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Backbone — Next-Level Play App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Backbone — Next-Level Play app received 96 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Backbone — Next-Level Play? Can you share your negative thoughts about backbone — next-level play?

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Backbone — Next-Level Play for Negative User Reviews

The hardware is awesome, software not so much. Still a good purchase.The Backbone device works well, using it with your iPhone AND iPad is a plus and when it works right it’s amazing. But that’s when it works right, lately the thing freaks out when I plug it into the iPad, so I don’t use that anymore, and every game that has ever been opened on my backbone is now always there, every game my daughter ever tapped or a game that I tapped on is auto added and you can’t delete it or clear it or remove it from the app. There are instructions on how to do this but they don’t work, so be sure you always want whatever game to be on the app cause it’s gonna be there for a while, oh and your get to pay for it, the app that is. $100 for the controller and then a sub? At least Polish it up, allow us to remove a game from the app from within the app! Not go through the App Store, with app open, then remove app and tap again then maybe it goes away, cmon. And fix the iPad issue where the joy sticks freak out like they are stuck spamming all around..Version: 1.4.15

BadI can’t play game cuz i need a subscription. And every time I try to connect the backbone controller it says. No CoNTroLlER cOnnEcTeD.Version: 1.5.1

I’m not paying a yearly fee to use something I ownWhen purchasing this controller nowhere did it say it was mandatory to pay a yearly fee to use it, yet you cannot complete set up with the app without agreeing to a year free trial which is then $64 a year after that. Then it doesn’t even fit with the iPhone 13 Pro Max so they say they have a “free” adapter, yet it says $10 for shipping when I just paid $139 for this controller. I don’t think so. Returned it to Amazon..Version: 1.3.0

Pretty decentThe controller is pretty decent some of the buttons squeak a lot I love that D pad the only problem I have with the software is sometimes when I press the Backbone button and when it switches over to the app it doesn’t loan and second the app is way too glitchy.Version: 1.2.19

I’d won’t let me redownloadIt’s a good accessory when it is downloaded but when it doesent let you redownload I can’t give it 4or 5 stars.Version: 1.4.16

Tech issues all of a suddenFirst off: I don’t want this app. I have used my Backbone controller daily since January 2022 with no problem… until tonight. There’s nothing wrong with the controller visibly or my phone. But it is spontaneously demanding once every second or two that I install this app, and without permission launching the App Store repeatedly as well. I have tried disconnecting, and reconnecting repeatedly, to no avail. I have hard rebooted my phone too. No improvement. And here’s where it gets even weirder: I decided to humor it and install this app, and it refuses to complete set up, not responding to the screenshot/screen record button. And while I am writing this commentary, it has been repeatedly spontaneously switching over and launching the app for no reason… it’s making it impossible to write this review, even! Don’t bother telling me to write to customer service- I have. No reply yet. I’m told via automated email that it will take a few days of me sitting without access to my game before they write back (likely with no help at all, judging by the useless FAQs)..Version: 1.5.5

Does not workRandomly stopped working for no reason, reinstalling does nothing. Sub too expensive for what it is. I regret buying a Backbone..Version: 1.5.5

Absolute trashIt basically forces you to use backbone +, and when you SOMEHOW figure out how to get to the main screen and past the screen forcing you to use backbone +, the controller never does what you want it to do and just spams random buttons, and i wouldn’t be as as mad, but: 1. This controller was $200!!! SCAM 2. This wasn’t a problem before. Once they started getting greedy around late February or early March, they’ve been bombarding you with micro transactions and the CONTROLLER BARELY WORKS 3. It randomly takes screenshots of your screen. This is probably in the same manner as the button spamming, but if you try to report Backbone for this, they DON’T LET YOU! If this thing was, like, $10 or $20, i wouldn’t be as mad, but the greedy executives at Backbone will do anything in their favor to get every last penny out of you. I know i sound pessimistic when i say this, but i’s give 0 stars if possible. And this problem isn’t just happening to me. Many other recent reviews have this same problem, and when Backbone (Or backbone’s ai, because i seriously doubt a real person reads these reviews) reads the reviews, they say that they’ll fix it right away, but either it takes them weeks to fix it, or they NEVER DO!.Version: 1.4.20

Entire app is now paywalledThe controller is excellent, I’m happy I purchased it. I also like the app, but the subscription is far too expensive. I cannot see $75AUD / year worth of value in the app and am disappointed to say that I will not be using it after the first year has run out. I would like to see a free tier that at least let’s you use the game launcher as this was a selling point of the controller, and leave the more premium online features behind a more reasonable paywall..Version: 1.3.11

This controller are totally trashLot of game can’t play with this trash controller wasting money! You’ll regret buy it.Version: 1.3.36

