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Fun, but one suspicious hiccupHaving played this game for a few months, I still pick it up from time to time if I want to see if I can win a couple extra bucks. Like most players I started out playing for free gems and then I was able to enter dollar games, where I was able to make my first cashout! A great deal of fun. Here’s where things get a little funky for me. I’ve noticed that none of the games appear to be rigged (no unplayable decks for instance), EXCEPT for when you deposit your own dollars to play for dollars. If I spend an entire day collecting gems, and use those gems to play dollar games, I win a little more than 75% of the games I play for all amounts and players. But that’s only a few dollars in one day or so. If you deposit your own pocket money to expedite your won games per day, I get ZERO wins. It seems a little preposterous that I’d win zero games using my own money- it’s the same game, right? I’m fairly certain other players (or possibly computers) would get the same deck and hands dealt as per the rules of the game. Either way, pretty fun, but you may want to address this component of the game publicly and fix it. Many other reviewers seem to be frustrated that they can’t win real dollars for their skill level and experience with the game, and it seems there’s a pattern when it comes to deposits. I’ll do a little deconstruction of the dealing function code-wise and get back to you guys- may want to fix this soon before other techies catch on..Version: 3.2.5

Ungodly Amounts Of AddsGuys, I’m giving you four stars without having ever cashed out or ever making a penny. The players you go up against on the cheapest real cash games are on another level but I’m assuming there’s nothing fishy there hopefully. I’m giving you the benifit of the doubt with your payouts. That being said, I enjoy the app, it’s fun, a little to hard when playing for real world cash so I’d like to recommend a more relevant ranking or skill based match ups but my main reason for commenting is the start up adds. Its great that you promoting yourself and doing your thing but it’s so much more then it needs to be. I literally dread it every time I open up the app cause all of the self promoting deals fishing for cash buy ins and whatever deals your pushing. Again I understand it’s business but you gotta do something. Make them optional to see or something cause me personally will never make a deposit as long as I can’t hit 10,000 points in a game and it’s just an aggravation for me. Thanks in advance for whatever you can do to improve my gameplay. Like I never commit or ranks apps. It takes a lot to get me to close a game, open the App Store find your app just to fuss so it’s bads and I know I’m not alone on this. It’s just near hounding people at a certain point..Version: 2.4.0

Solitaire CashJust started this game 30 minutes ago. Very enjoyable as long as I don’t involve playing for cash which is against my principles. 2/5/22: Why can’t I access my Gem winnings under RESULTS. This segment is mostly always CLOSED. I won $100 worth of Gems, but cannot add this amount to my total today. I have also missed out on other occasions - why?.Version: 3.6.0

Solitaire cash!!!Really good and awesome game to play and enjoy the free time at the same time players can win real money too. This game allows people to play without depositing money and players can participate in real money challenges as well. I enjoyed a lot and recommend to everyone to play this game..Version: 2.4.4

Love this gameFrom Australia and absolutely love it I find the deposit and withdrawing pretty easy going just like sports bet really have won over $100 and withdrawed. Most people don’t know this but one wrong love could mess up a game it’s definitely fair and not every game can be statistically won, even google says so , I would suggest practicing many times before using real money as it’s about luck more than strategy most times, but may the odds be ever in your favour :).Version: 3.0.1

Actually won money!Well after a month of playing this, I was beginning to think it was rigged so you couldn’t cash out. Every time you win money it seems to use that before the “bonus cash” which you can’t cash out anyway. You’re only allowed to withdraw whole pounds, no pennies. But I did get £12 withdrawn.. but they took another £1 in withdrawal fee, which wasn’t amazing but hey ho. The only thing which does annoy me is you have to close about 7 promo screens before you can get playing, every time you open the app..Version: 3.3.3

My verdict on the game..Good game that lets you play with other people from around the world…. But the only 1 little problem I have is you have to put money on it to win catch you only win diamonds not cash would of been good if you can transfer your diamonds to cash I have 350💎 so far I think they should do it where you reach 500💎 to transfer it to £100 an so forth then you can cash out to you bank that’s my thought on the game but no one like my self havnt the cash to put on it that’s why we play these games to make money not spend it on the games what’s your thoughts about my idea. Do you think it’s a good idea but pple that want to play this game I say play it.. it is a good game to play so that button that says download click on it to download it don’t miss the opportunity to miss out on. Thanks for taken the time to reading it..Version: 3.2.3

