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Do not like the new app!This new app randomly gives errors when trying to add things to the cart that show available and have the blue button. You cannot easily see color options, fabric choices like before. You cannot add multiple units of the same thing unless you add 1 and then go into the cart to increase the number. Painful! I lost my old cart I had started before the new app came on. I can see how that would happen but then I had a NEW full cart a few days ago, went in today and and it’s gone! So frustrating. The old app held onto your cart, obviously this one has a time limit. Miss the add to list option for shopping in store. Went to look for vimle cover and it wasn’t showing up. I did the online chat with an employee who said it was discontinued but would come back better? Ok? I mentioned Finnala looking similar and then she came back to say oh yes, that’s the replacement for vimle. Why isn’t that on the app? It needs revisions, hopefully in the works..Version: 2.1.1

Wasting my timeYour app shoes stock availability at Richmond, for an item I have been trying to buy for over 6 months but you don’t appear capable of meeting ongoing demand. When I try to order the item - now that it IS FINALLY in stock at a local store - your app won’t allow me to, I can only order from store options WITH NO STOCK AVAILABILITY for the item I am trying to buy. Absolutely no point trying to buy from Ikea, nor use the so-called Ikea family rewards or birthday vouchers. My birthday voucher told me to spend within my birthday month - IN A MONTH THAT WASN’T MY BIRTHDAY MONTH so naturally when I went to follow the instructions the voucher was no longer valid. I have been trying for past 3 months to spend my Ikea family quarterly reward $10 voucher but Ikea cannot seem to stock what I need - haven’t had any stock available since May 2020 and now the app won’t let me collect from where there is stock!! Clearly you do not want to retain customers!! So frustrated!!.Version: 2.17.1

Lists constantly disappearI make lists all the time for specific ideas and rooms and randomly they disappear and I lose everything.Version: 2.31.2

Always Frustrating buying from IkeaSadly I find buying from IKEA online really frustrating. By the time I get to the checkout so many items aren’t available for delivery even less are available for click and collect in Norwich. I’ve just had to pay £15 delivery for a £40 item. The other items weren’t available which would have made it more worthwhile. A rug I wanted isn’t available for delivery until 14 February next year! It’s a joke. Not everyone has a big car to drive a hundred miles to the London stores. Now I can actually afford things from IKEA and there’s a little branch in Norwich I STILL can’t get actually the stuff. Hence the frustration..Version: 2.15.0

Navigating and quickly finding products from categories is difficultPrevious app was much better in terms of sorting everything in categories. I don’t want to see inspirations and search for a keyword, instead i want to see all in a particular category which i am looking for. Please bring back the previous menu like categories and show all items in that category. Very inconvenient to select and shop, it is just good for taking inspiration which shouldn’t be the main purpose of the app..Version: 2.17.0

New app has issuesI used the previous app frequently. I then had to get the new one. I can see many benefits of it, but I was unable to connect my previous Ikea Family membership and had to get a new one. I sure hope of I ever need to return something purchased with my old one that they’ll be able to find it. It also randomly deleted my list that I had all kinds of things in that I wanted to remember and/or check stock status on. It’s completely gone. I can see that they were working to streamline and beautify their app, but in the process they’re messing with their customers continued shopping experience..Version: 2.16.0

Wasted EffortI spent a great deal of time building up sorted lists of items of all the things I wanted or was considering for an upcoming move. The app wasn’t perfect for browsing the store’s selection, but it got the job done, and it’s list feature was a great way to organize your future shopping trips. Unfortunately, the app at some point just decided to delete all my lists. I’m still logged in, nothing changed, they just no longer exist. What a waste of time. Why even have a feature to save that data if you can’t guarantee it will even last until the next time a customer tries to retrieve it. Skip this app, just browse the website it’s a lot more intuitive, and make your lists in a word document that you actually know will save properly..Version: 2.31.2

Time lag, hard to find individual piecesThe updated app makes you sit through a couple seconds of slide show before you can use the app (can’t find a way to skip it), which is a useless waste of time. Also, it hasn’t solved a fundamental problem with IKEA’s app and website from forever: it’s hard to find individual pieces and their prices. Where most sites show you an item and suggest other parts of the same collection or things that work well together, many (most?) of the products you look at on IKEA are shown as packages of multiple pieces and it’s unclear how to unpackage them if you don’t want the configuration shown. It’s also hard to figure out which pieces come together and which are attachments/sold separately. I find this REALLY annoying and difficult to navigate. I do less shopping at IKEA because the app makes it harder to plan ahead and figure out whether they have something that will work for me..Version: 2.20.0

BuggyHave a lot of problems trying to log in through the app.Version: 2.31.2

Click & CollectI shielded for months coz of Covid19 & managed to buy lots online. Some companies had excellent click & collect service others had excellent deliveries but I’ve been unable to use Ikea because deliveries & click & collect are always unavailable. I’ve spent days swapping around my shopping basket moving items in & out just to test the click & collect/deliveries options & I did manage to reach the checkout stage & pay via PayPal for 2 sets of drawers (matching), but then I didn’t get any notifications about my purchases & when I checked my orders it said I didn’t have any. PayPal is The only evidence I have that I made a purchase at IKEA. So I don’t know if the purchase went through. Need to improve the Click & Collect availability & deliveries options. I use Gateshead U.K. store.Version: 2.12.0

Worst appThe latest version is terrible. Most of the times its not working and when it is, products are not listed. You have to search for each product spefically..Version: 2.5.0

There need to be some usability tests because dang.I'm having trouble understanding basic things like whether this comforter cover comes in a different size, or what it terms are included in a "decorative combination" (does it include the table? The vase? The couch and wall??) I’m seeing some big changes in ecommerce terms (favorites lists) BUT the app also MAKES you choose a list, like, I have one list, just do the thing. I'm not a big list maker, but I didn’t think that favorites go on lists? I see ♥️ as a separate type of list, not a *shopping* list, and expect a different interaction to add to a list. Idk I’m confused by a lot of small things, so much so that I'd prefer to shop on dot com but I hope they didn’t cascade the app's interaction design to the web because I like IKEA, but I’m not braving covid to shop there. Almost all of this could be fixed by testing the app with like ten people..Version: 2.16.0

PAX wardrobe frustrationI’m really disappointed, I ordered pax wardrobes for 3 bedrooms spending over £2000 in store to find out at the end of the purchase that the 100cm and 50cm wardrobe frames were not in stock, that is not the issue, I understand it’s popular but I’m annoyed that the only way to order these items is to keep calling in store as you are not able to reserve or order anything not in stock which after 4 unsuccessful visits is very frustrating. Meanwhile my son has had a bedroom full of doors shelves hinges and handles for over a month! The website allows you to register for updates but none have been sent, all of the staff I’ve met at the Gateshead branch agree how awful the system is and apparently they receive many complaints so I’m surprised IKEA have not responded with a customer centric solution ordering in parts that are needed to complete furniture which aren’t on the shelf, they could take full payment and allow agree a window to collect or even better deliver! The Pax wardrobe system itself is brilliant but useless without frames! On my last visit a brilliant member of the wardrobe team offered to take my email address and personally keep me informed when they become available, which she has done. This is off her own back and not something the company offer, if the IKEA team want to contact me I will pass on her details as she deserves recognition, hopefully she has not broken company policy by trying to look after a customer!.Version: 2.11.0

