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It’s ok if you’re desperate for money, otherwise look elsewhereDashing for extra cash is nice when I’m bored, however the only thing that has drawn me to dashing is the pandemic. I’m making an extra $8+ per delivery usually. When things calm back down, I more than likely won’t use DoorDash again because it’s simply not worth your time unless you plan on being a full time delivery driver grinding out 8+ hours behind the wheel every day. For those of us will decent full time paying jobs and looking to make extra cash on the side, ride sharing apps will get you substantially more money. When I have a couple hours to spare and I’m only getting $3 for orders that can take up to 30min to complete from start to finish, it’s a waste of time, and more importantly, your own personal resources. Especially because DoorDash doesn’t make tips mandatory, you’re at the mercy of your customer who’s already paying an extra $10+ for their meal between DoorDash app upcharges on food items and all of their fees. Bottom line, if you’re looking for lucrative side hustles, DoorDash isn’t exactly where it’s at. However if you plan on making it a full time gig between delivery services and ride sharing, DoorDash would be a nice supplement if demand is lower for your other paid service apps..Version: 2.68.0

Not easy to useDasher is good app for make good money in short time. But There are bugs in this app I have seen. When schedule time start and I ALREADY sign in, I get text message notification after 15 minutes every time that “you scheduled yourself to start dashing 15min ago. Your dash will automatically end if you don't sign in soon!” We have to check frequently “Dash now” in enable or not because There is no any notification and sound for this. When schedule time starts, There is no any changes in app, as well as we don’t do ‘Dash now’, so what should I do next?. So these is not user friendly. Need improvement..Version: 2.58.0

ScamHello Guys, Don’t download this app, you will spend more time and gas, they show $21/hr but not even 12$/hr, I used to get long order like from Surrey to Burnaby from Surrey to white rock. For just 7$ or 8$, I have full record with me all screen shirts and everything, and the app is not good, sometime it send you wrong please happened to me many times..Version: 2.154.0

Major scheduling glitchSo, I started dashing at 6:30pm on June 7th. I did not get my first dash until after 7pm. My first order was from Sage in Old Town, Pasadena. I noticed the app said that I should be delivering by 5:58pm, which is odd because I didn’t get the order till after 7pm. Also, 5 minutes after I got an order for Blaze Pizza in Alhambra. When picking up from Sage, there was no option on app to click picked up, but sent me to Blaze right after. When I got to Blaze pizza O was told the customer never ordered. I contacted the customer and she told me that she was expecting the food by 6pm and since it was now 8pm, no longer wanted the food. I thought it was odd that I was expected to deliver to someone when I wasn’t even dashing yet. So, on the way to two we to the “Sage” customer, it was sending me back to the restaurant to pick up, which was odd because I already picked up. And when clicking picked up so I can go to the address to deliver, it went back to “Dash Now”! The information for this customer was no longer accessible. A few minutes after this happens I was texted by DoorDash that the order was canceled. So, now I have this food and upset because I’ve been driving around and wasting gas and currently on the phone to speak to a representative for DoorDash and it’s been an hour and twenty-one minutes that I have been on hold. I am very upset and do not feel valued as a contracted employee..Version: 2.10.0

CompensationI think the pay is too small for how much driving you have to do considering most people don’t tip.Version: 2.154.0

Worst app everThis app is completely useless. The app does not tell anything about your account if its setup or not. There are so many bugs such as when i go to schedule a ride; it says “ Data is not in correct format.” Not user friendly at all and support staff is not helpful as well..Version: 2.116.1

You win some, you lose some.I have been driving for DoorDash for about 2 months and done 130 deliveries. It’s constant work usually while you are dashing. I have NEVER been able to schedule a PROMO Dash meaning in the app you can schedule a dash that gives you $1-$4 extra per delivery. They always say if it doesn’t let you sign in then all the slots are taken. I have seen these time slots posted at 2am and tried to get one then and it still said it was unavailable. Does that mean that other people were up at 2am or right at posting of the promo to snatch those up. I’ve also been dashing, received an order, checked in at the restaurant where the merchant said the order is about done. I would check back after 5-8 mins of waiting and they said the order actually was just received and was just not getting started. Drivers are getting sent to the merchant the same time the delivery is getting submitted and not when the food is ready. So you wasting your time sitting at the restaurant waiting for food. We are delivery drivers not delivery waiters. It’s not always been bad but lately the app crashes and sometimes orders don’t come through on your end and then you get dinged for not accepting the order and then benefits get taken away. I’ve dashed for 3 hours and made $22 and I’ve dashes for 1.5 hours and made $25. You win some, you lose some..Version: 2.30.1

Dasher SuffersDoordash should be considering it’s driver’s concerns as driver is the mail eliment between food and customers and this app is only favourable for restaurants. It would be really helpful if timings are managed even according to drivers. If timings have delayed, drivers should be informed as he will be loosing his on time delivery ratings which will be affecting his doordash account..Version: 2.32.1

Delivery timesSometimes is really had to complete some deliveries on time because they are expecting to drive 3 or 4 kms in less than 2 mins.Version: 2.60.0

Holding driversWorst business strategy of holding driver 1. food is not ready, waiting time to pickup from merchants are more 2. It seem like we are doing hourly job. No slots available, always wait for available slot, cannot go online if you are in different area 3. Driving kilometres are more compared to $$ for example, for $6 you need to drive 5 to 6km 4. during dash if you got delivery outside designed are you have to come in design are for new delivery so travel time more..Version: 2.58.0

Unable to dash in other areas than Melbourne CBDI live in Sunbury and use an ebike, but I am unable to get any shifts in the area. Every week I check constantly and only get Melbourne CBD with any available shifts. DoorDash need to fix this. If we can dash anywhere as states on about part below before downloading the app on App Store, this statement is incorrect as we chat dash anywhere at anytime as I have starting point as Sunbury but only get available shifts for Melbourne CBD. No other area appears for shifts..Version: 2.108.1

Can you keep drivers with no pay?There's supposedly a lot of updates and additional features in the app. I'm not seeing any of them and there's no app update available. Early Scheduling features not avail; drive orders not present (yes I qualify according to the rules); starting point not an option; perhaps it's all in the beta version...of which I tried to join and having issues there too since clicking on the link doesn't present the option to join the beta group...There's a lot of routing issues within the app which affect our ratings; fix your issues; don't blame them on us. Please communicate to restaurants that they need to prioritize Dash orders and differentiate between restaurants that can and can't make that happen; please don't send us to restaurants to sit and wait for 20+ minutes (time equals money and we already drive a TON - I MEAN TON - of miles! Menus are inaccurate. Allow customers to tip after receiving their service (TIPS ARE FOR GOOD SERVICE!), or allow them to increase after delivery (other platforms allow this); currently, we aren't getting paid for the service we provide. DoorDash is more interested in maintaining the most minute, if any, labor costs. Like another user said,,,we work really hard for just ok money....There's some good things: heavy marketing and business is picking up (although seems over projecting on dashers needed!)..Version: 2.6.0

Many bugs!The app have many bugs, I try to put my schedule to finish at 9:30pm and then changes to 9:30am! Also the notification that I’ll receive my bag and card always appears! I close it! Then appears again! So annoying!.Version: 2.100.0

A big problemHi, you need to let the drivers start shift any where in the city, not in the area only, this is bad.Version: 2.32.1

