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GreatestMy greatest decision in life is joining this platform. No regrets at all..Version: 2.150.0

Plagued by horrible tippersI’ve been doing this for a bit, and it can be totally worth it occasionally, but you can just about promise that any order from McDonald’s or Little Caesar’s, to name a few, will receive little to no tip from the customer. When you’re driving across town to pick up their order and then drive back to the opposite side of town to deliver it only to get $3 from Door Dash pay it isn’t worth it. On top of that, if you don’t accept orders it’s a strike against you too. Customers should be REQUIRED to tip a certain percentage, say 5% at least, on any order over $50. If you receive a no tip from the SAME customer more than once I feel you should be able to rate the customer and they cannot order anymore, or you won’t receive them anymore as a driver. I’m driving my own vehicle, paying for my own gas, and to receive no tip makes it to where you LOSE money on certain jobs if you consider time spent picking up and vehicle wear/gas consumption. Overall, I like the app, you can get pretty nice tips at meal times, but you can also get stretches where it isn’t worth it. TL;DR Make it to where a tip is required, and feedback for poor customers is possible..Version: 2.50.1

Coupled DeliveriesCouple deliveries are too far from each other..Version: 2.72.0

Cancel ordersIt’d be useful to be able to cancel order as sometimes merchants doesn’t have multiple orders ready and customers may complain..Version: 2.124.1

DoorDash robs their drivers!I have worked 50+ hours, no compensation for extra time (didn’t expect it, but even just $1.50 extra per delivery for every order over 40 hours would be appreciated...) I get routed on cancelled orders every week, your options are cancel your run and take the hit in your personal ratings, or wait on hold for 10 mins just to speak to a representative who tells you to keep refreshing the app, tells me I will receive half wage for the run, and 5 minutes later tells me that was incorrect bc it was paid to another dasher, STILL on the phone 10 mins trying to get the order off my screen and telling her I’ve spent over 30 mins PLUS drive to this place to receive $0?! Plain robbery. AND in the end I have to cancel the order on my end and take the penalty in my ratings!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME???!!?! If this was a once in a lifetime thing, whatever, but this is LITERALLY over 7 times this has happened to me in the 6 weeks I have been dashing. I’m ready to find a lawyer who knows how to handle these issues since DoorDash is “sorry, but we can’t compensate you for anything you have done or lost at this time”..Version: 2.90.0

Best food delivery serviceA good platform to earn extra money. And the system of satisfying the customer to awesome.👌🏾.Version: 2.124.1

Alcohol deliveryYou may add an option to return job when customer is not there to accept delivery because we need to chat with you and it ll take more longer and waste dasher time too.Version: 2.98.1

Delivery made simpleAre you hungry look no further than doordash, minutes and order will be at your door..Version: 2.100.0

Best one...It’s very good and friendly app. It’s far better than Uber in terms of pay. I love to do more delivery through DoorDash. It rocks...Version: 2.146.0

Abboud2Hi.Version: 2.24.0

JoseIt’s seems doesn’t worth doing door dash as pick up drop off locations are far and very little money.Version: 2.68.0

Bug in the appThe app can only authorize new riders when the model of a scooter or car is informed in the registration, if registered as a motorcycle the rider will never be able to start working, as the app will never release schedule for the rider. chat support is bad at work and can't change this information for the rider. if you have this problem, make a new registration with another phone number and inform vehicle model scooter..Version: 2.78.0

Livraison facileSimple , rapide et travail facile.Version: 2.150.0

RMC deliveryThis was the only rough one today so a caution. The address given was wrong. The delivery was supposed to go to Fort LaSalle, which is actually 33 Amiens. Also, when going to RMC you have to go through a checkpoint and show your driver’s licence. That held hongs up for the next delivery but the guy was cool so no problems.Version: 2.152.0

