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Harry Potter: Wizards Unite App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite app received 134 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Harry Potter: Wizards Unite? Can you share your negative thoughts about harry potter: wizards unite?

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Harry Potter: Wizards Unite for Negative User Reviews

Still needs a lot of work but a good start.I’m a level 40 PoGo player, and this is already better because of the storyline and fortress dynamics. It’s too slow right now, but it’s fun and hopefully they speed it up..Version: 1.6.0

Wasted OpportunitiesBegin playing this game at your own risk! There are thousands of us who have been playing since day one. The fact that we are still playing the game (despite the many developer faux pas, outright cons and rubbish customer support) tells you that it is an amazing, immersive and very addicting way to pass the time. Despite the fact that it is free to play there are many of us who have spent quite a bit of real world money. Through the different social media platforms: Reddit Twitter etc. we have studied, strategized and planned for optimal ways to spend the in-game currency. Implementation of new content in the game has been absolutely ridiculous. Riddled with bugs, they have rolled these out without any testing. These poorly implemented aspects, that require sometimes tremendous amounts of currency, have been reset with even more bugs! Freebie (we are sorry )gifts are given and then just recently there have been downright dastardly nerfs to the best parts of the game. If you have made your way through this review, know this: it may take you very long time to get where we, the most dedicated players, are now. But if this game even still exists by that time then the developers will screw you just as bad as they screwed us..Version: 2.14

Storage IssuesThis game has amazing potential! However, I’m hoping a few issues are fixed soon to make it a long running game. So far I’m on level 9 & constantly getting the message my storage isn’t big enough & to get more will cost me actual money. Now as a diehard pokemon player I love the fact you can play the game free, or pay if you want fast it’s my choice I’ve spent more than I like to admit!). So far looks like this game is going to make you spend money as must! Surely your storage should increase in size as you progress through levels?? Also, walking should help gather spell energy, only getting it from houses is going to be an issue for SO many people!! Fix these silly little things & you will have an amazing game!! Don’t fix them and people will stop paying in their droves!!.Version: 2.0.1

Great for phonesI think that this game would be an amazing game for those with time on their hands and unlimited data. But seeing as I downloaded this on my iPad and forgot about the fact that you have to walk around to find things I found it boring. For those with phones though this game I think would be great!.Version: 2.0.1

I can’t even log onI just bought this game and it won’t let me enter my first name, which I have to do in order to start the game. It keeps saying there is something wrong with the server. I have tried to restart the game but the same thing happens no matter what name I give or how many times I try. All I want to do is play the game. I’m so disappointed.....Version: 1.8.0

Could be betterI love the premise, love the different tasks, and love the features. Dislike how quickly spell energy can go down, you waste so much on just one foundable which is unfair and can be deterring. Especially annoying as I always run out doing wizarding challenges so I don’t see the point of even bothering doing them anymore. Dislike how long it can take to fill up spell energy again, with a lot of inns only giving 3. Really really hate how often the foundables (especially those I don’t have) depart on the first attempt to catch it. These things put me off playing, and I refuse to spend loads of money for basic things you need to play the game as they run out again just as quickly, which its obvious that’s what developers are only aiming for..Version: 2.0.1

Energy System Makes This UnplayableThis game is a joke. Over monetized with a central resource system that both isn’t visible from the map, and doesn’t refill over time, requiring Energy for almost any action. Unlike Pokeballs in Pokémon Go, Energy has a very low cap for how much you can keep at any one time, forcing you to buy more. I was ready to whale this game, spend a lot of cash and really enjoy it, but realistically this game makes mistakes Pokémon Go fixed 2+ years ago and feels like a giant cash grab with no real content. Hard pass..Version: 2.0.1

Just OkayThe game is fun but there’s definitely some drawbacks to it and improvements the developers could make if they actually took the time to read these reviews and address the concerns that many of the game players are having. I venture to say they won’t because the sole purpose is to make money from the app users with the in app purchases, specifically regarding the energy. With most games if you want to play for free you have to wait an allotted amount of time for your energy to refill. Not so with this app. Any time you cast a spell, one energy is wasted. I can’t count the number of times I’ve wasted energy on catching something only for it to be whisked away by magic. Maybe make it so it only uses one energy per encounter? Also I encounter the same confoundables or whatever they’re called multiple times and I never know if I’ve caught it already or need to catch multiple of them. My suggestion is to have some kind of indicator showing you’ve caught it already or you have this many more to catch of this one so we don’t waste energy on stuff we already have. But again, I recognize the motives behind this app, to make money, not to make a fun game for the Harry Potter fans or the kiddos who play these games. The least you could do is fix the energy!.Version: 2.1.0

So far so good, but looking forward to improvementsSo far I’m really loving this game! I’ve been an avid Pokemon Go player since the game was released, and I was very excited for Wizards Unite, and so far it’s really fun! However, some of the game mechanics are really clunky. Spell casting is very difficult and it seems much harder to achieve a masterful spell cast than it is to achieve an excellent throw. Also, the story is extremely complicated so far. Pieces of the story unfold as you play through the game, but it’s incredibly overwhelming upon first opening the game. So far I’m struggling to understand what the overall point of playing is. Will the Calamity eventually be defeated? And if so...what will happen to the game? And if not, will the story just continue indefinitely? On the positives, I think the portkeys are SO FUN, and definitely a good motivator to put in the kilometers, and the inns are a good way to easily get energy. The negatives are how overwhelming brewing potions, growing plants, and going doing lessons for your profession are. There seem to be a million and one things to keep up with in this game, and it was a lot to hit a player with at once. I would have unrolled these features slowly over time and made the gameplay a bit more straightforward at first, but nothing to do about it now. Overall I love the game, but I’m definitely looking forward to improvements and streamlining in the future..Version: 2.0.1

Paywall is obnoxiousThere's something really off with the balance of energy income versus energy expenditure compared to Pokemon Go where I don't think I've ever run out of Pokeballs. I can spend days with no energy and thus be unable to play - which is objectively bad for a game. I know micro transactions are how games like this make money, but I shouldn't need to pay to play at all... And where I live the inns are few and far between, and only give enough energy for one play - which is not worth my time. Pokemon are sporadic compared to the amount of Pokeballs you get, whereas encounters in WU are abundant but the amount of energy you get doesn't seem proportionally higher. Maybe Resting in an Inn and/or a real-time night's rest should either fully regenerate you or at least give you enough to play for a while, even if it means increasing the cooldown..Version: 2.0.2

Very fun, but could use some tweaksI really enjoy playing this game...it’s fun, I enjoy the story line, picking a profession, and all that stuff. However, there are a few things that I think would make the game significantly better. 1) It’s been said by many already—spell energy. Can their be other ways to obtain this? Specifically for people in rural areas where inns and greenhouse and few and far between. Can we earn like 1 spell energy every 30 minutes or something? It would be awesome to be able to wake up with a full energy bank each day, and would also make me want to play the game more frequently because I know that I could. 2) Can Masterful casts actually mean something? It’s pretty stupid that a low level threat can resist a masterful cast. What’s the point in trying to get a masterful cast if all you get is XP? There is literally no other perk, as it doesn’t at all seem to affect your likelihood of capturing a foundable. I have defeated a high level threat on a “good” cast, but had a low level threat depart after a masterful cast? Seems stupid and pointless to have casting ability only count toward XP. 3) Storage. I know this has been said by others as well, but it’s annoying to constantly have to delete ingredients/potions...particularly if you’re trying to stock up for a Wizard battle. I realize this is to make people spend actual money buying coin to increase their storage, but it really makes me want to play the game less...not more..Version: 2.1.0

BarrenNot sure if it’s because it’s Australia being a bit barren but there’s hardly any inns in my area and most of the places I go. Its fun when I do get to a place that has abundance of inns but overall I lose interest pretty quickly since I can’t collect energy or do wizard challenges. In terms of gameplay the spells are difficult to get accuracy with and the timer to do a quick spell really feels like it’s made to have 60% failure/poor result. Random encounters are very minimal and again you can lose interest if you walk for five minutes and not get any encounters. Overall good but can get easily boring pretty quickly..Version: 1.7.0

