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DoorDash - Dasher App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

DoorDash - Dasher app received 114 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using DoorDash - Dasher? Can you share your negative thoughts about doordash - dasher?

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DoorDash - Dasher for Negative User Reviews

Doesn’t WorkHonestly, DoorDash is very popular where I work and I thought that it would be easy to use and apply for… The application part was no problem and I got an email and within 15 minutes of replying, so I downloaded the app and then was faced with the problem of “Login Error” So like any normal human would do I searched up the error problem and apparently i’m not the only person, but they seem to uninstall and/or clear cache, restart the phone. Ive done all of these options!! and nothing has worked the app wont even let me go login without there being a problem!.Version: 2.215.11

Door dash is a Waste of timeWaste of time over all work is not bad but other people who deliver look at the order number and then cancels order then picked it up wasted at least 30 minutes of my time and the the customer calls me that there order wasn’t delivered and I can’t refresh my screen to cancel the order what am I supposed to deliver when I didn’t get a product from the store to deliver. Also I got $54 working for 7 hours also wasted $15 on gas on the order I didn’t get because someone else already picked my order up for when it was supposed to be mine because it said on my screen..Version: 2.197.0

Dash Now, location matters!The Dash Now times and schedules are totally dependent on orders coming in from the area you’re working from. If you’re working in a regional area you won’t get that many job opportunities, anytime, any day. Your location determines how often you can dash. If you’re in a big city with a large population, great, you’ll always have jobs but not in small town or a regional area. In regional areas you’ll be lucky to get jobs even at peak times, especially if there are too many dash drivers around in those times. Location matters!.Version: 2.210.0

NO PAYMENTAfter delivering of 3 Weeks , still didn’t receive the payment, reached customer support multiple times in last 3 weeks, no one cares about the Dasher, feels like waste of time doing Dasher..Version: 2.239.0

Fair but not worth itListen, I never write reviews. But I figured someone deserved to know. If gas was like two dollars cheaper, this would be a great little side hustle. But DoorDash pays you the absolute bare minimum they possibly can. You have to rely solely on people‘s tips and not a lot of people like to tip. And it shouldn’t be a requirement for people to tip at all(should only be common courtesy). But the only reason people who DoorDash get upset at people for not tipping is because that’s literally their main income. And it really influences your order because if you don’t tip, they usually get about three dollars to four dollars at best. And a lot of people don’t like to accept those orders. Sometimes people take advantage of your lopaying order and steal your food or something worse. All in all, it’s not the door Dasher or orderers fault, it’s just DoorDash being greedy. When you DoorDash, you really are just earning what you spent in gas. You have to do over at least eight orders in order to make even a couple bucks on the side. If you have a high-paying job and do this on the side, go for it. But you can’t do this by itself. you would think that when you accept an order from a hotspot and it takes you to a really far distance, that they would compensate you for that. But they really only tack on an extra dollar or two. Not only does this seem like a waste of gas, but a waste in time. just consider this before you sign up..Version: 2.239.0

Horrible timingAlmost 100% of the time when the driver arrives the merchants has not even started!!..forcing the driver to wait for long periods because the merchant dose not know there was a doordash order up. Your app must alert the merchant that there is an order in and should give the merchant some time to put the order together before even calling the driver!!…time is $$ and we (as the driver) spend more time waiting then delivering, not really dashing at all its too slow and inefficient..Version: 2.199.0

Bad set upDoor dash will pay you 8 $ for a mile but only 2.25 for 12 miles no customer tip. Door dash will make you sit in the rain for a hour and make your ratings bad because a bad store and cocky customer. Door dash will make you put all your time and effort into someone who isn’t tipping so your second delivery is delivered cold and you get a bad review…. Accept the order and then cancel it so it doesn’t mess with your acceptance rate since door dash want you to drive 40 mike for 2.25$ but pay you 8 for a mile cause it’s for a mechanic shop??? Idk I have to keep dashing so I can get a better job door dash support does not care about your issues they do anything to end the chat idk if it goes against them if they stay on too long but the pretty much told me I payed to deliver some low life was of oxygens food… like I payed my own money this is wrong and they leave bad reviews people that need to just be offed destroy this app and you let them you will literally make a person get their food cold because you will destroy the dashers reputation other wise we choose to just deal with it because it’s a job but the we get bad reviews that take months to cancel off lol y’all need to do better and listen to Dasher input… witch y’all are not doing you do realize all us dasher talk to eachother right??? You need to have a better administrative group for this app I’m baffled it’s able to keep running next to door dash and grub hub.Version: 2.248.0

Frequent crashes and glitchesFour weeks after starting and numerous contacts to Support I am still getting a pop-up saying my hot bag is on the way… Takes more than 30 seconds to load the app as a consequence Five Star rating system DoorDash uses is culturally inappropriate in Australia… The only good score a customer can leave is five stars for stars is a very bad score -if all customers gave you four stars (80%) you would lose your job at DoorDash … not many people in Australia like giving out 100%Zero or no rating is a better score thanFour stars.Version: 2.197.0

Worst support everI don’t usually rate any app but this I feel like I had enough with this that’s why I don’t want anyone else to go through this. THE TERRIBLE SUPPORT EVER. They will promise to resolve the issue within the time limit e.g 24 hour but never get back to you even after 24 days and If you try contacting them then they will try their best to ruin your day. They don’t have any training whatsoever for how to actually resolve the issue they will always share some random faqs email or link without even listening or understanding the problem. On the top of that they will end a long waited call or live chat at any random point in the middle of the conversation. NO CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER. Secondly the app or the so called “system” is full of bug. It sometimes allocate you the job and won’t show up in the app to accept it and when you missed the opportunity it will affect your rating and you will get even less orders like 2 orders in the 12 hours shift. Or sometimes it will show you that the address of pickup or drop off is nearby hence the fare would be less but then out of no where address gets change which will be 6-8 kms away from the original location but you still get paid the initially offered fare. Other than that app crashes while accepting orders, if the order is delayed by the restaurant then it will also affect the dasher rating, and so on I would say save yourself some real trouble by staying away from being dasher..Version: 2.96.0

Few things to considerGood app but not getting much orders and under pay as compare to other applications. Also no penalty for restaurants who delayed the order even they don't get order properly.. so long hours wait.. it should be according to time.. who ordered first get first.. but there is no such rule so unwanted delay is drawback. I think there are few things to consider to make this app competitive with others.. thanks..Version: 2.184.0

Not sure how to title this....nor rate at this timeVery frustrated & disappointed to wake up this morning & find my account deactivated stating I have committed referral fraud in which have absolutely no clue in how I could have possibly done this. I have only sent out a referral email & one on Facebook each once to my personal email contacts & FB personal friends/acquaintances thru DoorDash link provided in this specific app... how does that go against the rules? I have put in my appeal along with then sent an email back once receiving an email stating that they received my appeal & that I could respond to that specific email & once I did that I got a “delivery failure”stating I may not be in that group allowed to post in or the group was removed... I do not feel I have done anything against any rules/wrong whatsoever & have only done 2 days worth of deliveries & just got a bit more comfortable & was getting more excited to the opportunity to make the extra much need funds. I’m just a simple single mother trying to make ends meet not anything by no means excessive or wrong but was looking forward to for example the $20 bonus challenge given only needed 4 more deliveries to achieve it & had 2 days to achieve & if I can’t get reactivated in time I am going to lose out over something I don’t feel was my fault. Not to mention feel embarrassed for it being considered fraud....that’s an awful strong accusation....Version: 2.112.0

First day first timeShocked to drive back and forth from one side of the city limits to the other side and then out of the city limits. It’s like an algorithm was testing the limits of my patience and resolve to see what I would accept and possibly not. As a retired person looking to fill in some of my day I am uncertain if this is worth my precious time at this price of gas and to drive around in rush hour to beat on my new car… However I will not give in easily and definitely write better reviews if it gets any better. Day one was a big thumbs down….Version: 2.197.0

Inconsistent and InconvenientIt has potential, but the real issue here is that even though you are working in an assigned area, they often take you up to 20 miles outside of your service area, then you cannot pick up another order until you drive back into your service area. Beyond that if you try to cancel an order that takes you this very far distance, you get dinged for cancellation. So you may have to except an order that will only pay you $1.50, which won’t even cover your gas to get all the way out there and back. At that point you need to hope that the merchant actually has the food ready, or you could theoretically be making less than five dollars per hour. This is probably an example of about 30% of the routes. The other 50%, DoorDash doubles up much of the earnings, leaves you with a tiny amount of pay, and the remaining 20% are very close by but don’t expect to make much because it is very close by. Then there’s dealing with customer support when something happens like they send you to a closed restaurant, or the restaurant is taking 20 or more minutes beyond the estimate. At that point the customer likely will not tip you as much, even if you do reach out to them and let them know of the issue. DoorDash customer service will typically give you the response that they will work with you to make it right, but they never really do in the end. You can expect next to nothing out of them, and it will likely even damage your reputation..Version: 2.209.0