System needs some work. For sure.There are a lot of things I like about DoorDash. The opportunity, convenience, & ability to serve & help others who can’t get for themselves. But...From my very first order it seems I was set up for failure. Being sent to restaurants that often were as much as 10 min behind on an order being ready. More than half of those instances I was late delivering as I walked out of the restaurant or soon after. This is especially the case with double orders. Which means from the start I’ve had a low “on time” score. Not ok. Your algorithm for this stinks. Next. If a customer cancels an order after I accept it, or the restaurant cancels for some reason, it most definitely should NOT count as an incomplete on my score. Yet this is happening. Lastly. I’ve seen a lot of young dashers with friends and/or significant others in the car as company to hang out with while they dash. I’ve even had restaurant owners say something to me. I was under the impression this was frowned upon for safety reasons. But especially now..dashers should be warned against doing this since it violates the 6ft rule and puts your customers at risk. I’ve had quite a few restaurants in my area tell me this is a concern. These things above make those of us trying hard to do a good job look bad. As for the rest. The app is great. It’s an awesome opportunity. You asked for my opinion though so I’m being honest. I haven’t had a bad review on my service yet..Version: 2.52.1

Unresponsive and unprofessionalTheir system is solution team is very unprofessional, they dont have any ability to solve any problem even its simple. Rates are very low and most of time unfair. Their referral system is not working.Version: 2.68.0

Too much redundancyI worked for other delivery services and I have the know how of how things work. It’s been a little overwhelming receiving texts telling me repeatedly the customer wants you to leave the order at the door when I can read the customer instructions and I signed up to do Myers park area earlier I sat there right near queens and east blvd but it would t change my position from uptown/nods to Myers park area so i wasn’t able to get any work I had to go to park road area to get it to switch so I did some unnecessary driving and wasted time trying to get an order I hung out in South Park area since it told me that’s another hot spot but I didn’t receive one order so a bit frustrated and my first day it didn’t give me an earlier end dash time it was 3:30 am I was on a route so I just went with that so I can go back to my delivery screen but please cut back on the texts unless it’s to notify me of changes don’t tell me go to so and so restaurant I see on the app where the call is sending me and reminding me to take a pic etc. sometimes the customer comes down to get order or opens the door upon arrival so I can’t take a photo. Please use these tool for the drivers that are new and need more guidance I got this ive done over 300 deliveries for postmates and instacart as well so I know how it works. Thank you.Version: 2.56.0

Hate this app so muchThis app is garbage.Version: 2.150.0

Time managementSince the last update, that was 2 days ago, Top dashers can not Schedule on their own time and in any area they want. And, support team is just saying that we have documented your issue and we will look into the matter. It’s been 2 days now and yet the issue has not been resolved. As a multinational company, DoorDash should resolve these type of issues quickly. I don’t know what their IT management is doing..Version: 2.126.1

App needs alerts for Restricted Area DeliveriesI live near a military base and if you don’t have a pass to get on base you cannot get passed the gate. As it stands now, there is no alert or warning or flag of any kind to let you know that the next delivery is going to take you to a restricted area. This can create a situation where you find yourself with a delivery that you can’t even get close enough to the address for it to let you move forward within the app. The only solution was to call the help desk and have them clear the order from their end. Also, it’s unfortunate that if you decline any deliveries (for any reason, even one such as this) your rating goes down- even if you MUST decline a delivery because it’s in a restricted area. There is no recourse, currently, for that penalty. Besides this, I realize it is an quasi-uncommon situation, the app worked great! The app makes the job a breeze in all other cases. However, beware that when you first use it, there are a couple quirks that are not very intuitive... for instance, when you reach your pickup destination using the in-app navigation, you MUST hit the exit button to move ahead in the process to confirm the pickup (that one took me a sec and a few trips circling the restaurant to figure out). Overall, it’s a great way to earn some extra cash for a student/parent like myself. Excellent flexibility and earning potential- especially if you like driving and are self-motivated 😏. Good Luck and Stay Safe 😎.Version: 2.142.0

It works, but not reliably.The dasher app does what it absolutely must do for a dasher to do their job, but it’s glitchy. The mapping system recommends going the wrong way down one way streets and to drive on the wrong side of a divided street. It’s frozen several times during deliveries, which forces me to restart my phone to reset the app. It’s also gotten stuck in a loop of asking me to verify the age of a customer who was receiving some alcohol. I would enter the information and press submit, then it would ask me to verify the age again. Any time the app freezes or loops, you have to call a help center to get the delivery status force changed. But, the option to call that center is not given in app. I had to find the phone number online and then save it my phone book for future issues. Every time something like this happens, it wastes your time and delays getting another delivery request. Lately, it’s also been having trouble recognizing when you’re near a pickup point. Thankfully, the programmers thought about that one and made possible for the dasher to change status to pickup even if the app doesn’t recognize that you have arrived at the merchant location. There are some other problems, but this covers the ones I’ve been getting most frequently. For my money though, it’s still better than driving people around. I won’t mention any company names..Version: 2.8.0

Account activationI’ve called to doordash for thousand times for my doordash account activation but I don’t know what they are doing when i call them they keep on talking sometime they say i need your name and then after few minutes they ask for email then they ask for last name and then again they’ll ask email then they will say that you need to restart your mobile this is so irritating after asking name and email for plenty of times then they reply that you need to restart your phone they don’t even know how to help or what point the dasher is telling to fix.Version: 2.80.1

Fraud/Incomplete DeliveriesI only been with door dash two days (Covert from caviar), and I delivered two orders yesterday and customers claimed the didn’t receive their order. This is insane due to the amount of mileage I have to use to pick up their order, just for a customer to report they didn’t receive their order. For example, I went to IHOP in Melrose Park, IL retrieved the order, made it to my destination, contacted the customer, attached a photo, and delivered the order. Be mindful, eleven hours later it was reported I didn’t give the customer the order. This is insane, especially since I’m a new dasher. This makes me not want to deliver at all, if I have to worry about my account being deactivated due to fraud and lies. If you don’t have the money, don’t order the food. SIMPLE. I also don’t like when the customer says deliver the order in their hand. If that’s the case, how could I prove without being able to submit a photo, that I actually dropped the order off to the customer. I only been dashing 3 days, and I have two reports of missing food. This is insane, and door dash never responds back. It’s like the customer is right at all times.. it’s crazy how I’m not beloved, and I’m using the app to call the customer to retrieve their food. It’s like door dash don’t check phone logs, text messages or anything. I’m highly dissatisfied, and this is nothing like caviars..Version: 2.90.0

Unnecessary Options & Take TimeThis App has lots of unnecessary options which make dashers confused. No option for quick chat if need assistance during active order. Take time to open app. Also customer support agents are not fully trained to handle quick problem solving. Door Dash needs to make dasher friendly app. Thanks.Version: 2.150.0

Pause doesn’t work right away and distancesI love driving for DoorDash. I don’t love the app. When I turn on the pause button, it still sends me offers for at least a minute then my acceptance rate is negatively affected. Also, some of the trip distances are unreasonable. I had an offer of $4 run that was 16 total miles during rush hour! Even not at rush hour, that is too far for that price. Also, I keep having to end the dash and relocate back to my starting point (I have to end it instead of pause because the pause doesn’t work) or the dash offers will take me further and further from my start point. I let would be awesome if it would remember where I started and try to keep me within a city length of that start point. Finally, under the Help button, sometimes I have the option to cancel the dash and sometimes I don’t. If the food is not ready and the wait is long, I should be allowed to take another run and come back for that one as an option or even give another dasher an opportunity to do the run without penalty. It is not our fault the restaurants are overwhelmed at times. But, being completely unable to reject an offer because my help option to cancel the run keeps disappearing is very frustrating! Keep improving this App as I love my job and want to keep doing it but I won’t be allowed to if I drop below 80% because of issues beyond my control!.Version: 2.64.0

