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Impulse - Brain Training Negative Reviews

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Impulse - Brain Training App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Impulse - Brain Training app received 75 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Impulse - Brain Training? Can you share your negative thoughts about impulse - brain training?

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Impulse - Brain Training for Negative User Reviews

😡😢I have a few things to say... I downloaded this app as I wanted to excessive my brain and knowledge, keep in mind I am still a minor so I use a family account... This scammed me and my family, as even if you delete the app it still charges you until you remove it from your subscription (I deleted it before the trial ended) we did not realize till a month after! So now even after we removed it it still wants us to make the final purchase, this money could have gone to so much better, it could have gone to family time or donations but instead it goes to scammers like them! There is a rainforest burning and and kids dying of hunger...and instead of people who are privileged to even own a phone shouldn’t have to pay for something as useless as dumb brain activity...that you could probably do online for free! If I could rate this app I seriously would and I despise talking about things this way but I honestly hate this app! If I could give it a 0 I would....Version: 1.6.5

Rip offI downloaded your app and applied for the free trial as I wanted to test the app before I subscribed. Within the three days I didn’t not enjoy the app so cancelled the subscription, but was still charged $16.99 NZD. Highly unimpressed, as I unsubscribed from your app as I did not enjoy the content, but was still charged a week long subscription fee. I would like a refund..Version: 1.6.6

A LITERAL AD TRAPI get it, it’s a good app. Very immersive and catering to your wants and needs however, every single time I open the app I get a prompt to sign up at a 96%! Discount!! Wowie! How great 0.51$ per week. Now I know that isn’t a lot and for the service they provide it’s probably a good deal, but when you play the free version it makes you want to throw your phone! I played this one game that had an ad after EVERY level! What made things worse is that it took me <10s to complete the level then I was stuck with a +5s ad between each level?! Just complete bs..Version: 1.27.5

Subscription planI know the app has to get profit somehow, but honestly it’s just rude to allow someone to do a test on the app that takes about 20 min, then when they finish it you need a subscription. If I were these guys I would just make it so before they did the test, something would pop up telling them that they need a subscription to do the test. No hate towards you guys I just feel like it’s unfair to not warn everybody about it. No hate.Version: 1.27.5

Bad gameNothing like the add 😡.Version: 1.8.3

AwfulThis app and the developers have such scummy and greedy behaviour. I started with the free trial of 3 days and on my first use it prompted me that I would get 92% off of my subscription and I thought that the 92% off after my 3 day trial but instead it charged me right away, so now I’m stuck with this for a year and I want my money back .This is just terrible behaviour from their part cause what was the point of offering a 3 day trial. I would avoid if I were you, I would give it 0 if I could..Version: 1.29.10

InsultedThis app offers a trial period of three (3) days... not enough time to render a decision if I’m willing to pay a subscription for it or not. No link to unsubscribe... yes I know it’s Apple ... but a link? Come on.....Version: 1.7.9

Pretty Misleading if I’m honest.It’s a good app and the first three days are fun and I can honestly see how they would work if you did the full thirty days but it’s really misleading. This is because once you complete the first 3 days it basically forces you to give them money if you want to continue. Additionally, I considered the free trial once it asked for money but when I clicked on it, you only get another 3 days and then they automatically charge you for the week without warning and I think that’s bad. Yeah it was good for the first 3 days, they mislead you, and charge you an extortionate amount for a little time period. No thanks👎🏻👋🏻.Version: 1.3.1

Junk.You don’t get to play what’s it’s the ads. You need to subscribe for paid membership before you even try something, or, you get to dive into endless ads..Version: 1.15.3

Misleading AdI find the app is actually very useful. But my biggest pet peeve is misleading ads, and I downloaded the app for the masculinity type test and it is not available when I open the app. Like I said, the app is actually useful and the other tests were interesting. But although I enjoyed the app, it was not what I downloaded it for..Version: 1.29.10

App update scam lolI downloaded the app a while ago. I liked it so much that I started telling my partner, fam and friends to download it. The games are hella awesome I get to try different games too. Then today, it recommend updating the app to allegedly fix the bugs etc. I updated it and now for every game I want to try, it makes me watch an ad or upgrade to pro? :( also can’t access some games unlike before.Version: 1.12.1