An excellent companion app to the hardware but far too priceyThis app works very well but it’s essentially just a launcher for your content. As someone who uses the Backbone predominantly for PlayStation 5 remote play, there’s really no reason I can’t just access the remote play app directly. The same goes for any iOS games or Apple Arcade games that I have installed on my phone. Yes, the Backbone launcher is well-made and has a slick interface, but in no way shape or form is it worth $70 CAD per year. I would maybe consider it for $10 a year, or even a $20 flat rate to purchase it out right. As it is however, I have already set a reminder to unsubscribe once the free year is up. Props to the developers for designing a well-made app, but unless they offer significantly more value, I will be cancelling..Version: 1.4.5

New and can’t loginCan’t get passed creating display name. Clearly a bug from before has returned. Disappointed..Version: 1.4.5

Rip Off!!!I pay a stupid amount of money a year in gamepass ultimate and love it. BUT you make me pay AGAIN?? Another year subscription!!! On your bike!!! This is a failing product from the word go! Drop these stupid cash grabbing sub's!!!! Waste of money. Taking the unit back to the shop where it belongs!.Version: 1.4.27

£50 a year subscription£50 a year for what exactly? For links to games to purchase elsewhere, where you’ll be earning royalties! Absolute rip off! Doesn’t actually offer anything you can’t already get for free! £100 for a controller and then £50 a year to be able to use the remotes features, that’s an awful business model. Offer an add based version for free with an upgrade option! Apple Arcade is £60 a year and offers 100’s of games all compatible with a controller, you can even play against friends with the free game centre..Version: 1.3.25

ScamScam.Version: 1.2.16

Great product - insane app priceSo the controller is great, really premium and worth it But whoever is working for backbone who decided on £40 a year !! Yes a year !! For a place to store your games needs their head checked - that’s more than PSN the which gives you whole Games every month !!! Talk about shooting yourself in the foot. The good news is you don’t need to subscribe for the controller to work, so my advice is get the controller and immediately cancel the subscription. Just store the games that are compatible in a folder on your phone for free.Version: 1.3.9

Why the subscription?I love the backbone controller but the app is pretty weak. There’s a $70 subscription (which you get the first year as part of the purchase of the backbone) which doesn’t seem to do much. I’ve read that it gives you the option to use the controller on other devices which seems like a rip. Seems like the typical greed system of freemium subscription paywall apps that flood mobile phone market places. Please correct me if I’m wrong.. But what exactly do I get that’s actually worth that price tag? I understand developers need to pay their staff and subscription models mean they can keep on paying them.. But come on… it’s just not needed. I’d gladly pay a once off fee.. or even a tip.. but given that nearly 90% of apps and games on phones are subscription based it’s time for this $&!? To stop. Again I want to say the controller is great (even if the extender attachment for bigger phones is made of material that causes birth defects) But come on guys.. you have my 170 bucks for that.. give me the option to use it on other things without this subscription bs..Version: 1.4.13

Why won’t it let me sign in??Please help - it will not get past sign in screen. When press A to login in with Apple account try’s but then does nothing! How can I sign in and get in to use the app? Reason bought this controller over others was for the app!! Please help..Version: 1.3.4

Unsubscribe?I no longer have a backbone and want to end the subscription but there’s no option to do so???.Version: 1.4.19

It’s Christmas Day, server is downCan’t login with Google or Apple accounts in the app with the controller connected. Total waste..Version: 1.3.9

Not impressed.Bought my backbone one controller, I launch the app and expects me to pay yearly! What a waste of money.Version: 1.4.26

Can't even use appFrustrated spent £100 on a controller for this app to not even connect. Done everything I know. Won't get past appleid login..Version: 1.3.5

Stupid app, great controllerThe controller is great if you want one. But I don’t understand why I have to pay 29 dollars a year in order to see all of my games in one place. That’s literally all the subscription does, along with letting you shop for games on different platforms on one app. Why does that cost anything? They say the backbone subscription comes with 25+ features and I have yet to see what those other 20 are. Without paying 29 dollars a year, the backbone button (home button) on the controller is completely useless. You literally get no free games with the subscription, no extra privileges what so ever other than being able to shop on the app. What shopping app makes you pay 30 dollars a year to use it? Doesn’t make any sense. I’m just going to stick to cloud gaming because I actually get free games with my subscription, and they keep my games in one place as well. F you guys for even thinking that makes sense.Version: 1.4.13

Nice but one huge price for app usageI love the quality and feel of the controller along with the headphone and lightning port pass throughs. After 1 year your stuck with a huge app payment of $70 cad or $50 usd charge if you want to keep feature set. That’s absolutely crazy pricing. That makes this a very hard recommendation to people for me..Version: 1.3.18

Subscription required after one yearBe prepared to shell out money to use the software. I do believe it’s $50 after the first year.I returned mine because I didn’t want to pay more for the subscription than I paid for the hardware. The website doesn’t make it clear a subscription will be required after one year..Version: 1.3.9

