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Grub hub driverThe app does work, does the job, period. Opportunity for improvement; 1. When picking up multiple orders and one order is going to be very late for pick up, it would be nice to be able to jump to next task and deliver the order that is ready now and come back for the second order when it’s ready. 2. Seeing that on some occasions the navigate button is transferring the incorrect address to the gps nav app, need to find and fix this. 3. Would like stronger notification, sometimes an order notification does not pop up, have not figured out why. 4. Would like an order ready indicator on the order info screen, sometimes I don’t see the pop up and those pop ups go away as in no way to view them after the fact. 5. Indicate when a customer is or has modified their tip. If customer is posting a high tip to get the order picked quick and then reducing it during the delivery that is not cool. This should not be allowed, only increased tips should be allowed, complaints can be handled thru different process. FYI, using IOS version. Otherwise, the app is working..Version: 4.44

It’s okayI have to disagree with a lot of the complaints. I don’t know if I’ve just been lucky, or if it’s just the area, but it’s been a lot busier since covid started. There are times when the order gets cancelled after you get there, but in my experience, it only happens once a month at most. 95% of the time, orders go smoothly with no problems. I also like that if there’s no tip, grubhub pays you more. If there is a tip, the pay is kinda meh, but what do you expect from a job like this? For me, it’s been a blessing being able to do grubhub considering I haven’t been able to find work anywhere else due to the epidemic. I gave 4 instead of 5 because recently, I’ve stopped getting notifications for orders on the app. I don’t know if it’s an iOS 14 thing, or a glitch but I’d go on the app after 5 minutes and it’d say that I missed 2 orders when I didn’t get the notification. I did check and push notifications are on on the settings and do not disturb isn’t on. It’s just a bit inconvenient when I go to text a friend or something..Version: 3.70.1

Work for other apps and earn more per hourI thought grub hub was the company to work for in making $20+ an hour, but it’s not the case. Uber eats and post mates are way better in the way they operate and handle their drivers. Postmates doesn’t even have the rating system cause they know how customers can be. My account was put on suspension for fraud and I wasn’t given an explanation or evidence after a week of emailing and trying to get an answer. They put my life and earning on pause without a care or communication. I’ve been doing the independent gig thing for over 4 years now, so I’m no newbie to this. I’m pulling in what I was making on grub hub for 7+ hours of work in 4. Do yourself a favor and steer clear from this company, it’ll save you the stress. Plus the scheduling hours thing is just something to keep you stuck in an employee mindstate. Be a boss and go with the others..Version: 4.10

Great App!I have been working with GrubHub since March of 2021, and I have not really had any issues whatsoever with the application. It is really helpful in scheduling, letting you know where the hotspots are, navigating to restaurants, chatting with customer service, reporting restaurant closures, and so much more! Plus the instant cash out feature is wonderful for anyone looking for an instant deposit. A little bit of advice, avoid the fee by getting or having an account with the same bank that GrubHub suggests in your initial set up for your account (Chase Bank) not only will it avoid the instant cash out fee, it will also only take approximately 15 minutes to be available in the app to cash out to your bank account. I believe it is the same time for other banks however there is a certain fee for the instant cash out feature when you do not have a Chase Bank account. Anyone looking to work on their own time and schedule their own hours should really give GrubHub a try, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed with your decision once you start!!.Version: 4.44

Great but needs to add a weather featureFirst off, I’d like to say that this in my experience is a really good food delivery app for drivers. I make twice as much if not much more per order than I did for DoorDash, though I would love more frequent orders or tag on orders. I will say though that this app needs a new safety feature - weather. While rainy days are good for business, I really need to be able to drop a block because of dangerous weather without it affecting my driver level, access to scheduling, and ability to make profit. I make my schedule as soon as it comes available to me (beginning of each week) but sometimes the weather will change. What will be a nice sunny day for work at the beginning of the week, can turn in to “it’s storming so bad I can’t see” in a matter of hours in Indiana and I never know when that will be. I need the ability to drop a block when that happens so I can be safe without being punished for making sure I’m safe. Thank you.Version: 4.40

Great way to earn nice moneyI started GH as a part time job for extra while working at old navy as an asst GM. Always kinda hated my job in retail. decided to quit go to school for HVAC tech and start a new career. Working GH made it so easy with the scheduling to go back to school. The income i made from GH was like $750-$1000 a week depending on how much i worked. You make your own schedule, you can drop a shift a minute before it begin. You are your own boss and you have no one to answer too. Grubhub pays more then Uber eats, Door dash and post mates. Grubhub also has a guaranteed a hourly rate. My average hourly rate goes between $23-$30 per hour. And grubhub has good incentive bonuses like an extra $150 was the most one shot bonus i made. I have a new career as an HVAC tech and i still do GH on the side for extra income..Version: 4.44

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