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Cleo: Get Up To $100 Spot App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Cleo: Get Up To $100 Spot app received 50 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Cleo: Get Up To $100 Spot? Can you share your negative thoughts about cleo: get up to $100 spot?

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Cleo: Get Up To $100 Spot for Negative User Reviews

AI too sure of itselfI like this app, but one big problem with it is I can’t see when monthly auto-pay transactions are charged. The app gives me a day they predict the charge happens, but it does not let me double check (or see how many months I’ve been paying for it, or literally anything). With Non-recurring purchases I can just type the name of the vendor into the app and they pop up in a list - it doesn’t do this for transactions the app decides are bills. I can’t even temporarily reclassify the bill as a one off (this might be a bug in my app though) and then turn it back into a bill. I could go into my bank’s app to see it of course, but part of the reason I like this app is because I have two banks and the app condenses all my purchases into one place. So having to flip between apps kinda defeats the purpose. If there is a fix or workaround please let me know. But this is super annoying.Version: 1.10.0

Worst customer service everI loved this app at first, even though my account balance was very slow to update. Now the account information has actually backdated, instead of updated... in the middle of August my transactions since the middle of July suddenly vanished and the last transaction showing is July 19th. Miraculously they were still able to take out my monthly payment and advance repayment 🙄 I have sent four total messages to the Cleo support team, which is almost impossible to get to that screen. No answer on any of them. I contacted my bank, Capital One, and was told that Cleo does not meet their “safety standards” and they will no longer allow them to connect to my account. I want my monthly fee refunded, at this point I am just so angry that to connect with the support team, instead of just reading help articles took a ridiculous amount of time and that no one will answer me! I have been looking on social media and cannot find them anywhere, either. I would be very careful before downloading this app, not only due to the customer service but because of the “safety standard” issue.Version: 1.17.1

Half cooked without support in CanadaIt is available in Canada from a long time. I can even connect Canadian banks but there are some issues and support denied on the ground that it is only available in US. Weird practices..Version: 1.148.0

CleoNe fonctionne pas.Version: 1.24.0

Maybe I just budget differently than Cleo does...I’ve really tried with Cleo. Twice, actually. But the app just doesn’t seem to speak the same financial language I do. I use Simple banking and their app is already set up for envelope budgeting. So once I separate out each paycheck, I budget based on what’s leftover. But Cleo only sees my total amount, not the leftover amount, which is what I actually need her help with. Even when I try to plug my bills into her, she still doesn’t get any of the numbers right and it’s all just more trouble than it’s worth. Not to mention the app being totally unintuitive. I might try again it’s ever tweaked so I have a bit more control over the budget and what transactions are handled than Cleo does (meaning, I handle all of the numbers myself and Cleo just records and informs me of transaction types of my choosing and then does the math to adjust the spending budget - more like an assistant). But since that doesn’t seem to be an option right now and Cleo doesn’t play nice with other budgeting tools, I’m giving up...again..Version: 1.10.0

So many bugsThis app was fun but after about a week I had so many bugs, including three of each category on my budget each with a different number, not being able to see what was in each week and CONSTANTLY having to reconnect two banks which meant I had to delete duplicate entries every time. More hassle than it’s worth. Customer support was condescending and never fixed my bugs..Version: 1.62.0

Horrible.I really liked this app starting out because I was able to track my spending much better than trying to do it manually. I decided to try out the wallet as a better way to set aside money to save. I changed bank accounts and the account associated with the wallet is now closed. I was unaware that I couldn’t change the account without withdrawing the money first. Now I have no way of getting the money out and NO ONE will respond to my chat and I have been trying since Sept 1st. I acknowledge that it’s over the holiday weekend but it’s been two business days and it’s 2:30 CST and it’s saying ‘back tomorrow.’ All I want to do is get the money that I put into the wallet out and be done with it. The bank already said that I cannot get the funds returned to me unless I reopen my bank account which seems a little ridiculous. The customer service really needs to be fixed up when you’re dealing with people’s money. I’ll be deleting this app and never using it and NEVER recommending it once I can get this sorted out..Version: 1.17.1

