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Koala Sampler for Positive User Reviews

PerfectSimple to use. Great UI. Everything you need to create on the go. Just start the application and play. It is fun. Everything (almost) has been cleverly designed. Congrats!.Version: 1.370

Goated Beat Making ToolI’ve been using Koala sampler for about 4 months or so and had quickly become my main tool for making beats and writing songs. Combined with my MC-101 and Novation Circuit and few samples, I can put together a sets worth material to perform in a matter of an hour. Even without those two extra machines, I’m not exaggerating when I say that Koala has pulled me out of a months long music rut that left me unmotivated and uninspired to create… Can’t wait to see how this app evolves in the future! (All if at any point and mute feature could be added that would be amazing ;)).Version: 1.4048

PowerfulI love this app it has given me so much for so little. I have to be honest I sold some of my gear cuz money was low. I had to pay bills and it hurt me to sell them but I had to but I am happy that because of this app I am still able to make beats which is something that truly makes me happy to spend some time to craft something I enjoy doing so. Much love to the developers you guys are awesome love the new updates. I’ve shown some people some stuff Ivemade and they shocked when I tell em it was made on my iPhone using only this app..Version: 1.4053

For lo-fi headsI love this app. It’s like a nod to the SP-303 and PO-33 and I’m a big fan of both. It almost checks off all my wishes I had for a portable sampler. The workflow is smooth making it easy to use and bang out ideas quickly. I picked up an iRig 2 that works perfectly for sampling from any line out and it takes this app to the next level. It even has a 3.5 mm headphone jack that allows you to monitor your sample source and the Koala app while it’s plugged in. I feel like I underpaid for this app and I would gladly pay for extra features like a one shot option for samples, sample load and a simple step sequencer, but that doesn’t take away from how dope this app already is. I’d also like to see the ability to load tracks into the performance section to be able to do 303 style beat sets. Looking forward to future updates to this slick app. Edit: I’d like to see an update that allows copying a pattern or sample between one page/bank to the next. Edit 2: I figured out how to move patterns from page to page. Sorry..Version: 1.18

Perfection.All the effects have given me a reason to not buy an SP404 or PO33 for large quantities of money, the sampler is brilliant, sequencer is amazing with a bit of auto-quantisation, what’s there not to love. Definitely worth the price..Version: 1.370

InnovativeSo much fun.Version: 1.4018

Hands down one of the best samplersKoala is amazing. Exactly what I’ve been looking for. Ease of use, editing of individual samples in seconds,effects. I was making music within minutes after watching one tutorial. Played for hours. Can’t wait to get home and write some more. Only negative is when you hold a sample for continuous play , if your finger moves slight to the side the trash can comes up. I haven’t accidentally thrown anything away while playing yet but that could be scary in a live situation lol besides that it’s amazing. Easily better than most outboard samplers.Version: 1.4038

Outstanding!It’s like having a sp-404 in your pocket. The UI is such that when you go to do something, it is done in a way that comes naturally without having to think about it, such press for duration of record and drag and drop to duplicate. The features and limitations are in perfect balance to foster creativity whether quickly getting ideas down or doing something more sculpted and spending a little time making. Dev seems responsive and involved. One of my most used music apps as of late, def recommend especially for the price..Version: 1.29

Do you want to have fun?This is a great app for professionals and beginners alike. The interface is super easy to use and the tools are very robust. The cost of the app is nothing compared to the amazing things you can make with this app. And even if you are like me and don’t know how to make music you can at least make something that will give you a smile. The Developer continues to put his heart and soul into this product and that is worth so much! Plus you can join a great community of other people using this app..Version: 1.4046

Updated reviewI wrote a 3-star review a while ago complaining about sessions lost through crashes and a few features which seemed to be seriously needed. In the time since there have been a handful of updates which have solved virtually every problem I have had with koala, it is a really exceptional app and the developers couldn’t be doing a better job in updating and improving it over time. I would like to see a way to record external apps directly into koala and a way to effect audio using external effects eventually, but almost everything I want from a sampler is here already. For the money you really can’t do better..Version: 1.4039

So so good.Wish I could buy it twice, it’s such a wonderful musical sampler. Easily the best one on iOS. Just buy it!.Version: 1.350

WonderfulI had to sell my my beloved sp404sx a few years ago because I was beyond dead broke and still miss it to this day. Koala actually brings the same advantages and improvements over the Sp series for a fraction of the price.It might be all that I need plus an iOS interface!.Version: 1.350

This is a giftBlown away. I got the iPad pro and paid for Beatmaker 3, Cubasis, Blocs wave… all looking for the perfect iPad music experience spending nearly $70…. And the whole time the answer was in a $5 app (+$4 for a totally worth it feature) The tutorials given by the developer Marek and I can he really is passionate and wants this to be an easy lite yet essential instrument mixing in old school to the new tech. There’s a lot of easy features to dive into and you can really take this thing far. Sort of like Pocket Operator but 10x better. I’m saying this only after 10 hours of purchasing this. Already made some inspiring stuff. Would love to share my projects. Cheers!.Version: 1.4046

So creative and intuitive!Very user friendly & well designed. Excellent features. Would love to see a loop sustain mode in a future update (playhead separate to loop brace with loop ping pong movement).Version: 1.4022

Oustanding SamplerFun, easy to use and fun to use. Did I say fun to use?.Version: 1.374

Killer Sampler!!Thanks for all your hard work!.Version: 1.4053

You won’t regret buying this appIt’s the best sampler for phone/iPad on the market & it changed how I make music for the better.Version: 1.4001

This app is an absolute game changer.I found out about Koala pretty much as soon as it came out. I have never thought that an iOS app can replace a real sampler and koala proved me wrong. I was a slave to a computer with a lot of expensive hardware hooked up to it when all i needed was a good pair of headphones and the iPad or even my phone. I’ve sold my sp404 not long after I started using koala simply because I’ve never even used it anymore. Now with the new time stretching and autochop features i hardly ever use anything else to make beats. The fact that Koala comes with the key for ableton live lite is a an another to buy it. If you’re reading reviews to see if this app is worth it, don’t hesitate and just buy it. It is totally worth it..Version: 1.4018