Self-indulgent, pretentious and clunkyAfter using your old app for years, I find your new one to be self-indulgent and pretentious with a clunky user experience. No easy quick click to find the category I'm after, I have to scroll through big picture-links and click a next button to see all. Clearly designed to be inspiring and replace the catalogue rather used for looking up and easily finding what you're after. Not feeling inspired though, just frustrated..Version: 2.17.1

Photos of furniture are a disappointmentAs I remember with the original app the photos were more detailed and phone size as in a lot bigger I don’t know if this makes any sense but the photos on this new app seem to be smaller and not enough information...like being able to see the inside of a wardrobe if it had shelves or a hanging rod in the old app you could see this information but now you can not...also in the old app if you could add more shelves you could scroll down see the different accessories that you could purchase for that unit click on it and it would take you to that page Furthermore with the older app it would also refer you to another product that was similar and may like instead of the one you had clicked on in the first place...so that maybe give you more options..Version: 2.18.0

Struggling to buy cushions for my Applaro furnitureI have made multiple attempts over the past 5 months to buy applaro furniture with cushions, 3 months ago I managed to buy the low chairs and footstools however getting the 4 seat cushions and 4 back cushions has been impossible, going through the website it often seems to be in stock and I go through the process again, just to find that they aren’t available for delivery to my home(just a normal address near Gatwick). Sometimes the website states that I can pick them up from a collection point however when I try most of the items are not available to be collected. Last time the only way to get them seems to be driving 6 hours and paying 100€ to pick it up from Norwich order and collections. The items never seem to be in stock at my closest Ikea store. Big disappointment.Version: 2.8.0

PoorAdmittedly this isn’t going to impact too many people….we were furnishing a place from scratch and had many items to buy. The shopping cart appeared to list things randomly. I suspect its not actually random but lord only knows what the process is. Once the basket was filled with a large number of items finding the one you wanted involved scrolling down the whole lot until you saw it. Why not put them in some relevant sort of order? Or sort by room so people can see that they have everything they need for the bedroom etc rather than having to write everything down on a scrap of paper? You could not say you wanted 2 beds…you had to order a bed then find the item in the basket (scrolling through everything) then alter the number. Same for towels, cups and everything else. Scroll scroll scroll. To remove items you had to click the three dots beside the item but that usually took you to the item listing unless you hit it just right. This was deeply frustrating. I was screaming at the app after I had done this a few times. Make the link bigger for heavens sake. I use the largest iPad available but still had issues hitting the thing correctly. Why don’t the beds show the right bedding for the bed? Or a duvet show the right cover? And then there is that little lag when you delete something that stops you doing anything else. Nothing you can do about that I guess but cumulatively it was a miserable experience..Version: 2.29.0

Rory MolineuxNot easy to find what your looking for when trying to simply browse. Difficult to get inspired without having to go to one of your stores. The suggested items are very limited when you could have so much more variations and inspiring ideas to some of your products as well as alternative comparative products. The app is not helpful enough as a home tool of inspiration. More often than not is find more choice in store. This is frustrating as I like to plan at home where I can see a blank wall or room. You should have the same choice variation in this app..Version: 2.2.0

What happened to product groups?This app is much slicker than the previous, and it’s easy to place orders via it. The issue I have with this, which the old app had, was the ability to search by groups of products. I don’t want to shop by room...what if the item I need for my bedroom is actually in the loungeroom section? Not the best way to sort it. Please bring back the groups via products...especially the groups such as small storage, textiles, bookcases, etc..Version: 2.15.0

App could be lots betterPlenty of white background. Not much info. The app is much like Scandinavian decor. Simple, clean lines, no clutter. That also means no details. White furniture on a white background does not leave much for the eye to work with. Very fine, faint, cramped printed details do not leave the viewer comfortable that they have the details they need. As to availability of product, one just has to hope. Fine lines, faint dots, require a magnifying glass and a hope of accuracy. Here’s a thought....make the app as interesting, pleasant, and informative as a stroll through the store..Version: 2.19.0

Swedish inefficiencyI’m not sure what’s happened to ikea of late but I remember when they were sticklers for efficiency, organisation, and rewarding you with a hotdog for following the arrows. Ikea seems to have decided to ‘glow up’ and focus their attention on looking good and not much else. The app itself was never really any good, but in years gone by they at least tried... This app is skräp! It’s priorities all wrong. Why is it so difficult to search for products, or to put together a pick list. Even a function for digital instructions wouldn’t go astray. Better yet, why has no-one come up with an in app solution to paying for your goods, bypassing the inevitable mile long queues at the two out of twenty checkouts that ever seem to be open. Come on ikea get your skitprat together.Version: 2.28.0

Inventory is a messI love Ikea, but shopping online is a fiasco. Why things show available online but are not actually available, I can’t understand. Why is it that it’s attached to local store inventory? If I shop from other places with retail, they either pull it from warehouses or even from retail floors. That this isn’t clear until you check out, which makes you restart checkout is infuriating. Also! I appreciate that perhaps some places furniture delivery might be limited, but you should still be able to get a set of hangars or a small lamp sent via mail. IKEA! It’s 2021! Get your web shopping and shipping game together!.Version: 2.18.0

Notifications don’t workI’ve been waiting for two products to come back in stock for several months. I signed up for notifications through the website and I check back every day. Sometimes I go on and there are 1-2 in stock but since I never received a notification, I didn’t make plans to go to the store. I work full time and have a toddler so jumping in the car on a whim is not a luxury I have. I went to customer support and they recommended the app, same results. The items I need do not ship. I am at a loss. I tried to go to the store once, drove around for a half hour for parking only to find there was a 2+ hour wait just to get into the store..Version: 2.18.0

Love ikea, hate the new appLoved the old app, never had a single issue with it. Clear accurate stock level reports, easy to see when the store I visit is very busy, easy search, great lists, excellent basket which kept everything in there until I deleted them (regardless of stock level) or bought them. New app = none of the above. Deletes items from your basket if they are out of stock without a trace (hence I will forget to buy a load of items as have been adding for weeks as they’ve all gone now) but that’s IF you can add things to your basket AT ALL! I’ve not been able to add anything for a few weeks. I did have an order, but most of it has gone, cannot re add it. Search is rubbish, can’t tell if the store is busy and hard to find other colours etc. Thankfully I can still access the old app, so at least I can add things there as it’s still reliable!! New app definitely taken the practicality and fun out of ikea mobile shopping that’s for sure!.Version: 2.6.1

Product colorWhy is the color of a specific product (especially on doors) not included in your item descriptions? Would help a lot in order to avoid confusion and judging what exact color it is just based on pictures which could be totally different from actual. Sometimes it looks white on the photo but actually there is a slight hint of grey in actual. Same as it looks stainless in the photo but then a hint of bronze/ gold in actual. It would be helpful for designers to plan mood boards if you include the color in the product description. Ps. Quite a lot of server errors too when clicking products..Version: 1.11.1

Everything about itI went on a item to pick 4 pcs, it didn’t even show quantity...I had to “check out” first & then it never show the correct quantity. I don’t want the items delivered, but that’s the only choice I’m given!! I want to pay & collect!! I’m doing this for friend & I sure won’t be using the app again for myself, or the store..Version: 2.3.0

