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Fidelity Spire®: Save + Invest Positive Reviews

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Fidelity Spire®: Save + Invest App User Positive Comments 2023

Fidelity Spire®: Save + Invest app received 22 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about fidelity spire®: save + invest?

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Fidelity Spire®: Save + Invest for Positive User Reviews

I like it, a lotI’ve had a retirement account and separate investment account with Fidelity for a few years. I’ve been using the regular Fidelity app since the beginning and while the utility of that app is nice,some of the features are buried and the ux is a bit wonky. This new Fidelity Spire app, however, looks really good. The ux is smooth and intuitive. I’m excited for what it can be. They’re promising to add the features of the regular Fidelity app along with some new features like recurring deposits and billpay. When they do this it will be a top tier feature packed money management app. Cant wait.Version: 1.14

Love Fidelity, unsure about data collectionIf the devs or support read this - I’d love to hear your stance on this. First - I love Fidelity. Second - what does worry me is the iOS privacy report data that shows what data you collect through the app. It seems excessive to collect search history and usage data. Please cut WAY down on the unnecessary info collected if you want to be taken as the holy grail of banking/investment and customer oriented service. My take: Just cut ALL data collection from ALL of your apps. Only what is absolutely necessary to function. Otherwise, the need to have privacy and control over one’s personal data will ALWAYS prevail…and you’ll lose the status you have rightfully earned so far. I want you all to succeed. I hope this helps..Version: 2.12

Finally, a potential Robinhood KillerI’ve been waiting patiently for this app to get updated with trading. The legacy app has a horrible UI that definitely won’t attract the young crowd like myself. Looking forward to more updates! One suggestion I would make is to have the trading page be the home screen (with your portfolio chart) just like Robinhood..Version: 2.0

Seamless designI’ve tried multiple personal finance apps but Fidelity Spire has a unique design that makes tracking goal progress easy to manage. Connecting to external accounts is seamless and the dashboard has a nice modern feel to it..Version: 1.8

Fidelity GoKeep improving. But like what I am seeing. Opening a Fidelity Go account is just what I needed. I can invest without thinking about it..Version: 1.8

Add dark mode, PLEASE!The fidelity spire app is quite good. The only thing I want added is a black out dark mode for my phone’s OLED screen. It is essential that a mobile app has dark mode in 2021..Version: 2.13.1

Great companion app to main Fidelity AppLove this app and it’s goals based nature. It’s a fantastic companion app to the main Fidelity App. Only problem far is I can’t seem to link a 529 account to a goal. I choose to link but it doesn’t work. Would be great if this could be fixed..Version: 2.21

App We’ve Been Waiting ForI recently joined Fidelity when I learned my 401k was managed through them. I had been using Robinhood previously and while the app itself is great, having to wait until February for electronic tax documents is ridiculous. I originally joined because there were products I could not purchase through RH. The original Fidelity app was ok, not as good as RH, basic things like historical pricing were horrendous, but I stuck with it. Now that they have released Spire, I transferred everything over from RH. You get the UX of Robinhood but with much more. You can see everything in one place (including non Fideilty Accounts) plus the Goals are actually a surprisingly nice benefit. Now that they offer a managed product, Fidelity Go (think 401k but for stocks), for a nominal fee, I am excited about getting into investing and am so happy I don't have to worry about picking stocks anymore. The $100 bonus offer when you open an account and set up reoccurring funding is a nice touch considering any other bank offers way less while forcing you to maintain an unrealistic balance and they make you wait forever to get the bonus. I never leave reviews for apps but this app deserves a review and I hope more and more people will get turned on to Spire..Version: 2.1

Still looks 10 years outdated.The colors are still too deep and not faded enough. It’s not aesthetic. There’s also too much on a page at a time except for the buy and sell page with the graph. In addition the buttons and sections are too boxy and not rounded enough. Some parts look like html with too much shadow. Do what robinhood and m1 finance have done it’s inviting. Also a big fat trade button on the bottom is very inviting..Version: 2.0