Brilliant, Brilliant App!It really is a brilliant app for creating beats on the go. If you’re in any doubt about how good Koala is, go to YouTube and watch some videos of people using it. I have but three wishes: 1. A song mode so I can sequence my scenes. Or the ability to re-order my scenes (apologies if this is already possible, I haven’t worked out how). 2. iCloud syncing, so I can easily switch between my phone, my iPad and back again, without having to constantly airdrop my projects and delete older versions. 3. The option to switch the effects on or off per pad; maybe selectable from the sample edit screen, in the tools drop down menu? Anyway, these would be luxuries to what is already a stupendously brilliant app. And it’s a bargain for the asking price. The developer could charge a lot more..Version: 1.4053

So great.Delete all your other apps. This is the time killer you’ve been waiting for..Version: 1.370

My favorite music making App hands down!Koala is so good for me because of two factors, being fun and being simple. I was hesitant and first to buy this app because over the years I have collected a large amount of computer software, instruments, and hardware samplers to make beats with. So for me I was like “why would I need this? I already have everything!” But my favorite beat maker posted a video using it so I gave it a try and wow. I loved it. koala was designed to be intuitive and easy to use but still very powerful. In a age of complicated, extremely powerful beat making computer programs and Phone apps. A lot of my time is spent just tweaking on small details to make my song “perfect” which takes away from the natural fun flow of making music. Koala gives that back to me. Is it worth the few $$$? Yes. I have music hardware that costs $1200 dollars and this app is more fun and easy to use. I love it!.Version: 1.360

Love this appThis is such a powerful app. Would recommend this to anyone..Version: 1.370

So much funSo I paid like $5.50 for an app. And now all I do is sit around sampling our cat and dog and wife and remix them into songs and it’s great..Version: 1.370

Marek Bereza, thanks. Awesome is the only world can discribe your appThe possibility are infinit. Im totaly no voice about how much your app is fantastic. The power of creation can be totaly develop and use as is maximum with Koala app. Marek Bereza is the second Genius in all this generation right after Steve Jobs. We all superstar now with this kind of app. You are Great keep goong Bento.Version: 1.374

I am so amazed by AUv3 rn.Koala always felt like this amazing tool that just didn’t fit into my workflow since it was its own isolated ecosystem (I hate working with Interapp). Now it’s just AMAZING. A total beast. One thing I certainly DO wish: please figure out a way of doing midi out of the sequence - I spent hours last night trying to get that but it seems it’s not doable at the moment. I find koala to be an amazing “brains” to my operation, therefore sometimes the sampling is nice but ultimately just something I use while on the go and then select better sounds when I have some time. Ultimately, it is so well laid out that it is super streamlined for song production (regardless of the AMAZING sampler). I understand that 64 midi channels are a lot, but maybe a compromise can be made? I would prefer that to simply not being able to send midi at all. PS: i am very new to the app so perhaps I’m wrong but it also seems that Koala AUv3 struggles with time signatures that aren’t 4/4, unless I am getting it all wrong. Tried 3/4 on AUM and changed Koala’s settings but the sequencer was acting up all crazy..Version: 1.4043

Pretty close to perfect but a few suggestionsI would love to be able to use a 16 pad MIDI controller and switch through the 4 banks in Koala and have the 16 pads trigger the 16 new samples in whatever bank I’m in. Instead it only plays the first 16 sample in the 1st bank because Koala’s MIDI info is mapped to notes only I believe. I think the only way to use a midi controller properly is to use a 64 pad controller which I don’t want to use. I would also love for each pad to light up when you trigger it and for the samples that are loops the pad should stay lit up until the loop is stopped And it would be very cool to adjust the volume on each sample with MIDI knobs. I like to fade samples in and out simultaneously.Version: 1.4034

A fresh approach that brings creative freedom.Very impressed with this after a few months of usage. It integrates well with DAWS such as Cubase iOS. But standalone is my favourite mode. Very elegant interface, it’s so easy to get started and it offers a lot of depth when you’re willing to explore. Professional quality results, and of course most importantly it’s fun to use. I recommend this to anybody who wants to work with samples and loops, and wants to use an interface made for touch screen, rather than a sampler app emulating a physical sampler e.g MPC..Version: 1.4053

There is a bad bugSince the last update there has been a bug that has the pad midi note all over the place on the auv3 version, because before the pads used to start from c3 o c4 well on a the c note and from there going up each keys in oder when playing the virtual keyboard on nanostudio 2 but since the update the pads midi codes are all over the place which i can really use koala in NS2 or even any other daw because i can play it correctly or fluently because now the they maybe 2 or 3 note in order like for example the first 3 pads maybe on c3 , c#3 , d3 and 4th pad note maybe on G4 or b1 and the 5th note maybe somewhere else, so how im supposed to play fluently on the daw keyboard of my iphone ? everything was perfectly find before the last update i thought this update was going to fix that issue but it didn’t… i got an iphone xs max with ios 14.8 and im a very active koala user in NS2.Version: 1.4053

Great app, very fun, wish it had AUV3Really fun and well designed. My favorite ios sampler. It has lots of functionality, but it's hard to get all the way to complete sounding tracks. I've found it best for coming up with loops that I turn into full tracks in other apps or software. My main wishlist feature would be AUV3 support, so it played nicer with others. Also, please add individual track exporting for Ableton. It's a letdown that you only get all of the pads together, rather than each pad as a separate loop..Version: 1.370

Great App - Worth the small costVery enjoyable app, especially when incorporating midi controller. Young relatives (8 and under) are all fascinated when they hear themselves when pushing a button. Was experiencing issues but developed responded and made suggestions to resolve..Version: 1.4034

TightAs a dev, I can tell how good the code under the hood of this app is. Major kudos. Beyond the quality, this is simply an app that is wildly capable and brings joy to people from beginner to advanced. In fact, if you’ve never used a sampler in your life, get this app, love this app..Version: 1.374

