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Agile and considerate dev/design teamI really enjoyed using Route. I like most of the features and interface design of the app, making my waiting time a more enjoyable experience. But what I love the most is how responsive their dev team is. Over the last month I submitted 3 bug report and feature suggestions (wrong tracking timestamp, duplicated order/mistaking delivery orders, and malfunctioning iOS widget). And now all of them are fixed. I only submit feature suggestions or bugs for apps that I like and want to see it improve, and it’s delightful to see how the dev and design teams value their user’s feedback. You guys are doing great already and you will do even better in the future!.Version: 1.87.0

Know your “roots”Route is very helpful for tracking packages that I’m waiting for in the mail. I have a lot of orders from all over the place, I couldn’t do it myself. I like how it knows all of my orders without me having to do anything other than signing in once all the while I’ve been using it (like over a year already). Occasionally I get duplicate orders or errors, but it’s not Route’s fault. It mostly has to do with the place I ordered from inputting in the order twice or something on their end. Route’s customer service is great as well. I only needed to speak to someone once, and I got a timely and friendly response. I definitely recommend Route. It is so reliable and easy to read, it definitely simplifies my mail package delivery experience..Version: 2.91.0

BoibsDear friend.Version: 2.32.1

RouteGreat app to track your order, some items aren’t updated as well as other businesses so that’s the down fall of ordering online. Other than that major brands such as gymshark, sbd, or local brands in your city shouldn’t be too much of a problem to track. Ordering off Etsy or seeing an ad for discounted items are the ones to watch out for..Version: 2.93.0

Bon service. MerciBon service. Merci.Version: 2.102.2

I was excited...I think the app objective and interface are great, but poorly executed. My shipments are, in fact, moving yet the app still shows its waiting for shipping info. Multiple times now, I’ve had to mark a package as delivered when the app still shows its waiting for shipping info. I can’t see the multiple tracking numbers associated with an order or where each is at - again, “waiting for shipping info” This app has worked once, maybe twice, out of about 8 different times it’s attempted to track an order. Not a great track record thus far. I downloaded about 4 days ago. Update: I am now receiving notifications that items have been delivered, and those notifications are up to several weeks late...Version: 1.19.0

Do thingsI got this app because it does things ... and things it does..Version: 1.73.1

Genius ideaI wish I had thought of this app! So convenient, it does everything for you. I feel like I’ve upgraded my tracking game. Now I don’t have to do a thing and my Gmail is tracked to automatically find what’s being sent to me..Version: 1.60.1

Awesome app!!!Really helpfully immediately links whenever I have made a purchase and is always fast and responsive !!!.Version: 2.115.0

Actually love this appWas forced to download this app when I bought something once, but its really helpful and totally recommend for people who shop online, work smart..Version: 2.93.1

The app saved meThe app is very useful. It allows me to see if I’m missing anything i have ordered and when royal mail fail to deliver the red card this told me meaning my parcel didn’t get sent back and i could pester the right people to give me my delivery. The only reason i have dropped to 4 stars is because there are lots of tracking issues - some showing no tracking when i can track the parcel myself..Version: 2.45.0

Very helpful!Always updating details, automatically puts my online orders on here I love it.Version: 2.69.0

NeatVery early days as I’ve literally just downloaded the app but initial impressions are very good. You can sign up with Apple ID, this is the first time I’ve used this feature and I like it. However, as Route uses the email address that you placed your order under, I suggest you don’t hide your email as you’ll only have to link it afterwards. Not that linking an additional email is a problem but it’s just an (unnecessary) extra step. What else? Not much really. App is nice looking, easy to use and, so far, does everything I’d expect. I’ll update this review once my order has arrived to comment on its tracking prowess..Version: 1.1.6

Good 👍🏼Quite good to track orders only it doesn’t show progress easily.Version: 2.92.1

IdkThis app makes tracking your orders really easy, would recommend.Version: 2.107.0

Order StatusRoute was a constant reminder of my order not being shipped expeditiously..Version: 1.51.2

Wonderful app, needs better onboardingI discovered the app when one of my purchases prompted downloading it for the tracking info and I decided to give it a go. linked my google account to it because single sign on seemed easier than signing up by email and manually added existing purchases and then was pleasantly surprised to discover that when I made new orders they were added automatically! I love to have all my deliveries in one and it’s a really nifty app I imagine I’d continue using for years to come. Having said that, here’s some feedback on how you could make it even better: 1. Explain that route is for tracking all your purchases in one place, the way it was presented to me was that this is a place to track that one single purchase I made originally and it was annoying to download an app just for that. 2. Explain that linking the email account allows for new orders to automatically appear on the route app. 3. While you’re at it, allow linking multiple emails to a single account. Some people use multiple email addresses and others just want to organize their own and their spouse’s purchases in one place. But overall, really awesome app, thanks!!.Version: 1.23.0