These are the real issues with the GameI’ve been playing daily since it’s release. Almost all reviews complain about the amount of energy. That is only a temporary issue. As you get more coins you increase your vault and can store more energy. The real issues are 1) play is tedious. You must tap on every single foundable just to see if it something you need or not. Frustrating and slows down play. 2) greenhouses are next to useless. Very awkward timing for harvesting ingredients after you plant them. I’ve only successfully accomplished this once. And most ingredients you need you can find anyway. If you play a lot remembering where you planted and when they are ready for harvest gets confusing. 3) about 50% of foundables disappear when you cast. Makes is difficult to get what you need and makes all the tapping on foundables that much more tedious. Wastes energy and potions. 4) Collecting the foundables actually feels a little pointless. So you get all your stickers then what? You can’t use them for anything or even show them off to friends. Since no one that you friend is privy to anything you do in the game. Makes having friends in the game kind of pointless. On the good side, the graphics are great, the casting of spells is fun and I love how intricate the game is. Brewing potions is also fun. I like that you can pick your house, profession and design your wand. I will keep playing but there are improvements needed to keep me in the game long term..Version: 2.2.0

The game has potential but there are annoying bitsI like the game it’s a good idea. I like the different classes you can choose and I like the scavenger hunt type of collection. It’s fun and being able to battle with friends (however you can only interact with friends in a limited way) is a cool feature as well. However, it has a potential to be way better than what it is and here’s why: 1- when you collect ingredients for potions while walking you have a limited storage. However if you do not manage to get the items you needed to brew a potion game gives you two options, delete some ingredients or buy more storage. Buying storage costs gold (it’s the limited rare money in the game) and I think since one is supposed to grind on other things this deleting or buying storage seems unnecessary. 2- the magic you spend to cast spells doesn’t regenerate like other games. In order to get more you actually have to go to inns and get more magic. Which also brings up the question of “would wizards/witches need to get magic from places?” The answer is no so again unnecessary. The grinding you do is for collectables and to level your character up. However these little tweaks are, in my opinion, frustrating. I really like the game if these few points could have been changed it would be amazing..Version: 2.0.1

Utterly disappointed.Both me & ky wife both got this game because she’s a massive fan of the Harry Potter franchise, and due to her medical needs: it’s not often at we go out for a walk at much.l, so the times we do, is rare. The gps in this game, is absolutely without a doubt: broken. The game is faileddeith bugs where defeating some bad guys doesn’t even count fir any xo sometimes & sometimes even getting brand new cards don’t even register. Now, the gps. Like I said above about my wife not been able to walk far. We have started playing the game & after we spent nearly 5 hours over the course of a week, only 1KM counted when in fact, we actually did 6 Ofer said week (I obviously walked more, but none of it counted either). The game is an absolute, disappointment, and buggy. Glitches out, and I own the iPhone XS & my wife, the new Samsung S series, so neither our devices are the issue nor our connection with speeds of 50+ mbps..Version: 2.0.1

If you make a game...Can’t even enter a username when making account don’t get waste of time and space.Version: 2.16

Manipulative companyAccording to Harvard professor Zuboff Niantic Lab used to be a part of Google and its CEO is a man who used to be in charge of Google Maps. Niantic Lab mad Pokemon Go as well and they make profit by putting traces, incs and greenhouses in locations of businesses that they get paid from so that they can lure players to their stores. This is very unethical and scary especially considering a lot of young people will play this game and won't be aware of the dark intention the game has and its effects on them..Version: 2.17

Great game butThere are so many bugs that force the app closed when you try and do things. It’s become a real pain. I held off til this new release to give my feedback but to see that the only thing in the update is cosmetic I felt like this needed to be out there. Deletion time unfortunately..Version: 2.2.0

Harry Potter Says Trans RightsSince Rowling has given up any pretense of not being transphobic, I'm finally deleting the game. I made sure to not buy anything, but even without giving her money, I just can't stomach it anymore. Support HP fan authors, absolutely keep what you loved about these books in your heart, but please, don't support her..Version: 2.13.1

The game is fun until...You run out of spell energy. In Pokémon go you could earn a fair amount of poke balls from pokestops they even eventually introduced the activity sync at a later point. Spell energy is used for all casts, successful or not. There is no recharging rate of even 1 per hour and when you run out mid encounter the game jingles micro transactions in your face. If you played Pokémon go and we’re fairly decent at it you could earn up to 50 coins a day, the equivalent of 50cents. In Harry Potter the most you can earn is 10gold or 10cents. The micro transactions in this game make it a blatant cash grab. If you live in an area that doesn’t have inns or greenhouses you will be stuck after the initial 25mins of game play due to lack of spell energy. You’ll have to run for encounters or fork over 4.99+tax to purchase more energy. The game is fun and entertaining, great job developers but the cash grab isn’t, boo on you Warner Brothers. Lastly it seems very erratic on which gyms got converted to fortresses where you can battle. Most got turned into greenhouses that give you ingredients that you end up throwing away for bag space. The game has an energy problem that turns into a playing problem. Implement some sort of regeneration mechanic and give energy every time we level up. We want to keep playing, everyone I’ve spoke to that plays has this same issue. Let us play without reaching into our pockets every 20mins..Version: 2.0.2

Its okay but has flaws.Okay the flaws. 1)Portkeys. Unlike pokemon go this game does not have the adventure link option. Which when trying to open the portkeys makes it difficult as the game throws you out whilst in my pocket or while using the battery safe mode. Not good when you need to walk 10km to open them. 2) the energy. I get that games need to make money. But the fact the energy doesn’t regenerate or have a way to gaining more without going to an inn is annoying. To people who can’t get to inns or there just aren’t any close by it means spending out on energy which goes down really fast and you can only hold a certain amount so you can’t stock up like you could with pokeballs. 3) It drains your battery something awful and battery saver mode doesn’t work it just glitches and throws you out or freezes. Not great when you are trying to walk to open the portkeys or get to all the inns in the area. It is however still a really good game if you can get past the flaws. It has been fun to play and hopefully the issues will be heard and the game will get as good as pokemon go has. It just needs some tweaks 😁.Version: 2.0.1

DireI was looking forward to this game, but I think I’ll stick to Pokémon Go. I’ve had it crash on me when I’ve tapped on something, I find it incredibly dull and slow when collecting things, like incredibly slow. To the point I’m bored of collecting things, I feel like I constantly tap the screen to make things clear faster, it should, but it doesn’t. Let’s talk stamina, you’d think a witch or wizard would have their on house where they could grow plants and get food like an Inn or Greenhouse but one that once you’ve used, it’s a private one for you, it has he same refill times and what not. Not have to go find an inn or greenhouse. Also, growing seeds that someone else can collect? I’m all for helping others but if I need them I’d rather have them myself. I’m not going to spend real money to get stamina that gets wasted on numerous attempts at collecting things, I’m more disappointed than pleased about this game..Version: 2.0.1

Missing little stuffIt’s missing little things like thestral tale hair or being able to reach 15 inches in wand settings or whatever. It’s also missing lore things but it not bad just kinda breaks immersion. But not everything’s perfect. I’d like it to be fixed tho. Lol.Version: 2.0.1

Feeling pretty let downThis game is great at face value. However, the obvious compromises the developers made in the quality of the user experience for the sake of forcing people into microtransactions just to play the game is a huge dissapointment. Energy should refresh over time, inns and $$ shouldnt be the only way for people to get energy, I’m not even counting the 10 energy you get for the ingredient pickup because: How well you trace the outline to cast a spell doesn’t matter. I’ve had 52 masterful casts so far and only two were successful. Then after several attempts, a fair or good cast will work. Therefore, it’s not how well you cast, it’s how much energy you use on the encounter that matters..Version: 2.0.2

They don’t care!!! They just want your money!I have been playing since the game first came out. I have spent hundreds of dollars on the game but the creators don’t seem to care. December 2020 through March 2021, they failed to fix the issues within the app. All iPhone users were treated like crap! We weee unable to make purchases, unable to get the event gifts, yet they have given us NOTHING! Now if you are registered using your Facebook account you cannot log in. You are offered the Facebook Loop and are unable to log in to play. They want your money, your time but treat their customers like crap!!!.Version: 2.17

MehIt is no Pokémon go but it is still relatively fun, the story makes no sense though/I have zero investment in it and there isn’t enough to do when you’re sitting still at a location. Also I feel like this whole game is mildly ridiculous amidst all those jk Rowling memes of her trying to keep Harry Potter relevant when maybe she should have just let it be. Still playing it anyway so jokes on me I guess.Version: 1.7.0