This app is almost perfect.I’m used to making beats on a computer in various DAWs and also Sp404sx and OP1 in the past. This app was so easy to figure out, the ease of use is instant, the only diving you have to is loading samples. Compared to other more expensive apps for beatmaking, this is like breathing oxygen . You can load samples , sample external (tunes, keyboards, guitar etc) and resemble . You can continue listening to while sampling in , so in theory you can lay in sync parts to fit your tracks. The sequencer is the most fluid ive experienced all across the board in all my experience in making beats (I’m using iPad mini 2019) . Only thing I think could improve upon this excelllent app , would be to maybe be able to record audio channels seperate but inline with the sequencer. And maybe being able to use the DJ FX on top of sampling in signal . Thank you for this great piece of gadgetry.Version: 1.374

This is it.This is the one. Pretty much everything that an SP 303/404, with some major quality of life improvements. I would even argue that this app singlehandedly outclasses them. Super easy to pick up, fun to use and really brings the joy of beat making to the forefront. Don’t sleep on this..Version: 1.374

Unbelieve appWhen they make documentaries about iOS production changing music forever in 10/20 years time the first image of an iPad and a music app will be Koala Sampler..Version: 1.4046

Koala SamplerTruly Amazing!! Looking Forward to Many updates ❤️.Version: 1.370

A winnerGreat great app. Period. One thing really bothers me. If you buy an app and you like it a lot, it's cool to communicate that to others by rating it. If an update has bugs, you DONT RATE IT AGAIN WITH A BAD RATING TO THREATEN THE DEVELOPER. You email the guy or girl to let him know. You know the app is good so why screw up the apps sales because of a bug that will get fixed. Ratings are not there to communicate with the developer. The thing that really shows that the people who do that do not care about anyone but themselves, is that they never change their bad rating. So the promise of hanging thé rating if the bug is fixed is never honoured. Koala is fantastic. Every app has bugs sometimes. If every time a bug appeared everyone would give a bad rating, every app would have lousy ratings. Most people realize this so it's not a big problem. It's only bad when one if those ignorant people buy a great app..Version: 1.4018

Almost perfectThis app is a lot of fun. The workflow is smooth and lets you knock out ideas very quickly. It brilliantly provides a set of simple building blocks that can be combined in complex ways. The resampling feature is a perfect example. It keeps the interface simple while still allowing you to build complex samples. I also like the it separates the UI into three different workflow stages: sampling, sequencing, and performing. I have one issue with the app. In performance mode, there’s no way to make it finish a sequence before starting the next sequence. You can easily create a new sequence that combines the two, but you can not do this dynamically in real time. This feature is purposefully left out of the app because the developer thinks that it would limit creative expression. If you have a processing disorder that makes it difficult to do too many things at once, you might have trouble enjoying performance mode. It can be difficult to manage effects while also trying to perfectly time your sequence transitions. If you use Bluetooth headphones like AirPods you may also have trouble timing the sequences to play the way you want. If you have a sequence that has a note at the very end that you don’t want to play accidentally, good luck. This is easily a 5 star app with that feature. Without it, I don’t really enjoy performance mode as much as I could. I understand the value of instant transitions, but it could use a toggle..Version: 1.4046

Seriously fun !!!This app transforms your iPad into a very fun and seriously potential sampler machine. Specially if you have the ipad pro and the luxury of stereo speakers damnn i dont even need much these days. please keep updating this app! Thankyou dev we love this sampler so much!!.Version: 1.374

More than just a samplerThis is by far the most instantly gratifying, inspirational music making app I have purchased. Not only is it a sampler, with a fast intuitive way of working, it is also a great way to quickly structure a track. I have so many pieces on the go that are constantly evolving. With a few tweaks here and there over time this will be absolutely perfect. For instance, The piano roll is a bit fiddly to use without adding unwanted notes, or there could be a way of pre-programming sequences for a full song rather than triggering them in real time to record, which in my case, always ends with me not cueing at exactly the right moment. Otherwise and exceptional creative tool..Version: 1.4025

So good.Extremely well thought out, fun. Get samurai mode! It’s worth it.Version: 1.4034

Best sampler app aroundSuper good. Brilliantly simple, great workflow, ultra fast. Amazing export options too. I now use it as one of my main creative tools in writing process. Every time I use it a good idea comes out, without fail. Kick started so many tracks with it..Version: 1.4043

RevolutionaryFrom day one of Koala Sampler’s conception, till now.... it just keeps getting better and better and better, genius interface design and seemless navigation . It’s always a pleasure to use this app . This KOALA SAMPLER is a movement in itself 🥷🏿.Version: 1.4043

Please add vinyl crackle!This is awesome, to make it supreme, please add vinyl crackle and individual fx to samples. I love how this app just keeps getting better!! A must have!.Version: 1.3795

My go to for sketching ideasKoala is hands down the best iOS sampler. I’ll usually sketch it out on koala then reproduce what I did with my outboard gear. It’s so intuitive that sometimes it even comes out better on the app than it does with thousands of dollars of real gear. Love this app. Especially when used in AUM and other music apps. The dev is brilliant and has continually showed he’s fully invested in this app and will only keep getting better. Thanks Marek. Hit a home run with this simple but powerful app..Version: 1.4046

Very cool!1- Time-stretch! 2- Recycle- ish transient detection/slicing! 3- More sequencer editing options And I’d give this 6 stars! I’m really digging it!.Version: 1.374

BrilliantI’m just starting to play with this app but as a long time producer with many hardware & s/w tools I am already really amazed at the quality of this little chap. Perfect combo of intelligent featureset & fantastic workflow-it’s easy to achieve great results right off the bat - both by design & also because it’s so much fun tinkering - happy accidents just appear. Five twinkling Stars from me 👍🤩.Version: 1.4043

