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Impulse - Brain Training Positive Reviews

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Impulse - Brain Training App User Positive Comments 2023

Impulse - Brain Training app received 142 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about impulse - brain training?

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Impulse - Brain Training for Positive User Reviews

Excellent training appThe app offers a variety of exercises that address different aspects of individual personality. I do recommend it <3.Version: 1.29.9

Amazing app💛!!This a wonderful app to use when bored, it tests memory, maths and more. It has fun features and great games. This really helped me and I hope you will like it too!! 😜 The only thing is, lots of games charge of money. But still, it’s great 😀👍🏻 Thanks for reading my comment 😛 - Grace x.Version: 1.29

Cool and solid app for brain circuitsThe app has some solid ‘mental-workout’ material. The design is clean, the games are a fun level of challenging, and the science is proven. Would recommend for people who are keen to ‘get out of their own head’..Version: 1.27.13

Hit the spotExactly the kind of exercises I was looking for! After reading the reviews, I’m glad I dove right in and skipped having to manage through the ads. Being able to fly though all kinds of activities that help improve focus, attention, memory, while minimizing distraction is exactly why I got the app. Even more, I love how each game/puzzle/activity highlights what I’m working on/improving. Overall, this is such a fun productive time killer….rare to find one with this much variety and challenge..Version: 1.25.1

Great for neuro divergent brainsI find the app great for calming my adhd. The games are fun and challenging, and helpful when I’m feeling bored or losing focus. When I need to refocus, this app helps..Version: 1.29.10

ImpulseI like this a lot.Version: 1.29.10

What a great little app!It’s actually quite big! There’s so many games and puzzles that are so well thought out that definitely keep you engaged..Version: 1.26.7

AMAZING brain app.This app has helped with my memory in the short time I have been using it. I am very impressed and look forward to improving my brain health over time with this app..Version: 1.29.3

I can feel the positive effects after using it for the first timeIt’s a great app. You definitely get an idea of what you’re good at and what you need to improve on. And as you go up in levels in different games you really do feel the difficulty going up as well. I think even after using it for a day I started seeing the effects. It definitely helps keep my mind sharper I’d say. And it’s way better to spend time on this than on Instagram, so I love it haha!.Version: 1.29.9

Great for restarting your mind!I had multiple heart attacks in 2004 & 2006. After that I was put on disability which was f course in that time frame was the opioid epidemic that still rages on beyond this steroidal cold & flu (China virus). After my heart started to straighten out in 2017, I got clean and I’m back to working full time. Something is foggy in my brain though. I’m startled very easily and my concentration is far from what it used to be. These tools are helping ease my mind, use it again like a muscle, and all around better my life. I appreciate apps like this and the minds that went into the process of thinking about healing a dysfunctional mindset. Thanks!.Version: 1.22

My opinion on the app :Impulse is an amazing app very good for when your super bored or when your having a bad day it’s also a wake up game and so much fun you can test your skills and play a variety of rounds I love this game you should download it !.Version: 1.29

ImpulseIt’s a nice game it definitely keeps your mind sharp and tests your focus the only downfall is they try to sell every little level up and continue to after you decline. I mean after it’s declined it should not be pushed on you the way it is. once in a while cool but it’s too frequent. A lot of games have it where you can play without purchase and make in app purchases if you choose. Again this one has that but it seems it’s there just to pressure you to buying more. Over all what it’s intended for is good fun and a challenging game, WITHOUT the purchases!! So five star for its design and reason for design but 3-4 stars for profit intentions and aggravation from pressing the issue honestly…..Version: 1.26.2

Très bien faitJeux rapide et indicatifs.Version: 1.29.10

How much I like itSo far I have played the game for two days and I like the fact of being challenged . and not knowing what to expect next. This game so far seems to give me a challenge based off of things that we have to deal with every day in daily life issues. Whether those things are good things or bad things, things that you have to ponder on etc. it challenged you and took you out of your zone that you may have been in at that moment. I’m looking forward to learning new things expanding my brain span ,and being challenged daily, because what I’m beginning to see go on in this world… we need to stay woke ,and pay attention to what’s actually happening before our eyes while being distracted with daily nuances. So we all need things that we can focus in on daily, to help keep us focused on what’s important .I think this game will be a segue into that for lots of people that find it hard to multitask at times, becauseWe get distracted. Being able to focus is important for anything that we do in life, and I think that this game is just fun tool that could help..Version: 1.22

Wake upIt’s brilliant, I thought I’d drop into a straight off too difficult set of questions. I was wrong, it’s a gentle build up, it wakes up your brain, gave me the chance to gain confidence and keep going. I feel much more confident in my brain abilities and actively seek, quizzes and puzzles. Definitely feel less anxious and more confident.Version: 1.27.13

Great funLots of games to choose from. No glitches, great work team, thank you..Version: 1.27.13

ImpulseI have had this game for a short time and believe it is brilliant, I enjoy comparing myself to other ages and their intelligence. I am 12 years old playing against 17 year olds and in almost every course doing better than 99% of that age group, this is very stabilising to my awareness of my intelligence and good to establish on a simple app on just my phone..Version: 1.29.3