Needs ImprovementsBugs, glitches, no response when you inform them on twitter. Willing to ban cheaters, which is fine, but at least fix the game for legit users. Good game when it works, but when it doesn’t, it ruins the experience.Version: 2.13.1

A blatant cash grab that magic can’t desguiseLike many players, I have played Pokemon Go since it’s release. Despite its up and downs I genuinely enjoy the concept of catching different creatures. Upon the release of Wizards Unite, I was quite skeptical but never the less, I’m on day 3 of game playing. Before I even understood how the game worked, I was bombarded with a crazy amount of options to increase a crazy number of different storage options. Most notable is energy storage. Energy is essentially the “Pokeball” of this game but unlike Pokemon Go where your storage starts at 150 (I believe it was that back in 2016), the max energy a player can have in WU is 75. Although that might not seem too bad, energy is the lifeblood of this game. Without it, there’s nothing to do. So how do you get in game energy you may ask? Well unless you can get to certain locations marked as “Inns”, the only other way is in game currency! Who would have thought? Besides trying to get you to open your wallet to buy energy. This game provides no replay-ability. Once you’ve collected all the items once, then that’s it’s! The so called “Prestige” (which means you start from scratch basically with a different colour border in your collection) is about as exciting as a game of football on top of a piano. Long story short, move along, nothing to see here. This game will be gone in a couple of months.Version: 2.1.0

Cool, but could be better.I had heard that this game was going to come out, and now that the game is out, I’m very excited to be out and about playing it and helping out my friends in the game. The thing is, comparing this to Pokémon GO!, the last hit by Niantic Inc., every single process is three times slower. Freeing a foundable is much slower than catching a pokemon, challenges are much slower than gyms, and the absolutely most annoying is that dining at inns is SO much slower than spinning poke-stops. This creates a special problem for me. I use an iPod Touch to play, which doesn’t have a very accurate GPS. Because of this, my character is often jumping around to areas I’m nowhere near, and because I’m always moving, it’s incredibly hard for me to dine at inns before I get kicked out because I’m no longer in range. This makes it incredibly hard to get energy, which I need in order to actually play the game. I don’t know if this can be fixed with a patch on the game, and I plan to get an actual phone soon, but I figured it was worth mentioning. Ultimately, the game itself is fun and interesting, but comparing it to Pokémon GO!, it’s very time consuming, more of a hassle, and in my opinion, it’ll get old much faster..Version: 2.0.1

MaxwellI can’t get logged in so for me this is a bad game.Version: 2.17

Energy issuesI enjoy this game, any chance to become a wizard is fine in my book. However, energy is required to do almost everything. You are not given enough to start with, it doesn’t regenerate over time and you don’t have enough opportunities to refill it. Yes, you can go and sit by an inn for the day and gain 2 - 10 energy every five minutes but that’s not realistic for me - especially when you are required to free foundables in the ‘wild’ to make any progress in the game along with the energy required to battle. Strength of spell cast seems to make no difference to game play, I am still required to repeat a spell several times regardless of achieving mastery which, of course, uses up your energy. We know that most games offer in app purchases, this one is no different. I’m not opposed to spending some money to enjoy a game but bankruptcy is not appealing; especially as a parent playing the game with my children, and potentially having to pay on separate devices for each child. The special event is not a cure, just a plaster over the problem. Add this to the storage problems and continual, “Would you like to buy energy / expand your inventory?” No Niantic, I do not..Version: 2.0.2

It’s fine; not POGO.Overall, the game is fine. I am interested to see how the game evolves. The graphics are good, but I don’t feel invested in the game’s mission. I am a big Harry Potter fan and was optimistic about the game, but have been disappointed thus far. The story seems forced and there doesn’t seem to be rhyme or reason for finding the objects to progress the story. Though the app name suggests cooperative gameplay, there seems to be no point in having friends (yet) and only allows limited interaction in the Wizarding Challenges. The vault seems small out of the gate and is segregated in such a way that you can’t cater it to your gameplay. In the beginning of Pokemon Go, you could use your bag to stock up on pokeballs when that was your focus, and as you began to progress and start battling, you could expand your bag. This game seems more focused on people purchasing upgrades with limited opportunities to collect coins. I haven’t even touched on the fact that the different Hogwarts houses are virtually nonexistent in the gameplay. That is a missed opportunity as most fans of the series take pride in the house they have chosen/into which they’ve been sorted. The greenhouses also seem superfluous. Unless you have a greenhouse at your place of residence or business, the greenhouses seem more like places to dump stuff to clear vault space..Version: 2.0.2

For an AR game, it's good, but...I don't find AR games very interesting, but this one is good; I would rank it among the best along with Pokemon GO, which I lost interest in after a month. One very unpleasant thing about this game is every single time you cast a spell that is not Protego, you use up energy, and once you hit zero you have three (but really two) options: hope you find some lying around (unlikely) or pay for some more with the pretty scarce (relative to how much you need it to do stuff) in-game currency, which means in turn you may need to pay for it in real money. Or, if you can afford to wait, you can wait for energy as a daily login reward, which can be as long as a week later. And no, you cannot sell any items, you can only delete them without anything in return Another downside to this game is that casting spells is inconsistent; what anybody would say looks to be a great or perfect cast can be judged merely good, or even fair, while a cast that clearly had minimal effort put into it can be judged great. (If you played Harry Potter & the Sorcerer's Stone for desktop, casting spells is like that only easier, though the spell symbols are completely different and this may bother you.).Version: 2.13

Bait and switchPrior to today, I would have easily rated this game 5 stars. I had hours upon hours of daily game play and it was addictive. Today the developers forced a change that invalidated all of the progress I and many others had made throughout the year this game has been available. They have massively reduced requirements to progress, which means that any in-app purchases until now were made based off a game and a strategy that is fundamentally different to the game we now have. What a slap in the face. There was little consultation with the dedicated player base and the change management was so appalling that most of my city’s group is uninstalling, so not only has the game mechanic been wrecked, so too has the social aspect. I was so excited for this game but this change has meant I’ll never pick it up again, nor will I ever play anything else by the developer..Version: 2.13

Update made everything worseThe last update to prevent all the fixes just made everything worse for me. I can play but can’t get my rewards. I like this game but very frustrated at the moment. Also unable to contact Niantic through the app because of the above reasons..Version: 2.17

Needs improvementI enjoy the concept of the game, I don’t 100% care about the story but I enjoy the challenges and collecting things, but it’s getting really tedious. I repeatedly just get the same low level foundables, and sometimes even with a masterful spell, they disappear, then other times I’ll have a fair spell and get it first time. The amount of spell energy it can take sometimes to catch a foundable is ridiculous, once used 2 potions and 10 energy to get something I needed and they still disappeared, there’s no logic. The recent special assignment (part 2) was a joke, despite catching foundables, taking part in challenges, using the appropriate rune stone, I was unable to complete the assignment and I don’t understand how that was allowed to happen as I know I’m not the only one. Also not making any progress on the SOS assignment as I need to defeat 10 pixies in challenges, but I never get pixies whenever I do my challenges. The game as a whole seems well thought out and for me I like it better than Pokemon Go, there’s more challenges and different aspects, however I’m at the point now where it’s just got boring. Now I’ve collected all the low level stuff and I’m not progressing in the challenges the game has become repetitive and boring..Version: 2.2.0

Harry Potter stretched over the top of Pokémon goIf you’re already bored with Pokémon go I suggest you skip Wizards Unite. The game is so close to Pokémon go that the country players will still find nothing to catch locally. Lovely visuals however, but... Wizards unite seems much greedier than Pokémon. You very quickly get the option to use the premium currency, gold, for more spell power. I think Niantic has played it way too safe with this game. Like Pokémon go, there is very quickly not much to do. Especially in the country. One disclaimer however. I’m playing wizards unite in Australia where it’s currently in beta release. It may improve greatly before global release..Version: 1.7.0

Location StuffI enjoy the game but it won’t let me play because it says I can’t play without GPS permission even though I have made sure that all my location stuff is turned on but it still won’t let me play because the thing keeps popping up that says I can’t. Other than that its good so far..Version: 1.6.0