No serviceNo point in having an App when there is no service behind it. I have been trying to buy wardrobes since before lockdown. I have visited warrington store (75 mile round trip) three times in the last 6 weeks. The first time it was out of stock, the second time the queue to get in had about 300 people waiting outside so I went home and the last time the caucus was out of stock but the sliding doors were in stock. I told the girl who served me that I didn’t want to buy part of the wardrobe if I couldn’t buy the caucus at the same time but she advised that if I waited until the caucus was in stock the sliding doors might then be out of stock so I purchased just the sliding doors and internal baskets. She said that the carcasses would be back in stock on 9 October and put a bit on my order sheet that I would not have to pay a second delivery charge. Well 9 October was yesterday and when checking stock levels I found that the caucuses were not only still out of stock at Warrington branch but they were also out of stock at all the other branches except Glasgow!! I can’t call anyone to speak to and I am left with sliding doors which cost me over £400 and no caucus to fit them to. I can’t even order them online. What do I do now? So disappointed😞.Version: 2.11.0

Lots of pretty pictures. So what?I am searching for products that I know you have, to check the price, availability, etc. Despite using many keywords I can’t find them. This app is glitzy but no-where near as useful as the old one.I really relied on the old one for info. about YOUR products. If it’s not broken don’t fix it!.Version: 2.15.0

Ok but not as good as the old oneNot sure why a new app was needed. The previous one seemed to be working fine. This new one is clunky and doesn’t run very smooth. Click on a picture and the other options disappear for the same model (different colours). Same layout as the old app. It’s ok, but not quite good. Needs a lot more work..Version: 2.17.1

New appNavigation in your app is difficult and hard to quickly find categories. Your previous version was more intuitive to locate products. Keep your inspiration pages for further down the search list, if you use the app often for research, having to get past the inspiration pages is frustrating. Still, your products are a 10/10, I’m just not too much of a fan on your new app..Version: 2.15.0

Issues with ordering and pickupI use the app to find a shelf. The app tells me that the item is in stock at the store closest to me. But when I try to order for pick up, it tells me that the closest store I can pick it up in is 440 miles away and not at the closest store. The app also says to call the store for more availability information. So I try that. I end up in the IKEA Nationwide automated call center. An automated voice tells me that if I speak to someone about availability, they have the same information that is available to me online. Then the voice asks something like ‘Why call?’ And then hangs up. Why is it so difficult to place an order for pickup??.Version: 2.17.0

Not so great appIt’s silly, I am not able to get over half of my items because they aren’t available, I understand if this was once or twice, but they haven’t been able to send out certain things for months. I understand that if I can’t find my items then I should really go into the ikea shop but I haven’t got the time especially being a recent father of triplets. I will give it two stars because it is easy to use and work my way around the app but again I can’t get most of my order, they also don’t tell you before that the item you want isn’t available/can’t be delivered to you. Very disappointed, I would even recommend this app to my family!!.Version: 2.5.0

Difficult to navigateContacting customer service is made difficult. When I want to call to actually speak to someone the automated voice tells me there is a rise in volume so I should just go to the app to find out whatever information I want myself and then when I go to email customer service it says to choose a form which the only option is order cancellation and then I can’t send an email without an order number but that’s not what I am trying to do so basically I am just left running in circles on the app trying to contact customer service..Version: 2.17.1

Major feature regression makes it harder to shopI can’t begin to describe just how much I despise the current version of the IKEA app. The current version has removed key features and functionality that were essential to an officiant shopping experience at the store. This includes the removal of the pick list feature, so as you go round the store - you could add items to your pick list, see where they were located to collect, mark them off as collected, and track your spend. The loss of this feature alone makes shopping at IKEA that much harder, and means you’re better off grabbing a pencil and reverting to using the paper lists offered in store. Secondly, the performance of the barcode scanner has genuinely gone backwards. Scanning is far slower than before, and it has real issues with products whose patterns and colour schemes cause the Morri Effect, especially with fabrics. Thirdly, the speed of actions has regressed significantly. On a 5G or store wifi network, it takes a solid 10 seconds to add something to the cart - if only to track your spend given the earlier feature regression has removed key useful functionality. Frankly, IKEA’s app developer needs to be sat in the corner with the dunces’ cap. The app in its current form, with the removal of key features and introduction of major performance issues, should never have seen the light of day..Version: 2.27.1

Not as user friendly as the previous versionThis new version of the app (late 2020) is very pretty however it’s basically a catalogue. It’s hard to search for specific items, hard to browse for a category of items and it’s very clunky when doing anything other than looking at beautiful pictures. The old version was much more user friendly..Version: 2.16.0

Terrible AppPerhaps worse than the website, but maybe not because both are equally terrible. I think they should allow people to build the app themselves and maybe it would function better. The “in stock” is wildly inaccurate. You cannot save your profile with an IKEA Projeckt card. When you want to pick up in store, that option doesn’t appear. Freezes constantly. I finally called the number, which wasn’t easy to find through the app, and they attempted to explain that the app was terrible and that it basically shuts down if something isn’t in stock but doesn’t tell you that. I then explained that I wasn’t calling to help them fix their app, I just wanted to buy something. And to please let me know if that was possible. All around, IKEA fails on all electronic platforms..Version: 2.17.0

FilterAllow us to filter by availability in store. It is so frustrating to find exactly what you are looking for only to find that it is not available..Version: 2.31.2

I like the old app betterThere are too many items lumped into the various categories, with not enough options for filtering. For example: in textiles you can sort to window treatments, but then you get all of the hardware lumped in with the textiles. And you don’t have categories to just pick curtains vs blinds vs panels. The new app is better visually but I hate scrolling through hundreds of items to find what I’m looking for. Also, it would be nice to filter out anything that is not sold at/not in stock at your local store. I use the app to make a list before going..Version: 2.17.0

App needs workWhere has purchase history gone? Each time an update comes through, the app appears to have lost a feature. When I click on purchases it says to log in to see full order history…but I’m already logged in. Secondly, I just want a menu option where I can find products by categories and not rooms. Trying to navigate this app is a challenge at times..Version: 2.29.0

The old app was betterThe old one was easier to navigate and pre shop before going to the store. Now you can’t even save anything you like without signing up for an account and giving them all your info. Is there a reason why they’re asking for your full name, address, phone number, date of birth - seems like a lot to ask when I’m not even getting items delivered. Not cool..Version: 2.19.0

HELP HELPWhere do I start, I deleted my email with my orders on by mistake, tried putting my password in says it’s not the right password even though I know it’s the password so I put forgotten my password so normally you would send me a email to change password, five days later still no email, so I try again still not working all I want to know is when my items are being delivered that’s it, will I be ordering on line again absolutely not tried ring you but you used all my credit so I try virtual no help there, but I am presuming you can’t help either, I need to know when they are being delivered so I can make sure someone is home, so no not happy 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️.Version: 2.21.0

Please fix “My lists”For people who like planning in advance and organise purchases, I must say, the process of doing that in the current version of this app is a total nightmare. - Items when you search them in a catalog don’t have a “save to the list” option, only “add to the basket”. When you go to the basket, you can move to “my list” but only one-by-one, and it glitches out every 2-3 times of trying to save the item. - making list in “my list” doesn’t really work properly, when I’ve made lists depending on the room types, it kept sending to the latest created. And when I moved items to the list they belong to, they didn’t appear.... the lists were totally blank - Adding to “My List” is just overly complicated, sometimes list doesn’t show until I refresh 5-6 times - Additionally, would be amazing if we would have an option to go back to the previous window in “Shop by room” by dragging the screen from left to right like in the “Catalogue” list. Thank you very much..Version: 2.3.0