Unfair pay!There some of Door-dash’s orders pick up pay are horrible and unfair need some attentions! Imagine, Door dash will send you to deliver orders over 18 miles away and some bad and horrible roads with no concrete and some houses have no numbers in mail box or the house itself to see overnight and pays you $8, and $2.95 for orders 8 to 11 miles away, and you to accept them all that is terrible to me! In addition, Door dash will send you order with total miles 5.6 then once you get to that destination the total miles will be 8.3 miles which so unfair and make unhappy! I don’t accept all the orders they sent to me, but you have to pay me fairly for all those miles! Can you imagine I spent 5 whole hours in dashing in early morning I had only 2 orders for a total of $ 19? I give Door dash my 3 best star for rating because COVID-19 is the problem that causes that happening this way with unfair treatments. I thank Door dash I made my first $200 for dashing and I am greatly! Some of the Door dash total distances delivery are not accurately right, they are farther! I checked, counted, and wrote down the total miles for each delivery and I know what I am talking about. I will give Door five stars when she pays better for the orders delivery’s total distances! This app doesn’t open, I think it’s crashing!.Version: 2.132.0

Not good payBe ready to drive 10 kms for $4 hahaha that’s ridiculous.Version: 2.152.0

Simple as thisFar distances.. low payments Either you dash with peak pay on or don't bother cuz you are wasting time..Version: 2.64.0

Customer service support is too badYou just can’t rely on customer support. They end the chat just like that. It doesn’t matter for them whether your queries are resolved or not! I’ve tried so many customer support members and it’s been days I haven’t got my query resolved..Version: 2.64.0

App SucksSuch unusable app misses deliveries 40 percent times. It gives order but no notification and than they say your dash is paused. using iphone X.Version: 2.154.0

Worst Support , Time Wastage, Worst Services from RestaurantsI don’t why the support team gives the same answer that we will fix and the same repeats again and again . Although we get one delivery in peak time . There will be a lot of time wastage in between the deliveries at Restaurants they start cooking food after the driver arrives . They restaurants reply that we got 25mins left to give you order but the time to pickup from restaurant for driver is 1min . There is huge problem with this app. They also don’t pay for the delays or waiting time . Final verdict is worst responses all the way. More time wastage.Version: 2.30.1

NotificationCannot get notifications when using Google map..Version: 2.102.0

Not badIt’s not the worst company to deliver for but they certainly don’t pay enough to send you 15-20 km away from the restaurant. If it was in the same area as you started your doing ok because they send deliveries once inside the original scheduled areas but once you go outside the area you need to return to the original area to be sent more deliveries..Version: 2.72.0

No why to talk to support unless on a run...And you have to jump through hoops to get to a person... no not EVERYTIME I ask for help it’s going to be “why am I not getting orders” but it is annoying that I was not notified twice about an order coming through but I got notified both times that I missed an order actually I think it was 3 because I didn’t know what was happening the first time ... the app wasn’t loading at the mall so I had to cancel the order because the card wouldn’t work either (probably because I didn’t “check in yet”) and I just noticed in the app while coming here to complain, because this is the only place I can, that I needed to update the app... so your app acts up THAT much from one update ... you see when I have something wrong on Uber they fix it immediately because I can call them ... they are very responsive and I don’t have to schedule when I’m going out ... which btw I did once and I got no orders for the like 3 hours ... I mean this is a good app to use in nh but I’m glad I paid for insurance to do uber eats they run a better business... sorry... good money to make when I don’t want to go into Somerville but I learned my lesson that this app is not worth the trip into Boston.Version: 2.18.0

BugsI’ve been working 9months for doordash. That’s the first time ever I rate an app but that’s my last hope to get my problem solved. When I try to put my phone number on the app it says that it’s not a valid number in my country (which it is). Everytime I arrive at the customer’s adress and I have to call him I have to ask the customer service to telle the customer that I’m downstairs because my number is not associated to my account ... It makes me lose so much time... The customer service is so slow even through the live chat sometimes they don’t understand simple things such as « can u please call the customer for me and tell him I’m downstairs my phone number is not associated and I can’t do it myself ». They reply sometimes after 3min « what’s your name ? » or « what order » as if they couldn’t know it 😭 The app never makes any song when u have a new delivery and you’re on the phone and it affects your acceptance rate. I have received that if my acceptance rate reaches 50% my account will be desactivated. Some buttons are impossible to touch reach despite that I have an iPhone X it’s like if the app si not suitable. For example I can’t click on « impossible to find the customer » which is a very important one. So many times the restaurant didn’t know that they had a delivery and you are the one who tell them by coming at the restaurant. So they start the delivery only after u coming ... Please increase your budget for the IT and the customer service.Version: 2.122.0

Worst support staff I’ve ever seenI’ve had many problems trying to create an account and support has never been able to help me. They told be that they shipped me everything I needed to get started as a driver and then after I emailed them after not receiving anything for two weeks I was told they never even shipped it and that I’ve been checking my mailbox for no reason..Version: 2.64.0

Making money through Background CheckEvery time I ask them to activate my account they ask for background check I did it 3 times still they says we don’t receive it. It has been 6 months NCC says we have shared with them and these guys says we received it. Wasted my money and time for these guys.Version: 2.58.0

Don’t waste your timeThe app is full of glitches. It crashes, it sometimes won’t let you end a dash or a delivery, it gives you orders after you’ve ended a dash (which you can’t accept or decline because you’re no longer in a dash), “hotspots” are not really hotspots, and getting in contact with support is very cumbersome and sometimes take a while (meanwhile you’re sitting there waiting in a restaurant). And that’s just the app. Many of the orders have to be placed in person, which is fine if it’s a fast food restaurant, but when they have food available from high-end restaurants and you have to place the order and sit there and wait, good luck making any money. They don’t keep their online menu up to date, so often the items on the order you receive aren’t even able to be filled, so you then have to call the customer and find out what they want instead. The price your app says is wrong more often that it is right. The orders come to you at the same time as the restaurant, which often leaves you sitting in a restaurant for long periods of time waiting for food to be ready and there is no way to tell them not to give you orders from certain restaurants if you find that the restaurant is consistently slow to fulfill orders. Overall, unless you’re willing to work for very minimal pay, it’s not even close to worth it..Version: 2.10.0

More and more disappointmentI’m not here to bash on door dash, because I think the concept is amazing and it can help people make a living but also help people who are switching jobs and need to make side cash. My only problem with the app is the mapping and the fact that you can pick zones to work in but I’ll take an order that will bring me to a different zone most likely 30 minutes away but then they will prompt me to drive all the way back and I’ve never received a dash order in between that 30 minute drive back but if I end my dash restart it I’ll start getting orders immediately just in a different zone that’s very far away from my starting point. I think that this app could have a lot more potential if they could make things more seamless and give the Dasher an opportunity to make money but not waste all of that made money on gas. I’ve called multiple times and I couldn’t seem to get the help that I was looking for because I can understand that maybe there’s not a lot of people using door Dash but when my phone gets spammed that they need that dashers on the road and when I do that I never get orders and the chance when I do I’m getting two dollar orders to drive 30 minutes out of the way and if I decline it then my dash or rating goes down and that affects me getting more orders..Version: 2.128.0

