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Mr Bullet - Shooting Game App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Mr Bullet - Shooting Game app received 47 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Mr Bullet - Shooting Game? Can you share your negative thoughts about mr bullet - shooting game?

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Mr Bullet - Shooting Game for Negative User Reviews

Good game but addsI play it but there’s to much adds.Version: 5.8

Such a shame!The game itself is actually really fun and very hard to put down. I like the simple art style and some of the puzzles can be quite challenging. The only things letting it down are the never ending stream of adds and the awful banner you will get on EVERY screen if you opt out of the developer selling your private phone data. It’s downright disgusting the fact that they lie by saying it “helps us develop the game”. Anyone not clued up on digital security or children would be fooled by this. I was considering the purchase of No Ads but I’ve been completely put off by the game now down to this. Such a shame!.Version: 2.2

ReviewIt is fun but there are lots of ads and I don’t like it so maybe get less ads please.Version: 5.19

Good but overrun with addsLove this game but with the adds it makes it impossible to play literally so many adds.Version: 2.6

Certain frustrating detailsI enjoy playing this game, it’s a lot of fun and I can’t wait for more levels to be released. The addition of both a grenade, hostage, friendly fire, and etc. type levels make the game not as easy to get bored of. I do have a problem with the missions though. At first, they were simple, and I understand they are supposed to become more difficult with time. This is ridiculous though, I have reached a point where I have a very specific amount of bullets I can use in each of the 5 parts of the mission, but it feels like too many of the levels are based on luck rather than skill. It is frustrating when I’ve almost successfully gotten through a mission, but an angle that was perfect the last time I played the level, now fires the bullet in a completely different direction. In normal levels, I wouldn’t mind as much, because I would simply retry that level, but in mission mode, it’s infuriating because I need to redo all previous levels flawlessly in order to get another chance for a lucky shot. The game is fun, and I’m almost 100% caught up to it, but the missions are just too much with these angle shenanigans..Version: 2.4

Easy but hate the grenadesPretty straight forward and easy with some challenges along the way. Hate the grenade levels. You can’t see where or how hard you’re aiming cause your finger is on it. It was incredibly frustrating. Other than that it’s nice to pass the time.Version: 2.2

Ads ads adsI enjoyed the game but unfortunately it started to get repetitive/easy I passed all the levels and missions to see what I could buy with saving all that money = Not much, you spend it on the vending machine and with all that money I think I got 5 different skins and all the rest repeats.., And the free version has WAAAAAAY to many ads they need to be cut in half, it was pretty much a ad after every mission 😐.Version: 1.8

Great but adsEvery twice an ad pops out so i have to turn off my internet.Version: 1.8

Great game, ads too intrusiveTotally understand that the ad version is inevitable for the free version, but did the ads have to be so intrusive? To have to wait 30 seconds for an ad every time 3 levels are completed (you can finish 3 rounds at the time in around 15 seconds) makes it so you spend more time waiting for the ad to finish than you do actually playing the game. And there’s ALSO ads across the bottom of the screen. I don’t think I’ve seen a game before with such ad overload. If I enjoy a game enough to buy it, but the ads are so intrusive that I have no choice to pay for it, I will purposefully not pay for the game. Paying because you are forced to isn’t a good business model..Version: 2.4

It’s aightIt’s a fun game to play on the crapper.Version: 5.8

Bru the addds thoughTo many addddds just don’t have them you’ll be a much better game.Version: 5.8

Room for improvementPeople can win duels, simply by refusing to take their turn. There is no time limit, so if your opponent goes AFK, or decides to hate-wait you, there is nothing you can do except give up, which means losing your wager. There needs to be a time limit for taking your turn. Duels could also benefit from better level designs. Too many games end in draws, and too many grenade duels are impossible to win because the grenades block each other..Version: 2.4