Really fun app needs family sharingI have tried several brain training games, and this one by far is my favourite. The only gripe I have with the app is that it does not have family sharing. I am really enjoying the game and very happy to pay for a subscription, however really unhappy that it does not have family sharing. I am happy for my child to play the game on my phone, but this will hinder my progress reports et cetera and that is the one thing that I would like to monitor. If I were to go to a store to buy a game everyone would be able to use it. This is incredibly frustrating. However in saying that if you don’t have family members and you looking for a fun game to detox. This is a really really good one..Version: 1.27.7

Do not downloadSubscription prices are ridiculous and the ads shown are not appropriate for the age range of the app..Version: 1.29.11

Falsely advertised on InstagramDownloaded app because a sponsored ad on Instagram told me I could tale a ‘12 archetypes’ test and I was intrigued. There were several tests, none of which was the 12 archetypes test, but I assumed once I’d completed some I’d get access to other ones. I also purchased a (reduced) annual PRO subscription to obtain results to test because I figured that maybe the archetype test was only available to pro customers. But I’ve now completed all tests and the 12 archetypes test is not on the app. Aside from the tests, the app has a mixture of brain-exercising logic puzzles/games interspersed with very ridiculous ‘riddles’ whose solutions require spurious and illogical assumptions based on scant visual ‘evidence’. Like ‘which is the kidnapper?’ Solution: it’s the man whose picture shows him holding the hand of the child in an elevator ‘because there is no need to hold a child’s hand in an elevator’. Whoever wrote these ‘riddles’ does not have kids or gives them no physical affection. Overall, an expensive way to do puzzles and get access to tests that are advertised but do not actually exist..Version: 1.28

Too many ads (seriously)The app itself is alright, nothing extraordinary just your average brain training app, but my god the ads are annoying. I understand free apps usually have ads but the amount of ads is just ridiculous. It ended up getting so annoying that I deleted the app within 10 minutes of using it..Version: 1.28.5

Don’t even download itIt’s such a scam. I love puzzle games and saw an add for this so I figured I’d give it a try. It says 3 days free trial. It locked up in a day and started charging me. Not only does it automatically charge the $9.99 but there’s nothing in app to stop it. I deleted the app and it kept trying to charge me. It also charges on a weekly basis. $9.99 but there’s an option for $9.99 a month also. It defaults to charging you every week for the same amount it would be a month. It’s very deceptive and a scam. I can’t believe Apple would let this happen. Thankfully I had this on a reloadable card. If not they would of easily gotten the $9.99 a week for a few weeks before I noticed. Don’t trust them with your info and don’t waste your time on this..Version: 1.6.8

Tower of Hanoi Level 14 Slowdown Glitch?YOU GUYS... you cannot just delete an app that you have subscribed to and think it goes away... you have to actually go to subscriptions and cancel the subscription before the free trial period ends if that’s what you choose to do. Anyway I downloaded this for the tower of Hanoi game. My complaint is that at level 14, it doesn’t move quickly when you tap it and instead it auto moves and you have to wait almost a minute to move the ring from one spot to another. This doesn’t make sense with a timed game. I would like to get to level 30 but can’t if it’s gonna be this slow. Is it a glitch?.Version: 1.8.3

Took $12 off my card after canceling free trial!!!Want my money back.Version: 1.5.2

Play a game for 5 secs have to watch 2 addsIt’s too bad the developers of this app are so greedy, the monthly fees are ridiculously high and if you don’t pay, there are two adds after every mini game that sometimes last less then 8 secs..Version: 1.29.9

RepetitiveThe app looks great, the idea behind it is awesome but all the puzzle questions are the same with different numbers and pictures. All the iq tests are exactly the same every time around so it isn’t a very accurate test after the first time around. If you fix these the app would be great!.Version: 1.27.2

Scum bag developersIf you are going to charge for using your app, just put the cost up front, before you download it. Don’t try and see if you can catch people off by making it free and then right after your splash screen (before actually using your app) throw in a cost to use the app. There’s a difference between apps the cost money to download and in app purchases. This is the bastard of the two, trying to sneak in a app that cost money up front, but after you download it for free. You don’t do this as a marketing strategy, you do this because you know there’s a chance that some people won’t notice. Hoping that someone will see it’s free and miss the outrageous cost of $7 a week. You’re app isn’t worth $7 in total let alone weekly. This app should be flagged and taken down. For trying to take advantage of people..Version: 1.9.5