WowLove it.Version: 1.28.2

This app is actually funI found this app on TT. I wasn’t sure about it, especially considering they asked you to immediately pay for a subscription and only offer a 3 day free trail. They do offer a “deal” for a lifetime subscription for 30 something dollars. I’ve only played for 2 days but I do really enjoy it. I’ll update my review after spending a few weeks on the app. After some time, I’ll be able to tell wether it’s actually helping me improve..Version: 1.24.3

A relaxing game to help you wind down.I have only used Impulse for a few days since I recently downloaded it, but so far, I am highly impressed. There is a wide range of tests, games and puzzles to choose from and play, which makes this app really good to me as I don’t feel limited to what I can & can’t do. Although the ads do bother me, they’re not extremely frequent. I play this game when I’m bored and need to wind down. It really helps. Great app!.Version: 1.28.5

Simple entertaining challengeI don’t play many Mobile games, but I like this one, just a few minutes of game play to train the brain, simple math problems part is I think a really good one to help keep you sharp especially if you have a job that constantly has you doing math problems like dealing with money or measurements. Another one I thought I’d be better at is the arrow game, I was mistaken 😅 swipe the direction of the white arrow, no problem, swipe the opposite direction for the yellow arrows, no problem super easy, let’s just say I was a little overly confident especially when you start to speed up. Typical watch ads to play for free. Subscription for no ads or one time purchase. I’m probably gonna one time purchase once I get tired of dealing with the ads..Version: 1.24.1

!Great games. The free version is still good too and the ads aren’t so disruptive..Version: 1.29

I feel productiveMuch better than goofing off at social media. I actually believe I’m doing an exercise which will improve and maintain my healthy brain function. With a history of dementia in my family, I’m feeling these exercises will help reduce my chances of goi g down the same route..Version: 1.28.3

Addictive brain training for bedriddenI’m chronically ill and have to spend a lot of time in bed alone. This helps me feel like I am keeping my brain sharp and I enjoy doing it. Once played until 4 in the morning without realising,.Version: 1.27.13

Better than expectedI’m normally not a big fan of these type of apps but this one is great. It’s literally exercise for your brain!! You can tailor it to your requirements too by doing a short daily set of games/brain exercises or go full out and smash a load of games one after the other with the hope of improving your score. It’s brilliant. 5 stars!.Version: 1.28.4

Trial modeI love it! On day 2 for trial. They test your academic level, and your brain training is based off your test results. Yesterday was great not too hard and not too easy, today it’s been an awesome go again with fun activities that makes you laugh and not frustrated as if your in actual brain training school 😊.Version: 1.26.5

This game is really funI enjoy this game because it has challenged me to my limits and when I first downloaded it I was a bit confused but now I have being playing it more it has made me concentrate I definitely recommend it.Version: 1.29.4

The best app to keep you focused and challenged!This app has helped hugely with my focus and anxiety. When my anxiety becomes overwhelming, I can play a puzzle or game and within minutes, manage to calm my thoughts and get back on track. There are a variety of games, puzzles and never ending levels to refresh the mind and keep you challenged. The tests for IQ are great. This app is worth every penny with a range of options to keep anyone engaged, easily my favourite app of all time!.Version: 1.27.6

Impulse gamesI enjoy playing it, it’s fun besides training you abilities..Version: 1.29.9

Great app!I love this game, fun but also affecting your brain with a positive impact unlike other games being fun but still bad for your brain. Everything is great other than the ads, I mean the annoying game ads like that know off candy crush ect. SO annoying I know they have to make money but just do the Ads that a funny, fun and interactive that’s all I have to say..Version: 1.21.8

Thoroughly enjoy this AppEnjoy doing these games, feel sharper since started using. Nice little wind down, especially when you just need to clear your head for a while. Kids enjoy doing them too..Version: 1.28.2

J’aime ce jeuJe me sens déjà plus intelligent 👍.Version: 1.29.9

Great game!Very good brain game..Version: 1.29.9

Amazing!!Helped me sooooo much since I really am not a math person and isn’t really good. But this really has improved my confidence on doing it and solving math equations. Definitely recommend!.Version: 1.27.9

Good App but too many AdsWhen you install the app it offers you to pay 5.99 per week to unlock premium. If you ignore this and proceed to start playing, you can unlock a prize which can give you significant discount on the price. Very cheeky! The app is alright but I can jump on my PC and do this for free. The ads are relentless and long of you’re playing for free..Version: 1.28.5

Perfect gameI downloaded this app based of a recommendation of my friend. I LOVE IT, it’s the perfect game for my adhd, it has tons of games and quizzes which i love. not to mention it’s free and you don’t have to pay to access all the games ( i payed for the full version, and i totally recommend) i’ve had this game for over a month now and i can’t express how much i love it. I tell everyone to download it. 10/10.Version: 1.29.10

Great Brain GameI really like this app, came across it being curious about if my brain was still working properly lol and if I’m honest it’s really fun to do you set goals and also get to compare your score against the average person. Overall a app everyone should try.Version: 1.27.7