5⭐️Hey, better install a сasino app called: "Destiny of Zeus", great dеsign and a lot of slots, i've been playing for a mоnth and withdrew €999.. I have evaluated the Solitaire Cash app and I can say that it is really exciting and addictive. The variety of tournaments and bonuses make the game even more interesting. I especially liked the tournaments with daily challenges that provide opportunities to win extra points. However, there are some downsides. For example, the app can sometimes freeze or interrupt suddenly. This can be annoying, especially if you are in the middle of a game. Overall, I would recommend Solitaire Card for card game lovers. It provides enough variety in tournаments and bonuses to keep you interested and engaged for a long time. My favоrite tournament is the daily challenges becаuse they provide extra opportunities to win..Version: 6.5.8

Can get betterI find the game absolutely enjoyable however the only reason I started playing it is because there was an ad that promised me a $750 PayPal card once I reach level 12. Well this was an absolute why the ad that youse have out is an absolute lie and it needs to be corrected or you need to pay the $750 PayPal gift card that is promised.Version: 6.2.1

Can’t access the app and I’m winning!I love this game, it’s become quite the addiction. But now it’s locked me out and I can’t get it to open on my phone, despite doing all the tricks. Is that because I’m ranked No. 1 on the Stars Tournament currently?!? Please help 🙏🏼.Version: 2.3.2

Fine ad-free game with some issuesI’ve been playing for about 2 months. I played for free for about 6 weeks and then used a deal to deposit cash and get bonus cash. The game works fine but I feel it’s a bit tough to win a lot of money or gems. It seems like certain times of day are tougher to win. There are 6 tournaments/games that you can play (2 gem “free” games and 4 $ games), and then “limited time” tournaments that change frequently. Each game (“tournament”) you get a time limit of 5 minutes, and you get extra points the less time you use. All games are draw 3 (which I used to dislike but now I enjoy them) except for the occasional limited time tournament that’s draw one. The number of players in each tournament depends on which one you play and all have different $ or gem requirements to play. The last week I’ve had a lot of issues with the app and I think it’s because of an update (iPhone or app). The trading cards tab hasn’t been working and the tournaments are unable to be played unless restarting the app (except tonight I can’t play at all even after restarting app and phone). I hope they can fix this soon so that their paying customers can get back to playing and competing. I’d recommend this game to play for free (no ads!!) or if you want to pay, only if you’re willing to spend a bit of money for fun..Version: 6.5.2

Feedback.I love this game because you can get real cash out of the game. It is addictive but there are specials too which allows to get more money. But be reminded also that you will spend more ..Version: 3.1.0

Good game but not for cashIs very good game to play but about to win you need to have really good luck. I've not manage to play for bigger cash as i deposit only twice for £5 and i lose it then save with loge in every day but is really small amount like £0.2 one a week. Lots of challenge but again you can win if you are lucky as Many people playing in one game so only 3 first places have some 💎or cash. Some suggestion to the team that would be nice to have more opportunity play with 💎 for cash..Version: 3.4.4

Great but promotions are annoyingThe app is great, looks unreal and super easy to use, but promotions all the time and when you win a game it freezes the screen until notification is gone. A bit annoying when you want to keep it going. Other than that, pretty good..Version: 7.0.1

Fun game , but don’t spend any money.I enjoy the game when playing with gems. Now and then the daily rewards add up over weeks and I have a dollar to spend on a game , but I’ve learned not to put money in. I see how people get addicted. Sometimes you win and it’s a high ! But over all you lose , just looking statistically the game wins / the players lose. Why would they make a game that loses money ? It’s just like a casino the house always wins. Sometimes a person gets lucky , but majority of people put more in than they ever see back. Still a fun game. Very annoying though every time you open up and try start a game it flashed up at least four different notices about the Current challenges and asking if I want to deposit money. I have to close them all down before I can start a game. It’s really frustrating! It’s same messages every time , it’s really not needed. Would give it another star if not for those notifications on repeat..Version: 2.4.4

Actually pays outSingle mum in England - play using gems to build up for the cash tournaments. So far managed to cash out £45 to my PayPal. Only charges £1 to cash out so say you want £15 in your PayPal, you need £16 available to cash it. Is helping to pay the bills with my free time, for free! Nothing to lose and money to gain :) *Update* However since Christmas - the app needs an update, the chance to cash out and options to win cash has stopped - I know it may be due to a reset but please fix it as it was helping me pay the bills.Version: 7.2.0

