprint that supposedly lets you play the same board three times and takes your best score. It only let me play the board once and ended up ranking 140 out of just over 200 people. So it’s not really rewarding or encouraging. Instead of taking the $4 out of my account balance to play the game it took it out of my withdrawable balance leaving me with a few cents. So play on for the fun of it. Don’t expect to make a living off it. Oh and watch what you press. They’ve gone to bouncing the screen around again so you can accidentally enter paid tournaments without really realizing it. The latest one cost me $9.5.Version: 7.0.1

A Game with odds stacks against you in long runDont get greedy playing this game. You will end up losing more than you win. Thats the whole point of this game. To lure people in to think its easy wins in the start, and when you start playing real money it starts to get increasingly difficult. Those computer players you are up against, no way you can win against their score if odds are stack against you. Play for free and leisure past time - sure..Version: 7.2.0

Probably bots...Been playing for a while, both cash and gem games. I’ve won quite a few tournaments but ive noticed a definite pattern in the ability to win. I’ve noticed players get over 11,000 points on games where it’s not even possible to make it through the level in a short enough time or without going at least once through the stack to get those kinds of points, I’ve finished a level in 40 seconds and didn’t get a score that high, so I am really suss now. I’ve won a few $40 prizes, but then you just get levels that are more and more difficult, which I don’t mind too much, except you get to the point of losing every game because the others playing are getting huge scores that are inconceivable for the level difficulty.. weird..Version: 2.4.4

UnfareI also enjoy the game, however I will not buy any credit again, or use my gems for money games. It amazes me how anyone can get over 1100 you can’t go through the pack in that time let alone solve the game: so often one person gets in the 1000 s while the rest can’t solve the game. You should not be allowed to cheat the people that play your game: anyway as I said it is fun, just not fare. This app should not be allowed. You are really scamming money ; by fictional players and unrealistic scores. No more money from me.Version: 6.7.3

Too many adsTheir are too many ads. Too many pop ups. I can’t afford to pay to play, so if someone clicks the X, it should stop popping up for the rest of the time playing until you exit and return to the game..Version: 3.0.1

Solitaire Cash. In the beginning, I loved playing. I got better or so I thought.Now, I can’t win anything. I use to win over a hundred and sometimes I believe close to $200 but now, I’m not winning anything. Do y’all watch people playing and when they r winning, you make it really hard to win? I would hope u don’t do that but not looking so good. I use to always make a solitaire but not now. Is this feel that way to anyone else. I have recommended to my friends how much fun this game is and they should play. I know u aren’t putting me against other players that play in the same range because they wouldn’t keep playing when they r losing also. I just bought more money on here to play and 2 of the games I played no win so when I use up my money, someone else can take my place and lose their money. Sorry, just needed to say how I feel. Good luck to new players. Hope u win money and then quit, like I should have. Well it’s Feb. 9 and writing because after my last review, u opened me up to win some but that never last. I keep trying to play but I am just throwing my money away to u to make u even richer. I will try once more but I will completely delete u forever and my friends who play because of me, said they also was ready to call it quits. Thanks so much for nothing..Version: 3.4.4

Too hard once you win a few gamesBracing myself for the obligatory cut & paste response from the developer already… Once you start winning real money from only playing for gems/bonus cash it seems they place you in a higher difficulty group so you can no longer do this. I haven’t been able to win a game since I was seemingly moved to a higher difficulty group after my last cash out. Absolutely zero chance of me spending real money on this game now. There is also no fun in playing a game you can never win, so thanks for the fun at the start but this is me done unless you can remove me from this group where it’s impossible to win. Cheers..Version: 3.2.3

WowFirst off should you like to deposit you get scammed right off the top as they basically take some off your deposit and call it sales tax haha sales tax yes that’s right they charge you for the privilege so if you thought I’d give real money a try and go to put in a fiver you would be charged an extra £1 on top (the more you want to deposit the more tax you will be charged) obviously after seeing this charge knowing that it should not be there and you don’t get charged sales tax on other games etc I refuse to put in any money as it’s clear this app is run on greed I sent them an email asking them to explain this sales tax that they state is law to where I live (no it’s not) and guess what No reply no response nothing so if you live in U.K. and are silly enough to think that this is ok then go ahead deposit and get ripped off … the game itself is ok I’m happy just collecting gems 😂 i would also like to know if you was to deposit are you funds held in a separate account and safe guarded etc I bet it’s not yeah i don’t trust this app not to rob me so I will never deposit money with them.Version: 6.9.2

Don’t waste your money on this gameI give it 2 stars because i love solitaire it’s so fun. but you get so proud of yourself that you’ve completed it quickly only to be beaten by a bot it’s rigged. they are most definitely not real people who you compete against. and not to mention the absolute mountain of ads you get when all you want to do is play the game. there is a lot of work that needs doing. the only cash cup i can enter without depositing money into the game is one where i have to have 1.2k diamonds- i am never going to reach that amount. i am on 350 right now and i play it almost every day. it’s not a game i can play for ages, a couple of games and it’s it for me it’s so boring and repetitive and you can’t really progress or anything. it’s an ok game but please don’t waste your money, it’s a money grabbing game and you won’t see any money back into your account, despite the countless misleading ads showing that you can earn so much money from this game, when infact the only thing the game is good at is stealing money from people. there’s a lot of things that need fixing. i hope the game creators read my review and make it a better and more fun game to play..Version: 6.3.3

Beware of winning!If you do too well the game cuts you off from everything fun - no bonus games, no more challenges, and you get stripped down to just a handful of basic game play options..Version: 6.9.2

WONT PAYOUT/RiGGED/DONT GIVE THEM YOUR $I am leaving this review from my experience with the illegitimate, scamming, thieving app. I’ve played this app off and on for a long time probably about a year now. This game has gone through a lot of changes. It seems like every time you win it goes to another change. Trying make it more difficult or impossible for us to win. I don’t mean by leveling you up, I mean by changing the algorithm so that it’s impossible for us to win. The app has rigged the cards by creating a lag or you get mostly red cards are black. You know you’re playing bots when the winner consistently gets scores over 10,000 or 11,000 points while you’re getting less than 1000. I’m a seasoned player so getting score that low is beyond frustrating especially when you know you’re playing against a bot, we don’t have a chance, bots don’t have a strategy they have the developers algorithm backing ‘em! The developers also go through faze’s where they just WON’T pay you when you request a withdraw and this has happened to me! This app does everything they can cheat us, and not pay us but they have no problem taking our money! So please do not deposit your money into this game because it is a huge giant scam a money pit! They are the only winners. When I requested payouts they just don’t pay! I have emailed them a bazillion times zero responses absolutely none and no payout..Version: 6.5.2