As said before, too easy.A whole lot of promise but it almost feels like a tech demo for the physics (which are fun to play with). Most of the levels seem set up to show off these physics where you literally can’t lose. Example: A box of tnt is near your target NPC, with a button nearby. Shoot the button, tnt kills NPC, level complete. I assumed these sections were tutorials but when 20 more of these “you can’t lose” levels pop up, you realise that’s the actual challenge. You complete the levels so fast it ends up taking more time to skip the ads than you play. Less is more in this regard. There’s hundreds of levels but they’re mostly over in the first bullet and you rinse and repeat. Less content with actual puzzles would be a million times better..Version: 1.12

Could be more difficultAs I read some of the reviews I feel the same. The game lacks currently any level of difficulty. I could have easily finished in a single day but due to life took 3 days to finish all levels including hostage, Grenada, and mission. I was hoping that at some point it would become challenging but sadly it didn’t. I know it must be difficult to create games such as these. I will happily say no glitches or app shutting down randomly. I believe this game can be better I would probably recommend that a forge mode be created where people can summit possible level ideas as long as they’re able to be completed. I think that would bring a lot of ideas to the game and could help the developers make the game amazing..Version: 1.10

This game is so badToo many adds it’s so annoying.Version: 5.8

Gold diggersNot a bad game but it's ruined by the greed of the developers. The levels take maybe 10-15 seconds to complete and after every three you are forced to watch an advertisement. Of course nobody is in this industry for free but when it's being forcefully demanded from you so badly it makes you do the opposite because nobody likes a greedy piggy. This is further drove home by the fact that opting out of having your data mined presents numerous notifications of how your actions are essentially damaging the app and you should change your mind and let them mine your data. Overall, a very unscrupulous and shady developer. Not only have I deleted the game; I've taken note of the developers and will never download another thing they have had their hands near..Version: 2.6

A lot of room for improvementThe premise of the game is simple enough: shoot all of the bad guys. Once you get to the later stages, the game starts throwing a few more challenging levels at you. There is also a few alternative game modes for a variety of challenges. Unfortunately, that’s where the good part stops. Although there is a decent number of puzzles, 95% of them will likely be cleared in your first attempt (often with a perfect score) meaning that there is very little challenge in the game. There are problems with the daily reward the game offers (most times it will not give you any reward at all) meaning you will miss out on some of the mini games that are only available as a reward). The game offers to remove the ads for a payment, but for a game which will last most players a couple weeks at most, $4.49 is asking way too much for the service (just play the game on airplane mode, you’ll be fine). Many of the offers for in-game rewards are similarly overpriced. Implementing a “daily challenge” featuring random puzzles would be a nice addition to the game as well, as it would give a reason to continue playing. The premise of the game itself is enjoyable, but it needs to improve itself if it wants to keep the players happy..Version: 1.12

Just too easyThis game looked similar to Hambo which was one of the best puzzle games on iOS Unfortunately it didn’t live up to expectation with different modes for different weapons not a challenging using multiple weapons to complete the level, the different modes are essentially the same level with a different weapon which seems lazy. All that could be forgiven if the levels weren’t so easy, there is absolutely no challenge involved each level is complete in a matter of seconds and some are easier to achieve 3 stars than fail, I think the concept is there it just needs to be more challenging..Version: 1.5

A good, even great, game, but...This is a great game, although there are 2 things about it that I HATE. The one I hate the most, though, is this: in the ads for the game, it shows that Mr. Bullet can shoot himself. But when I downloaded the game, this was not part of it, which was very disappointing. Also, another thing I really dislike is that when it shows a pop-up that tells you that you unlocked a new game mode, you can’t click on the pop up to go to that mode. So, although it OVERALL is a good game, these are the discrete details that make it muchh worse. Oh, and one more thing; many people are complaining about too many ads. This is not a problem for me. By ignoring most pop-ups, I only watch an ad every 3 levels, sometimes every 2. Although I have these problems with most other games, I think this one has a reasonably modest ad level..Version: 4.6