Great, could be the greatestI love this app. A couple of suggestions for the devs: - when recording onto a new slot, it would be better if the interaction was a toggle rather than hold. One tap onto the slot to record, second tap (anywhere on the screen) to stop recording. This way users have both hands free while recording. - when trimming the samples, it would be great to have pinch to zoom functionality. - when trimming the samples, it would be great to have fade in and fade out options - since we can already resample from the app, it would be awesome to be able to add the mic fx onto already recorded samples in order to resample them with the fx - it would be amazing to have a simple sequencer with grid resolution Keep up the great work, this is one of my favourite music apps.Version: 1.18

Massive value and heaps of fun!This is incredible for on the go beat making and generating ideas! Love it! An idea for future update: I think it would be amazing if you could some how important straight from the splice app on your phone!.Version: 1.4038

Big Bang for The BucksA five dollar sampler/sequencer app that can compete with the big boys? Yes. It’s real! I first discovered this app on Instagram with someone using this with the Beatbox midi controller. I immediately hit the App Store, and there it is! For $5!!!🤯🤯🤯 I have the Beatbox, but it’s also dope by itself. I was having creative issues with creating on my MPC One and this allowed me to get out ideas while I’m working the learning curve with the MPC One. I’ve banged out about 10 songs so far with my busy schedule. It’s great to get an idea down when you can’t lug the MPC One around everywhere you go. You can even sample from video using your iPad screen record feature and Koala allows you to import the sound and chop it all up! On your iPad, iPod, or iPhone, beatmakers/producers, get a Koala on it and you’ll be glad you did! Brought to by the good people at Strange Soundz Radio….Version: 1.4043

Best iOS Music App EverThis is a better MPC than the official MPC mobile app and way less expensive. It’s very simplistic on the surface, but deeper than Atlantis when you tap into its full power. Actively developed too, this guy Marek is constantly adding new features. There is only one IAP beyond the original purchase price and it’s TOTALLY WORTH IT. Don’t think twice about buying, I would’ve paid $50 for this sucker if I knew what it could do. I love it so much that this is actually the first time I bothered to write a review for anything in the App Store lol..Version: 1.4046

AmazingBest ever fun music making.Version: 1.4038

This app is moneyLove how simple and straight forward this app is I sold my po pocket ko cuz this workflow is so much nicer Wish it had a bit more live juggles in the preform sector Maybe like like the flytape or maybe allow a plug-in to join I would pay for more features Thanks GOONKNOX.Version: 1.374

MIDI export?First off thank you!! The app is amazing especially with the new samurai mode. Best beat making app hands down with the addition of midi editing. When moving a group of midi notes while zoomed out the app constantly thinks I want to edit note length which can be frustrating. It’d be amazing if you could limit the ability to edit the note length when zoomed (like long press on the selection of notes locks there length 🤷‍♂️). But more importantly...midi export?! :) Thank you again for your work!.Version: 1.4025

Crazy Game Changer!!!This app is so dope! My workflow for making beats has gone through the roof with Koala. I love not only sampling and making beats but I get lost in the joy of sound design with the resampling and effects. The one thing I would like to see is being able to export full song arrangement stems after you record a song instead of just sequence loop stems. Plenty of ways to work around that with other apps but it would be nice to do it within the app. That’s not even a minus though just a wish list item. I truly love making music on this app!!! Koala effects is great too and sampletoys is fun too from the same developer!.Version: 1.4001

Super fun SamplerFirst off, great fun! The comparisons to PO-33 and SP type samplers are spot on. My gripes are fairly minor and if addressed this would be five stars. UPDATED review: * Since the last update, I have had issues where I lost a whole song after a crash. * Feature request: Quantize when jumping to next sequence. Like Ableton, I would like it to play from the start of the bar when I click next sequence bubble. Or quantize to quarter, half bar, 16th etc. * When recording into sequence, sometimes a loop will quantize close to the end of the bar, rather than on 1:1:1 of the bar. This throws timing off when importing into a daw. * allow 44.1 sampling rate. Is there a tech reason we’re stuck at 48? • Still an issue: Trash can popping up while I’m playing or editing. Let me turn that off once I’m done sampling. • Add a wet/dry on the input fx. A few of them almost unusable (fuzz, robot, bass synth). They’re cool sounding, they just turn every sample into the same three sounds. Overall, nice work! ~mikenoface.Version: 1.374

The Best Beatmaking App By a Million MilesThe Very Very Best !.Version: 1.369

Great potential, MIDI issuesThis thing is incredible but really need a way of setting which midi channels it’s using, and it doesn’t play well with inter app audio apps like AUM. When this is fixed I’d give it 6 stars if I could, it’s basically an SP404 for less than a coffee Update - emailed the developer and he says it’s coming soon so 5 stars and great support so here’s another ⭐️.Version: 1.25

Amazingly robust and accessibleKoala is such an amazing tool! Been using it for several months and it continues to improve. The developer really listens to users and increases the value of this app continually. Recent additions of amplitude envelopes for samples and the highly desired Landscape Mode for iPad really took this over the top for me; had to add my enthusiastic five star review. Great for capturing quick sounds from the surrounding world or sampling from other music apps in AUM. Also fun driving Koala’s pads with midi sequencers like Rozeta Suite or Fugue. Excited to see where Koala goes in the future!.Version: 1.370

The most useful & fun beatmaking appI’ve tried all the beat making apps but you guys got it right 👏.Version: 1.4001

CHOPTASTICThis is my go to app when I have the urge to get creative and create audio collages. Montages. What I would like to see in future updates include time stretch, more quantise options, auto chop would be Kool, the ability to delete any individual sound from a sequence, the ability to be able to name songs and pads, manipulate effects per sound pad then record the automation. This has the potential to be a giant killer. I will fully support the developer and would be willing to pay for substantial updates. Happy beat-making you dutty lot..Version: 1.374

Great app just a great IAP update.Lots of fun and great for creating interesting sounds and riffs. The developer keeps adding great new features. Top app and top dev..Version: 1.4018

