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Cleo: Get Up To $100 Spot app received 49 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about cleo: get up to $100 spot?

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A+ NiftyDefinitely appeals to younger audiences, but has a humorous way of urging you to become better with money. Sassy as hell! I have actually started to become better at monitoring spending and making more reasonable spending decisions after a few months of getting used to the way Cleo really works..Version: 1.30.1

LolLol.Version: 1.32.0

Go-To App!!!I love this app, it’s my all time favourite. It’s 100% safe and accurate. It’s very reliable and I use it everyday. You can add your bills, your spending goals, and so much more. It’s so useful when wanting to get to know your money, your budget for the month, or when your next bill is. It also connects to your bank so it tells you how much you have, what you’ve received, and how much you’ve spent. Love it!!!.Version: 1.30.1

Love her.Cleo is the perfect financial wellness companion. She’s pragmatic. She’ll be firm when she needs to and gentle when you can’t handle it. I very much appreciate having my spending laid out for me so I can see precisely where my money is going. I could do this manually in my bank’s app or on their website, but Cleo does it more efficiently, in a format that’s easily digestible. And, Spendr is easily one of the most useful tools the app has to offer; it’s a quick way to evaluate purchases you’ve made, which is super useful for someone like me, who feels guilty when they spend money. Once I played Spendr, I realized that most of my output was just going to unavoidable costs and I wasn’t spending as frivolously as my mind was telling me. Still, Cleo helped me hone in on things I *could* cut back on. Love you Cleo 💋.Version: 1.162.0

This rocks.Cleo helps me understand my money better. I’ve never felt so accountable..Version: 1.27.0

Awesome thanksAwesome thanks.Version: 1.169.0

Like your full of attitude sibling ribbing you about spending!What a great app to keep your spending in check. Getting roasted is too fun!.Version: 1.79.0

Cleo appGreat app to keep you updated on your spendings and categorize everything for you in your bank account.Version: 1.38.1

Motivating and easy to useIt was super easy to set up my account and I feel like it’s gonna really help me in the future. I’m also in love with the “roast me” feature, it hurt man but I genuinely wanna change my spending habits after seeing what they had to say.Version: 1.31.0

Bills & spending categoriesFirst of all- I love this app. What a fun way to track money! HOWEVER- there are a few issues I’m running into Namely Bills: I pay rent to my roommate via Venmo, however I also use Venmo to pay friends for drinks, going out, a coffee, etc. Cleo isn’t able to distinguish between individual Venmo payments, so she categorizes ALL Venmo payments as bills and will not let me manually break them up into other categories (ie.- eating out, shopping, etc.) Which leads me to the next issue: Cleo isn’t able to create more spending categories- she has basic ones (ie.- eating out, shopping, expenses, bills etc.) But to be most functional I would love for the app to add the ability for the consumer to make their own individual spending categories. For example, my puppy is a big expense category for me, but lumping her expenses in with all my other expenses doesn’t let me track as well what I am spending in each category of MY life. As I said, love this app- but these few minor changes would really take this app to the next level!.Version: 1.22.0

Cleo ReviewI really love this app, because when I first started with the Cleo app I paid $5.99 for the Cleo Plus subscription. When I first started I was able to receive a lot of knowledge on where my money was sunken into the most. Then I was able to get a salary advance for $30 and then as I was earning my badges then my score point started going up and then I started being able to receive a $50, then $60 and now a $70 salary advance and I hope to be able to start receiving a $100 advance, overall the more to pay back on time the more you can receive and the great part is you only have pay $5.99/ month to receive the salary advances. Thank you so much Cleo I’m very happy with the great service I’ve received from you. I will continue using this app 🗣forever‼️🤗 . Oh yea and Cleo really helps you with budgeting. 👍🏾👍🏾 🆙.Version: 1.57.0

The financial Assistant for the new ageI never write review, I mean you could look at my Apple account... not a single on there. It’s not because I don’t have the time, or I don’t want to because I think a lot of apps here are great but every once in a great while you stumble across the holy grail of applications where it’s either the top of its class or in a class all of its own well ladies and gentlemen this app is both of those things. I first met Celo when he was bound to the constraints of Facebook messenger, he was an infant at this point the brainchild of some developers hoping it was there claim time fame. Well Celo had a Glow up guys and gals, he’s got his own app now, and man did he go from zero to hero in a heartbeat. Not only will he... Keep track of your expenses Alert you when something’s not quite right Send you daily reminders that are practical and funny Manage everything about your banking without the white noise from other apps And makes baking fun!!! If you took the best parts of the mobile apps from Chase, Wells Fargo, Citibank, Bank of America, and Discover and put them into a single app and added a heaping tablespoon of other useful stuff you have Celo. Bottom line guys Celos not a banking app, he doesn’t coming with a checking account but he does have a nifty savings plan! He’s a fully automated, streamlined, useful, funny, and easy way to understand financial matters! Do yourself a favor and press that little blue button!.Version: 1.30.1