My Door Dash ReviewI’ve been DoorDash in for over two years now my first month was good I made over $1000 but it took them over a month to pay me that because supposedly my bank card info was incorrect eventually I ended up getting it with the same bank info strange huh felt like they didn’t wanna pay out also I dislike they charge a fee of 199 to do fast pay these past few weeks I haven’t been able to get a dash schedule I don’t know if they hire just anyone or what the issue is but this is my main job only source of income and I haven’t been able to get a good schedule since this following Thursday it’s frustrating I don’t understand how there isn’t any schedules available when I call and try to speak with someone they have a really bad accident and it’s hard to communicate and I feel they don’t understand what I’m trying to get across to them last time the mistakes me trying to get schedules for dashes it’s very frustrating and they say first come first serve which I feel it’s unpredictable and unfair sometimes I’m up for hours trying to get a schedule and nothing sometimes I’ll get a schedule for two hours and only make $25-$30 if I’m lucky I hope Door DashSees my review and makes changes so there is availability for all Dashers not just first come first serve so for that you get three stars.Version: 2.242.0

Not easy to useDasher is good app for make good money in short time. But There are bugs in this app I have seen. When schedule time start and I ALREADY sign in, I get text message notification after 15 minutes every time that “you scheduled yourself to start dashing 15min ago. Your dash will automatically end if you don't sign in soon!” We have to check frequently “Dash now” in enable or not because There is no any notification and sound for this. When schedule time starts, There is no any changes in app, as well as we don’t do ‘Dash now’, so what should I do next?. So these is not user friendly. Need improvement..Version: 2.58.0

Maps review and other problems.Customer service is horrible. They don’t understand dasher’s point of view. Go to restaurant as I accept dash but their apps have problems so I have to go 45 mins away to customers address to get it resolved so I can go to next delivery. Even in help don’t get option after accepting it I assign the delivery. Chat reps are always not available. Last thing false advertising. They say you can see restaurant map in pin Point and customer address area pin point. After accepting the delivery then you can see restaurant address and once you at restaurant you can see customer address not when accepting the delivery. On app . Please fix this so dashers can make educated decision..Version: 2.10.0

Worst payment and customer service1. Even for merchants mistakes also delivery drivers get the contract violations, if I call to the customer service and they they can’t do anything from there side. 2. When I got order 2.5 kms 7.99$ with including 3$ surge. When I try to deliver that order actual delivery was 8.9 kms. If ask the customer service they said they can’t edit the price of the delivery. 3. I went to the pickup location 8.6 kms. Due some issues restaurant not doing doordash. So I contacted the customer support they said all good order was canceled you will get half amount. Actually delivery address is 0.3 kms from restaurant. I ask the customer service people half amount is not worth it so please give me some more. Because pick up is 8.6 kms drop up is 0.3 kms. Customer service person said they can’t do anything from there side. I have a screenshot proofs also. Worst experience..Version: 2.156.0

It’s okay but...I’ve only been dashing for a week and I’ve already encountered some things that work against drivers. If an order isn’t ready at the restaurant, even if you let DD know, it still goes against your on time percentage. If you are picking up multiple orders from that location, all of your deliveries are going to be considered late, which mine were. Also, acceptance rate. I’ve only declined two orders, both large ice cream orders. Again, I just started so I don’t have a cold bag yet, and both orders were 10-12 miles away. It would have taken me two hours round trip on each order and I could tell by the offer totals that the customers didn’t tip. Perhaps a screen could appear after we’ve declined an order asking why we declined so you know why certain orders are being declined. Also, tips... on postmates, customers are given percentages of 20, 25, and 30% or custom amount when tipping. On a large postmates order you can make an extra $20/$30 on a tip. On DoorDash, the tip prompts when they place the order are $2, $3, $5, no tip.... so even on a large order or an order that is far away, you are spending more in gas and your own time waiting than you are tipped. This is a service and everyone is trying to make tips. It feels like the DoorDash app is designed to keep tips for the drivers low..Version: 2.156.0

Extremely buggy and Terrible Bass PayI’m writing this after having done this for 2 months with little success as it is very hit and miss: the available time slots vary greatly as do the amount of deliveries, due to the fact that the marketing team thinks it’s ok to post 3+ ads to craigslist alone a day without any regard for grossly over-saturating the market with drivers thus making it difficult most days to make any deliveries. Also their servers just outright crashed and support is very slow, not just for drivers I’ve heard from merchants trying to set up their business that they have had great difficulties as well. I understand we are currently amidst a pandemic but it’s incredibly shortsighted and unfair to the workers that they incessantly post ads trying to get as many people on the platform as possible it’s simply not sustainable from a business standpoint as all they seem to care about is the short term game rather than long term consequences of their actions. Beyond that base pay is terrible, and doesn’t factor in distance at all it seems as I’ve been having to decline offers that would make me drive 20 miles for $3 drivers really rely on tips which is not a great outlook for the people who are in a pinch and need to find work given the current state of affairs. It’s absurdly flawed at the moment but could be improved if the marketing team would ease off the throttle to try and support the current drivers rather than robotically focus on numbers..Version: 2.116.1

App crashApp crashes, loosing me orders.Version: 2.199.0

Prepare to lose time and moneyA dasher with 200+ within a month and I lost count how many orders disappeared or cancelled by themselves while I’m already at the merchant. Ring DoorDash and they will always say they have no idea what happened and can’t see what went wrong. If you are lucky they will compensate you $4 for your efforts. And as other reviews say, they favour the merchant and the dashers are always the scapegoat for all orders that are late. Especially big franchises like McDonald’s, they really hate delivery drivers and won’t give our orders till last. Most of the time I have at minimum 15mins wait at McDonald’s..Version: 2.212.0

Hiding the customer TipSince they start hiding customers tips almost 6 months ago and this company starts to fall behind the competition, they think by deceiving drivers they will get more delivered orders ! On thé contrary drivers started to reject more and more deliveries and many drivers started to leave this platform and looking for something else , hiding the tip is so deceptive and technically it’s against the work ethics .another issue is that acceptance and completion rates that affects your overall ratings and non open working schedules, they don’t give you an open schedule unless you accepted more than 95% of the deliveries which means delivering orders to very far destinations with less than gas and car consumption cost !!!!.Version: 2.240.0

Not user friendlyDoorDash does NOT let the drivers Dash on there own schedule! Drivers are forced to catch an open time slot on the app’s schedule and that’s if the driver can ever see the open times available to schedule, a week in advance, due to the time ( 3pm or 12am , now unsure) when the schedule becomes available. They have what they call “Top Dasher” of the month, which becomes available to drivers that hold a high rating, however to become a Top Dasher with a high rating means a driver has to except all orders assigned to them, 12 mile or more deliveries for just the base pay sometimes because customers get a free trial for 30 days therefore they don’t tip. Also DoorDash drivers are now forced to shop then make the delivery, on the same low base pay. Doordash has become greedy due to other apps, that offer higher base pay and tip, that requires shopping and delivery. Doordash isn’t “”DoorDash”” anymore! And drivers should not be rated on friendliness by the customer, drivers are working drivers are not trying to make friends! And customers are rude, needy, don’t give good directions, and they don’t tip….. with the timer running (ratings), heat, store employees, and traffic, all of these factors on the Drivers, and the customer ( who puts in there notes “ leave at the door “, AKA: I’m not tipping) get the opportunity to rate “ Friendliness “ of the driver? Come on, really? Nope, DoorDash only gets 1 star rating, DoorDash is not a good side gig, DoorDash is lie..Version: 2.232.0

Honest dasher reviewI always like to give things a fair chance but after 3 days of dashing I can confidently say there are big problems with this app/job if you want to call it that. For one the base pay you get from doordash is horrendous, no surprise there, and at times won’t even cover the gas of the trip. Because of this you are forced to rely on tips from customers which is not always a given. After over an hour during a Friday night in a some-what big and most definitely busy city, even according to the app, I earned about $7.00. After two orders which took over 30 minutes each to complete I earned $0.00 in tips and the $7.00 from doordash. I recognize doordash cannot control whether or not the customer tips, however they can help supplement this by either increasing their base pay to something acceptable, or if after your dash shift is complete, and your pay is below say, your state’s minimum wage, then they compensate you the difference. There are minor improvements that can be made within the app aswell such as their navigation system using Google maps, it seems outdated and can get turned around quite easily. This being said it is a gamble you have to take for yourself. One day you may get lucky and earn a fair amount, purely based on your tips, however another day you may end up paying more for gas than what you earned using this app. Not a stable or sustainable income what so ever,.Version: 2.243.1

The app has too many glitchesI have been asking the support agents to help me schedule a dash (which I was able to do so myself all the time). There are no available time slots for any of the days anymore! The ones that were showing yesterday are not even there for any of the days. Not even the peak times. DoorDash System is honestly a glitch itself and doesn’t even want to understand the issues of the dashers. All they tell you about is to do troubleshooting steps which we keep on doing but still nothing is working anymore. Honestly it not worth it anymore. And all the favour goes to the top dashers and merchants..Version: 2.210.0

Launch in AucklandHello there, when DoorDash will launch in Auckland, Nz.Version: 2.252.0