Top MarksI’ve had this for less than twelve hours and I can say with complete authority that it’s the best music making app out there. The only negative is that I didn’t discover this earlier. Make some samples and great the foundation of a song or the entire thing, in the app itself. Also, record a bunch of real world samples and then transfer them to a hardware sampler/instrument or dump into DAW like Ableton. Personally, I can’t wait to load a bunch into my OP-Z and S2400. Again great job on this. I beg you, please please please don’t change this app. It doesn’t need some huge update that changes the structure or workflow. Every great app does this and it completely ruins it. Pass this along to the designers and developers please. Otherwise, congrats. You made the best music making vehicle in the App Store..Version: 1.4043

Absolutely brilliant!Very cool. Love my Koala here in Australia!.Version: 1.4021

Fav music making app by a mile!Simply put, this app is amazing. It makes beat making so fun and creative. It’s simple to use but does the job so well. Since buying this app I have hardly touched my sp404 mainly because of hands on ease of use and quick workflow. Now with samurai mode and when using AUM app to sample other instruments apps or external synths ect straight into Koala just take this bad boy to a whole different level. It’s just so much fun to use. Within minutes u can have the bases of a decent track, it’s just so hands on! I would love an EQ mode but can work around using tone editor. The only gripe I have is the occasional crashing. But again in the developers defence, updates and bug fixes are released every month to couple of weeks and they really do listen to the concerns of the users directly. I once msged matey on Instagram about an issue, he got back to me within minutes. Can’t really ask for much more than that! Purchase this bad boy, trust me u will not regret it! 😁.Version: 1.4025

Best music app out thereEven though I keep buying each major music producing app as they come out, I still always come back to this app. It’s a beat beast. My only complaint is that triplets are very hard to make happen but they’re definitely doable. Also this is a side note My ear may be off but it seems to me like the triplet stutter is a bit wonkey. I can work with it but if you put the Met on and hold the stutter right in the middle to make triplets they don’t seem to line up. Other than that an AMAZING app.Version: 1.4001

Deceptively simple looking beat making appAbsolutely loving this music creation app. The design looks simple but under the hood it’s fabulously playful and so easy to learn..Version: 1.370

Best music making app on the App StoreAs others have said, this app is simply awesome and so much fun for making music with samples. The app has been constantly updated with new features. The developer is a genius. Top marks!.Version: 1.4053

Best iPhone music app I’ve seenExtremely intuitive, fun, and practical for music..Version: 1.370

Awesome samplerI have only used it for about an hour but it’s very easy to get started and has a lot of power for an affordable app. I was looking for something like the old days. I could play a sound into the Emulator II where I worked and have a beat looped in seconds. I have a full on software sampler but you have to record in one program and drag files to it, assign a key range etc. which is precise but not creative. It records from the iPad mic but I was able to use a Rocksmith guitar cable into a Camera kit adapter to record line level samples with ease. I am sure it could be more than what it is, but then it wouldn’t be what it is!.Version: 1.370

Great funBought it yesterday, have already spent maybe 6 hours in it, addictive and very fun, seems the dev is very engaged so I'm sure we'll see new features..Version: 1.3795

My New SP-404 (and more)This app is incredible. It’s maybe my single favorite app ever (not just music). If you are proficient with an SP-404 you will love this app. It makes sample chopping such a pleasure. Beautiful, smooth, stable, precise - everything you could ever ask. So artfully laid out. The whole thing really is a work of art because of its beautiful simplicity and power. It embraces why people love the 404 despite its limitations and also embraces the iPad as an instrument. Thanks so much to the developer for this. The one thing it kills compared to the 404 is the sequences. Bravo on that. It’s such a fast workflow. I can’t even explain how efficient it is. You just have to get in there and use it. The effects are great on here but totally different than the 404. Good call on that too. You cannot do the 404 fx on an iPad. It wouldn’t work. This was a much smarter direction. (But if you nailed that vinyl sim, oh boy😳). The effects are really more like the pocket operator’s fx but more robust. The one thing I would ask (to speed up my personal workflow significantly) would be to have an “export current sample” option just like you can export the current loop only. I do so much sample chopping in here and sometimes have a whole mess of things all in one file and would love to be able to just export one sample at a time. Again, thanks for making my favorite app..Version: 1.374

Good but limitedAwesome little sampler, but limited in how you can edit the audio. Wish there was more effects or audio manipulation for the samples (stretching audio for example).Version: 1.372

Best budget sampler availableThis is the least expensive sampler I've ever seen. It's also portable, works on all my iOS devices, is ready to use, has tons of features that let it integrate with my dad and other devices, has customization, and literally a bunch of killer features. I normally don't bother writing reviews for apps, this one is absolutely worth the pricetag and criminally underpriced at that..Version: 1.4046

The bestThis is hands down the best music app for iOS I have ever used. I’ve started so many tracks with it. So much fun and great value for what you get. Sublime :-).Version: 1.4050

Very fun, very powerfulI love this. Has such a speedy workflow to it, and I’ve only begun to discover what it can do. The developer has made a great job of this. Similar to, but different from and perhaps MORE amazing then Samplr. Thanks Marek. Inspiring work..Version: 1.23

Works well in AUM.I’ve deleted my previous review and updated to 4 stars as this app is better than I first thought. If you’ve got AUM and a Bluetooth midi keyboard like I have, you can get quite creative with this app..Version: 1.4000

Add drum packsVery cool app. Would be awesome if they added drum packs. Could be IAP. I’d certainly pay for some sound packs. Be easier than having to build a kit each time. NI Maschine does this so no reason why koala shouldn’t..Version: 1.4039

404 killerI love this app. It’s the everything I wanted from the sp 404, with touch pad effects like the Kaoss pad. It’s a dream to use..Version: 1.374

Not only the best mobile sampler but more!!!I’ve been making beats on all the classic machines for about 30 years. I tried other mobile beat making apps and always lost interest quickly due to work flow. I stumbled on koala sampler and GAME OVER. I have been glued to it for over a year. I rarely use my mpc2000 lately. Combined with a few other compatible mobile auv apps makes it truly a force. I see the future of beat making and koala (props to Marek!) is def on the forefront! Thank you!!!.Version: 1.4046