Brilliant game!Tried the free games for a few weeks, began to notice an improvement in my memory. Bought the game at a great price! Highly recommend the tests they are spot on! Brilliant game/app have recommended to friends and family. Keep up the good work!.Version: 1.27.7

Intéressant!Diversifiés comme jeux!.Version: 1.29.10

New games for me! Keeping sharp!:)Great game! Just started this app and love it!.Version: 1.29.10

Really fun brain training excersises and great time killing games!Got This reluctantly knowing it will be a subscription, upon signing up for free trial, 10 minutes in I completed all the games for the day and used the discount which popped up to buy a yearly subscription. Love this game now 😍 think that says it all!.Version: 1.29.2

I love itIt’s very fun and is very helpful especially for growing minds and is also just a good way to get your mind off things and keep you calm. I love puzzles myself and this game is full of them every time I open the app i am playing a new puzzle. It helps with your spelling and helps you get better at patterns and different kinds of puzzles, and keeps your mind young and smart. I would definitely recommend!.Version: 1.26.1

Impulse reviewThis game has really helped me with my short term memory loss and it also has awesome fun twist to the memory activities I’m not sure about the other options but the memory section is a HIT!!! 👍👍👍 thanks impulse.Version: 1.28.2

Immediately loved itI think this is exactly what should be on every adult who is out of full time educations phone! It helps keep my brain sharp with the variety of the puzzles and tasks with a minimum amount of time needed to be invested. Hopefully the app is updated and improved on a regular in order to increase the popularity, I can really and clearly see this app as the future of brain training..Version: 1.26.4

It’s entertainingColour sort candy game is hype super fun.Version: 1.29.10

Love and not to many ads !!This game has got such a wide range of games that you can play with not many ads! It improves your memory with various games to choose from which are all super fun. There is an ad after most games sometimes even less which I think is a great amount compared to others! Definitely recommend..Version: 1.28.2

My review of impulse 🫶☀️I feel that impulse level ups your intelligence and it is also just a fun game in general! There is a variety of different games to play. Furthermore , it is a great way to keep yourself educated, entertained and to test your mental ability 😁😉 on the whole, impulse is a very enjoyable, educational game for all ages to give a go and keep your massive brain focused and working. Who doesn’t want to be smart , confident in your work, and have a brain the size of a truck?👀💕❤️.Version: 1.27.13

How to cancel weekly membership?Just would like to know how to cancel my weekly membership or switch to lifetime....Version: 1.7.14

Great AppI’ve definitely noticed some improvements in my ability to focus and hold more information in my brain at once, which I struggle with. So this app works for sure. I purchased the lifetime subscription as I’m very fond of brain training apps/games and I’m definitely glad I did with this app. I hope the developers will cycle in new games so that mastering a brain skill continues to be fun. I’ve nearly maxed out all the games and I’m not sure I would continue to reap the training benefits once I have because I will probably stop playing the games with no new levels to beat..Version: 1.24.2

ImpulseLoving it, keeps me entertained and thinking.Version: 1.28.2

Vraiment plaisant!!!!Rester éveillé tout en s’amusant..Version: 1.29.9

I love itGames are fun and short. Only takes few minutes but great training . Only thing I don’t like is the advertisements popping from time to time. Otherwise great app! Thanks 🙏.Version: 1.24.2

Keep your muscles in shapeThe best workout is in the mind. The exercises are new versions of new ways to focus on the senses by training. This strategy has made me fundamentally (see I even started saying fundamentally) more adept to understand what processes create the abilities each person is born with yet having to endure a mundane environment becomes a vacuum to those instinctual phenomena that are innately trying to avoid repression. If you don’t pay attention to it , your mind goes to waste..Version: 1.22.1

Great gameImpulse has helped me refresh my brain and improve my mental health..Version: 1.29.10

ThanksAds still annoying, but they tell you how to get through them faster, appreciate it.Version: 1.27.7

Really good fun brain trainingSimple interface allows quick understanding of the games. Fun quick games to pass the time and train your brain. I like the scoring system so you can see how well you compare against your peers Too long adverts though.Version: 1.28.2

It’s a startEnjoying it so far, only one day in and I am finding the levels fun and interactive!.Version: 1.29.10

Très bien.Super bonne application. Très structurée. Permet vraiment de te pousser à dépasser tes objectifs..Version: 1.29.10

Love itOne of my favourite thing to do, when I need to unwind or disconnect. Instead of scrolling on social media, I find it a great and fun way to pass time whilst working on your brain. Absolutely love it, the fact that there’s a section with the science behind it makes it even better. Whoever is behind this, may God continue to bless you and invent more tools to feed the brain ♥️🙏🏾.Version: 1.28.3

Superb and amazingBest mind games so far to train various areas of our brain with clear instructions and increasing levels of difficulty to progress further. Keep on doing to achieve optimum output by practicing daily..Version: 1.26.8

SuperJ’aime bien m’entraîner avec Impulse, c’est stimulant et divertissant!.Version: 1.29.10

Great brain stimulationThere are so many games and puzzles that gets my brain working. I find it so addictive that I can’t put it down. I feel I want to improve my scores and alertness and just love most of the games I have so far been tackling. Speed and accuracy are required and I find I am excelling in certain formats and under performing on others. Concentration is paramount. Certainly the best tools for mental stimulation!!!.Version: 1.27.12

