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Screen Mirroring – Chromecast App User Positive Comments 2024

Screen Mirroring – Chromecast app received 58 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about screen mirroring – chromecast?

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Screen Mirroring – Chromecast for Positive User Reviews

SoundIt would be A LOT better if I could also cast the sound..Version: 1.4

AmazingAmazing it works perfectly great app..Version: 1.4

Best working deviceIt’s easy & fast to install.Version: 2.5

Good but the Apple Cast was laggingCan You Fix It.Version: 2.0

Ryder sweeps77Pretty good , quick.Version: 1.7

Stream movies from iPhone appIf I am watching movies from iPhone app there is Very bad quality of pictures on Tv and audio is not translated to tv too. Thanks Robert.Version: 1.2

Great work!Thanks for making a free version because I’m too young to have a credit card to buy pro. The app works well and I don’t mind the ads because they are short and it gives me a few seconds to look away from the screen. Thank you for this and I hope I can buy the pro version in the future..Version: 2.4

Well Done! The actual screencaster!I thought this was going to be fleeceware, but it isn’t! To this company I must say you are awesome. Thanks! Now I can play clash on the TV..Version: 2.3

Fantastic! No need for Apple TV!We had a chromecast but I couldn’t mirror my phone. I was about to get an Apple TV thinking I needed it for mirroring but got this app (pro version). Audio is good and mirror well. Just turn down the volume on your phone and turn it up on your tv. Works perfectly! Saved me $170!.Version: 2.0

Did the jobI needed to do a one-off mirror of my screen and it worked fine aside from a few occasional display glitches. There is an advert every few minutes but this is the free version..Version: 1.6

ReviewI’m quite surprised how quick it mirrors. Some others there is very noticeable lag. This is unnoticeable. Good app..Version: 2.5

MrsIt’s so good to be able to cast and watch my favourite films and series on big TV screen Thanks.Version: 2.3

Fixed my Google TV casting problem!This was well worth the one-time $6.99 purchase as it allowed me to play my Yoga-go app videos on my Google TV. My iPhone screen mirroring worked with my Samsung TV, but not with the Google TV in my exercise room. Finding that the two weren’t compatible, it took a few tries before finding this app to fix the issue. The free version will get your image up there, but if you want the sound on the Google TV instead of your iPhone, you’ll need the paid version..Version: 2.8

AwesomeNot the best quality but so happy to Atleast screen mirror.Version: 2.5

Leah review I think it’s perfectI I.Version: 2.3

How do I delete itI can’t seem to delete it from my phone.Version: 2.5

Actually works including free version!So many junk apps that either don’t work or are bait and switch claiming to be “free” but aren’t. This all actually works perfectly and the free version (with a very short ad which is fair) works great!! I did notice I can’t screen record when casting my screen, but that must be due to how the app exploits the screen share functionality to make it work? But not a big deal. Really great and again awesome free version, although I’ll definitely be upgrading and recommend you do the same when able to support the developer!.Version: 2.5

GoodOnly problem is on my tv it’s low quality.Version: 2.7

Mirroring appIv been using this application for several years and all I can say is that I really love using it. Iv had other apps but they don’t work as well as this app..Version: 2.5

Good for iPhoneIt’s good for iPhone and androids but I recommend getting the pro to remove the ads.Version: 1.7

LolMerci.Version: 1.8

The only app that worked for meI was looking for an app that didn’t need google home. This works great for me except no sound. However the software developers are already working on a fix..Version: 1.2

GoodIt is as good.Version: 2.0

Great but not convenientIt a great way to mirror but it’s only really good if you buy the pro version for that you might as well not have the free version but it good any.Version: 1.8

The best casting app everEvery time I wanted to cast something to my tv like ufc event or a movie I had to grab my apple hdmi adapter and my long hdmi cord and run it from the back of my tv to the couch where I’d be with the phone and there would be moments when if I moved the phone to much I like answering a text message or checking on my emails the hdmi adapter or cord would come loose enough to briefly disconnect and I would lose the signal and it was so annoying so I was looking into some sort of a airplay or Apple TV adapter and was discouraged seeing what it takes and the prices but then I came across this website that mentioned this mirror to chromecast app so I tried it and it worked perfectly and fast too I was so happy with it I bought the pro deal and it’s worth every penny no more messing around with wires and plugging stuff in and most importantly no more interruptions I highly recommend this app.Version: 2.5

Great AppReally enjoying this app.Version: 2.3

Great tool for the Chome cast. Really work’s !!!Great for mirroring your iPhone for games and movies. Use slideshow for an easy work presentation.... Or go through photos with family... Whatever you like to do on the phone or tablet you can now do on the big screen in your living room.... I give it five stars ..... For a prime example view some things that you can’t without it on the chrome cast ... That in my book is a pretty good app”.Version: 1.6