Controller works good when it doesn’t disconnectI had the Razer Kishi controller for my phone that was given to me as a gift. I have always wanted a Backbone for my iPhone 13 Max Pro because I’ve heard good things. Unfortunately after biting the bullet and getting one I have had connectivity issues. Backbone suggests to make sure the phones software is up to date as well as the Backbone app… Both have ALWAYS been up to date, Yet here I am trying to stream COD Mobile and I finally gave up streaming. The Backbone keeps disconnecting and I have to completely remove my phone from the controller and put it back in to the connection. I would have gave it a 2.5 ⭐️ rating if I could… Unfortunately we are going to have to wait for somebody else to push the limits and get the gamers something reliable. Nobody likes to see there character freeze in the middle of a gun fight just to get humiliated and angry at the same time. Hopefully this helps people like me who relieves stress from there life by escaping into a good game, whatever that game may be!!.Version: 1.4.24

Error in setupI’m unable to sign in on any device. I’m getting a “service error”. Please help !.Version: 1.4.13

App works controller doesn’tWas fine two days ago now my phone doesn’t pick up on the controller . Could be the app could be the phone update or computer idk I didn’t design it, but either way the light blinks on one time and shuts off for good when initially in the phone . Then it does nothing. No buttons work . Nothing . Hasn’t been 5 months yet and I’m having issues . I have a two year warranty so I might get it replaced which seems to be a waste of time for a controller that was literally working maybe 2 hours prior to it stop working ? …I was playing my game perfectly fine up until last night . This morning it was also fine until I took a game break . when I went to play it was acting crazy I assumed the button didn’t work but I kno that isn’t it. I took it off a few times and then it worked . This time it just isn’t working. I’d love for the issue to be resolved I love having my controller..Version: 1.4.27

Great controller, terrible app and monetisationThe controller is top notch but the app is chock full of ads. The premium annual subscription is wildly expensive. I recommend the controller but I give a “strong avoid” to the app and service..Version: 1.4.10

DONT WASTE YOUR MONEYThe app doesn’t even recognize the controller, i’m very disappointed with this product and also they never said that there’s a membership for using the app! that’s extra money that we shouldn’t being paying if we already paid for the controller..Version: 1.3.16

It’s great BUT…So I put off buying this device (PlayStation edition) for a while and I finally made the jump and purchased one. It’s nice being able to play games on my Iphone and worked perfectly well until about 3-4 days ago when this app updated and now my backbone disconnects during my COD matches. It is frustrating to say the least. The backbone button will start blinking when that happens and sometimes I’ll get a pop up saying that the device isn’t supported. I’ve already tried the troubleshooting that’s given through support. With all of this, now I’m debating if I should return the controller now. I hope the company fixes the issue because I really don’t want to return it..Version: 1.4.16

MehInstantly wanted to return the backbone considering they make you create an account and give them your phone number in order to use the product. They then try to force you into sharing your contacts, photo gallery permissions, and other personal data. Set up of the app also wouldn’t allow continuing without first subscribing to their $50/year app. Of course the first year is free, but don’t forget to cancel. The product itself was responsive and worked well, however it doesn’t fit the iphone 13 pro without an adapter. It also just plain feels weird to use, not erganomic. Returning. Moga $10 clip for xbox controllers is much more comfortable and the small latency isnt bad unless you’re seriously gaming, in which case, use your actual console..Version: 1.3.3

Wait list is the only problemThe wait list is gona piss off some people just because your place in the wait list is high and if it moves you down from it, its only a little bit like everyday i check my place and i only moved bout like 50-100 and im in the 12k of people waiting so me to even get a CHANCE to buy one is like once in a blue moon..... Just stupid Asf.Version: 1.0.7

Game launching should be a basic free feature of this appHaving a super slick controller friendly landscape game launcher makes the backbone controller even better and a good investment but they’ve locked it around a paywall that almost costs as much as services that gives you dozens of games a year like PS Plus, I understand the social features cost money to host and maintain but the game launching is a killer feature for this controller and they’ve locked it behind a paywall. Edit:Developer clearly doesn’t actually read these reviews, I know this app has nothing to do with playing games and that the controller works without it, my issue is the useful game launcher feature that they’ve locked behind $50 a year along with other social features that I’ll absolutely 100% never use so it’s a waste of money..Version: 1.3.12

Total rip-off - trash company$50 a year for a game launching UI is absurd. Yes you can use the controller without the app, as they will tell you over and over again as if that means anything regarding the app itself. Yeah there are extra features with it, half of which are marketing gimmicks. But if they had any real confidence in those extra gimmicks, or any business integrity, they’d make the backbone UI experience free or much cheaper and the streaming and their own social media platform access would be premium upgrade features. If you get your free 1 year, be sure to cancel the subscription immediately. You still get your free year and then you don’t have to get scammed for half the price of the controller because you forgot about it. This is a greedy company with a “smile and tell you to go screw yourself” approach to customer concerns over anti-consumer practices. It’s all the joy of predatory mobile gaming in-app purchase practices now attached to your hardware as well. Hopefully the company will change this greedy anti-consumer approach before ripping people off late this year when those 1 year+ subs start hitting people’s accounts..Version: 1.3.24