Difficulty Cancelling SubscriptionI’ve tried to cancel my subscription with this app, the only guidance is that I can cancel the subscription in settings. However I am unable to find this option. I have tried to contact Atom Operations the development company for advice but have received no assistance. I’m happy to change my review once this issue is sorted as the games themselves are quite fun and engaging however until then I’m disappointed that it is so difficult to cancel the subscription. I’ve followed links you’ve provided to others with a similar issue however when I’m taken to my subscriptions it says I have none to cancel. I know I started the 3 day trial with weekly payments from there so I’m unsure why I have no subscription to cancel before the payments begin..Version: 1.7.6

You have to subscribe to get free trialYet again another app that makes you sign up to a subscription that will kick in automatically after the free trial. Why is it so difficult to give a genuine free trial that you can then pay to upgrade or extend if you choose? I’m not signing up without trying it first, so it’s a HARD NO from me. Take note, all app developers. You will be deleted immediately. But of course, it improves your download stats anyway, doesn’t it? Makes me so angry - waste of my time..Version: 1.29.3

Visit apple support to cancel subscriptionsClick the link titled visit apple support on the confirmation email..Version: 1.8.7

Good but red flashing message is distractingIf you’d asked me to review this when I last used it, it would have been 5 stars and definitely recommend to others. The recent change has an advert bar at the bottom with a bright red flashing mail alert. Even when I read the message it’s still red :( I used to play this for mindfulness but I can’t now as it’s making me feel really stressed :( please please can you change this back.Version: 1.27.8

VERY pushy for moneyI’m not paying monthly to play games on my phone. And the lifetime access is like £45. It’s obscene. But worse still, they keep pushing me to pay. Like I do a game and the reward is a prize, but the prize is - a discount. Except it’s not a discount, it just costs less because you’re signing up for a year. And then the result of my personality test - you can unlock by subscribing. And if you say no, it says ok would you just like the report and no subscription - for £5!!! No thanks mate! One star because of how pushy it was to get my money. I’ve not uninstalled an app that fast in a while..Version: 1.27.6

Dishonestly forcing purchasesThis app is free but to read into anything it requires subscription fees or to purchase reports separately within the app and most of their content is widely available free online elsewhere for example IQ tests and the Briggs Myer personality test. After doing the IQ test and declining the subscription, a pop up offered for me to view the report without subscribing. I thought great but when I accepted I was conned into paying $7.99 for a report I could get for free online..Version: 1.26.6

Too many ads. Constantly trying to trick you into paying for a subscriptionDownloaded from an ad on Facebook because the line game looked fun. During the initial setup, it tries to trick you into paying for a subscription at $6.99/month. Get around that and you play three games and bam, ad. Messed up? Ad. Want to try another game? Ad. Woah! Make sure your push notifications are on so we can annoy you! Oh hey, try subscribing. Tried the old trick of turning on airplane mode to get around the ads and then it won’t even let you play the game. Had it installed for maybe 5 minutes and ended up watching 8 ads. Games are mediocre at best to boot. Wouldn’t recommend this even to a monkey..Version: 1.21.8

Don't get this app!They are not clear on how to unsubscribe and will take your money after the free trial..Version: 1.29.3

Can’t access all of appGreat app - but it doesn’t seem to let me try any other categories other than memory! I want to do a different one for a change but the others don’t show up! I’ve even changed my preferences to select all areas to improve except for memory, and it’s still the only one I seem to be able to access?.Version: 1.0.3

BoringThe gave are made to make you feel you are so smart, my dog could do this.Version: 1.29.10

ScammersImpulse - Brain Training is a scam. This application should be banned and is not worth even downloading. The app is incredibly basic but before you can even try it out, you are forced to choose a paid subscription with a shortened 3 day trial. I’m not unfamiliar to these trials charging you even if you cancel but what is particularly scummy about these developers is they do not have an email or phone number you can contact them at. On every attempt to get in touch you are referred to the subscription page in your settings. I will continue to find out how I can get a refund or simply file a report through my bank and encourage you to do the same. Please leave a like or comment if you had canceled during your trial and are looking to do the same..Version: 1.22