FraudPlease do not download this app for it is fraud all the money up games promising you “real money” or a scam!! Please do not give them your bank details, PayPal, email, or phone number not only would they try to take your money but they will try to steal your identity so please do not download the app if you intend to get cash out of it because you won’t get nothing trust me it’s been going on for years and all these money up games will leave you bankrupt the adverts, promising you money in return the people in adverts they get paid to lie about you getting money, even if it is a celebrity they are still lying. At the end of the day they’re getting paid and not you. they are just using them so that they can steal money from you..Version: 7.1.2

Just like Skillz (another P2P gaming platform)Just like Skillz, Papaya gaming lures your in thinking you can actually win money that you are able to withdraw. Unless you’re willing to withdraw 10-15$ per transaction, which take up to a week where it’s difficult to play, then you’ll never take out money. Unless you’re one of their “coolers”, like in a casino, it’s not really worth putting money in. Just play the free gem games and enjoy. If you do decide to play with real money just remember, you’ll win more in the beginning but then you’ll start losing by less that 50 or so points game after game. Occasionally there will be a player you’re matched against that will finish the board in less than 45 seconds scoring over 11,000 points. My understanding is that you’re only allowed to play on a mobile device but it’s impossible to score that high doing so. Also there is not a replay option where you can see if your opponent actually beat you or not. At least with Skillz they allow you to see both players play the same board. Here you have to trust that every player is playing the same board of cards. Please be careful if you do play with real money and if you experience any of this then stop..Version: 3.7.0

Don’t believe the reviews - rip offIt’s solitaire if you want to make money don’t use this if you want to play solitaire it ok! You can’t build any money unless you pay something first. Have spent 2 months building funds without spending anything, to never win anything to build on. So I spent £10, had to pay £12 because of VAT hey ho! Then I won built up money to £40! Ok until I tried to withdraw then I felt robbed! Will only refund if you send passport utility bill and a picture of payment card! Everything for me to be taken for fraud! I really do not like this, take money through apple but will not refund it unless you give them everything for them to scam you! Absolutely disgusting if I could give less than 1 star I would!.Version: 7.5.0

Good but glitchy…I actually enjoy the weekly challenges and the ability to accumulate gems and cash. Only rarely do I ever play the cash games. I discovered a glitch in the game that is a little perplexing. I tend to not collect my winnings immediately. Rather, I wait until they’ve built up (I just like seeing a huge jump in my total gems as opposed to incremental increases). I started to notice however that my total games won was decreasing by small amounts. E.g. a few months back, I had accumulated over 500 wins. One day, it dropped below 500. I thought I was imagining things. So, the next time I exceeded 500 wins, I took a screen shot. Sure enough, one day my wins dropped down to 460-ish. Customer service was quick to respond and asked for proof of my prior wins so I sent them a screenshot. They were gracious in crediting me 600 gems to resolve the issue and I’m grateful for that. One thing however is that they weren’t able to explain why about 50 wins were mysteriously taken away. Instead, they just told me to “refrain from hoarding so many winnings in the future.” Thought that was a little off putting, labeling me as a hoarder when they could’ve instead assumed some ownership for a glitch in their program and commited to looking into the matter and ensuring that it doesn’t happen again (happened to me twice this far within the past month). Again, overall happy with the game and the responsiveness, just felt funny about the tone of the response I got..Version: 4.2.0

Developers Don’t refund when the system glitchesI put money onto this game it was taken from me when the game glitched. I sent an email about it but never heard back from the developers. They seem to just want your money and not care about customer service or honest transactions. They seem to rely to people here because we get to read these things and come up with a fake reason within their reply. I have contacted you via the account as you suggested twice which is why I have resulted to contacting you here. There would be two emails from me already..Version: 2.4.5

ScammersDo not purchase this game. They ask you to link you’re PayPal to deposit your winnings but they charge you unauthorized transactions. They will steal your money. I sent them an email over a week ago requesting a refund and they still haven’t issued one. Don’t waste your time on this app..Version: 6.5.6

Fun game but incredibly predatoryI downloaded this game as I was looking for a solitaire type game to play. The game itself is ok, and has a competitive element to it with other players. HOWEVER… There has been a huge amount of investment into advertising by this and other companies which promise players a way to “earn cash” suggesting it’s incredibly easy to win money, when that’s far from the truth. The reality is that most of the games are pay to play if you want to be in with winning anything, and the prizes are minuscule (often barely covering the entry fee). I’m not sure how this product is legal (it’s not) and why this isn’t considered gambling. Yet they aren’t licensed, have no age verification or other protections other gambling firms are required to have. That, coupled with the downright predatory advertising means this game really shouldn’t be on the App Store..Version: 7.2.0

Bonus cash disappeared???!?I was playing the game and I had $3.5 bonus cash to withdraw and it suddenly disappeared and I’m back at $0 of bonus cash????.Version: 2.4.3

Reading these reviews it’s clearly a scam! Contact trading standards!So I’ve read through an unbelievable amount of reviews of this game… you can see the similarities between different what various players are experiencing. Then the developers reply to the 5 star reviews ‘oh thank you we’re so glad you love our game’… there are a ridiculous amount of fake 5 star reviews claiming they win money- likely friends, family, employees etc of the developers. The 1 star reviews get responses that are essentially intended to bullish** the reader to make the company look legit… CONTACT TRADING STANDARDS RATHER THAN JUST WRITING A REVIEW. This business is NOT LEGIT and is making out that big money can be won when it can’t! I am about to go and look for legit winners… if I. find any at all that can be verified i will remove this review. Shame on you- do not reply to this saying you’re a legit business… it’s disgusting that you’re making so much money by scamming people… you could still make a shed load and actually allow frequent wins and less frequent - maybe weekly- windfall wins. Shame on you lucky i did mg research unlike some of these unlucky people you’ve sucked in with your intentionally misleading information through to outright blatant lies..Version: 7.0.2