Company doesn’t respond to help requestsTried reaching out multiple times and never got a response —my backbone app keeps asking me to setup game services/connect them, I follow the instructions and then it asks me every time. Which makes the app useless to me. The main issue? I asked for help and never heard back..Version: 1.3.29

App not workingBackbone controller is great. But the app is poor. After signing in with apple faceID the app just gets stuck on the welcome screen. Tried contacting backbone but no reply.Version: 1.3.3

Um… Why?I downloaded this app and followed it through the setup, only to find that it doesn’t actually add anything to the experience. Don’t get me wrong, the BackBone controller is five stars easily, but the app is redundant. It shows you which games you can use the controller with, but that’s easy enough to find out anyway. If you select an XBOX game, it takes you to “set up services” where the instructions tell you to create a shortcut to XBOX Streaming and then to…USE THAT APP TO LAUNCH THE GAME?!? So, what exactly did you do for me there other than add another step? If you find an Apple Arcade game that you already have downloaded, and you select that game in the app, the only option offered is to download the app?!? I already did that! If I want to play the game, I have to leave the app and launch the game. So, again, what exactly did you do for me? So, it looks like I have a subscription to cancel next month. But I still love the controller!.Version: 1.4.4

They’re asking for way too much info for a controller.I plug the controller into my phone and it basically downloaded the app for it right away. Then the setup needs a boatload of info from you, including your phone number and email address. Why? Then to finish the setup, you have to agree to a free year trial of something called Backbone Plus. If you cancel or back out, you have to start all over. Also they’ll spam you with text messages and emails to remind you that you need to claim your free trial. I don’t like this vulture marketing for something I don’t even want because im still not sure what it even is. You can play without the app, but I wanted to see if there was a way to tweak some of the settings on the controller such as the stick sensitivity with the app. Controller seems fine from what I’ve used so far, but the data collection from the app is incredibly unnecessary and I already regret trying to go through the setup process..Version: 1.3.10

Could work betterI like using my backbone to play games on Xbox game pass. however, there are some persistent bugs that decrease the quality of my experience. sometimes when i click a game, it brings me to the game page but at the bottom, so i have to scroll all the way back up to see the game. also when i click into an xbox game that doesn't exist on game pass, it will bring me to xbox home without any error message so it's pretty confusing and a waste of time to keep trying to figure out why a game isn't loading. there are also games that show up on the backbone homepage xbox section that are not actually in the xbox section or playable. i have also wanted to pin a game to my recently played by pressing the backbone button but there is no notification or indication that the game has been added. all these little issues add up to worsen my overall experience. if the backbone team spent time to really polish it up, i would give this 5 stars. as of now, i like it and it works ~80% of the time but it's a bit frustrating to use.Version: 1.4.10

Payment required to even use?Requires you to provide payment information and commit to a yearly(!!) payment in order to even get into the app. Not even basic functionality unless you pay. They’ve sold a controller using the brand names of Stadia and Xbox and then they provide a button that takes you to their paid launcher app, but they don’t provide a Guide button for those services. I also appreciate that they make it sound like you’re paying them for access to Xbox Cloud Streaming on the Backbone+ upsell screen. Surely Microsoft loves that..Version: 1.3.16

Insanely overpriced subscriptionThis controller is advertised as having a terrific app to go with it. No mention of the insanely overpriced subscription. If I’d known I would not have bought this controller. At least give a free version for us who just use it as a games browser. But really, it should be $5 a year not this enormous price. In a few short years the app will have cost more than the controller. Edit to respond to developers: Yes I understand that your controller will work without the app. However your site and advertising clearly uses backbone+ app as a major selling point. However it does not disclose that it will cost this enormous subscription fee. The only mention is hidden way down the bottom of a page, inside a FAQ, and that doesn’t even disclose this ridiculously high price. It’s misleading advertising and everyone should be made aware that in merely 3 years of subscription using the app will cost more than the device. It’s a key part of the advertised backbone experience. It’s not fair to then hit us for this subscription, especially for those of us who don’t use 90% of the features and just want to use the games browser functions. It’s particularly galling that previous purchasers aren’t charged the subscription. Though new buyers aren’t told of the subscription fee..Version: 1.3.15

Privacy, security, subscription issuesThe app first asked you to log in your Apple ID or google account. Then it asks you to verify you are human by giving them your mobile number. I turned off the app and deleted it. There shouldn’t be any circumstances where requiring our personal mobile number is justified, esp after we already logged in using Apple ID or google. If you think privacy isn’t an issue here, all I did was ATTEMPT to log in using my Apple ID or Gmail, after not verifying with SMS, one would think my sign in was unsuccessful, end of story. Next thing I know I get an email from Backbone. I didn’t authorise Backbone to contact me, I didn’t even successfully sign in, yet here we are, my email on the next call Center junk mail database sold to the highest bidder. Then there is the subscription cost I have heard about. I know I should get 1 ur free, but having decided not to go through with giving to you my mobile, the rest is moot. Nintendo membership gives free retro games and benefits. PS a plus gives free games library, game pass and Apple Arcade gives free games… what is backbone offering to justify an exorbitant subscription cost? News? Comical but no thanks. I’ll use the controller as is… I really wish the PS version actually had a ps home button… and the thumb sticks weren’t offset…. Are you going to paint the controller neon (red blue) and release a lazy switch version next? Edit: your response to holding down the backbone button for .5 sec will be recognised as the PS button. I would like to clarify this misinformation as holding it down gives an Apple pop up saying the app is not installed. So that function clearly requires the app which which hawks for your personal information.Version: 1.4.0