TerribleThe Dasher support has zero idea what’s going on. I had a delivery to pick up, but the store had an incorrect address so it took me somewhere else close by. Luckily, I grew up in the area so I knew where I was going, but it wouldn’t let me ‘arrive’. Called the support and she told me, in VERY broken English to ‘just get it done’. HOWEVER, what they didn’t say was that after a certain amount of time(I’d say 15 minutes) they just unassigned me from the order and gave it to somebody else because ‘I wasn’t going in the right direction’. This is common, apparently, and it shouldn’t be! Called them back to try and get the address fixed, didn’t do it. Lied to me saying they called the store to confirm an address and updated it in their ‘system’. Got an order to go back a week or so later, same incorrect address. Also, like a lot of other people, base pay is absolute garbage, tips are stingy, and I’m consistently being pulled across town (and out of my starting zone) then it gives me a notice saying that ‘I’m out of my starting zone and wouldn’t get many, if any orders. And on top of everything, you are considered and Independent Contractor, which is what allows you to make your own schedule. They will not take taxes out of your pay and will send you a 1099 to file your taxes with. Hope you made enough to cover that😒 I didn’t find that out until I’d already been doing it for 3 months. Don’t do use DoorDash, use somebody else.Version: 2.146.0

Not sure how to title this....nor rate at this timeVery frustrated & disappointed to wake up this morning & find my account deactivated stating I have committed referral fraud in which have absolutely no clue in how I could have possibly done this. I have only sent out a referral email & one on Facebook each once to my personal email contacts & FB personal friends/acquaintances thru DoorDash link provided in this specific app... how does that go against the rules? I have put in my appeal along with then sent an email back once receiving an email stating that they received my appeal & that I could respond to that specific email & once I did that I got a “delivery failure”stating I may not be in that group allowed to post in or the group was removed... I do not feel I have done anything against any rules/wrong whatsoever & have only done 2 days worth of deliveries & just got a bit more comfortable & was getting more excited to the opportunity to make the extra much need funds. I’m just a simple single mother trying to make ends meet not anything by no means excessive or wrong but was looking forward to for example the $20 bonus challenge given only needed 4 more deliveries to achieve it & had 2 days to achieve & if I can’t get reactivated in time I am going to lose out over something I don’t feel was my fault. Not to mention feel embarrassed for it being considered fraud....that’s an awful strong accusation....Version: 2.112.0

Horrible pay, oversaturated, never can schedule, more consumers than driversDoor dash is terrible. I drove 30 minutes to a hot spot in the city where there is a cluster of probably 50 restaurants. I sat there for an hour after for once getting to schedule my dash ahead of time (usually only 12am-5am are open slots). And after sitting at that hotspot with tons of restaurants for an hour while my app was open looking for orders, I didn’t get one. I have tried in another city and it worked but you only get terrible orders. I spend about the same on gas as I make doing doordash, so I basically break even with money & waste hours of my time. Doordash will lower their base pay if the customer is tipping high, they only care about customers & not drivers. Due to over saturation all there is are very low paying orders. So I have to keep on denying if I want to make more than $10/hr not including gas. They raise how much the order pays by 25 cents each time it’s denied so someone always accepts it before it becomes worth the money. You are better off just working at a fast food restaurant than doing doordash. Including gas and my drive to the city I make *LESS THAN $1/hr* only do this job if you enjoy driving for hours and getting no more than your gas paid for. Disclaimer: you might do good if you live in a huge city where there are more customers than drivers. Where I live there are more drivers than customers..Version: 2.78.0

Lack of support for the new registrations to activate accountI downloaded the app because I found multiple advertisement on social media saying that they have available space for new riders to join. It’s been 2 weeks since I downloaded the app, there is no place to upload the relevant documents and no contact telephone line to talk about account activation either. When I contact support via chat, all they saying is that their escalate team will contact us through email regarding account activation. But I contacted them 3 times via chat. But no one from escalate team contacted me throughout last 2 weeks. It’s ridiculous! If they cannot handle new riders or they do not have space for new riders please STOP advertising on social media saying there is available space for new riders. STOP misdirecting people please. Hope someone from management sees this and act upon this matter without playing with people’s time..Version: 2.108.1

Better to choose other service providersFirst of all we work for them, they pay us less for long distance delivery, you won’t get tips in it and you need to come back to hot spot. Totally worthless. If you get along anyways, they won’t help you to know your earning and tips at end of the year to file tax as we are independent contractor they take of the earning report from the app past 6 months. As compare to other service providers they do this little favor to let us know we earned x amount in this year as earning and x amount as tips which makes easier for us to file a tax. Dashers don’t get much tips here which is why they try not to break down this as people will switch from here to other providers. In end they will make money but you are still struggling with there selfish business..Version: 2.148.0

Login errorIt has been few day that I can not login to my account and I do not know what’s the problem!.Version: 2.152.0

Maps review and other problems.Customer service is horrible. They don’t understand dasher’s point of view. Go to restaurant as I accept dash but their apps have problems so I have to go 45 mins away to customers address to get it resolved so I can go to next delivery. Even in help don’t get option after accepting it I assign the delivery. Chat reps are always not available. Last thing false advertising. They say you can see restaurant map in pin Point and customer address area pin point. After accepting the delivery then you can see restaurant address and once you at restaurant you can see customer address not when accepting the delivery. On app . Please fix this so dashers can make educated decision..Version: 2.10.0

A few concerns...I’ve been dashing for about a month now and i really enjoy it! it’s easy money & i can choose my own hours. however, dashers have to purchase their own gas, which was fine at first but gas prices have went up drastically. i usually go through almost a whole tank of gas each time i dash & i’m paying $10 extra for a full tank than what i used to. i dash about 5 days a week so that’s an extra 50$ that i’m spending on gas, so i just feel like if gas prices go up then so should the base pay, since we have to use our own gas to deliver. another thing, i REALLY wish the app would tell you where you’re delivering to before you accept the order. i’ve had to dash in really bad areas that i wouldn’t have been went to if i would’ve known where i was delivering beforehand, and sometimes the long distance i have to travel just for $3 with no tip is just not worth it. my car also sits low to the ground so there are certain roads i can’t drive on (uneven roads, dirt roads, roads with a lot of potholes) and ended up damaging my car driving down them to deliver. like i said, i wish i knew where i was delivering the food to before i accept the order but the app doesn’t tell you until after you pick up the customer’s food..Version: 2.138.0

Worst appI dont how they advertise 18-22$/hr. I earn about 10-15$/hr. Base pay thing is ridiculous. I drive more than 15 km to earn 5$ which take about30 min to pick up and drop..Version: 2.70.1

TerribleYou make about 4$ in 45 minutes if there’s no tip and subtract gas charges you make around 2$z not worth your time at all. The food is never ready to be picked up when it’s supposed to be and you end up having to wait 20-30 minutes in the restaurant until it’s ready..Version: 2.62.20

Good luck..The customer service is not so great especially with language barriers. I’m a full time mom and nursing student so I can’t afford to work at the moment but yet I still get up and manage to take time away from school and my child to work for this company. I also have build to pay like every other human being so when I seen deposits are made every week I thought that was great. I thought it was even more great to see the company had fast pay until I tried to sign up to use fast pay and was informed to complete 25 deliveries. I completed 25 deliveries in my first few day and went to set up fast pay and was then informed to wait 2 weeks before I could even set up fast pay. I then waited 2 weeks and went to set up the fast pay and if finally let me, which I was excited cause then I could put gas in my car to keep dashing everyday after school.... wrong. I now have to wait a 3rd week and when I contacted customer support the person insisted on being rude and have the chat I could not understand what she was saying. Very Unprofessional and to add... why have a fast pay choice when you make some people jump through a thousand hoops just to be able to set it up and use it when some of the dashers I know we’re able to set their fast pay up the next day or the next week..Version: 2.102.0

Garbage appThey don’t know how to run business back to skip.Version: 2.68.0

Worst app everThis is the worst app ever. I’ve tried for weeks to schedule but it never lets me because “this time slot is not available”. Even when I want to schedule for next week. Customer service is not helpful at all. I contacted them 5 times and every time they tell me that they’ll fix it but they never do. Don’t waste any money or time on this app cause you’ll regret it..Version: 2.54.0