Best app everAs someone who buys a lot of stuff this is great to have, it allows you to do so much would recommend highly to anyone..Version: 2.48.0

RouteGood piece of tech, being able to see what’s happening and we’re my goods are is a winner.Version: 2.102.0

In a few tweaks can be 5 starsInitially I had a bad experience with the app, but after contacting their customer service, they realized the initial claim denial was incorrect. I wish there was a way to contact customer service through the app. The only I was able to find the customer service email was reading previous reviews and developer answers in here. Add a way to be contacted or at least the option for a claim review inside the app. I have deleted my previous negative review and the only reason I’m not giving 5 stars is because I had to do the leg work looking for a way to contact the app. After speaking with Brielle (5 stars) by email, she resolved quickly and made another order. I’m waiting for the new package and hopefully will arrive with no problems this time..Version: 1.61.1

Great App to Track packagesI have found this app to be really good at tracking packages! I find that this app works best when you order anything from America or the company that you are ordering from is American! Otherwise it’s pretty good! If you link your Email that you use for all shipping almost all of your parcels should show up on the app! I find it great to keep track of all your parcels on the one screen rather than using different links and services to track packages! It might not work for everyone but it works for me so I can highly recommend giving it a try!.Version: 2.47.0

Very very usefulIn the first time the app scary me (spam) but is very useful for tracking you order!!! I recommend it!!.Version: 2.98.0

What? Why?I’m not sure why this app, who is so needing in MY PERSONAL INFO, won’t let me add details to my order while using the app. I’ve had several preorders from the same company and it looks all the same with no info added just yet. I have that particular info needed. I could easily add it, making all the orders, looking all the same which is very confusing, slide into their correct location. Again, making orders less confusing. Unfortunately, there is no way for me, as just a user of this app to add any info, other than MY PERSONAL INFO, about the actual order like, say, a tracking number?? That should seem important, it is what they do, right? It’s kinda’ all they do, right? So, I can start with tracking numbers being info I already have before this app, there is much more but, again, no way to add it. I just give this app alotta MY PERSONAL INFO with no way to add/adjust anything? I’m just on for the ride with this app, I suppose, after giving them MY PERSONAL INFO..Version: 2.20.0

Fantastic appWas hesitant at first giving the app permission to use my email address but so far no known issues. Whenever you place an order the app pulls the data from your email and enters it into the route app and lets you know via alerts when a label is created, where it is currently at in real time, wether it is at the shippers warehouse or at a delivery service center somewhere, which is awesome for anticipating delivery. Currently I have 6 orders that were pulled from my email and I can tell exactly where they all are, each package on the map has a logo of the website I ordered from as a thumbnail of the package which is very helpful. This app takes away from the crappy infrastructure of utilizing tracking numbers with ups, fed-ex, dbl, etc. Overall I never write reviews, like ever, but I would highly recommend anyone and everyone downloading this app..Version: 2.91.0

Really cool appIt’s so useful to be notified when deliveries from multiple suppliers are on the way..Version: 1.53.1

Do you shop online? DOWNLOAD ASAP!Honestly, how have I lived without Route for this long? Coming from someone who literally hasn’t even stepped foot in a Target in years because I’m purely an online shopper, Route has finally put an end to my hours of combing through emails trying to find and organize my online purchases. Do you find yourself buying a lot of stuff online? Sometimes from big brands, sometimes from a boutique swim shop in Australia, or maybe even that random product you got lured into by an ad on Instagram? It isn’t always easy to keep track of the things we buy every day - that is, until I found Route. Route seriously saves me so much time. Open the app and I can visually see the status of EVERY order i make, and where it is on the map. No more worrying, no more follow ups with questionable customer service, and no more wondering. I know exactly where my items are, where they are going, and when they are arriving. This app has made my life exponentially easier already and it’s super intuitive and easy to use. Save yourself the headache of searching your inbox for the ONE email that maybe had a tracking number on it and get Route to do it for you instead. Game over 🙏🏽 now back to shopping ✅.Version: 1.1.2

LoveLove this app - all purchased items in the one app for easy tracking.Version: 2.4.1