No Canadian banksUseless if you’re Canadian.Version: 1.126.0

Doesn’t have my bankIt doesn’t have my bank on here. 😢.Version: 1.17.1

You would expect smarterIt’s fun and informative, but it’s really not that smart. I’ll start by saying that it was a huge eye opener as it gave me my yearly spending and that hit me like a ton of bricks, download the app just for that! But, that’s it that was helpful, that 1 feature. It should know what a toy store is (especially if the store has the word “toy” in it). It needs more sub categories. It should recognize “Discover” as a credit card payment. It should let you add that Discover Card so it knows you’re paying back debt and congratulate you instead of saying you’re over your budget for the month because of it. Also, the responses are all preprogrammed and not AI so it’s just repetitive. There’s a lot it should do and I expected it to do, but it hasn’t done it yet. When you don’t use preprogrammed questions, it says it doesn’t understand you...even something as simple as how much did I spend on “a category”. I’m keeping it downloaded because it makes checking spending easier even if it’s not broken down well, but this is feedback for the support team to work on implementing ..Version: 1.19.1

Terrible customer serviceI loved this app when I first downloaded it, it worked great. However, one day it just stopped syncing to my bank account and I was unable to fix it. I contacted customer service, and they promised to fix my problem but never did. I tried to contact them another time and got ignored. I’m really disappointed because I enjoyed using this app but now it’s impossible..Version: 1.60.0

Seems great, but few options for banksMy Canadian bank isn’t an option unfortunately ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.Version: 1.17.1

Bank disconnected for over a month and customer service just goes in circles.This is beyond frustrating. I’ve used this app for years as a Cleo Plus member. It’s worked fine until I opened the app and my bank was disconnected. I tried to reconnect and it wouldn’t work. I put in a ticket for customer service which begins a month long of back and forth emails where they just go in circles and never fix my account. Multiple customer service agents reply to the thread and they ask the same questions over and over and still my account is not working. I can’t find a number to call Cleo directly. As a last resort I am asking to speak to someone on the phone through the customer service emails. If that isn’t possible, I’ll unsubscribe and find a similar app. Absolutely unacceptable, the level of incompetence from their customer service and I have every email to prove it. Companies need to a have a telephone number for customer service. Especially for your paying subscribers. Today is the last day Im trying so I’ll probably end up deleting this app..Version: 1.155.0

FrustratingI used to love this app and recommended it to everyone. Now, the app can’t connect to my bank account so all the money I’ve been saving using cleo’s wallet feature I can’t get back. I’ve tried browsers, visiting the website on a computer instead of the app, etc. I’ve reconnected my bank a hundred times. Looks like I will never get my own savings back. Not sure if the app developers have never made an app before or if they have just moved on to other projects and don’t care about this one, but the app is literal garbage. I’ve been paying for the subscription too, and it’s honestly not worth it. There are better apps out there. Don’t use Cleo. As soon as I figure out how I can get MY money out of this stupid app, I will be canceling everything and deleting it, and telling everyone that I previously recommended to get Cleo to delete it as well. If you want your money stolen, use this app! The roasting feature is funny and it’s cool to have help budgeting but what’s the point if all the money saved using this app isn’t accessible. Makes no sense at all. Worst budgeting app you can get..Version: 1.93.0

One of the worst experiences I have ever had with an app.The app started off great and extremely useful for what I was looking for in a budgeting app. I signed up for Cleo+ and even gave them my private information for their new rollout feature to collect interest in their own savings account. I loved this app for 1-2 months and the categories and spending is great. However - I will never recommend this app to anyone purely that their customer support is non existent. I have sent over 12+ email over a *simple* issue linking the Cleo cover that they offer and absolutely no response. I then have sent in 4+ account cancelation/deletion requests over two weeks now and not received one response back. On top of that, my account has not been deleted and is still active despite my numerous deletion attempts. They also refuse to disconnect my bank and banking information. Before you ask, yes I did email support for this and big shock they have not once responded to me. If I could stop myself from ever giving my personal information to this company I would immediately. Especially considering they will not delete my account or private financial information from their app. It’s baffling to me how they have so many great reviews with a non existent customer service team. If I ignored emails at work the way they do I wouldn’t have a job anymore... and they shouldn’t either. Steer clear and do not give them any of your information..Version: 1.20.1