Fun game but few dollar winningsLike a few others have observed, this game starts out great and I even reached something like $14 in one day until the algorithms upped the level of all other players I was against. This is great and all but here is the problem: I mostly play the 20 Diamond games until I have over 1200 diamonds and then I try that for a chance to win a dollar amount. I have noticed after that miraculous day of winning a ton, ever since, any time I play a game with dollar winnings, the players are far better than the ones I play against in the more free 20 diamonds games. Typically I am almost always in the top three in the free games and am hardly ever barely third in any other games (usually 6,7,8th…). It could be that I play way less of those but it was hard to ignore after a while and the discrepancy is a bit annoying now. There were players with scores in the paid games that don’t even exist as scores in the free games so it doesn’t seem quite consistent throughout. It has taken the fun out of it a bit for me but overall this is still a great app and I haven’t had any technical issues..Version: 6.0.1

Best gameSolitaire cash is the best game ever I have been playing it for 2 days I bought only 500 diamonds for 2 dollars went into a tournament and won 20 dollars!!!! Easiest way to get cash ever and so much fun!!!!😀😀😀.Version: 6.1.0

Solitaire CashFinally after trying dozens of different games for cash I have found a great one that actually PAYS YOU YOUR MONEY! I didn’t think it was possible. I won and was paid over $300 USD in one day. My winnings were paid and received within 30mins!! No lie!.Version: 6.5.8

Dynamic1Solitaire Cash is well and truly an awesome game! So much so that ever since I started playing it, no matter what I do or try to do, I just can’t seem to stop playing it! It’s well and truly that awesome of a game! I just love it! ❤️😊.Version: 2.4.5

Fun & an Opportunity to Win MoneyI downloaded this version of solitaire because I play solitaire every day anyways. Figured if I win money then that’s cool, if not then oh well, solitaire is solitaire 🤷🏼‍♀️ You can play Gem games and when you get 120 gems you can enter into a cash game, so there’s really no need to deposit your own money. I do think the biggest thing that people need to understand is that some serious people play the cash games - I used to have a different solitaire app where players could chat and they would talk about finishing games in literally seconds, they were crazy good at it. So definitely keep in mind that you won’t win every cash game, there are too many really good players, but if you keep practicing the gem games you can definitely get better and win cash games. I won $11 and decided to withdraw funds to see how that worked. They take a $1 processing fee (which is normal) and said it could take 14 days to be deposited into my PayPal account. I did this on Sunday, the $10 was on my PayPal account by Tuesday. It’s definitely legit, you just need to understand you’re going up against real, good players when you play cash games and you need to be pretty good as well to win..Version: 2.4.0

Your playing against botsThere is a mechanic of emotion designed to make you believe you can win money, play for gems then real money, you will win and loose but will never win more than your fair share as bots will pull you back. A great money making scheme for the company. Try it yourself, prey used to playing for gems and you will win 70% of the time, for real money you will win 20% of the time even if you are able to achieve the quickest return, there is always someone better like a routine bot to even the score regardless of how good you are..Version: 6.3.3

Ads !!I was enjoying this game very much, even though the ads occurred after every level. Unfortunately when the ads cut in half way through the level, before I had even finished the game, I was extremely disappointed. I am now deleting this game. Tooooooo many ads..Version: 3.2.3

Great gameGreat fun game - not won any cash as yet, but I’m having to build up my speed as you are against the clock and other plays, but it’s great fun winning jewels that ya get to use against games, to help build up speed before I start to deposit money, THEN you have the chance to win money - so it’s not free to play and win money, but steaks to play with money look fare enough - ya have to be in it to win it I suppose - watch this space n if n when I do win money - I’ll definitely let everyone know x.Version: 7.3.0

Love this gameDo you know a lot of people say that these games are rigged, and some of them are, but not this one. The times where I have scored badly. I know where I made my mistake or have at least an idea. I mean it’s solitaire. Sometimes it’s not solvable, but everyone I’m playing against to seeing the same unsolvable cards. In the end, it’s a lot of fun and I have managed to withdraw some winnings and don’t understand why people have such a hard time with understanding it. Almost $100 last time. I won’t say that I’ve won a ton of money, but a fair amount on this company’s game apps. I love the bubble pop one I’ve won close to 500 on that one. They are skill-based games with a little luck thrown in. You just have to understand how bonus cash works or your are you going to be disappointed when you don’t get to withdraw that bonus cash that you won; but you can use it to enter other games with maybe a higher entry and a higher payout and that is real cash. Maybe use it on an entry fee wouldn’t pay if it was your money. But since you can’t keep it anyway, you might as well spend it on the big game with the big pay out of cash that you can keep! I spent hours playing this I really haven’t lost any money..Version: 6.7.1