Wonderful potential but a few problemsI’ve been playing this solidly for about a week and I’m really enjoying it - however there are some significant frustrations that are starting to drive me kind of nuts. I’ve made it to level 11, but it seems that with every level increase, Foundables get harder and harder to catch instead of easier. Even the easiest ones - and ones that I’ve already caught - are now vanishing for me despite five or six goes of Great or Masterful catches, or even during strong potion uses. This is really starting to grate on me and I don’t really understand why it’s happening, given that every time you fail to catch something, the game tells you to level up for it to become easier. This is my only major issue - there are a few bugs but they don’t really seem too important given that they’ll be easily caught/identifiable by others - but this problem is enough to irritate me that if it continues I can’t see myself playing this for more than another week or so. Other than this, though, love the mystery, love the evocative feel of the game and love love love the music. Hopefully the refined version irons out this problem I have!!.Version: 1.7.0

More energyI love the game but I don’t like that you have to travel to greenhouses and stuff just to get energy. I’m not on the move all the time and I don’t understand why the energy can’t just refill itself with time. Even if it refilled with time only halfway that would still be cool. I know some challenges that you complete or goals can give you some energy but how can I complete them if I don’t have energy to begin with. I think it’s also a little unfair if you live out in the middle of nowhere and you have to drive like an hour to a greenhouse. It makes the game not fun. Or maybe every couple of hours you get energy that would be nice. A mini game you can play to earn energy. So far I can’t even play the game unless I’m willing to drive hours away to get energy. Also I get that you don’t want people driving while playing the game but that thing that pops up all the time when I’m playing the game telling me not to play and drive is annoying because sometimes the game freezes and then all the stuff around me disappears or because that message popped up I can’t collect the stuff around me because they timed out and disappeared. Also sometimes when I’m not even walking or moving at all that message still pops up that I’m going at a fast pace. It even pops up when I’m walking which is annoying. There should be someway to turn that message off..Version: 2.0.1

Takes Up Too Much SpaceThis game takes up over 10 GB of space. That’s egregious to say the least..Version: 2.17

Update is brokenSince updating today, Confoundables aren’t working at all - they just play the animation and have nothing else come up.Version: 2.17

FailWith the latest update, game doesn’t open anymore! Sissy I couldn’t leave 0 stars!.Version: 2.14

Can’t even open appApp shuts down immediately after entering DOB on the first page when trying to sign up. I thought I’d be able to use the app after the latest update. No luck.Version: 2.17

Has potentialI have played at this game over the last couple of weeks, now level 12. I echo frustrations by others that there is inconsistency for when a confoundable can be caught and it is not respectful to users if they have green indication of being able to catch + a good cast possibly plus a potion; and the confoundable just disappears. It can only be seen as poor design whether it is deliberate or not. If a user has the impression that chances of success are not improved by doing the right things to improve; then they will find other games. I am one of those people. The novelty of it being about Harry Potter is not going to overcome a failure to respect the players. Look forward to seeing this improved ASAP.Version: 2.0.2

Don’t waste your time and resourcesThey introduced a new SOS tree with a trace charm that actually made this game tolerable in terms of time investment and then they nerf it saying that it’s not what was intended, so all the time and resources you invested into the tree are wasted. I feel sorry for anyone who actually spent money on it and got this awful bait and switch. They need to refund everyone’s books and manuals invested into this tree. It’s ridiculous. I’ve played this game since the first day it was available in my area and I’ve stuck around as a Harry Potter fan and have even tolerated this buggy game. There has been no QC/QA. Their in-game communication is pathetic. I shouldn’t have to visit the forums to find out what is going on (which I can’t connect to directly from the game if I can’t get in due to an infinite restart loop). I have to go into reddit most of the time to see what’s going on. So if you haven’t started this game, don’t. My patience has worn out..Version: 2.14

Spell energy issues!Like thousands of other reviews, I also feel that the enjoyment of this game is totally overshadowed by the fact that it’s so difficult to get the spell energy in order to play the actual game! The game idea is fantastic and my daughter really enjoys it but due to her being younger we cannot walk as far and no one wants to lurk around at “inns” to get a decent amount of energy when you’re getting around 4-9 energy every five mins. It also can take 10 spell casts to even catch anything and with spell energy being so hard to come by, this therefore renders the game unplayable. Without spell energy you cannot do anything. What would be good is if, like most games, your energy built up over time (not using it the whole night restores your energy etc.). Another issue is the game being unsustainable with it crashing and booting you out constantly 🙄 Major fixes would really improve this game!!!!! We have completely stopped playing due to not being about the get enough spell energy to even play..Version: 2.1.0

Needs a lot of workThe game seems to be based on an old version of Pokemon go and that causes all the problems Pokémon go has now rectified. You run out of spell energy far too quickly and as inn's are few and far between unless you are in a built up area it gets frustrating very quickly. You can only open portkeys while walking and if the game is open which leads to the battery issues PG struggled with in its early versions. Storage is limited and there is a constant stream of windows asking you to spend cash and that unfortunately is the crux of the problem this game is basically a cash cow. I have never needed to spend actual cash in PG but I can't see how that can be avoided here unless changes are made. Shame, it's a nice idea but the developers need to look harder at its other games to make this one right or it's going to be a short lived adventure for Mr Potter Update: I have now been playing this non challenging game for a few weeks now and it gets worse! The portkey thing is now laughable, I have just walked 5km but the game tells me it's only 0.75km? Although my phone and Pokemon go agree with me, and 25 magic energy to catch 1 object to have it disappear is basically theft. The developers need to actually look and see what is wrong with this app and fix it rather than just cashing in on the name..Version: 2.1.0

Energy 🙄Would be 5 stars if it weren’t for the energy, not refilling over time means you literally can’t do anything on it. I get that you’re supposed to go out and about but Sunday’s are for chilling at home for me. Nearly 24 hrs now without energy. The other downside is it kills your battery so when you do go out (like I did yesterday) I had to come home after 10 mins because my battery had gone from 60 to 20% 🙈 Every other aspect of the game is great though, I love it, had no problems (no crashes etc) love seeing HP in my lounge 😂 the spells are fun and when you walk it buzzes when you come across a foundable then my phone comes straight out my pocket to see what I’ve found! Great that you can dress yourself up as you unlock the outfits (bit like snapchat) had a right giggle when I put on Hagrid’s beard and hair 😆 I could see myself getting addicted to this if the energy refilled over time 🤷‍♀️ trying to find a way to restart it from scratch like delete the account and make a new one and try to save the energy as much as possible but it doesn’t look like I can 😩.Version: 2.1.0

Messed up the trace charm!Hi, I’ve been playing this game since it’s global launch in June 2019 and have enjoyed the game at times. Considering this game is called wizards unite, I’m amazed they haven’t added guilds (clubs in the HP universe) in to the game. Also there is no raid feature in the game which pogo does have. Also they wanted this to become a RPG experience yet bizarrely they have not added items/equipment to the game. Why can’t we go round and when we kill foes in the fortress etc, we can pick up and equip items such as wands which will have different rarities which offer different abilities and stats to further improve our characters? Lastly a big issue I have found is that they have decided to nerf the trace charm, they have made it a useless move now as the charm only spawns normal traces. You need to sort this out ASAP because many players are deeply annoyed by this change..Version: 2.14

A solid start but spell energy needs to goA good start to this game but with room for improvement. I’d like to see customisation in the character (as in Pokémon go) and I would have liked at least the option to have been sorted (possibly an unpopular opinion) or had my wand chosen based on a quiz/test/quest rather than just selecting them as I feel it loses some of the “magic” this game should be about. Speaking of houses it seems a little odd to even pick a house given we’re playing as “adult wizards” but I get it adds a connection to Hogwarts that might otherwise be missing. I’d also like to see a more clear goal as a number of reviewers have already commented. Collecting stickers seems a bit average to me and I’m not sure how long it will keep my interest. And spell energy must be cut as a concept if you want this to be successful - it is an issue not present in PokemonGo so why introduce it into this? It’s really turned me off the game but I am hoping it will be fixed by the release..Version: 1.7.0

App not workingSince a forced update none of the menu buttons are working. From the online forum it seems a LOT of people are having this issue. Deleting and reinstalling does NOTHING. Don’t know why this can’t be fixed..Version: 2.6.0