SadI was extremely interested in this app based on the reviews. However, I was also extremely disappointed. I wanted to try the trial version before committing to purchase. I didn’t make it past three days before I was fed up with it. For the free trial app, you have to watch an ad before each game. That is understandable and I have no problem with that. However, when you click the “watch ad” button, the app just brings up a spinning load icon without going to the ad. It will do this three or four times before actually taking you to an ad. More than once, I had to just completely close the app and start again. It did the same thing. It is almost like they are trying to make it so annoying they force you to purchase the upgrade. They have definitely lost a customer here. Before you ask, no I do not have WiFi or service issues. Every single other app on my phone works flawlessly and without interruption. This is definitely on Impulse’s end and it is very sad..Version: 1.8.7

Hidden costsPoor games that just waste your time and theres hidden costs also which aren't clear. Dont bother unless you want to waste money..Version: 1.28

Don’t downloadI wanted to give it a try because I wanted to see if I could do the drawing activity in the advertisement. Before I could try the app, I had to pick a subscription choice that would activate after the 3 day trial. Well, I downloaded the App and played a day’s worth. Decided it wasn’t for me. Went to my Apple subscriptions and there is no way to cancel the trial. If that wasn’t bad enough, I already got notification from my payment method that they requested the money for the subscription. Now I have to deal with Apple to figure out how to cancel the trial and not get the subscription charged. There’s no way to cancel the trial, so just don’t download until they fix it..Version: 1.14

False AdvertisingJust wanted to play the game from the ad. It’s nowhere to be found in the app. Nor are any of the games remotely similar to it. Deleting it now..Version: 1.6.5

Worst app ever.This is by far one of the most greediest companies ever. I downloaded this app because I saw it on Facebook. I then deleted it because it costed money. (I did this forever ago and forgot I even downloaded it). I got a call from my bank telling me that someone in California was trying to charge money to my account on ITunes for 42 dollars. I thought someone stole my information and was trying to buy stuff with it. So I cancelled my card, and got a new one. Every time I try to download something on my App Store, it won’t let me because I owe money. I thought it was because of my card being cancelled until I got a new one that still didn’t work and called Apple. I’ve been trying to get these people to delete the charge from my account and they aren’t replying to me. And I’m not going to pay the money for a subscription I never made..Version: 1.6.7

Do NOT buyCertainly not worth the cost. Very limited number of games. Lots of which you submit your answer and never hear back. It’s been weeks now and nothing. They’re charging an amount that is very disproportionate to the time you can get out of this app. Not enough games/activities. Fairly basic. No actual instant answers on a large % of the questions?!? I wrote over a week ago expressing my concerns that you have to spend the money to actually see that it’s not worth it (clever concept but not fair) and have received NO response. It’s like charging £50 to get into a museum and it being empty. **Don’t buy**.Version: 1.8.1

Unable to make use of the subscriptionI recently changed phones and I have not been able to make the subscription transfer across to my new phone, I accidentally bought the subscription in the first place so I didn’t even really want it, and now I can’t even use it because for some reason even though my Apple ID is the same on both phones it’s not letting me use it in my new phone. It’s been a terrible experience and I honestly want a refund!.Version: 1.29.1

Good game, too many addsGood game to start off with, after playing one or two mini games the adds pop up every 20 seconds without fail and becomes very annoying. All for creators earning money through ads but this seems quite excessive… other than that it’s an interesting app with various brain games.Version: 1.27.1

A bait and switch rip-offDon’t subscribe!! It starts with a free trial that automatically converts I into a monthly plan, and then each activity or test generates results that can’t be accessed without an upgrade. Deceptive marketing..Version: 1.29.9

Where has my lifetime subscription gone?Loved the app immediately so much that I paid for a lifetime subscription. After being charged, I’ve been charged again for a weekly subscription and with my lifetime subscription nowhere to be found. Apple said to contact developer. Contacted via website - still waiting for a response with my second subscription about to expire. So I’ve paid over £40 for one week of access basically.Version: 1.26.8