Lots of errorsThis app isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. I can’t seem to add anything to my cart without it reporting errors or “something went wrong” messages. Not ideal to close and restart app every time and then just finding your cart empty all along. Fix it!.Version: 2.2.0

Not able to find my orders, purchases and leave a reviewNot able to leave a review on items purchased.Version: 2.31.2

BugsThe update has completely bugged out - it takes too long to load, the local store can’t be saved so it shows stock from a random store in the country and has to be changed for every item, and my whole shopping list loaded in from about two years ago so I have on the list all the items I already bought years ago and none of the new items that I had on the list before this update. I am still signed in with my account so that isn’t the issue, it’s just a problem with the app..Version: 2.26.0

Important feature missingThe new app has dropped two important features: - When an item is out of stock, it does not provide the date when it is expected back in stock again (great feature in last app) - if an item is unavailable in store, but available for online order, the app does not tell (the Blake the website). Hope these features come soon into the new app..Version: 2.16.0

Where are the categories?!The new version is awful. You can’t search by category. You have to search the specific name, rather than browsing all the options for couches they have. It sucks. Please go back to the way it was..Version: 2.5.0

Good App but not the best for iPad Pro 12.9I am used to using my iPad Pro 12.9 no on landscape mode. This app while good in portrait mode it will not switch to landscape mode. Please update the app to include landscape mode! Also the search by nearest store could be better. Not sure if theres a way to show available products only in store on the app. I keep having to go back and forward with checking product availability between stores. The whole delivery has never worked for me I keep getting errors all the time. Also the pick up option is never an option for me and there is an IKEA about 15min away from me. Not sure what going on with that. Other than that the App is great for just viewing what IKEA has to offer. If you’re looking for product availability it would be best to call the store or go find out yourself..Version: 2.18.0

BugsFull of bugs! I don’t understand why ikea has to build a new app an not just update the previous one!.Version: 1.14.1

Bulbs and lampsOn the app, link us to the bulb that you recommended for a lamp. Show a photo at least. I can’t find the bulb you recommended.Version: 2.31.2

Nothing compared to the websiteThis app has significantly limited features in comparison to just using the website (mobile or desktop) which makes the app quite useless. The “categories” section is limited and for common items that ikea sells, you have to search it up because it is not included in the categories. Further, the app only shows you what the online ordering wear house has in stock, not your local store. The old ikea app had none of these issues and I’m not sure why they redeveloped it so poorly..Version: 2.5.0

Liked old app betterI am a longtime customer of IKEA. I enjoyed the old app much better than the new app. I am finding it more difficult to find what I am looking for......too much hunting to get to where I want. However, it is new to me, so it might just take some time to figure it out. As a loyal customer, I will keep trying, especially since you just shut down the old one. I had so many things in my list, so I’m a little disappointed about that. Perhaps it’s still there, but I haven’t found it yet??? Another note: while attempting to submit this review, so far I’ve tried five different “nicknames”, and they’ve already been taken. Why do you need a nickname?.Version: 2.17.1

Not for selling furniture- just for looking at ideas?!?!This new version is great to get ideas but absolutely crap if you’re trying to browse by category type- like impossible! There isn’t even a category for furniture or living room furniture- so weird! It’s like they’re not even trying to sell anything but just be Pinterest. Weird!!!.Version: 2.5.0

A Change SuggestionI was trying to find a way to file a grievance that I had with IKEA, but could not. I wanted to send an email, but the only option for emailing was for order cancellation. I however wanted to email to complain about the lack of product at the IKEA store near me. Now I know Covid has really put a strain on resources lately and I do take that into consideration. However, I specifically drove to IKEA, which is about 45 minutes away from my home, to purchase two Trofast shelving units for our play area. I checked on the app and the supply level was low so I headed there quickly. Once I arrived, I went to the bay where the shelving unit would have been located only to find a “temporarily out of stock” notice. When I inquired about the item I was told that there must have been an inventory discrepancy. I was very upset since I had just driven all that way for one specific item. I would appreciate if the app designers would change the “low stock” indicator to “low stock, please call to ensure product availability” so that people like myself do not drive far and make arrangements for someone to watch their children only to be met with no stock in the store..Version: 2.17.1

It’s ok, butI like the new look and the idea for the inspiration boards. I have only used the app for a couple of days, so my opinion might change. There are two things that have bothered me thus far. 1) When you are looking for a certain item it can be difficult to find on the app. The categories to me do not cover all of the cool stuff at IKEA, so I end up using the search function and still have a hard time. 2) This biggest thing I wish this app had was a shopping list feature. Currently I am using a board as my shopping list. It would be nice to have a shopping list for the times I’m in the store..Version: 2.19.0

Never in stockThe app regularly has technical issues and freezes. When items have been added to your basket, if an item is ‘not available for delivery,’ it is automatically removed from your basket, however if you don’t wish to complete your order without ALL items, you then have to manually search, deselect and re-add. There is no option to set up for notification of new stock for particular products and there is no pre-order. Personally as a customer, I would rather be given the option of waiting longer for a product, but knowing it would arrive, rather than constantly having to recheck the app for stock. Also the app works in postcode, so when you are looking for a product it searches your nearest store... why does it need to be only one store for an online purchase. Surely it’s could fulfil the order from a range of locations if required prior to customer dispatch?.Version: 2.2.0

Missing info and difficult to navigateI used to like to navigate by categories, ie if I wanted to see all options for side tables I used to be able to easily get there. Now it’s Furniture—>Tables and then from there I have to filter a giant list of every desk, living room table, and dining table just to get down to the type of table I’m looking for? And the most granular the filter gets is “coffee and side tables” so I can’t get a smaller list than 70+ tables I need to scroll through. Not a good user experience. Plus the in stock info for items (one of the most important things I use the IKEA app for) is no longer as user friendly and is now missing the estimated in stock date. There are some benefits to the new app but you made it much harder to navigate..Version: 2.17.1

Unable to purchase online and with a customer service representativeThe app is ok because there are no accurate number of items. I received a notification that an item I am interested on buying was in stock but when I went online to buy it, the app did not allow me to purchase the item. When I called customer service, the representative stated the store was not allowing no one to buy online neither through the phone and that I need to go to the store taking chances that the item was not available. I live more than an hour away from the store and it’s not fair I go there and what I went to buy is not there. I am very disappointed..Version: 2.18.0

Not working. Cannot order.Update Oct... Cannot add to basket. Cannot add to Wishlist. All Wishlist items disappeared!! All cannot handle increase Covid demand. ———- Old message... 1. Wonderful new app. Exactly what I’ve been waiting for. Super large easy to scroll images. Would like more items in the image linked so I can purchase them. It’s a real please to scroll and quickly add items to my wish list. Login is easy too. I’ve not ordered yet. 2. Would like a orders, receipts with previous orders section. I can then print off receipts if needed, view previous orders then easily reorder items. Also check from all when my delivery date is. Update review.... 3. On the wish list create a view to see the listed pictures much larger so I can scroll down them just like Instagram. Also do the same with basket too allow Instagram like view of items in basket. 4. I have made an order and it was fantastic!! Scanned my credit card, easy to check everything on before sending off order. Love so much I can choose delivery date. Update. Please store my vouchers for in this app. I can then use them from my phone. If there is my Family Member birthday £5 voucher please add this to the app and I can also use it in the store..Version: 2.12.0

