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Bugs in the game and crashingI love the game but I keep on crashing whenever I play QuestfortheJade it crashes whenever I’m close to the boss I know u did not create QuestfortheJade but I took a lot of effort and work to try to defeat the boss also when I’m going upstairs it crashes as well I hope u can fix this recroom keeps on making me crash a lot! It kinda makes me sad because. Imagine this is u your almost to the boss on ur video game then suddenly U CRASH 😭 that’s how I feel then I gotta repeat again and again and it’s getting kinda annoying whenever I keep on crashing. And again I know ur not the creator of the game called QuestfortheJade but if u fix it I’ll be glad to play it again. Now the bugs on Fnaf game on recroom I keep on getting pushed to the other side and then I can’t get back to where I was..Version: 20200612

Customisable controls and more servers for different regionsThis game has such great potential to be a really fun game. My two concerns are: 1. I would like the ability to be able to adjust my controls to my liking (such as placement and size) and 2. My country is in Australia however the main server for this game is nowhere near it, making it a very laggy experience for me..Version: 20200402

To dion bebardIt’s on a fully tracked vr headset dumdum.Version: 20200424

Good appAt first I didn’t like it I didn’t understand it but I gave a chance and eventually i liked it but there are a lot of glitches which is not nice but it is a very nice app.Version: 20201214

BrilliantIf you have Console, PC, PSVR or oculus quest, I suggest you get it on that, because IPad/Phone (still good) is quite difficult to work. I play this game on PSVR with my friends and we love doing mostly the 5 quests, preferably Isle of lost skulls or Crescendo of the blood moon and the other PvP games (paintball, rec royale and laser tag.)We also enjoy building props and rooms using the “maker pen” which is practically a handheld 3D printer. There are also hundreds of thousands of community built rooms that you can play privately or online..Version: 20210408

Really good but bugs 🐜I love recroom and I have PS4 VR on it. I love playing on the go playing the game. Here are the big I have experienced. •trying to tap to purchase an items in the red centre. •crashing randomly which is really annoying! • random lag with glitchy audio. Other than that it’s awesome. I didn’t even think it would be possible to have such a big game on phones!! Love it!!.Version: 20200402

GlitchHi, just wanted to say , this game is amazing but just one tiny problem, when I make a profile it says that it’s locked and idk why, I think bc once I got banned or something but yeah that’s all I wanted to say and remember, there’s room for everyone, peace!.Version: 20200831

My reviewI still play this game. Now the game itself is really good and I would recommend but the only bad thing I would say about this game is that it crashes ALOT. Can someone help me how to fix this?.Version: 20200914

What a gameI’m really loving this game, it reminds a lot of Roblox but this game, THIS GAME, is got to be a big mobile winner, for those who haven’t downloaded this game you better get a move on right now, ignore all the bad comments on this game cuz I sure haven’t encountered them, even ignore my comment if u want, but this game is AMAZING!!!! It’s definitely one of the mobile winners🤩🤩👌👌😱😱👍👍🤘🤟.Version: 20200306

Awesome game!Loved this game on PSVR, so glad I can take this game with me when I can’t be on my PS4. Only problem I have is that I can’t wear my main outfit, since my account on PS4 has it currently on.Version: 20200306

I love it!Its so cool and the controls are so smooth especially for my iPad! LOVE IT!.Version: 20210510

Rec roomIt is an outstanding game but on older devices it crashes a lot every few minutes especially for iOS.Version: 20200914

Pls make an option for be on mobileI’m love the game but I think it would be better if they aloud a mobile vr option because if the vr u used didn’t have a set of controllers u can use Xbox controllers for iPhone and I’m not so sure about Samsung witch is a con but overall the game still hella fun.Version: 20201207

The recent update...Now the recent update has had many issues on of the main ones not being able to play on pc.. I have friends who play on Xbox and playstations and it was a little laggy at the start but has been fixing itself out. Now for pc it won’t let me in my dorm for more than 5 sec before exiting me completely out of the full thing. Now I’ve tried shutting down my laptop and re booting it and still nothing. I’ve left the computer off for more than 4 hours and still nothing. I will continue to try but idk if I’m gonna be able to play any more if this keeps happening. 😒😵.Version: 20210325

Good but not greatThe game is pretty good but I noticed when the frame rate gets a little too high the game crashes.Version: 20200928

EpicThis is a great game I play it on my ps4 and psvr a lot and it’s great on here too. One feature that should be added though is the ability to use your controller in game if you have in connected to your iPhone or iPad. Other than that it’s a wonderful game and I highly recommend it.Version: 20191217

Really Good Gameplay but not MuchThe game sometimes crashes some times in some games.Version: 20200928

Battery prob and glitchyI really do like your game. In fact I absolutely love that I can be who I want to be and people will accept me for that. I have found some good friends while playing and this is only the second day since I downloaded it. But there are a couple problems that I would like to address. One, it can get pretty glitchy some times. Usually it will just be that other players aren’t moving, and I can’t hear them for a few seconds, but occasionally it will actually kick me out of the whole game. And two, it drains the battery my phone battery really fast. I have an iPhone 7 and iOS 13.3.1, and I know it doesn’t have a very good battery as is, but it drains a lot quicker when I play this game. My phone can usually go about 2 hours without being charged, but it will be dead in 40 mins - 1 hour while playing. I hope you will address these issues, and I do love your game. Thank you guys! Bye..Version: 02202020

Pretty Good But Can Be... uhThis game is pretty good! But sometimes it’s filled with the room of nine-year-olds acting like 31-year-olds. It would be great if there was a no swearing all! Block out swears and I change this to a five star review! Also another thing is that most games say they’re just having a bug fix but this one actually fixes bugs and glitches, I really like that about this game and about how it updates regularly and never crashes, although I have seen some reviews saying that it crashes all the time but that might just be crashing on her old or out of date device. Also for some people who are saying it doesn’t work on VR, it actually does but you need a special version of it to play! Great game.Version: 20200605

GoodIt’s good but the app download takes forever.Version: 20210203

AWSOME GREAT DOWNLOAD NOW!!!!!!This app is great I have been looking for something like this for years where you can control hands it’s great I wish I could rate it a 1M star and there’s voice chat so cool I’m only 8 years old so sadly I can only use the junior account so no voice chat sad but so cool I want a oculus quest so I can play in be using my PC so cool I love it keep it up.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 20210325

You must play this gameWell firstly rec room has load to offer for all platforms .i play mobile and PS4 and psvr so i kinda have to main point of view I have been playing this game for 2 years now and enjoy playing with my freinds an meeting new people . It feels like 75% of people are really nice and welcoming . So i would definitely recommend this game to any who comes a crosss as alll the rr originals and custom maps this game has everything to offer.Version: 20200626

Big reports1. This bug makes my game automatically shut down meaning I have to rejoin the game because I’ve been sent back to home screen. This does not only apply to me, but my other friends also have this glitch. My ideas to fix this are to add a select server so you won’t have to take a gamble on which room your in and also put a list in the App Store of which iPhones this glitch apply too. This glitch happens when I use my camera, near a group of five or more people, and when I enter a popular game that I never visited. 2. This glitch makes my character’s view spin counter clockwise making me always have to fix my angle only to keep spinning. I tried everthing to fix this glitch but this is just a glitch that leads up to glitch 1..Version: 20200703

Love itIt’s the best game u should tell ur friends.Version: 20210510

Amazing App but just add some thingsMy cousin enjoys playing this game and so do I but I just wanted to say that I think that you should add something to the watch and it would have a money icon on it so that you can press it and you will see a money sign next to all the peoples names and when you press it you can put the amount of money in that you want to give that person! and since my cousin enjoys decorating rooms I think that people could pay her for doing it! (Not like trading) I also think you should put “Orientations” back on the tasks because for new beginning players it could get them tokens and learn how to play the game by doing tasks or if players want tokens without buying them or without gifts because sometimes when you do your daily tasks you don’t get tokens but you might get tokens with the first game you play, but that’s sometimes..Version: 20210107

Good game buddy keeps crashing especially on mobileOn my iPad it’s not that good but if you have like a really good iPad a function very well you can’t you might play this game why my iPad is really old so it is it keeps crashing so I don’t even get a chance to play a game but it’s quality and it’s things are really good on mobile I please get on VR yours better here but not an iPad it’s it’s really weird but it’s really good though depending on me I didn’t even get a chance to finish the tutorial so that sucks for me but can you just make it so there’s a way for you to make it doesn’t crash like crazy fast mine is crashing like every 20 seconds.Version: 20210510