FraudThey deactivated my account while i get one violation. But they are not giving my money. Everday i am calling but they are telling me it will take time. I work hard and amount was $622 and i have to pay rent with that money. Fraud app ever..Version: 2.190.0

Very slow not enough deliveriesVery disappointing stays in app for hours and it’s does not even give $7 hourly, and have to pay for fuel cost on top of it..Version: 2.254.0

MisleadingAlways starts at different locations and area takes you other locations and then say out of dash area you need to come back to the dash city again and takes you again another city if you wanna burn more fuel and see other cities because you have plenty of time to waste its best otherwise worst to app for the part time to earn. You will earn not dollars just kilometer on your car😞.Version: 2.198.0

No help for dashers at allI waited at restaurant long than 30 min I didn’t got any compensation for that . I talked to the customer support services she said thati should ask them if this delivery would ne eligible for long wait compensation Next day i asked through support help and they said I already issued the compensation for the delivery but after hours I checked ghere was nothing.. I contact dasher support again and they said you not eligible for compensation We wait hours at restaurant and get back nothing Worst delivery option ever.Version: 2.136.1

Dasher payI had got today delivery of KFC in oakLeigh melbourne at 10 55 am. They told me to pick up order by 11 10 ! I already reached there at given time and now manager of KFC told me that they are only getting orders when driver arrives and they don’t even started to cook. Finally after really long I got delivery at 11 40 am !!! With no extra wait time pay ! This is how they provide pay to there dashers by just misusing everything ! No clarification between dasher and restaurant ever provided ! And that’s how the rating goes down of dashers !.Version: 2.156.0

Unable to dash in other areas than Melbourne CBDI live in Sunbury and use an ebike, but I am unable to get any shifts in the area. Every week I check constantly and only get Melbourne CBD with any available shifts. DoorDash need to fix this. If we can dash anywhere as states on about part below before downloading the app on App Store, this statement is incorrect as we chat dash anywhere at anytime as I have starting point as Sunbury but only get available shifts for Melbourne CBD. No other area appears for shifts..Version: 2.108.1

Worst App to use as a driverI use menulog Uber and Doordash. But the Doordash app is the worst of them all. I don’t even know where to start. Firstly if you get a trip you not seeing the route. It’s so zoomed in you see someone’s backyard that’s it. Till you stop and zoom out the timer is run to zero and you missed it. Then there are the notifications. They are non existent. They rely on the messaging app but if you have a spam filter it won’t happen. Also the whole interface is so fiddly it is impossible to use, if you want to pause your dash it takes you ages. With gloves it is impossible. If I could give it 0 stars I would. It is very frustrating..Version: 2.234.10

Account activationI’ve called to doordash for thousand times for my doordash account activation but I don’t know what they are doing when i call them they keep on talking sometime they say i need your name and then after few minutes they ask for email then they ask for last name and then again they’ll ask email then they will say that you need to restart your mobile this is so irritating after asking name and email for plenty of times then they reply that you need to restart your phone they don’t even know how to help or what point the dasher is telling to fix.Version: 2.80.1

Please fix the app soonHello, can’t decline orders as the dropdown is empty, there are no reasons shown which can be used to decline. And it says no options selected, so have to wait for 30 sec unless the order goes away for a new order..Version: 2.178.0

Unable to edit dashesEvery single time i try to change my dash it says failed i have it booked from 7am till 12am and i’m unable to change it to 2pm till 12am this should not be a problem because i have it booked it’s not like i’m trying to change it to 6am or extend it till 4 the doordash support blamed me for the problem and said there’s nothing they can do because they don’t know what times are available like!! and the pay sucks not worth it.Version: 2.124.1

Worst application i have ever seenThe worst business stratagey doordash is literally favour to merchants. There is no time management, merchants will delay the delivery for 25 minutes but driver will get assigned that delivery at the same time with merchant if the drive arrive early merchants will shout on the drivers and make them wait if we wait too long our rating will get affected. Fairs are really very bad. Driver should have freedom to decile order if it is not worthy to him, declining order should not effect driver acceptance rate it should be affected when the dasher decline 2 to 3 orders continues. Rating should change 0.05 per rating decreasing or increasing should be in the same value. Order should assigned to dasher according to the merchants acceptance and delay time. Better change the customer service to some other those who can understand better English. It’s taking lot of time with customer care once we call to customer care for any issue it takes atleast 30 minutes time waste to make them understand worst customer service. App works really worst some times it shows jason objects as a developer i know the issue what ever the error it should not display on the app. Merchants are really frustrated with doordash and showing that frustration on dashers by insulting them and asking them to do what they want..Version: 2.32.1

Needs major improvementsLet me start off by saying that DoorDash pays way better than uber! That’s the main reason for my 3 star. HOWEVER! It needs to improve the way it pays out its drivers. Uber only charges .50 cents for instant payout while doordash charges $1.99 and I’ve added my card several times and I still don’t have an option for instant pay. They really need to work on fixing this. Another thing is I don’t know if it’s a slow month or not but they are hardly sending any orders, I’m a 5 star top performer and I’m out driving and receive little to no orders, for that reason I have been doing uber because I cannot afford to be out driving and wasting my gas. Please note that I always go during dinner so no it’s not because I’m going during non-busy hours!! Almost all fast-food locations should be removed from doordash, we don’t have time to wait over 15 minutes in the drive-thru, we lose money when we end up having to wait for the order, I wish doordash would understand this. The fast food locations I have the most issues with are POPEYES #1, BURGER KING, WENDYS, AND MCDONALDS. PLEASE REMOVE THEM OR DEMAND THEM TO OPEN THEIR DINING ROOM FOR PICK-UPS OR CHARGE CUSTOMERS AN EXTRA FEE FOR PICKING UP FROM FAST-FOOD CHAINS. And lastly, tip should be a requirement, there’s no way I’m going to drive over 5 miles for $2-$5 order, that is just a no! The minimum tip should be AT LEAST $3 and even then I will consider accepting the order..Version: 2.209.0

Pay poorly with long distances. $6 races to run 20 kmPay poorly with long distances. $6 races to run 20 km.Version: 2.188.0

Fun job just needs some tweaks to the appThe map is pretty difficult to use since you can’t hear where you should be turning. It just beeps at me when I need to turn. It’s really distracting having to look from at the phone every time I deliver. I have also been missing out on more dashes because the directions are wrong and send me to dead ends or closed roads. I either have to enter it into my google maps if I have somewhere to pull over or just try and figure it out if I don’t. Or I will get sent to an address that is way out of my delivery area and have to go all the way back to my area before I can get another order. It usually cost me as much as I get paid for the order in gas when that happens. I’ve been dashing for a little over a week and have literally only made enough to cover the gas that I’m using while delivering. Even though I show up early to pick up and leave restaurants early with the deliveries. It’s usually the amount of time it takes to actually get to the delivery address because they can be all the way across town. Other than that I love working for DoorDash. It just needs a few tweaks on the app to help out drivers and make it easier and faster to get to deliveries. Or adding to the pay due for the amount of time you are driving to a delivery. Here in Vegas it can take 20 minutes to go 11 miles..Version: 2.168.1

Confusing.I like the work. But it’s a pain that you can’t lock a delivery in. MAAAAAANY times tonight. I would drive to a hotel spot’ and by the time I got there it was taken by someone else. So I’d drive back across town to another ‘hotspot’ and it was gone too..Version: 2.68.0

Long deliveries with low payYou have been giving me very long deliveries for low pay. It didn’t work out for us. As we need to consider Time + Fuel + Car Wear and tear + Tax. Please review this or call me to discuss it further..Version: 2.190.0

Too many tapsThe app experience needs to be made more efficient..Version: 2.199.0

DoordashThey exploit you for your time . First of all you have to wait for an order for close to half an hour to get ready. If you choose to reject the order , you get a bad completion rate and if you don’t , you get a bad rating . After all the effort , you make close to nothing for that hour . Secondly , when your dash is about to end , they throw you to a far off place so that you can’t enter your zone before being time out . Its the last option to do doordash otherwise it’s nothing but an exploitation ..Version: 2.237.0

Not badIt’s not the worst company to deliver for but they certainly don’t pay enough to send you 15-20 km away from the restaurant. If it was in the same area as you started your doing ok because they send deliveries once inside the original scheduled areas but once you go outside the area you need to return to the original area to be sent more deliveries..Version: 2.72.0

Catering InvitationWaiting for catering orders invitation for more than 2 months….Version: 2.199.0

Faulty systems and stressI’ve been door dashing for a while now and I find that your system has many faults I have to restart my cell phone almost every day during a trip during a run a dash so that it’ll work effectively. The requirements that you give us for time causes me to speed and causes me stress costing me money because I have to pay for more gas cause I’m driving faster. This is also an unsafe behavior I don’t know where are you came up with this idea of giving essay in a limited amount of time to deliver in order. Maybe some delivery boys are not very diligent but I am a diligent driver. When I deliver I deliver. Another problem Hass to do with stacking orders on me and then not adjusting the time so that I can meet as of a reasonable on time rate for example yesterday you gave me to order stacked on each other and the delivery time for each one was after I had already picked up my orders though how can I deliver on time when I didn’t even pick up the order on time I feel the system is very unfair and it can get any causes more stress because i’m a diligent driver. When I drive for DoorDash I do my best and yesterday it was pouring down rain I got soaking wet to the bone but I still delivered my orders you know a little gratitude sometimes goes a long ways having your system working efficiently would be nice thank you.Version: 2.253.0