Lost things from old app and needs improvementI’ve always loved the IKEA app for browsing, finding the products I want, saving and checking in store but I’m struggling with this new version. Viewing the different colours is the worst part! To choose different colour options you now click on the picture of that colour. Nowhere can I see what it’s actually called and when all screens are different (not to mention the colour blind people of this world) how do you know you’re getting what you actually want? I looked at one item thinking it was black, only to realise on the zoomed in photo that it’s probably a dark brown mahogany colour. The old version was much better as you chose a colour option from a drop down list. I also agree with other reviewers that it’s generally harder/more long winded to find what you want. And that supporting Apple Wallet so your Family Card shows up would be brilliant!.Version: 1.9.1

Please restore the old appThis new app is truly terrible! It looks like you handed it over to a design team that doesn’t include a strong UX capability so they just made it pretty to make the lifestyle & inspiration focused product manager happy. Horizontal scroll of a single item at a time for the basket is truly terrible. Didn’t we all agree that carousels were bad 20 years ago? The menu of product types is hidden behind an unclear “See All” link. The warehouse location in the wish list is tiny, making it harder to use, especially when you’re pushing a full trolley through the warehouse. Look at your in-store pricing labels, the location jumps out at you and they should do in the app as well. In all, the amount of effort, exploration & learning required to use this app is far too high. You need to do much better than this stylish but unusable mess..Version: 2.21.0

Issue with stock detailsIve been trying for weeks to order a corner garden furniture set It said it was available for home delivery let me put it in my bag then when at check out when I put my postcode in it said not able to deliver all items. I tried on several occasions then went to order the sections to make up the corner unit again said available and even got to delivery options ready for payment then suddenly most of it wasn’t available, I also could buy the complete cushion I wanted so looked at the covers which was available but then the right inner cushion wasn’t available. Very disappointed! Didn’t find I could contact anyone to see what the problem was or be notified when available..Version: 2.4.1

Not happyVery slow and says something is in stock but then I try to go to the checkout and it suddenly says unavailable. Really frustrating..Version: 2.2.0

Better than the old one - but still a work in progressI think I have the last IKEA app one 1 star. This one is slightly better. There are still hilarious quirks though. For example, it won’t let me change preferred store. It pretends like it captured the change but then still shows the old store. The other thing - to click and collect, I have selected a store in IL which shows there is 1 of my selected item in stock - but it gives me 2 east coast stores to pick it up and not the selected store that shows inventory. Like I’m going to drive 900 miles one way for an $89 chair. This app needs to be fully tested again by a group of shoppers who actually wants to buy things. Lots of examples like this. But I will say- so far seems much improved over the last one where even the search engine part of the app was garbage..Version: 2.17.0

TerribleThere are just too many things wrong with this app for me to take so much time to write about them. So frustrating. All useful features gone and makes really basic things harder. My advice is stop trying to be clever and look at something like Argos to get the basics right. Right now I have no idea whether my local store has any stock of the things I wanted - I only had the option of delivery or click and collect which you charge for (again - take a lesson from Argos. It’s free. If you must charge for wasted time for non- collection maybe make it a refundable charge on collection). Because my local store had no free collection slots it wouldn’t even show it on the list. I could go on and on. Just read all the other reviews. Deleting straight away..Version: 2.31.2

Where to start.....Really annoying that the app won’t recognize my existing Family Card account. Had to setup a new account and provide a lot of intrusive information that I didn’t have to provide previously to link my old Family Card account to the old IKEA app. In terms of functionality, I don’t understand the changes they made to the List functionality. UI changes should lead to fewer steps, not more. Instead of simply adding something to a shopping list, like you could in the previous app UI, you now have to add it to the shopping cart and then go into the cart and move it to your shopping list. I’m truly baffled as to why someone signed off on this change to the app UI. There should be two buttons on the product page - one to add to cart and one to add to list. I’m hoping they make this change to a future version of the app..Version: 2.18.0

Pick up options inconsistentApp doesn’t show in store pick up options. Cheers.Version: 2.3.0

Good website but that’s where it ends.Ive had an incomplete besta tv unit in my living room for a month. The legs were not in stock but I was able to order click and collect when the local stored reopened. I paid for them but the order has not progressed after 8 days. They are now out if stick so I have ordered them online for home delivery next week. However I need 6 shelves that are still not in stock locally and although i have tried every day for a week I cannot order them online as although it says they are available the order does not progress as the legs did. It is so time wasting and frustrating. I have repeatedly tried to get sense from your robotic replies but it does not recognise your order numbers. I have always highly recommended IKEA but you have truly gone to pot since Covid. I expected the closures would have allowed you to get organised and be up to speed on reopening. So very poor show Ikea just like the half built tv unit I am facing..Version: 2.16.0

ShippingIf only they can ship to provinces around canada with cheaper shipping fee :(.Version: 2.31.2

TerribleIt’s really frustrating searching for products. There isn’t a category for SO many things (how did they not include a category for SOFAS? Or anything living room related?). And then when you search a keyword, it brings up random unrelated things (i.e. searching “rugs” brings up place mats”). Super frustrating to the point where I’ve never left an app review in my life but this definitely deserves 1 star..Version: 2.5.0

Changement inutilePourquoi changer l’app au lieu de faire une mise à jour? J’ai perdu ma carte famille et ma liste d’achats de l’ancienne app. Pourquoi faire simple quand on peut faire compliqué? Ça donne envie d’aller magasiner ailleurs..Version: 1.14.1

Looks nice but not as good as the last oneIt is harder to filter by category. I would like to see something drill down menus. Table, kitchen, size, extended etc..Version: 2.4.1

Can’t find anything unless you know the exact nameI just can’t browse and see all the options in one place for something like sofas.Version: 2.4.1

Not up to nowadays online shopping standard1. Don’t show the “available online” in filtering like on the website. 2. Don’t prompt the item out of stock in my preferred store until I check out, I should have some chance to find alternative. 3. I tried to use apple pay to check out, it ask me about the delivery address for verification under the visa card. However, my option for the order is pick up from store. I just enter my home address in apple pay in order to get through. Unfortunately, it fireback to change the delivery option in the app and stuck there. I need to check out again and use other payment methods. 4. The price don’t show VAT until I check out which is not conventional in uk retail market..Version: 3.1.0

Not as easy to searchI had the older IKEA app and found it easy searching specific items by category. This new app will show you all the products, but finding specific pieces is a lot harder, and discourages general browsing which was something I enjoyed using the previous version..Version: 2.22.0

Your picturesYour pictures of white or light coloured items should have a darker background. As it is, the details are difficult to see.Version: 2.31.2

Great concept frequent errorsStarted using the app and loved it. However, suddenly started having issues with logging in, items being deleted from my lists for no reason and incorrect information about whether each item was in stock or not. When trying to do click and collect, it does not show me which items are the issue re availability and a few times my cart cleared out on its own and I had to start from scratch. Spent hours trying to reach phone operator to verify info with varying results, including conflicting info on item availability and terrible attitude as well. Frustrating!.Version: 2.5.0

