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Slow so farI get 4 bars for reception and the internet is okay not super fast for browsing . A ROKU connects to the t mobile router well but I get the spinning circle of death for many programs. Often it times out and must be attempted a few times before a successful connection is made to the app. Sling TV and Disney + are especially slow and sometimes the programs stop and the spinning circles appear. I’m going to try a few things to see if it improves. We wanted to try this so we could save money instead of paying for cable. I’m not completely convinced this is the best option but will try to work with it..Version: 2.90

Terrible serviceWe have T-Mobile internet for about 2 months. In that time we have had numerous issues with losing the internet and streaming on the tv. We have called repeatedly and have gotten poor results. Just tonight we were told that we are not getting the service we are paying. That does not make any sense. After the girl did some adjustments she said’ you will no longer have these issues again’. About 5 minutes later.. we were back having the issues again .. I would not suggest this service to ANYONE!!! They obviously have no idea what they are doing and on top of that the network has no one willing to talk on the phone about the issues and they do not return calls!! Very hard company to deal with.Version: 2.8.2

Having a good experience with T-Mobile InternetI have had T-Mobile phone service for 5 years now and have been very happy with the service. I was excited when T-Mobile announced their home internet service would soon be available in my area. I have been using T-Mobile Internet for a week now. So far, so good. The tower arrived well packed. The instructions were easy to follow. I had read in another review to not change the passwords until after completing the initial installation. This was good advice. I waited and changed passwords after all was installed. My phone connected immediately to the internet. It was an easy connect to my computer. I am pleased with how fast the service is. Downloads are rapid. No problem streaming movies; unlike my previous provider. Have had continual service; unlike the previous provider who would regularly drop out for a few hours. Thank you, T-Mobile!.Version: 2.7.0

Add the front panel display to the app and it’ll be PERFECT!Maybe I’m a bit biased because T-Mobile internet is so much faster than the AT&T DSL we ditched but in our fiber-deprived neighborhood, this is the best value per Mbps. It’s about as fast as the cheapest cable internet. The clincher: easy self-installation, fast setup, no price hike after the first year and speeds that are more than enough for our 2 Roku players, 2 iPhones, 2 PCs, a WiFi printer and an iPad. The only thing missing: the ability to read all of the front panel pages within the app, especially the Messages page. Add that (and maybe a speed test) and it’ll rate an even more solid 5 stars..Version: 2.7.0

Great wifi terrible appHaven’t had one complaint with the wifi itself. Works well for me never have a connection issue even with 8+ devices. The issue is the app. It’s unbelievably useless 90% of the time. It’s never accessible. Close/reopen, turn wifi off/on on my device and yet the app still won’t load which just doesn’t make any sense. I can play around for 30+ minutes and not access the app and sometimes it’ll only take 2-3 tries and pulls up. If they fix the app then there wouldn’t be a single issue with the service as a whole.Version: 2.10.0

Best I’ve ever hadIn my second month of t-mobile internet. I live out in the country and internet has always been a problem I have tried 3 different services in the past 20 years . I decided to try t-mobile because it was half the price that I was paying for DSL. I am so happy!! It is twice as fast as the service I had. I stream 2 tvs at once and 2 or more cell phones without interruptions. And when they say 50 dollars a month they mean it!! Not a penny more. No added fees of any kind. I also set it up in 10 minutes by myself. I’m definitely not a whiz when stuff gets technical. Highly recommended by myself and my family..Version: 2.90

Fine, until…I just got my modem and app today and it was fine until I moved it while the app was up on my phone and it broke the app on my phone I see the screen for a flash of a second but after, it’s gone forever stuck on loading. Wifi still works just can’t configure the vpn I was about to install with it. Edit- I guess I just needed to find a work around by : Disconnecting from wifi Turning t mobile app on Waiting for the screen to show “default “ information “Select log out/connect to existing” Found my way back to where you have the administrator password( on back of modem) and punched that in Reconnected to wifi Working fine and as intended. Pretty simple yet, I have the mind for trouble shooting, anyone else may find themselves just thinking they have to “deal with it” until they give t mobile a phone call..Version: 2.10.0

Works great on iPadI don't understand all the negative reviews. It works great on iPad and all you have to do is search for "T-Mobile" in the app store to find it. Quick install, easy setup. I am consistently getting over 300Mbps down and 50Mbps up, so I'm quite happy so far. I would like to be able to monitor the gateway away from home when not connected directly to it, for monitoring or resetting when necessary. I'd also like the ability to rename devices when they show up with just their MAC address. Cox allows both of these features with their gateway app. I'd also like to see the tower ID for the 5G signal in addition to the 4G signal, just so I can look up its physical location. Overall, I'm very pleased..Version: 2.6.3