BugThe recent update create bug. It needs fixation.Version: 3.1

Needs more difficultyI’ve been playing this game for about a week now, and have already got to a point where I only play it to have something to do, not because I want to. I feel like the difficulty level is far below what would make the game actually fun to continue playing. It seems like each level, no matter how far you progress, is just simply aiming at a very easy or obvious target, most of the time which is directly in front of you. Also, the ads are horrendous, and I feel like like y’all are losing out on potential purchases by offering the ad free version for 5.99 a month. I’m not going to pay that for a silly game I use to kill time, however, I would pay perhaps a dollar or two a month or even 5.99 permanently for a one time payment. For example, I have Apple Music, and because I’m a student, my Apple Music subscription is cheaper than this game is a month..Version: 2.7

GoodI think this game is pretty good and it’s a great way to pass the time, but my one compliant is how many ads there are! Like after every three levels you have to watch a ad ( and the levels take about under 10 seconds)! Another complaint I have is that some of the levels are completely based on luck, like you have to shoot the bullet exactly right or it doesn’t work, and some times it doesn’t work anyway! But other than that I really like this game and I would recommend it to a friend!.Version: 4.7

Better than I thoughtWhen I saw the ads for this game I thought “ugh that looks like it has potential but I can only imagine how disappointing it will be” then months later my best friend recommended it and I’ve been hooked. I haven’t even had the game 24 hours and I beat hostage mode and am quickly working through the classic mode. It does make me wonder how quickly I might beat the remaining modes. I gave it 3 stars because I can’t deny how much I enjoy the game BUT it does bother me how I have to pay for a character that has my skin color. There is one female character (that’s free) and one person of color that cost. If a wider variety of skin colors were free through daily prizes It’ll be much more inclusive. Of course with more variety through payment which is understandable, but if we’re representing one race that’s automatically free there should be a bit more free variety too..Version: 2.6

Only 2 StarsThe game itself is very fun and enjoyable, that’s why I am giving this game 2 stars instead of just the one. My 2 main concerns for this game are the ads and the skin earning system. The ads are ridiculous! Lose a game, watch an ad, win a game, watch an ad, complete a level perfectly on the first try? WATCH AN AD. Honestly though my main problem with this game are the skins. I have now completed all available Hostages and Grenade levels and am about halfway through the main classic levels. I’ve earned a very high amount of money by playing all of these levels. What do I have to show for it? 5 available skins. If you have unlocked a skin, it DOES NOT remove that skin from the lottery that you buy skins from. I have put way too much time and effort into this game to have 5 skins. This is stupid and just a long way around for you to spend more money. I truly hope this review does not get lost in the ether that is this app store.Version: 1.12

Let down by advertisingThis game is brilliant. I really enjoy playing. But the sheer amount of full length adverts that you are mostly unable to skip and often force you onto the App Store before you close them makes this game so frustrating to play. So frustrating in fact that I don’t anymore. It’s a shame that such a good game can be let down by this. A lot of games have more subtle advertising. Yes, you could argue that I could purchase “no ads version” but that takes away from the free to play joys of mobile games. Sincerely let down..Version: 2.5

CHANGING MY REVIEW to HORRIBLEThese developers must be crazy to think people will pay $6 a month to stop the ads. The game is not NEARLY that much fun. Had they charged me $5.99 upfront to pay for this game, I would have paid it happily. I believe developers have the right to be paid for their work, but they must be reasonable. I’m SO tired of having to constantly close the game and reopen it so I’m not subjected to the incessant ads and I will NEVER, EVER sit through ads. You will probably find the occasional idiot who will pay you $6 a month, but not very many and certainly NOT ME. You should have charged a fee upfront and then been done with it. I just deleted the game. P.S.: To Poconogal, do you REALLY think you are getting something over on these developers by installing the games they advertise and then deleting them? How stupid can you be! All they want is for you to watch the ad. Installing the games advertised is icing on the cake for them. They don’t care if you play the games they advertise. And they certainly don’t care if you delete them. Use a little common sense!.Version: 3.7