Fast payWhy isn’t fast pay in Canada but only in the US ? I would like this feature in Canada.Version: 2.38.0

Dasher support and app issuesExpect to deliver orders and not have them show up. Expect to not get paid for those orders because of doordashes app issues. Read the fine print there are no real sign on bonuses, if there are once you reach 200 deliveries they will say oh thats if you made under 500 in 200 deliveries we will pay the difference. My recommendation is write down every customer name you deliver to, every address you deliver to, and every restaurant you pick up from otherwise you will bounce around on preemptively ended chats by customer service and rudeness/unprofessionalism from them. Not sure if their real people or they installed “cleverbot” to run their support system. Seriously, you are not gonna make a living wage doing this unless you work 100 hours a week every week of the year and maybe youll end up around close to one. Dont forget about the independent contractor tax. They really dont care about you here. Work for grubhub or ubereats where they value their employees. Anyway doordash can cheat you, they will, dont take my word just find out for yourself. Or work at doordash support and just press automated responses every couple minutes with one key. Now thats the ideal job, better pay and benefits no wear and tear on your car, just mess with dashers all day in your lounge chair and get paid hourly, work smarter not harder. At least they got it figured out..Version: 2.76.0

Pathetic app and customer service for drivers.I've signed up, payed for the police check, was approved and could never start here in Sydney, Australia. Contacted customer support and no one could help me, incredible. I'm still waiting for the delivery kit for almost a month (but don't even expect to get it delivered anymore). Sent an e-mail over to CS about that but got no response whatsoever. I scheduled some shifts, moved to the area that was available (which is not so easy to get from where I live), got there on time, and... Nothing. I was never able to start the shift or do whatever on the app because it doesn't work for anything. It feels that the company doesn't care or is not prepared enough to be on the market. Thank you, DoorDash..Version: 2.58.0

Horrible customer service!!!!!!I have been having application problems since the beginning of March. Every time I call customer support they send me straight to escalation and my problems never get fixed. I have tried calling customer support, emailing customer support, and chatting with customer support via their chat system. No matter how I contact them my problems are never resolved. All that has been done is them sending me emails with nothing being resolved. My app isn’t showing that my background check is clear. I received an email 2-3 weeks ago that it was completed but the app still hasn’t shown that. I just followed the steps of troubleshooting the app and it still isn’t showing that my background check is clear. I have tried resubmitting my background check but when I went to press submit it is saying that my SSN has already been used. This company NEEDS TO DO BETTER!!!!!! app isn’t showing that my background check is clear. I received an email 2-3 weeks ago that it was completed but the app still hasn’t shown that. I just followed the steps of troubleshooting the app and it still isn’t showing that my background check is clear. I have tried resubmitting my background check but when I went to press submit it is saying that my SSN has already been used..Version: 2.98.1

Dasher support is awful. Scheduling feedbackFirst of all, Dasher support is atrocious. 9/10 times they don't actually help us because they don't listen or there's a language barrier. They don't understand how the app works. They lack basic customer service skills and only frustrate us more. Second, why is it that I couldn't reset my claimed time to have an hour less? I scheduled myself earlier in the week for 10am - 8:30pm today. Since last night, I have been trying to change it to 11am - 8:30pm but it will not allow me despite already having that time claimed. I wanted to give up an hour, not get more hours. I should be allowed to do that even if "the time slot is no longer available" because I was already apart of that time slot. It doesn't make sense. I understand that no one else can schedule at that time for more hours but I should be allowed to take time off of my schedule since it's already claimed. It's not like this hour is even worth dashing in (10am-11am). Finally, the text service is ridiculous. I am bombarded with texts for absolutely every order when I already get a notification from the app itself. As drivers, this text system is distracting and over done. I wish we could opt out of order texts and just received the rest without opting out of texts completely. We need to be able to communicate with our customers but don't need your text service distracting us while we drive. I received 30 texts in 2 hours yesterday. That's nuts..Version: 2.76.0

Notifications don’t workMost of time the notification doesn’t work unless you have the app running in the foreground. Even then, there would be pop-ups but no sound. The failure to notify made me miss a lot of deliveries, thus reducing earning opportunities, at the same time, reducing my order acceptance rating. :(.Version: 2.62.0

Unstable AppHave been trying to sign up to become a dasher. App freezes on the address page to get the activation kit. Similarly, when signing up on desktop, apparently my postcode is invalid yet I can get food deliveries with no problems. Get an office in Brisbane Australia and sort these issues..Version: 2.72.0

UselessBad to do that.Version: 2.150.0

The customer service for dashers is very poorI have registerd as a doordash driver and its been 4 months now i havent done a single delvery because of a error in my dasher ap and i have been trying to get help from customer support but they didnt helped me out all the do is send me an email that says our exclation team will contact you within 24 hours its been 4 months now no exclation team responded yet its really furstrating , i hope some day this issue will be solved . thankyou!.Version: 2.102.0

Glitches and...Besides the constant glitching, there is no option to add tips here in Australia! If someone wants to tip, they must contact DD customer service. What the heck?! I’ve had instances where customers ask for my bank details, in order to tip me, which is a huge security risk. I constantly miss orders due to the glitch, so MY ratings go down even when I’m not at fault!.Version: 2.108.1

Pick upThe pick up at restaurant B12 burger were canceled because the restaurant workers didn’t get the orders on time until i got to the place and they told me that will take 30 minutes to be done.Version: 2.150.0

This app is horribleFull of glitches, company is wasting money for support agents and the dasher web page is not good, didnt even manage to change yeoman favicon.Version: 2.62.0

Not worth the driveThis I decided to do because of a bonus I was told I was going to receive. Well number one the payment for delivery is only sometimes great. However they don’t tell you you will have to wait maybe 10 or more minutes trying to find parking for the restaurant then another 5-10 to wait for the order then another 5-10 trying to find parking at the customers home or apartment because they don’t meet you at the curb or outside. All in all one order of $5-10 could take you almost an hour may a little less plus the gas . Also, orders should not be based on an area or town I drive to or what’s “busy” at the moment . it should be based on where a driver is and the location. There are times where I choose a location and then the delivery takes me out of my “zone” and then when my dash ends it won’t let me back in or I have to drive BACK to the same location or a new location. Making that $5-8 I just made completely worthless because I spent it on gas. The “BUSY” could be completely false as I was in a busy area for an HOUR and did not get one order. Also when I click dash now and it asks for how long by the time I choose the area is grey again and I can’t dash and I’m out from making money. This whole app should be revised and changed..Version: 2.6.0

No help for dashers at allI waited at restaurant long than 30 min I didn’t got any compensation for that . I talked to the customer support services she said thati should ask them if this delivery would ne eligible for long wait compensation Next day i asked through support help and they said I already issued the compensation for the delivery but after hours I checked ghere was nothing.. I contact dasher support again and they said you not eligible for compensation We wait hours at restaurant and get back nothing Worst delivery option ever.Version: 2.136.1

Very little opportunities, and low payments.Low payments.... Doesn't worth it..Version: 2.150.0

Use drivers like a puppetThey want you to reach a certain place at time they calculated and by any chance you are late due to traffic or natural calamities they will put violations of contract and later deactivate your account. This means if you are doing this for livelihood then you have to do some rash driving to reach on time. If you reach on time and restaurant delays the order you cannot cancel the order without affecting your rating. *No respect for drivers who run your company by being on road all the time*.Version: 2.120.1