No option to cancel free 3-day trialJust like what the other reviewer stated there’s no option to cancel subscription on my iPhone. I checked on my phone’s subscription listing and it’s not there. Can you please help me?.Version: 1.29.3

Love this app!I don’t usually write reviews, but in this case, I decided to make an exception. So glad I came across this app a few weeks ago! Thanks to it I finally realized how poor my math skills are... But the thing is they were not like this all the time! Back at school, I was really good at math, not the best in the class, but really good! And look at what happened... I avoided doing some simple math on my own, thinking it would save me some time (or maybe I was just lazy), and as a result, having faced the tasks in Impulse math category, I saw how big my problem is. Huge, actually. The tasks and the games are not that difficult, they really aren’t. And back in the day, they would be a piece of cake for me. And now it feels like starting all over... But the good thing is that doing it with the app helps! I’ve been getting better and hope for more results! My only suggestion would be to include more games to the Language category, just like Math it seems really useful. Oh, and the math lessons! They’re amazing! But it took me time to find them. Thank you!!!.Version: 1.7.12

Gets the mind ticking!Definitely a fun and quick way to focus and problem solve! Don’t be discouraged by the percentages either, they are good to know but just remember your own scores to see improvements!.Version: 1.28.2

Love itSo far so good! Downloaded it two days ago and it is really enjoyable as well as beneficial. It really holds my focus and keeps me engaged while challenging me mentally, which isn’t usually the case. I usually get easily bored but this hasn’t happened with Impulse, in fact the opposite is happening where I don’t want to be interrupted when doing my daily challenges. Definitely recommend..Version: 1.29.1

Great!I love this app but i find there are too many ads, I understand to keep the app free they need ads but the amount is excessive😕 Other than that is a super addictive app with heaps to do!.Version: 1.28.2

A fun way to train my brain!I love this app so much. I’m finally addicted to something that is great for me! It is very user friendly and the exercises and games are not just challenging, but also fun to do. Every day, I look forward to what “Impulse” has in store for me. I highly recommend this app for everyone and anyone who wants to sharpen up their mind, no matter what level of intelligence you’re at. Cheers to the Impulse team, this is a great tool!.Version: 1.29.10

Louise OsbornI love impulse - it’s fun and challenging and the results are instant giving you just the right amount of encouragement and determination you need to take you through to the next challenge. I like how it rates you against your peers. I look forward to any time of the day I have a 5 minute window to sneak a quick impulse challenge in!.Version: 1.27.5

Lots of variationsDifferent games, many to choose from. I like it..Version: 1.28.2

Jump StartJust what I need! A jump start! When you feel like falling behind with the youths of today or just feeling dumb! This app has slowly but surely helped reassure that I still have it! A good motivator and very addictive! Has it helped? Definitely! What’s the 1 start difference? Well, the more I use the app will tell…..Version: 1.26.4

Simple but challengingThe questions are rather simple but once we’re out of school and don’t use certain things in life - or just use our mobiles to calculate or do other works for us - some questions seem tricky; reminding us we need to use our brains more!.Version: 1.27.1

Skeptic convinced!!I was hesitant to try this out; I’ve had ADHD literally my whole life, and we tend to find our own work arounds…but I only did these exercises about 5/10 days since installed, and THERE IS A DIFFERENCE IN MY MEMORY. This is huge for me, as I tend to forget short to mid term things and often lose my train of thought. I’m going for focus next. This is the only app that’s made a marked difference in my memory, and that was with 60% effort. I am so happy I found this..Version: 1.25.4

Great AppI’ve really enjoyed it so far (had it 2 days). If you don’t like ads you can pay to remove them or just skip them and you still get to pay for free. Some games have been a bit glitchy (just staying on the loading page when i want to go to the next game/level), it could be my phone. But I’m any case I just close and restart the app and that seems to do the trick. That’s the only reason why I gave it 4 stars instead of 5! But either way I highly recommend!.Version: 1.28.2

Great😎 so cool.Version: 1.29.10

So far I’ve been enjoying the free versionI really love how it tells me the other users I out perform 😎 makes it real competitive for me!.Version: 1.29.9

Incredible AppThis App is honestly life changing, it allows you to gain such an insight into your own mind and find what you need to improve on. Honest answers create honest help which enables you to take your mind into your own hands and learn what you need to do to do what you need to learn to do..Version: 1.27.4

Training my mindReally like the app - done very well..Version: 1.29.10

Great gameCan’t fault this game. I play every day in an effort to improve my memory , concentration,coordination and quick thinking skills. It’s been less than a month but I notice slight improvements in all those areas already! Great app! I’m excited to see the results of my brain after 6months - a year of use !.Version: 1.29.1

Great app! But just one thing….This app is honestly really good! I am in school and I need to keep my brain sharp and strong. This app tests your brain but also makes your brain work better (I guess you could say). It has been a worthy download for me. But there is one problem… The amping of ads. Every time I finish a level or two levels an ad pops up. It is extremely annoying. If you developers are able to do anything about that it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks❤️.Version: 1.26.4