Good Game, Obnoxious CompanyThe game itself is enjoyable, but very easy. Satisfaction when you can beat the stage in the amount of bullets required for 3 stars. The game itself is fine. The company, however, is greedy. I purchased the ad free version because you get an ad every two levels if you don’t purchase it. A few days later I was asked to give analytics and feedback and also allow them to use my information to share ads. I clicked no, they gave me a warning somewhere along the lines of “if you do not allow us to do this you are making our game harder to develop”. I clicked “I understand” and played another few rounds. About two rounds in, I get a banner at the top of my screen essentially shaming me for not sharing info and analytics. It takes up a good portion of the top. The top where ads usually are. And it only goes away if I allow them to use my data. This game is fun but this company is greedy and manipulative in many ways..Version: 2.2

PotentialFun play, needs difficulty increased as early levels are simple to the point of boredom. Unfortunately after a dozen levels it became quite bug ridden. I had multiple freezes and restarts. I deleted it due to this. Insane amount of ads. Free purchase so ads expected but it was OTT..Version: 2.3

It kept crashingAfter not playing this game for a while, I decided to go back onto it to play it a bit. When I opened the app, it would wait around two seconds before it would crash. This would happen every time I tried to open the app. I had a decent bit of progress and I wanted to play some new stuff. I decided to delete the app and then reinstall it so I could actually play it but it deleted all of my progress. I even tried pressing the “restore purchases” button, even though I haven’t spent any money on the game, but it didn’t work. Furthermore, all of the game modes that aren’t the basic levels are locked behind an amount of stars that need to be obtained and I didn’t want to grind the stars again..Version: 3.1

The game is fun, waaaaay too many ads thoughLike I said the game at self is fun but they’re just way too many ads for one to actually enjoy the game and get into the spirit of it. For example after every for five or six scenes or rounds and ad pops up. So because there are so many ads I actually uninstall the game because I just got sick and tired of it. I understand that your pay in nothing for the game at self so you have to be exposed adds to adjust revenue, but there has to be a better way there just has to be..Version: 2.5

It’s ok but………I think it’s a great game! It’s sound affects are super funny and every time it goes OOF! The sad thing is they could improve it with the levels on the normal one being harder as you go. Last time I played it I kept grunting “too, easy way to easy”. Second thing I don’t like is not when I’m playing that game the other games have ads for Mr bullet EVERYTIME!!! 😡 my sister said “ if you hate it so much we’ll why are you still playing it?” The reason is it relives my blood pressure and my stress levels. Over all it’s great!! ✌️✌️✌️👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😜😜😜.Version: 2.6

WowNever in my life have I written a review for an app, but for this app I thought it is definitely necessary to say something. I feel like apologising to the people who’s wifi I used to download this app. An absolute waste of time and absolutely no thought put into its development. Not only do I feel like I’ve wasted 10 minutes of my life playing it, but I feel 10x dumber. I always give things a go, but after 10 minutes, I felt like breaking my phone instead of deleting this absolutely pointless game. 10/10 do not download. I’d ask for a refund of my time if it was possible. Writing this was worth more of my time than playing that game. May be the worst app in the App Store. I also rated it one star because I don’t think it would allow me to not click a star..Version: 2.5

ADS ADS ADS!!This isn’t too bad a game. A few challenges here and there but generally fairly easy. And that’s the problem. When you can finish a level in 5 seconds but then have to sit through 30 seconds of adverts it’s not right. And that’s not just between levels. Earned a reward for completing a level? Watch an ad. Wanna retry a level? Watch an ad. Finished a level? Watch an ad. You get the picture. 80% of your time will be watching ads. It will drive you slowly mad if you haven’t already deleted the game first..Version: 5.22