I’m a DD DriverI’ve been Dashing for 8 months and I really enjoy meeting new people on my deliveries. The app is fairly easy to start you out, but there are a lot of little things that you learn as you go. Contact numbers are provided if you require assistance. You have opportunities to sponsor new drivers to help them learn, and you’re rewarded generously when they complete a certain number of deliveries. I feel it’s very safe because all transactions are done on cash with the driver, and your earnings go straight into your banking account once a week. If you prefer, you can opt to be paid daily, but there is a small fee for that. I use Google maps to assist in my deliveries, and there are a couple other map apps that are available to you. With the Covid virus-DD will provide you with free face masks, hand sanitizer, and sanitary gloves upon request, and you can do ‘No Contact Delivery’ so you and your customers stay as safe as possible. The best part about this job is that YOU chose when you want to work. If you have scheduled yourself to work, and then you can’t do it, you can delete that dash and you are NOT penalized for backing out. If you are in the middle of a scheduled dash, and need/want a break, you can PAUSE without having to explain to your boss, like you would at just about ANY other job. This flexibility they give you is WONDERFUL!.Version: 2.88.0

Dasher Michelle WalkerI love doing deliveries! Meeting new people and building a network with the merchants. I have established a few regulars which makes this that much more enjoyable. My only thing is that there seems to be too many drivers out at the same time on certain nights and even during the days lately. Makes it hard to commit full time especially in a small town. I like to stay busy and for the last two weeks I am not busy at all. I can schedule a seven or eight hour shift and actually only work maybe 3 hours. Too much down time. I love being part of a platform where I decide what works for me and change it up by doing deliveries when I go to my moms in Colorado. Being able to work in different cities around the United States is awesome ! There aren’t too many platforms which allow this, I think it is great though because a dasher can keep their ratings high and the app greasy and not lose status as a top dasher if they so choose or they can take vacay! So many great options driving for Doordash but working for me by me! I’m going to give full time devotion here in a couple weeks I’m praying to be able to quit the working for someone else and be happy doing what I am loving more everyday! Best to you all out there doing the deal!!!.Version: 2.146.0

Worst support teamSent an email 2 months ago, still haven’t received any reply. Chat with online agents. Couldn’t solve the problems, and they just closed the chat without saying anything.Version: 2.62.0

Better than the others!Door dash is much better compared to other courier! Expect a faster delivery and excellent service. Recommended!.Version: 2.90.0

Honestly, it depends where you liveOkay, I’ll start off by saying, this app can either be so great you can do it full time, or the opposite. Obviously, like UberEats and other driving services, if you don’t live in a populated area you can’t do it. Not that well anyways. But if you happen to live somewhere where the app is popular and you can get a lot of orders, believe me when I say you can make $1000+ a week if you are dedicated to it every week. No, I don’t think you should replace your full time job with it if you have a decent job. However, if you’re 18-21 years old working fast food making minimum wage, this app is the way to go. It has its flaws, but overall I’ve had a great experience with it. Customer support is a bit touchy as their English isn’t great and they’re hard to reach sometimes, but don’t listen to people who say they’re garbage. I would give this app 10/5 stars if I could. I’m considering replacing my pizza delivery job with this. I average $16-$20/ hour and I only work 4-8 hours a day. You can work whenever you want, stop whenever you want, you are your own boss, and you can basically just listen to music and vibe all day. This app is great.Version: 2.38.0

Worst order payThis is the first time I’m seeing that no other delivery app is as cheap as this one this is not going to help any of the dasher who is doing deliveries.Version: 2.36.0

Text option over the appPlease add option to text customer over the app, it will be much user friendly and convenient from both customer and driver perspective..Version: 2.80.1

VersionThere is always problem in update please update bcz Iphone does not support it.Version: 2.112.0

Doordash Is what you make of itI have been dashing for over a month now and overall I’ve had a pretty good experience. Most customers are kind and understanding and the restaurants I pick up the food from are usually efficient. As for the App there are many things I like about it. I love how I can dash whenever it’s busy (in my area it usually is busy all day long) and how I can schedule a dash in advance but be able to cancel it with no penalty. The interface is simple and easy to use. I like how you can pause your dash if need be. The pay isn’t bad either with most dashes landing you anywhere from $6-$20 depending on customer tip and delivery distance. And they’re usually pretty generous with the amount of time they want you to pick up the food and deliver it by. You truly can work as much or as little as you want with doordash. However, like every job, doordash isn’t perfect. Sometimes when im dashing my app will freeze and i’ll have to close it out and open it again. I also don’t like how they draw some of these district maps, I believe my own district if a little too big. Other than that, I’ve had a pretty positive experience so far. Im on 64 dashes and have made about $500 in total..Version: 2.20.1