Fun, but frustrating if you live outside the cityOverall, I like the concept of the game. But I have to agree with others who live in suburban or rural areas: it is extremely difficult to regain energy because the nearest greenhouses/inns are too far away to visit on a regular basis. There needs to be other ways to gain energy. Same goes for Spell Books that can only be gained through Wizarding Challenges- I can’t get them because I don’t live near Fortresses. And the greenhouse is basically useless for growing things I need, because they are all too far away to plant things and then revisit 15 hrs later. Also, potions. If a potion is good for say, 5 spell casts in one battle, but I win the battle in one spell cast, the remaining spell casts should carry over to future battles. Otherwise spending hours brewing a single potion is a waste of time and ingredients. It would also be nice to know (on screen) when entering a battle, whether or not I already have that complete item in Registry. It’s extremely difficult to remember each item, especially because some items are gained in fragments. For example if I need 12 fragments of Buckbeak but can’t remember if I completed him or not, I have to exit the battle and open my Registry to look up the information. I don’t always want to collect extras simply for experience points, because it wastes spell energy that I can’t replenish because the inns/greenhouses are too far away..Version: 2.0.2

Fun but glitchyThis is a fun twist on Pokémon Go, with some great additions like the story about Grim and Penelope to investigate, the spell casting gestures, the portkey scenes, the visuals for the confoundables, and the master notes for brewing potions. The reason why I didn’t give it five stars is that the game often struggles to update my location, meaning I have to restart frequently. I’ve noticed that Pokémon Go is more accurate at picking up my location even in the same areas. The game is also slower to load than Pokémon Go. Not sure if this is something to do with the servers being used for for Unite or the more sophisticated visuals, but the game would be a lot more fun if these were ironed out..Version: 1.7.0

Energy is broken :(It is really hard to get enough energy to do anything. And I live on an Inn....Version: 2.0.1

HELPI need to pay 1$ to prove I’m a adult:,(.Version: 2.13.1

Doesn’t loadIt keeps reloading and doesn’t show me the game. It frustrating that this game wants to load please do something about this.Version: 2.17

Forces you to payMy child came to me to setup his account but it said that I have to pay 1 dollar because it needs confirmation that he is and adult. I am not paying this. Why can’t my 14 year old child play a game that is based on his favourite book series and movies? This is a very strange way to sign up. Why does he need to be an adult? Why can’t he just play it? Bad idea.Version: 2.0.2

Too many bugs. Good features get removed regularly. Bad communicationIt was a great game in the beginning. There were updates and good progress. After a few months developers stopped testing updates properly. Instead, players became the testers. Each time there’s a feature that comes out that the players actually like, developers lie that it was a bug (even though it was considered to be a normal behaviour for a few months) and then remove those features. Game updates concentrate on weird new mechanics instead of fixing actual known bugs (yea, daily reward chart, I’m looking at you). New lessons, new spells, new achievements, new mystery objects - all of it was promised in the beginning yet it’s been a year and it’s not there. Shame.Version: 2.14

Doesn’t reg walking in backgroundI like the idea of this game and it has good features it’s cool to pick up your resources and making your own potions and growing in greenhouses but the game is let down by its ridiculously small storage spaces and with 10 more spaces costing 200 coins (which are hard to get) your constantly running out of space meaning you have to waste resources if you want to get more. My BIGGEST problem with the game however is unlike Pokemon go which it’s meant to be based on it DOESN’T run in the background as soon as your screen comes on that’s it you don’t get any more miles towards opening the port keys which is a big issue for me as I walk a lot of a daily basis but can’t get my phone out all the time to keep the screen from going off and the driving warning comes up ALL the time it comes up when I’m walking which makes no sense I can’t walk 30mph?!? Good idea but am put off with the fact coz it’s not in background I can walk miles and only a bit gets counted..Version: 2.1.0

A counterintuitive game that hurts itself.You have limited resources and an abundance of things to fight - but your spells regularly fail unless you use potions and upgrades meaning you run out of energy quicker. This feels really cynical because you have limited energy in the first place, meaning you can’t go out and play for more than 5-10 minutes before you’re hit with the need to find more energy or spend money. It’s also unclear why I’d want to collect the foundables other than it being a sticker book. There’s nothing to do with them afterwards. No battling etc. You’d ought to be building a Hogwarts of your own with the people and rooms, that has its own playability value. Kind of like a Simpson’s Tapped Out Crossed with Pokemon Go. The thing with games like Pokemon Go is you never feel like you’re being backed into paying for something. When you do decide to, it’s because the game has offered something of value, like special eggs or a raid hour. Wizards Unite doesn’t have a relatable thing that would make me want to spend money to open portkeys or grind through foundables yet and I’m a Harry Potter fan. There’s no end game. No “completing the Pokédex” you don’t get a feeling that you’re doing something worthwhile to the game in the long run..Version: 2.3.0

Energy is so hard to getI love this game but it’s hard to play when I don’t have access to inns to collect energy, I don’t have enough coins to buy energy, and I don’t have any way to earn it. Maybe making it so the energy restores itself over time would be better, or getting rid of ingredients would give you coins to buy energy..Version: 2.0.1

Interesting so farI’ve found the game interesting so far. The aesthetic is something I’ve enjoyed the most. Some of my criticisms so far. The coin costs to expand space. This is pretty extreme when comparing to costs with POGO. Expanding all types with the bundle offers a marginal discount. For the moment, I refuse to spend any real money on this game until it becomes more reasonable. Energy. You need energy to cast spells all the time. Energy does not recover over time, you need to visit the stop equivalents of POGO to get more energy. Not great if you are going to be in a more rural location. It gets frustrating when you are doing tower missions and run out of energy... or just run out while doing anything. Player interaction. Would love to see more beyond the co-op and friends list. Hopefully more to come. Aside from these, there are some cool features such as, your wizard profile, the port keys (aka eggs to hatch), casting spells and the skill trees (albeit the length of time it will take to invest into them). I won’t say much more on these so people can discover them on their own..Version: 2.0.1

Could Be BetterIt’s ok. A lack of available spell energy is really the worst part of the entire game. Sure it is massively overcomplicated and under explained at the beginning. And most of the motivation for what you are doing doesn’t actually make a bit of sense, but all that could be overlooked if the game’s main lifeblood, spell energy, was easier to obtain. There just aren’t enough Inns, and the energy you get from the Inns isn’t enough. The greenhouses honestly seem mostly worthless, there is no way they should be as plentiful as they are. And you should be able to have the option to “dine” at a greenhouse (eat a vegetable, etc). The greenhouses plus the fact that you can’t dine/spin at the fortresses really makes it difficult. Another small annoyance is the map resetting to a zoomed in position facing north whenever you exit back to the map from somewhere else. Why? It drives me nuts. Overall, it feels like this will be far more repetitive than Pokémon Go due to the limited amount of items you are trying to collect. This is only exacerbated by the fact that you have to click on everything just to see if it’s one you need, unlike being able to see what Pokémon it is on the map so you don’t have to waste time repeatedly doing this. This game could be fun, but companies have a tendency not to listen to their customers, so it will probably stay the way it is..Version: 2.0.1

Frustratingly inconsistent spell castingEnjoying this game except for one issue that I’ve started noticing more and more since surpassing level 10. I’m growing more and more frustrated with the seemingly random and wildly inconsistent results of spell casting. I’ve “caught” foundables with a single, potionless “good” spell cast, and then the exact same foundable will use up 10+ energy of mostly great (many in a row) and a few good spell casts, and even one masterful, including the use of 1-2 potions. What is the point of aiming for great spell casts (other than the tiny amount of extra xp) and using potions if you don’t have any level of guarantee that it will give you better results than good spell casts and no potion. I’ve noticed it most during the special events and related foundables, but even with the normal foundables I find myself simply exiting the encounter rather than spending all my energy (and tearing out all my hair) on a frustrating foundable..Version: 2.2.0

Has the potential to be addictive... except for the major energy meter flaw.Has the potential to be addictive... but the limited energy meter (75 points) makes it difficult to get into. With such a low cap it would have been intuitive to have it refill over time alongside being able to use the inn-charge points (which are currently the only way to gain more energy, and you don’t gain very at these anyway). It’s very easy to waste away energy during the game, as you use one energy point per spell you cast, and even common/easier/low-risk “foundables” can take 3-4 spells to capture, and you find you’ll come across these same more-common foundables A LOT, wasting your energy recapturing the same thing again and again. Wasting so much energy is also very limiting when battling, as 5-10 spells are required to defeat a single enemy. Overall, if an update came out soon that would allow a player more energy refills more regularly (like a full refill over 12 or 24 hours?), the game would be massively improved. Otherwise I can tell there are a lot of storyline aspects that have the potential to be gripping and I’m looking forward to getting into them - just need the capacity to do this..Version: 2.0.1