Fun to play!!!I actually really enjoy this.Version: 1.29.10

Pretty Fun and UsefulI’ve been using the app for a couple weeks and really enjoy it. The games are pretty unique and helped me understand what skills I’m good at and which ones I need to train more. I like that the “Progress” section shows you the average score for each category and specific game. I think it would definitely be nice to see the average score based on training skill too. For example, I noticed that my “Selective Attention” was high based on the high scores I got in a few games. I also noticed my “Working Memory” wasn’t as high based on some lower scoring games. I think it would definitely help seeing that in the “Progress” section so we can keep in mind what we need to work on. Maybe even some links to research articles or something for each training skill would be useful too.Version: 1.21.6

Impulse helps my thinking skillsSo I am very terrible at math and have tried different apps to help me improve but nothing really worked and I’m the type of person when I am not interested in something I’m NOT into it like there is no effort I basically don’t give a crap. This app has different games that helps you improve your thinking, math, memory skills and the games that it proves is fun and something’s frustrating but I am willing to accept the challenge. Download this app now!.Version: 1.22.1

ImpulseI really like this App. My brain function has increased after only a handful of goes. I’m now addicted :) It’s a great thing to do during my downtime and it’s obvious that prolonged use will really continue to help overall my cognitive function as well as short term memory..Version: 1.27.8

Memory exercise - gamifiedThe games are varied and fun, bordering on addictive at times because there is definitely a dopamine hit from playing them. However, unlike their purely gamified counterparts likes charms etc, every game / exercise has it clearly labelled what the point of the game is. Short term sequencing memory and concentration from distractions - for example. The stats are interesting and it logs your progress each day for your assigned exercises whether they be 5,15,20mins long and ranks your results amongst the general public for that extra bit of comparability. How this all works in relation to boosting my memory capacities is yet to be actuated. However, since i am learning about the long and short term memory capacities of the somantic, episodic and procedural parts of the brain then i may know more sooner rather than later…?! So far this is both enjoyable and educational. Thx!.Version: 1.29.3

Lyla’s reviewOkay, this is such a great game overall and its so much better to let your mind relax a bit, it includes little games like wordle. but there is one thing, ads, there are WAY too many ads, and it makes it a little bit difficult to play.Version: 1.27.5

Impulse rating!I really enjoy Impluse. This is my third day doing the tasks/games. I really like how you can set your own setting, and get games specialized for you! I also enjoy that you only have about 3-5 games tasks to do a day! You can set your notifications to let Impluse remind you of when to do your tasked games. So far, I haven’t ran into any trouble. If you need a game that helps with anxiety, s/a, or any other triggers, than Impluse is just for you! <33..Version: 1.25.1

Maximize the Brain Minimize the FartDo it!!I After a while birds and cats and bunnies and puppies become boring-stay sharp!!.Version: 1.29.10

Love this gameI love this game. It helps to keep your memory sharp and the games aren't that hard. They do increase in difficulty which I like. It lets you get used to the format of the games. I have enjoyed playing the games thus far. It has helped with my memory retention. I had a stroke and I have some cognitive issues so this seems to help. I also had some prior memory issues and it is helping with those also..Version: 1.22.1

Exactly what I needed - Highly recommendedWhat’s great about this app is that adds are not so intrusive that it takes away the functionality. You can usually closed adds immediately, but the longest is 5 seconds. This allows you to decide if it’s right for you or not, then price to remove adds is really reasonable. It makes me think it’s not a developer taking the proverbial. It does what it should do, it’s fun, it’s great for your mental focus and you can use it for free if you want without too much trouble. Thank you! It’s tough to find a developer who isn’t just greedy!.Version: 1.27.1

Amazing mind gamesLove all the mind games.Version: 1.29.9

Best app for your brain improvement!Honestly, when I first bought this app I was already thinking about how I would cancel it before the 3 days was over because I’d had so many bad experiences with other apps. NOT TRUE WITH THIS APP!!! I love it’s simplicity as well as the levels. Fun and challenging too. Highly recommend!!.Version: 1.27

Love itGreat application, I enjoy testing my brain at different challenges..Version: 1.29.9

It’s so good. Temped to pay the subscriptionIt has a great range of free games, puzzles, daily mind tasks, test all for free to keep you busy. But if that’s not enough there’s more with the subscription. And it’s as free…. I personally haven’t made the purchase yet, however, I think I might have to..Version: 1.26.3

Best mentally challenging gameI stumbled across this app while trying another as usual. Then I started with a couple questions and before I knew it I was hooked. I have only had this app for <24 hours and half of those hours were playing! I love the investigator/riddle mode! The scenarios ask a question and the answer is “FREE TEXT” and could be correct… (Not sure if they read the answers and get back to me …) I have PTSD and I try to find a method to ease my angst … the only thing that I don’t like is how expensive the app is for continued use (after 3-day trial)… I know the App “Headspace” gives an extended free use (1-Year) for people like me during a pandemic..Version: 1.25.3