AmazingGood to work DD.Version: 2.150.0

Who is a Dasher Driver?A person who finds a customer in even the darkest furthest areas that no body can ever imagine; a person who has a warm meal ready for his or her waiting person looking on the road for the order. Becoming an expert driver and dealing with new life challenges, opens new gates to the brightest future..Version: 2.92.0

PaymentSometimes i was delivered longways but i get low payment..Version: 2.78.0

Agree with others!!!I agree with the others who’ve posted you shouldn’t be docked points for refusing an order with $0 tip! It’s ridiculous and always the furthest distance. I can’t imagine someone deciding it’s okay not to tip some one who does a service for you. If you don’t want to tip, that’s cool just go pick up your own food! All in all, thanks to those who DO tip and especially those few who tip extra well, I’ll continue dashing part time on top of my full time job. I like being able to decide I’m available when and just open my app-and be making money! I wish there was also an option to pick up more than one order at a time from the same place; This would allow us to make more money for each trip. I’ve only been doing this a week and already I’ve picked up from the exact same location multiple times only to be sent back and then deliver within the same general area. Being able to pick them up at the same time would cut down on expenses, wear and tear on my car, and again allow for better profit. Some thing I hope door dash considers-since I’ve delivered groceries in multiple orders, I’d think food would work the same..Version: 2.110.0

Service great.Good..Version: 2.154.0

Cash outTry to introduce cashout like uber which is somuch helpful for drivers some times its hard to wait a week all delivery companies provide cash like uber and deliveroo etc.Version: 2.124.1

My Experiences as a Doordash DriverWhile dashing I hate it when I see “you missed an opportunity”. I tell myself, how could I have missed when it’s not even offered to me. Sometimes these “you missed an opportunity” shows in succession, like three in a row in a matter of seconds. Does Doordash intentionally do that? I am an optimistic person so when I see “you missed an opportunity” I just smile and tell myself “here we go again, there goes my acceptance rate, it’s going to go down now. I work very hard and I’m dedicated to my job so I always try my best to satisfy my employer and my customers all the time. I have been dashing for three months now, I haven’t declined an offer yet, I always accept whatever I’m offered. Sometimes though, there are offers that I had to pick up from about 11 miles away then deliver it way to the end of town, about another 15 miles. I just tell myself, it’s a normal part of the job so I don’t complain at all. I must commend the “Doordash Support Team”, they’re always there for me. Every time I get into a situation where I needed their assistance, they’re there and always are willing to help. One time though, I had to wait almost 20 minutes before someone offered to help me. The majority of the time, there’s someone within three minutes..Version: 2.96.0

Good jobThank you for your quick and prompt help. App might get stuck sometimes but it is very good. And keeps improving..Version: 2.152.0

Issue with AppMe and my friend both on same ISP were checking the busy zones, my app did not had any busy zone however, my friends app was showing multiple busy zone! He had more shifts available in comparison to my dasher app? What the heck? So, looks like you distinct between bike riders and car riders, right? I’ve already raised a ticket and haven’t got any response yet! Worst part when you’ve to wait for restaurant to prepare order for, it literally takes ages sometimes and you don’t get paid for waiting). Seriously, guys? Troubleshooting: I tried closing the app and reopened (still the same) * we both changed the internet connection from wifi to mobile network (still the same) * we both close the app and reopened (still same).Version: 2.32.1

Account setupIts been 4 months that my account is not activated. My crime check was done before a month and from that time i call every week to dash support. Every time same answer that it is under process and wait 72 hrs. Poor service.Version: 2.124.1

It’s Great ButSome restaurants seal the customers ordered bags and therefore we as dashers are unable to see what’s in the bag and also some orders at some restaurants it doesn’t even show us dashers on the app what exactly was ordered so it only shows the number of items ordered but not the specifics and if the orders are incorrect it goes against us as a dasher when the restaurants seal the bags before we are even able to check to see if the order is correct or if it doesn’t show us on the app exactly what a customer has ordered but only shows us the number of items ordered there’s now way of us possibly knowing what was ordered but yet it goes against us if the order ends up incorrect in these situations. In situations like these it is totally unfair for us to be marked as getting an order incorrect when the bags are sealed by the restaurants to where we can not check it or it doesn’t even show us on the app exactly what was ordered in some cases as well. It’s one thing if we literally make a mistake and get the order wrong but if it is the merchants fault or the apps fault that it doesn’t show us exactly what was ordered how are we supposed to know if it is correct or not..Version: 2.50.1