It’s a fun game but don’t expect to win bigPros: Fun, easy, quick solitaire game. Each game I usually complete in 1.5-3 minutes and you only have 5 mins max so it’s quick to play which is good The card collecting side game is fun They make it relatively easy to win bonus cash through daily bonuses, groups & mini games Cons: Bonus cash cannot be withdrawn, so unless you deposit, you can’t make any actual money Deposits incur an automatic 20% additional charge for VAT (in the UK) so unless you’re taking advantage of an offer (which inevitably is only £20+) with more than 20% “free” bonus then you’re actually paying more than you end up being able to play. And don’t forget that bonus isn’t withdrawable unlike your deposit There is no way to set up a spending cap which is extremely questionable given that this could be considered gambling. Yes it’s skill based but no more than eg poker. It’s dependent on luck. You can play for free with in game gems, but the only regular free games are either a 20 gem buy in where your max prize is 60 gems, or a 1200 gem buy in where you can receive actual money (that you can’t withdraw). So you’d have to win every 20 gem game 30 times just to have a chance of winning some free “money”.Version: 7.2.0

Fix the bugs!I’ve been playing this app for a while now. Doing really well except lately when I do come on, it’s been very glitchy and slow. However tonight I got a notification of VIP tournaments, I placed $100 AUD in it, to enter and the app glitched completely closed when the cards were showing on my screen. Went back into the app and could not believe that it deducted the amount and didn’t reimburse it back. Did I get my money back to try and enter again? No. So there goes $79 USD for nothing. Just gave away free money for someone else to win..Version: 2.4.5

ScamAs you should know by now, this game is indeed a scam. You play long hours for very small amounts of payments (less than $1 USD), they charge your account. You lose more money than you spend. You practically never win the games either. It’s set up so you lose. Please don’t make the same mistake I did, and move on..Version: 3.9.2

Scam. They take some of everything you win.They give you these “rewards“ so you build up the rewards and eventually you can start playing for a little cash without depositing any money. Problem is, if you win a dollar they’ll put maybe $.80 in the account but you can actually take out what the rest of the money goes into the rewards account, but cannot be withdrawn. I filled my account up to $80 and literally had only $3 that they would allow me to withdraw. And once you withdraw the withdrawal money, the rest of the money, all disappears and you start over zero again. I won $45 the other day and they only put $30 in my withdraw account and then for every $1 game that I played they took dollar for dollar out of the account that is with drawable instead of out of the “rewards account” they cannot be withdrawn. It doesn’t matter if I win a dollar for three dollars or $45, they take a large chunk of my winnings and put it in the non-withdraw a Bowl account. That’s not what the rules and rags say that’s not how it says it’s going to play. He promises that any money you win you get to keep. It doesn’t tell you that they are literally paying back the “free rewards” a hundredfold. And if you question an argue with them, they’ll change what they tell you over and over again. It’s time to start a class action lawsuit against these scam games. They make a lot of money, forcing us to watch those ads and then they never pay what they promised they will..Version: 6.6.0

I won over $500 on this game but….So, I had placed a few hundred dollars over a few months. Constantly losing and when I did win I would win a couple of games and then lose it all miserably. I was bombarded with cool events, tournaments and vip offers every single day. As I kept playing I discovered a pattern and I figured out how to properly play the game to make profit. I first won back all the money I had lost and then I made $245 of pure profit from this game (No Refund). Then right after I received my paypal deposit, all the vip offers, cool events and tournaments disappeared :). I contacted support they responded with: - “After checking in on your account I'm happy to confirm that there aren't any problems with your events or tournaments :) - Please note that not all users are exposed to the same tournaments and will see different tournaments based on their skill level and other variables.” - “It might seem that the offers aren't as appealing at the moment, but we are working on improving our algorithm across the board.” So basically, If you make any big profit they will limit your account to only rookie, gems, highstakes and high roller. No Vip offers, regular offers or events, To prevent anymore big loss on their company. A few other reviews had the same situation so this is definitely intentional. I loved this game and was a huge supporter within their community but this sneaky behavior is not okay..Version: 6.7.3

ReviewGreat game.Version: 7.0.3

SCAMUnapproved withdrawals. In contact with Apple. They deleted my account to try and erase deposit history..Version: 6.0.1

False advertisingYou DON’T make money off this game they are NOT a legitimate business (SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM) + y’all’s garbage ads are making their way into my other games so if you could do us all a favour and delete this game off the App Store.Version: 3.1.0

Basic SolitaireIf you’re looking to make some extra cash, I wouldn’t bother. From getting a few £1 here and there, I have noticed that the games are a lot harder and so far I have not been able to complete any. However, play for just diamonds, I have been completing the majority of these. It is therefore set up for you to fail. I would therefore recommend not spending any money on this app as I believe it is set up for you to fail. I’ve given the app 3 stars as it’s actually like basic solitaire which I enjoy. Just don’t download this app if you’re expecting to make loads of money as, you most likely won’t..Version: 7.2.0

SCAM/DO NOT DEPOSIT YOUR $$$ You WILL NOT WINDO NOT DEPOSIT MONEY INTO THIS APP! I have played this game for about a year now. The app is continuously changing to make it harder and harder to win. If you deposit your money DO NO EXPECT to win it back, you will not! This game is a scam, this game is not legit, this game should be taken OFF the App Store! Read the developers responses to the negative reviews it’s the same a cookie cutter response. Claiming they’re legit, if this app was legit and if this app was not a scam I would not be leaving a negative review. They keep TAKING AWAY the friend requests, it was unlimited and then they reduced them to 5 and now you can only invite 2 people. That means they’re only allowing you to play with $2 of bonus cash. The games they offer are absolutely horrible now. They took away the games with the bigger pots like winter cash, you can’t play it until you get to level 20. Don’t think you’re getting to level 20 using gems, it will take you a year! So, if you want to get to level 20 you need to continuously put in your own money and you will lose it because the game’s algorithm is set for us to lose. You will not make your $ back and you will not make enough to cash out! The developers have changed this app and made it impossible to win and they’re keeping your hard earned $$$…Please be smart and do not download!!!!.Version: 6.4.5

A game of chance, not skill.Let me be brief: DO NOT expect to make money from this game. It’s not a game of skill; it’s gambling. While there might be a very small percentage of the outcome of the game that is determined by skill, 95% is down to chance, just like any other gambling site. That is why you only see who you’re matched with AFTER the game has completed, and not before. Then you’ll usually have been beaten by a bot even though you finished in under 80 seconds. Other times you’ll not even finish in the time and will come first. I don’t like the shady marketing tactics of the game, making people believe they are 100% playing vs other people when this is 100% not the case. I’d also be interested to know what the gaming commission would think of their use of bots. The sheer greed and shady practices of the game remind me of tactics used by the church of Scientology in many of their endeavours… no doubt the truth will out in the end! With that said, you can collect and trade cards with other players for free (although playing the tournaments with “real” cash lets you collect more cards… of course), and completing sets will give you some bonus cash to play with (which can’t be withdrawn but can be used to enter the cash tournaments), so it can be an interesting enough game without paying. If you want to actually make money, though, you’ll get better odds and will be better off with a casino app :).Version: 6.7.3