AwesomeThrow back to playing brain trainer on my friend’s Nintendo DS. I find some of the activities on the app to be relaxing and some to be quite challenging and mind boggling. Great way to work out the brain. Highly recommend.Version: 1.26.7

Useful appAn amazing discovery for all those who search for self-improvement. I wanted to use my time in commute in an efficient and fun way and that's why I searched for brain games in the first place. Impulse absolutely lived up to my expectations! I love their workouts - a little bit of work every day gives me a sense of fulfillment, it's not that I just played some goofy game on the phone, I actually DID something to develop my memory and improve focus. One thing to consider there is the brain-boosting habits, maybe it's worth paying more attention to them? Very often they seem appropriate and cool, but since they're not explained or anything, I just ignore them. If the workout is not enough for me, I can always go to the games and spend as much time as I want playing whatever game I like. My favorite category is Focus, so I play it the most, and recently I noticed that it became easier for me to concentrate at work. Probably, I'll try to binge-play other categories as well, hope the results will be just as good!.Version: 1.7.12

Quick, easy and funI am trialling the app and I must say I enjoy the games/exercises. I’m not sure if my results are influencing this response given I seem to be doing quite well ;). Maybe I’ll just take it! Good fun. Thanks I&Tanjo.Version: 1.27.7

Was I charged??Who do I call or speak to about an unintentional charge? Before canceling my subscription today, “Restore Purchases” was pressed and I received a pop up saying I purchased the lifetime upgrade, which I don’t want at all! I made sure to go into the App Store to cancel the subscription immediately after. I want to make sure I wasn’t charged almost $40 for a game! That being said, I enjoyed playing this game. As I’ve grown, so has technology, so anything before high-tech computers and phones seems primitive. I can honestly say I still enjoy reading paper back books, but any old techniques for challenging my brain are so outdated now. Good game filled with good puzzles. If I could afford it, I’d love it even more..Version: 1.24.3

AmazingAbsolutely love this app, it is giving me challenges and I had never done an iq test in me life. In 36 and found out I have an iq of 130. Which has given me more confidence to go for a promotion. Thank you..Version: 1.27.5

Absolutely AwesomeThe game truly challenges your brain and makes you have to think quick. Well worth doing to keep up your abilities to think clearly.Version: 1.26.8

Questions about the IQ testHow is this iq test measured? I have this question that I’m not that sure if this is a proper iq test or just created by the app? So can I trust to this test result? Are the statistics based on offical pages? Thanks if you can answer.Version: 1.27.2

WowHonestly, when I downloaded this game I thought I would be bored of it after a few minutes. But there are so many different games and puzzles you can do that you literally have so many options to play you just never really get bored. I downloaded this game yesterday and I play to at least level 25 on each game before I moved forward to try another one. This game is super fun and he’s there are some parts of it that are locked until you pay for it but you still have so many options to use for free! I really do love this game!.Version: 1.25.3

Great gameThis is so good and really helping with my relaxing and winding down etc. I do have a slight issue though. I’m dyslexic in numbers and really struggle with a lot of the maths ones. I was wondering if there could be a way of skipping or changing some of the games in the daily challenges so I can still do my daily workout and not struggle and lose out on my achievements?.Version: 1.21.10

Really really fun and varied appI really enjoy playing this game because there are so many game options to pick from and you can play any game you want anytime. I also really like that most of the game is free and it doesn’t limit your choices if you don’t pay, which was a pleasant surprise considering a lot of other apps such as this one do. The games are also really fun and engaging. Overall, great app..Version: 1.27.10

Good gameI think this is a really good game and it makes me happy that they ask for feedback because it feels like they actually care about the people playing the games. I like that i can play this for free with ads but also if i didn’t want ads i could pay for a subscription. i also like that if they do include ads they don’t bombard you. the games are challenging but not too challenging to the point where i can’t play. it makes me feel accomplished when i do play a game and get it right because i actually have to use my brain to figure it out. definitely one of my new favorite apps.Version: 1.21.10

Simply amazing.I saw this being advertised on Instagram and had been in the mood to get back into brain training. I truly believe everyone should have a brain training app, but this one beats them all. I’ve used the competitors BAXK in the past when I was in high school, now that I’m older, I can say this one has a more in-depth method of training and the games are really addicting. So much so I don’t want to do the recommended games, I want to play them all! But strict habits are good long term so I keep reserved, haha. Anyhow, they have different areas of brain training. You have your daily, then you have certain sections, I.e: Memory, Mental Math, etc. I got the 50% lifetime and honestly best money I’ve spent. If you want to sharpen focus, mental math, or even just feel like you’re not as ‘sharp’ as you used to be, you need to get this app and the subscription to follow. IQ tests on here and that’s something I’ve never seen those other apps have. Grateful for discovering this organization. I don’t even write reviews but this is one that had to be written..Version: 1.24

Impulse is……A great game to play because it’s so much fun, while also, keeping your brain on its toes, so to speak, with the puzzle choices and quizzes one can do in the app. It’s trying but it’s so interesting and just all around fun. It’s honestly great for those with age, getting older you forget some things in life once learned so many years ago. We need to be reminded of those things every now and then. It really does help ones brain stay more focused and sharp..Version: 1.25.1