Amazing app!It helps me a lot when I'm looking through my pics! The adds are fair too! Watching 1 add to mirror your screen for as long as you want??? It's a great deal! How are all of you guys COMPLAINING ABOUT THE ADDS???? What did you expect, the company letting them selves go broke???.Version: 2.0

Thank you for this app it’s the best way to do everything from iOS devices to google chrome-cast!!Just download and see for yourself how it’s great to swipe up and screen reordering button is “AirPlay” and screen mirroring to your TV!.Version: 1.2

It works!!Have tried quite a few free apps, this is the first one that works - easy to set up and easy to use..Version: 2.5

Only app that works😍Amazing..Version: 1.6

Pretty goodIt has good quality, only bad thing is have to watch a very short add before streaming it. It what you are going to get out of a free app, worth the few seconds..Version: 1.8

It’s pretty good.If you don’t want to pay for ad removal and stuff this is A1. The sound doesn’t come with but I don’t mind better than all the other ones I had to deal with so thanks so much for that..Version: 2.2

Actually WorksThis app works well for tv with roku in order to turn adjust the screen you need to add a subscription this is an ok app.Version: 2.5

No sound.Ok so, everything is perfect it’s just like an Apple TV but. There’s no sound I tried to play a video on my phone and nothing came out...so fix this immediately..Version: 1.2

Hello maybe put less adsHello it’s okay you can do it. Most apps cost money but very good just wish less ads. Please do thanks, Keanu.Version: 2.5

This is so helpful 5 stars!This app is amazing for when I want to play roblox but I want a bigger screen to watch it on or watch yt or tiktok thank youuu! !.Version: 2.5

This app is great!So I wanted to play games like the sonic remastereds on the iPhone and I wanted to use the television to play them with my controller but all the apps I looked for they just had a subscription for the screen mirroring but then this app came to me and save me sure the app makes you watch an ad but this is an overall a great app 🙏👌🫶.Version: 2.5

BI can’t hear the voice from the tv only on my phone.Version: 1.8

Great App But No Audio and bit laggyI love this app compared to others you have to pay monthly. Wish their was audio but I can still watch or play with headphones. Only thing that’s laggy is that the app is about 1 to 3 seconds off..Version: 1.7

TanksMerci.Version: 1.8

OhGood.Version: 2.0

Tv mirror+ for chrome cast works wellI had difficulties having the non “+” version not sending audio to my tv when mirroring. Once I deleted the other versions, I was able to mirror audio along with video from my Google Plus security cameras. Very happy with the results once I got it working..Version: 2.5

AwesomeKool.Version: 1.4

Screen MirrorGreat app works just like it should. The developers updated us on the sound problem and are working on it! Highly recommend..Version: 1.2

SUCCESS. It works!!!! (June 2022)This is the only low cost and working “Copy iPhone to Chromecast TV” app I found. I tried 3 or 4 other “Chromecast iPhone apps” none of which could duplicate my phone screen to my TV. Some others claimed they could, but their features didn’t work. Thank you for making a solid product. I’ll buy the full version for $3.99 :).Version: 2.5

This app is honestly awesomeYou wish you guys had come up with this app sooner.Version: 2.0

Seems to work well for photosFirst impression is good.Version: 1.7

Best app 👌 only problem is sky GO app won’t work😜Best app 👌 only problem is sky GO app won’t work😜.Version: 1.2

It works!I kept trying to do screen mirroring and the other apps just didn’t work. This one does!.Version: 2.3

GoodGood free app works well with my iPhone/ Panasonic flat screen, minimal ads.Version: 1.7

Very useful appGreat app for everyday use. Grand kids can now play iPad games on the “big screen” they think that its magic.Version: 2.5

B KivancExcellent app. I love it so real.Version: 2.5

Free works okay, will buy premo if I can get soundWorks as described. There is a bit of jitter/lag from phone, but getting chrome cast for $60 and this app for $6 is much cheaper than getting Apple TV for hundred of dollars!!! Just started using it and trying to get sound out of tv rather than the phone. Must be a button or toggle I need to flick… will update late if things change..Version: 2.5

FaceTime calling working only vertical no rotationApp is very good, most people like to see horizontal screen rotation, screen not rotating with phone rotation.Version: 1.2

Great AppLoving this app. Doing everything I have asked. I have upgraded to Pro.Version: 1.4

SoundThis is the best screen mirroring app ever and it’s free. The only thing is that there is no sound but you could just get a Bluetooth speaker. But please fix it..Version: 1.2

LOVE TV CAST FOR CHROMECAST!I love TV CAST FOR CHROMECAST! Now I can cast and mirror my whole IPAD/IPHONE straight to my tv screen! Not to mention I can cast web videos, web photos, web tv, not to mention cast the web period! It even saves the hassle connecting a casting device like AIRPLAY and saves an extra HDMI import on my TV!.Version: 2.3

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