Plz make this addition with the next updateThis app is dope but one thing I would like to be added is an editable step sequencer sorta like fl studio that way I can get in and create my own grooves and properly set sample chops where I need them because my timing be a bit off. Also a composing window where I can put all my ideas together. I know everything comes with time but those features will definitely take this app to another level. Freedom of creation is key. Keep up the great work I’m teaching my daughter how to make beats with this so she can hear the value of all things that create sound..Version: 1.370

Best Sampler and Music Creation App by FarEasily the best sampler and music creation app available. The app is also regularly updated and the Samurai update in addition to the latest AUV3 multi-out update have been absolute game-changers. So easy to use and intuitive; you can import videos and they converted to WAV, great FX, resampling feature, brilliant time-stretching since Samurai add-on came out, piano-roll also introduced with Samurai, choke groups, decent tonal EQ and the list goes on. This thing is an absolute bargain to boot! The developer is also a nice guy, plus helpful and responsive when it comes to feature requests..Version: 1.4042

I’m obsessed with this appI’m relatively new to music production, but I’ve found this app to be very intuitive and useful. I’ve always wanted to get into sampling in a more serious way, and this app really scratches that itch. I own a PO-33 and, while I love it, this has essentially replaced it. The price is fantastic as well. While the app is incredible, the only real feature I would wish could be added is some kind of way to edit the timing of different samples in the loops that you have already recorded (in the same way midi can be edited after the fact). However, I understand that this may be a difficult (or impossible) feature to implement. Regardless, if you have an interest in sample based music, I cannot recommend this app enough..Version: 1.374


Hands down my favorite appI don’t even know where to begin… what a fun and fantastic tool for any musician at every level. I’ve shown this to people that have never made music in their entire lives, and they absolutely love it. Easy to use and straight forward. The developer is constantly improving and adding new features to the app. Best money I’ve ever spent in the App Store. I cannot praise it enough, thanks koala!!!.Version: 1.4046

Amazing app - brilliant funFirst app review for me... but this deserves it. So much fun and really easy to make samples on the go. It’s now my starting block for making techno tracks. Cheers dude !.Version: 1.370

Best Music Making AppMy favourite music making app available. For sick a cheap option Koala is ridiculously powerful.Version: 1.4018

Amazing wowRecently after writing a fairly negative review about this app and some crashing issues that I had I was very pleased to see that in the latest update less (which came Leston a week later) has addressed the issue and solved it completely I’d like to thank the koala team for paying such good attention to their customers 10/10.Version: 1.4012

The greatestJoin all the groups watch all the tutorials and you will soon realise this is the future of beat making and sample chopping. I could go on but as a rapper more than a producer i can easily create a sick beat in one bus trip and its so easy..Version: 1.4018

Love this sampler and suggestionsThis is the first iOS music production ap I have truly fallen in love with. Thank you!! Great workflow and amazing features and so fun to use. Two suggestions that would make it even better. Double tap for hands free sampling to grab things like a guitar or piano riff and audio preview before importing samples in an online directory. Two small things that would make an already awesome ap even better..Version: 1.4025

Amazing appAlready a great app and the updates have made this indispensable. Incredibly quick workflow for importing samples/editing etc. Works perfectly with my midi sequencer (Xequence). Allows me to sample/sequence in cpu hungry apps (yes, Moog) that otherwise the phone can’t handle all at once. Opens up lots of possibilities. Nice effects. Not enough room here to explain how helpful developer has been dealing with questions etc. Absolute star. 100% recommended..Version: 1.360

From brain to sequencedI am always drumming and humming stuff that pops into my head. This app makes it so easy to grab the inspiration and sequence it. Then you can just run with the sound you got, or replace with more hi-fi samples. I made a fairly intricate beat within minutes of first opening it, and it was a lot more fun then working in my daw. For me, this provides a workflow that separates the creative process from the production and engineering process. That’s something that I’m sure a lot of people struggle with. Excellent app... thanks for creating it!.Version: 1.19

Incredible!This app is amazing. Everything it does is fast, musical and intuitive. I hope they add live looping and loop slicing in the future—I’d even pay for these as add-ons. It’d also be nice if there were more intuitive ways to resample audio from other iOS apps in real-time. Already as it is it’s a must-have sampling app!.Version: 1.370

I love this app. 10 stars.OLD VERSION: but lately after this new update even with NOTHING else playing on my ipad, everything is closed, background app refresh off, etc. It keeps randomly crashing on me and i lose all this work i had done. It is very very frustrating. not even beatmaker 3 or nanostudio do that. and Koala has never done it before. so If the amazing devs could figure this out for me then ill IMMEDIATLY GIVE 5 STARS. i only did one to get your attention. i use this app daily and i rely on it for a side income involving music production! please help!! UPDATE: thank you so much for the extremely fast customer support. you sir are amazing!! i havent even had time to test the new update, but because the amazing dev got in touch with me so fast and worked so hard to try to fix it, i know that if i have any issues i can just email him directly and he will help me!! thank you so much.Version: 1.4025

Great jamming app, just needs pad mutes please!Really enjoying this app for noting down little live looping jams - the only thing I’m really missing is pad mutes, my current work around is going to the sample page and turning the volume of the pad right down to -inf, but it’s a pain getting it back to what it was if the volume wasn’t at 0 ( e.g. via double tap on the dial)..Version: 1.370

Best musical app for iOSThis is the most user friendly sampler I’ve probably ever used. I’ve sampled lots of hits from my drum kit and some of my favorite synths from OP1 into this app and basically have a Pocket Operator on my phone now. Very pumped for these new effects! I haven’t tried it yet, but the ability to send data to Ableton live is pretty incredible for mobile composers or any musician who become easily inspired on the go. Thank you for making such an intuitive app! Landscape mode would be fantastic as well as ADSR controls for individual samples! 👽🤘💯.Version: 1.350

Just AmazingSo easy to use and sound quality is fantastic. It’s such good fun and the possibilities are infinite. You must buy this. I promise you won’t regret it!!.Version: 1.4039