Cash games are 96% harder than gem gamesI have been playing for a few months and have detected a pattern where I win 1st or 2nd place most of the time in free games and lose all or most cash games with the same number of players. For example, today I came first or second for 12 out of 20 games and 3rd place for 6 games with 6 players when playing with gems, and then came 6th out of 6 players for 10 cash games in a row. I don’t understand this at all and won’t be depositing again. I will just play with gems and run down the cash I have left as I know it won’t increase. If you have just joined or haven’t played cash games you inexplicably have incredible luck and will win several games in a row before it returns to being impossible to win cash games. I really feel most reviews on the app store are from new players experiencing that ‘beginners luck’ because they start asking you to review the app from day one and forums like reddit are full of other players who have experienced the same pattern I have described. Papaya - please confirm in cash games all players are genuine other players, no staff and no bots. I can provide screen shots of this pattern also..Version: 2.2

Fun but lots of adsLots of fun. Lots of ads tho! Ignore them tho and just play the FREE gem games. Good for mindless fun. The timer makes it more challenging as well. I would give 4 stars but it’s gambling and SO many ads to purchase. So no thanks. I’ll enjoy the free stuff :) if you got rid of the ads I’d be just happy to pay for the app. :).Version: 2.4.4

Fun, Addictive but unfairOk I succumbed to spending real cash on this game as my competitive streak surfaced. My skill level at solitaire is pretty low, not played it much but it passes the time. I’m getting better and picking up tips from Google. What I did notice however I’d that the players I’m up against are a hell of a lot quicker than me, therefore scoring ridiculously much higher than me. The developers claim you are matched to similar skilled players but I dispute this. Unless I’m running out of money. Then suddenly I’ll have a winning streak reeling me back in to a false sense of confidence. So as much as I enjoy playing I won’t be spending any more of my money until it’s a more level playing field. I need to be competing with people on my skill level..Version: 3.4.4

SCAM SCAM RIGGED YOU CANT WIN DONT DEPOSIT YOUR MONEYSeriously, delete this app unless you enjoy being scammed and you like giving away your money. I’ve played this game for several months and it’s pretty obvious by the game play and the score the game is rigged for us to lose. Seriously, you can only win a couple of dollars and if you pull that off and you try and withdraw good luck! You just hit another wall with this app because they will not pay you out! When you email papaya games because it’s been 30 days since you requested your withdrawal and you’re asking where your withdrawal is you will not get a response absolutely after multiple emails. You’re playing bots because there is not way you’re playing another person and that being said DO NOT DEPOSIT any $$$ into this app you’re only making the developers richer. Don’t be fooled you cannot win! It doesn’t matter how amazing you’re or what your strategy is because you’re playing against the developers algorithm the developers bots and they have changed this app to make it so we can’t win anymore again I have been playing this app for several months and I ace seen the changes and I have read reviews from developers saying they care and email them! If they cared they would have responded to my 10 emails I sent them! If they cared they wouldn’t be stealing from their customers and begging us for money from their ridiculous amount of pop up’s asking us to deposit!.Version: 6.5.6

Very basic solitaire gameThe app won’t let me create an account where I can actually try to win money as it states ‘we can not provide monetary wins in your area’ even though a similar app has no problem with it. Can’t double click for the card to go where you want either..Version: 6.5.8

ConfusedHi I am from Brisnbane and I downloaded the game after reading the comments from a fellow Australian.I am a bit puzzled because when I wanted to buy into a game a notification came up and said the I was not able because of where I lived.I would like to know how Australians are playing it and is the money changed into Aussie dollars from USA dollars.Version: 3.4.4

Absolute rip off stay away, and allowing minors to gambleSite is a bogie, second you win you will start playing against phantom players that always appear to beat you…even in games which can be proved to be unbeatable very early on, a bit player will have scored 12,000 (it says all players get the same deck). Once you sink enough cash into you’ll see some wins, in fact when it’s your turn to win you can win with as little as 700 points, amazing how anyone could score less than you….this is just gambling, but they have no gambling license, and under 18s can play, so it’s totally illegal. Anyone that says they’re winning big money in this is not telling you how much they’re losing..Version: 6.5.8

Awful skill based matchmakingAt the start it puts you against easy people, but after a while the skill based matchmaking gets worse and worse, I lose more than 90% of my games now and it’s constantly putting me against people who are scoring above the highest score I have ever achieved. Luckily I was smart enough to withdraw £9 before it got to this point, and my sister and mum who played it also had the exact same experience (my sister withdrew £9, while my mum lost it all after reaching about £10). So it seems they have it set up to get you to £10 then put you against more difficult players. Also the pop ups are obnoxious, they shouldn’t pop up again for at least an hour unless there’s new ones. Edit: did you even read my message devs, that was such a generic response. I never said anything about people getting different games.Version: 7.3.1

DO YOURSELF A FAVOR DELETE/RIGGEDIF this game was legit, IF this was a fun to play, IF this game was NOT rigged, IF this app had decent payouts I would be leaving a positive review, however, this game is absolutely horrible and it deserves negative stars! Papaya games continues to tighten up their apps to the point they’re not fun to play! They give you virtually no chance to win! You used to be able to win playing their games and of course lose some too and the game WAS fun. BUT, they have manipulated and controlled the game beyond belief that now majority of the games I lose. I’m an intermediate player been playing for years and I get creamed now! Im lucky to clear a deck and my scores are sometimes so ridiculously low it seems impossible, while the winners score is 3 times what my score is. That’s because it’s fixed, we play against bots and papaya games does NOT want us to win, they want to keep our $$$. NOBODY wants to lose almost every game! When I started it there were unlimited friend requests, then they cut it down to 5 friend requests and now they cut it down to 2! What’s next NO friend requests? Why because they don’t want you playing with bonus money anymore???? Papaya games also took away the higher payout games and left us with 6 games to choose from and the payouts are seriously pathetic! There is ZERO motivation to play Solitaire Cash, but there is a HIGH DESIRE to delete this feeble, deceptive, fraudulent app!.Version: 6.4.0

Not Sure What I ExpectedI came into this knowing i would get scammed, but I stupidly downloaded it anyways. Not only are you playing against bots, there is no way to cash out even if you do win money. It’s another pay to play game, except it prays on people without credit cards and gambling addictions, and uses false advertising to get its claws in you. Do NOT download this or any other ‘cash’ game in their lying company. Don’t know why they haven’t been hit with thousands of false advertising lawsuits yet..Version: 3.0.0