Great game !I am loving this game have been playing non stop for about a month, I would love to give five stars but real money tournaments aren’t available in my state and that’s why it’s only 4 star. I can only play in one tournament, and that’s only for gems. Make it available everywhere in Australia and it would be 5 stars! 🥳🥳.Version: 3.1.0

All real!I just deposited $5 into my PayPal! It’s such a fun way to play solitaire. I didn’t even need to put money into the game, I just needed the gems they provided to play. Eventually had enough gems to play the money game. Love it!! Would definitely recommend.Version: 2.4.0

AddictiveI’ve became addicted to this game in just a few days. Haven’t put much money in and have won a couple of cash games but I mostly just play it for free with gems. It’s pretty generous at the start with gems so I haven’t ever run out yet and have been playing it daily for about two weeks now. You don’t need to put money in to play. Two things are minor irritations: when you first open the app, each time you get one pop up after another showing you the deals and competitions currently on offer, the other is that if you put real money in it adds VAT on, instead of showing a total price before you click on it. Other than that, great fun..Version: 7.0.3

Love it5 stars best game ever even if you want to win money or not Only thing is when you go onto it there’s special offers every time which is kinds annoying but other than that so fun and love the little competition.Version: 3.1.0

Good, simple and genuine gameI’ve not even spent any money on it yet it’s a game I’d play do hours at a time and I’ve got a high completion rate. Why not have the chance with just a few pound’s to get playing in the bug games. I’ve only been playing a couple of weeks and I’m level 20, 2000 blue gems and I’ve won about £30. I play it away as it’s for fun . J know people that have the money and skilll to clean up in the big games. They can complete 18/20 games. So imagine doing that all day. Just fronting £50. I’m seeing how the game develops in the comments regarding payouts and win rates. Is it rigged. As usual when a half decent app comes out that’s legitimate.,I have already seen 4 apps mimicking this one. They all have that ‘you ain’t getting paid mate’ look about them. Maybe in 2 weeks I’ll drop £20 and see where my skills take me. If h get up £50, I’ll try and withdraw it. If it works. I’ll look at if differently then., But making mines aside you can progress quite high through persistence and repetition . I’m hooked anyway. So cash is a bonus. Slick app..Version: 6.9.2

Enjoyable gameEnjoyable, clean interface A little over the top in encouraging users to deposit funds for game credits with 4-5 pop up screens but it is what it is..Version: 6.4.0

RayActually it’s a good genuine site. It gives you bonus and actual money to spend. Not much maybe 2 pound. You are lucky turn that into more. It’s a fun game and believe me it’s much better and honest then others. But you won’t win huge amount only small if playing with small.. I have topped up many times small amount and achieved high money Back. They are always giving u bonuses to play for real money. Addictive..Version: 7.0.2

A money pitI love solitaire. I love the goal as a whole. But if you throw your money into it, well good luck. Everytime I have bought a special, all my scores seem to drop. Everytime I play, it seems to get harder. It’s fun, but it seems buying their specials means you do worse after it’s done. Otherwise the game is great..Version: 2.4.4

Really Awesome Game to PlayI have been playing this game for more than 7months now and won a lot of money by participated in many tournaments and on top of that enjoyed a lot and I always feel that this game is awesome and challenging game for every players to play. I hope everyone is feeling the same..Version: 3.3.0

Quite pleased and surprised!I am quite happy with the game and their developers, most games you don’t get a response when asking a question. It’s great to see that they replied with detail and within much less time then they anticipated. Will recommend!.Version: 2.4.5

Played for 3 years and still can’t stopLike the others, I have questions. I sent an email with the question of how is the score calculated? I would like a breakdown of what moves give how many points? etc. so maybe i can develop my skills somehow, as I can’t figure out how so many people (with the same skill level as me) can get scores that I can only dream of. Bots? I don’t know, obviously they wouldn’t tell you that. Would they? I love the game. I only really play gems factory though because if I play for cash I almost always lose, but for gems I almost always come second. People think I’m weird because I’m always playing solitaire instead of watching tik tok. But I am addicted to the idea of building up my cash, even if it’s not real money. I understand the house always wins, you can figure that out by looking at the entry fees and the prizes. But I wonder if the people who actually win are using both hands with an iPad or something. Perhaps they should have separate apps for phones and tablets. I think that would make it more interesting and less sus..Version: 6.4.5

