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Fidelity Spire®: Save + Invest App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Fidelity Spire®: Save + Invest app received 27 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Fidelity Spire®: Save + Invest? Can you share your negative thoughts about fidelity spire®: save + invest?

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Fidelity Spire®: Save + Invest for Negative User Reviews

Not competeThe app is pretty, but lacks functionality. The other fidelity app is better for now. Would like to see the ability to view current lots I own on stocks..Version: 2.0

Very limited app functionalityApp doesn’t provide any mechanism to assign/links existing accounts to goals, making the usefulness of the app quite limited. For example, I identified retirement as a long term goal, but the app doesn’t allow me to link my Fidelity 401k account to the goal, essentially making the goal tracking useless..Version: 1.1

Great broker, pretty bad appI love fidelity and the comfort knowing they will never shut down trading of any securities, but this app is still geared towards older people. It’s very plain but somewhat confusing to use, and charting is horrible. I still use robinhood and Webull to do everything but check my account balance..Version: 2.11

Why do we need this?Basically a limited set of offerings from the main Fidelity app with a nicer interface. The main app could use a face lift but I don’t really understand the purpose or value of this app. I thought this would have full view but it doesn’t. If you already use the Fidelity app then there is no reason to download this but we can all hope that app gets an interface update to look more like this someday..Version: 1.13

TRADING IS LIVEThe Simplified Fidelity app that’s actually mobile friendly! Still not enough technical data. UI needs improvement, bigger fonts and faster speed. For now, still need the clunky legacy app as it does more. -Categorize how each stock is doing for the day, add Recognia Technical Analysis and brief news update on stocks..Version: 2.0

3 apps from 1 company and they don’t share common user dataI am confused by Fidelity offering three different apps that don’t seem to use common user data. Take price alerts for example. Which account type supports them? How do you set them? Which app supports them? Fidelity has a too many ways to view (or not view) information depending on context and the app being used..Version: 2.16

Terrible UX and UI. Hire new people pleaseServes no purpose compared the main Fidelity app. I refuse to believe there’s literally any way an actual human being APPROVED of this UX and thought it functioned well. Like the thought of someone at Fidelity got PAID actual dollars to release this crap of a product is absurd to me. Please do the company a favor and actually TRY to innovate. The entire UX design team needs to get replaced. The company loses so much credibility by allowing this quality of work (or lack their of). Do better..Version: 2.18

SO SLOWThe functionality of the app is pretty great, and I’m not necessarily the biggest fan of the navigation. However, by far the most annoying thing about the app is how long it takes to login..Version: 2.13.1

Great start. Needs improvement.The fact that Fidelity is taking the steps to make a better app is huge. A lot of companies don’t listen to their customer base and this shows that they’re listening. I love the simplicity of the layout but I agree with the others that the savings and goal features need to be taken it. It’s not useful and clutters the app with unneeded info. One thing that this app REALLY needs is streaming real time ticker update and chart updates like Robinhood. Clean the app by removing unneeded features (savings and goals) and add in streaming data without having to refresh would be a great step... and make this incredibly competitive as an app..Version: 2.1

Pretty much the same as the old appDon’t see how this is much different from the old app. When are we going to be able to set up automatic investments? I’m tired of having to manually execute the same trades every week or two weeks..Version: 2.15

Needs workWe don’t care about budgeting tools. All we want is a simple app where we can see a graph of our portfolio over time and track investments. This is the most basic feature that is nonexistent on this app and also the Fidelity app. Please listen to the feedback you are receiving from numerous people!.Version: 2.0

We only need a pure trading appI really hope this app can work as the RH one does. The core feature should be trading, not setting goals. Maybe a separate tab for cash management but that’s it. The app also lacks lots of functionally like a easily accessible current holding, or real time quote (I really hate manual refresh) I think Webull and Robinhood did a great job designing their app and Fidelity should learn from them..Version: 2.11

Closed my account without warning and then reopened itI opened my account. Noticed that my account was restricted so I proactively contacted them and was guided to provide my ID photos. That was totally understandable. So I provided my ID photos and hoped that my account would be verified within a few days. However, the next day they sent me a message saying that my account had been closed!!? They didn’t even tell me why. So I once again contacted them asking why my account had been closed and was asked to provide my ID, which I had already done proactively. So I stopped caring and opened an account with another brokerage. Then a few days after that, they sent me another message saying that my account had been re-opened. Fine! Thanks! My husband is going to move to another brokerage too because of this bad customer experience. So, Fidelity, next time, (1) contact your customer first if you see a problem in their application and (2) if you close your customer’s account, at least tell them why..Version: 2.12

Features have said “Coming Soon” for many monthsFeatures like Recurring Deposits and Spare Cash Calculator have been show as Coming Soon in this app for nearly a year and they never got added. Very strange. They should just make the main Fidelity app more usable instead of adding this secondary app with less functionality that they aren’t keeping up with. The better UI gets this app 2 stars, but otherwise the main Fidelity app or website are far more functional..Version: 1.14