Worst support simple game house always winsMatchmaking was questioned then I was banned and not allowed to deposit or make attempt to make money ignorant support three weeks with no reply messaged each day they change the matchmaking depending on your score how much you deposit and win and loss ratio don’t get me wrong the throw out winners when they need to but other then that the company itself is a joke I have reached out multiple time to be exact I think it’s 13 emails without a reply over the space of three weeks.Version: 3.2.3

Fun to play but don’t expect to win muchI’ve been playing this game for quite a while. I enjoy it and mostly play free play for entertainment. In the beginning, I won a few bucks here and there. I am assuming algorithms are in place to eventually adapt to your playing style and stop this from happening, though. Currently, I win 80-90% of the free play games which gives me the satisfying fun winning feelings. When I collect bonus cash and use it to play for real money, however, I am always paired with higher-level players. 98% of the time these days, the game waits to pair me with other players until AFTER I score (this RARELY happened in the first 3 months) and then once paired, I inevitably do not place in the top 3. When I submitted a complaint and called them out on it, I miraculously didn’t have this happen for a day or 2. But then it went right back. So if you’re looking for a way to win cash or make money, this isn’t it (except maybe in the first few weeks.) If you’re looking for entertainment, the format is fun and winning the free games gives you the winning “high” that we all enjoy, hence the only reason I still play these days..Version: 3.6.2

ExpensiveThis game is fun and addictive. However, it frequently asks for you to pay real cash to play and it takes a high cut of all cash games for the house so that you’ll never really win cash..Version: 6.5.6

Well set out but you will never win!Don’t get me wrong, the game layout is great and you will win some games! But you will never cash out. Pretty sure their are fake accounts that magically win you on certain games. It’s amazing how many times you loose cash games to a whole screen of players with auto-generated names and no profile picture! Because of this I have deposited dozens of times if not hundreds and never once withdrawn! This is a greedy and fundamental flaw as without it this would be a winnable game and more enjoyable and I would load more cash on if there was a chance of winning! NO ONE WINS BUT THEM!.Version: 3.9.2

False advertisementIn this game you can deposit real money from you bank accounts / PayPal and get in-game money to play games to win maybe some more in-game money, but here’s the catch, the ads for this game say that you can win real money which goes into your bank account / PayPal which in fact, does not. You can win money but it does NOT go into the PayPal or bank account. And even if they did put * does not give real money* in the description, how many people read the description before or even ever when getting a game on their phone or electrical device ? Not many. So please developers, stop luring people into getting a game by saying you can win real money when in fact you cannot. :).Version: 3.2.3

Got my account deletedHad a lot of fun playing this game and after hours and hours of tournaments, even made some withdrawals. Then one day I receive a notification that my account is going to be deleted for a misunderstanding, and received no response from customer service as I tried to clear up the situation. This happened of course after I made several withdrawals - when the “problematic situation” they supposedly deleted my account for was from months before… That’s a shame..Version: 6.9.2

Do not play!I have been playing for awhile. At first I did not have any problems other than I noticed I would win a streak of games and then a streak of losing. This would keep my balance close to the amount I had paid for. As time has gone on and I have become quicker, each game I play now the keys start sticking during the game so it slows down playing. I tried wifi, deleting and downloading game, logging off the phone and game, nothing works to stop the “sticking”. So I have to tap twice to get cards to flip but then if you click twice sometimes it will skip twice in the deck and you have to back up a play to play cards. Also, to slide cards at times you are not able to grab them to drag them. You have to try several times. All of these problems during the game slows the game and keeps you from winning many games. Also there are gifts that pop up or goals to reach and rarely will you ever win the money they say you have a chance to win no matter how much money you play. I sent an email about these issues and they wanted me to record while playing and send in. I screen recorded but when playing back there is no way to tell I am double clicking or the deck issues. Also, the videos are too long to attach making reporting issues a problem. When cashing out there is so much taken out that you end up with little of your winnings. I suggest do not play because it is rigged so you cannot consistently win anything worth the fees it costs to cash out..Version: 6.0.1

Save your moneyIf you do the math for entry fee and cash poll The app take around 40% cash per game the game puts you on winning streaks for diamonds with out making a deposit the but not enough to get a withdrawal before going on a constant loosing streak until you have lost everything making you want to make a deposit it also has teams which I can’t seem to join any max of 20 player it may say 2 player on that team but when you click to join it say 20 players already in team my theory is because if you can communicate with the people your playing against you’ll most probably find out the game is telling you that you both that you lost and the other person won take all the money for them selves again that is just a theory but highly likely but you will play it because your influencers are telling you to because they are being paid to my advise is if you download it don’t play it just take the daily login bonus a cash out when you have enough if you can the apps are always just a scam.Version: 7.3.0

You play against bots, not real peopleI’ve played this game for months now. It’s a fun game for sure to pass the time and test your mental acuity. I’ve noticed patterns that are undeniable. When the game fills with real people, the scores are clustered close together at the top with some weaker scores at the bottom. If I have a good round I can win, and I can feel if I am doing well or not. If I mess up or a bit slow then I will come in third or worse, against real people. However, there are times when I have my best round ever hitting it perfectly near the 4 minute mark, and yet there will be three other people that miraculously all have times better than 4 minutes. It’s statistically impossible. And then there are rounds where it is very tough and the board feels like an unbeatable board (although I could have maybe chosen a different path to come to a finished board), even then, someone will once again miraculously have an all time record type score that is miles ahead of anyone else. Clearly a bot. And to prove it further, in the Star game, you are awarded stars with your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishes. The names are all shown. Yet I track these made up bot names after they have an all time record finish to place first, and funny enough those names never show up in the star game. I guess the developers forgot to cover that up. Beware of putting any of your own money in this game, it’s a scam. It is fun to play for free but know that it is completely unfair in the end..Version: 6.8.1

Walk... no run awayHi, No matter how good you are this app is geared mathematically to take your money and will very quickly. There will be the 1% who can make a short term profit. The more you play the more they take as a rake. It uses all sorts of flashy features and deals to rope you in. Remember, that you can’t withdraw any “bonus” money and there's is a withdrawal fee. Don’t say you weren’t warned. The game also glitches on a regular basis and you have to reset it every 5-10 mins..Version: 2.1

FunA very good solitaire game. Lots of different cash games to enter. Would have been a 5 star rating but I live in Canada and I’m not eligible for any contests. If your Canadian don’t waste your money..Version: 3.4.1

Not easy to cashThey made it really hard to cash out. Had to provide utility bills, ID and fill out a US form…deleted the game. Don’t bother.Version: 7.1.0