FRAUDULENT & DECEPTIVE!I only wanted to evaluate the app but instead they signed me up for $6.99 a month! App looked interesting and showed a 3day free trial. However, when I clicked “continue” to the next screen to evaluate the rates and conditions, it automatically subscribes you for $6.99 a WEEK!! Holy hell that’s a massive bait and switch. App pops up a quick “you can cancel from settings” note after they fraudulently subscribed you. So, I knew I was screwed so decided to cancel that minute. Nope!! It’s no where to be found in settings. Here is where you find it: It’s in your subscriptions tab inside your ITunes and App Store section inside your Apple ID section. Wow! Blown away at how it subscribed me without showing me pricing, terms, condition or confirmation that I actually wanted to subscribe. To developer: don’t even waste your time responding you fraudulent SOB!.Version: 1.7.12

Cancel my paymentI cancel this app, and it’s still taking money out of my account. I want my money back pls..Version: 1.6.7

Took money without askingTerrible app DO NOT GET THIS APP it’s set up to take money from you.Version: 1.9.2

Shit houseCant stop payments on the app what a bunch of cunts.Version: 1.8.7

Can’t use the app without payingCan’t believe the greed of today’s developers. Asking so much money for an app that 10 years ago would be 0.99$.. 70$ for a lifetime subscription. Is that a AAA game that I don’t know off? Hope you guys share the profit with everybody at least and all the employees are driving a lambo lol..Version: 1.27.4

Won’t let me unsubscribe!There is no where in app to unsubscribe. I tried it and don’t want to pay to continue. They haven’t even responded to my email!.Version: 1.6.2

Some enjoyable challengesSome of the challenges are quite enjoyable but others seem to be impossible to get faster on and score better. Additionally, just noticed that the game where an item is added and you have to identify the new item, when a new item is added that’s the same as one already present, you have to be lucky enough to select the ‘new’ one, which is impossible to identify because it looks identical to the item that was already there. Bit of a design flaw and puts off paying to upgrade. The upgrade also seems extortionately expensive!.Version: 1.7.6

Could be betterI know you people out there need a way to make money. But if you made this app to help people, I don’t think you should have made it so only the ones with money could “access” you’re app. You see not everybody has money to put into apps like this, but they still wanna follow as the apps intended to do. But like I said, it doesn’t help having a “subscription” to actually “access” you’re app. Make an app that can help people without shoving a “money-grab” in their face. And I’m not asking for apologies, I’m asking for improvement. So please do something about it. Like more access to more games or something like that; the app is very limited without the subscription. I know it says that it’s limited but it’s a little TOO limited..Version: 1.7.12

Misleading advertisingI saw an ad for defining your ADHD type. There was no such test on the app. The free version is only for 3 days and gives you access only to the games and not any of the reports, you don’t even get to see a snippet of the report to see if you actually want to pay for it. I waste time answering 72 questions and literally didn’t get any value from doing it other than a payment screen. App now deleted. Very shortsighted pricing strategy.Version: 1.29

Expensive waste of time.I downloaded this app out of curiosity and realised within 3 minutes that it’s just a waste of time. If you want to keep your brain young and sexy read books, engage in meaningful conversations and listen to good music. You don’t need an app to make basic mathematical operations or play memory cards, get pen and paper, it will save you £6.41 they sneakily charge you by automatically renewing your subscription after the 3 days trial. It took me a week to get hold of an Apple operator to get it refunded after countless attempts to do it online. my brain is anything but trained by this experience..Version: 1.6.10

Horrible game!!I kept seeing this game and finally decided to download it cause I’m a puzzle person and was really interested! After getting this particular question “A man who has people working for him especially servants or slaves….” And the answer to unscramble be MASTER!! I deleted it and will never recommend this game! I will be posting on all my social media plate forms in hopes to have the maker remove the question, the games getting shut down, and have them apologize to everyone! I hope all races who believe in things like this shouldn’t be on here erase this game cause this is horrible. What if there is a smart child playing this game and they have come across it!!.Version: 1.21.2

