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Add controller supportI love this game on iPad but one problem why does this game not have controller support.Version: 20200914

CompatibilityIt says my phone is compatible with this game but once it’s downloaded and I go on it, the game says my phone isn’t compatible. If this can be compatible with Nintendo switch then that would be cool because the joy cons could be the hands and the tv can be where you can watch what you are doing. Or can you guys make it compatible with iPhone 6? But apart from this I’ve seen my friends and you tubers play it and it is a good game..Version: 20191217

Drawings and new controlsI love this game! Everything about it is amazing! French kiss. But i have one problem though, the drawing on whiteboards or any drawing surface. The problem with that is i cant see the actual drawings of what others nor i have done (all i done is scribbles) but I’m upset because of that. Is that a problem for anybody else or just me? And if so, can some explain why this happens and how can i fix it? Update: im an iPad user and i dont like these new controls, it’s quite confusing and still prefer old controls. Some buttons are to small in my opinion and now we cant run? Also they took every dance moves but one out of the game, also they moved hands, emotion and dance to the bottom of the screen. And they also put all the emotions into one tab. please change it back if you can, I’ll probably get use to though, but now im disliking the controls now, my appologies..Version: 20200831

This game sucksThe game’s garbage 1. It wont let me in 2. The game shuts down non stop’s better on psvr.Version: 20200928

Good but when ever I join a game it glitches me outThe game is very good with great potential but my only problem is that whenever I join a game it glitches me out after a bit of time. It also doesn’t let me move sometimes. Overall great game with good potential but some problems..Version: 20200402

My input overallSo if I could give a 3.5 star rating I would, but here is my opinion on the game, the community overall is not super great, there is some good people don’t get me wrong but a lot of people who play this game tend to be toxic, there is an insane amount of bugs that the game needs to fix but instead of fixing things they decide to add things instead, overall I have played for a little over a year and I will say that the game used to be much better, they have an insane amount of games that people can try out when they get bored but I usually focus on PVP because that’s what I enjoy, now I wish that rec room would take the time to fix bugs instead of constantly adding things because there’s far too many bugs in this game and especially performance problems that they need to work out but still haven’t got to yet, in the future once they fix these bugs I would give a 4.5 star, regardless it’s a pretty great game and I recommend you try it out just please listen to the community more Rec Room. -Cheers.Version: 20210107

Please stop updating.I play this game and the updates are too large and frequent..Version: 20210510

I can’t talk to someone with my iPad please fix itHello it’s a good game but I can’t talk to someone I play with a mobile iPad and it won’t let me talk to everybody I’m very sad please fix the game ty.Version: 20200619

CustomizingIt wont let me change appearance when i click.Version: 20200424

DEVS PLEASE READSo it says works on this iPad on the App Store but then on the game it says compatible but not compatible with your version I HAVE A HIGHER version than it recommends I am very sad game wise it look absolutely AMAZING.Version: 20201027

BadThis game is for people who want to get killed because one time someone told my friends to kill themselves with voice chat.Version: 20210504

It’s good, but it crashes ALL THE TIMEThis game is great it runs smooth most of the time and I don’t have any complaints except that this damn game crashes so much. I legit counted and it crashed five times in less than an hour like constantly, I even closed it and went back the next day and boom it crashed twice in less then ten minutes, it’s not my storage cuz I got 24 gigs left and my wifi is stronger than ever. I would love this game but I am getting so frickin frustrated with it crashing every five seconds literally..Version: 20200831

DO NOT GETIt will make your phone glitch all the time all the good reviews are fake do not download If you like your phone do not download.Version: 20201214

No vrIf you think you can play this game in be on mobile you are wrong 😑.Version: 20210401

Fun but...This game is a “battery eater”. It eats up your battery quick. It takes less than an hour to bring my full charged phone to 20%. Also more staff. I have already encountered rude people. They said some really mean things that was just uncalled for. Yes I know this isn’t the game’s fault but I wish there was at least one staff there to help. The lobby had to vote kick the one person but his friend stayed on and kept harassing people to the point where the game just wasn’t fun anymore. I play this game to have fun not to get bullied. Did mention I’ve had this game for loess than a week? Because that is ridiculous. Please do something about the staff. P.S. There was a staff that did help and I wish I could mention her name but I can’t remember it..Version: 20191213

It’s ok but much better on pc or console😅The main reason is that your playing on pc/console then once in a while it advertises that you can play it on ios then you go ahead and install it then you expect the same experience but NOOOO!!!! it finishes downloading then you login but while your customising your character suddenly it crashes. I think it crashing is the main problem and I don’t think rec room really cares about this addition so developers if you’re reading this then please polish up the mobile version thats all I have to say Hope You Have A Nice Day Goodbye!!!!.Version: 20200703

Fix it please.It keeps crashing when I try to open the application.Version: 20191119

Kikes me outWhen I get in the game it kikes me out stream away when I’m in the private room plaese fix.Version: 20201123