ScammersIf you want to play solitaire then it’s a decent game. BUT Do not deposit a penny of your own money into this. I’m sure most people know there advertising isn’t genuine in how the game works. People aren’t stupid, but it’s children viewing these ads that worry me. But that unfortunately isn’t where the problem ends. They have a “bonus cash” system. You win bonus cash by playing the game and can’t be avoided. When you have bonus cash, the app will use this when you play games, so when you win, you only actually get a fraction of the winnings as withdrawable funds, the rest will be bonus cash. However, when you lose, it will come entirely from your withdrawable funds. In other words, it’s next to impossible to actually win anything. It’s a total scam and I have no idea how this is legal. It probably isn’t and hasn’t been picked up on yet. It’s, simply put, disguised as an easy way to make some cash and isn’t even fair gambling. Play for solitaire and ignore the cash element..Version: 7.1.0

MehThe game is good and it’s fun to play against others. I don’t think I’ll ever spend money on it though. I question if it’s rigged when you play for money prizes. My scores are consistently over 9000 and sometimes over 10000. Which is good for first or second place in gems hands. Anytime I play a hand where I can win money almost every time I finish close to last with the same scores as above. Bottom line fun to play and win gems and hands against others. But don’t spend money cuz I feel those hands are rigged.Version: 2.4.4

It hasn't charged me any of my own money. It has offered.I don't mind being prompted to buy once I'm in the app and enjoying the game. What I dislike are subscription games where you pay or hand over card or details prior to a 'free' trial month, if you forget to cancel, you are locked in, that's unfair you may not even use it in that month's grace period..Version: 2.4.3

This is a scam. I was able to prove it.They use bots to fill spots and I have been able to prove it when i hacked their algorithm. To prove this I started to play a few cards then let the timer run out. For some reason with a very low score I placed first. Every other player had a lower score than me even though the hand was easily able to be beat. This is how they take your money. You are sometimes matched with real people yes. But other times it’s bots to make you feel like you have a chance. Other times it’s to force you to lose. Mostly it’s a loss when playing cash games and wins for gem games. Don’t fall for this app. Took me months to figure out this was a scam. Good thing it only cost me their money..Version: 3.2.2

Error instantlyWhat did I expect. OH I WON SO MUCH MONEY. Naw dog. I mean if the game works for you. Don’t expect money from it. Sorry solitaire team but don’t say you can win money cuz ya cant..Version: 7.1.0

Total waste of timeWhen you put in money to play, even if you win, the game won’t give you the whole money that you won, not even the amount that you spent in the first place to enter the game! It’s just ridiculous. Don’t play!.Version: 7.1.0

Can’t withdraw moneyI signed up to this game and played and my cash ‘winnings’ are up to £28, the game keeps rejecting my withdrawal requests saying I have violated new player rules. I’ve asked for these rules to be stipulated to me on several occasions and received no further information on this. I invited friends and family to the game on my referral link and because I’ve won money through this they now won’t release it. The chat bots keep saying the same thing- try to withdraw the money again with no luck! The withdrawal keeps getting rejected. Therefore this game is a scam, DO NOT deposit any money into it as I guarantee you will not get it out & DO NOT invite others to play as the bonuses for this apparently won’t count anyway. When you withdraw money you lose any bonus money you’ve earned and when you sign up it uses your own cash to play rather than the bonus you receive. I’ve advised everyone I’ve invited not to deposit any money into the game. A shame really as could’ve been a good game but the operators are obviously just very greedy!!.Version: 6.2.1

Game sucksCrap!.Version: 7.0.2

Game is riggedFun and addictive game. Best solitaire! However as I live in Australia I can’t withdraw winnings. That’s ok cause it’s fun. However, I cannot ever win using the 1.2k coins. Never. I fly through the puzzles and come first most of the time, but then I put all the coin in and lose and end up somehow in bottom 2 spots. Every time. It’s fun playing with “cash” but I only end with cash on the games ones that last 3 days. So don’t play, cause it’s addictive and you won’t ever win..Version: 3.5.1

Never play this game.I was trying to make money from my RBC account, and when I saw the RBC app it says that some of my money were deducted. I got scammed. Never play this game always..Version: 6.5.8

Misleading but funI read a ton of reviews talking about how you can win real money and how quick it is, however it’s not quite that simple. In order to win real money first you have to deposit real money into the game. With that real money you paid to the game then you can enter the games that allow you to win real money. If you don’t put in money there’s only 1 game out of about 10 listed that you are able to play. So far it’s a fun game but until you put money in it’s really just a time killer. It’s a fun game and it really is not hard to win games, I’m normally just ok on other solitaire games, but in this one I continuously win games - so that’s good I suppose. I don’t know if they become harder when you’re playing for real money or not but I can only assume so. If you do pay for the games there’s a lot of options to play multiple games based on your buy-in - the more you pay, the more you can win. Also once you beat enough games you can join a team where they accumulate the wins together for other larger money prizes. The dumb part is, you can join the teams if you don’t pay to play, but you don’t get any of the winnings unless you pay to play in the first place no matter how many games you win and add to your team’s count to help them get more money..Version: 6.6.0

Good game but it’s set up so you can’t take out your money easilyOk game to play. But here is the strategic part that stops you pulling out your winnings. 1. You can’t pull out part of a $ 2. When you play for money, they use your withdrawable money before you can use your earned money. 3. You can’t pull out less than $5, hence it’s hard to pull out winnings because you have to use it to play as per point 2. 4. Dodgy!!!.Version: 3.2.5

Ok game but don’t be fooled you can’t make real money from nothing.This game started off good. I was just playing with gems under the impression that I could win real money as advertised. Originally I started gaining some actual money. Then when it got up to about $15 I went to cash out. I was only able to actually cash out $1.30. I was super disappointed but said whatever since I started with nothing anyway. So I figured I’d use the money I had to play the paid games and make more. That was a mistake. Totally not clear on the developers part because apparently I paid an entry fee for a paid game and won but only bonus cash was given as prize money but when I played a paid game and lost there was no problem using part of the the $1.30 actually money I had somehow gained as the entry fee. So now after a few months I actually have no real money to withdraw and I don’t see that changing at any point. Basically the whole “win real money just by playing” is a scam because I’ve been playing for a while and the “actual” money in my account went as high as $25 but I never had the option to withdraw more than a little over a dollar. The game itself is fun but don’t be fooled. You have to put in money to make money..Version: 6.5.8