A little confusing.The “shopping cart” feature looks like a hat rather than every other shopping cart icon anywhere else. When I clicked on things in my “favorites“ it put a check mark that I had added it to my shopping cart but then the checkmark disappeared so I couldn’t tell what I had it added and what I hadn’t . I tried to do store pick up. It just said that it wasn’t available but didn’t explain why and, therefore, had to pay an extra $50. They could have put a note or a link. After doing my own research I finally figured out that you can’t visit their stores right now due to Covid-19. It told me that one of the items was not in stock (in the store) so I had to take it off of the list. Since it turned out it had to be delivered anyway it could’ve been left on the list and shipped from somewhere else. 🙄 My sister made a shopping list and emailed it to me. When I added it to my app, all the quantities went back to 1. I’m sure there are other quirks but I am done doing their beta testing for their app unless you want to pay me for my time..Version: 2.14.1

Basically RouletteYou’re playing design roulette shopping online with IKEA. As you add stuff to your cart the UI will say it’s available. Then the moment you try to checkout the app will demand you rip out tons of items that are apparently not really in stock at all. Finally the true gambling comes. Add the wrong item and boom your delivery fee goes from a speedy $20 FedEx shipment to a multi-week $350 delivery on a truck. Some products are cursed and will always doom you, other times it’s a single extra item on top that becomes your downfall. It’s entirely possible to spend $350 shipping a single $20 item, but it’s also possible to ship hundreds of dollars of products for $20. This can vary day to day, and it’s all trial and error. Play the game a few times and you might walk away with some really nice stuff..Version: 2.17.0

Bad migrationThe old IKEA app was fun and useful. I can’t even use the new one. Why? Because it did not carry over information from the old one. The App Store is treating this like it has been in use for years but the reality is one day I went to check if an item in an article I was reading was available and the app said “download our new app” with no choice to retrieve anything out of the old app. I had recently realized I stopped getting emails from IKEA because I registered with my old email-an account that I no longer access. No chance to fix that as my registration info did not carry over to the new app. The lack of adequate migration makes me wonder if something was terribly wrong with the old version. Nobody else’s app makes you start over with an update..Version: 2.17.1

QI want to be able to check when you get a product in!mawngty.Version: 2.31.2

Not a fanI know with COVID things are not available as before but I wanted a certain office chair and I was assured that it wasn’t discontinued but it’s starting to look like it is. I’ve been waiting almost a year for it to come back in stock and now with the new app I can’t find it and you no longer have the feature which tells you the dates of when items would be restocked and I loved that feature. All you can do is look and shop with this new one which I can do on the website. By the way get Afterpay. I could have gotten the chair if you had Afterpay and now I’ve missed out. Thanks for nothing.Version: 2.15.0

Poor experience with the appI’ve downloaded it and deleted it several times on different iOS versions and I still cannot load the application. I love the site and it is easy to navigate however I miss the simplicity of the application. Hoping for an update from the developer soon!.Version: 2.20.0

Better but still have some work!The new app is definitely better! I love that move over from old app to new app is great, once I sign in all my saved items are still there. Area for improvement: 1) wish on mobile it will show restock date. This info is only avail in desktop 2) check out, pick/collect process is confusing. Sometimes I have delivery options, sometimes I have pickup option. BUT pickup option always send me to the store in a different state. 3) Disappointed at ikea don’t have curb side pickup and purchase online option during covid.Version: 2.18.0

Ultimately frustratingIkea asked for a review, so here goes. The app does the basics ok - you can look at Ikea products. But when I actually tried to use it for real, I got frustrated quickly. The search is poor. For example, a search for “kids storage” returns no results. You can’t favourite items without an account (it’s so annoying when apps do this). You can however add things to your basket, so my basket has turned into my wish list. The “inspiration” section has only ever done the opposite of inspiring me. Overall I expect Ikea to be doing better than this..Version: 1.10.0

Why??I can’t find anything. The organization and searchability of this application is truly horrendous. Did they do absolutely no user research??.Version: 2.5.0

So difficult to navigateThis app is so confusing and frustrating I literally want to cry. There are no obvious categories you can browse to shops. The home page is just a feed of photos. It’s like they want the app to me like a Pinterest feed of inspiration? But I just want to shop! I want to go to office furniture > desks > and then just view every single desk you sell. An inspiration feed isnt a bad idea but I don’t know why they’ve removed a classic shopping experience. I have once or twice somehow ended up in a product list view in this app, but I have no idea how I got there. This app is horrible. I am sticking to the website for my ikea shopping. EDIT: I’m leaving my original review but after trying to use the app, after I had completely quit the app and relaunched it, I saw that the search page allows browsing by categories. I believe there is a bug I must have encountered because previously, my search page only contained a search bar a few suggested search terms. This is frustrating when there is no other way to get to the categories for shopping..Version: 2.17.1

Nothing specialI downloaded the IKEA app for my iPad, and while it’s okay, it really isn’t any better than just going to the IKEA website. I’m disappointed because the app only works in portrait mode, and does not rotate to landscape. It’s awkward when apps don’t rotate to landscape. Also the images in the app are huge, and take up a lot of space, rather than seeing smaller images that I can zoom into. I only looked at a few categories and was scrolling endlessly though large images. It would be better to see these in a list, and then select an image to see it larger. The way it is now, its rather unusable. I probably won’t use the app since it’s easier to use the website in a browser..Version: 2.19.0

Preferred the older version - easier to use, more useful infoI actually liked the older version better! It gave me info about my store location like: busy, non-busy times throughout the day, specials for my store, and the in stock/out of stock/expected restock dates. Granted things have been all over the place w/the pandemic but I could at least plan out my trips. Now I don’t even have an idea of when stock will be back for certain items on my list. I also don’t like how difficult the shopping list feature is now. You used to be able to tap the heart to unselect an item but now I have to go to the list and click through prompts to remove it 😞 would much rather have the older version back.Version: 2.19.0

Poorly thought out, difficult to navigateFinding the product menu took 10mins of clicking. The catalogue style outlays are nice to look at but I want to be able to look through specific products without searching for 5 mins to find the product list..Version: 2.26.0

Where is the estimated in stock date?First off, this app is buggy. The old app was buggy too, don’t get me wrong, but most of the time when I open this app I get a black banner at the top that says the feed can’t be loaded with a refresh link that doesn’t refresh anyway. The biggest miss though, is the missing expected restock date. Almost everything in my cart is out of stock. It’s in stock than hour and a half from me, but if it’ll be restocked here in the next week I can save a trip. That was the biggest benefit to using the app and for some silly reason, they decided to remove it..Version: 2.16.0

Works great once signed in but unclear how to add purchasesThe app is great but has a few gaps. For example I couldn’t use the designer functionality from the web site through the app, but I also couldn’t add something I designed on the web site into my bag. There also seems to be no way to add a purchase I have made to my account after the fact, unless it was an online order, and it was not clear while in store how to purchase through the app or connected to my account..Version: 2.17.1

New update bad user experienceThe new update may looks pretty but it is very hard to shop around and find the category i need. very frustrated and it only display so little items, with that many products in ikea, i have to scroll through soooo long, cant be bother and had to use the website on desktop to find the stuff i want instead. And when i want to find store location/opening hours, it is so super hard to find it in the app, only to find out it is in account. And in there only display the location, who would have thought i have to click into the set store location to find the opening hour time?! Anyway like many other say it is hard to navigate the app. the structure is way user with the previous version.Version: 2.24.0

Can’t Create ListsEvery time I create a new list it doesn’t show up and when I try to add something to the list, it says there’s an error.Version: 2.31.2