Overstatement.First off those pics on the download screen are an overstatement, I’ve never gotten $12 for an order that was that close maybe if you’re lucky they’ll give you almost $10 to deliver a town away (making you leave your starting point and not paying you to get back while you lose out on more orders) and it’s never that busy. I started dashing over a year ago and they keep hiring more and more people so it’s flooded. They should do what grub hub does and stop hiring ppl in flooded areas, it makes it almost impossible to get an order now. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. If you hate easy access to support and want to wait 30min to talk to someone thru the app (and only if you’re actively on an order otherwise good luck with the FAQs) and don’t mind getting screwed over with pay so it barely evens out to the gas you use getting less than $7hr including gas then this app is for you! It’s great to make money on your free time but not something you can do as a 9-5 job unless you have literally no responsibilities. There’s no phone number to call and they actually block your # after you enter it in the app so they can text you but if you try to call support the lines dead for us dashers unless we use someone else’s phone. Really greedy company and definitely overstates how much you can earn while saturating the app with more and more dashers while struggling to give them all orders thus why they’re partnering with more stores giving free delivery specials and promos.Version: 2.4.0

Worst payPay rate is worst. 90% of delivery pay average about 6$ (including customer tip) after driving like 15km. In addition, dasher doesn’t get paid for wait in restaurant until first 30 minutes. When you reach to restaurant, order is never ready..Version: 2.62.0

Just drive for Bite Squad instead.I’ve been driving for about two weeks now and I’ve had one night where it felt worth it. However, most of the time you can spend around thirty minutes to and hour on an order and make about $10. That might be nice some places but in Hawaii that’s nothing. Earlier today I made about $7 in an hour and a half. One of those orders taking about 45 minutes to complete for only $3. Customers don’t have to tip on the app and because of this they usually don’t. This is my biggest complaint so far. Door dash should make tips mandatory. You can tell when an order doesn’t have a tip because of the absurdly pay when it pops up. If you don’t accept it because it’s not worth the trouble then your acceptance rate drops. Save yourself the trouble and just drive for Bite Squad because they guarantee an hourly wage as well as tips. Out here bite squad pays $20 an hour for the same amount of work. I have yet to earn $20 in one hour driving for door dash. Like I said I live on Oahu, HI so the bad pay has nothing to do with me being somewhere where no ones ordering. I started driving for Bite Squad to check it out and so far I’m already making way more money than I was with Door Dash. Maybe if Door Dash stops neglecting their drivers and being so greedy I’ll start driving for them again..Version: 2.34.0

Not convenient and smartThe app only record and keep completed order history for latest 6 months. If you do not record the mileage and earning details by your self, you will loose all of order history and have no proof for tax purpose. The Doordash support team is doing nothing to help you recall the past completed order history and go through the detail. Do not contract with this kind of company with worst app tech solution..Version: 2.154.0

Slow launchApp is really slow to launch and often freezes while launching.Version: 2.96.0

Confusing.I like the work. But it’s a pain that you can’t lock a delivery in. MAAAAAANY times tonight. I would drive to a hotel spot’ and by the time I got there it was taken by someone else. So I’d drive back across town to another ‘hotspot’ and it was gone too..Version: 2.68.0

Last update is a cheatLast update of the app just works for cheating the drivers in order to make then accept orders with long distances for the lowest rates. For example, yesterday I took an order of 6$ for almost 6 miles and it was acceptable, but when I was on my way to pick it up it showed me a new order of $4.5 more and it said it was on my route, it supposed that I wouldn’t have to drive more miles for this new order so I accepted it, but after I picked them both and delivered the first one, it showed me the I had to drive almost 7 miles to deliver the one that supposed to be on my original route, so I had to drive 7 more miles and 10 miles on my way back to the closest hotspot. Resuming, it cheated me showing me an order of $4.5 on my route and I drove 17 miles for those $4.5. Considering the gas price rise, that’s unacceptable. And I had 3 more cases of that kind just in this week. For DoorDash as enterprise, it’s irrelevant the quantity of miles that you drive because they’re making the same profit despite the mileage of the order, but it’s the driver who’s spending his money on gas, the mileage of his car and his work and it seems that getting more orders is the only matters to the company and that’s the reason they try to cheat you to take that kinda orders. You should remember without drivers there are no deliveries..Version: 2.140.1

Worst food delivery appThis app has got tons of glitches and no ones ready to fix them. At this platform its hard to believe how it’s being ignored and the riders are taken for granted. Even after dozens of requests to address the issue, the team seems to turn a blind eye to it..Version: 2.74.0

Look for a different delivery job!I worked for doordash for about 6 months or so and I really would not recommend it to anyone especially if you’re able to do uber eats or another delivery type job. It started out with decent pay per delivery but then they did an update and now it 2-6 dollars versus the 7-12 dollars I use to make, they take a percentage out of your tip money, the app constantly glitches and you can’t see where you need to deliver, for some reason the app has a cute little thing where it will take you to the wrong address for a customer, I ended up making 25 dollars in like 3 hours and then had to fill up my gas tank so it wasn’t even worth it! I worked 12 hours on New Years and only made 65 dollars. And it is soooo slow sometimes! Not to mention doordash send you to a delivery before the food is even done so you wait forever for the food.. Also it charges you to cash out your money! How stupid that I have to pay a fee to get my money AND you can only use instant pay once in 24 hours. You will make double if not triple the money on Uber eats, you can cash out 5 times a day, order is ready at pick up, great GPS system in app, they DONT take your tips, and it gets nice and busy! I made $160 in 10 hours on Saturday vs the $65 I made on doordash working 12 hours on a holiday! It can be okay side money on the weekends but do not do this full time! You will put more gas in then the money you make and it’s just not worth it y’all...Version: 2.28.0

Extremely buggy and Terrible Bass PayI’m writing this after having done this for 2 months with little success as it is very hit and miss: the available time slots vary greatly as do the amount of deliveries, due to the fact that the marketing team thinks it’s ok to post 3+ ads to craigslist alone a day without any regard for grossly over-saturating the market with drivers thus making it difficult most days to make any deliveries. Also their servers just outright crashed and support is very slow, not just for drivers I’ve heard from merchants trying to set up their business that they have had great difficulties as well. I understand we are currently amidst a pandemic but it’s incredibly shortsighted and unfair to the workers that they incessantly post ads trying to get as many people on the platform as possible it’s simply not sustainable from a business standpoint as all they seem to care about is the short term game rather than long term consequences of their actions. Beyond that base pay is terrible, and doesn’t factor in distance at all it seems as I’ve been having to decline offers that would make me drive 20 miles for $3 drivers really rely on tips which is not a great outlook for the people who are in a pinch and need to find work given the current state of affairs. It’s absurdly flawed at the moment but could be improved if the marketing team would ease off the throttle to try and support the current drivers rather than robotically focus on numbers..Version: 2.116.1

Like paying for gas to work a minimum wage jobI’ve worked doordash for about 6 months now, in busy city areas and rural. Both areas have the same thing in common: you are paid the lowest amount that the company can get away with. It’s common to see strings of deliveries that offer less than $5 for deliveries that take more than 30 minutes to complete. On top of that, you are penalized with a low acceptance rate that could lead to losing the ability to drive for doordash, even with the risk of fraud for doing so. I thought that the company was taking out money for taxes, but they take out ZERO. Luckily the app everlance had my back to lower the cost of taxes at the end of the year. All in all, if you’re looking to wait in parking lots under their elusive “hot spots,” you’ll see your day burning away as you’re paid pennies on the dollar where any other delivery company would pay double or even triple the rates. Now I only use doordash as a fallback if companies like grubhub or uber eats are having difficulties that day. That would be the only way I recommend doordash. Sign up for other companies that actually respect their drivers, and then doordash as a last resort after all other options. In my experience it is near impossible to work full time with this job unless you’re crazy enough to work in a city. Incredibly disappointing company. Wouldn’t even recommend it to customers unless they have no other options for delivery companies..Version: 2.48.0