My opinion on Rec room:This game is great for making new friends or just genuinely playing with already made friends! You can do practically anything on any device! The only reason I didn’t rate it 5 stars wasn’t because of the game itself but because of the people that cyber bully on it. I’ve gotten many comments from people saying to kill myself and that I’m worthless but I’m used to it now. Just be careful who you play with if u get the game. That’s all I have to say..Version: 20210401

Amazing, but...Hi! So , I love Rec room! I love to go to the Rec Center to meet new friends, I had an old account and I just downloaded it back but I lost it ;( The nostalgia to be back in Rec room was amazing! But...Moderators should be in rooms at all times, because players in voice chats are saying really really mean things. And doing inappropriate things. I’ve been harassed and called offensive things many times. Players cheat in games also. Like, one time I was playing golden trophy. And I took a bow but a player shot me, took my bow, and handed it to another player aka their friend. Please have moderators in rooms! Cause this is bad. I don’t like being bullied on a game I actually enjoy playing. :).Version: 20201019

A Lovable MessRec Room often has glitches and definitely has flaws. ... So why have I given it 5 stars? For a free to play game, it is brilliant. If you give it a chance and you look in the right places, you can find amazing people on here and a strange virtual society, I have never experienced something quite like this before. For as long as the game remains free to play in a sense that, although you can pay for extras there is no pay wall between you hanging out with friends and going to different rooms, I’m willing to overlook the glitches and variety of other issues. The community I’ve found makes them worth putting up with. :).Version: 20200523

Love this game but...Me and my friend downloaded this and we absolutely love it. I play mobile and for a free game it’s pretty good. However the game is incredibly glitchy and it logs me out quite often but that doesn’t really bother me that much and it overheats my phone. Also the maker pen has ran out of ink? How do I get more ink because I love making my own rooms but I can’t :( Anyway despite the flaws, for what it is this game is great especially for lockdown..Version: 20200523

Great but very laggy and crashesSo i love this game and it is very fun when it works and people that say the mics should be removed! Wth there is somthing called junior accounts where they cant hear or speak (i have tested it) but other than that the game is amazin FB for a port on your phone im on phone 6 and it runs very smoothly and clean thanks for reading!.Version: 20200501

I would put 5 but STOP THE RELIGIOUS DISCRIMINATION!!I don’t typically leave reviews but this game is most definitely fun. Especially during quarantine it really kept my social necessities up. I was quite addicted at some point lol. The only warning I would have is that there are definitely toxic people on there but that’s what comes with social games and that has not much to do with the creators of it. They do their job in banning people sometimes when it gets out of hand. I would put 5 starts but I have one MAJOR concern. A lot of people dress up as Jesus and everyone thinks it’s jokes , it’s not. No one makes fun of any other belief and I find that odd. Rec room DO YOUR JOB IN BANNNING THEM since RELIGIOUS DISCRIMINATION ISNT ALLOWED. It means you guys aren’t living up to your word of the game..Version: 20201123

ControlsThe controls should be able to be customised so u can change where the buttons go, therefore people can have more of a comfortable feeling while playing. It would be great for a lot of people if u could add this to your game..Version: 20200508

RecroyalMakeing some many updates on screen love it but why not use that time to make one of your best game’s playable for screen player’s to rec royal! Pleaseee I beg.Version: 20210510

Amazing!I’m so glad I found this! I originally started playing it on my VR, then I realised it was on mobile too, I’m so happy! But anyway, this is a great place to make friends, have fun and chat and many more! I 100% recommended downloading this app and I have had no problems with it whatsoever! Thank you.😁.Version: 20200703

Rec RoomOk, this game is great, but it desperately needs improvements for iPad. I played this game in vr and it’s literally better than vr chat. By far the best vr game I’ve ever played, but on iPad, it’s not as good. Here are the things that need to be patched up. 1: Rec Royale. U know how much battle Royale is trending rn, and a first person one is what everyone wants. U have that, but u don’t put it on iPad? If u had it on iPad and iPhone then the games popularity would shoot ups please add it. 2: Guns. The paintball guns are a joke. The Pistol and ar drop at your feet and literally are the dumbest things I’ve seen in a game. They need increased range. Another thing they need is manual reloading on vr because that is the most satisfying thing to do on a vr game. Also u should change the design. Fortnite have realistic looking guns and that is still known as a kids game. What u should do so it’s still “family friendly” is make the guns look real but still have them blue and bright colors so they look fake enough to be child friendly. Crashing: plz. Sort it out it crashes every ten minutes on iPad and it is painful. Plz fix it. Mobile needs to be polished..Version: 20200717

Keeps crashing when i take a picture to change my profile :(Please fix the crashing im struggleing to death😔.Version: 20200928

Great game!Great game you made but there’s just a lil problem where when your scrolling through the wardrobe or when you are in the shop and you swipe the camera moves, hoping you will fix this. Also i was wondering if you were gonna add vr support to ios users that have google cardboard. Would love to hear from you!.Version: 20191206

Great game, lots of crashingHey, I downloaded this game a couple of days ago and I love it. My only problem is that it crashes very regularly, like every four minutes, it’s really annoying. But otherwise amazing game. Also there is a glitch sometimes where my character keeps looking right and I can’t stop it..Version: 20200515

Great Game!I have been playing this game for a while now, and have loved it from day 1. My first experience was in psvr and I enjoyed it. However, the community of Rec Room is very toxic at times, so make sure to be careful of those people. I have come to make many friends on here and it has really helped my social ability. Main complaint I have though, the game, mobile and psvr, crashes more times than I deem acceptable (I do not own a Quest or Valve, so I cannot speak for them). It is hard to stay in games that require a bunch or frames and/or have lots of detail I.e. rec royale and several community games. *Side note* Stay away from all moderators. Most of them are stuck up and will ban you for saying anything negative about them..Version: 20210504

Best VR Game Ever!!!✨ I have this on both Mobile and VR (PS4) and it’s absolutely incredible on both!!! VR is already out of this world amazing, but this game is honestly so fun and entertaining for all ages! I’ve been playing this game for a few years now and ever since it came out on Mobile i’ve been all over it!! If you’re struggling to choose if you want to download it or not, DO IT. You won’t regret it at all! It has so many different things you can do and the fun literally never ends. My little sister and younger family members all love it too! It’s great for learning teamwork skills and can help with communication with others. You simply can’t miss out on this opportunity, it’s got to be the game of the century!! ✨.Version: 20210325

A even bigger problem with the arSo before the at was like not good but now it’s even worse, the game crashes every time you activate it so I can’t use it and my iPhone up to date and everything so it’s the game doing it not my phone so could you please fix this. Ps this is such a good game!.Version: 20200703

MehPlayed this game on a friends vr, it’s fine.Version: 20210217

How do you do itHow do you make a game so smooth for IOS it’s incredible 10/10.Version: 20200515

Rec room is the best gamel in my lifeLet me tell you why rec room is the best you can social CFN you can talk to friends you can talk with people and it’s fun I’ve played VR and non-VR so sometimes I play on my mobile device sometimes I play on my phone or I play on VR but a lot of people said without VR on mobile it’s kind of fun but RVR I like you a little bit better on VR but on mobile you have to try it because it’s so cool you don’t even know what raccoons gonna pop up one day it’s gonna be like a best game ever record was trying to make the business more happier and better for them to get more money I am so happy for record rack room we had made it all the way up today.Version: 20210414

😉🙃😎😇😍🥳REC ROOM🥳😍😇😎🙃😉Ok so first off I have some requests can u add nature feature and add stuff like water and trees 🌲 and if in VR u can copy urself and make it move also add a swimming feature I think that would be very cool😎 and maybe add more fun things like furniture and more fun stuff!!! Ok that was me from before now ur stupid developers not even letting mobile players have the new update? They literally have tu delete the game and redowload all there hard work. My brother did that and it worked but he started from level 1 he was so dissapointed so u better let us have the update before Christmas or we will sue u!!!😡 Months later... 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭Y DID U GET RID OF MY ACCOUNT THATS MY ACCOUNT IS THE BEST THING TU EVER HAPPEN TU ME PLS GIVE IT BACK TU ME I WILL NEVER DO THAT AGAIN PLS JUST GIVE IT BACK PLS IT WAS MY FAVORITE GAME😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭.Version: 20210107