Good 😊I started to use this app yesterday, and I amazed on how you don’t have to pay for the whole thing, yes there is still payment for premium and seeing full results from iq test and such but it is very fun. But that’s just my opinion. ✌🏾.Version: 1.26.9

Got for it, It seems to be worth itI have just started using impulse for about 3-4 days now and I can see a slight improvement already in my attention span and patience. It’s also great with the vast majority of activities there are depending on whether you want to start a subscription or not, it’s very flexible. Loving it so far!.Version: 1.26.4

Thankful for this app!!I never normally leave reviews, but I was very impressed by this app! In July I was in a severe car accident and had a traumatic brain injury along with other things. I’ve been dealing with memory issues since then, and became afraid and anxious for quite a while. I got this app just to see if it would do anything and I can honestly say that after using this app for a while it has helped me tremendously. So thank you!!.Version: 1.21.10

Something to smile atAt work I have open space at random times while I wait for customers, so having a game to play in the meantime that’s got variety makes the day more enjoyable! The visuals are also very pleasing, it’s not the most funky app but the simplicity is nice, it’s different than what I’m normally around. It also keeps track of the days you’ve done in a week, which I am not personally the biggest fan of but I’m sure someone would appreciate it. There is additional practices/games able to play for cash, but even then the free ones are enough to appreciate the app..Version: 1.21.10

Such a relaxing gameHelps me relax and focus whenever you need to so much stress with school as a teenager and this is a good place to relieve and take your mind off just wish there was less ads but that’s all my complaints other than that… FIVE STAR.Version: 1.27.13

SatisfiedMy entire life I have been considered a quite intelligent person by many standards but after experiencing a brain injury, memory loss due to ptsd and other mental health struggles and the general brain fog of motherhood twice over I often feel underwhelmed by my cognitive ability. I’m always subconsciously on the lookout for any way I can try to recover what I’ve lost. On a whim I downloaded the app with no expectations, unsure if I would want to go beyond the three day trial. After just the first day, I knew I was going to be investing in a subscription. The games are actually fun (hubby thinks so too) and the assessment aspect makes it easy for me to get a bit competitive. There are insightful quizzes and helpful “brain workout” plans. I’m not sure if this will have any long term, measurable effects but I’m not disappointed at all!.Version: 1.24.3

Favourite appBest brain game app.Version: 1.29.10

Fun and interestingI played and tried it, kept me entertained and my brain working.Version: 1.29.9

We’ll made app, and fun gamesThe apps well made and the games are fun, they also seem to have some sort of learning structure. Only criticism that comes to mind is that I would like to have seen more evidence in a rationale on why this game will assist you. I hope this gets to the team!! If so a free membership wouldn’t hurt ;).Version: 1.27.13

GénialTrès bien fait! Sauf que la version gratuite comporte vraiment beaucoup de pub..Version: 1.29.9

It helps little by littleWe can all say that we want to get better at remembering things and keeping our brain sharp. It’s common that if you continue to practice a little by little you will get better at certain things that you’re trying, with this app it seems that I will be able to sharpen my skills and have fun at the same time so I’m looking forward to seeing my continual growth while using this app..Version: 1.25

Fun, helpful, beneficial to your life!I was hesitant to try because some “brain teaser” apps I don’t find useful enough for the price, but this one is well worth it. One of the only few educational apps I would put my money into. It is free to try, but to unlock access to all of the content does require a subscription of $7 weekly. However, you will find that these games are addicting, helpful, and aesthetically pleasing. They give you a very calming mindset and are lots of fun. I could play them for hours. I have noticed a great change in my day to day life since I started playing it daily. My awareness is sharper now. I find coming up with words in conversation is much easier than before. I am able to remember certain tasks and responsibilities that I would otherwise have trouble recalling. Such a wonderful app! Keep improving..Version: 1.25.6

Enjoying so farI’m really enjoying these brain games. They are easy, quick and fun. Take a while to load unfortunately and sometimes I have to restart the app. But overall very good..Version: 1.28.3

Fun and educationalImpulse has really helped and improved my brain. It gives you loads of activities to do each day to keep your brain in check and smart it’s fun more than anything doing them and you don’t realise you’ve learnt anything. Until you do! Totally recommend this app.Version: 1.26.7

Absolutely amazing!!!!!I love Impulse. It is sooo helpful for my anxiety and lack of concentration. I use it every single day and I’m addicted. There are so many fun activities and best of all, you can set goals for yourself and what you want to achieve. I love it so much. 100% recommend..Version: 1.26.4

Amazing brain workouts!!!!I didn’t expect I need anything like Impulse, but after watching the ad on Instagram I decided to try. And I’m so happy I saw that add!! The app is amazing, user experience is so neat and the color scheme is perfect. What i like the most is that I only need 5 min per day to stretch my brain muscle. So I complete daily brain sessions and feel really better (on a 17th training day now). Pricing is a bit tough in case of taking a monthly subscription, but I successfully utilized the Christmas offer the app proposed. Just for the price of 4 cups of coffee I now can have lifelong brain training!! I would advise the developer to add some brain music and sounds, say for focus, productivity, concentration (I personally consider this to be crucial for effective working or studying). Apart from that, are you planning to add some training streaks? I noticed in other apps that this feature motivates me the most. But anyway the app is great and i recommended it to my friends and family (and i’m not the type of a person to recommend every stuff i see).Version: 1.7.12