Screen awakeHey the app is good But missing screen always awake feature We have to unlock the phone every-time when we get order Which is a distraction from driving and not safe so please add this feature Thanks.Version: 2.106.1

Update please for iPhoneI have screenshots to show can’t find options to upload images. Cheers.Version: 2.90.0

ExcellentEnjoyed delivery.Version: 2.146.0

Overall pay and experienceI personally love doordash and even recommend it to a lot of friends but some things that are a struggle and that make me upset, being a broke college student, is the option for customers to not tip at all. Half of my pay comes from tips and if I dont get any then I barely make any money. Today I waited for 40 minutes at a restaurant for an order just to make 7 dollars, and from that 7$, the customer tipped zero dollars. And in addition: 1. the app does time you and your deliveries 2. when u accept an order, if unexpected instances such as this happen (which happen often) and you decide to cancel, your ratings go down I personally have very good ratings and it is important to me. Everything is 85% or higher and I believe as an employee that works hard to have good customer service and deliver on time, to at least earn a little more money for it. This is my only source of income now based on the covid circumstances and I understand the unpredictability of having to be a delivery boy in terms of business and pay, but it can be very frustrating to most of us, I believe..Version: 2.68.0

Great side money, App very easy to useI was hesitant to join DoorDash because I didn’t know what to expect and wasn’t sure if it was ever coming to my area. Then one day it arrived just as the state-wide quarantine did. I had a way to get something good out of this horrific virus. In 3 days I made close to $400 dollars, however I begin to notice that some of my orders had NO TIPS and I was taken a back by this because if I could see that BEFORE accepting a route I wouldn’t take it just like I do with InstaCart. I go above and beyond for every delivery that I make and I’m always on time or early so it’s quite disappointing after completing a delivery that I see that there was no tip. Ugh!!! Jeesh, it’s a quick and easy way to make money but I’m noticing that more and more orders are coming through with no tip and if you go to a restaurant and order a meal you usually have to pay at least 10% in tips. The work is easy but I feel that those who take the job seriously and do their best should be rewarded. Otherwise than that I have no complaints. I really love how daily earnings are itemized upon completion of each delivery. I immediately felt confident to continue working once I saw that. GREAT JOB DOORDASH!!!.Version: 2.56.0

Screen always onThe screen always turn off when waiting for order and no option to makes it always on. I miss many order just waiting for the text message that I do not see. The in apps google direction seem need to make more simple and maximum sound does not loud enough..Version: 2.124.1

Fun but app could be a bit better for dashersI like the extra $ and it’s a decent gig but I feel that door dash shouldn’t allow the customer to do a no tip. I get them quite often from the same customers and I’m always on time or earlier. Make sure they have extra sauces. Napkins. Etc and I’m always polite and still get nothing from it. Dashers drive their own personal cars to make sure the customer gets their food and we use our own gas to make it happen. 3$ a trip isn’t worth delivering to people ordering 40-60$ of food and we have to go the extra mile for nothing basically. I feel that door dash can implement something on if you order either a lot of food and or a high price amount then the customer is required to tip. Also regarding if a store is indefinitely closed. They should make it easier to know what button to click to say you can’t do the order and not be docked acceptance because it not being your fault. If you click stores closed it should prompt you to say is it closed or closed indefinitely and then take you to the proper area if it’s indefinitely. Other than that. I’ll continue to do this as a side gig because it’s not hard and easy $. Also I think door dash should do a rewards program on for every order you do you get points to get door dash merchandise to help with deliveries either it be better bags. Drink holders. Shirts. Etc. Would boost people to push for helpful items and or personal merchandise..Version: 2.50.0

Hunger huntThis app is not working properly many times, they don’t even cleared the bugs we faced while accepting the order..Version: 2.32.1

SatisfiedI’ve tried different delivery companies but Doordash is one of the best option to get good money. They pay well and giving good offers for their drivers.Version: 2.124.1

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