TerribleApp wont let me even get to the interface and keeps asking me to alter my in app purchase settings to allow a subscription to backbone +. My settings are already in this configuration but it will not progress any further. Cant use it at all.Version: 1.4.10

When it works, it works well.The Backbone One is a very good mobile controller. It works well on iPhone games, but is incredibly temperamental with cloud gaming, to the point that the controller is often not even recognised. By all means, get this if you’re planning on playing a ton of Call of Duty mobile, or Diablo on your phone, but if you plan on using Xbox Game Pass you’ll probably have a bad time..Version: 1.3.28

WhyIf your not rich dont play its a ripoff We cant buy$69.99 a year none of is can afford that.Version: 1.3.29

Needs lots of improvement!!!This product needs multiple updates. I believe this product is way to expensive for what we are getting. For starters, I have to take off my case in order to play. I had updated my backbone last week, it no longer function properly. I contacted tech support. No help at all. Its like im speaking to a bot everytime smh. My left side of my controller no longer works and my buttons on the right work during testing, but not in the same games ive been playing since ive bought it. Im completely done with this product, on to the next one. Im sure with the amount of money this company is making from this controller, you will make a better model in the future. This company is on the right track, unfortunately this particular product is a bust. Better luck next time 🤷🏾.Version: 1.4.27

Connection issuesConnection issues. Controller consistently not connecting and have to remove phone and reconnect before playing. Games that are listed as supported aren’t working right away. See earlier fix..Version: 1.3.36

Somethings not right!Signed up, waited and then got my email. Went to buy and couldn’t, now it seems I’ve been dropped down the list. But when I try to check I am thrown out and asked to sign up again. I also notice that my last review was deleted!!.Version: 1.0.8

Disappointed with the appAbsolutely love the Backbone controller, it’s ultimately change the way I play on my phone. However as much as this app has a great interface it has a huge pay wall that you can’t even skip, I watched the video reviews online about this product on launch, but since those videos this app is got a pay yearly subscription. I love the interface as it does remind me of modern day consoles however a pay wall of 50 quid is a little bit insane in my books. It makes me really sad to think that I’ve only got a year using this app before potentially moving on..Version: 1.3.20

Won’t workI have the backbone controller and when i open the app it says i need to buy one,because if this. i cannot even get past the first screen and set up my backbone. how do i fix this?.Version: 1.4.13

Horrible appThe controller is excellent, but the app is terrible. Moreover, the subscription model seems illogical since we are purchasing the product itself, not a membership just for browsing games. I was planning to recommend this to my friends, but with the app eliminating any form of free access, I will inform all my friends who were interested in buying the product to search for a more satisfactory and transparent alternative. While a one-time purchase might be reasonable, I find it overly greedy to request payment for a service that merely lists available games without offering any additional functionality..Version: 1.5.1

Love and hateLove it when it works! Great device when it works! No latency at all when it works! I play mobile games competitively and for fun. I’ve bought 2 of these. First one, left triggers and left joystick just stopped working. Second one loses it’s connection in mid game. Worst thing when you have someone dead to rights and he smokes you cause your controller stops working. Tried to clean the ports but no help. iPhone doesn’t recognize the backbone. For the price you would think it would work flawlessly. 100 dollars isn’t cheap. I will say backbone has a great team and if they can fix the bugs I’d definitely buy again. For now I’m just gunna go back to triggers or see what kishi has..Version: 1.3.10

No internetI got my backbone controller this morning and tried to set it up. I put in my phone number to verify and it keeps saying cannot connect backbone to servers. I've deleted and reinstalled the app numerous times but still no difference.Version: 1.4.15

Bait and switchThe app can’t be used after trial. Developer claims Backbone+ is optional HOWEVER it was NOT advertised that all the features in the app like screen recordings, multiplayer community and having a nice UI was going to back locked behind a paywall. You don’t find out about this paywall until you setup your account. New users are given a 1yr free trial (like that is suppose to make up for it). Truth is you can use the controller without the app but lose out on all extra features you thought you were paying $99 for with the expensive controller. Now you have to pay $50 A YEAR to keep that stuff. This is classic bait and switch. I’m hear to warn you to avoid the app and subscription. Update: My complaint is that Backbone+ is not advertised and is misleading. I deleted the app and will not pay $50 a year for your service. I recommend you start advertising that all the extra features are only included with Backbone + instead of blindsiding your customers..Version: 1.3.26