Customer service is horrible and they take money not authorizedI had a salary advance taken out that was paid back 2x, I contacted customer service and they said it was a “3rd party issue” Then the other advance that was supposed to be sent to me never came. That week the outrageous subscription of 5.99 (btw MoneyLion is free and is way better) came out. So now I’m out 2x at this point. I try to get in contact with many who give the same answer of having a issue but never addressing my problem specifically. I tell them this advance that never came is still showing it’s due. Still “trying to handle things on our end” “will get your refund out as soon as tomorrow” answer is given. Then this app tries to take out the advance again! Getting ahold of anyone is a problem, they give out auto responses and never address the issue. Worst experience and not worth the subscription at all. DON’T GET THIS APP! Try MoneyLion first or even Dave.Version: 1.105.0

Fun but not super helpfulI enjoy the app, but I can’t change the names of my bills. So some of them just say withdrawal debit. And I have to go in and manually change things so that not everything is an “eating out” expenditure. She kept telling me that it was a high category and I was shocked about it until I realized all my bills were there. I also wish I could set up knowledge facts. Like a $7 transaction is probably not gas, but the same place I might spend $25 in gas. So I have to manually enter each one and hope I don’t swipe it as one transaction. All the ads I had seen were how adaptable she was, but you have to follow their cues to get any intelligent response. And every time I turn around she’s asking me to pay her money. Which I get. It’s advertisement. But at the end of every prearranged “conversation” it always leads to adding Cleo as a bill. Which still doesn’t let you change the name of the transaction from “withdrawal debit ####”.Version: 1.24.0

TerribleI do not like this app it roasted me 😔.Version: 1.36.1

Download Dave and get Charlie instead$5.99 a month for what??? I was approved for a loan in August. I paid it back on time. In September I tried to get a loan again, but I wasn’t eligible. No real reason why. My income was the same. Nothing changed. So I decided to cancel. It seemed that if I cancelled my subscription within 48 hours of being charged, I would be refunded the subscription fee within 3-5 days. I was never refunded. “Customer service” said I didn’t qualify because I took out a loan before. And they only refund the subscription cost for the newest customers. So I paid $5.99 for the second month for absolutely NOTHING. basically you get messages every time you spend any money. What drew me in was thinking I would have an option to get loans from time to time if needed. And that was going to be a big help. But I guess you qualify one month, and maybe not the next. It doesn’t make sense. I will stick with DAVE. It’s $1 a month and it has helped me from time to time when needed. Your customer service was pretty rude. Just get Charlie for free and download Dave for small loans if needed. Charlie is basically the same thing as Cleo, but not a rip off..Version: 1.17.1

Can’t set upI can’t fully set up because it’s American and won’t allow me to pick there a way around that.kind of annoyed that my banking info now on the app and can’t access it.Version: 1.17.1

Bye Cleo!I found this app through a social media influencer (first mistake) and thought it looked both interesting and useful. It was, for about a day, then it became the app I most hated, taking up space on my phone until I finally deleted it. What happened? Cleo happened. The voice this app adopts is... obnoxious. It’s combative, and not in a good or helpful way. You know that mean girl who sits behind you in art history who clearly feels superior to you and always has an opinion, especially about you? That’s Cleo. Cleo is also your mom when you were a teenager trying to sneak back into the house at 4 AM. It’s a weird voice to take for an app that’s supposed to be helping us, not (constantly) chiding us, but Cleo seems to think this tone may stir some people into better managing their finances. It doesn’t. It makes us abhor the app instead, so much that every time I saw a message come in from this app, I instinctively swatted it away. Also, you need to pay a subscription (of course *eye roll*) to use some of the app’s more advanced features. If you refuse to, which I did, you basically have a snarky byatch in your pocket providing the most basic account management functions which anyone of us can perform on our own sans the added lip service. I’ll take that, thanks. Bye Cleo!.Version: 1.21.0