Very good app - Would like to see more options for manual entryI’ve been using Route for about a week to track my packages after it was the only option to track the albums I ordered from the Stray Kids Shop. I can honestly say it’s one of the best package tracking apps I’ve used. With that being said, I have noticed that one of the orders I’ve made wasn’t automatically detected when I connected my email address, and I think this happened for several reasons. It was a pre-order, so there’s no tracking number I can manually enter, and I pre-ordered two of the same item at separate times, so it probably looks like a duplicate email about one singular order to the app. It picked up the second order, but I can’t find a way to add the first. I’d like to see another option for manually entering an order for tracking when it’s not automatically detected and there isn’t a tracking number associated with the order yet..Version: 2.87.0

BestThank you for everything that you are. God Bless your heart..Version: 2.88.0

GREAT!Super easy to use, loved it!.Version: 1.1.6

GoodGood.Version: 2.110.0

Highly recommend!Route is something I never knew I needed, until I tried it. It makes tracking my packages so much easier, as it’s all in one place. If I want to check the status of a package, instead of having to go through my email and find and place in individual tracking numbers, I just click the app and the status of every package is displayed before me. It’s also highly convenient that you don’t have to manually enter every package in, as it can link to your email and be automatically put in every time you make a purchase. It’s made online shopping so much easier, and I really recommend it..Version: 2.43.0

I like it! There’s just one problem…Seriously, this is a great app, exactly what I needed to help me keep track of things BUT the one fault is that I can’t rename the orders. I have ADHD and don’t remember I even ordered something until it shows up or it’ll pop into my brain months after it doesn’t (which is why I wanted this app). That and because my current living situation for whatever reason has a lot of issues with theft / carrier related package missing situations. So when I have (sometimes multiple) things that show up on the app as UPS or FedEx and I can’t rename them, I have no idea what’s coming and it’s especially frustrating if it says something is delivered and it isn’t there / I don’t get an email and I have to figure out what it is so I can report it. Anyway I’m sure this is an easy thing to add so if y’all could get on that I’d be super appreciative..Version: 2.17.0

Do you shop online? You NEED thisOk. Where have you been all my life?! I am an avid online shopper. It’s become my preferred way to shop. No lines, no parking, I find what I want and buy it. It’s all very efficient. Until it’s not! I’ve had several packages go missing, who the heck knows what happened. Sometimes I cannot find or access my tracking, it can be super frustrating. Route eases ALL of those frustrations. In fact from now on I will be only shopping from stores that offer Route. Wanna know why?! I know exactly where my packages are at ALL times. No more stress! And if one of my precious packages does go missing, as long as I was able to buy Route package protection at check out, it’s the easiest, fastest, no hassle resolution process ever!!! I can file a claim with a few clicks and get a new one shipped immediately!!!! I’m obsessed with this!!!!!.Version: 2.117.0

I wish I knew about this app soonerI never thought it was something I wanted to have, but once I downloaded it and added my orders by tracking number, I was surprised by how helpful and handy it is view the location and status of all my orders from different merchants at once. No longer do I constantly have to open separate emails to see individual statuses. Now, I open the app and see it all in one place. I like the GPS feature that displays the last logged locations of each package on the world map with highlighted routes. The only complaint I have is that I cannot link my email because the app requires it to be a Gmail account. This app could be five stars if they let me use my Outlook email. That was one of the things that turned me off in this app. Also, many of my packages do not have extra details like some other orders, such as an ETA and current location from the beginning. This makes this app useless with some orders. Im not sure if this is something Route can control, however. Sometimes the ETA only updates on the day of delivery. I would like to know that when I add the order, not just last minute. Overall, great app and I hope more merchants start integrating this tool. Very helpful..Version: 1.55.0

I love itMake me easier to track my parcel.Version: 2.96.1

ReviewSeems to be ok now only just stated using.Version: 2.91.0

AwesomeMy package got lost they refund my money and also reshipped on priority with in 3to4 days from America to uk.Version: 1.87.0

Thank you Route!We have worked with Route for about two years. When we first started with Route, the representatives were patient in training the team on their services. In the beginning, the team had many questions, and every time our Route representative would take the time to meet with us via zoom. Route's responsiveness was appreciated because sometimes vendors aren't always responsive. Route is helpful because they cover the customer's order if it gets lost, stolen, or damaged per their guidelines. Since our company is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged packages as outlined in our Shipping Policy, the option for a customer to add Route to their purchase makes them feel secure if something were to happen to their package. Route is also helpful because if a customer files a claim about their package, Route will replace it or refund their purchase themselves so that our customer is taken care of and the company saves money.".Version: 2.13.0

ReviewAlways update you right on time with tracking and shipping 5 star indeed.Version: 1.62.0

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