Cannot DashThe available time slots were only at between 00:00 and 00:30. However, I was not available to dash at other time. This week when I wanted to dash, it told me to schedule that only available time slots. When I tried to click on that schedule, I was not able to schedule because that time slots were not available. Also I was not able to change the time slots to the time I wanted or I was available to dash..Version: 2.205.0

System needs some work. For sure.There are a lot of things I like about DoorDash. The opportunity, convenience, & ability to serve & help others who can’t get for themselves. But...From my very first order it seems I was set up for failure. Being sent to restaurants that often were as much as 10 min behind on an order being ready. More than half of those instances I was late delivering as I walked out of the restaurant or soon after. This is especially the case with double orders. Which means from the start I’ve had a low “on time” score. Not ok. Your algorithm for this stinks. Next. If a customer cancels an order after I accept it, or the restaurant cancels for some reason, it most definitely should NOT count as an incomplete on my score. Yet this is happening. Lastly. I’ve seen a lot of young dashers with friends and/or significant others in the car as company to hang out with while they dash. I’ve even had restaurant owners say something to me. I was under the impression this was frowned upon for safety reasons. But especially now..dashers should be warned against doing this since it violates the 6ft rule and puts your customers at risk. I’ve had quite a few restaurants in my area tell me this is a concern. These things above make those of us trying hard to do a good job look bad. As for the rest. The app is great. It’s an awesome opportunity. You asked for my opinion though so I’m being honest. I haven’t had a bad review on my service yet..Version: 2.52.1

Could be betterI been dashing for a few months now and I honestly think the app could be so much better. Firstly, when two orders from the same place show up at once; we should be given the option to either accept all or accept one. I had a retail order that was more than half an hour away from my location but because I accepted the other order, I had to accept the long distance one too. Secondly, base pay is too low. $2-$3 is nothing especially considering the amount of wear and tear and gas you’ll be needing when working as a delivery driver. I believe it would be more fair to give a honest base pay plus tips of course. Third, there should be a mileage limit. Especially if I’m dashing in a certain area there is no reason I should be given the option for orders that are 10+ miles away. Of course I don’t have to accept them but it makes more sense especially if we’re choosing a select area to dash in. Lastly, for the dasher retail orders, we should be able to zoom in on the pictures or at least get clearer pictures. I’ve had a couple of times where I had to strain my eyes just so I could see the correct measurements on a product. Not to mention, these photos/ products should be up to date. If the company changed their packaging then DoorDash needs to include the picture of the correct packaging so there’s no confusion..Version: 2.174.0

Please do something about the navigation!While the app itself is a wonderful way to earn some money if you’re a college student like myself, the navigation system is horrible and outdated. I’ve been driving around town multiple times trying to find my way to an order and it has just completely taken me to the wrong area. What prompted me to write this review was the instance that happened to me today, resulting in me getting a 1 star review, almost lowering it to the point where my account may end up being deactivated. Since this customers house was right off the road, and there was no driveway to my knowledge, I ended up having to pull up onto their front yard to drop off the order, when in reality, there was a driveway, just behind the house, easily accessible about two blocks down. This was also noted in her instructions for the order, but I could not see those because I was trying to follow the directions the navigation app told me to take, which was to take a driveway that used to be in the front yard. If the system was updated to the point that I could’ve A: seen the customers instruction while following the navigation apps instructions or B: updated recent enough to have known that there was no driveway in the front yard now, and it was obvious it had been gone for years at this point, then this could have been a seamless delivery with no issues..Version: 2.253.0

I think more is to be doneWhile this is a great way of making some extra cash, many times I’ve been left frustrated. For instance I’ve been to Taco Bell on two different occasions just to realized that they’re closed and you have to use the driveway. By the time you get to the driveway mic, they’re not accepting DoorDash orders. I spent 37mins in a Taco Bell driveway just to be told this and it’s happened twice. I was once sent to a restaurant that wasn’t even open and for all my time spent I was compensated with $0. NOTHING. I don’t even want to talk about the times they’ve made me do orders way out of my delivery zone. It’s one thing to pick up orders in your zone and deliver out of your zone, but to give me orders out of my zone is not cool. I was dealt a blow when on one occasion I did a delivery out of my zone and since it was going to be my last delivery because I was scheduled to stop in a few minutes, they added my order to pickup another order close to the delivery point of my first order. Remember I was already out of my pickup zone. The second order had a delivery address about 17mins when it would’ve been way above my schedule time. When I finally delivered it, it was a 50mins drive back home. I used to care about my acceptance rates, but not anymore because they don’t care about your contract I can go on and on, but I’ll end here for now.Version: 2.195.0

Worst app to exist make money on hard working peopleI called customer service for her to tell me the app has a bug and that they fixing it I’ve never gotten my pay whenever I needed it I have worked for the money your service allows me to take it I do not do deliveries because I love delivering food. I do because I need the money . I called customer service just to cut on me when I asked they’re name. I am a software engineer and a project coordinator at a pharmaceutical company and for the national bank. And I can’t believe how Doordash treats their employees I follow the ceo on LinkedIn and see him support the biggest crap. Learn how to value people that work for you. The value of money is different for everyone and the ignorance and greed of these people disgust me. I did two delivery in 3 hours earning a total of 20$ minus 20$ gas it cost me. Really looking forward bringing you guys in court for the fast pays fees you guys charge and still don’t delivery then add a condition to wait 24 hours and if any payment changed to wait 7 days. People working for you guys aren’t rich. Hope you guys get bad karma and bad luck and no happiness in your lifetime..Version: 2.233.0

UnbelievableI am honestly sick and tired of this app telling me I missed an opportunity that I was never notified about. What's unbelievable is the number of employees complaining about the same thing and the company not fixing the issue! And you wouldn't be doing us a favor or anything, it's your JOB. We are investing time and effort into this, nobody wants to waste their time just because the app doesn't send notifications. Fix the damn problem !.Version: 2.235.0

Buggy appAfter updating new version.. I am unable to decinle orders .. unable to unassign.. it shows black screen. Already raised concern to support team with screenshots but they l sent me an email with basic troubleshooting .. lol.Version: 2.178.0

So Poor help and planningThey invite you for their special promotions, It kind of harshment to the rider , Offer you go 19 km in $ 13 and excepting the rider to come back in their delivery zone , moreover when You take a chance to do that , they stop giving you order when you are at the edge of completing the target , how Wonderful is that SHAME on you , Dasher support is a big Zero , when you call them their support staff they busy in their own shopping, 😜, We don’t expect a magic from you , at least learn from your own competitors,.Version: 2.199.0

Love the job but hate dealing with support servicesI absolutely love dashing. I really really do. But to call support or anything besides from helping me close an order, they’re kind of pointless. I have had money stolen from me (dasherdirect but all the same) so I basically dashed for free a whole night. Then was penalized with a contract violation that has nothing to do with me. Then have my completion rate deducted for traffic accidents (which aren’t my fault) like being rear ended while I’m at a complete stop or having to change a flat tire. The continued avoidance of having a supervisor contact me for issues like orders just disappearing from my account after accepting them and it has affected my completion ratings immensely from 96% to 87%. i’m starting to wonder if supervisors even exist or if there’s really a specialized team that takes care of these things like open cases or system issues with the app that’s also affected a lot of top dashers. I do everything I possibly can to avoid contacting support because I can’t seem to talk calmly or patiently with them anymore about any issues that I need them to support me on. Most agents are just so focused on apologizing and not listening to any of the issues. with how things are being handled I no longer have any confidence that anything will ever get taken care of. I am so frustrated and aggravated that there is no one or anybody that can help with Dashers they have the same problems or even worse..Version: 2.253.0

Worst Support , Time Wastage, Worst Services from RestaurantsI don’t why the support team gives the same answer that we will fix and the same repeats again and again . Although we get one delivery in peak time . There will be a lot of time wastage in between the deliveries at Restaurants they start cooking food after the driver arrives . They restaurants reply that we got 25mins left to give you order but the time to pickup from restaurant for driver is 1min . There is huge problem with this app. They also don’t pay for the delays or waiting time . Final verdict is worst responses all the way. More time wastage.Version: 2.30.1

Address, talk to customer sometimes after deliverySome of the address are hidden , recently I had an order after taking it to the address or what I thought, I couldn’t find the address because it was this place I had never been. After calls and taking ti the customer Which didn’t help I ended up wasting my time looking for the address which also was later on put has late on my rating. Can dd please make this easier for the drivers. I also got 1 star rating out 5 because of that and it was even my fault. Keep in my I was taking to the customer this all time, forward to few hours am seeing my rating go down and before this I had 5 now am below that. My complaint is to talk/text customer who have given you the low rating cuz sometimes is not even the driver fault. And I also want the DoorDash to send the drivers who give rating/who’s food did u deliver that gave you the rating. In my opinion I think it will help the drivers knowing what they did wrong and how to improve..Version: 2.232.0