Why this is the best game ever!It is almost 5 out of 5! 2. You can almost do anything! 3. You can decorate yourself! So pls make more updates please please please! make more updates!.Version: 20210325

Love the game but...There’s one small problem every time I try to emote I get lagged out the game so can you please fix this.Version: 20200501

Just wow.I’ve been (actively) playing this game for about half a year now and wow. It’s free, it can be played in VR with most 6DoF VR headsets, it’s a sandbox game where you just play and create whatever you want. It’s cross-platform between Playstation 4 and 5 (and PSVR), Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S, iOS, PC (and numerous VR headsets) and Oculus Quest 1/2..Version: 20210121

Some stuff that I don’t likeI love this game just there are a few problems.1 First I figured out u have to have a IPad that is 3 yrs old or younger there are no devices in my house that are that young there is only one device in our house that is only a few months old which my mom uses ALL THE TIME so I have to go to my grandma’s house to play it but I hardly see her so can u change that PLZ.2 I always get kicked out of the game when I’m playing Paintball or Lasertag so PLZ also fix that. But other than that I love this game it’s awesome and to be honest it’s even better than Among us but I really hope u can fix these problems and Have A Great Day!!!.Version: 20210203

Fantastic game with a great community of playersThis is a really great game with so many different game modes that it has something for everyone pvp, quests, battle royal. I’ve spent way too many hours playing it but with so many things to try and constant updates and weekly challenges it never gets boring. It’s also one of the few games I’ve seen where the community of players are not toxic but are really great with showing new players the ropes and helping each other out. That’s not to say we won’t demolish each other in pvp :), but with games focused around gamer interactions and skills this game keeps you coming back and getting better without running out of things to do..Version: 20191122

Honest reportIf I being honest with you this has to be one of the best mobile games I mean the graphics are amazing the games are and the overall quality is amazing.Version: 20201214

Rlly goodThis is a rlly fun game you would rlly get it but one thing after a while it gets a big boring but ya know it’s. Fun 🦋.Version: 20210305

It’s a awesome game!This game is amazing apart from the crashes and battery draining! I have recommended this to all my friends who can play this with their phone! I do wonder if IOS could have a ‘cardboard VR’ button so you can play like the other VR players! Keep Up The Good Work! Stay safe, stay Home!.Version: 20201214

Please fix this it would help:)Hello people of rec room. This game is amazing and very fun but there is two things that could use fixing. 1: when using a “dance” you zoom out of first person on mobile, but sometimes it would crash or just freeze. What I think would be a good idea is that there should be a setting to make it so you don’t go out of first person and you can still dance. Do you think that could work? 2: when using the camera it can bug out even in the dorm rooms. I don’t really have a good idea to fix that but do you guys have one? Please let me know if you fix these things. Thanks ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ.Version: 20200807

Good game.To start off with, the bad things. 1. Don’t get me wrong, this is an extraordinary game and I highly recommend it but it is a difficult game to navigate on virtual reality it is a bit of a problem such as getting places and running. 2. Typing, typing is a bit of a problem on virtual reality so I suggest that the creators make a more practical way of doing so. Now the good things. I quite like the way you are able to chat with friends and make new ones. Another good thing is you can make groups and businesses for example, my brother made a gun creating survive with several of his friends. An over all great game and I will assure you I am a very big fan! Keep up the good work rec room- Adelaide..Version: 20210401

You should download this!This is best VR game your should download this the best you could talk through or text in. Chat so go ahead and download nothing is wrong with it. 10/10 the best it’s recommended downloading!!!.Version: 20210107

Great Port but...This is a great port but I had I really good idea to improve it loads! But now IOS users can connect Bluetooth controllers to there phones I thought it would be a really cool idea to add a setting where you put your phone into a google cardboard and use the controller for a VR experience for mobile players without the cost of a whole VR headset. Overall though I’m enjoying the rec room on the go 😄.Version: 20191122

What?How is it so smooth on IOS this is so cool! I recommend playing it! ^^.Version: 20210510

This game has a bug I don't know how to fixWhenever it comes to #RRO rooms I can push buttons but in player made rooms I can't and I,m in a junior account can you please fix this if you can??? And when I leave Rec Room in the background and go in another app and come back to Rec Room it crashes I don't know if this is a bug or glitch but it happens as long as it loaded ^dormroom^ once on iPad I don't know about the other versions of iOS if it does that (screen mode)..Version: 20210225

Good, just not on mobile.I’ve been playing this game for about 1 year and a half, and I’ve played it on the psvr for most, the quest 2, mobile and screen (PS4 XBOX or PC) and mobile just didn’t feel like rec room, unless you have patience the controls are hard to learn and just odd. In conclusion, the game’s great, but mobile just isn’t..Version: 20210504

10/10I’ve been playing this game for a while on PS4 and I highly recommend it to everyone, there is a small amount of bugs but they rarely occur. All of the developers are amazing and they try and fix most of the bugs. Thank you for making such an amazing game!.Version: 20200717

My new fav gameSo I play this with my vr on ps4 and I decided to try it on my iPad and well I can’t stop! Idk how u have made this but u have done well and to people who don’t know if they should get it or not u should def get it 10/10.Version: 20210408

Please patch this glitch for mobile usersThis is a epic game but every time I attempt to play rec room on mobile, the logo is off to the corner and when the start up screen is ready, the buttons are masked off so I can’t press play. Please fix this glitch. Thanks for making a epic game.Version: 20200807

Idk if it’s a good gameI have played this game on my friend PS4 it’s a nice game but it won’t let me get in the game like I can’t get past the title screen can please fix that please and ad rec royale And when you use microphone it will lag I’ve played mobile rec room on my other friend iPad and it was lag all time so can you fix all of this thank you.Version: 20200703

Amazing game, but.This probably one of my favourite games but there is a glitch that is so annoying! After about 20 minutes of playing it suddenly crashes. It also crashes when I try to get into the Rec Center. Please fix this problem..Version: 20200515

DOWNLOAD AMIDEANTLY OR YOU DIE 🧛🏻🧛🏻🧛🏻🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️👼🏻👼🏻👼🏻This game is so addictive even tho it takes up alot of space it’s REALLY REALLY WORTHIT in the end and people in the ratings read this rating first of all you can hang out whith your freinds 2 of all you can make new freinds 3 of all you can play events And last of all you can do what ever you want. THANK YOU😀😀😀 ♥️♥️♥️ 🤑🤑🤑FROM 6 YEAR OLD LEIGHTON.Version: 20210325

Amazing.This game is incredible. I have it on mobile and I’m soon getting a vr for my birthday. And my friend told about this game in 2020 and it was fun but I didn’t play it much but now I play it all the time. Dodgeball is my favourite game,it’s so fun and I love playing it with my friend! Paintball is great but it can get annoying when people constantly shoot you. If there isn’t this game yet,but maybe Coach could make a soccer/football game. That would be fun..Version: 20210504

One of the best games there isIt’s simple, it’s one of the best games there is. I don’t play on mobile because I’m a Vr user but I bet it’s just as good on mobile. It’s the equivalent of VR Chat but better because of all the mini games you can play with friends. Being able to customize your own character and your own dorm room is fun too! It’s a fun game to play with friends and to meet new people too. Overall it’s one of the best games and it has a strong community behind it. It just shows how much you can do with a game and how a game can be good even with such a diversity of platforms such as PC, Vr, mobile, and PS4. Love the game and maybe add in some things like more advanced building mechanics for inventions to make them more functional but I already know that’s one of the things you guys are probably going to add in a couple of updates. I Love Rec Room and I wish we could have more games like it..Version: 20200914

Great game! All my problems are fixed, now some suggestions1: add more ai options, 2: add quest bosses to the spawner gadget, 3: add more props, 4: add more rec room original inventions, 5: keep adding new stuff. 6: fix the reporting system (I got a time out for nothing) 7: make it so there are 2 servers, 1 being normal accounts, 1 being a junior server, just so the two don’t mix and start causing trouble! 8, make a shooting volume, it detects when it is shot with any weapon, you could make jumbotron with this sort of thing, 9: the thing, we want is a how to tutorial on how to use circuits v2! 10: Add a button on people profile only you can see, have 3 buttons. Mainly to do with being harassed and stuff, maybe like the buttons send emails to the verified email. Also change it so you have to verify the email to create a account. Thanks..Version: 20200807