Can’t even enter the gameIt crashes right when I enter the loading page. I’ve tried many times to get it to work, but it just crashes every time..Version: 20200306

Moderation HarassmentI downloaded the game a few days ago loaded into this game as soon as I load it in I see rec room moderators harassing other players it seems like the game is giving random/irresponsible people moderation privileges. I am 100% think Apple should take action hope to get a reply..Version: 20201012

Copy and sadIt says that I cannot play on this device and you practically copied roblox which btw let’s me play.Version: 20201109

I need help with the mobileHello so I went on this app but when I tried to make a new account it said make sure time and date is correct but my time and date is correct and I have everything set it up so why isn’t this working for me it seems like I’m the only one with us because no one else is talking about this problem if the owner of this game can please see what’s going on please send something to me thanks!.Version: 20201102

I found a another bugThe bug is if u use aim button in laser tag if u fire And at the same Time u die u become slow like the thing that go the most slow.Version: 20210510

AngryI’m angry because I can’t play pls but in iOS 12 to play I wanna play but I can I try using all my technology to find if one works but no and I even try my Xbox one sad I don’t have a Xbox 360 pls and iOS 12 ani we’ll be happy again I really wanna put in 5 stars because I love watching ppl play it but I can’t I give 2 stars >=/.Version: 20201214

AlrightIt stays on the loading screen and I wanna play so bad but I cant.Version: 20201214

Great game but too many glitchesIt’s a really great game. Has lots of amazing rooms. People are nice and it’s fun to play but the glitches are just too bad. There are lots of times where I can’t log in, suddenly quit the game, suddenly can’t touch anything, suddenly my controls disappear, but my phone works perfectly fine for any other games / apps. Hope you can fix the glitches soon..Version: 20200731

The Real Ink lost AccountThere was a new update for this game I had to get rid of some of the games on my iPad to update it but I couldn’t so I had to delete rec room and reinstall it and I mean by that is I deleted it and uh I can’t remember my password and I forgot to link and email to that account and now I can’t get it back in the old update this was a glitch or a bug that can get you into that account but now since the update I can’t get it back can you please Bring the old update back if you can so I can get into my account and plus can you bring back the old bug glitch so I can glitch into my account again it happened once and I don’t think it’s going to happen again can you just try to get my password not using my email because I didn’t hook it up to that one I have an alt account but I kind of miss my original account now I feel sad so sad sometimes I wonder why does this happen to me is rec room supposed to be a happy place because I just lost my account :(.Version: 20210504

Levels won’t loadIt was a decent game at first, played it for about an hour. Tried playing again today but the levels won’t load. Once finished loading the screen goes purple then back to the home screen. I tried deleting it and reinstalling but it said my credentials were incorrect. I tried to make a new account but the dorm room won’t load like the others so I have no way of playing :(.Version: 20191122

Not bad but some issuesThis game is pretty fun. I was looking for a social game I could play for a while with some friends. It had everything I hoped for in a game. From avatar and room personalization to non-stop fun. One problem I found was when playing a game it suddenly kick you out of the room you were in an takes you to the room selection screen. This happened in every game room and I tried about 4 or 5 (some game rooms more than once). Im not sure if it was a connection issue, pressing a button of some kind from the way I was holding my phone, or just a bug. Regardless, I hope this problem is fixed soon because I had fun playing dodgeball, paintball, and that dungeon quest game. Thank you for your time :) Update: I forgot to mention the controls are a little annoying and I think an improvement would be great!.Version: 20190109

Fun but...This game has been entertaining me and my friends for quite some time now but there’s been a recent update where there’s two hands for phone users. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining but it is very complicated and uncomfortable to play games without hitting the hand button instead of the jump pad. That’s only because the hands are so big and the jump pad is so small. Then there comes another issue, I love building costumes and buildings in the game but it’s impossible when phone users have NO rotate button. And this isn’t just me, this is happening to a couple of my other friends with the IPhone XR/XS and IPhone 11/pro. I loved the game previously but the more updates, the more it makes me lag out. Please fix, I’m begging 😭😭.Version: 20200717

Needs more moderatorsMy older sister got harassed by these 2 dude an she stop playing cus of that Need to get moderators.Version: 20200928

GameHow do I even play, it keeps telling me the controls I don’t know how to meet people if you could tell me that would be great! I really want to play this. I want to meet some friends and chat with people. I don’t really understand this but, it would be amazing if someone told me!😁.Version: 20210408

It won’t downloadI’ve played Recroom on PS4 before, but I can’t play it anymore since a motion controller broke. Please make it so that it works with just a controller. Also, when I tried to download it on my iPad Mini 3, it didn’t download! Instead of a blue get button, or a blue open button, it’s a grey purchased button! Please fix this issue, I’ve really been wanting to play it again... Thank you for reading this.Version: 20200402