Not even closeAlright so good job hearing your new customers and making a new app. This thing does look better and has a cleaner UI, but it has none of the features we are looking for and a ton that we don’t need. If the point of this app is to appeal to new customers from Robinhood, it’s a start. But if the point is to just provide an app to monitor things in a featureless way with an added bonus of useless goal setting features, then it’s a fail..Version: 2.0

Not goodTakes WAY TOO MANY steps to even check your own stock positions. The home screen is wasted fluff I couldn’t care less about and no way to customize like main fidelity app. No home screen widget like main fidelity app has so I can glance at my portfolio. Push notification about inactivity I can’t disable like I can in main fidelity app. It’s a horrible experience when going from clunky main fidelity app to this that lacks those good features..Version: 2.0

An improvement, but still needs work.So the UI is so much better. Way cleaner. But users still need more features added. I’m not able to see the performance of all my accounts (only individual accounts). Let users change their main Home Screen. I don’t use the goal function, so let me remove that and place things I do use..Version: 2.13.1

What’s the Point? Fidelity BetaCurrent Fidelity app rolled the design of Spire as a Beta option. All Spire has is a better Learn page while Fidelity has theirs as “coming soon.” This app should really just sunset while the devs and designers of this app move to focus on Fidelity Beta. Stop adding features to Spire and improve the parity of Fidelity Beta and roll out more features to that app instead. This app was cool as a preview but need to be brought out to pasture..Version: 2.15

One stop shopWould be useful to have this within Fidelity app as currently multiple app feel is there. Not able to understand clearly the long term vision of this app.Version: 1.14

Lacks functionality and isn’t organized wellI wanted to use the App as a one stop shop to view my fidelity and non-fidelity accounts like you are able to on Charles Schwab’s app. I was excited to see you can add external accounts and link them to a goal, but I ran into issues at every step of the way. First, it gave me an error when I tried to add an external account. The next time I logged in it had somehow added the account. Then I tried to link it to a goal and it gave me another cryptic error that said due to “limitations” it could not be linked. So at that point being able to link external accounts is pretty much useless. Also, the App Store says it is over 4 years old, but the fact that they are still having these issues and there are vague “coming soon” banners everywhere in the app for features that would be useful but are not included makes me think this is really not a high priority for Fidelity to develop. Disappointed as a new fidelity customer..Version: 1.13

UI is improvement over original appUI is improvement but still lacking in functionality compare to the original app. Here is a couple of suggestions: -The learn section is pointless. Instead that should be a dedicated trade section instead with holdings and watchlist. - dark mode is much needed - real time quotes are needed, I should be able to see after hour and premarket pricing like webull or robinhood - there should be a way for the helpful tips and learning. There a lot and it looks like spam. Most of us don’t need it. We just want fidelity app that doesn’t look like it was created for boomers..Version: 2.0

Still a lot of work to be doneI like where this appears to be going but it won’t be that useful until you allow people to link external accounts. Also, it doesn’t pick up my 401k despite it being a Fidelity account. Keep improving it guys!.Version: 1.6

Misleading - this is almost the old app, and not a "new UI contender"Fidelity, whoever your UI designer is - replace them. But your marketing team is fantastic making these screenshots look like the app is as friendly as the RobbingHood UI. When I open this app, I don't want to land on the "goals" tab. I want to land on a real time ticker or at the very least a position SUMMARY for my accounts. From there, I should be able to decide if I want to drill down into separate accounts. Fidelity has always annoyed me with the way the UI on mobile is completely backwards with its navigation on the web and the mobile experiences. So much so that I use other tickers like Webull for information and tracking, and then only complete trades in your interface. Completely and totally disappointing and hard to use.....again..Version: 2.11

Bogus.This app AND the website just straight-up didn’t work on my phone. Tons of error messages. I’m gonna have to call them just to close the accounts I opened that I can’t fund because it wouldn’t let me link a bank account…and it took me a few tries to get that far..Version: 2.23

Eh.It’s okay, but if you’re thinking this is a trading platform, it isn’t. Very minimal features. I hope to see more from this app in the future. Something between Robinhood (yea I know but their platform is just so easy to use) and Webull would be nice..Version: 2.1

Difficult to useIt’s marginally better than the main Fidelity app. Timeline progress can only be seen for once stock at a time, there’s no timeline of your actuals. You can’t go from your portfolio right into viewing a stock, you have to go the roundabout way and search for it..Version: 2.11

It’s okay. Not good. And far from great.This app is definitely a step in the right direction in terms of updating the user interface of the existing Fidelity app. However, Fidelity Spire lacks many features that the existing Fidelity app and website provide. For example, you cannot sell positions on margin accounts..Version: 2.1

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