Great motivational finance and budget manager with a sense of humor.Cleo will praise you, roast you, play quiz games with you based on your own spending and budget. She’ll show you where your money goes the most, highlight areas for potential improvement, help you set realistic and achievable budgets while accepting your voice and feedback in the process. She can help you monitor your credit and work to improve it, and even spot you payday advances as needed and within reason. Overall their are plenty of useful features that make it an app that almost anyone and everyone could truly benefit from. Try it and if it’s not for you, you can go back to stuffing your money in your mattress, or continue believing that your big bank has your interests (or lack of interest, pun intended) as their priority. Truly one of the more valuable apps you should have in your app arsenal..Version: 1.57.0

My overall opinion….This app used to be so much better than it is now I had no problems at that time. But this year it’s been nothing but problems. And I mean problem after problem. I’ve had to make multiple different accounts to try to get it to work like it should it’s still having difficulties I even paid for plus memberships & the credit builder memberships just to have them basically lock me out of my account. So, basically they locked me out of the account and now I’m out the money that I paid for both of those memberships (multiple times) & now I can’t even use that said account. Therefore I had to set up a new account … again & I am still having difficulties with getting any cash advance at all…setting up credit builder …any of it ….if I don’t get it fixed or handled today I am no longer going to be using this app at all and I’ve been using this app for well….since they first released this app. #NotSatisfied #Wastedmymoneyfornothing.Version: 1.155.0

CleoAmazing app! Helps me keep track of my spending ☺️ makes it easy to see where I’m over spending on things that aren’t necessary.Version: 1.131.0

WOW AMAZING SIMPLY AMAZINGThis is hands down one of the coolest apps I’ve ever used! If you are serious about wanting to save money but need a little truth to how you spend it, than this is the app for you! They literally break down every single thing down for you! You connect your bank and it automatically tells you what you’ve spent money on and total amount in a certain time frame, they have fun “games” that hit you with the stuff you waste money on and then do you regret it or are you ok with it AND THE BEST part is they automatically create a ALLOWED SPENDING option that calculates the money you currently have in your bank and your income, then how much your bills are and breaks down every category (entertainment, bills, eating out, gas etc) and how much you can spend that week on those things so you don’t have to guess how much you can spend on stuff; it calculates it all for you! This is a MUST HAVE app!!! I’m so happy I found this and the last person to write a review on an app but this needs to be heard and seen because it’s life changing!!.Version: 1.66

HilariousIf you need some tough (yet hilarious) love when it comes to your spending, this is the app for you!.Version: 1.85.0

So funLove this app it roasts me!.Version: 1.36.1

Love itFunny and easy to use..Version: 1.30.1

IntuitiveIt's a great piece of software. Bunch of algorithms and a touch of AI can make such a difference. I have talked to the cleo team, they're great people. Keep up the good work, God bless you guys and i hope you guys keep innovating. Garry Gill,.Version: 1.30.1

Great appReally fun to use and gives very accurate information about my money and gives me good tips on spending it and saving it.Version: 1.30.1

It’s kinda crap in my opinionYou do this stupid cool off period and for 7 days when st first it says 5 days so your really not there to help when help is needed and my last loan was paid back 7 days ago today, actually 8 counting the day I paid it back and now it’s still saying check back later today for a advance cause of the cool off period and you shouldn’t be the one deciding what can be handled for paying back!! The people who pay for your services should decide for themselves because they know what they can and can not afford. So making someone wait longer then 7 days to help them when they need the help is ridiculous! Dave only made me wait 3 days so I apparently would of been better off with the Dave app. I only changed to this one because it was more options for money amounts but it seems I made the wrong choice. I will not pay $6 a month to not be able to get help I need when I need it. It’s said since yesterday to check back later. Check in less then a day and it’s been over a day it has said that!! So I should be able to get it now!!.Version: 1.64.0