Stupid wAste of moneyLures people to sign up and immediately pay membership fee by offering the only tempting benefit that is appealing anyone to sign up in the first place which is cleo cover. it allows you to open account and hAs all the credentials it needs and account opens and charges your account instantly with no issue . when you attempt to use the cleo cover with is the reason why most people sign up for this pointless app , they say you are not eligible and make up a wierd reason that makes no sense . i am ineligible because i began a setup through the app once previously but never opted for the cover and deleted my account bc there is nothing else it does . that is known by cleo as a “ duplicate account” from their records. funny that is has no issue with your duplicated account signing up and getting opened and have no issues charged an immediate fee to this “duplicate account” . also you will never get a question answered or issue resolved as it appears the only employee that cleo app is a chat bot that repeats the same 5 stupid questions over and over unrelated to your question. emailed the “support” chat a week ago and got no reply or indication that a live person even works in this company . Beware!!!!.Version: 1.19.1

Cleo is late.. periodWhether it’s deposits hitting my account, or Cleo canceling savings transfers from my checking account, she’s always a day late. I’m notified at minimum 12 hours after a deposit hits (usually 24 hours later). She sets an amount to transfer from checking into cleos savings wallet, and cancels it the next day because I’ve spent money. Of course I’ve spent money, it’s my checking account! Even when I have Cleo set up to round up my dollar for every card purchase I make, it isn’t instant. It is set for the following day, and she cancels these too when too much money is spent. I pay for the membership which I’m now canceling. For a (very small might I add) salary advance, it takes seven days to do another one. They call this a cool off period. However, on the 6th day after you pay your advance back, Cleo tells you to check back later that day if you want another advance... however I’d you paid Cleo back at 6 am, you really can’t get another salary advance the day she is telling you to check back. Her days are registering as hours to her.. you have to wait 24 more hours until 6 am the next FAU to get the advance. I know this is a lot of information, but people like this app for what reason?? She’s 24 hours behind with absolutely EVERYTHING that goes on in your checking account. I’ll be cancelling and deleting the app. 0 stars if I could.Version: 1.73.0

Worst APP don’t do itThis app is probably only good for breaking down your spending! The cash advance is pennies compared to what other apps will offer. I’ve had Cleo Plus for months and the most I’ve ever gotten on a advance was $35 and I’ll pay them back on time every single time always had steady income and I got $35 one time but the rest of the 10 times nothing more than $20 when. Absolutely do not get the secured card they offer now! They over charge for most transactions and if you use it at a gas station for even a $1 they will charge the card $100 until that merchant settles the transaction and right now I’m on day 8 waiting for money to come back to my card the card declines everywhere it’s embarrassing! There are far better apps out there for cash advances and they don’t even come close to being in league with other secured cards! Let Cleo be the last option you need if you need like $20 in gas other then that scroll past it.Version: 1.90.0

Is it even looking at my bank account?I downloaded Cleo and connected it to my bank. As far as income, it did see what money I get from my job but it wasn’t detecting the deposit my boyfriend makes to my account. So I tried adding it in. While adding an income it was showing amounts in dollars ($), which was correct, and then once it was added it was showing only that income as pounds (£). Next was my bills. I pay my rent online but for some reason my rent was no where to be found in my list of transactions. So I tried to add it. I would go through the prompts and it wouldn’t add it no matter what I did. So I ended up using another bill and adding my rent amount so at least the numbers would be in there. Okay so time to set up a budget. The numbers Cleo were pulling made no sense to what is actually in my bank account currently since all bills have been paid this month. (I DID put the next due date correctly on all my bills) it was making absolutely no sense every step of the way. Such a great concept, and great advertising to make it seem like it works but it didn’t work at all for me. What a disappointment..Version: 1.18.0

Issue STILL not resolved & keep getting run aroundSo I’ve been using Cleo for a while now and have never EVER had any issues till this last week. And let me tell you, this is really ridiculous. I’ve been going back and forth with the customer service through the app via messaging and it seems not a single person I’ve chatted with knows what’s wrong and no one can fix it. I was told about 7 days ago that a ticket was being submitted for a tech to look at and then a couple days later I was told another ticket was being submitted and here I am still with no resolutions a couple days later. Cleo keeps saying I need to connect my bank when my bank is already connected and they withdrew the amount I owed the same day it said my account wasn’t connected. So I don’t understand why this is till an issue and I just feel I’m being pushed around cause no one knows how to fix this. It’s honestly ridiculous and I’ve never had customer service take this long to get to a resolution. I really really love Cleo and would love to continue to use it but if this keeps happening I don’t see the point in having it. Once the issue is fixed I will gladly rate it 5 stars but at this point it’s not holding up to a 5 star rating.Version: 1.85.0