No sour grapes from me!Like others, I thought this game was rigged. Thinking about it logically it’s simply you versus the house, like most Casinos. Not sure why people are complaining so much about losing by what they see as unfair means. You’re up against a computer algorithm, as with all online games. The game outcome has already been determined once you start the game, regardless of how well you might think you’ve played. I cashed out my full winnings with no problems, so where is this a scam? As with any gambling, some you win and some you lose but mostly lose and the house always wins in the end. The 5 stars are given because I honestly enjoy the gameplay and the app is very stable on my Apple device. Highly recommended!.Version: 3.3.3

UpdatesI was asked to update Solitaire Cash, so I pressed update and all that happened was the small circle is just going round and round and nothing is happening. After half an hour I closed the app now every time I open the app it says to update sad to say that I can’t play anymore on this app. There is no where I can press to cancel or delete it I have enjoyed this game for several years and am upset that I can’t play it due to the screen keeping asking me to update and I can’t get rid off the update screen Please help me back to my normal game Regards. Linda x.Version: 6.6.0

Very addictive gameI saw the ads for this game, the bimbos winning large sums of money and thought, ‘if they can do it, so can I.’ So I downloaded the game and began playing it religiously. Go big or go home they say, so I went big. I got into my wife and my joint savings account with dreams of turning our 100K into millions, maybe billions of dollars. I got fired from my job for playing the game at my desk. My wife noticed the withdrawals from savings over several months. She wasn’t happy. Eventually, the account was drained empty. Without a job, I couldn’t pay my mortgage and the bank foreclosed on our home. My wife left me for the twenty-year-old pizza delivery guy. I moved in with my parents until they kicked me out for laying in bed all day in my boxers playing the game. Now, I live in a van down by the river underneath the State Street Bridge. If you happen to see me, could you be so kind as to give me some cash. I’m hungry, but this game is addictive. Maybe I’ll eat something, or maybe I’ll spend it on the game and try to make my millions..Version: 6.9.2

Honestly pretty happy about this appSo at first i was a little skeptical about this app, I’ve tried so many different reward apps and usually they make it very difficult or even impossible to make money or withdraw but I’ve been playing this game for about a month now and i won my first money game for $2.80 and i was pretty happy with it since I’ve been playing for free and just collecting bonus cash to play paid games. I was a little sad when i went to withdraw that the minimum withdraw was $5. So i then proceeded to play more paid games and won another game for $5.80. So then i went to withdraw and everything actually went very smooth. I actually even got an email from them saying we got your request and said it would take up to 14 days to process, which i thought was kind of ridiculous but then they actually payed me the very next day. So overall very happy with this app, only thing I’m not too happy about is how i can’t withdraw change such as if i have $7.80 that it says i can withdraw but when i withdraw, the top amount i can withdraw is $7. I think it would be more fair to the players to withdraw the full amount they earned including the change. Thanks.Version: 3.0.1

Hard game lolThis game is awesome i cant stop playing👌🏼 but the only thing i dont like is the fact that when you play for gems its alot easier to get a full game completed whereas with the money games they give you pretty much the smae colour right across the board with only one odd colour which i feel the odds are already stacked up against you without even turning the first flop out of the deck given🤷🏽‍♂️ i know its not meant to be easy to win but as it is, the chances if you being able to get alot of points is about 20% if that😅 i will still comtinue to play this game but if you could just mix it up a bit better i would love this game even more😂😂😂 5/5 for me👌🏼.Version: 2.4.5

Why are you wasting your time with this app! You cannot win and it’s a scamI have no idea why anyone is playing this app! I am deleting it after this review. I’ve payed this game for several months now and I have seen how they manipulate their game so we cannot win. When I first started playing it was a completely different game. It was actually fun and you could win money but the more you played the harder it became. You had unlimited friends request so you could use bonus cash. None of that is true any longer. The games are so rigged you can win a couple of $$$ and that is all!!!! They have taken away the high payouts and left 6 games 2 of them gem games and the other 4 are seriously hardly worth your time. What is the motivation to play this app? NONE!!! It’s rigged (no matter how high your score the bots will beat you) payout are SUPER low not even worth your time, and you can invite 2 friends now. So, there’s no chance to get bonus cash. 2 friends equals $2 in bonus cash. This game used to be fun, but now it is completely worthless, zero motivation to play solitaire cash! Deleting this app and continuing to play Solitaire King 10 games to choose from, great payout options high and lower payouts. 15 fiend invites at $3 bonus cash each. Why would anyone waste their time and heaven forbid put a single penny into this scam!!! You will NOT win they have it so rigged they ruined everything about this app..Version: 6.4.3

Great gameI thought it was a scam but it actually pays out real money quickly. Too bad I am not as fast as others to win more. Will definitely continue playing.Version: 2.4.3

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