Unable to cancelWould not give a single star- Unable to opt out . Did not give me the option to cancel after download . Immediately after download was shown a screen stating free trial and xx fees after one week or so. It was shown for only a few seconds and before I could figure out how to cancel it ( as I did not want to pay) it took me to the terms and conditions page .In the terms and conditions it says I need to cancel within 24 hrs of the end of the free trial from apple subscriptions , but when I go to the apple subscriptions- this shows up as free trial and is not letting me cancel it. Even within the app , I can’t figure out how to cancel ..Version: 1.21.10

Not badNeed to use it more.Version: 1.29.10

ConfusedHello, I bought the premium membership for the year as I liked the app instantly. Unfortunately I am now having issues with it because it says I completed some of the workouts for the day even though I didn’t and I haven’t been able to do them for a couple of days now. I’m not sure what the issue is but I cannot even replay the days I have already done?? It doesn’t seem fair for the amount I paid for the app. I was hoping to use it daily. Until this issue is fixed I will keep this review as 2 stars..Version: 1.20.1

DeceptiveWhen I looked at getting this app, it stated VERY clearly that there was a 3-day free trial, after which my iTunes account would be charged. It also stated very clearly that to cancel this, it would have to be more than 24 hours before the three days was up. Got it. Check and check. I figured with so many positive ratings, it has to be legit and above board, so I proceeded. Upon installation, it also stated very clearly that I could cancel in the settings of the app. Ummmm... there are precisely ZERO ways to cancel in the settings of the app. Zero. I’ve “left feedback” through there, but there are no account settings to be found anywhere in this app. Highly disappointed at the intention deception here. I will be notifying Apple directly that I do not authorize any charges for this app..Version: 1.6.6

Ridiculous amount of ads.Game is great even for the LITE or free version. Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy it. However, free version has a ridiculous amount of ads. Literally after every single button you click weather choosing a game or pressing the next button for next game, there. Is. An. Ad. Literally after every button. Even when you decide to change the game/challenge whatever you want to call it. Like I said game is great but the amount of ads is totally unnecessary. It’s like one of those free and simple games made in China where there’s an ad after everything you press..Version: 1.22.1

False advertisingSays free but can’t do anything without paying for a membership. Doesn’t mention anything about in app purchases..Version: 1.6.6

TOO MANY ADSThis game will shove ads down your throat, It’s fun otherwise but it’s annoying watching an ad every time you try and play a game..Version: 1.29.10

Misleading ads, paywalled resultsOn Instagram as part of their ad, this app is advertised as though anyone can download it and start doing quizzes and get results, however if you try to do that you’ll quickly find out that reports are hidden behind a paywall and you’ve basically just wasted your time unless you choose to pay. This is really scummy behavior. I’d give the app a 0 if I could..Version: 1.29.5

Not bad but games have limited go’s even if paidNot a bad games app but there are several that are limited to the number of games. I’ve reached the maximum on many I like and the app doesn’t allow any more games other than replaying the same ones again. Quite disappointing given there are no logical reasons, ie there are only 200 word searches, only 800 candy sorts, only 1000 word crosswords when they could be unlimited, particularly when you’ve paid for the app.Version: 1.29

Rip offAs if you would pay for this. Lol.Version: 1.7.13

No cancellation??I have been paying money and I don’t know how to cancel you need to make it more clear. please respond back as this is kind of urgent. I want my money to stop coming out of my account..Version: 1.6.7

Great game… but BEWAREThis game is awesome in so many ways, except the biggest one.. customer service. I rated 2/5 stars because of the condescending and belittling customer service I received via email. I was concerned, and a little confused about a purchase I made within the app. So I emailed IMPULSE and requested assistance. Since IT/developing is not my forte, I was inquisitive on the issue. From the beginning of our conversation IMPULSE was surprisingly curt, discourteous, and not happy to help a confused customer. This is an awesome game if you never make a purchase mistake, and never need any of their help. I hope the developers will take a look at the poor correspondence I received from their company and take action so that it does not happen to another unsuspecting person..Version: 1.25.6

Have removed almost all free functionalityWas a great app with a few free games. They added new games and reduced how many were free. Now seems the only way to play (for free) is using the “30 day challenge” - which I don’t want. I just want to play endless hours of memory, and the time trial “count as far as you can” game. Clearly don’t want to pay $30 (or whatever the subscription is) for the privilege. Loved this app, but now can’t use without paying. Sad face!.Version: 1.3