Getting annoyedIt can be a fun game and I like playing it when I go on walk however it is also very frustrating, if you live in areas that don’t get a lot of “foundables” you can’t finish the event so you are left with a lot of Incomplete pages.Version: 2.17

Charges you to pay and to hard to make an accountHi I love this game at first. Then when I tried to make an account for my son it charged me a dollar on a free game! I find outrages Anyway my point saying it’s still a fun game at least I thought..Version: 2.0.2

A long way to go...I’m a HP fan & am pleased to be one of the first to play this visually stunning game. Systematically the game is somewhat lacking, I look around & I see baron land with a few inns & greenhouses in the distance. The consumption of energy is ridiculously high & if I find myself engaging a more difficult foundable/confoundable I will typically be unsuccessful on the first couple attempts (even with a “great” casting) which will of course consume a lot of energy, when try to regain energy from an inn... its immensely discouraging & frustrating to gain 1 or 2 energy per inn!!! I was in the city the other day, fortunately there were many “inns” around, unfortunately I had a really poor streak & got a bun of 1’s, 2’s & 3’s. 2 confoundables later I’m back at it, trying to get energy so I can play this game. I’ve never come across a company that makes it so difficult just to play. You will lose many due to sheer lack of playability & boredom. I’m sticking around & hope you will take this feedback onboard..Version: 1.7.0

Not fantastic..Lol another Harry Potter game where you need energy to play, and you run out instantly without it recharging on its own 🙄 The mechanics are pretty confusing, even after playing Pokémon go for so long there are so many elements to HPWU that kinda don’t make sense. It also seems a lot harder than Pokémon Go. I’ve found the confoundables or whatever are “escaping” after just one try. And the spell casting seems inconsistent. And we’re collecting stickers? What’s the objective to this game? I can see myself putting it down after a few weeks if things don’t change during beta..Version: 1.7.0

Didn’t meet expectationsThere’s no real logic to the gameplay because the story feels forced right off the bat (i.e. “Just go find things and level up”) Everything seems to be curated from a game developer’s perspective, not a ‘pottermore’ perspective. Just one example: you choose your own house and wand, instead of being tested, sorted and chosen. The graphics of Pokemon Go also work a lot better in this format. First impressions really do count, but things will get better from here. The technology behind the game is really impressive, but unfortunately these are pretty fundamental problems.Version: 1.6.0

Not Safe For WalkingI came to this game from Pokemon Go, which I have been playing since it first came out. That game is great while I am walking about as I have to put very little focus into what is literally a paper toss game. This game, however, I cannot see how it can be a game that is meant for you to get up and walk. The spell casting for one is distracting and keeps your attention off of whatever is around you. It’s not a simple flick of your finger/wrist. It isn’t safe if you are walking along a road and then have to stop somewhere just to try and do a spell. Trust me, I went for a walk when this game came out just to try this and I wholeheartedly do not recommend it. I found myself distracted from the road far more than I would have liked. This game is one I would recommend as walk first to your destination and ignore all the creatures and then sit down and “catch” them. So if you are looking for a game that is easy to put in the background and just walk? This game isn’t it. Pokemon Go is a far better option for being able to walk without focusing all your attention on the game. Especially with the external help of the pokewalkers (and the apple watch before they removed the app for some reason)..Version: 2.0.2

Have to keep logging in againEvery time I go to play the game, I have to sign in again. The last time I signed in, it made me create a new account even though I ALREADY HAVE ONE This game is a waste of time and space..Version: 2.16

New update not working properlyI love this game!!! But the new update isn’t working properly. With the new update, when I click on the luggage or any of the other buttons they do not open. I am able to click and collect foundables. But I can’t access anything else. Please fix this. I cannot collect any of the awards for things I collected. I can’t even submit an issue through the app, as it won’t open..Version: 2.6.0

Energy System is terrible75 energy is too little, each spell you cast cost 1 energy similar to throwing a poke ball except their is a cap of 75. And the only other way you can get energy is by going to an Inn. At an Inn you receive 2-10 energy but I always get two... I’ve just read you can get 10 (I’ve gotten 4-6 before). Doing battles also cost energy, doing 1 battle can use anywhere from 5-8 energy and often require you to defeat more than 1 enemy at a time costing you each time. If you could fix the energy system then I believe the game would be more successful. Expand the inventory slots as well; instead of requiring the player to purchase a 10% increase in size they should be awarded it based on their level and if they so chose could have the ability to expand it, the cap set on the inventory, and energy are far too low. My last idea would be to make a potion that could replenish energy and would be unlocked immediately do all players could utilize its potential or for every 1 - 5 kilometres walked you receive 1 more energy. That would entice people to keep moving getting them to inns and other locations as well as playing the game. I like it so far, but I can’t keep playing if I have to spend $1 every day just to play for 15 mins..Version: 2.0.1

TrashYou have to fill in some digital forms and enter your credit card number😡.Version: 2.7.0

Good game but many fixes neededThis is a great game in terms of the concept but very annoying for a few reasons: - The energy can only be refilled by going to inns which means that you never have a full refill if you live in a small town with only a few inns at the centre of town (they should be able to refill very slowly so you at least have some energy) - The game has so much unnecessary dialog which makes it incredibly difficult to understand how to actually play it - The animations are too long which means that if you don’t have much time to grab a foundable it takes ages to actually get it (this also means that if you’re in a car trying to get inn energy it isn’t enough time to get it, which combined with the first point makes for a lot of frustration) - The amount of dialog and animations causes the game to freeze or take ages to load, also draining battery and 3G quickly - The daily tasks don’t begin until you click on them - The worst part of this game is that you have to have the app open on your phone screen to be able to track any steps, despite the fact they could just use the phones step tracking or your pedometer to track distance - I don’t want to have it open at all times whilst I’m walking but none of my portkeys will open otherwise Please fix these problems in your next update!.Version: 2.0.1

Beware: Big Power DrainAs much as this game has potential, the biggest reason I uninstalled it is due to the massive amount of data and energy required to run it on any device. I currently have an iPhone 8 with 256GB and loads of unused storage (most of the gigs are free), and not only would my battery drain super fast, but my phone would heat up almost instantly as the processor too was working overtime to compensate. Even with the app entirely closed, the issues would continue even when my phone was sitting idle! Now, I have had Pokemon GO, FaceBook, Discord, and Safari all running and open at the same time and never once did my battery drain that fast nor did my phone run hotter than the interior of an active volcano. I checked my battery usage in Settings for the past 24 hours after deleting this game. A few minutes of running this game, as per my phone’s battery logs, used up 18% battery life in that time. Pokemon GO barely reach 1% for much longer. PoGO, even back in the day of the memory and data leaks when it was first introduced never hit the level this game has. Ever since deleting the app and rebooting my phone, the issues have disappeared and everything has gone back to normal. Again, this game has potential, and despite the glaring gameplay problems, the need for enormous energy to even run is absurd and disheartening to say the least. Maybe when Niantic sorts everything out will I make another at playing..Version: 2.0.2

Love it but a few ideasI freakin love this game! Everyone we’re walking around or traveling I open my phone and play! However a few things annoy me. One of course like everyone has mentioned is the energy. The energy system is one reason why I stopped playing that one other Harry Potter Mystery game. It immediately got boring because I could never play. That’s the same with this game. But I have faith that you can change that. Second, I have an idea. I’m sure this is quite obvious and maybe I just haven’t seen it in the game but I think it would be cool to battle other players with spells and maybe you get a quick prize or something. Of course that might be too much like Pokémon Go but still I think it would give a reason to have friends. Also a gift system please! Anyways maybe you could team up with friends or battle evil wizards. You could trace the spells like usual but maybe you can choose the spell. Idk I would love it tho. Other than this I love this game and it defiantly worth downloading! I have faith that updates will make it better 😁 Edit: Okay so I literally can’t play anymore cause I ran out of energy so I can’t play anymore. I did go to an in but I barely get energy from it so it’s a complete waist after a while. Fix this please.Version: 2.0.1