App failed to notify me of my turn in the queueI was waiting on the queue to purchase I got no notifications and when I clicked in I had missed my spot and now it won’t refresh. So I can’t rejoin the queue..Version: 1.0.7

Wants to take pictures upon attaching to phoneI would have given this a 5 star rating easily a few weeks ago. Every good thing said about the Backbone controller I agree with however recently when attaching the controller the app launches the screen grab/record feature constantly! It’s so annoying that once I finally get it to stop I’m reluctant to disconnect because it takes so much time to get to work again! I’ve deleted the app but it then just constantly tells me that the app isn’t installed. This is incredibly annoying and aggravating when it kills time I could be playing. When it’s working it’s a phenomenal piece of hardware and easily worth the price but having to keep it attached to my phone in order to quickly play is inconvenient to say the least. Please help.Version: 1.2.20

LagGames played through Xbox cloud have terrible lag.Version: 1.3.11

Hardware features locked behind subscriptionA subscription is required to use the dedicated screen recording button or the plug and play feature that are advertised as being included tech specs on the website. They give you one year free, but the cost of the subscription is roughly 50% of the controller itself, meaning you either end up paying more in 2.5 years than the hardware itself just to use the hardware you own, or you have a button that doesn’t do as advertised and need to carry two controllers to play on iPhone and iPad. Do yourself a favour and look into their competitors that are offering the same features with no subscription..Version: 1.3.31

Not suitable for 13 Pro/MaxDoesn’t fit 13 pro/ pro max models and the “free” adaptor costs $10 in shipping fees. Many other reviews also point out the yearly subscription fee which you need to know about before buying..Version: 1.3.10

It’s okThe app is ok but I don’t think it’s worth th subscription fee as it I want really add anything.Version: 1.4.18

Play anywhere not working…Have a subscription but the play anywhere feature does not work… continually reverts to disabled even following a factory reset of the controller, signing out of the app and reinstalling the app… disappointing.Version: 1.5.0

Absolute ScamYou pay $130 for the controller, only for the developers to turn around and ask you to pay $74 for their subscription service. It shouldn’t be like that! Worse gaming product ever!.Version: 1.3.26

PosYou’ll love it at first but after 2 weeks it’ll be glitchy and the device will need to be disconnected and reconnected to work properly. Pos.Version: 1.3.13

There’s a catchYou need a credit card to use the backbone one app. Expect yearly payments just to use the app so it like a ps+ nso subscription.Version: 1.5.2

Still not workingOnly works when phone is in backwards, obviously can’t play on it. Tried emailing the company, but no replies after weeks. Great concept but this isn’t the right producer.Version: 1.4.19

Want to use it on your computer? Pay extra!The app is great, but as others have said it’s really bad that hardware features are behind a paywall. The ability to use the backbone one with the computer to use remote play? Behind a paywall. Want to use it to play on your iPad through a usb cable? Pay up! If I had known, I would not have bought it and would have bought a regular dual sense controller. Very disappointed because this was not clear before buying..Version: 1.4.10

$80CAD is not worth itThis app is fantastic and as a bundle in with an equally great controller it provides a seamless experience that I enjoy every time I hit that orange button. When the year trail finishes it’ll be the easiest choice I’ll make to delete the app as it’s unusable without the subscription and the price tag is not even close to worth it..Version: 1.3.17

BackboneVery glitchy. Works but would not recommend.Version: 1.4.20

IdkI don’t know what to title this but do I enjoy the backbone yes I do but at the same time I didn’t think about how expensive things would be. From what I can imagine/understand is you gottta pay for Backbone plus to use the backbone one device which is 50 bucks a year (keep in mind I’m already paying 50 bucks for for Xbox live). Also to get the full experience of gaming you gotta pay 180 bucks a year ($15x12 months) for Xbox game pass ultimate to play over 100 games otherwise just use remote play. But I haven’t fully done my research for backbone+ yet so I could be wrong. Either way remote play is useable outside the house..Version: 1.3.19

Buyer bewareAfter going back and forth as whether to purchase the Backbone or Razer Kishi I decided on the backbone. Most reviewers pointed to the software being the main thing that gave Backbone the edge, and that swayed my decision even though I could’ve bought the Kishi for a better price. Much to my surprise/chagrin, that wonderful software has an expiration date and then a $50 a year paywall. That’s half the price of the controller! Absolutely insane to ask that much for some minor conveniences. The app works well enough but be aware of the added cost when you decide to go this route. It’s not advertised or mentioned in any of those glowing reviews. I definitely have buyers remorse but hopefully this helps someone to at least know what they’re buying..Version: 1.3.4

How much?!Wow. So, I really liked the look of this, but even if I didn’t live in the UK - where they charge an extra $35 for up to 10-day shipping, before factoring-in the customs charges (probably about £20-£30 which pushes the price close to $200...) - $99 is still way way WAY too much for this! I mean...WHAT?! No thanks..Version: 1.0.12