This is Dope!!!But we need this in auv3 to make it perfect!!!! It’s already the best sampler now let’s do this one last step. #auv3LetsDoIt!!!, great job guys keep up the great work..Version: 1.4039

Great work!This app is amazing so far the way is laid out and effects are brilliant. Being able to merge cells is so useful and also resampling the output. I would love to see mute and solo buttons, and a basic sequencer so you can do some editing of the midi parts. Awesome app so far! An Audio unit version would be incredible so we can run multiple instances in AUM.Version: 1.374

Great, just missing a couple of thingsGreat little app. The only things I would like added would be an option to add fx after recording is done, and a way to eq the samples once recorded. If they were added, it would be 5 stars!.Version: 1.2

More FX pleaseAwesome app, great compliment to my work flow and my hardware SP404. Are there going to be any other FX added to the Kaola sampler? Imported samples must always de « ready to go » but sometimes EQ, compression and others must be used in order to make everything fit together. In order to do this I m’usât bounce samples back in forth between my SP, DAW and Koala. Thanks again for such a cool app. CHeers..Version: 1.4034

Best Sampler For iPad Ever MadeSimply the best and most feature rich sampler ever made for iPad. You can make killer beats, complete songs, entire albums with this magic making device. This does more than most of the software programs I own for a fraction of the price. It’s insanely underpriced for what it does. This is easily in my top 3 apps for iPad. I spend more time on this than my MPC, 404 , and SP 1200 combined. The sky is the limit for this sonic beast. Highly recommended..Version: 1.4018

I sold my SP404I’ve spent hundred on the app store on music production apps and this one is the only one I use daily! Its seriously the most intuitive and the best for the music I make. Only thing I find would be missing is more controls on the FXs because after a while they get a bit annoying. Other than that I’d like to thank the developper to make such a good app!.Version: 1.370

Love This Thing! One feature request! Okay, Two...I ❤️ Koala Sampler’s layout, features, and ease of use. My request is for landscape mode be made available for iPad. I use a Focusrite iPad dock and portrait mode isn’t practical in terms of workflow going from App to app. The second request is to be able to easily transfer songs & sample set-ups from iPhone to iPad. Maybe via iCloud? That way the iPhone can be used as a Field Sampler, & the iPad can be used, with it’s more ergonomically friendly size, for further song & soundscape production. Seriously, Landscape mode would make this incredible work-flow wise if it were an option. Thank you.Version: 1.29

Fantastic App and it keeps getting betterThis app is genius and could easily be priced at 10x the cost, so definitely buy it before they realize that and raise the price. It takes the workflow of a traditional sampler (SPs and MPCs) and mixes it with amazing UI to make an even better production workflow. Elf audio is continually making updates and improvements so it has only gotten better over time. There is a very active user community forming, only a matter of time before this app truly blows up. The simplicity of this app is what makes it so good and effective, if you are looking for a full featured DAW you will be disappointed. However, you will find a powerful tool for creating beats wherever you are, just look at Dibiase’s Koala beats on social media and you will see how powerful the app can be with the right perspective..Version: 1.374

Very responsive dev, cheap, fun!I’m not saying the dev is cheap. Or fun. But his app is. And he keeps updating it. Brilliant, usable, inspiring. Thanks 👍.Version: 1.29

This sampler is DOPE AF!It’s so intuitive, fun and instantly rewarding. I’ve made more music on koala in the first few days than any other app. Just buy it. You won’t regret it..Version: 1.21

InspiringThis app is unreal. Workflow is intuitive and effortless which leads naturally to inspiration and creativity. Works perfectly with other audio apps and mapping midi to a controller (especially a velocity sensitive one) makes this possibly the best sampler available on the market right now, hardware or software. When you compare prices as well then it makes it even more mind blowing. I’ve been chopping samples on lunch break, uploading them to google drive, coming home and importing them as a drum rack into Ableton like nothing. All of this and I haven’t even mentioned customer support yet, which is lightning fast, top notch, and from the developer himself. Thank you Marek, this sampler is awesome..Version: 1.4053

Brilliant...Thanks to Jakob Haq on Youtoob I bought this, easy to use and so much fun even just using iphone mic and speaker ☺️.Version: 1.350

Creativity at its bestCreativity can be choked by technicalities. Not with Koala. It is quick, easy and enjoyable to use. The developer listens to requests, replies to questions and then updates and improves the app. Great apps can give you ideas, inspire new musical direction and encourage experimentation. Koala does this in an instant. Give it a potato and it will give you a 3 course meal..Version: 1.4018

Love love love thisVery easy to use. awfully fun to use. high quality to use. musical two ewes. stable genius..Version: 1.4038

5 starI never write reviews on apps but these devs are supporting this app with really good updates. Great stuff.Version: 1.28

Koala is a bad boyA brilliant app that’s insanely good value. It’s intuitive, addictive, fast, fun and simple to use. The developer is a super cool guy too and has been really quick to fix any bugs reported, respond to emails and implement new feature requests. Hopefully it will continue to be developed even further as the more you use it, the more you want to do with it. I’d gladly pay to unlock even more features in the future if it helps to support further development. Thanks Marek. Much respect..Version: 1.24

Samurai like it hot!The recent IAP upgrade has made what was already an incredible app into one of the best, most intuitivewhile still potentially professional music experiences on IOS. Sequence editing with velocity and time stretch are a real game changer, and upgraded chopping tools are icing on the cake on this ‘No chaff’ sampler. Essential to any music makers toolkit!!.Version: 1.4018

Almost great (for iPhone)This review is for the iPhone version only. The GUI needs to be redesigned for the iPhone. Modifying the size of the interface while in the auto chop editing section to make it easier for editing. The GUI feels a bit cramped and leads to unwanted edits. Using some of the extra space to make the window a bit larger would be extremely useful. A small nitpick that could be implemented in future versions, allowing for sample import by default in the settings. Having to change that every time the app is opened isn’t a huge issue but would be welcomed. A big feature request is changing the pattern input to something similar as Garage Band’s step editor. That would make it easier to edit and create patterns than the current method. It’s a very good app and I’ll be happy to change my rating with a tweak or implementation of some of the features I requested. Get this app! It’s easy and quick to not solely create quick sketches, but actually make beats. I can’t wait to see this app grow..Version: 1.4025