Fox 🦊Worst Application with worst strategy. Very Unfair Payments to Drivers with 0 Support Frequency. Very Poor Merchant Handling with heavy charges. And finally very poor and bad service to Customers with terrible customer support. Doordash team is sitting in China, Phillipines and many other countries for support and unfortunately they do not know anything, they cant even look up your Data nor they can talk properly. They have Null Experience of customer support or they are Dummies. I think DOORDASH MUST PACKUP AND RETURN TO THEIR U.S base. You think but you cannot Compete Ubereats, Menulog or Deliveroo..Version: 2.48.0

Waste of timeI don’t know why they open this business The application block and all system is not work They send to me an order to pick up from restaurant and the restaurant is not received the order yet and no need any action to do just waiting in the restaurant. After all this if you contact them they didn’t understand what going on with this program. No recommend this company ever.Version: 2.54.2

Support through chat not functionalToday, I worked for almost 10 hours and only made $92! The reason was the long hours I spent at walmart waiting for them to prepare the packages for customers. They said they are behind orders and that I have to wait an hour! Tried to cancel some orders and after having some difficulties doing that and finally having success I kept getting orders from walmart again! these also might affect my ratings for today... It was so frustrating and I have some suggestions: 1) have better estimation for when packages at walmart are ready for pick up.2) please provide some other way of contacting your customer service department for cancelation and other problems. It’s very difficult providing full issue through text specially between driving. Thank you for your consideration.Version: 2.148.0

App has to improve a lotApp is the worst not work many times.Version: 2.150.0

Debut and Farewell. Be careful with this peopleAs a driver I just had the worst experience with this Doordash people. Today I got my first request, everything was ok with it and showing on the earnings section. Around 5 minutes later I had my second request. Everything was ok until after the delivery was completed, I noticed that the second order earnings were not showing on the earnings section. I decided to wait and see if the earnings for the second request were showing later. After about an hour later I checked but the earning for the second order were still missing. I decided to call support. I choose the Spanish speaking agent option but on a discriminatory action the Doordash people don't have 24 hours support for the Spanish speaking drivers. Support 24/7 is only available for English speaking people very discriminatory indeed. After looking everywhere the agent came back to me saying that due to technical issues my second order was not showing on the earnings section and that It was going to take some time to be included. Definitely they do this with all the intention of keeping the money that belongs to the driver. If for any reason the driver doesn’t notice that Doordash is keeping for them the money that drivers honestly earns, well then Doordash wins!!!. Definitely I’m not working for Doordash to keep the money. If they keep from a driver $5 here and $5 there....Version: 2.106.20

Less payDoesn’t worth.Version: 2.70.2

Not getting paid after doing deliveryBe aware. They are big scammers. I did some deliveries last week. But I haven’t got paid yet. They are just doing their own work. Not paying to delivery partners. I raised my concern about so many times but haven’t got any reply from support team as well..Version: 2.76.0

Make it compatible with iOs 14.Better you make the doordash application compatible with new iOS 14. Your application doesn't work with this iOS. So you work on it and provide new version of application. It takes 5 min time to open itself! Thi is very very frustrating and irritating. Work on it..Version: 2.100.0

Does not notify meThe app sends orders but does not alert me with a notification sound. No the phone is not on silent, yes I checked my notification settings. All other notifications from other apps are working just fine..Version: 2.152.0

Stress.I’m giving this app 4 stars because it does allow me to make money... which I’m grateful for. But, this app really needs to make some changes. For one, it should be mandatory for customers who are ordering food from a store to state which store they are at and not just the address. Doordash’s gps does a horrible job of directing you to the correct store the customer is at. And it especially doesn’t help when the app glitches to where you cannot contact the customer to find where they are. I also feel as if there should be a button for Doordash users to let Doordash know that traffic is back up. There should also be a mandatory tip of at least $2.00 for customers. Doordash already has fees, so why not add another $2.00. ALSO. PLEASE double check gps locations to stores dasher’s have to go to. There have been countless times I’ve used the gps and it takes me to an empty parking lot and it will take me the COMPLETE opposite direction of where I need to go. Even if I’m right near the store I am designated to go, it’ll send me 3 miles away in the opposite direction. This app is really aggravating. Not to mention how unsafe it is that the dasher has to push several buttons while using it while we are driving/ out in public. Please find a way to make this more effective and safe for everyone..Version: 2.118.1

Worst delivery service with zero customer serviceI have been trying to get my account activated from 7 months.I have took crime check for 35$ and all docs I have submitted 6 months before only. Till date I have been asking to customer service people to activate my account .I have the proof emails with me. They don’t even bother and my friends who drive tells worst customer support experience they receiving from door dash group. I have 20-30 reference mail I got for my complaints with no answers till date. I’m so frustrated..Version: 2.110.0

Worst support everI don’t usually rate any app but this I feel like I had enough with this that’s why I don’t want anyone else to go through this. THE TERRIBLE SUPPORT EVER. They will promise to resolve the issue within the time limit e.g 24 hour but never get back to you even after 24 days and If you try contacting them then they will try their best to ruin your day. They don’t have any training whatsoever for how to actually resolve the issue they will always share some random faqs email or link without even listening or understanding the problem. On the top of that they will end a long waited call or live chat at any random point in the middle of the conversation. NO CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER. Secondly the app or the so called “system” is full of bug. It sometimes allocate you the job and won’t show up in the app to accept it and when you missed the opportunity it will affect your rating and you will get even less orders like 2 orders in the 12 hours shift. Or sometimes it will show you that the address of pickup or drop off is nearby hence the fare would be less but then out of no where address gets change which will be 6-8 kms away from the original location but you still get paid the initially offered fare. Other than that app crashes while accepting orders, if the order is delayed by the restaurant then it will also affect the dasher rating, and so on I would say save yourself some real trouble by staying away from being dasher..Version: 2.96.0

Support team needs better trainingBottom line I have been getting direct deposit since the start. Now there are concerns and info missing from my banking acct? REALLY? It has taking me 3 different support chatting (since 8:54 am until now 10:29 am ) and still waiting for ESCATING TEAM to call me. The worse part is that I am assuming there is no record of my calls and concerns, because every time I have to chatt about WHERE IS MY WKLY MONEY issue! The first person said that after speaking to his supervisor I need to be transferred to ESCALATING TEAM then he ended my session. The second person said someone will call me within5-10 mins (Still waiting) now the third person asked to tell her my concerns so that she can bring it up to her supervisor (after chatting for 20 mins about my concerns) now I constantly said I need escalation team to call me not a supervisor but here I am 33 mins later on hold in chat while a “supervisor “ is available when in reality I need someone in account payable to call me and tell me what the issue with my banking account is after I’ve been getting direct deposit with no issues... I am still waiting since 9:59 am it is now 10:40 and still waiting but I am so MAD I am just going to end the session myself because we all know the support here is not at its greatest .... well the agent ended the session before I did. Wasted another hr and my issues not resolved so I have no idea why they are holding my money....Version: 2.56.0

Uber is loveGaand ni marta tumhari bhai tumhare pe uber hai .... Delivery to detw nai tum.Version: 2.72.0