Will never use this again!I used Cleo a lot about a year ago and it was great. Never had any issues. But I downloaded it to use again about a week ago. I added my new bank information. Paid the $5.99 for Cleo plus to be able to get $100 versus the $30 advance however what it doesn’t tell you is you might still only get the $30. That’s frustrating but I move past it and get to the $30 advance opting for the immediate availability option for $3.99. Then I’m waiting. After a day still no deposit. So I’m poking around the app and come to find out they deposited into an old account I no longer have access to. Even though I put my new account information into the app. So I do what anyone would and I reach out. That was 3 days ago. I still have not received any response even though I have reached out multiple times. And of course there is no number to call. It’s just chat. So it is safe to say I will never use this app again. And I will never recommend it to anyone again. I’m now just hoping I can cancel the Cleo plus tomorrow when the advance is supposed to be repaid as I cannot cancel it with an active advance..Version: 1.43.0

Worst app ever give my my money backWon’t close or cancel my account promised me a full refund because I canceled within 24hours and now the robot acting like it doesn’t understand it owes me money but took my $5.99 within seconds understood that very well. Cleo lied and said they reimbursed me I’ve been checking my bank account none stop and never received it it’s been a whole week when Cleo said with 2days or 48hours so I’m out of money oh and I canceled because you have to jump through so many hoops for an advance you’ll never get smh I hate it here Dave is the app I went to instead Cleo is a scam and makes their money by scamming people into there monthly and yearly subscriptions having every person who signs up pay $5.99 and will not reimburse it like a pyramid scam.. never again and they still won’t close or delete my account smh worst app ever Cleo once again you do not have permission nor do I authorize you to take money from my account if so lawyer and police authorities will pursues immediately. Don’t sign up!!! It’s a scam!! You’ve been warned!!!.Version: 1.23.1

Fraudulent AppI’ve used Cleo in the past but deleted my account due to the small loans that were offered. I decided to reinstall Cleo because I needed a small loan until my payday. After downloading the app and creating another account - I had to pay $6 in order to use the pay day advance option. I paid the $6 and all of a sudden I keep getting error messages when trying to cash out my pay day advance loan. I’ve been trying for the past several hours and even reached out to customer support who claimed I had another account and had to wait 24 hours. Cleo mislead me and made me pay a $6 subscription fee in order to get an advance that I was never able to receive! Incredibly misleading and fraudulent. I’ll give Cleo 24 hours to amend this issue before I file complaints with the BBB, CFPB, and Californias Attorney Generals Office. I’ll also be contacting my bank to reverse the charges of the subscription I was fraudulently charged with. It’s unfortunate but something needs to be done about these predatory behaviors. If you can’t offer users a loan then don’t mislead them into paying a subscription fee..Version: 1.152.0

Wants to connect to bank when it’s already connectedI connected my bank last night and was using the app, I open it today and it tells me to connect a bank and I can’t exit out of the screen?? I already connected my bank!!!!.Version: 1.89.0

Love this app! difficult to report bugsLove Cleo! This is one of my top budgeting apps. I have other ones I use but this one is my day to day and I love the fact I can stay better in touch with my spending through the games. However, I found a bug— the “budget” section of my app isn’t bringing over my transactions, and consistently reports categories as $0 even though I know I can see transactions in my account summary. The Cleo assistant keeps me updated on the running total, but I can’t see my budget broken down by categories. I actually noticed this a few months ago and tried to look into reporting the problem to the team. Oddly, I couldn’t find a way to report problems in-app. I assumed it would resolve on it’s own but it hasn’t yet. What’s going on? I’ll update this review to 5 stars once this problem gets addressed but in the meantime, this app isn’t really serving its full purpose for me..Version: 1.72.1

Counts MasterCard payment as expenseCounts purchases on MasterCard and MasterCard Payments of expense so basically shows spending as double of what it is..Version: 1.27.0

New updates gives the boot to CanadiansI used to love this app.. participated in all the surveys, gave good reviews, and was excited to see where it would go but this new update erased my previous data and when I tried to set up a new account because I hadn’t before it didn’t even give me the option to connect to my Canadian bank like I could before. Real sad..Version: 1.33.0