Great but...I am Canadian and was able to create a CLEO account for free. The budget is easy to follow, you can categorize your spending, set your bills for specific dates, it’s all super easy to use. I love being roasted, and I love when CLEO hypes me up as well. The only thing i’m unable to do is create a CLEO wallet because you can only put in a USA address. So there is no point in me spending the $5.99 a month because I can’t use half of the bonus features. I’d love to see the wallet come available for Canadian users and if that happened I would totally purchase CLEO plus!!.Version: 1.20.1

BugsThe games that review your spending (4 questions) that you could enter to win 300 dollars always bugs out. If you get 4 out of 4 it says that it can’t connect and it doesn’t put you into the draw. It’s happened to me three times already. But when you lose there isn’t any problems. Just says you didn’t make it and moves on. Please fix..Version: 1.39.0

Canadian probsHelps me stay accountable with my spending!! but wish Canadians were able to use the “round & save change” feature..Version: 1.128.0

Great. Amazing. SpectacularI love the casual approach to financial responsibility and the use of plain language to help breakdown concepts and often confusing wording found in other banking apps and budget apps. Cleo is fun, helpful, and makes your terrible financial situation a tad more palatable, while simultaneously managing to roast you and bring you back on track..Version: 1.35

CleoI love this app it makes me laugh & pretty easy to understand 😊.Version: 1.48.0

This is a Fantastic Service- Fiscal Responsibility!!Cleo seemed intriguing from the very beginning once i saw the ad on FaceBook & i immediately decided to download the program and try it out; as a younger person, it has been my goal to become more financially responsible and know the value of every expense. Cleo has offered a significant amount of thorough, detailed, organized information regarding your financial situation. She is like the best financial planner, and this is such an easy to work app & i feel like the responses are fast and it is just so great. i could not say anything negatively. She provided a disclosure of appropriate conduct with your banks that you allow and provide access , so not only your savings account, but your credit cards and an amazing experience. i will continue to work with this product and service. AMAZING. A++.Version: 1.16.0

CuriousHow is one to get a small loan?.Version: 1.169.0

Absolutely looooveFun and engraving way to money manage.Version: 1.36.1

Great stuff, networking and backend needs workI’ve been a long time Cleo user (since the Facebook messenger days), and I’ve always enjoyed your service. It’s a fun UI and lets you get really cool insights into your spending. I do have some issue: 1. When reconnecting my bank account, it was taking forever for Cleo to “import/collect transactions” so I kept having to press the X after 10 minutes (said it would take only a few minutes) and 1 hour later I see have have my bank account linked 5 times! I had to keep trying because I didn’t think it was working but apparently it did, ALL 5 times lol. No biggie, thought I could delete the 4 duplicates. Nope. The trash can button next to the accounts doesn’t work. Unless of course, this button also has a delay of 1 hour. Luckily there is a “hide account” option so that is a workaround for now, but would rather not have to do that. Otherwise, the improvements made by the team are always great..Version: 1.36.1

Love this appA budget app that is hilarious but gets down to the point!.Version: 1.36.1

Pretty goodShe makes fun of me and tells me not to spend money, I love it.Version: 1.36.1

Love!!!If you're the kind of person that needs a little smack in the face every once in a while in order to behave, this app is definitely for you. it's SUPER easy to use and set up, including easy-to-access email verification that involves absolutely no manual switching of apps, it's literally two buttons to press and you're done. it's aesthetically pleasing if that's important to you, and feels like a really honest friend helping you out with your money. it roasts you if you spend too much moola and is set up as a personal conversation so it's genuinely fun to use. the only things i was bummed about is that if you don't get your paycheck through venmo, you have to manually enter your paycheck every time you get it. it might just be a me problem but that's a little frustrating. you should also know that it has some crude language so i wouldn't consider it to be family friendly. other than those two things, i think it's a great resource to save money and track your spending!.Version: 1.142.0

Awesome Budget managementNice sass, she really puts u on edge but is also nice when you want it to be..Version: 1.40.0

AmazingIs very fun to use.Version: 1.35

Worth itHeard about Cleo from a friend. Cleo has a lot of pluses and multiple choices for budgeting. Most people are looking for the “Spot Me” feature where they can get money advanced to them from their future paycheck. This feature will cost you $5.99 to join Cleo+. If you’re always running short, then the $5.99 a month is worth it. There are no fees or interest on the loan and you can have a 1 time extension to pay it back if you happen to be short on the day it’s due. Payment can be made same day, but that also costs a few bucks.’s a useful tool if you need a budgeting friend that will loan you money. It may initially say you aren’t eligible, but be patient. You may have to go through one budget cycle and chat with Cleo a bit before you’re eligible for Spot Me. That’s why I only gave it 4 stars rather than 5..Version: 1.17.1