Great app, Great support!I won't add much to what's already been said, but this is an excellent sampler. Easy to use and learn. Intelligent and well designed work flow. Powerful and it sounds great. Add to that fantastic and responsive support. Super impressed! Buy it, you won't regret it. I have one super minor request that has nothing to do with functionality, but instead the visuals. It would be ultra cool if there were themes or ways to choose the colors for the samples and interface..Version: 1.4022

Fantastic creative app!So well designed. Smooth and wonderful experience..Version: 1.4018

Please add an undo feature for sequencerI love the app to bits, can’t stop using it but I have to say it is gutting deleting a whole sequence because you recorded something out of sync. Please please add a undo feature!.Version: 1.350

By far the best Sampler on IOSWith every update this “Sampler” comes closer and closer to being a DAW! The interface is super intuitive and easy to learn. Nothing is hidden (except the Samurai upgrade at first lol). Mentioning the Samurai upgrade..this made this app essential to my workflow! I can chop samples with more ease than even an app like BM3 (which til now had my favorite sampler in iOS.) Autochop and Timestretch just blew this thing wide open and now I haven’t opened any other app for a week! Nothing for price is more powerful on iOS! Nothing at all!.Version: 1.4019

Loving it so far!Loving the app so far, it has a really fun and intuitive way to make beats that actually feels enjoyable and not a chore.my only complaints are having to set up fx before you record and not being able to add them at the end and the effects you add in perform have to be resampled to have a permanent effect on samples. Having more manipulation of the samples you record would be great!!.Version: 1.370

This is DOPE AFAn amazing and intuitive sampler. This is sooooo good. And it’s super cheap. Nice work 🙌🏼.Version: 1.374

Great app for composition or just passing timeStill my favourite app ever. I would love to be able to use the same effects on my Digitakt. I wonder if that’s possible?.Version: 1.374

Dope samplerHave been using this for a while and it’s good to see how it is evolving. By the Mark how does the bake feature work?.Version: 1.4001

OMG! Essential purchaseJakob Haq bought me here and I’m so glad he did. He’s right, this is Pocket Operator simplicity with all the storage capacity of iPad or iPhone and a metric ton of sampling fun. If and when sample looping is implemented, this will basically be the perfect iPad performance tool. I’m going to see if I can get it to work with my Trigger Finger Pro and Aum. Thanks developer!.Version: 1.350

Love it!Fixed! Stereo recording! But now it doesn’t record st unity gain? Seems to be 6db down. Still clicks on recording start and now seems to have a slight gap at end. feature requests - !! Please oh please can there be a toggle for select on “play/ midi note”. It would be nice to be able to edit one sample at a time without having to stop playback. - snap to zero crossing. I have some samples that start with a click and or end with a click. - please allow for recording to snap to quantize? This could be a samarai feature. For recording loops especially. In addition an edit snap feature for setting a start point in time. This feature set essentially how blocwave did recording snd editing. - super super huge request. Please allow for individual fx per sample or bank 🙏🏽 - some individual outputs. - it’s gotta somehow be possible to make modern mode pitch shiftable, even by just one octave? It does sound the best of the three algos. Thanks for making such a cool tool, its straight ahead and really easy to work and be inspired. Still 5 stars..Version: 1.4019

Like a better, more fun PO-33 or SP-404This is far and away my favorite music app for iOS. I always keep coming back to it, paying for the Samurai update was a no-brainer. If you've ever used a teenage engineering PO-33 or a Roland SP-404 the workflow is very similar. That being said the speed with which you can do things in this app and the amount you can do blows me away. You can just use it as a sequenced sample player or, with the samurai update, you can now start turning your samples into proper synths in their own right (set em to loop and shorten the length a lot). The developer has done a really amazing job of keeping a good balance between quick music creation in the moment, while also providing enough detailed and smart additional tools so that you can tweak your sounds and beats to your heart's content - all without cluttering up the UI. This is one of the few iOS music apps I would actually trust live..Version: 1.4022

So much fun to be hadSo easy, fun and very nicely designed. Love playing with this thing but it is getting in the way of my doing the things that I should be doing!.Version: 1.12

Great app but would love a sequencerWorks amazing, really good for sample import. But would love to edit the patterns i’ve made, cheers!.Version: 1.370

Best AppThis is a must app, the only thing is landscape mode for iPad.Version: 1.360

Really amazing workMy two favorite samplers have always been the Korg Electribe and the SP 404. Grooverider GR-16 nailed the electribe workflow but the App Store was lacking in a true SP inspired app until Koala showed up. It feels like really getting your hands dirty with audio in a way that few other apps do. It’s as simple as building collages with magazines and scissors but the depth is completely up to your imagination, and like the SP, you’re not shoehorned into any one way of working. Awesome work and thank you for putting this one out there. I’m going to make a lot of music with it..Version: 1.21

Amazing, please remove the subtle quantization when quantization is turned off.I love this app. I’ve been using it for a good while and I LOVE that you added a recording count-in and the piano roll over the last few updates. Keeps getting better! One thing I noticed recently is that even when quantization is turned off, there is still a bit of quantizing that goes on. Not sure if it’s just mine and I need to reinstall the app (though I’m scared to lose my files). Let me know if that’s an error with my app or not..Version: 1.4039

Good app but flawedI love the app. To me it’s one of the better Samplers out there. But I have some complaints.. or suggestions. We should have the ability to edit/fine tune our sequences to make sure everything is on time. There should also be a count down to record. And there’s a glitch that makes your samples not play back when you have recorded them in the sequence. I also wish it had a few more effects (like Half time) and/or more control over some of the existing effects (like reverb). With all this said I still really like the app and I hope you guys make more!.Version: 1.370

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