Can’t even log in anymoreThe URL that I get sent in my email doesn’t do anything. It just opens the app again and I’m stuck at the open email app screen..Version: 1.30.1

DisappointedIt was quite disappointing to not be able to use the app since all the banks listed are American..Version: 1.14.0

STAY AWAYIf I could give negative stars I would!!! I connected my credit union to this app and it was great, helped me save $175. I was able to withdraw the amount no problem. HOWEVER... I saved $253 within the past couple months and decided I wanted to save within my own bank to avoid scams and losing my money. Well hind sight is most definitely 20/20. The app refused to give me my money back no matter how many times I tried. I went to customer service and they had me disconnect and reconnect my account numerous times. Well one of the times I stopped being able to see my credit union. I went back to THE SAME emails with customer service and he sent me to someone in the UK. They proceeded to tell me that my bank wasn’t supported and I would be able to get my money by connecting another bank account. Low and behold.... it’s connected by accounts and now I am screwed out of $253. I hate that I am not the only one going through this problem and the developers don’t even care. If you read this.... Run away from this app!!!!!!.Version: 1.72.1

Canadian banks ?I was a user before when it first launched and now there are no canadian banks available on the list at all ??.Version: 1.30.1

🤷🏻‍♀️Similar to what other reviewers have to say, the concept of Cleo is great and it really does open your eyes to your spending habits. I do appreciate the additional features such as daily cash back and cleo cover (if you choose to pay for cleo plus). What I don’t love is how poorly the app has been functioning for the last 6 weeks. I have repeatedly contacted support and receive no response. The most recent response I did finally receive did not resolve my issue so here I am today, with the same unresolved problem. I would love to just delete the app but unfortunately there are funds sitting in my wallet that I cannot transfer out. Somehow funds are able to be transferred from my account and into my cleo wallet but when I attempt to withdraw said funds I get an error message. The app doesn’t seem to have any issues charging for my plus subscription either, how interesting?! 🤔 Hoping bringing attention through this review can help me finally get this sorted so I can wash my hands of this app..Version: 1.24.0

Do NOT get this appI strongly advise against downloading this app especially if you don’t plan to use it a lot, you will not get the full services of the app and will have to pay a $5.99 subscription fee for the full services and if you don’t cancel the subscription within the first 7 days of signing up you will not get a refund and will be told by customer service there’s nothing they can do and it’s company policy to not give you a refund for a charge that you might want back when you want to cancel it out of those 7 days and it doesn’t matter if you forgot to cancel it and 7 days have passed and the charge was accidental you still will be told there’s nothing they can do, you will receive no notification or warning that an upcoming bill from Cleo for the subscription is coming up until it’s too late and it’s taken out of your bank account, and even then when it comes to the $100 spot or loan that comes with the full services when your pretty low on money and you want to prevent your account from going into overdraft it’s a chance you may not qualify for it. All in all it’s the most terrible experience especially when the customer service takes days until they finally respond and even then it’s not helpful and just repetitive of what they say and they won’t fully talk to you or try to work something out..Version: 1.30.1

Is Not an Honest App. BewareCleo does NOT seem like an honest app. I only downloaded as there were some reviews that seemed positive. However, I quickly tried to cancel but it is not easy to do and you cannot erase your banking information or debit card number. There info seems very misleading. They make it seem like you can receive a loan of up to $100. However that is not the case for everyone. The part that seems like a scam is that they will charge you $5.99 BEFORE they tell you how much they are willing to loan you. They should allow people to make the decision that is right for them and proceed if they want. Instead they create a hardship for people by then having to go through the hassle of canceling. I was only offered $30 max and so I would never have signed up and paid the $5.99 had I known that. To me, this is a scam move. Let people know how much you are offering BEFORE having them pay your $5.99 fee. It’s not ethical that that is their business plan. Also they have no customer service. And I could not easily find a contact phone for them on Google. When I tried to ask the chat line to speak with customer service they were not responsive. There are other apps to choose from. I recommend avoiding CLEO..Version: 1.179.0