LiesFree trial isn’t even a free trial as it is limiting me from all the aspects of this app I wanted to try out and constantly asking me to pay ridiculous amounts to access it. There is also no ADHD type quiz as what they advertised to me, plenty of other pseudoscience quizzes though that you could get for free through google instead of paying ridiculous amounts to get access to anything on this app..Version: 1.29.1

5/10- disappointed with the adds!I like some of the puzzles; a lot. But the crossword style game is starting to annoy me with the awful adds for other Apps. ;once you have used up all of your hints, that is. If you need more than the allotted 3 clues, you are force to watch “sexual & misogynistic” adds for other gaming apps that I find extremely offensive. I’m very upset that I’ve spent nearly $50 purchasing this App , purely for brain exercises and I’m forced to watch disturbing scenes of homelessness & sleazy scenes etc; it’s triggering!. Who’s designing these Apps?! Really?!!.Version: 1.29.4

Review of ImpulseKeeping my brain sharp and working effectively is important to me and the promise of Impulse appealed to me, so I purchased a year subscription. The games are interesting, varied, and easy to get into with. However I cannot continue playing the games and improving my brain sharpness, this is because I’m colourblind and even with this mode activated some games are difficult to play. I’m not sure how much research you’ve done into colourblindness but there’s more than one type and a single on/off control will not support it. I’ve contacted you via in-game feedback and your website about my situation but haven’t heard anything from you- hence this review. I’d appreciate if you would refund my subscription without any further action on my part..Version: 1.28

Good game. Ads make it unplayable.I know they need to make money. And many games on your phone have ads and I’m fine with that, I understand they want you subscribe and that’s their prerogative but they can’t expect everyone to do it. BUT it’s actually ridiculous how many ads you will get. The little games last anywhere between 5s to a minute MAX. Expect to get an advert every single time you finish a round so essentially if your fast at the game you will be spending more time watching adverts than actually playing. Almost makes it unplayable in my opinion..Version: 1.28.2

Great app, but way too many ads!You’ve got a great app but the amount of ads on this app is not funny, I can’t really go on this app without getting extremely frustrated over getting an ad literally minute, it’s a bit ridiculous. Very great app and it would be a 10/10 if there weren’t so many ads because this is so frustrating and puts me in a very bad mood whenever I use this app..Version: 1.28.3

It looks like a fraudThe annual subscription was activated by mistake, without even a free trial, and they did not accept my refund request or even changing the subscription to monthly payment. It is a kind of fraud to me..Version: 1.29.6

Paid for no adds but still getting addsI really enjoy the games, but this company is obviously dishonest or a scam. I paid $6.99 to have the option of no adds ever. That worked for about 8 hours and after that the long and annoying adds were back. I tried sending the developers a message, but I couldn’t get my message to go through. Pretty shady. Hopefully I can get refunded by my credit card. Don’t give this app any of your money!.Version: 1.29.10

Makes you sign up after 1 day!I downloaded this and figured I would give it a try as the ad looked quite good. I did day 1 of the 30 day training to just give it a go. Day 1 seemed to go ok. Today I have returned to try day 2 and it won’t let me proceed without signing up for trials etc (which I’ve noticed from the reviews if you sign up you get charged). I will happily pay for a game or app if it’s worth my while however 1 day of free training for me isn’t enough to decide weather I should pay. I’m now deleting the app which is a shame because it seemed ok..Version: 1.6.6

Outrageously overpricedThe games are fun and the app is well-made but after my trial version expired, I discovered that I’m paying 8 dollars PER WEEK (and that’s with a 30% discount) and there is no easy way to end your subscription on the iPhone application. The company makes it all too easy to sign up and intentionally difficult to cancel your subscription. In the meantime, you’re paying 28 bucks a month— which if you keep it, ends up being almost 340 dollars per year! I’ve used many brain trainings apps and none were even close to being this outrageously expensive! Even intensely involved video games (with very advanced graphics and complicated storylines) don’t cost even a tenth of this to own for life! I’m truly appalled at how much they’re charging and disgusted by their use of “free trial” to lure people into paying an exorbitant amount for something that isn’t even worth a fraction of what they charge. Would NOT recommend, unless you have disposable income..Version: 1.9.4

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