Great app!…but.This app is really well designed, with great brain-training games that keep me entertained for a while! It sort of has the same design as duolingo. The only thing I’ll say is that the games aren’t AMAZING, but they are quite relaxing for winding down on an evening. I’ve had this app for a day, and it’s really good, but more complex and unique games please!.Version: 1.29.4

2 days in, enjoying so farThis is my second brain training app I have tried. The first was great as well but it became super mathematical and I also became too busy to use it so is stopped. This is more like playing games, so far much easier to use..Version: 1.28

This is the best appImpulse is an app that helps you get better at stuff and rewind it helps you set your mind do anything you imagine like becoming a queen and this is from me an 8 year old.Version: 1.28.4

Great Brain Training GameLots of variety.Version: 1.29.1

Simple and convenientActually enjoying a lot this app. Just open the app while going to work and start playing and sharpening my brain :).Version: 1.28.2

Chemo Brain & In Love 😍After going through chemo a few years at 30, my brain doesn’t function the way it used to. I love this bc it’s helping retrain my brain, improve memory and executive function skills. I had to do this with art too, to get my creative mind back. I always enjoy brain games for stimulation, I had it for one night, found myself playing it til 1A Ooops and decided to spend the $40 for the lifetime game. I like to invest in my health and this will be sooooo beneficial to get me back to my A game. I was going to neuropsychologist and she gave me similar exercises. This is so much more cost effective than medical bills! They still don’t really know what causes chemo brain and there aren’t really therapies out there for it, so I’m all about trying anything that will help! It’s totally worth it, coming from someone who does not buy apps and uses free version of games…I made the exception for this one! 🤍🤍🤍.Version: 1.24.4

Needs more difficult levels.The games are absolutely perfect. It really helps to train your brain. However, the difficulty level should increase to a point where it is really challenging. I have reached level 10 (max level) for the maths which i still think it is not difficult enough. Shouldn't it go up to 30 levels where you introduce 3 to 4 digit numbers for the maths? Thank you..Version: 1.27.5

It’s telling my much I should have caredIt’s helpful.Version: 1.29.10

ImpulseI’ve only just downloaded this and it has me hooked, it’s really fun to complete the little challenges and improve where you need to. I’m usually the last person to download this since my attention span is non existent and I’m impatient but I’m in love with this game.Version: 1.27.2

SurprisingIs kind to find an app that seeks to develop a better mindset for its users and then to point a social development for those around the ones making use of this great application. Thanks.Version: 1.27.6

Training Your Brain Is Fun Not WorkI’m 59 and I’m a college graduate and I found to my surprise that the app is fun and my brain can definitely use some training. My IQ has been tested at above average before college and then I took the IQ test in the app and I am only at the average level yet it only took me two days to get back to the point I was as a youngster but I can see where I can benefit from further training. I can see I slipped because since I’m disabled now and unable to work any longer and I’m not using my brain the way I used to I have lost the edge. Well this app makes it fun to see if I can get that edge back..Version: 1.21.8

Impulse Review by MeI love the test it’s encouraging to see and test your speed and ability to find out your score in each category. I strive to improve on my own time and that’s wonderful to feel not pressured to hurry up and get done with the one your doing to straight away do the next … you can finish the one your own leave the app and come back to see if it’s helping AND IT DOES!… although you do get gentle nudges every now n then to remind you to come play !! Thanks Mary.Version: 1.26.1

Fun AppI just started using this app a couple days ago and has been great so far! Trying to work in a simple and attainable way to work my brain out a bit more. The games are fun and I love the way you can customize your goals. I have been doing 10 minutes a day which I find to be achieve able but there are others options with 20 minutes a day or even 5. I like the additional puzzles, tests and games also. Super cool and I’m trying to convince my husband to get it..Version: 1.24.1

Absolutely love it 😍The game is very fun nothing bad about it but it is so good to play with you and your family and your dad is going to be happy and you are so happy new year you are so happy new year and you are so happy new year and you deserve a good life and you deserve a lot more love you bye bye love 💕 miss ya love 💕 miss miss love 💕 miss love ❤️ good 👍🏻 happy 😊 birthday 🥳 bye 👋🏻 good 👍🏻 happy 😃 love ❤️ miss miss.Version: 1.29.3

Pending reviewSo far I am happy with the app and what it offers, I have inquiries about the subscription support and apple compatibility so for now I’ll rate it at 3 stars.Version: 1.29.10

Great app but…I like this app except for the explicit ads. I haven’t subscribed as I want to see if it’s worth it. I don’t mind adverts when doing this, it’s to be expected. I do kind game adverts that are sexual in nature. Parents may get this for their kids to use, so rethink the gaming ads you have on here..Version: 1.27.7

RecommendHighly recommend, great exercises to keep your mind sharp!.Version: 1.29.10

Very engagingLove it. Keep improving.Version: 1.29.10

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