It’s good but...There need to make new guns.Version: 5.8

Good game but ads and greed have made it unplayable.Easy to pick up and have a bit of fun with, good concept and well executed. Unfortunately you are forced to watch an advert every couple of games which gets boring very quickly especially since it tends to be the same one or two ads on repeat. I liked the game so looked at how to remove them expecting a £0.99 or £1.99 fee (the normal amount for a game) but was shocked to see they wanted £5.49 a month! I MIGHT pay a one off £5.49 but a subscription for it? Not a chance, I pay less for my broadband and landline! Uninstalled, I’m not supporting companies that are driven by pure greed..Version: 2.9

Cash Grab / Fun for 5 minutesThe game starts out looking like it will be addicting, and it is for about 50 levels. The problem is there is no challenge. I’m probably 100 levels in and I still feel like it’s trying to teach me how to play. You would think after 7 chapters you’d find a level where you have to stop and think or a level where you have to attempt a few tries to get it right. Nope.. shoot this guy then shoot that guy. Then you start to realize why. The more easy levels there are the more you can get through, the more ads they can give you. So they put as many levels as they can in the game, and as easy as possible so you can continue to fly through them so they can keep giving you ads. Boring game by then, would have made more revenue from me if you kept a challenge..Version: 2.6

Not interesting, definitely not a “puzzle” game.The game is clearly well made, however it seems not a lot of thought was put into the levels. I sped through a good few and unlocked a bunch of minigames and game modes, each time I thought “Is this where it gets interesting?”, a lot of the levels are set up in such a way where, like other people said, you can’t lose unless you try. It’s fairly obvious most of the time where you have to shoot to get the effect you want, in some levels there is literally only one place to shoot as everything else is solid wall. There was one level, and I really can’t remember it now, but it did make me think for a bit how and where to shoot the bullets, which got me quite excited for the next level - which was back to the same boring instant wins. Sadly, even the other game modes are the same. Especially the one where you can’t shoot the hostage - I thought “certainly *this* is where it gets interesting”, but no, three levels in a row the hostages were shorter than the target so you just shot the target in the head. There’s either a lack of imagination or lack of caring on the dev’s part as far as the levels go. I think it’s a stretch to call this a puzzle game, as it doesn’t seem to want to challenge you at all. I can see the potential here. I just think it needs more challenge..Version: 5.5

MAKE IT HARDERI love playing this game it the problem is that this game is too easy. I installed this game,completed the first 6 levels in 12 sec and got to level 38 in 96 sec. Please make this harder so it takes much longer to beat levels. If you are currently reading this review please ask the creator to make this game harder. Another issue is that it’s slightly glitchy which is making it hard to concentrate. There are also too many ads to handle. Thank you for reading my longest review ever..Version: 1.12

Fun but also ad-encrustedVery addictive game, loads of fun and also stress-relieving. But it’s filled with ads, you get an ad every 4 levels and one of them (Football Kick) you don’t get the option to skip, so you have to basically shut down the app and relaunch because there is no way to bypass the ad screen. Also, the whiny banner at the top berating me about “not sharing my data and hindering the game” blah blah, is just obnoxious and annoying. A great game but hindered by some dense advertising practices. Would be decent if you could just have the ads on the bottom banner and nothing more, but this is the modern age where you have to be forced rubbish down your throat on a constant basis I guess. Pretty sickening, and spoils a decent game..Version: 1.12

The problem with all mobile gamesThis game suffers from the same issues just about every mobile game nowadays does. Ads. It is so difficult to enjoy time playing any mobile game when you have an ad shoved in your face every few minutes. Sure, you have the option to pay for some type of “membership” or “club” that gets rid of them, but every developer knows that the vast majority of people won’t do that. They know that if someone enjoys the gameplay loop enough, they’ll tough it out and sit through a 15-30 second ad and wait for the little X to pop up so they can get back to their game. They make far more money from these types of players than the ones who buy into their monetization model of offering the choice to do away with them entirely. I understand why they do it, but it would be nice to come across a game that didn’t operate this way..Version: 3.6