Not greatIt’s fine, it shows the the products and tells you whether they’re likely to be in stock. Having said that, twice I’ve got to Ikea for specific items which it says are in stock at the store and they haven’t been. But the app is slow to log you in and load your lists! So if you think of something you want to add to a shopping list, you have to go to your account to ‘wake it up’ before it actually loads from the item. Also, when there are different options to choose between they’ve used the phrase ‘customise it’. I’m not ‘customising’ my plant pot by having one of the millions of 9cm ones, I’m just choosing the pre-determined option that I want..Version: 1.11.0

New AppLove the new app, except it now doesn’t give an estimated date of when out of stock items will be back in stock. I found this feature very helpful, even if the date got changed (which happened multiple times) i knew roughly when it would be back in stock.Version: 2.16.0

Almost as annoying as shopping in their stores ...I can’t change my store from one in Colorado. Every time I try to change to one of the stores where I live, I get an error message. I was looking to buy some Billy bookcases. If I put them in my cart, I am simply told no delivery options are available. Why? No explanation. The only thing good about the app is if you click on an item you can usually see if a store in your area has it. But, even that isn’t easy. Better to frustrated using the app than going to a store to find out what is and more often isn’t in stock, but I guess if you want inexpensive furniture you have to accept the headache of the shopping experience..Version: 2.18.0

Bring back the purchase history/receiptsThe app is reasonably user friendly, but not as good as it used to be! One of the greatest features was being able to pull up my entire online and in-store purchase history at any moment within the app, and you’ve taken that away... EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED! Something I purchased recently broke, but instead of being able to easily check the date of purchase using the app, I now have to stuff around on the phone to customer support in hopes that they can find it within their system. Also, bring back the ‘estimated restock date’ and add a feature that tells us if something is being discontinued!.Version: 2.30.0

Availability and Stock IssuesThis is a constant problem with IKEA: you spend so much time planning a room then you can’t get the items. Items say it’s in stock and available at my local IKEA store when adding to my cart. Then when I go to check out it says I can only get the items at stores hundreds of miles away. Who is willing to do that? And this happens immediately after I add to my cart. And this constantly happens. Currently I’m trying to get a rail for a shelving unit I purchased and I have to check the app several times a day hoping this issue is resolved. Even when I call customer service they say to keep checking. Why can’t an IKEA hundreds of miles away mail the item to me or to my local store. Please streamline your inventory and availability IKEA it’s super frustrating..Version: 2.19.0

Needs workI was disappointed to see this app replacing the previous catalog, for several usability reasons. First, why is this only portrait mode? Second, the UI for adding to a list is a bit confusing and involves a couple of unnecessary extra steps. Also, search filters are cumbersome, and the scrolling display of results is poorly laid out—items take up a lot of space, and on an iPad only two show side by side, and basically only one full row at a time. Also, I had several odd connection errors using this app (e.g., clicking an item in a search result to see its details, and getting an error saying the item couldn’t be displayed. This should be way, way better. I really want to use it, and it is getting in the way of finding, saving, and purchasing items..Version: 2.17.0

Not ACTUALLY helpful.The ikea app seems to be very convenient when you first start using it, but unless i know (almost exactly) what i’m looking for, i won’t be able to find it. the categories aren’t even all there (ie i had to search “rugs” manually, as it didn’t appear in the textiles category. also, my saved favorites lists were deleted when i left the app...it would be helpful if these actually saved, so that i could keep a running list of what i want time buy. so...great for in-the-moment shopping, not at all great for planning ahead..Version: 2.5.0

Ordering & checkout issuesDifferent experience on iPad to iphone- ended up ordering on iphone due to delivery address issue although stored in profile. Details needed to be reentered & checked throughly- far from Amazons one click experience! Also had a few goes as couldn’t see why the order wouldn’t process - due to some items being collection only, although shown in same shot as package. Not apparent on checkout which was more than frustrating at the time. Seems strange that I could buy chairs but not the cushions for delivery. Disappointed as not the customer experience I would associate with the might of Ikeas resource & testing..Version: 2.3.0

Mobile experience - Overall poorThe app is not optimal for mobile experience. The filters are too sensitive when filtering price ranges and not user friendly for mobile. The payment screen has PayPal and American Express labelled wrong - which in turn take you to the wrong payment method. The search is inaccurate as the products have been incorrectly tagged. I found a stools, chairs, bunk beds and other items under “Office desk”. I eventually found an office desk under “computer” .........#Facepalm 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️ Payment screen doesn’t have Touch ID payment either. Theres a lot more wrong with this app than there is right and it quickly becomes a real barrier to purchase. My experience of buying on the Ikea app was frustrating and doesn’t reflect your store experience in the slightest. Ikea should be doing better not to mention all the sales that you must be missing!! ......Furthermore, upon trying to leave a review my name has been taken and I am not reprompted to input my name again, instead I need to tap “send” again 👏🏻👏🏻..Version: 2.1.1

Stop blaming the pandemic for internal problems and failuresThe pandemic has been difficult for lots of companies and organisations but unlike most other large retailers IKEA has simply not coped at all because of longer-running problems they’ve had with online shopping (whether via the app or a browser), delivery and collection. The app, like the website, are fine right up until you try to actually order anything. At that point the whole process becomes a black hole. I’ve seen nothing like it with any other large retailer online or on their apps. A quick search of online news and comment about IKEA shows a flood of complaints about the company’s total inability to track its stock, take and fulfil orders and provide any form of customer service. IKEA should be honest with itself and its customers by ceasing to blame the pandemic for the problems it’s facing and start admitting the problem is with the company itself..Version: 2.23.0

ConfusedI want to check out and can’t figure out how to go from cart to check out. Site is not intuitive.Version: 2.31.2

Search function not specific enoughIf you’re going to have a search function, it should be good enough that it matches up with a specific request. I was looking for three-way lightbulbs, and it was suggested that I look for TV stands. Really? An international company, meaning you are trying to reach people who speak many different languages, you need to have better international search function. But what the heck, it’s exactly like going to IKEA. Once you’re in the store, even if you know what specific item you want, sales sales reps don’t know where it is, so you can look at the floor model and haven’t a clue on which aisle it is if you want to buy it. You’re lost forever. I guess the low prices are reflected in the lack of customer service..Version: 2.17.0

Massive step back from the old app.I’ve used this for a while and unfortunately it doesn’t get any better. The problems I’ve found are: 1. It doesn’t get the store locations for items correct, which when you’re walking around a 1 way system through the entire store is extremely frustrating. 2. You can’t build a shopping list meaning you have to build a basket. This doesn’t work for items that can’t be ordered online so you have to have 2 lists. 3. It appears to hold data online making it impossible to access you Family card or basket if network coverage in your store is bad. 4. It won’t launch if you use a vpn to secure your connection. This makes me think it’s trying to collect far more data about my device than it needs to. Combine all of this with the current in store one way systems and lack of social distancing and the app becomes a hindrance rather than a help to shopping. The old app didn’t suffer from any of these problems so this version remains a huge backward step. If you’re not shopping online for delivery avoid it..Version: 2.7.1

Removes products at checkout & other flawsIf an item is out of stock, the app simple discards it from your checkout meaning you have to go and find it again. The simple search function means there’s no way of refining and when trying to find a particular frame again, of which there are hundreds, this is very frustrating. The search is made worse by only showing two results on the screen at any one time, (iPad), which is also frustrating. When your shopping list is completed and you first go to checkout, the app will also tell you that Delivery and Collection are €100 before correcting itself at the next screen. Lastly £10 to collect stuff that’s in stock is a total rip off, so really this app is only useful to build a shopping list before braving the actual shop. If you genuinely want to order online, use their website, this is not good..Version: 2.8.0