AmazingYou want your finance in place then Cleo is the app for you !.Version: 1.48.0

Great app!!Has helped me with my spending, in a fun way!.Version: 1.31.0

Love it but kinda sadOkay so I have a bank that is like an only in the area kinda bank. Like it’s not very popular or big, idk why I let my mom talk me into banking with them but I did, anyways you guys don’t have it it’s Desert Communities Federal Credit Union, there’s similar ones but not the one I need, but my bank is merging with another called Arrowhead credit union and I believe that was in the search for banks. So I kinda have a question and hopefully it’ll get answered, my bank is doing the merge August 1, will my setup work then? Someone let me know. And I suggest before getting all excited about a really cool financial app like this you think about if your banked with a nation wide bank or if your bank is more local in your area because they might not have it..Version: 1.11.0

Awesome idea, slightly unfair...I really love the idea behind this app. As someone who is just entering the working world, I want to develop good financial habits sooner rather than later. I love how the app can praise or roast you about your habits, but when I tell it roast me, sometimes it can use information incorrectly/unfairly... 1. I currently pay rent using Venmo, but I feel like Cleo thinks I’m just shelling out money on random bs each month - it’d be great it could recognize there recurring purchase as a necessity and therefore exclude that from its analysis on my spending 2. I recently bought a car in cash and Cleo also yelled at me about that, even though financially it makes more sense to do so if you have the means (less additional recurring payments). But I think Cleo sees it as a frivolous purchase! It’d be nice if I could somehow convince the app to look past certain expenditures by marking them as truly necessary. 3. Money spent on public transportation fare is used against you, even if, say, you are using it for commuting purposes I feel like the app needs a way to filter out necessary expenses from its analysis of your spending habits and focus more on the money spent on things that aren’t necessary (entertainment, Starbucks, etc). Overall, I love the app, but would love to see it get even better!.Version: 1.20.1

Life ChangingStraight up love this app, I’ve used Cleo for over year, and recently switched to the app from Facebook Messenger (I think Cleo got kicked off fb). My only complaint would be sometimes editing my budget doesn’t work, and I wish Cleo+ was here in Canada..Version: 1.27.0

GreatLove it, love the chat and the interface. Could be a little more connected with my bank account, seems like it misses a couple things..Version: 1.30.1

Skeptical? Don't be!So I will be the first to tell you, I thought this was another payday loan type of deal for emergencies. I was so very wrong. The AI on this app is amazing. It's like carrying a little devil and a little angel, enticing you to spend it or telling you why you should save it, all in your pocket. To better describe , If you don't have many friends, it's almost like having a best friend. Except this one hilariously roasts you, but also cares about your financial health. Most people wast 6$ a week on vending machine snacks, or some service you don't really need. What if you could make 6$ a MONTH work for YOU? Well, thanks to Cleo, now, you can! This app gives me a good look into my financial future. Helps me save, meet goals, and most of all, is there when I really need it. If that's not the characteristics of a best friend? Well, then You don't know what a best friend is. #Cleo #TeamCleo #FinancialFriend #CleoRoastedMe #BadAssCleoRoasts.Version: 1.30.1

Love the appIt’s a really good tool to use.Version: 1.44.0

Pretty coolCleo has honestly helped me keep track of my spending. I was worried at first to give my information to a random app but it’s pretty useful..Version: 1.31.0

Cash AdvanceEverything is going great except for the cash advance situation. I’m not understanding why I am not able to get one. I make more than enough money and I pay back anything that is owed when I get my check. I don’t go through near as much with Branch and Albert. They always help me no questions asked and they always get paid back so my credit limit with them is higher than most people. So maybe you could just let up in whatever it is that’s holding me back, first it said because I had a duplicate account so I got that taken care of thinking that it would then give me the advance. Then low and behold I now have 3 other things that popped up. Where were they the first time around, I’m starting to think it’s a sham..Version: 1.30.1

This app is amazing!I find this app a lot easier with keeping track of payments and balance. Being able to talk to Ai is a really cool feature, this app is just a better alternative to my bank app, but doesn’t completely replace it!.Version: 1.30.1

GreatGreat app.Version: 1.30.1

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