Need more levelsReally like this game, it’s great fun but it needs more levels. Didn’t take long to get through them cos it’s so addictive..Version: 2.4

Good but boringToday I downloaded this game and it’s nothing like the advert after you kill someone on the game there is no witness but the game is good it is really hard and sometimes glitchy so I think it should have some process if this game gets worst I will delete it hopefully you understand I’m not saying that the game is awful I’m just saying just a few tweaks and your good to go that’s why I’m giving it a 3 star rating but I’m sure over the years I will change it to 5 stars because I know the game will get better good job on making this game thank you..Version: 5.8

Far too many AdsI don't mind ads in a free game, and I don't mind paying to remove ads either. App developers need to make money, but this game is ridiculous. There is an ad break every 3 rounds. None of the levels are particularly challenging, it'll take no more than a few seconds to figure it out. So this means there is an ad every 15-30 seconds when you're just trying to play through the game. This is when I considered paying to remove the ads, however it would've costed me $6 bucks a month. $6.00 is already a steep price for any phone app, but every single month? Maybe if the game was better I would've considered it. The actually gameplay is fine. It's as advertised, a simple puzzle shooting game. However it is ridiculously easy. It's a fun app to kill time, but this is definitely not a worthwhile puzzle game. I played through roughly 30 levels to see if the game got anymore challenging, but it didn't. Overall, it's a simple game that's good for wasting time, but it's not nearly worth the amount of ads you're forced to watch nor is it worth the monthly payment the developer is asking for. Side note: Why do so many of the 5 star reviews look fake?.Version: 2.6

Boring!Far too many ads. You play 3 levels then have to watch a 30sec ad. It takes about 15sec to play 3 levels so you spend more time watching ads than playing the game. As for the game, it’s not challenging at all. It’s a very simple concept and it’s pretty much impossible to fail a level or not get a perfect score. Which means my level of interest diminished very quickly. I deleted the app after playing for about 15min as I felt it was a waste of time. I’d contemplate paying to remove ads if the game itself was more interesting but it failed..Version: 2.4

Awesome game but too costlyFantastic game. Various game types. Tons of content (gameplay and cosmetic). Thoughtful level design. Challenging at times but no unfair. Impressive, cohesive interface. Tons of replay value. Top tier work by developers! The big problem is the price. $5.99 monthly “VIP” subscription fee. It gives one access to exclusive “VIP” levels, some cosmetic stuff for your gun and advertisements are removed. The VIP levels and skins, meh. Don’t add all that much. There are plenty of In App Purchases if skins are your thing. There are many ads in the game. Removing them is big time necessary if you enjoy the game and you need the VIP subscription to do that. Disappointing and disheartening that a publisher wants to charge $5.99 every month to disable ads. That’s too much money and sadly leaves an unsavoriness that will have some users walking away from a truly worthwhile game..Version: 4.8

Obnoxious levels of advertising constantly stop you playing the gameI downloaded this after (ironically) seeing the add for it. It seems fun, but the ads are EVERYWHERE. Constantly at the bottom of the screen, if you click “retry” you get one, if you go to the next level you might get one... yes, there is an option to pay to remove ads, but the level of advertising in this game is so insultingly high I couldn’t actually figure out if I enjoyed it enough to pay for it. I literally spent more time watching ads than I did playing the game..Version: 2.4

Very Entertaining but Way Too Many AdsPlaying the free version and I really like the variety of game modes and the game itself is hilarious! The animations are great and the physics work really well. Only point for improvement there is that it might be fun if the bodies were more destructible (blown to pieces with the TNT or smashed flat under heavy objects). Way too many ads though, 2-3 very quick rounds and then you have to sit through another ad. Makes the game much less enjoyable. I’d consider paying for an ad-free version except that it is subscription based and priced at way more than its worth in my opinion. Paying $5.99 (plus extra for in game perks like weapons or game modes) one time might be fair. Paying $5.99/month for as long as you want an ad free game is really not a good value..Version: 4.2

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