Disgusting appDoordash is the worst app to download. The delivery time is very less and drivers often take risk by driving fast to deliver the order which may cause accidents. Doordash continuously forces you to complete the delivery. My account got blocked and I still don’t know the reason. I had 30 dollars in my account which I could not cash-out. Avoid using the app. The customers receive the order and still complain that they never received the food. This app is a real chaos and should be avoided by the drivers. Rather use Uber or Menulog as they have better interface and are driver friendly..Version: 2.198.0

Only good for side hustleIn my one year experience with the dasher app, I found that the best way to have somewhat of a good experience is to use it as side hustle. I pick and choose my orders from the comfort of my house. When you decide to go to their hotspots, you are running like a headless chicken. Doordash is going to play with you. In addition to that, Doordash has time management issues. When I first started i did $3 - 5 orders until I found myself waiting 30 min to an hour for the order to get ready and received no compensation for wait time. Big orders like Walmart’s literally ask to carry 5+ cases of 40 water bottles up whatever amount of floors the customer request for delivery. Sometimes you make 3 to 4 trips up and down the stairs. A complete waist of time and energy for $10 - 15 compensation. When you do fast food like McDonald’s in the overnight, the only way to get the order is through the drive thru. On the weekend the drive thru is full. The line goes slowly. You could spend half an hour standing in line, but Doordash doesn’t take that into account. They mark that delivery as late. Even when you reach out to Doordash assistance to explain the situation. They make promises that they would look into it, but they never really go ahead to help whatsoever. The system want to take advantage of you. But if you know how the system work, you can take advantage of it. So is the case with the dasher app. All the best everyone..Version: 2.206.0

Doordash vs Ubereat vs Menulog Personal experienceDoor dash Pro: 1. Highest base pay 2. Suitable map adoption Con: 1. Worst time management system among the three- you could wasted 40 minutes on one order using DoorDash. However, for Menulog you get delay compensation. Ubereats has the best time track system, you rarely wait for Ubereats order 2. Stupid zone system - I don’t who designed the zone system of the DoorDash, the zone system of the DoorDash is based on the starting point not the destination, which means you may travel to a place that is 10-20 minutes away from your starting point. As a result, you will need to drive back to your zone to receive orders. 3. Not many DoorDash restaurant partners - you only get orders during peak hours. Probably 10 orders pay day. However, you could get 30-40 Ubereats orders per day. 4. Lowest hourly pay, although the base pay is good, but you will waste at least 5-10 minutes on each orders you received from DoorDash dues their terrible time management system. Conclusion: Not recommended.Version: 2.221.0

Overstatement.First off those pics on the download screen are an overstatement, I’ve never gotten $12 for an order that was that close maybe if you’re lucky they’ll give you almost $10 to deliver a town away (making you leave your starting point and not paying you to get back while you lose out on more orders) and it’s never that busy. I started dashing over a year ago and they keep hiring more and more people so it’s flooded. They should do what grub hub does and stop hiring ppl in flooded areas, it makes it almost impossible to get an order now. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. If you hate easy access to support and want to wait 30min to talk to someone thru the app (and only if you’re actively on an order otherwise good luck with the FAQs) and don’t mind getting screwed over with pay so it barely evens out to the gas you use getting less than $7hr including gas then this app is for you! It’s great to make money on your free time but not something you can do as a 9-5 job unless you have literally no responsibilities. There’s no phone number to call and they actually block your # after you enter it in the app so they can text you but if you try to call support the lines dead for us dashers unless we use someone else’s phone. Really greedy company and definitely overstates how much you can earn while saturating the app with more and more dashers while struggling to give them all orders thus why they’re partnering with more stores giving free delivery specials and promos.Version: 2.4.0

THIS APP NEEDS REVIVING!!!Used to enjoy driving as a dasher till everything started becoming customer based. Customers get free deliveries, coupons off orders and deliveries, don’t have to tip…the list goes on. I’ve called and have wrote many reviews expressing my feelings as a degraded driver and not much has seemed to change. Drivers are still treated as full time employees the way we’re held accountable for our acceptance rate and completion rating all while being given orders for $2 and change to $3 and change going many miles. Orders crossing town lines or even state lines sometimes for only a mere base pay and no tip. This is a service based app where real people are making real time deliveries using their gas and vehicles for customers who are free delivery and no tip, how is that fair?!! I’m not saying a giant gratuity should be added to every order, but an automatic one based off order size(what customer paid) would be VERY VERY appropriate, would make drivers feel rewarded and worth it again! The cash back on the dasher card is nice don’t get me wrong and the (+)pay orders is a nice new incentive, but maintaining an above 50% acceptance rate is very hard when there is no promos going and orders pour in for minimum base pay over and over. I’d hate to stop using the dasher app, but it’s either gonna come to that or I’m gonna be deactivated for poor acceptance rate and that isn’t right either. Sincerely with deep concerns, A fed up dasher.Version: 2.253.0

TerribleYou make about 4$ in 45 minutes if there’s no tip and subtract gas charges you make around 2$z not worth your time at all. The food is never ready to be picked up when it’s supposed to be and you end up having to wait 20-30 minutes in the restaurant until it’s ready..Version: 2.62.20

The app has bugs and support is hit and missI contacted support about a bug. I articulated that I had gone through the troubleshooting steps. They referred me to the troubleshooting page and closed the ticket without regard about whether anything was resolved. I get that bugs happen. Ideally they are acknowledged and handled quickly. And it would be nice to hear “we are working on it” rather than being shut down..Version: 2.178.0

You work up to being dumped offI started dashing and it became something I enjoyed doing so I made sure I was good and got Top Dasher. This made me work even harder and I was getting used to my own system. I recently moved from Alberta to BC, and in this time I had to get things prepared for my move and couldn’t dash as often for about a week. I got out here did my first shift and it went good. The very next day I was told I was not Top Dasher anymore and I couldn’t even schedule a dash that was longer than 30 mins. I called help and they first said that it was because they had to correct my rating as 2 of the restaurants I had delivered to the previous day didn’t receive the order and my orders were late by the tome they received them and they were going to correct this for me so it wouldn’t effect me. The next day I called back so I can ensure I had money coming to me as I work very hard for myself and this company and rely on it to pay my bills. I was then forwarded to a gentleman who told me I didn’t do 100 deliveries in the past 30 days so I was removed from Top Dasher and there was nothing they would or could do for me, so I informed them they are forcing me to get a new job now, after already dedicating myself and actually finding joy in this job this is soul crushing. My family relys on me as I rely on you and I am left with nothing from DoorDash and there is nothing they can do. I hope you can learn from my experience. Have a good day ya’ll. :(.Version: 2.193.0

Dasher support is the worstThe app is fine. But if you have an issue you want resolved the support will do nothing except send you useless cut and paste info from there website. It’s like they don’t care or understand what you are saying they just keep sending useless info. As long as you don’t need support you’re ok. Also good luck finding time slots to schedule yourself .And they give all the orders to new Dashers so long time Dashers end up getting nothing.Version: 2.198.0

Save yourself the headacheDon’t get me wrong the app itself is okay sometimes when they’re not having technical issues but believe me when I say this is you have a problem customer support is absolutely zero flippin help. This is week three story of a dasher countless emails calls chat supports supervisors and resolution teams I can’t even get into my account. I’ve had my account for almost three years about 3 months ago got reactivated and started to dash again only to receive a “login error” finally get through to support told the team will email me a day later contact again and this time I’ve been told I didn’t opt into a location privacy sharing contract on their end and countless other are dealing with this and they’re working diligently to get the accounts back “okay” we’ll next thing I know I still haven’t heard anything in a week contact again and now I’m being told there’s another person name on my account! Major issue my bank account and private info is on this app so what’s going on?! And guess what I get told I’ll hear back with the team about this and what do you know still nothing and here we are today two calls in trying to figure out what’s wrong and I’ve been told my accounts on the sign up process and I’m not active how does any of it make sense it doesn’t so save yourself your life and stress level before deciding to put your hopes into something like this only to be royally messed when you need help from them.Version: 2.206.0

Well organized but could use improvement!The app is well organized and allows dashers to have more freedom and flexibility. The UI is slightly outdated and the app crashes randomly. Recently, the app will crash when I end dashes. It also has navigation struggles and trouble loading the navigation. It lags and stutters. But my main reason for writing this review has nothing to do with stability. It’s more about safety. When the app gives you an offer to pick up an order, the map is often misleading. I will think I’m going to a safe area then suddenly I’ll find out it’s in an extremely unsafe town or area. It would be really helpful if the offers could detail the towns that the restaurants AND the homes are in, even if you have to click for more details. As a female dasher, this a major concern. I try to avoid areas that could pose a problem, but sometimes I’m not 100% sure where I’m going. On top of that, if dashers could blacklist certain towns from their region, that could be helpful. I hope this suggestion is taken into account because it would absolutely be a game changer for me because declining orders affects my acceptance percentage. Overall, the app brings customers and dashers together fairly well, keeps communication open, and allows dashers to make some cash. However, the app is glitchy and needs stability improvements. It also could be more helpful if it gave dashers more information about the deliveries BEFORE they accept..Version: 2.250.1