Amazing game but with a not so great report systemRec Room is an Amazing way to socialize in the Virtual World, however there are some issues regarding the report system. The other day I was playing dodgeball with some random people and beat them 3 v 1. Now they didn’t like that so I thought to myself “Well back to the dorm” because I thought they were going to vote kick me, but they had something else in mind. They reported me for the same reason over and over again and then obviously I got kicked back to my dorm. I thought it was just a vote kick and I was going to go back in game any second after, but then there it was on my watch a 60 minute ban for “Trolling” even though my Mic was muted the whole time. Overall this game has its issue, but in the end it comes out as a Great game..Version: 20200424

Amazing! But could you add it to google play store?This game is too good to be true its everything you could dream of. But my brother can only play it on the vr and computer and he really wants it on his phone but he is samsung and its not on google play. Is ok if you can add onto if you are able to? Game is amazing by the way 😄.Version: 20200306

Download this game!This game is so good! It’s fun with your friends, by yourself, it’s only 2GB. Just get this game if you have a couple GB free :) - Warning: The game crashes quite often. Then again what do you expect from a 2GB game. - Warning: There are a decent amount of glitches in this game, most of them are movement ones that don’t matter though. You can make your own games, play other peoples games, you can just have fun in The RecRoom, or you can customise your dormroom :D.Version: 20210107

A MUST HAVE but it does need some improvements.I feel like junior players should use the chat menu cuz that does censor words but you should also censor more things for it if you do let it be used on junior accounts..Version: 20210325

Great game but....I’d just like to say this game is hands down amazing. I love how I can socialize and interact with other people online! The voice chat and the games are my absolute favorites! But my biggest issue is that when ever I try to play my game always lags and glitches and then crashes. I’ve tried lots of things like uninstalling and reinstalling the game, restarting my phone, turning my WiFi off and using only cellular data and nothing works I still end up crashing. I don’t know what it is, it could just be my phone it is kind of old but I don’t know. All in all this game is amazing I will continue to play but I would like the crashing to stop. Much love for this game and it’s creators❤️.Version: 20200724

I love it, just a few notices and recommendations.Rec room is the best IOS and VR game I’ve discovered, just I’ve discovered a ton of inappropriateness with adults, and toxicity with kids not on junior accs. It’s a good game other than that, just a have a few ideas. Could you add like cars? I think it would be super fun to add a new go-kart game. Could you also add cooking? It sounds fun to be able to prepare you own cake, popcorn, and pizza. The one before the last recommendation is pets! I’d think it be fun to have your own little cute fuzzy friend where ever you go in rec room! The last recommendation is more dorm room space. Could you add a like purchasable dorm room base? Like one that has the space of a mansion, one that’s a little bigger than the one now, and one with one bedroom, living room, kitchen, and bathroom? It sounds cool to me..Version: 20210217

Great game but one thingLove the game I play it everyday on my ps4 but sometimes I want to play on my phone with the same account on my ps4 but when I try so connect I can’t because it says this account is already logged in so I know it’s a lot to ask but can you please make it so we can connect the same account but on different devices please thank you..Version: 20210414

Baby SharkDoo do do doo do do.Version: 20200523

This is the best game I’ve ever PlayedThis is a really good game, but every time I play something with action like Rise of JumboTron or Golden Trophy I glitch out, I’m in the middle of the acts but glitch out all of a sudden, please remove the glitch or fix the bugs or make a new update, thanks!.Version: 20200508

I LOVE THE GAMEI love the game but it’s just that when you are a newbie you don’t get any token’s and I’m really mad because of that so while you keep updating the game I would appreciate that you get daily token’s I do love the game parkour role play and other stuff but I would like you to add a game called who’s your daddy please thanks!.Version: 20210408

Rec room is the best thing that happened to meI love how rec room is so Social And I love how you can play a controller on Mobile only problem is on mobile the voice chat doesn’t work but I would still give it 5 stars but seriously you should work on the voice chat but in all seriousness I love this game.Version: 20201019

99% 😉 amazingI would play this every day I can. I like creating rooms, playing games and hanging out. I also like getting inventions and changing my clothes. This is really a great game, the only problems are that sometimes the game gets messed up and I have to delete most of my apps, also when I get out of the app and keep it open for a while and I go back in, it freezes. One last thing, I like using my maker 🖊 pen and dabing. Another thing wrong is that people are doing inappropriate things and I forget how to report. Creators of the game, please be in all popular rooms or Drawing rooms to prevent Inappropriate stuff. Pls leave a response. Have fun and download the game if you already haven’t! My favorite games are: laser tag, paintball, dormRoompvp, golden trophy quest, AwesomeWarspvp, rise of Jumbotron, and way more. Thank you 🙏 Rec room for creating games and letting us create Community rooms. I really appreciate the creators of Rec room 🙏. Happy whatever holiday is coming up.Version: 20200131

BETTER THAN ROBLOX 😀😀😄😃!!Love this game but There is a another problem why did you make junior account’s that gets on my nerves and I am 8 years old and on the 29 of September I will be nine so you better make no junior accounts please let kids build game’s pleas I really want to make games that is the whole point I got it to play other people’s games and please like super please because i want to make a game so bad you developed a cool game but junior account’s are dumb but I still love the game but I am not talking about that. Like my dad has this game and he doesn’t have a junior account because he is a adult so he doesn’t have one so take the junior account’s off and let kids make fun games like pleas.Version: 20200921

Good butThis game is perfect but it crashes when things reset near you on iOS.Version: 20201214

My new favourite game :DWhen I first saw the game on the Apple store I was like wait what i thought u needed vr bit I was wrong. The game runs smoothly it’s fun and I’m really happy I get to play it. I’m hard to impress but rec room really impressed me. I am getting a vr headset so I can play this with with vr. In Pls this game so much and I’m am excited to see the updates in the future. Keep up the good work. From, Andre.Version: 20201019

The game is really great but..Ok. Okokokokokokokokokokokok. Ok. A few problems. 1: when I try to create an invention and try to type in a name, the keyboard on my device doesn’t go up and I can’t type in a name (I’m using a tablet). Is this Because I have a junior account? 2: In some point of the game when I’m playing paintball, dodgeball, or any other mini game that has the word “-ball” at the end of it completely crashes and I have to start the game all over again. This is probably because I have an older tablet but I’m not sure. Please fix ALL of the bugs and make the game compatible for all devices and players! 3: and PLEASE make it more easier to search for tutorials on your website on what or how to do something! I mostly just think it’s useless to just let people go on their “external web browser” to try and find what they are looking for on your website but can’t find it on there own while taking forever to search for it! Ok I think I might be done now. But please. Please fix any bug in the game! I can’t live like this!.Version: 20200508

This is awesomeI can’t believe this is free it’s so fun no ads.Version: 20210305

Ur so goodHow do you make such a smooth running iOS app.Version: 20191122

Great game, crashes lotsThis is a great game and i do enjoy it, the only problem is it crashes and goes out of the app a lot which is really annoying. If it wasn’t as glitchy and a bit better quality it would definitely be one of my favourites..Version: 20200814

A little kid once saidWe're no strangers to love You know the rules and so do I A full commitment's what I'm thinking of You wouldn't get this from any other guy I just wanna tell you how I'm feeling Gotta make you understand Never gonna give you up Never gonna let you down Never gonna run around and desert you Never gonna make you cry Never gonna say goodbye Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you We've known each other for so long Your heart's been aching but you're too shy to say it Inside we both know what's been going on We know the game and we're gonna play it And if you ask me how I'm feeling Don't tell me you're too blind to see Never gonna give you up Never gonna let you down Never gonna run around and desert you Never gonna make you cry Never gonna say goodbye Never gonna tell a….Version: 20210129

Love it!... but-My friend recommended this game to me and I absolutely love it! I love how we could decorate our dorms and create more rooms, I love the invention feature and the room mic. The only thing I’m having trouble with is the walls in my dorm. I don’t think it matters how much I scale it or relate it/move it, I can not make it to line up properly. I don’t think you guys should remove the invention feature, I would rather making it easier to change the walls and not make it take 1 hour to line it up how we like it. -sincerely, a reviewer Thanks!.Version: 20201123

GoodI for some reason have no microphone I’m an Mobile player?.Version: 20210510

A bit to many glitchesI love this game and it’s one of my favourite games right now but there are a few things that make me like it less. theres a lot of glitches, it always crashes and I need to reload the game and then join my friends over and over again and finally there’s and issue with the ar it will make me very small or make me float it also makes the game crash 27% of the time but all and all a great game I would love for it to crash less and glitch less and I would really appreciate it if you fixed the game a bit. sorry if this is offensive.Version: 20200523