Disappointed with PlayStation versionThought this would be plug and play but half the time you can’t connect your phone nothing happens and you can’t use the app. App freezes a lot too. Not worth the £99 which is expensive for what it is. Tried more than one iPhone too same problem doesn’t recognise the backbone half the time. PS remote app doesn’t help either as it rarely connects to PS5 and when you do it disconnects - I have BT fibre and sat next to PS5. Overall very disappointing so far..Version: 1.4.1

So dumbI have this but it don’t work even if I was the remotes what going on this is bad app 0 stars.Version: 1.4.26

Not worth paying forShouldn’t be charged to use the app The backbone device is expensive already.Version: 1.3.36

Great concept, but ya still need every systemThe good; amazing concept. The control is beautifully designed, doesn't feel alien in my hands, and ACTUALLY lets you play games in the App Store. It also charges your phone while charging itself if you have it plugged up. This ACTUALLY DOES WORK. I loved this idea. Now, the bad; I had to sell my PS5, my Xbox Series X and my custom PC to pay for my move back home. As a parting gift, my roommate bought me this to make me happy after seeing how upset I was. After getting it started, I find out that it still requires me to have all 3 systems in order to play. Now my roommate is upset, I’m about to cry because I got so excited, now this good bye present she got me has turned into something sad. Ik this sounds extreme and childish, but she was really excited to see me open it and play it. I wish your device was able to just access my accounts when I log in and let me stream play like all the systems give the option for now. You’re device should be a cheap option for those who don’t have and/or can’t afford these newer systems instead of requiring us to literally spend over $1,000 for the 3 different systems..Version: 1.4.20

Cash grab, not worth itTwo of the buttons prompts you to install the app. There is no way to disable this. If you do install the app, hitting the button takes you out of your game and into the app. You have to register and provide personal information to use the app. You have to subscribe to their Backbone+ service to use the app, and you will automatically get charged 50USD at the end of the trial. The controller cost twice that of the competition, yet I can’t use two of the buttons. Now I have to go through the trouble to return the controller and get my money back. That company is awful..Version: 1.3.17

Good when workingEnjoyed it for almost a year then became unplayable cos of drift issues and screenshot button continually taking pictures on it’s own which are common problems/faults.Version: 1.4.10

Great but overpriced12 months free is nice but not sure if I will renew developers really need to push the potential of the new iPhones first some great games but many ps2/psp graphics.Version: 1.3.30

Needs a subscriptionIt’s a good UI but to be able to use it’s features it requires an annual fee. Better off with a standard Xbox controller and clip..Version: 1.3.13

My game not support by backbone controllerI played few months but my backbone controller broke and one game for basketrio game start to show error and saying this accsorry not supported and I try to play other game and it’s not working at all ! No having a happy experience with that.Version: 1.3.23

Not working correctlyThe backbone has stopped connecting to my console for remote play, anyone got any advice?.Version: 1.3.9

Account and phone number requiredThe hardware itself is nice, well made and sturdy-feeling. Two buttons on the device require the app to work (and if accidentally pressed during frantic gameplay will interrupt you with a pop-up to install the app). So you won’t be able to take screenshots, update the firmware or remap any of the buttons without the app. The app does not get beyond the opening screen unless you sign up for a backbone account either using an Apple or Google ID. As part of the backbone account sign up you have to provide them with your phone number. Requiring an online account with personal info to do basic things (that do not need online connectivity or accounts) on your premium game controller seems like a cynical data grab on backbone’s part. Anyhow. I’m writing this review so that people can make an informed choice on their purchase. It’s lovely hardware, it really is, but be aware that basic advertised features unnecessarily require an online account with personal data..Version: 1.4.29

Won’t restore my purchaseI made an account ages ago, and now have decide to use the backbone account again. So I paid for the yearly subscription and now it’s still stuck in the “Set-Up” page and not letting me move past it. Quite disappointed as it’s basically took my money but not letting me have access to what I’m entitled to. Will be requesting Apple for a refund..Version: 1.4.29

Useless and buggyThe app is pretty buggy and generally useless. The controller it's self is nice, but would probably work better if it didn't require this app..Version: 1.3.9

Ahhh problemAnyone ever have the problem of it not sending you a sms to verify phone number?? Every so often says no internet connection as well..Version: 1.4.4

Not as good as it saysDoesn’t do what It says tried connecting it to Xbox instead it wiped all my games off my Xbox its ok to play games on phone and use it as a joypad to play games on phone..Version: 1.3.32

Requires a phone numberBit weird for what is ostensibly a game launcher to require a phone number. I don’t like giving out my number to random companies for no reason..Version: 1.3.1

