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Facebook Portal App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Facebook Portal app received 42 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Facebook Portal? Can you share your negative thoughts about facebook portal?

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Facebook Portal for Negative User Reviews

Won’t openCrashes on startup every time so useless.Version: 65.0

🤔Very restricted on where you can go would be better if it was battery operated and supported other programs like FaceTime, Zoom etc..Version: 26

Remote works periodicallyGreat app but the remote only works after a while of using the app eg uploading photos. No method that I can discover to speed the process up.Version: 51.0

Stopped casting photos to portalWe love the portal for regular visits with elderly parent in a residential facility. Favorite part is casting photos to the screen during the calls. Suddenly the app has stopped casting function. Message suggests that app needs to be updated but no update is feasible on the app. 🤨.Version: 65.0

Very bad photos screen saverI set my photos to cycle through display as screen saver when not in use. I have already been 50 images but only cycles through one picture or a few pictures. Some problem. It is disappointing that a simple screen saver cannot be implemented by mighty meta/FB.Version: 65.0

The app SUCKSI love the portal itself, but the app needs some major work. It’s glitchy, more often then not it multiplies the photos so there’s like 5 copies of 1 photo (before upload, just in the selection area). It doesn’t tell you what photos have already been uploaded so i end up uploading the same ones over and over because it only lets you upload 30 at a time so you have to go out and in and out and in. for a company worth billions you’d think they’d be able to have an operational app. you got work to do facebook!.Version: 43.0

Can’t create albumWhen I press ‘Create Album’ I am brought to the next window to name it, I do so and click ‘Done’ and I just get taken back to the ‘Photos’ screen and no album is present. There’s no way for me to get my photos on the device outside of Facebook. I’ve tried reinstalling no avail. Using Latest iOS and iPhone 11..Version: 26

Photo RotationFor a year only my 50 most recent photos have been rotated on my display, disappointing. The point is to take the place of a wall of pictures. Just this week it started bringing back memories and older photos. If this continues I will revisit my review. Was something changed by the development team?.Version: 65.0

Failed to upload multiple photos from photo albumsApp is getting crash when you select multiple photos from photo albums on iPhone and send to Portal’s album. For Individual photo, it’s working..Version: 65.0

Glitchy. Not stable crashesThe app continues to crash when I try to use it. Won’t let me upload photos. Useless app to this point which makes the Portal device worthless. Very disappointing..Version: 65.0

PhotosAdding photos is so tricky. It’s the only reason I downloaded the app but it keeps crashing and it is not user friendly..Version: 46.0

Limited featuresAllow login through whatsapp only using the app. The app only allows login through Facebook yet the portal device allows either account..Version: 16.0

Photo Upload Error?I’m not sure what’s happening, but anytime I select photos from my camera roll to display on portal, only one or two ever shows up. I select 30, it says they uploaded, and then 28 or 29 will disappear. 🤔.Version: 40.0

Limited functionalityPretty much just a photo sharing app. Would have liked to see a full remote function similar to the Roku app but it’s clear the Facebook developers rushed the release even though this would make inputting names and search terms much easier.Version: 63.0

Needs work a lotThis needs so much work as does the portal. It’s basically rubbish just use your desktop computer. It has about 4 apps Spotify and a couple more. Am so disappointed it needs more apps and be able to answer and send messages via WhatsApp or what’s the point if you have to keep on logging out to use it on your desktop. The portal tv should never of been allowed to be sold. I been waiting for months for it to be updated and nothing when I you going to do a major update. Facebook should be ashamed. They will not respond to this nor do a decent job. If I only could get my money back. When are you going to update this or are you intending to leave it like this. How could you call this a good device. I am so annoyed. I spent good money on what is basically rubbish.Version: 24.2

Could have more functionalityAn opportunity has been massively missed here by not making the ‘remote’ feature on this application much more user-friendly. For example by adding a keyboard when wanting to type like when using the browser or searching for a contact… Please can you add this?.Version: 65.0

Massive invasion of privacyThis is just another step in Facebook’s relentless effort to break our privacy. Now with their portal devices, they have a camera and a mic that they can use to collect data about you. I highly recommend that you avoid this, and use a better privacy minded app. Since you’re on iOS, FaceTime is the best choice for video chatting..Version: 17.0

App remoteApp remote not work ? I’ve lost my original remote that came with it so was going to use the app as they don’t sell the original remote now and your more chance of finding a real Unicorn than a remote online ..Version: 65.0

Limited functionalityThere is no iPad app. It would be nice if I could upload pictures to my parents portals directly, sharing an album with them and ask them to download the app and enable the shared album is a bit much. Also, it would be nice if I get a warning about uploading duplicate files. Since the upload limit is so low, its hard to remember if I’ve uploaded that picture or not..Version: 41.0

Needs WhatsApp loginAs a companion for a device that has a WhatsApp only login, this app should also have one, to let users manually add photos to their Portal. It’s silly that FaceBook is required to add photos from one’s own phone. But the Portal is great! So I hope WhatsApp login can be added to this app..Version: 54.0

Remote issuesThe app remote is really inconsistent. It works occasionally but most of the time it’s “something went wrong - check your network connection”. I’ve done everything to troubleshoot it..Version: 59.0

Could be much betterConnection issues persist, even after updating. I have to restart the app in order to connect to my Portal TV. Missing keyboard functionality..Version: 57.0