Fun butttt lots of glitchesI have really enjoyed this game. Unfortunately as others have said there are a few issues one major being the energy that doesn’t regenerate and especially if you live in an area that’s not close tho any places to get more. You will end up having to purchase coins with real money in order to get more energy. The biggest thing I’m having an issue with is all the glitches! After a few levels u will be able to find a portkey ( if your familiar with Pokémon think eggs). A portkey requires you to use a key to unlock it then you must walk 7k,5k,2k, to open. Once open u will find objects and receive rewards. Unfortunately I have had approximately 6-9 of portkeys crash the app so after finding the portkeys collecting keys and then walking 2-7k the game crashes and the portkeys disappeared and I didn’t even get any rewards! In addition I have sent crash reports and contacted them everytime only to get responses from a “bot”! It probably wouldn’t be quite that bad but I am disabled and I can’t drive and walking is difficult a point I have explained in my crash reports. Still not even a response! I have tried everything turn off phone delete app and reinstall the whole typical list of things to try. Despite the issues this game is a lot of fun! If they are able to work out the glitches it would be excellent unfortunately as it is it’s just frustrating.Version: 2.1.0

Great game but...questionable Game designGreat potential: The game has beautiful graphism. It’s fun to catch all the foundable and the story is there. Harry potter fans are for sure taken care. It’s a joy to customise your character. but to improve your avatar it’s relatively confusing as there are gaps in how to get certain resources. Explanation below. Misleading information 1 One of them is restricted books, which could be only obtained through events (this is confirmed on specialised website- no information displayed in the game itself..) Misleading info 2 In the game there is one event displayed in the event section but it’s actually a “fake”banner as no event are live yet in the game. Don’t choose professor: Grinding resource through events only makes it particularly hard for professor profession to grow. As it relies much more on this resource than the other professions. And no events are love yet since the game launch..(Why such decision?). If you wish to upgrade further your profession without being blocked so early I really recommend auror or magiczoologist. I m hopefull this will get fix but It will be great to get an update on the next event in the game. For now nada!.Version: 2.0.1

I hate itWords cannot sufficiently describe how much I hated this game after only three days playing. First of all, you encounter the same ‘confoundables’ repeatedly. It’s so boring and frustrating, you have to use precious energy points trying to catch them - for nothing! Another part which is very frustrating is when you are casting spells. The children find it very hard to copy them exactly and often the enemy will run away or you’re forced to try again and again and again wasting energy. This was the part they grew tired of most quickly. There doesn’t seem to be any increase in catch rate if they get a low/high score. Overall I honestly think it’s nothing but a cash cow. Every 5 minutes suggestions to buy more energy, more storage, more portions would come up. Very infuriating - I don’t mind paying for games I love but this just feels like a rip off especially when compared to Pokemon Go. The game graphics and cut scenes are so yawnsome. You have to sit through them every time you catch a confoundable and it was super boring the first time, never mind the 50+ times after that. Yeh so basically don’t bother people 👎👎👎👎.Version: 2.1.0

New updateThe update that was just pushed broke the game. I have a huge issue logging in and when I’m on it crashes.Version: 2.17

Good idea on paperI was one of the many who were extremely excited for the prospect and idea of this game. Even before it was officially announced I remember theorizing and pretending in my head what a game like this could be. Ultimately thought it’s interesting on the first hour maybe two hours but once you get to the nitty gritty it’s fairly rinse and repeat. This game is good on paper but somehow they failed the execution. With an overload of bugs and lag that has still not been fixed since launch. Not to mention after using your wand to get confoundables you run out of energy and the game either requires you to go to a inn or buy coins with real money which in turn gets you energy. Assuming you like most people would prefer the free option it’s still not practical. It restores very small amounts of energy per visit to inn and that’s only 10% of the time you visit them. The other 90% is broken and freezes upon entering the inn and requires you to completely restart the game over and over until you are lucky enough to have the inn work. This goes for green houses and the castles you find in the world as well. Speaking of castles those are pretty fun but the combat is a bit tedious and repetitive at the same time if that’s even possible. Overall it’s fun at first but I strongly advise you wait a few months until patches are rolled out and maybe they listen to objective criticism. 2/5 go back to Pokémon go..Version: 2.0.1

Bad vendorPortkey Games has a history of bait and switch tactics in this game. The latest fiasco with Trace Charm nerfs really demonstrates the lack of depth in their QA (easy testing would reveal these deficiencies), public relations (months without communication or updates/errata/bug fixes) and commitment to players (wasted rare resources/money). This team is obviously inexperienced and can’t be trusted to steward a game properly given the ongoing issues mentioned above. Bye..Version: 2.14

No giftsGifts and purchases have been broken for months. Waste of time.Version: 2.16

Did Someone Say Energy? Where?The energy is a huge problem in this game. I was honestly shocked to find out it doesn’t automatically replenish considering it is a pain to get. It’s as if they took a more monetized route with this game. It is no surprise that Pokémon Go made incredibly more money than this game did on opening weekend. And go figure, poke balls were never an issue or even remotely close to the rarity they made the energy in this game. Niantic you shot yourselves in the foot on this one, bad call. I see three fixes for energy, either implement a feature where energy automatically replenishes (1 every 3 minutes), or drastically increase the energy drops at Inns, at least 25. The final and best fix, drop the energy from the game completely. It’s a stupid idea and it doesn’t make sense for a Harry Potter game. The more we can play the game, the more we can spend. I sure as heck am not spending a dollar on energy. Lastly, with this energy system they have in the game, I’d be there are a lot of people with their fingers crossed that Niantic doesn’t win it’s lawsuit over Global++. This will definitely push a lot of people to a tweaked version of this game. When I have to spend more time running around town replenishing energy than actually playing the game, a GPS spoof starts to sound really nice..Version: 2.0.1

Great start.Taking into consideration that this is the Beta, I am impressed with what I’ve experienced so far with Wizards Unite. There are a lot of fun things to see in this game, but you do need to move around a lot more than Pokémon Go to see them, things don’t seem to appear as often if you’re at home or stationary. I didn’t expect an underlying plot throughout the game, so that immediately made it more interesting for me (as opposed to the only goal being to level up as quickly as possible.) Having said that, there is a lot of story info thrown at you when you start the game, and if you miss anything you can’t really go back and find out what Harry has told you. So an option to go read back over all the story info would be good. It would also be nice if we could customise our own character appearance, though I’m sure that option will be available soon enough. This game is a lot of fun as a Harry Potter fan, and you don’t need to be a die-hard fan to enjoy the game..Version: 1.7.0

Customer Service is terribleRecently the developers pushed out a fix in which many players lost a large part of their progress and they refuse to fix telling us to move on.. while also not refunding in app purchases so buyer beware.Version: 2.13.1

Very cool,Slightly frustratingI love the game and the concept of returning the Foundables to there proper place and time. I like that you are following a story line in this adventure, and that you actually brew potions and cast spell. But there are some issues. The growing time for ingredients at greenhouses is so long you can’t feasibly collect on what you plant, and I find it frustrating that since I don’t live close to a lot of inns I quickly run out of energy, which can’t be easily refilled any or the way except buying it. You get a very small amount for completing daily task that is quickly used up completing other dailys. And you get some when you log in for a 30 day streak reward that is easily broken if you miss a day. You don’t get energy for leveling or for completing a weekly goal, like walking a certain distance. Which leads to the biggest issue. The game only traces distance by gps while the app is open and actively running. It doesn’t track when not open, and because it’s gps and not steps I can walk several kilometers all over my house doing chores, but since I haven’t covered a long enough distance for the gps to move I get nothing from it, which makes if hard to unlock portmanteaus, especially for the recent event. I hope the game developers are tracking these issues and can fix some of them as the game updates..Version: 2.0.2

Ruined by energy systemThis game is a load of fun, the biggest problem I have with it is the energy system. You spend 1 energy every time you cast a spell and gain energy by visiting an inn (real life point of interest - like a stop in Pokemon go). The problem is, when you have to battle, you are usually casting a minimum of 5 spells to kill the creature, when you visit an in , the energy you gain is random between 2-7. This means you might have to visit 3 inns on 5min cooldowns to battle and beat 1 creature. To make the energy situation worse, not every stop in other map based games gives you energy, as stops in this are split into 2 - inns (give energy) and greenhouses (give items for brewing potions) The energy system means you have to be decisive with what you collect and punishes you got wanting to attempt everything. I walked around my local park today and I was getting the chance to collect 4 or 5 things per inn I could visit.Version: 2.0.1