Oh. My. Gosh.This game is the best game ever. It is a little glitchy at times, but if people would actually think of how many room storage and prop data it holds, they would understand, but they never thought about that. It is amazing but I have one question that actually, I have to admit, makes this game more interesting. WHO THE HECK IS COACH?! Like in Crescendo I saw this portrait (this is a spoiler so if you are new to Rec Room don’t read further) of coach with an orange hoodie on, but his/her face was blacked out. I mean, is he/she a computer, a boy, a girl, (also he/she is like never online) or what? Also love the quests but I am having trouble beating them. It is cool how you made a Virtual Reality game into a IOS and iPhone game. So yeah would probably rate this 9,999/1,0000. Keep up the cool templates too! Love making rooms. TheMandalorian158 is my name if you many to friend me!.Version: 20210210

GlitchSo I was playing Rec Room and my game froze, and the screen turned black. I thought my I pad broke and I was playing mobile with my controller, so I think it is because I used my controller with it so... can you fix this glitch please it would be great. Thanks. And also it’s a great game..Version: 20210107

Unreal game but bugs and mistakes.I’ve been playing for the past 5 days and noticed few bugs. I will list them: • Game crashing during quests or games - I’ve noticed that I can’t barely finish a quest making impossible for me to complete last week challenges to get the reward (specially Stunt Runner). • Phone overheating dramatically, even when you put the graphics low still doesn’t cool down. • Cheering players - Not possible for me to do, maybe others can but I can’t as it say I don’t have enough “Cheers” or that I’ve already cheered a player when I didn’t. • Buttons are too small - Accidentally press the wrong buttons, should at least have a Custom Buttons option for phone players. • Hard to use the Pen Tool. Dodgeball bug - You can be playing the game normally and you suddenly start to rotate in 360 degrees. I think that’s all for now, I’m really sorry if is too much but just trying to help me and everyone else have a great experience in Rec Room..Version: 20191122

Teeeerrible but still goodQuits me after i enter a game in 5minutes,bad.Version: 20200515

BugI have played this game many times in the past and absolutely love it so much but so sad that downloading it on my iPad and retrying 6 times that it doesn’t let me even get pass the loading screen, pls fix this a soon as possible.Version: 20191107

Pretty good but a few problemsTo start off I’m gonna list some negatives. 1:way to many crashes I can just be playing some paintball pvp and it just crashes. 2:the ar mode is not good and needs fixes it was really fun at first using you’re phone to move you’re head it made not playing in vr manageable you could peek around corners crouch in real life but there’s a few things wrong. You could just be playing normally and boom your launched out of the map I try turning on face tracking turning on motion controls and turning on ar room but nothing helped it. There’s also a button that says reset height but it does nothing I think there should be a way to recalibrate your position and reset it so this stuff can be fixed. 3:sprinting this maybe a little nit picky but it’s still a problem so I’m going to address it the sprinting/running is very annoying you have to have your finger pressing super hard and really high and even then it still bugs out you have no idea how many times I’ve died because I couldn’t run right. This game is actually pretty good if you don’t have any problems I really like and is really fun but if those three things would be fixed I would play this game all day but for now I give 4 stars for really good..Version: 20200703

One of rhe best games I playedAwesome.Version: 20200508

BruhThis game is so funnnn! I can’t really give details if you are reading this and considering getting it why not it’s free, you can play with friend... oh don’t have any make some with the voice chat and the and plus there is so much stuff to and you can just delete it at anytime if you don’t like it.Version: 20210225

My reviewI’m usually a PS4 player an I was very interested to see what the gameplay would be like on iOS so I decided to try it out. It’s great how you can play with other platforms for example I played with two PS4 users. The game works exactly the same as on PS4 and has all the same features. The only bad thing is that it kept shutting them game down by itself which became annoying, this only happened occasionally..Version: 20200731

Excellent game with excellent people + some bugsGreat game, I had connected with several other players and had proceeded to make some good memories with them too, but my main issue with the game is the fact that I can’t load up more than three instances (i.e. Bowling, Paintball, &/or RecCenter) without my phone crashing or having a hard time loading. I had deducted the main problem to the need for a lighter connection to an instance and another player needing a lighter connection to the instance, thus having two players play bowling or hang out. Something odd about it is that I can almost finish a quest but can’t get through more than 3 matches in paintball without issues. If it isn’t an easy fix, I can handle having an even lower graphics setting to keep my phone running smoothly in the meantime..Version: 20200306

Five starsThis game is absolutely amazing if you are you don’t have a game why not getting it right now this game is so awesome great care of you even get a real dorm you can make new friends and if you’re just alone just get this game you can make a lot of friends I already had three friends on my first day so you got to try this I promise you you won’t make a regret.Version: 20210130

An amazing game! Just a suggestion...Hello, this game is one of the most fun ones I’ve ever played. It has millions of different game modes so you never get bored. I love all the customisation as well. I think that the developers should release this game onto Xbox/ Microsoft store so I can play it with a controller, as I think it would be easier to use as I can’t afford a VR headset. Thanks for reading..Version: 20200306

DA FLIPPIN’ GGAAMMEEEEE( checks list of games I hate ) Oh. I forgot so I am having game issues like logging on It just kicks me out sometimes and do not get me started with the comment button so here are some ideas: (1) PLEASE add pets (2) comment button don’t get me started please fix (3) put a maximum of favorite friends because I can not find my friends it’s all jumbo’ up (4) please put an “ A to Z “ button for friends or put the first letter of the nickname in alphabetical order (5) please do not put ink because it is really annoying and lastly (6) PLEASE give out reminders that “ oh? You have to update the game! “ or something like that anyways thanks for reading because my cat is annoying of fighting this bug AND REC ROOM INK please DO all we’ll probably not all but do some the one I am looking to is the pets. P.S. forgot to put this but please put a chat... CAT STOP.Version: 20210504

READ PLS!!!! (BEST GAME EVER but bugs neeeding fix)Ever since the virus I was alone until I found the game I thought hey this could be good so me and my brother got it I put in his age and mine but I could use chat and he could only walk and do motions and I’m like we have to lie about ages to just let him talk dude not cool he can’t even make rooms or join clubs that sounds unfair to me so mabey turn the 13 only to mabey 10 only that way some kids get to play and the others are to young to play at the most other than that I got lots of friends get to create rooms that went viral show my talent all in the same game so download now the best game in the history of ever!!!!!!!!!,.Version: 20210225

Vr ideaSo I was thinking about the many different ways to design and customise islands on rec room so I came across an idea and my idea is when you build a wall instead of deleting the wall and the hen making three parts for a doorway what if we had a tool where we could select an area on the wall to cutout making it easier to make windows and doors.Version: 20200612

Awesome!This game is awesome! Sometimes it does crash and it can be annoying but my friends reinvite me so it’s fine. But a problem for me is sometimes my person randomly spins and I can’t control it. It’s like I’m just rotating on the spot lol 😂😂😂.Version: 20200612

Great gameSunk 1000+ hours into this and the content keeps on getting better each update. Wish they revert the bow back like it was 2 years ago because them making it like it is don’t feel right on the Oculus revert or give us the option to toggle it like sprint and walk. But apart from that the game is really good on IPhone and VR is great..Version: 20200306

AWESOME GAME but...This ye is amazing, and I love it so sosososososo SO much! I’ve made a pretty good friend in only a few days fo playing it! :D I live that there’s a mic, and you can easily mute it if someone comes into your room or something x3 But! On mobile there are a few things that are buggy, I know that it must be rEALLY hard to implement a VR game onto mobile, but some games either don’t work, or kick me out immediately TwT, also-! Taking photos with friends is simply impossible, it always kicks me and my mobile friends, anytime we accidentally press the camera, or just wanna see if it’ll work for the room we were in TwT. If you were in a completely empty room, then maybe with friends, but I’m so to the game, I don’t even know if it’s possible. Overall an epic game and I love it to bits X3 <3.Version: 20200814

This game is AWESOME!!When I first started playing the game it gave me a good introduction on how the game worked and the community is absolutely awesome. One thing I would like changed for mobile players however would to allow them to make their own custom hud and make the joystick bigger that’d be awesome and I’m sure several others would appreciate it as well! But overall this game is probably one of the best community and just talk games out there, there’s several different game modes from paintball, to stunt runner those games are absolutely amazing and run so smoothly for this game originally being a oculus game it’s awesome! Great game and I give props to the developers!.Version: 20191217