Old app was better!I like the old app better. This one feels clunky and harder to navigate, sure it looks prettier but it’s less user friendly. It takes longer to browse, please add the ability to add an item to your wish list via the search page without having to go into the product..Version: 2.24.0

Just downloaded the app, doesn’t workI just downloaded the app to buy some bookcases, but I keep getting errors at every turn. I can log in, but I can’t change or add any addresses without an error popping up. Ok, I live next to a store, so maybe I do pick up instead of delivery. Nope, the store next to me is sold out and, even though delivery has a stupid high price, I can’t even do that if I wanted to because I can’t add an address. T____T jfc, I just want to give you money for a product. I can’t believe there’s no ship to store option. On the last attempt of logging out, logging in, website vs app, now I can’t even add things to the cart. You guessed it... an error popped up. I feel like y’all are doing everything in your power to dissuade me from actually shopping at your store..Version: 2.18.0

Go back to basicsThis ap gets more and more unusable. Please go back to basics and give us a proper menu to choose from. We don't need glossy magazine features and having to guess what we are searching for. We need what IKEA is known for - practicality. The ap will drive people away. And where on earth are the groceries ? They have disappeared completely. You should have evolved during lockdowns but this ap takes the entire online experience backwards. Shame. I've been a keen IKEA fan since the mid 80s..Version: 2.31.1

Difficult to navigateI personally don’t like how you have to navigate the app. It tries to force images on you to see products. I want to be able to quickly and easily navigate to a particular set of products, ie sofas, without having to go through convoluted tree of links. The emphasis should be more on being able to view the full library of products quickly and easily, and less on showing inspiration images. I defiantly think the room set ups for inspiration is a great idea but shouldn’t be at the forefront, it should be a secondary part of the app..Version: 2.19.0

Old app was betterThis new app is terrible compared to the old IKEA Store one. While it was glitchy at times, the old one was simple and required fewer clicks to add items to your shopping list. I really appreciated the ease of seeing a price tally, where things were located in the store, and checking them off, which has been eliminated. Given that IKEA still does not have robust shipping and delivery services, it is insulting that this app encourages customers to try to order things online. IKEA wants to charge me $99 for delivery of a lampshade and pillowcase. This new app is clunky, I’ve run into multiple bugs in less than 5 minutes, including my preferred store not changing after selecting a new one and returning search results for items that are no longer available. It requires more clicks to carry out every task than the old app..Version: 2.17.0

Dissatisfied with your AppI am dissatisfied with the new IKEA app. My main issue is in regards to the lack of transparency for both in-stick and out-of-stock products. If the item is in-stock - please CLEARLY display how many are available at that location. If the item is Out-of-stock - please CLEARLY & ACCURATELY display the amount of product enroute to the store or will become available and WHEN. This will be especially helpful when people need to travel to an alternate IKEA location in order to purchase the product. Consumers need a timeline for in stock, accurate stock counts and estimated time of arrival for item to be in-stock. Additionally, your delivery area needs to be larger than 50 miles! Especially to help those who want to purchase IKEA furniture or other large items, but do not live near a store or have the means to pickup the item(s)..Version: 2.18.0

SuI’m not happy that the app no longer lets me know if something is in stock. I cannot make up an order with things that are not available or when the estimated arrival is. As I need to travel a 4 hour return journey to collect or pay a fair bit for delivery it makes it too expensive to do a few trips or order 4 times.Version: 2.15.0

Be more direct and make access more easierIts all good to show the nice looking images on the home screen but sometimes I know what Im looking for and want to get right to it. For instance I am looking for the Platsa system so I can delve into chose the right platsa modules for my bedroom space however its taking me forever to find it from the home page. I enter platsa in the search and it shows all the platsa items associated which is too much to go through and helping me to pinpoint what I need. I cant always get to a store to go through this with someone so please make systems more available to go through from the homepage..Version: 2.5.0

Application Ikea déficienteL’application ne reconnaît pas les numéros de produit Ce que je considère être la base d’une application.Version: 2.31.2

MisleadingCannot buy furniture. Always out of stock. Cannot ship. It’s annoying. But retargeted all my ads to buy their furniture that you cannot buy..Version: 2.31.2

Bring back the old app.Nothing is indicated ‘out of stock’ so everytime I try to cash out everything that is out of stock gets removed from my cart and i have to start all over again. Then I have to try again the next day hoping things are in stock if not all my items are removed from my cart AGAIN. There is no way to tell what is or isn’t in stock online. The old app was so user friendly. The new app has all these random useless pictures. Absolute garbage. No ease of use whatsoever..Version: 2.1.1

In store stock search is counter intuitiveChecking for stock in multiple stores has been made more difficult for no real reason. The previous version lets you pick a store on a map so it’s an easy one-click function to check between stores near you. This version you have to type the city,state in a search bar to find the store you want. This version also does not let you know when an item will be restocked or gives notifications for when an item is back in stock. You have to check daily and spend up to 10 minutes if you have multiple items you are waiting on and multiple stores to search through. It’s a waste of time..Version: 2.19.0

FrustratingWhen something I’m ordering is out of stock it doesn’t tell me until after I’m in the checkout process and it automatically deletes it from my cart. I’m not ordering until I have everything I want so only one delivery fee. So the next time I try I have to add all of those items back to my cart that were automatically removed, just to find out they’re still out of stock. I’d like the choice to remove out of stock items from cart and would like to know if an item is in stock before the checkout process..Version: 2.2.0

Unable to see what’s in my cartUnable to see what’s in my cart.Version: 2.31.2

Frustrating and confusingThe new Ikea app is frustrating and annoying to use. Instead of being able to go straight to a list for a search, you are offered pics instead that bear no relation to what you’re searching for!! Why change something that was quick and simple to use for something so unintuitive and frustrating?.Version: 2.27.1

Search function is abysmalProduct description etc is fantastic, where Ikea fails is in its search function. When a company uses difficult and stupid names for everything, this really should be top notch. Pax and Komplement sections are particularly irritating, especially when using the shallow 35cm Pax like I do: things are grouped seemingly randomly by sometimes colour, sometimes size, there’s no easy way to find everything that works with a 35cm depth. Really weird stuff can come up as well, for example searching “bowl” you can end up with kitchen gadgets or somehow even drawers, but it will miss bowls they’ve decided to describe as “deep plates”. Much better than even a couple of years ago, but still not up to most furniture seller’s websites..Version: 2.24.0

Infuriating awful appThe old app was awesome- you chose your items - selected which store and it presented a nice little lush showing the location of each item and whether it was in stock. Not now - the hopeless new app tries to get you to order the items online and no matter what you do you can no longer get a helpful little list showing where to pick up each item. So we abandoned our shopping midway round the hideous Warrington branch and went home. We couldn’t face the long queues at the one computer that was working in store to find out where to collect our items - a queue that could have been eased if the app wasn’t so hopeless. Just deadful. I now hate IKEA..Version: 2.11.0

App navigationThe app is not user friendly navigation windows or hint would help. Cannot find option for Curbside pick up only goes to delivery option . Removed items from cart on its own ??.Version: 2.5.0

Why should I report an issue with IKEA?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of IKEA to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a IKEA customer and are running into a problem, appsupports.co might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using IKEA.

Is IKEA not working?

IKEA works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact IKEA.

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