‼️ACTUAL REVIEW FROM AN ACTUAL PLAYER‼️I understand that the game needs to make revenue, but forcibly blocking players under the ruse of their so-called “algorithm” is ridiculous. I had previously cashed out few of my winnings before. Once I finally had made over the $100 mark and cashed that out, my tournaments have been the same 4 tournaments, with absolutely no change, even after an advertisement of a new event. I cannot make anymore money and I cannot earn any extra bonus packs to complete my card set. Even after speaking to their “helpful support,” they said that nothing is wrong with my account, when it is clear that they freeze people from advancing further, further risking losing any money on their end. They will allow you to keep gambling your money, only as long as you are losing. But if you win, they will prevent you from being able to join any worthwhile tournament. This is a portion of a response I had receive from their support: “ I wouldn't worry too much, though. While some tournaments have been removed, we are routinely releasing new limited-time tournaments with various entry fees and prize pools - So stay tuned :)” I have been playing this app long enough to know that the tournaments do change FREQUENTLY, and my lack of other tournaments is due to the app not wanting me to win anymore than I have..Version: 6.6.0

All of You Gambling App Developers Are Fraudulent!!How do they GENERATE all of the alleged winning disbursements, which they appear to GUARANTEE?? They DON’T, that’s how. You get zero, zip, zilch from these unconscionable DEMONS. They unscrupulously keep all of your deposit money, and use it fund their next set of scams. Karma is coming for YOU! How do you even sleep at night???.Version: 6.9.2

You aren’t going to win any money.As a straight up solitaire game, this app is pretty good. If you just want to play the game, it will work well for you. If you believed the ads and think you’re going to make serious bank, keep dreaming. The initial free play for gems is fun, but the way the game rewards you with gems makes it hard to measure whether you are actually gaining gems by winning or just getting a lot of free ones. The game eventually rewards you with real money, 10 cents here, 30 cents there, etc. You get enough to start playing $1 games. At this point, the level of difficulty increases significantly. You will go on runs where you build up a few dollars in your bankroll, but eventually lose it all and go back to gems. The entire time, the game is bombarding you with pop-ups to get you to deposit your own money, which it seems pretty likely you will lose. The pop-ups are obnoxious. Typically you need to click through 5-7 of them when you open the app before you can start playing. Ultimately, if you want a fun way to either lose money, or play for free while brining all the sleaziness of the casino into your own home, this is one of a handful of apps that will do that for you..Version: 6.7.3

Stole money from my bank!Do not get this game! I did and straight away it took me to a mini game where I told me I won £15 but I had to enter my card details to get the money. It took me to a different screen to enter the details which I did then I clicked the button to go back to the previous screen it said congratulations took me back to the homepage where £15 appeared in my game balance, I didn’t really think much of it and played with some of it. Checked my bank later and they had taken £5 out. I did authorise the payment and I didn’t click any deposit buttons but they took it anyway then because I played with some of my winning they’re refusing to refund me saying I must have clicked a deposit button and I actually brought the £15 that it told me I won! AVOID! AVOID! AVOID!.Version: 6.2.1

Solitaire cashFun game but you definitely don’t win money like they show you you do. You download it and you have to add money to win money. You sure don’t make the money like they show you. All that money going to your PayPal is just to download their game..Version: 7.0.1

Overall good, but has 2 crippling issuesOverall, this could be a fun game. However, I will warn you that there is no pausing the time in this game (until the developer rectifies this). Someone tries to get your attention or you press a notification in iOS or you hit the power button by mistake? The timer keeps going and there is a high chance your game is doomed at that point. The developer seems to be taking its sweet time in getting back to me about a score bug I found that has ruined my score on most games I have played. If the developer could fix all that (and also isolate all the elite players into their own category for games), I would be much happier with this game. Update (7-2-21): Even with 2 updates, you still have not fixed the scoring mechanism I reported to you both in a support ticket and in the review above. Further, it seems your promise to get back to me within 3 business days for a support query is a sham (except for withdrawal queries..those seem to be the only ones you are consistent on). Also, the game skews things by offering “experience” towards a level up when a deposit is made. Experience towards level up should only be gained with (paid) gameplay. If you want. Past level 300, it becomes nearly impossible to win anymore..Version: 3.0.1

Biggest Scam Around!This app is programmed in such a way that you win initially to get hooked and then you only get losing games where the makers and their buddies win mostly!.Version: 2.4.5

Undercover conThe game doesn’t use your bonus cash first. It uses you actual money that you won from the game until it runs out. Then it will use the bonus. I’ve “won” over $150 in the game. But only got $15. Although the account said $47 in the account. That was after my account went from $71 to $51. So they took $20 from me for some unknown reason. Unknown what reason. And all the bonus money that I’ve acquired was never used on the games. I deposit $15 get $5 of bonus. It uses the $15 when I play cash games. Leaves the $5 in the account. So I start off in my account with the $15 I put in +the $5 bonus. I play a game for $5 and I win a game (let’s say $29 Cz that’s the most I’ve one from a single game) and now account is at $44 But it didn’t use the $5 from the bonus cash. It took from actual money so if I tried to withdraw my winnings I wouldn’t be withdrawing $29. I’d only get $24. Well minus the fees so I’d get like $23. And I would lose the bonus money because you forfeit it once you cash out. But you can’t use the bonus cash until all the other money is gone. Idk what happens to the money I deposit. Not sure if it’s used or if it’s also added to what I “forfeit”. I’m still working on the numbers..Version: 3.0.1

I don’t like deceptive advertisingI hate how this app’s constant advertisements start with the tag line “need extra cash?” This app is just a gambling platform. It is (obviously) guaranteed to siphon money from your wallet in the long run. It is not (and should not be dishonestly promoted as) a legitimate way to earn money..Version: 2.4.3

Not for AustraliaI saw Solitaire Cash promoted within a different game. The ad promoted “win real money” and “get paid via PayPal”. After downloading Solitaire Cash, it asks you to turn on Location Services to enable payouts. After playing the game for a week, I earned a one cent reward. The game prompted me to register to get paid via PayPal. It checked my location again and told me that payouts were not available in my country. So this game has been earning itself money by serving up adverts and collecting my data and location, then not paying out on prizes to anyone in Australia. :: Apart from that, the game looks pretty and is fun to play (if you like Solitaire)..Version: 3.4.4