Laidback Dasher serviceIf only there was an option of 0 stars, I would have given it a 0. I was having trouble with my payment from door-dash, has to be a bug which is not getting sorted as I can see a number of similar issues. I tried getting in touch with the support team and all I got was “the issue has been escalated, our team will get in touch with you in 24 hours”.. those 24 hours became days, then weeks…and now I’m am fed up because I have been getting in touch with the support team every single day and they are coming up with the so called “solution” of escalating the issue. The escalation team never gets in touch with you. I would say don’t waste your time on becoming a Dasher, try some other food delivery company. For the record, I haven’t been payed yet. Never going to use dasher again. I hope someone from the management goes through this..Version: 2.220.0

Extremely low base payFirstly, giving deliveries outside of delivery zone with extremely low base pay. Not paying extra for waiting when restaurants are delayed orders or customer not shows up. Neglacting dashers complaints and don’t take any actions to correct it. DoorDash is making money by dasher’s extra fuel cost, time and extra efforts deivers are making. I Will not recommend to anybody. Advise to join similar other delivery service providers. They pay much better base pay..Version: 2.197.0

Too many dashers in one areYou guys have advertised your business soo badly. The first 6 weeks of working was great was really busy peak times were great. But now I can’t even make $50. Peak times are like nonexistent and it’s just a joke you have allowed too many people in the one area to sign up and now the drivers that have been doing it for weeks are now missing out and can’t make the income they used to off it. Why would you allow so many people to sign up to be delivery drivers when there isn’t enough deliveries for people to make decent money. For me this has been a big help as I am in lockdown and don’t receive government assistance. You really should’ve though of this better because now I’m looking for another way probably go to Uber eats. Not to mention the time I would have to wait sometimes for and order up to 40 min I’ve waited to pick up and order also gotten orders that were due to be picked up 10 min prior to me accepting. And then being sent 20 min to drop off an order and only being paid $12 for it. Your company is a joke!! And you will lose a lot of staff for this!!.Version: 2.192.0

Limited time reach restaurantI had a near miss to hit into pole because I was getting late to pick my order. If had a little late it would have been a just a violation for doordash but I would have lost my life in order to avoid violation. Rest all is perfect great app for people to earn extra money. Support is really helpful and polite. Overall love this app..Version: 2.198.0

App needs alerts for Restricted Area DeliveriesI live near a military base and if you don’t have a pass to get on base you cannot get passed the gate. As it stands now, there is no alert or warning or flag of any kind to let you know that the next delivery is going to take you to a restricted area. This can create a situation where you find yourself with a delivery that you can’t even get close enough to the address for it to let you move forward within the app. The only solution was to call the help desk and have them clear the order from their end. Also, it’s unfortunate that if you decline any deliveries (for any reason, even one such as this) your rating goes down- even if you MUST decline a delivery because it’s in a restricted area. There is no recourse, currently, for that penalty. Besides this, I realize it is an quasi-uncommon situation, the app worked great! The app makes the job a breeze in all other cases. However, beware that when you first use it, there are a couple quirks that are not very intuitive... for instance, when you reach your pickup destination using the in-app navigation, you MUST hit the exit button to move ahead in the process to confirm the pickup (that one took me a sec and a few trips circling the restaurant to figure out). Overall, it’s a great way to earn some extra cash for a student/parent like myself. Excellent flexibility and earning potential- especially if you like driving and are self-motivated 😏. Good Luck and Stay Safe 😎.Version: 2.142.0

Way too little payI did dash for 5 hours and made only $59. Lower than the minimal wages & that includes gas as well..Version: 2.198.0

Look for a different delivery job!I worked for doordash for about 6 months or so and I really would not recommend it to anyone especially if you’re able to do uber eats or another delivery type job. It started out with decent pay per delivery but then they did an update and now it 2-6 dollars versus the 7-12 dollars I use to make, they take a percentage out of your tip money, the app constantly glitches and you can’t see where you need to deliver, for some reason the app has a cute little thing where it will take you to the wrong address for a customer, I ended up making 25 dollars in like 3 hours and then had to fill up my gas tank so it wasn’t even worth it! I worked 12 hours on New Years and only made 65 dollars. And it is soooo slow sometimes! Not to mention doordash send you to a delivery before the food is even done so you wait forever for the food.. Also it charges you to cash out your money! How stupid that I have to pay a fee to get my money AND you can only use instant pay once in 24 hours. You will make double if not triple the money on Uber eats, you can cash out 5 times a day, order is ready at pick up, great GPS system in app, they DONT take your tips, and it gets nice and busy! I made $160 in 10 hours on Saturday vs the $65 I made on doordash working 12 hours on a holiday! It can be okay side money on the weekends but do not do this full time! You will put more gas in then the money you make and it’s just not worth it y’all...Version: 2.28.0

Notifications issuesThis application dose not have any proper notifications for new orders. Some time I can’t get any notifications and after that it shows you missed a delivery..Version: 2.194.0

I cannot use my card or transfer money to my bank accountI am extremely angry. I have a dasher card so I can receive my money right after I finish a dash. I use this card for everything as I am unable to transfer money from my dasher account into my bank account. I have tried using my card to buy food at multiple restaurants such as Taco Bell, Freddy’s, McDonald’s,and other places and I am unable to do so. They are declining my card and saying that it does not work despite the fact that it had money on it. Because of this I have not been able to get food many times and have had to go all day without food. It also does not work at gas stations and has started not working at the pet store when I need to buy my dog food. I cannot take money off of the card or put it into my bank account so I am having to borrow money from people. I tried calling customer service but they left me on hold for an hour. I cant sit and wait for customer service for an hour. I have work and other things to do. I am trying to sign up for Uber eats as I absolutely despise this app and everything it’s done. I’ve also had multiple bugs with the app not letting me dash during times I’ve been scheduled. It’s happened when I’ve barely had enough gas money to drive to my college classes. If you want to do food delivery I suggest skipping door dash as they will screw you over and not allow you to use the money you’ve earned..Version: 2.245.0

Not good enough for useI was to think that with the popularity of DOOR DASH, that Dasha app would be really good, but unfortunately it isn’t. First of all I would like to have the opportunity to choose whether I would like to do two deliveries or one delivery in one go, instead I’m forced to take to otherwise have a bad rating if I don’t accept it. I personally don’t like to do two orders because half the time I’m waiting for the second order to be prepared while the first one sitting in my car getting cold. And the price for 2 doesn’t add up to 1 order so getting ripped off… Also having problems with arriving to restaurant when the Order is half an hour off being ready I have to waste half an hour of my time waiting when I could be doing other deliveries I think there should be some sort of time put on there for when the order needs to be picked up closer to when it will be ready. The other problem I have encountered is the maps with the app it doesn’t collaborate with the real addresses, on multiple occasions I have gone to a restaurant with the address that DOOR DASH gave me and it’s completely wrong causing me to have issues and delay in people‘s food. Definitely needs more work!.Version: 2.214.0

FrustratingI received a job for a place that’s quite a distance and the job was $4.24 the app was playing up I’m a dasher got pretty frustrated so I had enough and I had only started not worth the petrol and time I have no patience! 😳came home updated the app probably needed the update! I’ll try tomorrow! 🤦🏽‍♀️.Version: 2.247.1

Worst delivery service with zero customer serviceI have been trying to get my account activated from 7 months.I have took crime check for 35$ and all docs I have submitted 6 months before only. Till date I have been asking to customer service people to activate my account .I have the proof emails with me. They don’t even bother and my friends who drive tells worst customer support experience they receiving from door dash group. I have 20-30 reference mail I got for my complaints with no answers till date. I’m so frustrated..Version: 2.110.0

Poorly designed interface, poorly optimized app and just altogether lacking qualityThe app is so clunky, it keeps freezing, or crashing. Sometimes it won’t even let me go on my break, and will cut me from my shift for declining orders!!! I am having issues all the time with this app and it’s starting to make me reconsider my choice of working with the platform..Version: 2.198.0

Notifications don’t workMost of time the notification doesn’t work unless you have the app running in the foreground. Even then, there would be pop-ups but no sound. The failure to notify made me miss a lot of deliveries, thus reducing earning opportunities, at the same time, reducing my order acceptance rating. :(.Version: 2.62.0

Needs Apple CarPlay compatibility!!I have used the Dasher app off and on for several years and while it does have some bugs here and there, it’s still a pretty decent way to make a couple extra bucks in between paychecks at my Day job. I would have given it a full 5 stars if the Dasher app supported Apple carplay because constantly having to switch between navigation apps can be a bit of a nuisance especially because I drive a Stick and am constantly having to juggle my phone and driving. There have been cases where my phones screen will timeout and shut off and I miss an order or 2 because I was never notified of it in the first place with the only evidence of these being my acceptance rate having dropped a certain percentage. Apple CarPlay could make the dasher app so much better in so many ways. The app likes to point out that some dashers think it’s faster to have in app navigation but I think that it is somewhat dangerous because you are having to constantly keep your phone in hand while driving. The compatibility for CarPlay is there, it’s just hard for me to understand why the App developer doesn’t utilize this. I’ve been off the app for about 4 years only in the past month to come back and I was bummed out to see after 4 years they still have not added CarPlay support. Hopefully the developer reads this and gives it some consideration..Version: 2.246.0