SUCKSI’m crashing way too much when I play whit other players.Version: 20200928

Rec Room Review - Button ControlsI used to play this game back in early 2019 and I absolutely LOVED it. I had a lot of friends and we played together constantly. I also was very good at paintball and “The Golden Trophy” with the bow. That is, until I re-downloaded and the controls changed. The button placement is really hard to use. I can’t even shoot my bow/gun without dropping it. Keeping the drop button so close to the shooting button is not fun AT ALL. Also, I believe that the eye button for looking around is unnecessary. We can look around normally using the screen. Here are some improvements I think you can make in my opinion: - Get rid of the eye button - Change the location of the “drop item” button. - Allow enhancements to the buttons such as enlarging or reducing them in size. - Allow us to customize our button controls. This is regarding button size, location, and the ability to remove certain buttons on the screen as we please. If you can’t do any of these then I beg of you, change the controls back to how they were. The controls were perfectly fine before the new update in my opinion. This is all I ask of you. Thank you for reading my review! 🤍.Version: 20201214

VR players ruin it for everyone.I’m tired of being beaten by a person with a better platform. I’m tired of not being able to do everything this game advertises. Please add an option to play with VR or mobile players..Version: 20201214

Cannot save dorm roomSo I start editing my dorm I say “pretty good” then I save the dorm room & I come out the game crashes And then I start from my dorm room and then I find out that my dorm room is not saved please fix this bug and even the game crashes and I don’t like rec room that much for two things that need to be fixed please rec room people fix this bug🥺.Version: 20200914

Why does it have to make your username why can’t you make your own!😡😠 {وسنسونسو!😡😠And also why does it have to be animal names? Hmmm hmm? I prefer to leave this game alone.Version: 20210510

What just happened😱OK so I was just playing Rec Room messing around with some random people and then the game started randomly lagging out and then it went to a black screen with lines of pixels they were all messed up And then they started appearing and disappearing appearing and disappearing over and over again so I had to do a hard reset on my phone and I just don’t know what happened so just someone tell me what happened.Version: 20201214

Under aged playersThis game is a good game if your playing on your own but the online servers are absolutely flooded by 9 year old screaming children I used to enjoy this game in VR but I can’t anymore it’s too annoying.Version: 20200508

Simply unable to playI looked at the images and description provided and a friend of mine has downloaded this game and said it was amazing, a game you can play with your friends and build together whatever you want? Sounds amazing! But with that being said I tried to download this game and didn’t have enough space, me not wanting to feel left out I deleted 500+ pics from my gallery (the majority of my gallery) and more just to have enough space to download this game. Once I had enough space I downloaded this game anxiously waiting to play and a message popped up saying that this game doesn’t support my device (iPhone 6) but it supports the iPhone 6s and above (which in my opinion they are no different, I’ve had both) i STRONGLY recommend making an update so that your game is able to be playable on my device. I’m especially infuriated that I deleted the majority of my gallery for a game I’m unable to play. If I were able to play this game I honestly think I would have given it 5 stars but I cannot because I’m unable to (please make an update).Version: 20201005

It needs some improvements.Overall the game has a lot of charm and possibilities, however I have black screened 3 times just trying to choose a name and another while customizing and when it gets back in game I’m on a search where it’s telling me it couldn’t find results for something I didn’t even search for (it’s blank) Secondly the controls need a lot of work, I understand this is a VR game first and foremost, however since it has been decided to port it as a mobile game it could at least have more decent controls that aren’t clunky. Using the mirror to change appearance is a pain for example, I always wind up looking at the ceiling or floor because it can’t tell the difference between me scrolling on the menu or trying to change where I’m looking..Version: 20200515

WOW! But, wooooow.This game is amazing, but how is this nine plaus if it includes voicechat? I think 13+ should be more suitable..Version: 20210121

ProblemIt isn’t letting me download this game please fix!.Version: 20201102

Horrible 😡😡😡 crashesEvery time I try to play it won’t let me play it just keeps crashing on me btw I’m using an iPhone XR with a good storage space and good wifi connection and yet it still crashes.Version: 20200402

Won’t let me inI will give it a three star review but I haven’t even played the game! I’ve had to delete soooooooo many games an photos and made sacrifices but the game still says that it still needs more room which is really ticked me OFF! But I’ll keep trying but I hope you all have fun playing it and the person who made it well I don’t know what to say.Version: 20200501

I randomly lost connection then my game glitchedI know this app is awesome but I have been having issues where I am just randomly sent back to my dorm room and then when I go back to the rec center non of my controls work I also use ps4 controller and that allowed me to pause and exit to my dorm but it was still in the glitched state and the head didn’t turn to look at the pause menu (the dorm and rec center option were off the screen) also the only thing I could use to tell which option I selected was that the option highlighted and displayed the name above it I had to relaunch the game to fix it also I did experience this glitch during the last update and I looked in the mirror of my dorm room and saw my head and hands flipping over and over again I think the game thought I had a vr connected to it but I didn’t and it was searching for the controllers and headset I think.Version: 20210107

Why should I report an issue with Rec Room?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Rec Room to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Rec Room customer and are running into a problem, might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Rec Room.

Is Rec Room not working?

Rec Room works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Rec Room.

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