Some work to do, but LOVE this direction Fidelity is takingPlease, please continue to invest your development resources into this app instead of the other Fidelity app. The UI is great! And having a money management and budgeting feature set is of great value to many. Fidelity needs a vehicle to attract younger investors and this app is a great way to do so. I invest and hold my money with Fidelity because they’ve been around and I trust them more so compared to other banks - I don’t trust these startup or other new investment companies like Robinhood or Acorns. Thank you developers for your hard work - this app is an awesome start and I am eager for updates to come!!.Version: 2.0

Great app!This is an excellent tool that helps you plan for your future. It’s organized and user friendly, and I love that it provides many resources to learn more about finance. As someone in my late 20s and some debt, this will be very helpful in keeping me organized and start saving for retirement..Version: 1.1

Make it compatible with tabletsAll features are great, easy access and convenient but the tablet view is not available and can be frustrating for those who uses it..Version: 2.13.1

Off to a Decent StartThere is no doubt that when it comes to saving time, Robinhood has all the other investment apps beat. It takes so long for me to view my investments through the other Fidelity app and I’ve considered switching back to Robinhood for my “gambling” portfolio as trades can be processed quick and easy. This app is taking a step in the right direction and I’ve already deleted the other Fidelity app from my phone. The UI is simple and so clean, please market this more aggressively and pour more money into making this a solid alternative to Robinhood! All Robinhood has is its UI, I know you can get there Fidelity!.Version: 2.0

I wish I knew about this app soonerThis app is amazing! Way better than the fidelity investments app. It’s great for quick trades, portfolio tracking etc.. the main app is still way more robust. I imagine in time most of the important features from the other app will make it over to Spire. While this app is great it’s still a little under baked. I hope that changes in the near future..Version: 2.0

Promising but long way to goI use a combination of Mint and Personal Capital to manage my finances. Fidelity Spire sounds like it is meant to replace both but there is a long way to go. The current app is more of a cross between Robinhood and NerdWallet, so has a long way to go in development. I must say the user interface is feels nice and intuitive. I am really excited about where this product goes. Hoping for the best.Version: 2.14

Great appI am really enjoying this app so far. I recommend it to any one who is looking to get a head start on how to organize their financial goals..Version: 1.9

Great appApp with a lot of potential - it is great that Fidelity has created something for someone like me. I only knew them as a company for others. Looking forward to the app enhancements..Version: 1.2

Not the app you are looking forFidelity has many apps. If you’re like me, this is not the app for you. The old investment app now has a trading beta. Download that and flip beta on and you’re good to go. I don’t know who this app is for but not for people who want to actively trade. Deleting this app and sticking with the investments beta..Version: 2.12

Simple, great for passive investorsI like the app for its simplicity, but it would be nice if there was a line chart to track historical accounts balance and investment returns.Version: 2.12

Keep updates rolling!!This is such a good app, really working towards Robinhoods functionality! Viewing account holdings per account is one to many steps, just put that on the account page. It is hard to compare the different holdings in many meaningful ways because you can only see percent change in the overview. This app has a ton of promise as long as updates continue rolling out for it!.Version: 2.0

Just what my finances needed!Great app for becoming a smarter saver and investor. Super helpful advice and easy to use tools. All of my Fidelity accounts were there right at log in. Nice work!.Version: 1.0

Almost PerfectI have been waiting for Fidelity to come out with something similar to beat Robinhood for quite some time. I use active trader pro through fidelity but there’s a few days out of the week I am not home. This is why I had a Robinhood account. I was able to trade on Robinhood while at the mall, work or in the back of the Uber ride! Another reason I kept with Robinhood was that their app is super simple! At the time, I was able to trade with Fidelity’s main app but was not the most functional or ideal move. I deeply appreciate Fidelity’s direction with this app. For people investing with other brokerages, they will soon make the switch. Fidelity is the most reputable and reliable company out there. I love the education/research tools fidelity gives its customers. The learning on demand is perfect for any beginner in investing. WeBull, Robinhood and M1 Finance is starting to worry because now Fidelity (The GOAT) is making better investments in attracting the novice investor and keeping the veteran investor beyond satisfied with their updates/improvements. User friendly: 9/10 Simplicity: 8/10 Tools: 10/10 Would recommend: 10/10.Version: 2.0

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