Very pleasedWe've always experienced rock-solid LTE service from T- mobile (Las Vegas area) and couldn't wait to drop Cox when T-Mobile wireless home internet was finally available in our area. We've not been disappointed. After downloading the app, install was a breeze (be sure to unplug your current wifi router and position the receiver by window or etc. to get the most signal) Easy to configure with the app. Blazing fast, no contract, less $$$ than Cox and far more reliable than😂😂 Century link. App lets you configure network name, password etc. All our connected stuff, including two 4K TV's works perfectly. Anyway, couldn't be happier- wireless home internet is the future..Version: 1.8.2

Easy set upI love how easy the set up is… literally the app guides you step by step on setting it up. No one has to come to the house, and I can keep track of everything through the app. You can also see exactly which devices are connected. Changing the password is super easy and if you forget, you can just reset the device and start over. The password is on the box. Skeptical at first, but faster connection than expected and I just love the convenience. No arguing about price hikes. The price is set, no contracts, no slow down over time..Version: 2.7.0

New ARC GatewayI received the new ARC Gateway, noticed a lot of the other reviews were for the older Nokia unit. Setup was super fast and simple. Signal strength was good for me and I connected ALL my devices, phones, tablets, TVs, Alexa, Ring Doorbell. So many things. Everything is working great, no interruptions or crashes. Speeds are as good to way better than I had before. I have run several speed tests and they have varried but always good. Quite pleased so far, and way cheaper than other services. App does what it's supposed to do. I wanted to leave a review since my experience has been great and I wanted to offset a lot of the negativity I've seen in the reviews..Version: 2.7.0

Delivered on my ExpectationsI don’t typically write reviews. However, with all the negative reviews on this product, I felt obligated to come to T-Mobile’s defense. I received my in Home unit a little over a month ago and downloaded the App. To my surprise, (after reading all the negative reviews) setup was easy and the internet has worked like a charm in multiple locations. It’s easy to travel with and is reliable enough for me to work from home with no interruptions. I’m a fan and assuming my service continues to deliver, I’d recommend this product all day, everyday. Thanks T-mobile!.Version: 2.8.2

Internet Excellent; FIX the AppAfter 11 days of 10 devices connected and working well or excellently, we are very happy with T-Mobile as an ISP. HOWEVER, after 3 calls & speaking to 6 reps, i had gotten wrong advice, bad advice and finally some good advice. I did get a callback as promised from Neresa and some help from Matthew, BUT we’re still having issues with the app. After deleting & reinstalling the app, still won’t load. After a reset of my phone, app won’t load. After hard-reset of the Gateway, using the app to find best location worked, signal strength excellent, but the app has same issues as other reviewers have had: app requires login with admin password, then says it’s wrong. No password works to login: neither the default admin, nor the default wifi passwords from the back of the Gateway, nor the personal password which I generated. We’ve been happy T-Mobile customers for 8+ years and have always gotten great service. T-Mobile, you MUST fix this Home Internet App … and it would be somewhat reassuring if the reps told you up front that T-Mo is experiencing issues with the app after speaking to 5 reps until the 6 said there are issues..Version: 2.10.0

My experienceHaving had TMobile internet for over 6months now i can confidently give them 5 stars for Customer Service because you get to speak with expert everytime. The question I have has to do with basic connection confusion. You should be able to connect the gateway that gives you the internet to your phone without it asking to connect to your network. If i have a WiFi network, there will not be any need for me to have TMobile internet in which case i expect the gateway to establish basic Internet connection using my phone data with bluetooth not asking to connect to wifi network because at that stage i do not have WiFi. I only need WiFi to share my internet with others. As a result of this my network is not a secured one. Something has to be done about that to make TMobile internet a perfect one. TMobile remains the best Network and l continue to recommend it to others..Version: 2.7.0

Thank youOn Friday, September 16th, 2022 I went to the Hayden, Idaho store and Cris and Christian were working very hard servicing many customers. I was immediately greeted with a smile and told they’d be with me as soon as possible. There were at least 8 people (some were grouped together) in the store and both experts were helping all of them professionally and with much enthusiasm/kindness. 3 more walked and were all greeted politely. Cris helped me, answered all of my questions, even while helping a very old lady at the same time who interrupted Cris while he was helping me. I didn’t mind a bit and he was actually working on his I pad and her phone for a quick second! Very impressive! Michael is another employee there that is also fantastic. It is your team members that we so appreciate just as much as the technology devices and Internet service! Thank you, Lisa K..Version: 2.90

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