Stealing money from accountI’ve tried to cancel my Cleo plus subscription since January 6. I’ve have screenshots of multiple conversations I’ve had with the bot and multiple emails confirming I cancelled but I woke up today to another charge for the subscription to my account. They don’t have a way to remove any of your card information from the app so they can just keep charging you. I decided to cancel the subscription in the first place due to the fact that I paid for the credit builder and added 10$ to the account and couldn’t access it due to a glitch. Every time I put my passcode in, it would say that it was wrong even after I kept resetting the password. I spoke to support and they said that they were aware of the problem and trying to fix it. It’s been weeks. That’s another 10$ stolen from me that I don’t have access to. I can’t even use the physical card I ordered because you have to activate it through the app and you have to enter your passcode to do that and the passcode is glitching. I want my $10 back from the credit builder and the 9.99 from the Cleo plus subscription..Version: 1.126.0

ScamHonestly this is a whole scam, they make you pay for a subscription before you can even see how much of a cash advance you qualify for . I gave all my info and even paid for the subscription with my debit card, once the payout screen came it told me to re enter my debit card and I did only for it to tell me they don’t support my bank???? That makes 0 sense when they took the money directly from my account!! On top of that, you have to pay $4 just to have the $ sent to your debit card otherwise you have to wait FOUR working days to have it deposited into your account. I called customer support and the phone literally just rings, it says online if you don’t pay for an ANNUAL subscription then you have to pay for support over the phone ??? It makes no sense at all honestly they genuinely just want your money, not sure why anyone would be on with doing something like this to ppl that are in need of money but it’s really messed up’.. Now I have to wait 5 days before calling my bank and telling them the $5.99 transaction was completely fraudulent. If you can, please stay away from this app and save yourself some time and money. I wasted $5 that I needed as part of my rent money now I need that plus the money I was intending to borrow, waste of time, a. complete scam..Version: 1.152.0

DuplicatesIt's a good idea but every single transaction i make or money i receive gets duplicated at least once or more, so my balance and spending is very off which gives this app no purpose..Version: 1.35

Absolutely no support**Update** I finally received some help and the issue seems to be resolved, however I’m only updating my review from 1 star to 3 stars due to the customer service response time, they really need to work on the support for this app, if it weren’t for the customer service I would give this app/company a 4 or 5 stars. Let me begin by saying I don’t like to ‘review bomb’ an app or service but I’m at the end of my rope! I cannot get any help whatsoever and this is my last ditch effort. I used to give think this app was amazing but I’m recently having issues of trying to withdraw from my account with Cleo, every time I try to withdraw I get an error with absolutely no information; it just says to contact support. I contact support and it’s crickets, this isn’t the first time I’ve tried to contact them about issues and they never respond, I always get told support will be back in an hour, that I’ll receive emails that I never receive. I usually get left to figure out my issues on my own but now that I have tied up 250$ in this app it’s annoying and I’m prepared to cancel my plus subscription and take all my money out, whenever I actually get support. I’m beginning to not trust this app..Version: 1.70.0

Counting spending twice?Seems pretty cool but they should have an option like Mint does so that it ignores certain accounts. Cleo seems to be counting my spending twice because it says I’m spending money on “money transfers” and groceries, food, etc. But my money transfers are to pay off my credit card which is what I used to buy said groceries, food etc :p. So it tells me I’m spending around $1000 when I’m actually only spending $500..Version: 1.19.1

Absolute Scam ArtistsI did like the clever jokes of the app however, they are just a bunch of scam artists. I only took out 2 advances paid the last one back within 2 days which I guess messed everything up. On top of the very small advance they charge membership fees but in order to cancel said fees you have to pay them up front? So they wanted me to pay back membership fees and just kept saying I never paid my advance back when I did. This was a year ago and they hit my card every single month for $5.99 membership fee then try to say I still owe them? In the last year they have collected a ton from me which is not for an advance and I keep saying they have to cancel my membership but then they try to say I owe money. Customer service is pointless and can’t speak English, they will just forever charge my card $5.99 and at this point THEY don’t even know why! I called my bank and I told Cleo my next call is my lawyer. It’s absolutely ridiculous they get away with robbing people $5.99 at a time..Version: 1.139.0