An Odd ExperienceUPDATE: The generic response of the app being optional doesn’t change the fact that the app’s subscription cost is too high and unreasonable. “Pouring love” into the app does not means it’s free from scrutiny. Even if you want to claim that BackBone+ is objectively a good app, the pricing model makes little to no sense. Also, the argument that the controller is 100% usable without the app, makes the price of the subscription even more questionable… The controller is good, an 8/10 on its own. The subscription cost to use the app is unreasonable to say the least, so the experience is overall 4/10. Yes, the controller can be used without the app, but the app is part of the package being sold to you and i would lying if I said the app isn’t nice. The problem is, it can feel like a scam, as I do not believe there is value for money here at all. The app should be free considering it is a glorified menu for a pricey controller to begin with, or worst case, permanent access for what is currently being charged as a yearly subscription. (No one cares about the “rewards”, just get rid of them). Also, poor implementation of the PlayStation Edition, as every game just recognises the Backbone One like an Xbox controller, so all button prompts are presented with the Xbox layout (A, B, X, Y)..Version: 1.4.10

Hey I need to talkGreat app and all but could you remove the paywall and let us use basic features like apps and maybe 720p recording? But being able to use the app without paying would be awesome I bought one for the app stuff so kinda frustrating. Please remove the paywall..Version: 1.3.36

Product returned, egregious subscription model!Having just bought the controller I was shocked to see a $79.99AUD annual membership price to use the app. It comes with a 1 year trial, but to charge for features when competitors do not is a greedy move that will surely lose a lot of customers. Early adopters got a lifetime membership for free, so instead of welcoming new people into the ecosystem, they instead erected a disgusting paywall. Though you don’t need the app to use the controller, without a membership you can’t use it as a wired PC, Mac or iPad controller either. Refund for the controller has been organised. Stay away from this product and instead look at other competitors who aren’t this greedy. I will stick to using a Dualsense controller, as the limited convenience of a launcher does not wash away the bad taste in my mouth..Version: 1.3.35

Need to subscribe to complete setup?Deleted and returned device. I get that you go can cancel your subscription before the free trial ends, but this tactic still feels scammy. And when I used the device to remote play my PS5 I couldn’t even read the text. Good idea. Botched implementation..Version: 1.4.10

Decent software, poor hardwareHaving gone through two Backbone One controllers, I am extremely disappointed with this product as a whole. The software is limited by Apple and all of its stubbornness, but the parts that really matter (the gameplay integration and responsiveness) are there and work well. The main failing of this product is the build quality. Springs that sounds loud and fragile, triggers that make popping and grinding noises while dropping inputs; inconsistent yet persistent issues that plague the physical hardware resulting in an unsatisfactory gameplay experience. Customer support has been really good by getting back to me and making return/exchanges painless but I frankly do not want to try a third controller so I can hope this one will be problem-free. Once manufacturing issues are resolved and Apple opens up a bit, I could see this being the real deal. But at $100, no option for a carry case, software limitations and a ton of physical issues, I can’t recommend the product in its current state..Version: 1.2.5

Disappointing greedThe Backbone controller is advertised as a unique controller, one that has an intelligent app that separates it from the rest. The app acts as the brains for the Backbone controller, allowing it to shine with truly unique features. Now imagine if you will, that the company decides to add an “optional” subscription service. Understandable, with the features that the controller uses through the app, it’s no surprise that they may need a subscription service to help keep the app running. Now imagine, that not only does this “optional” subscription cost a substantial amount, but is mandatory to use the app AT ALL. Yes, you read that correctly. The app that acts as the entire brains of the controller is not accessible in any way, shape or form without a subscription. This means that everything that makes this controller different to the other “switch like” iPhone controllers, is entirely taken away once the “free” 1 year subscription ends. Leaving you with a brainless $180 AUD controller. It’s core advertised features are held hostage behind an “optional” recurring fee. No, you cannot use the controller with your computer over USB or with your iPad. Yes, it can still play games. So yes, it technically still functions as a controller. Just one without any of its core advertised unique features. So if you happen to read this before buying a Backbone controller, I strongly recommend DO NOT BUY. Now I’m confident this review will get a developer response, with a cut-and-paste response that you’ll see in the other replies to the reviews from others who discovered this as well. Nothing they say in the response will excuse pay-walling the whole app in its entirety. At the VERY LEAST the game launcher functions of the app should be available for free users. Put streaming features and whatnot behind the “optional” paywall if you must, but there’s no reasonable excuse to completely block every single feature, for a $180 AUD controller..Version: 1.3.36

It’s okCons: Ergonomics are like a Nintendo Switch (same orientation, skinny profile, tight positioning of fingers on triggers, etc). Thumb sticks are low profile with small range of motion, and the springs are mega light, so in a game like Warframe, you’re aiming will be all over the place. I added a thumb stick extender (the taller one), and it helped a little, but you’ll have to adjust sensitivity on your games to not get overly frustrated. A bit miffed over the change to a paid subscription service of $50/year without any real value. I just bought the backbone and saw it was grandfathered for anyone who had it before November 2021. I’m going to play around with it during the free trial period, but I don’t see myself keeping it considering the game library access I have in game pass… assuming the rest of the controller still works like it should after the subscription ends. Pros: it works. I haven’t tried much of the functions outside of using my Xbox app to remote play on my Xbox from another room. It works, but the ergonomics are killing me..Version: 1.3.15

It is what it is, the service is good but it’s over pricedThe service.Version: 1.4.4

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