Coles orderThe shop and order from coles is very inconvenient with scanning each items and if the item not available have to ask customer and doesn’t accept payment with the red card after doing all the shipping and at the end declined payment. It’s a waste of time with less pay. Should pay according to the time and items required for doing shopping and no scanning required..Version: 2.254.0

Worst app ever madeFix! YOUR! APP! You make it so difficult for people to do an order I’ve only recently just started and already have so many issues after I’ve finished my dash the whole app will freeze and they only way to get out of it is to close the app and just recently collected a order and got stuck waiting for the app to start working as it had logged me out and wouldn’t let me log in to see the address and don’t even get me started on how some trips arnt even worth doing start paying us more for your trips it’s not worth it when fuel is $2 a litre.Version: 2.224.0

App issuesMy app is not showing any available schedules since last one week, but I am receiving the notifications as very busy.. It’s usually very busy in the evenings. When ever I try calling them to fix this issue, they are always saying the same answer that there is no issues with app. I am tired of calling them There is always too much delays especially at KFC. No one values our time. They just live on our time and hard work. Especially on rainy days, I feel so bad to Dash..Version: 2.178.0

They are thiefI worked for door dash for 2 weeks, but on the day of payment it said my details are are incorrect so they can’t pay me and there is no option to edit or update my details and i know its correct details and every time i contacted support team they said my case has been escalated, but never got reply from them, they took my 100+ dollars and after waiting for more than a month i had no option and till now never got reply or my money which they took, do not use door dash they are theif..Version: 2.239.0

Worst appI dont how they advertise 18-22$/hr. I earn about 10-15$/hr. Base pay thing is ridiculous. I drive more than 15 km to earn 5$ which take about30 min to pick up and drop..Version: 2.70.1

Spend more money in gasI guess depending your area, but you’ll get little to no orders even in hot zones. When you finally get an order it’ll be around $5 to drive across the country..Version: 2.236.0

Customer service responseDoordash customer service provider didn’t help to the drivers if he has a issue with order. They put you on hold for almost 30 minutes for $4-$5 orders which is not worth at all..Version: 2.197.0

Not happy at allI spoke to door dash now many times. 29th April already review here got same issue doordash app will not open straight away when I receive notification that I got delivery from kfc etc. first it will be blank white page then circle then window pops up saying my welcome kit is getting ready and will be shipped in 2-3 days. It’s been over a month so annoying I can’t accept delivery and door dash won’t do any thing about this. On top it effect my Acceptance rate it’s totally not my fault. Wake up door dash.Version: 2.196.0

Not worthyI have scheduled my dash today for 1 hours but something is glitchy on app so i just do the relaunch the app and they show me is my schedule is ended . I talk with agents they said that it will never happen again . And after that i have scheduled my dash for 2:00pm to 9 pm and i got the message from their side is “ Hey Happy! You've scheduled yourself to start dashing in 30 minutes!” And again when i have tried to dash again so that time I am little far from my dashing location and go to that location again the application glitches and here I tried as per their statements on first time after saying sorry for issue they said to if you will have any problems like this uninstall and reinstall it but 5 march 2022 I have wasted my half of the day. So , please don’t think that doordash is helpful for extra money. I have very bad experience and dissatisfied with doordash. I am here giving them one star for my previous deliveries. Please, Don’t do this things because we are not happy. VERY DISSATISFIED CUSTOMER..Version: 2.214.0

HorribleThis app is horrible I was excited to start dashing waited a few days to sign up cause of backround check and when it was finally complete I did all the other steps did my first order then app was extremely glitchy and wouldn’t stop bugging out then it kicked me out of the app and I logged back in and now I’m forever stuck in the complete your first delivery screen for hours and hours on end. Great job door dash your app doesn’t work properly 😞.Version: 2.252.0

Not even allowed to sign upI had first tried to sign up and realised I didn’t have all the info to sign up, which is completely fine. I’ll just continue signing in later, or have to sign in again, right? Nope. If I try to sign up, I’m forcefully redirected to continue signing up from when I did before. That would be fine if it didn’t also tell me that my phone number and email is already in use… Yet I never even finished signing up!!! So there isn’t a possible way for me to use my own email and phone number to finish signing up. Why?????.Version: 2.217.0

First time I got cheatedI was thinking DoorDash was a honest group. My orders were pretty fair as a lot goes into our car and time as dashers. I know they use to take the tip money and play them into the drivers payments. For the first time I noticed how they are now doing that with the “peak or “promo pay” I was noticing 7$ and 5$ orders I said to myself how can there be a 2$ promo and the whole order only be 5$ that would mean the base pay is 3$ and I know I never have and never will accept a 3 $ order. Anyway I’m until now I thought we were finally getting paid for work but a 3$ order in California lol gas alone to do the trip cost 4 so why would anyone lose money for you guys? What a shame it is now I never even had to look at my pay bc u guys. We’re on it and fair and paid what we should get but I think with a 2$ promo running I had 3 orders all that were 3$ base comon greedy to say the least. All I can ask is plz try to be honest don’t put a promo if ur not doing promo prices. Understand we are in cali every order should be at leader 10$ but min is 7 or not worth it we would be loosing money. But certainly don’t mislead and con on the promos I don’t know why y’all just started the conning on them as u we’re keeping it legit. Oh well I’m sure I will be reading about this one soon how doordash uses fake promos to intisce drivers. And if u could actually give me some extra pay for the lies aand inconvience.Version: 2.208.0

App never worksI’ve been using this app for nearly 2 years now. And that course of time there of been a number of issues with the app. Seems like the developers are constantly making changes and constantly those changes or breaking something that makes it not work. At the moment I am unable to text my customer to let them know if their food is running late, I’m on my way or any other information that would be helpful to the customer. On top of that during the busy times the app goes off-line. Meaning the drivers app completely crashes and leaves you in the dark. Sometimes leaving you holding a customers order and unable to find where to deliver it. Also DOORDASH itself can be decisive because they do not tell you the actual amount of the order. Sometimes they’ll tell you the exact amount the customers gonna pay you and other times they have hidden amounts in the order. Also they let a lot of restaurants take orders well beyond the delivery areas. Me sometimes you could get an order for some frozen food or even hot food and have to drive 20 minutes or more to deliver it. All these things factoring the bad ratings from our customers. And when you get bad ratings from your customers DOORDASH starts to hold back on orders or good orders that they give you. So in the end the app is actually making your life harder. It would be nice if DOORDASH would fix the app and leave it alone..Version: 2.231.0

BugsI’ve been working 9months for doordash. That’s the first time ever I rate an app but that’s my last hope to get my problem solved. When I try to put my phone number on the app it says that it’s not a valid number in my country (which it is). Everytime I arrive at the customer’s adress and I have to call him I have to ask the customer service to telle the customer that I’m downstairs because my number is not associated to my account ... It makes me lose so much time... The customer service is so slow even through the live chat sometimes they don’t understand simple things such as « can u please call the customer for me and tell him I’m downstairs my phone number is not associated and I can’t do it myself ». They reply sometimes after 3min « what’s your name ? » or « what order » as if they couldn’t know it 😭 The app never makes any song when u have a new delivery and you’re on the phone and it affects your acceptance rate. I have received that if my acceptance rate reaches 50% my account will be desactivated. Some buttons are impossible to touch reach despite that I have an iPhone X it’s like if the app si not suitable. For example I can’t click on « impossible to find the customer » which is a very important one. So many times the restaurant didn’t know that they had a delivery and you are the one who tell them by coming at the restaurant. So they start the delivery only after u coming ... Please increase your budget for the IT and the customer service.Version: 2.122.0

Decline reason listI can't see the list of reasons for decline. The list is empty and I have to wait 30 seconds for the order to be cancelled..Version: 2.178.0

App not well considered for Aus dashersThere’s an ongoing pop up for setting up red card when you are trying to schedule a shift. Red card is not even required for Australians. Basically, you can’t schedule anything to work and it was a waste of time to go through all that lengthy process. Customer support doesn’t even seem to understand the basics of the problems users go through. They are sending the default answers. I wasted 2 hours of my time to go through the signup process but couldn’t work at all. Was this app even tested before rolling out to the users?? Very disappointed!.Version: 2.180.0

Restaurant is closed1 — yesterday i went to pick up food from Macdonals then they said to me we currently not doing dordash orders so i canceled this order and i chose closed restaurant from the reason menu i didn’t get money fore that waste of time and fuel after 3 order same think happened with hangry jacks . today i got same thing with 2 other restaurants . uber eats is better app it never happened like this to me . 2– i was going to drop food to customer the traffic was heavy after i arrived late 20min then dropped off i received contact violation on my app witch wasn’t my fault unlike uber instead of giving contact violation it pay delay and waiting fee ..Version: 2.218.0