Matchmaking riggedCash players beware, this isn’t just random matchmaking and I’m not even sure if the decks aren’t shuffled to make certain games harder. You can play for free with diamonds. If you get 120 diamonds you can play a free roll cash game for a chance to win 4 of their fake dollars which can be used to play for real cash. 0-100 diamonds you will be winning left and right against supposedly real players. Once you hit that 100 threshold though it will take you 6-7 hours to get the last 20. Deposit some real money to play with and it’s like pulling your own teeth to solve a game, at least for you anyway. Supposedly everyone has the same deck and same shuffle but it doesn’t feel that way. If you manage to get lucky and solve quickly with a high score then you might be waiting hours to get enough people to join the match and finish the tournament so you can cash out. Odd considering I can play any other tournament and be losing and have it finish almost immediately. It’s like they lessen the odds of someone playing in your tournament to keep you waiting for it to end in hopes that you will keep playing other tournaments and just lose all the money you were about to win. Just be careful because I don’t think it’s legit..Version: 2.4.5

Just don’t bother.If I could put zero stars, then I would. The game is a complete rip-off. If and when you do win, you cannot withdraw money unless you go through their payment! This entails you having to give your personal bank account details, your personal information, and I just do not think it’s legit. I have fallen prowl to this, after spending around £60 in English money. When I try to recover some of the money, winnings, you have to give this information which is not hundred percent, as far as I’m concerned okay. I would welcome someone to contact myself, and this really does need to be reported to trading standards. They are taking information including bank accounts, and over personal information, so please please do not fall for it..Version: 7.4.0

Do NOT give them your moneyIt’s a total scam. Please don’t waste your money..Version: 7.0.1

Very poor customer supportI created an account and the game won’t let me verify which means you cannot cash out your earnings. Their support says 3 business days to get a response but I’ve written more than 5 times and waited 3 weeks for a response and got nothing but automated messages. This game is glitchy and I can only presume they collect your personal information to sell it and not allow you to cash out the money you have earned. Very disappointed..Version: 6.9.2

Confusing When it comes to Bonus Cash and Withdrawals.So i’ve been playing for about a month now maybe less, and I’ve only put in about 10$ total, put in 5$ different times (you cant just buy a certain amount of $ to put in you have to buy one of their “packs”), and each pack comes with “bonus money”. Which can be great if you’re just wanting to play once you waste your money, because if you play and continue to lose then it uses your money first, not the bonus money, so then you have nothing to withdraw even though you should've been able to withdraw the amount you put in if you didn’t “spend it” if that makes sense. Also none of the games that you play specify if you’re winning bonus money or real money, such as one of the games I “won” 1.5$ so I should be able to withdraw that amount right? No, I’m only allowed to withdraw 0.9$ because somehow I only earned bonus money but it was never specified? Either way you can still play just using gems and that’s always fun and they give you gifts everyday, sometimes its money ( like 0.3$) or its gems to keep you playing but its nice. I am a solitaire lover and I like that theres no actual ads, just the “ads” they have to promote their games challenges they offer. There’s also a dollar fee every time you withdraw (they got to make money somehow lol)..Version: 6.9.2

DisappointedI’ve been playing for quite sometime and won bonus money, I have over $70.00 US but when I tried to withdraw I could only withdraw $11.50 ? So all the tournament money you can’t collect, so what’s the point. I deleted the app, very disappointed.Version: 7.1.0

MehMight as well just play a gamble free solitaire. When you play under gems you win 70% of the time, when you play under cash you win 5% of the time. You save up your gems to finally play a cash game and low & behold you’re lost for moves before the first deck hand has been re-run. Funny how that hardly happens during gem games but seems to be a quite frequent issue during cash games 🤫🤨🤔 When I first started playing I won more, I think they realise your pattern so if your a user who hasn’t dropped in cash they stop you winning cash. So as you can guess, I don’t win cash games anymore. ”You’re put in the same game as like-level pl...” blah blah As close to stealing money as legally possible..Version: 2.4.5

Lies…all liesYou never get to pull your cash winnings any bonus earnings just stay with the account and you can’t pull it…what kind of bonus is this? They say they match you according to skill level to keep it fair and competitive..I’ve played games where I score 8000+++ (I’m a level 25 so basically beginner) and I’m losing to bots at level 150,200,350 and higher. I’m not sure where these devs took math, but those aren’t really similar levels. I will now await the bot response of “Hi There, please contact support with any concerns … blah blah blah.Version: 7.2.0

Scandalous!!I got the app as I’ve always enjoyed the game and, not to blow my own trumpet, I’m pretty good in so much as I can complete it quickly. As with the apps that use bots to have you buy more powers by beating you, this game is corrupt, too. But this time it’s for cold hard cash. It has you imagine you’re playing against other people. Real people. But once you start gambling a little more, you soon come to realise you’re playing bots. The bigger you stake, no matter how quickly you complete, bots will have beat you out of the money places. Now and again it’ll let you “win” when the stake and prize is very small to keep you in it, but I’d strongly advise giving your money away and not download it. And this racket should be made illegal..Version: 3.2.3

Can we win or not????I am in Australia and have put a fair bit of real money into this game but am yet to attempt a withdrawal. Now I am seeing in the reviews that we can’t win real money on this game in Australia, is this true? I don’t understand how you can charge us money & make us think we can win legal tender in return if that’s simply not he case!? I would never have purchased anything if I’d known there was no chance to win real money from the cash tournaments!! Please confirm whether or not countries outside the US, specifically Australia, are able to win real cash from this game. If the comments are wrong I’ll happily change my rating..Version: 3.1.0

DO NOT PAYOUT/DO NOT DEPOSIT INTO THIS SCAMI am telling you, save yourself the frustration and delete this app ASAP! I’ve been playing this app for close to a year now. I have seen the different ways they have rigged the games by playing for so long. It seems like papaya games main goal is to rig their games so we cannot win. If you win anything significant they rig it more or take something away or change something. Papaya games wants us to deposit our money into their game but will NOT, cannot win it back! I have won $13 and I withdrew that $13 and guess what Papaya games WILL NOT PAY ME OUT!!!!So, not only is this game almost impossible to win any $$$, if you do scrap a few dollars out of them THEY WILL NOT PAY YOU OUT!!!! I have emailed over and over again, and nothing! They will respond to this review like they do other negative reviews acting they’re concerned and they want their customers to have a good experience and I should email them to get this resolved! It’s a boat full of lies! They want to look good for potential future customers! If they cared they would have paid me my $13 and responded to my multiple emails and they wouldn’t not continuously be changing their game to rig it so we can’t win!!! I have seen it, I have been through it and I am telling you DELETE THIS APP, DO NOT PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT DEPOSIT ANY $ into this app!!!!!!!!!!.Version: 6.5.2

LiarsNo real money, they lying to get your money.Version: 6.9.2

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