I got deactivated my 2nd dayOkay, so I just signed up for door dash as my side job since I’m not receiving the hours I desire at work due to school scheduling. I was excited to start dashing my first day (aug 19)and it went well! Made a few deliveries and called it a day so I could prepare for school the next. Yesterday, (Aug 20) I went to dash since my area was busy and it told me to ‘activate my account’. I had already done that and made deliveries so I was very confused. I called customer service but they weren’t all that helpful and they were hard to understand. Turns out, they booted me off door dash my second day active because there were ‘too many dashers in my area’ I am currently on a waitlist to resume my dashing. I don’t understand why they let me sign up and get all excited about dashing, only to kick me off the next day without any notification. They said they would email me when I can dash again but who knows how long that’ll take. If they aren’t accepting new dashers in my area they shouldn’t have let me sign up for it then. They should have a cut off limit instead of unlimited hiring and THEN deactivating people. Quite unhappy. Even now when I see my areas red I get confused on how there’s ‘too many dashers’ in the area yet they still need help? I just want to be activated again....Version: 2.20.1

Worst application i have ever seenThe worst business stratagey doordash is literally favour to merchants. There is no time management, merchants will delay the delivery for 25 minutes but driver will get assigned that delivery at the same time with merchant if the drive arrive early merchants will shout on the drivers and make them wait if we wait too long our rating will get affected. Fairs are really very bad. Driver should have freedom to decile order if it is not worthy to him, declining order should not effect driver acceptance rate it should be affected when the dasher decline 2 to 3 orders continues. Rating should change 0.05 per rating decreasing or increasing should be in the same value. Order should assigned to dasher according to the merchants acceptance and delay time. Better change the customer service to some other those who can understand better English. It’s taking lot of time with customer care once we call to customer care for any issue it takes atleast 30 minutes time waste to make them understand worst customer service. App works really worst some times it shows jason objects as a developer i know the issue what ever the error it should not display on the app. Merchants are really frustrated with doordash and showing that frustration on dashers by insulting them and asking them to do what they want..Version: 2.32.1

Being Black can get you disactived when door dashing, and that has to change.For the past few days I have had a terrible experience with door dash recently. I have been dashing for awhile and I haven’t had an experience like this. Door dash has a broken system, where they allow people to rate you based on “customer service”. It doesn’t work. It allows people to judge you not base on your customer service but how dark your skin is. This came true to us when, my wife of African decent decided to help me out dropping the deliveries to the customers. It’s not her first time, so she knows what she needs to do. We arrive on time and she’s never rude to any customers. But yet, our rating drop from a 4.82 to a 4.56 with in just 4 hours. At first we thought maybe it’s because the restaurants got the orders wrong. But when I decided to go out and see what is really going on. Not only did the ratings go up, but I also received cash tips. Also no one gave me a nasty look, that they gave to my wife. I could pass by being white and I could already see the racial discrimination going on within the customers of doordash. This has caused a tremendous blow for us because now, if I want my wife to help me since I have a bad leg, I have to travel further away from where I am living at, So that my rate won’t go down because of my wife’s skin..Version: 2.78.0

Pick up at restaurantI just want you to assign an order first to restaurant and then 10-15 minutes after to us. Because now the order is assigned simultaneously to dasher and restaurant but in this case they will took long to prepare the food and we have to wait long. So please assign the us the order 10-15 minutes later than the restaurant. So that we don’t have to wait long. Thanks......Version: 2.60.0

So tired of wasting gas trying to make it to "busy" areasI HATE the way this app is designed. You have two options if you want to make money: schedule a time slot in advance, or keep the app open and wait for a zoned area to become "busy." The problem with this is that a) the app is over saturated with employees who take all the time slots even if they don't actually intend to work, or b) you can't start working in a certain area until you drive there and most of the time by the time you get to that area, all the available work has been taken. But the app doesn't refresh quickly enough to tell you this ahead of time so you end up driving across town wasting all that gas just to find out you're too late. This system is awful compared to apps like Postmates, which allows you to go online wherever you're located and it assigns deliveries to you near your location. Also, on several occasions Ive been dashing in a certain area but have to deliver an order outside of that "zone," and after I finished the delivery, the app automatically ended my dash without my knowledge because I left the zone. At which point I had to drive all the way back to that zone to try and reschedule my dash...but multiple times it's too late and I can't continue working because the available slots have filled up. It's horrible and unfair and a waste of time..Version: 2.50.1

OrderNot enough order.Version: 2.70.2

DeliveryDelivery is too far and not worth it for gas and money😤😤😤.Version: 2.62.20

Directions very inaccurateI had to use a separate phone for directions and be late because the directions in the app are very off.Version: 2.152.0

W😮WOf course every app has it little glitches here n there, but I have to rave about Dasher. I made $$$ almost instantly after downloading & signing up. I couldn’t believe how I made close to $50 in 2 hrs! Compared to my main source of income which is about $15 an hour rn. My therapist actually recommended this job to me as I explained to her my dry period with my income source at the moment. I’ve done postmates before but the income was nothing like I’ve received with Dasher! I would recommend 10/10 to anybody looking to make some extra cash & fast ! The only thing I’m concerned about is wear n tear on my car especially during these hot summers BUT I think a week or two of quality dashes should do it’s magic so I can get myself another used car that’s better on gas. HERES WHAT I REALLY WANTED TO RAVE ABOUT: Somehow I initially set up the wrong bank account for my first payout. Idk where the $$$ went to but I was so sad. Only things I knew I could do was to change the bank account info to the right one & contact doordash on their troubleshooting page to ask for help. Wellll, a response better than words was sent over & that was MY FULL PAYOUT IN MY RIGHTFUL ACCOUNT 😁👏🏽 No hassle, no extra forms to fill out or phone calls. Absolutely love Dasher by Doordash !.Version: 2.64.0

Good app, but gets glitchy lots of timesI dash a lot, nearly every day, so I have had my fair share of time using the dasher app. The app is great, and i really have no complaints except for the fact that is gets glitchy pretty frequently. Probably once or twice every week, the app will act like it is receiving orders, but it wont give me any and then it pauses my dash because it can’t find my location. Another annoying thing it does is log me out of the app randomly and it won’t allow me back in, even when I put in the correct passwords and such. When this happens I am either forced to shut my phone off and turn it back on, or I have to wait about an hour and try again. Very frustrating when I am trying to begin dashing, or when I need to change a shift. Another thing it does is sometimes it will send me text messages saying that I have received an order, so I wait in the app and the order never shows up, so about a minute and a half later, the app pauses my dash for not accepting the delivery, when in reality it never gave me the delivery to accept! These are just a few of the most common bugs, and they get to be pretty frustrating. Hopefully they get them fixed sooner than later..Version: 2.18.0

Worst service for dashersNo order will be prepared on time as soon as dasher arrives to the restaurant. If dasher wait more than 20 minutes no extra payment would done and the order will not be canceled by the service people which I deeply feel bad. I am gonna stop doing this service anymore.Version: 2.112.0

Unable to edit dashesEvery single time i try to change my dash it says failed i have it booked from 7am till 12am and i’m unable to change it to 2pm till 12am this should not be a problem because i have it booked it’s not like i’m trying to change it to 6am or extend it till 4 the doordash support blamed me for the problem and said there’s nothing they can do because they don’t know what times are available like!! and the pay sucks not worth it.Version: 2.124.1

Regretful serviceI am a doordash driver and I received and order and reached the merchant in around 5-10 minutes of order before the projected time. The merchant replied they haven’t received order. I have to show them the details of the order and they started preparing it. I contacted support for this do the drivers get compensation for these issues. They simply replied sorry. I waited for almost 15-20 minutes for the merchant to prepare order. Doordash is not recommendable service..Version: 2.124.1

Why should I report an issue with DoorDash - Driver?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of DoorDash - Driver to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a DoorDash - Driver customer and are running into a problem, might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using DoorDash - Driver.

Is DoorDash - Driver not working?

DoorDash - Driver works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact DoorDash - Driver.

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