Add back the transfer to/fro phone app to portal!It had the feature on roll-out. It needs to be added back! When moving from room to room, it’s impossible now to continue the call. Transfer to/fro portal is essential. How long must we wait for you to add it back?!.Version: 27

LimitedGreat piece of kit but I don’t have a Facebook account so cannot open or use the app. For people without Facebook this isn’t ideal.Version: 40.0

Poor designNo 3pty integration, poor UX, plug in the back keeps popping out, I bought a small lazy Susan to place it on, makes it a bit bearable!!.Version: 59.0

No login for WhatsApp?Why can you only login with Facebook credentIals? Don’t have any, don’t want any. Just want to login with WhatsApp so can support dads portal remotely whilst in a nursing home..Version: 39.0

I wish I could give zero starsEvery time I try to use this app to choose photos, it kicks me out. Also, it doesn’t even matter which photos you choose because it continually displays the same random 20 photos anyway. I’ve selected hundreds of photos and I see the same ones over and over. This app and the portal itself are terrible..Version: 57.0

Uploading photos from camera rollInitially this worked fine but only 50 at a time. No way to go directly to the month or year, you have to scroll and scroll until you find the pics you want. All of a sudden it stop working. There is supposedly no picture limit but I am no longer able to add any more pictures. Tried deleting and reinstalling the app. Tried resetting my portal, tried creating a new album just in case there was a picture limit for albums. NONE of this worked. This was a gift so that I could keep in contact with my family. Very frustrated with this!.Version: 30.0

Facebook login only 👎Needs WhatsApp support.Version: 39.0

My Portal stopped connecting only have black screenMine has been working just fine since Christmas 2018, I have the first version of Portal. After this update it disconnected from my account! It is online with my WiFi but when logging in Facebook says it cannot find my portal..Version: 33.0

LoginDownloaded the app and Unable to log in for days just keeps saying feature not available, and they are limiting posts comments etc I haven’t a clue what it’s on about as I can’t get past entering username and password that’s it Disappointed.Version: 16.0

Mostly greatCall quality is great (we’re in the uk and use our portal to call my sister in Hawaii 👍 but it definitely doesn’t go through all our photos that we add to the portal. We have 500 photos saved to our portal but every hour or so we see the same photos again (it’s set to change photos every 30 seconds) it’s a shame because we have our favourite photos on there but some of them on there we never see..Version: 59.0

Sharing to Portal doesn’t workYou can only update 30 photos at a time. Uploading directly from my iPhone Photo app or Google Photos app and sharing it to the portal app never works. It freezes when it’s uploading photos once I choose an album... even if it’s just one photo I’m trying to upload. (I’ve tried on multiple devices) The reason I’m trying to upload directly from my iPhone Photos app or Google Photos is because the Portal app takes forever to scroll through my photos even if I’m only going back a few months. If they can get this function fixed I will update my rating to a 4 or 5. Otherwise it’s way to tedious to upload photos..Version: 35.0

Calling Portal from iPhone Portal App Doesn’t WorkDespite the app description, the only thing the app will let you do is load photos to the Portal device. There is no functionality to call the Portal device from your phone or perform a drop-in. This significantly limits the usefulness of the device..Version: 65.0

Photo frame rubbishA key aspect of this device and app is to get a photo frame. With over 750 photos uploaded it just cycles through the same 15 or so… over and over again. Have reported the issue but no resolution. The video chat is also patchy with frozen video all the time and very difficult conversations. I expected a lot more from the Portal. I really wanted to love it but it has fallen way short of what I would expect from a cheap photo frame (like the one I had before that has always worked perfectly). Displaying photos from an album is about as basic as you can get. The photo frame issue is inexcusable really, a decent software testing programme should have highlighted this issue before it became a problem..Version: 65.0

Portal app keeps crashingPortal app keeps crashing anytime I try to add photos to the album I want to display on the portal.Version: 63.0

Isn’t user friendly for the elderlyI brought the portal for my dad who is 84 and the portal is constantly losing WiFi and is difficult for my dad to use..Version: 28.1

Great when it worksThe Portal device is great but only when it works and it often just doesn’t. The UI is pretty basic, sign in process or adding new users is an extremely exhausting process. The lack of a “power” or “home” button is also pretty annoying as you can’t quit any non-responsiveness processes. The camera tracking, story reading is great but camera quality is very average. I guess Facebook can’t make a good social network and it certainly can’t make a good, reliable hardware (leave that to Apple). As I write this, a “sign in” process has been going on for the better part of the last 20mins, stuck at a buffering screen giving us a sneak peek into the future (humans sitting in front of their non-responsive tech lords). This is definitely not a multiuser device and should be left where it is - in Facebook’s warehouse..Version: 24.2

App CrashingHi, Your app seems to be crashing and I can no longer access my albums to add pictures. Could you take a look?.Version: 65.0

Do not advise for downloadI do not advise. leaves much to be desired. Knowing the Facebook , I would not recommend using this system, since your private information will definitely be stolen, and Im not even talking about wiretapping of your own device..Version: 53.0

Nice product but …Nice product but when append photos more three photos, photo slide work abnormally Please fix this error.Version: 63.0

Poor PerformanceI’ve used this app to provide my elderly mother with family photos from our extended family. I successfully upload through the app, but the photos fail to appear on the portal. Why is this so hard for Facebook?.Version: 65.0

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