Could be better….I’ve used this app for over a year and it was nice to have the change rounded up and saved. However, with apps like Acorn who invests that for you, there really isn’t a point anymore for this feature. This was mainly the reason why I wanted this app to begin with. Now the app itself is okay to run, it’s not so bad. What makes this 2 star worthy isn’t the app itself but the lack of options. Yea it’s funny to have an app roast your spending habits, sure, but it feels like the app keeps your savings in prison or something. You have to wait “3 business days” which I’m guessing excludes Fridays and the weekends. Meaning that if you place a withdrawal on a Wednesday it claims it won’t be in your account until Tuesday!! If you are reading this and are okay with waiting that long, then this app is not so bad. It has some unique features that could be useful but were not useful for me personally. If someone would have told me that their business days are Monday- Thursday I would be less harsh but it’s frustrating when the money is needed and you have to wait almost a week to get it!!! Not to mention it was supposed to be in my account already but somehow was canceled. It’s frustrating to say the very least. If they were to add an instant payout method then that feature alone would easily make my rating 4 stars. Since that isn’t an option and some glitchy stuff happened with my transfer, they will be getting 2 stars from me..Version: 1.134.0

DO NOT USE. STEALING MONEY FROM ME MONTHS AFTER TRYING TO DELETE ACCOUNTAN ABSOLUTE SCAM!!!! I have contacted support NUMEROUS times in an effort to remove my bank account and delete my account altogether. No one got back to me for several months, and when Jacob finally did contact me, I thought he had gotten everything taken care of. Silly me for trusting anyone from Cleo for a second. I get emails monthly about $5.99 being transferred from my account to Cleo Wallet, which is supposed to be a savings account. However, I have no such thing. They’re taking money from me and there’s nothing I can do about it. I can’t get into my own account because it doesn’t send me the verification email to verify who I am. Jacob claimed it was a fee for Cleo plus, but I unsubscribed from that already. There is NO REASON I should be getting charged, and then after bringing it to their attention, getting charged AND THEN not even being able to get into the account anymore. I am furious because all I want is to be rid of everything to do with Cleo who is just a seemingly permanent leech on my bank account. Please save yourselves from my predicament and just don’t even involve yourself with them..Version: 1.33.0

I’m still going to try...I was recommended Cleo by a friend who loves how user friendly it is and how it can roast her, and I thought it would be great for my chronic overspending problem. I downloaded it and immediately starting having problems. First it took awhile to connect my bank account and now here’s two of the same one. Second, when adding my income (which I had to do manually, as I couldn’t choose one of the suggested ones) it was in pounds, not dollars, and it would NEVER save. Third, making my own budget (as the one Cleo suggested was just not gonna work for me) was difficult because it always said I didn’t have enough money to cover my spending. I went in vacation this month and spent a lot of money, but I wasn’t hoping on starting the budget this month. I guess I’ll try again next month and see if I have any luck. Also, when I was trying to identify bills, it was next to impossible as I have multiple iTunes bills and I couldn’t specify which ones update when or choose prices. Suggestions: Make it easier to view which bank accounts are linked. Fix currency. Have a reset button for the entire app. Make a button when creating a budget on when it should start (like it will start when the next month comes around). Focus more on working on upkeep and not just making it yell at me. Let me manually input prices when it comes to bills. Right now I’m not very happy with Cleo, but I really want it to work. I will try again next time I get paid so we will see..Version: 1.14.0

What’s really going onAlthough I am grateful for the opportunity to get an advance from Cleo . It’s always something when I first applied my offer was for 70 . My account was negative but I went and found the fee to pay then the amount was only for 20 dollars and has been . I am charged 3.99 when I get advance, my amount has not increased ! Cleo always quoting me old stuff or my overall balance which my bank chime has told me I am not negative hundreds that’s how much u put into account . But it is a credit builder account . Now I had a prompt from what I understood I could get an additional advance for 7.99 I did it now it wants me to add money . Come on now !! Where is the love ! I pay my bills I’m a single mother , with breast cancer trying to make ends meet . And I shouldn’t be judged on where my money is spent ! I just want a little help . I have no credit to be judged by so it’s hard to get a personal loan until I build my credit and now I have built it ! So I think Cleo is a hinder not an asset to my progress.Version: 1.143.0

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