Just a few things...I absolutely love this app and I love to play with my friends! However there are multiple issues that I have come across. For starters, the app crashes so many times when I’m in the middle of playing or game or simply when I’m just in my dorm. It gets frustrating at times, especially when I’m in the middle of fun activity. Also, during a dodgeball match, I started to spin out of nowhere and it was uncontrollable. As I got hit by the ball, my character just started spinning and I was even touching my screen. The spinning continued when I tried to exit the dodgeball room and entered my own dorm. I was so confused so I just closed and ended the app and when I went back, everything was fine again. And one more thing, I’m not sure if I’m the only one who experiences this but, my phone and iPad tends to overheat whenever I use the app. Not really sure if it’s just because of my devices (iPhone X & iPad 5) or if it’s the app itself. Just thought I should include that as well..Version: 20200402

A really good gameSo, the title is self explanatory. It’s a great game made for all walks of life according to the rec room devs and staff, they’re correct! I love this game! I wouldn’t go too far to say this is my favourite game by far. Whether you like creating or hanging out with new people, there is always something to do. You can play it anywhere, anytime on anything. Slight grudges You can’t rotate objects with buttons on vr, I don’t like this because if I have it set to 5 degree snap, sometimes I accidentally put it on a rotation I don’t want because my hands get shaky. This would be a good feature with movement, manipulation and scale aswell. Better implementation with music because to currently play custom sounds or music, on pc you have to either download software to cut the audio in pieces and play it on an artificial mic or blast it through your vr mic (which sounds terrible). I just wish it was easier for people to play custom music and sounds. Those are the only grudges I have with the game, everything else, beautiful..Version: 20210130

I like this game and it’s perfectI have been play this game for just a couple of hours and it’s amazing I like how you get to talk to real people and you can decorate your character and you have friends in the game and the best thing about this is you can make games like clubs or something and I think that’s cool I don’t think this game is like trash but I have some ideas I have idea that you add legs and you can like had a feature that you can hug people and you can maybe ad something like you can add a yt channel not a yt yt channel like a channel in the game then you can make vids about the game rex room and post the vid in rec room and everyone can watch when the go in the game rec room.Version: 20210325

Rec room is the best game ever createdThis is the best game I’ve played since Minecraft which I’ve played forever and I still play it but I play rec room way more and rec room is my second favorite game because well for first it’s on all platforms and the way you can play with friends and build pvps to hangouts to adventures I discovered this game when I got my quest which was my first actual VR headset bc I had a gear and I started playing it and I found it so amazing as I kept playing and I’ve gotten my friend addicted to it as well and I look forward to getting it on quest 2 and playing rec royale and isle of lost skulls maybe even crescendo and just other games that are not on quest and I’m going to try to get my cousin addicted to it which is eh about it now the fact that you can basically make your own weapons is awesome and there is nonstop fun In rec room so get this on ur ps4 ur phone ur VR ur Xbox maybe and just whatever it’s on.Version: 20201102

Yeah its good but likeIt’s muuuch better in VR. one of them are completely missing (its paddleball, which just so happens to be my favourite) but hey ho they put this really great VR game on mobile and thats all that matters is what i WOULD say if the people on rec room were actually nICE and DIDNT vote kick u for being bad at the game still 5 stars tho.Version: 20210504

Dumb old name choosersI want jr accounts to choose there name and for me I won’t let me play most of the Time. Also every time it’s downloading/updating it takes a long time 1 hour sometimes when I get lucky it takes 10 seconds but it happend when I started the game.Version: 20210203

100% Play this game For The Best Experience of your life!This game deserves a lot. I mean a lot a lot, this game is a good social Vr-Related system ever. I play on iPhone and it’s so Good that I think this Social Game deserves a lot of love and more. Best part is you can hook up with your friends and make new friends too! If you don’t like this game then your missing out on a Lot of Stuff that you would love, 5-Star is well deserved to this game, Many reasons on why, and who helped making this game and the Real Creator deserves at least a lot of love just for creating a Game that is good like this. I see many people also have this game a Well-Deserved 5-star and I think this Social Game deserves a Lot... anyways I will play this for a while and hope it’s gonna stay for Years to Come in the 3000’s Maybe. I hope that will happen. Okay guys that’s the review I give this game and I will Play for a long time, okay imma play it after it’s done updating You MUST play! -Ryder.Version: 20210130

Woah.I can’t believe a game I can get on my mobile can feel like a Xbox game! It’s almost better than roblox! I have a suggestion though. What if jr accounts could use the shop? It would make jr account’s starting room feel more expressive and mean it would feel more unique for children. Overall great game though thnx 👍.Version: 20210401

It’s amazingI have rec room on all platforms now and I Ben when it’s on a flat screen it still lives up to the be version and now I can take this where ever I want. It’s an absolutely amazing game and ik there’s some bugs in it but I think they give it character and sometimes there extremely funny and some are crazy. I love this game because one minute your in a spaceship the next your trying to escape a building before a black monster comes and eats you and then the next your trying to put run Godzilla! Absolutely amazing work you guys keep up the work :).Version: 20210121

Its a very good game !! 🤩-This is game is fantastic i met so many amazing people on there. I just dont know what else to say other than keep up the good work! :D -Its a great app for me and my friends to meet up since we are all in lockdown rn! we chose this app over whatsapp or houseparty 😂😂 -Overall this is very great game but i do have one problem. Whenever i join a place the game randomly crashes it probably a bug but may you fix it please? i dont know if im the only one or this happened to anyone else but yeah thats all i have to say. -This is an amazing app! 🙈💗.Version: 20200515

Good game butSome times when i play games like laser tag paintball etc i kicks me out and i have to restart :(.Version: 20200402

Love the app, but there’s a glitchThe app is amazing, but there is a glitch on my phone. Whenever I am playing never have I ever my whole screen turns black. But this is just occasional.Version: 20201214

Amazing but..This is one of the best games I’ve ever had on my phone and is amazing to play with your friends and other people, BUT there is one bug I’d like the developers or whatever to fix, this bug is were you can load in, everything onto a game and your character does not load in, neither do your hands and you can no longer look around, pick up things or even walk please fix this, although this is a great game altogether please put more into it, it’s amazing👍.Version: 20210130

A must playFirst, this game runs so smooth on iOS, it’s incredible. Although the battery goes away quickly, Rec Room still ends up being the place I go to hangout with friends or even, build my own games! It’s a must play..Version: 20191206

Amazing!Really good game - especially for free. Love how there is cross play so I can be in vr and my lil brother can be on his iPad. Thanks for bringing this to mobile :).Version: 20191217

Great gameThis is a great game and all but at times it can randomly crash so if u can please fix this problem. Love the game.Version: 20200717

Omg Like Vr awesomeI LOVE THIS GAME but... The outfits are pricey and also l love this game but there are some things l would like fixed maybe fix the throwing it’s really hard to throw and l also need to get rid of the Stuff the Maker pen left 😅🙄🤗 other than the prices and throwing Overall love the game Free Vr Experience ( my opinion) Trust me it’s a thing to do before you Leave.Version: 20210217

I love it!I play rec room everyday on PS4 and when I got my vr I played everyday for the 3 months I had it. I love the community and there is a wide variety of games to play. IOS isn’t the best but when rec royale came out it started the best rec room meme strats between me and my friends. I just want to thank the devs and mods for helping the community and doing the right thing.Version: 20201214

I like it but there is a problemI really like this game but there is one problem that I have though the game sometimes kicks me out entirely and I’m not sure why I tried reinstalling the app and it still kept happening, idk if it’s a bug, i’ve looked at my storage and I’ve got enough gigabytes to run the game so if there’s any explanation for the game kicking me out I would love to know but other than that this is a really good game I really recommend it.Version: 20200703

Good gameBasically free VR.Version: 20210504

Support iPad miniI have seen this game before but only on vr I have been wanting to play it for so long but it just want work on the iPad mini please can you please support the iPad mini.Version: 20191217