SaddenedOn a few different occasions there has been problems with the app or shall I say glitches in the door dash system. It may say go to McDonald’s pop up right away is go to Burger King pop up right away go to Panera Papa go away etc. etc. Sometimes it does not give you time to accept or decline lately there have been quite a few glitches in the system go to Friendly’s go to Chili’s go to Panera bread go to Friendly’s go to Chili’s. I don’t understand what is happening. If it’s something that means are working out from glitches. I would like to know it is very confusing waste a lot of time gas running back-and-forth quickly trying to get it before someone else can snatch it up. Such as today that had happened two days ago it has happened there were no orders for quite some time. Some people are saying they were having trouble with their app. We logged out we logged in no change. Also are the customers aware that the base pay or peak pay is not a tip from them. I get many orders small and large with no tip and I think they believe that that is included in the shipping and handling fee is there anyway we can note that to the customers stating this is not a customer tip that we are there for them with a smile and their food and they do not give a tip specially when you have to go across the river to pick some thing up and bring it back across the river again which takes up a lot of time.Version: 2.170.0

Worst app ever!This app never has any updates! I’ve been dashing since Feb 2022. I have not seen one update for this app since starting. The app constantly pauses your dash without letting you know, then they’ll send you a message saying they tried to send you an order and that’s why they paused my dash. Today I was dashing and several times my phone notified me saying I had an order and it even came through to my text message with the second notification from door dash but nothing came through on my door dash screen. Many, many, many times I’ve used this app it would freeze and when you go out of it to go back in sometimes it would say “dash now”, “sign in”, or show my money to be at zero after already having accrued money during that current dash. This by far is the WORST APP and so frustrating bc we are trying to not loose money and be proficient so we can make the most! This app truly makes dashers jobs harder and I’ve even reached out to technical support and they have given me different options to try and fix the matter and the problems still persist! Door dash is gonna loose people working for them if they don’t start updating their bugs and glitches on the app. If they truly were a great company they would compensate peoples loss in money, with this constant problem!! I love doing door dash and so does my husband, but we both have these same problems with the app, it’s very frustrating!! I hope they resolve these CONSTANT ISSUES!.Version: 2.252.0

Not a driver friendly applicationToday I started to deliver an order which is 8km from the restaurant. I went to the delivery location showing in the maps(In app) where I couldn’t find the address and called the customer, then customer told me I am very far away from their location. I have double checked the address in the app which doesn’t have an house number due to which app took me to a different location. I have travelled a total 16kms to deliver one single order. I have reached support regarding the same they 0% interest in neither solving the issue. Finally, the worst part of this is app tracks the time perfectly and raise a contract violation alert immediately. The least I would expect is to train your support team to get as much data as they can to replicate the issue and find the root cause and avoid future instances rather than blaming it on drivers and deactivating their accounts..Version: 2.206.0

Ridiculous payments!!Fix 5.75 for even 20 km drive is slavery! One order an hour is the best you can do?!.Version: 2.198.0

Dasher support is awful. Scheduling feedbackFirst of all, Dasher support is atrocious. 9/10 times they don't actually help us because they don't listen or there's a language barrier. They don't understand how the app works. They lack basic customer service skills and only frustrate us more. Second, why is it that I couldn't reset my claimed time to have an hour less? I scheduled myself earlier in the week for 10am - 8:30pm today. Since last night, I have been trying to change it to 11am - 8:30pm but it will not allow me despite already having that time claimed. I wanted to give up an hour, not get more hours. I should be allowed to do that even if "the time slot is no longer available" because I was already apart of that time slot. It doesn't make sense. I understand that no one else can schedule at that time for more hours but I should be allowed to take time off of my schedule since it's already claimed. It's not like this hour is even worth dashing in (10am-11am). Finally, the text service is ridiculous. I am bombarded with texts for absolutely every order when I already get a notification from the app itself. As drivers, this text system is distracting and over done. I wish we could opt out of order texts and just received the rest without opting out of texts completely. We need to be able to communicate with our customers but don't need your text service distracting us while we drive. I received 30 texts in 2 hours yesterday. That's nuts..Version: 2.76.0

Improve DD appI’ve only been driving since June and I really do enjoy the job…..when the app is working properly. I’ve spent a lot of time ‘chatting’ with Support or speaking with them by phone. I’ve had several different app issues and most have been addressed. Today was the worst. It was absolutely crippling. After accepting the order, I drove to the restaurant and picked up the order and put it in my car…all ready to go. All of a sudden I had no way to inform DD that I had picked up the order, no information about the delivery other than the customer’s name and no way to contact her to let her know it might be a little longer than was first thought for receipt of her food. I went into the restaurant to see if they possibly had her address or phone number. No. During my time in the store, another dasher came in looking for the order for my same customer!!! DD had moved the order from me to the other dasher because they hadn’t heard from me so they assumed I wasn’t going to complete the order. Bottom line? I passed the food to the new dasher to deliver. She would receive the payment (as well she should) and I not even lost a lot of my dashing time, I LOST THE $$ FROM MY ORDER. Unacceptable. This is a fabulously successful company….they should have state-of-the-art technical equipment. Like I said, I really enjoy the job but issues like this MUST BE addressed..Version: 2.206.0

Not worth at allDoordash will give promotions , but what is the whole point of giving them if we are not getting orders . Being a top dasher . I got 2 orders in 6 hours . Made $1.50 per hour . I never expected that this is what it look like as a dasher with doordash . It shows busy and peak pays . I wish atleast, show us it’s not busy . We won’t waste our time going out ..Version: 2.236.0

Pickup Time Always Off90% of the time you have to wait 15 or more minutes to pickup the food. Do you get drivers to come to the restaurant at the same time you give the restaurant the order? UberEats, your competitor, has the food ready for pickup as soon as you get there 90% of the time. Your algorithm sucks DoorTrash..Version: 2.240.0

App Ratings/Order PayDoor Dash app lowers your acceptance rate considerably if you refuse a couple of orders in a row. The app doesn’t show you if a customer is adding a tip, so sometimes it’s just the base pay, or base pay plus peak pay, no matter the distance. I want to deliver during lunch hours but won’t because it’s not worth the expenditure of fuel for $4 to travel 3-5 miles/$5.50 for 6-12 miles. When sending two orders, it affects our delivery time window, especially if the restaurant takes longer to process the second order, or the customer doesn’t include gate codes, or special instructions that there are 2 entrances to their residence location, which brings down our “on time” delivery rating. If I’m headed in one direction I am sent an order that is in the opposite direction, I can’t switch lanes that fast, sometimes traffic is heavy it’s difficult to find where to do a legal U-Turn. And the biggest issue is I get sent orders that take me out of my scheduled delivery area, and am notified that I’m out of my delivery zone, so I have to travel back if I want to receive more orders, so for a longer distance the app doesn’t account for round trip travel which is not cost effective. I’m looking to sign up with other similar food delivery apps to see which one works best for me, but of course I will continue to do Door Dash..Version: 2.166.2

Basically kicked offI have been a dasher for over 3 years. So about 3 months ago my account started giving me an error message saying I couldn’t dash because my red card is not activated. So I called into cs and was told to order a new red card. I was extended for 2 weeks to continue dashing until I received my red card. I received the card and I wasn’t able to activate the red card so I called cs and they tried to assist me in the process but were no help. They couldn’t figure out what the problem was so they extended me for another 2 weeks to figure it out. Called back still couldn’t resolve the issue. I was told to order another red card and was extended for another 2 weeks. I received the new card and I’m unable to activate this one as well. Called cs and they couldn’t figure it out. Then they tell me oh you didn’t complete the background process and send my a link to do this. I follow the directions in the email. I get an error message basically saying background more than 1 year old not available. Called cs back they extend me for 2 weeks and try to figure it out. This extending process goes on for a while every 2 weeks. Then my issue was supposedly escalated and someone would get back in touch with me but this time I can’t be extended for some reason. It’s been 2 weeks and a haven’t received any response. So basically I was just kicked off with no explanation..Version: 2.215.11

In-app navigation takes too much phone’s performanceDear developers, I have two issues after using this app for more than 5 months. Firstly, the in-app navigation is using too much phone’s performance, my phone (iphone x) was heating up every time that I get order and need to use the navigation. It sometimes makes my phone stop working and freezes. It happens many many times for a couple weeks. Secondly, please delete the scan-barcode feature for Cole’s order. I have to waste a lot of my shopping time to scan the items, sometimes - like today - the scanner was error and I need to take photos of all items in the shopping list for no reason. I think the old feature without the barcode scanner is good enough. Regards.Version: 2.250.1

Option NEEDED For a driver to decline going to a place.There has to be an option put on this app to allow a driver to decline going to a restaurant/merchant if they no longer wanna go there and have it not affect their acceptance rating. As of today, July 9, 2022, a merchant is the only person that can block a Driver from going there and that is not fair. Why should the merchant have the right if the driver doesn't want to go there? It makes it look like the driver did something bad when the merchant is the one that is most likely the reason the driver does not wanna go there. This MUST to be fixed!!.Version: 2.232.0

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