DOWNLOAD NOWI would give it a million stars if i could. It is THE BEST. There are no negatives on this game. It is my favourite in the entire wold. OMG people need to get it. I just dont get why hairy man legs in in the trailer. I luv the blood moon cresendo thing! I would just like to say to anyone that is reading this and doesnt know if they should download it, just do it, this game has come straight from heaven to help u make the right decision and get it. It will be the best thing that ever happened to you so just do it. Btw i would really appreciate it if i could get some of the profit from the game because of my advertising. I put it all over the most played games in roblox and i can guarantee u that i at least one person is here because they saw it. Sooooo ye, get the game. And ummmm ye get it. U wont regret. Even if i dont get paid i will still advertise no matter what rec room says. Hehehe. (Get it now).Version: 20210225

Not compatible with my phoneCan’t really play this game since my phone is 13.3 and this is only for 12.0 so I don’t know weather it’s my phone or the app but I may delete the app or keep till it’s compatible with the latest version of software other than that it’s good I’ve got the game on PS4 so i May play it on there.Version: 20191217

Crashing alotThe game is a great game when it comes too ps4, pc, vr etc. wouldnt recommended for mobile or ipad as it crashes alot and you do not get as good an experience on ios unless you hav a good gaming phone or ipad. usually i play pc, ps4 and quest 2 i would recommend playing one of them instead unless recroom can fix this.Version: 20201019

Crashes a lotRed room is a really fun game to play with my new online friends but the crashing is ridiculous, I hate having to rejoin my friends all the time, you guys really need to fix that.Version: 20200703

Constant CrashesHello im usually a player on ps4 when it comes to Rec Room and i wanted to try it out on IOS platform but so far its not going well. I load into the game just fine but when i try to go anywhere the game just constantly shuts itself down and its bad. My ipad im using is a 2018 Ipad and maybe thats one of the reasons why it is not working so well but if that were the case then RecRoom shouldnt be compatible with this device and should say unable to downloaf. I hope the developers can rectify this problem for others to have a much smoother experience..Version: 20200709

I like it but there few questions I have to ask1. When are you gonna fix that annoying bug that glitches you out of the game -a person.Version: 20200914

Great gameI’ve been playing this for a while and absolutely love the game and I’m excited to play it on the oculus quest in a week when I get It. I think this game is amazing for a free game and I love how smooth the gameplay is, great game 10/10.Version: 20191217

Cool but keeps glitchingI love rec room but it kicks me out whenever so when I’m waiting on a game and get kicked out it’s so annoying please fix this that and for people who want it but are not sure get it it’s one of the best games I ever played.Version: 20201027

Add pets please!! +moreThis game is amazing! But with pets, the possibilities are endless!! They can follow you and you can pick them up and stuff!! Please have a new button on the watch that says tutorials, so we can learn to program. If something like this already exists please tell me. Thank you.Version: 20200115

An awesome game but...An instant 5 stars! Ilove this game, it’s awesome and super fun! There is two issues, though. Mobile players can’t play certain games, such as RecRoyale, and the game crashes quite frequently (also using the microphone slightly makes the game lag). Is it possible if you could try to fix the frequent crashes and add RecRoyale to mobile please? Thank you!.Version: 20200501

RecroomRec room is one of the best games in the world but I think that you can be able to play it with out wifi But over all I love this game.Version: 20210510

It’s a GREAT game but some bugs!So the title explains that I’ve had some bugs recently where when I go to the game I seem to have constant crashes and in paintball I sometimes can’t hit anyone but they can hit me pls fix ! This game is great apart from the bugs ! Pls add arms or legs or even a neck cause I feel like the avatars need improvements since you added ears this is a good time to ask . If your a person wanting to get this game stop what your doing and get it! My friends love the game and they requested this like me too . Also there is a bug in dodgeball where it doesn’t register not sure why , my friends absolutely LOVE dodgeball . I know Rec room is still in development and always have their severs down which is great ! Pls look into this 👀 Thank you rec room ( I always play this game).Version: 20210130

Great for most platforms, but IPhone? Not the best...I really like rec room, but playing on a iPhone is just sooo hard in some game or even impossible! Also, the new button layout that I recently seen doesn’t fix the problem. Last of all, in the older version with the old button layout I couldn’t press buttons. Please fix it ASAP. Other than those nightmares, Rec room is really cool. Don’t listen too much to those silly imposters who say that this game is dumb..Version: 20210504

Best gameThe reasons i say it’s the best is cause you have so much freedom and creativity this is the game for you (recommend console or virtual headset) having parties are so much fun where you can buy and consume pizza and root beer or if your celebrating you can buy a fancy bubbly or a cake in different flavors! Hang out by chilling and playing some bowling or shoot some hoops. but if you want something more exhilarating play laser tag or paintball to earn FREE REWARDS! Play daily and complete challenges to earn more FREE REWARDS! But if your still board after that you can do weekly challenges to earn a FREE SKIN for weapons, cameras or even your maker pen! You don’t know what the maker pen is? Let your imagination go wild. Make a house, a weapon, and object, best part you can make your own games! Make treasure hunts, survival, horror, puzzles, or even hang out spots to just party! The game... it’s FREE!!!!.Version: 20210210

Overall amazing gameThe game is amazing and smooth for ios you dont need vr but u can if ya want and its amazing the only thing is that alot of people are bein inmature but you'll get used to it and im iphone 8 and after i play for about 30mins i crash.Version: 20210107

Ideas for rec roomThe thing that I like is that it has everything there would be in a vr game but there is just one thing missing and it would be like a survival game like I know you can creat it but I want it to be a random like having an axe or stuff that you can creat like in the survival world you can creat mods for example you can creat a monster and there is a setting that it attacks people or stuff like that and make weapons without needing to put a weapon inside it like you know how with the marker pen you can make boxes but the thing is that what if you can make the boxes hurt you you know so you don’t need to put the weapon inside and that was all I really wanted in rec room and let’s see if they actually put it in..Version: 20210305

Could be improved A LOT.Ok so first, I download this and I play it. Crashes a lot and then leaves a gap in time for me to play. Whilst I’m doing something it crashes again. So I restart the game and that’s when I realise... THIS APP IS TAKING UP ALL THE DATA ON MY PHONE- now when the new version comes out I try to update it after clearing a LOT of data space and what does it tell me? “Your device does not have enough storage to download this app” WHAT.Version: 20210107

Blocking usersWhat I think would be good is that when you block a user the user can not see that your in the game unless it’s the owner and so they can not see your characters body at all therefore people will stop bullying or teaming o one person in a pvp or if the user is discriminated by someone.Version: 20201027

ReviewThe game is really good in the PlayStation VR a lot of the features come through on the phone version as well. I’m a little gutted that I cannot use my controller on the iPhone version to improve game play.Version: 20200323

BugsRec room is one of my personal favourite game ever but a lot of bugs with maker pen for example when I spawn inventions it some times bugs out and I have to restart rec room so If you can check for that bug I would very much appreciate it 😄.Version: 20210317

Rec room, the best online gameEver since I got my PSVR rec room has been my home and my community, it is a great safe place to hangout with your friends and have a good time! Only bad part is the report system that can be abused..Version: 20200402

Bugs & CrashesThis game is one of my favourites and I’m loving it, but there is only one problem. Now and again, when I’m playing, the app crashes, taking me out of it. If you can see these reviews from me and others, if you fix the issue, we would be very happy to give out a 5 star for the performance of the game. Thank you..Version: 20200724

I love the game butTheir were too many glitches and everytime i played it and always changed my avatar and like that it freezes and kicked me out glitched out can you please fixed this update pls it wont work and I really want and want t9 play this game again please understand me please 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺.Version: 20210422

AwesomeGuys my iPad always works I like the game a lot.Version: 20200619

MY FAVORITE GAME!!! But it has some problems...Rec Room is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE game of all time! I love it! But one of the problems is that their are junior account. I get that people want to keep their kids safe. But the concept that people can talk to them but they can hear or talk back is sad! I think they shouldn’t have the junior accounts. If parents don’t want their kids to talk to people they don’t know, they shouldn’t let them play the game. Also, my friend told me that they used to have pets in this game! They should TOTALLY bring them back! And also, this game doesn’t have a censorship on some of the words in chat. People can text inappropriate things and there is no way to block it. Other than the miner bugs and problems, THIS IS A GREAT GAME!!!.Version: 20200626

Very good nice people on itIn my opinion this is a social media game not app a game. I would say that this is the most appropriate social app for kids because of junior accounts and I will not forget to mention the people on it are really nice they waved at me when I did we even do secret handshakes. I think that there are more junior accounts than regular I am a junior account because I am 10. A lot of people that I see are mostly junior accounts. And I don’t mind that I’m a junior. My name is perfect on my junior account and all of my friends I make on there are junior accounts. And the people that complain about junior accounts I don’t care. I friend people and we do fun stuff like hand shakes and people still can invite you. The only thing that changed really is the fact that you can’t voice or text chat on there. I am totally fine with that because it can ruin your game like background noise and screaming and with rude people would you like to here people say bad stuff about you and say mean jokes and especially going into peoples conversations that you don’t need to know or offensive stuff about you NO I am shore you won’t want that because if you cut into conversations that are not for you just do YOUR thing..Version: 20210305

HiI cant play im on iPhone 6plus.Version: 20200523

Best game ever!!!This is literally a “oh my word I have to play this game” game! When I wake up in the morning it’s one of the things that pops into my mind! Except one request I’m a Junior account and I wish that Junior accounts could at least host events or go to other people’s events and maybe also let at least their friends in because there’s a girl who’s funny, nice, and a great friend of mine and I want to hang out with her privately without other people around. And then there must be a glitch though because whenever I order inventions like chairs, computers, and tables. It never shows up ANYWHERE which is super annoying so if you could please make an update to fix that that would be great 👍. Sincerely, Rec Room Lover.Version: 20201109

Very good conceptI rally like Rec Room, as it’s like Roblox, but with a slightly older community, better creations, and console/VR compatible! Also, there are some very creative members in the community. I really enjoy customising my dorm too; there’s so much possibility! My friends love this game, and we have started to make videos on it too. (The channel is called Basic Flaws if you want to see the :) ).Version: 20210203

MeI love this game.Version: 20210510

Rec Room ReviewI love this game so much. I play it on my iPad with my friends and by myself. Its a fun app for fun people. Its available on many platforms which I absolutely love, but i do have a little problem with this. So since i have it on my iPad i thought i could also get it on my iPhone. So I downloaded, and waited. After a minute i got on to the app and it didn’t work. It told me something about what phone i use and stuff like that, but I couldn’t go in. I was upset this happened because I truly love the game and the idea, so please try your best to solve this issue so everyone can have a better gaming experience. Also I would like this game to work on my iPhone 6, because I cannot log in to the game. Thank you so much for reading!.Version: 20210129

Good but new update is not really coolTokens are really rare now. Why is it so hard now to win tokens? I’m sorry but it seems like you want players to pay real money, like roblox with the robux. Of course it’s a good idea to win items but sometimes I just need tokens to buy something I really want, and I don’t wanna pay for it with my own money, I’m broken cause my store closed with the new quarantine in my country. I really like your game, don’t give up, but please don’t turn your game into a roblox like with micro transactions everywhere.Version: 20201214

COOLThis game is actually very fun, I’m gonna get my friend to play with me. ALSO THERE R LIKE ZERO ADS.Version: 20210408

This game was amazing!!! ( read hole comment if you are here to see what the game is like)This game is where you can talk, play, and have fun!!! I really suggest this game!!! Mostly you are spawned into a room with dark every where and you have to make an account or sign into one. Don’t worry it’s safe to type in you’re e-mail and account stuff, but anyways, after that you are spawned into another room which is you’re room, you can toss a basketball into a mini hoop and drawl on a board and best of all, change you’re avatar, but the fun starts when you tap the Whatch on you’re left or right wrist, you can pick a game, any game, and see many people from left to right! You can turn you’re mic off, leave it on, or you can make it push to talk so you can communicate to others! But that is if you put you’re age 13 or above..Version: 20201214

Excellent social app!I’ve been playing Rec Room since December 2017, and it’s probably one of the best and most variable games I’ve spent a lot of time in. Granted, the controls on mobile/flatscreen can be a clunky, especially when making custom rooms, but the sheer volume and variety of content makes it worth a try..Version: 20201019

Could be better but still a fun gameI’m gonna start by saying I only really got the mobile version so I can play on the go when someone else is on my oculus quest. It isn’t the greatest experience as games like quest for the golden trophy and stunt runner are extremely difficult to learn on mobile and easier on pc and VR. I do understand though it’s hard to make a VR game port on mobile so I do appreciate the effort out into this. While I did mention the cons there are many pros. I find it much easier to decorate my dorm room and games in this version as my hands can be a bit shaky in VR so it really helps when customizing my stuff. The second reason I like the mobile version is so I don’t have to carry multiple headsets and laptops around if anyone wants to play the game, I can just tell people to download the app, make an account, and play with us. The last thing I have with the game though is that the buttons are way to small while others take up the whole screen, I wish there was a way to change the size of the buttons and if there is please tell me lol. I recommend getting rec room if you haven’t played it before but if you already have it on VR or pc I would just treat it as a niche little thing on your phone. Again, I love the effort put into the mobile version of a VR game because that’s hard to do, I just feel it could be better..Version: 20210305

Rec RoomRec Room is amazing in many ways but there are some flaws.. You can customize your character and show yourself and how you feel but sometimes when I'm playing paintball I get matched with new people who don't know how to play and its just way too easy. Another flaw is that you should be able to change your password. I cant get into my PS4 account so I have to make a new one which is annoying. But overall, this game is amazing! And btw devs, (if you're reading this) fix the camera bug on IOS please. Sometimes when I wanna take a picture it just zooms into my face! And when I take one my body moves causing it to get my behind! But yeah Rec Room 9/10 game! I definitely recommend it!.Version: 20201109

ImpressiveA vr must have ported to mobile, now that is a brand new sentence, and it’s done well!.Version: 20201214

Pretty good game!I remember getting this game back in 2017 when I got my first PC VR and I loved it and it is a pretty cool thing on how they are making it into a multi platform social game I tend to play on my iPad and I just draw with the Apple Pencil it’s also great on how many small details this game has to help the player experience but the sad problem is the play base you do find a lot of nice and cool players and I do have a friend group on there that I just hangout and build and talk on VR for hours and when I do get tired I do just hop on my phone and talk more while playing in bed but it’s the players that take advantage of the free game and think it’s nothing to them and they just act stupid everywhere they did add rec center mods to help deal with these issues which does help a lot but sometimes they aren’t always there, besides that the player base is so creative especially CraftySponge and Carthage’s creating rooms that are unimaginable and the clubs to help you find the right friend group for your tastes, anyway this is a solid game and I hope there is more that the developers could add!.Version: 20200731

All time favourite gameI originally started playing this game on phone, but after playing for a little while I saw that you could play in VR. So I purchased a VR headset where I was soon the find my best friend, we haven’t lost contact in 6 months! And besides this it’s an amazing community game, from paint ball, to haunted mansions to parkour and even the krusty crab! And let me tell you, I’ve played this on iPhone, ps4 and VR and it’s a fnominal experience!.Version: 20201214

Great, but still a bit of room for improvement.I’ve been playing this game since yesterday, and I really enjoy it. However, I still feel that there’s some issues. For starters, it’s hard to really do much because of the limited movement options. I get that this is a mobile port so you can’t just move around Willy nilly like in VR, but adding the option for a Gyro Aim, (the phone is your view; turn left IRL = turn left in-game), would add a little more to this game. I say “Make it an option,” cause I’m sure some people might not be cool with playing in Gyro Aim for a long period of time. Another thing I noticed was that every now and then, I will be playing a game when I start to turn automatically. I won’t be pressing any buttons, yet I’m turning to the left at a slow crawl. This was apparent on the map GoldenTrophy, cause we lost a game and then I started spinning at a maniacal speed. This vortex of nonconsensual movement carried over into my private dorm, and I had to leave before I got a headache. I really doubt you’re gonna see this, but on the off-chance you do, it would be really cool of you guys to change / add these things into Rec Room. Cheers!.Version: 20200306

OmgThere’s more stuff than I thought.Version: 20200605

Rec Room Is not for kidsThis game is not for children, so I don’t know why they act like it is. I’m 22 years old and would never allow my child, if I had one to play this game. There are weed rooms, strip clubs, and so forth. You should be at least a minimum of age 15 - 16 years old to be playing this game. Since they allow us to talk on the game, there’s a lot of sexual talk that goes on In this game. Rec Room should also get rid of banning users, because some people spend 100s of dollars on this game. And it’s pretty messed up if your gonna ban somebody from the game, all because of something that may have been said to another player. People should be allowed to say what they want. Rec room also approves of sexual stuff In the game, otherwise it wouldn’t be on there. Stop being hypocrites rec room. I love playing this game, but y’all need to do what’s right..Version: 20200605

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