A lot of improvements have been made, however...A lot has been fixed in this game and has made it more enjoyable, however, the spell energy is still a Huge problem! The makers of the game don't seem to be listening either. No matter how many of us talk about it in reviews or in feedback, nothing changes. Sure, they increased your chances of getting more from inns that aren't in areas with a lot of other inns, but ummm.... Hello! There aren't any inns anywhere near where most of us live. For me there is one inn, in a 2 mile radius, great...thanks. Somebody mentioned that as you play more your can increase your energy capacity, this is true, however, for a cost of almost $2 you can increase it by 10, no that's not a typo, 10. So at level 40 I have invested a ridiculous amount of money and now have an energy capacity of 615, that's awesome, right? Well, not really. Here's why, there's nowhere to get energy!!!! I have to drive 20 miles to a university, then spend 2 hours driving around it to fill my energy up. Very quickly this begins to feel like a job and that defeats the whole purpose of playing a game. I'm in love with this game but sadly the makers of the game don't seem to want us to be able to play it.....Version: 2.4.0

DisappointedI’ve loved this game from the start until this new update. There is zero point to the fragments now. There is no sense of accomplishment once you place an image because it automatically resets to zero. What is the actual point? So disappointed will probably nix the app..Version: 2.13

Addictive but issuesFirst it’s addicting, I love certain aspects of it, including the potion brewing master notes. I’m glad you added the knight bus so I can actually complete my daily tasks now since I am a homebody (not by choice) - I understand these games are intended to get you off your feet, but I can drive around just as easily and no my errands include trying to obtain those things I can’t get at home since the game sees I’m not moving. Additionally- brilliant events, I just used tonic for trace detection and of all the traces (which are needed when you don’t drive/walk) and only got 3 brilliant traces. When I can’t leave the house it’s almost impossible to complete the extra challenges. I’ve been on for an hour and have seen water and 1 ingredient. If you’re going to keep it that way, and not fix the known issues you have (I disabled the camera since I can’t turn off AR+ again- and you have to reboot your phone and restart the game and go look at your daily assignments and pray for the game to recognize you're completing those tasks.) you could at least extend the range on inns and greenhouses like was done for Pokémon poke stops and gyms, or provide another means to acquire the pieces and parts needed to play the game during a pandemic and for those that can’t/won’t go drive around every day to do some of the minimal things making the game worth playing..Version: 2.14

Niantic has lost control of user dataI have been playing this game for the past year. Recently Niantic made updates that destroyed user progress. While trying to correct the problem they introduced further damage. Now they say they will not correct the problem they made and the community of players is not happy. Even if I was not hit so hard by the fiasco, in sympathy for players who were set back significantly. I am giving a one star review to the application. Their attitude towards this problem is unacceptable. I cannot recommend purchasing any items from a company who destroys user progress and does not take proper action to correct their own mistakes..Version: 2.13.1

A good start.Please keep in mind I am reviewing the Beta version of the game and being conservative at the moment. As an avid player of Pokémon Go I was interested in how Niantic would go with Wizards United. While using the same basic maps and data I’m very pleased to find this is no reskin of an existing game. I have only had the game now for less than a week and have found it to be enjoyable was a lot of depth but get the feeling it’s going to be a bit of a grind to uncover the game’s full potential and this might turn a lot of casual players off if things start to get repetitive too quickly. I find I’m able to complete my daily tasks very quickly, which means I’m likely to not look at the game again that day. That’s good and bad since I don’t feel I’m wasting a lot of time but at the same time once this is done the game does get a little repetitive if I’m playing just the level up. I hope the daily tasks get more challenging as I level up. The game does seem a little overwhelming but is playable without having to jump right into a Steep learning curve. The basic mechanics are simple enough and you can dig down deeper as you get into the game. I have only given an average rating but will continue to play to see how it improves. Compared to their previous release of Pokémon go and how they have continued to improve that HPWU has been launched as a much richer and complete game and I can’t wait to see where they take it..Version: 1.7.0

Really 3.5, but there’s no half optionI agree that it’s a lot of fun for Harry Potter fans, and there are a lot of fun features. But in the American version, it’s hard to find inns unless they’re literally right there (within a mile) because you can’t zoom out on the map in game to find an inn nearby (I.e. within 5 mi) (and the online maps don’t work well either). I also don’t like that the game isn’t as intuitive as Pokémon Go—there’s a learning curve, and right now I’m not sure what I’m doing or how to work things. It would be nice if here was somewhere to go to review the storyline as well, because there’s a lot of moving pieces and it’s a little hard to follow. Also, the graphics are shoddy in some places (especially the people—Ginny was very slender in the movies, yet she looks overweight in the graphics, Luna is only recognizable because she’s he only one that wears that hat, Neville does not look all there, etc.). and the profile pictures will update on our personal app, but our friends can’t see it (my husband and I play together, and we will have to show each other our phones to show each other our profile pics). I realize it’s like this in Pokémon Go too, but I also don’t like that you would regularly have to travel to different countries to get everything (e.g. that awesome opal eye dragon in about a week). So you would have to be incredibly rich to get everything. BUT there’s a lot to do and explore, and I am mostly having fun with it..Version: 2.3.0

Ebbs and flowsI’m mostly enjoying the game, however when there aren’t any events on I find myself instantly bored, as the game lacks purpose and there’s no sense of achievement. This could easily be fixed by more regular events or special tasks to accomplish. SOS somewhat helps with this, but some of the tasks are too hard to accomplish which makes me not bother. I think it would be great to be able to sell excess potions to diagon alley for coins. This would be a motivator to brew potions when you don’t need them, enable the collection of more ingredients because they’re being used more often, and to be able to clear them out when you’re at capacity. Books are far too hard to come by, and scrolls are too easy to come by. It’s incredibly frustrating and makes it near impossible to progress through the lesson plans. It would be good if there was more of a process in the lessons too, to make it more of a satisfying achievement..Version: 2.4.0

Great idea, poor executionSo excited for this game but after a few days I’ve uninstalled it - the gameplay starts nicely and there’s lots of good features but sorry, the bad outweighs the good. Parallels with Pokémon go made it easy to get started - greenhouses/pokestops, fortresses/ gyms - in the same geographical places, great :) Then there are portkeys that you walk so many km to use (like eggs in Pokémon) but here’s where it gets complicated. Camera access for AR is “optional”... until you want to use a portkey. Yes AR is fun but 1, it’s clunky and 2, some of us don’t want to allow camera access where it’s not needed. It would be easy enough to just use graphics for this feature but no, you HAVE to use your camera. Didn’t like this bit. Another bad thing, the data usage? I’ve had Pokémon go running most times I walk anywhere and it used less than 1gb in 6 months. In less than a week wizards unite used over 100mb data and that was having it on for a half hour walk one day and a shopping trip yesterday. It used more data than Facebook does and that’s saying something. I guess I could just play without using portkeys, then I can stay in range of WiFi and not need the camera, kinda limits my progress though. Not impressed :(.Version: 2.0.1

Not a Pogo replacement...This launch reminds me very much like pogos fail launch back in 2016. Lack of content is understandable but the micro transaction store is well equipped. Very small starting inventory and the price to expand space is ridiculous. At level 9 when you think you will get a second cauldron to help you brew, it becomes unlocked and you can only rent it. Renting the additional cauldron uses gold for three tiers of renting, the max rent period 1 day for 250gold. Pretty shameless money grab game. Game is also missing a fun social aspect like teams. I don’t see the purpose of choosing your house at this point for the game and fortresses/gyms are over events you can do with other people. This is the only thing I have seen so far you can do with others..Version: 1.7.0

Pointless to get unless you are prepared to spend lotsThis could be so good but it isn’t. People are complaining of bugs and crashes but that is to be expected with a new game. The issue is the spell points. To do anything you need spell points (energy in other games). The main way to get energy is to visit inns or greenhouses but if none are near you, there is nothing you can do. Even when you are at one of them after getting some energy you then have to wait 5 mins before getting a chance to get some more. What’s the point in having a game you can’t play. Why can’t they have it like others games that over time gives you energy. The only sure way of getting energy is by buying it. This is so short sighted because the only people that will play it will be ones that are willing to pay lots of money. The rest (the majority) who would play and occasionally pay for things will be put off and not play..Version: 2.0.1

Has potential but many flawsIt took a while to get the hang of it but I’m kinda there now. The REAL bone of contention is the lack of spell energy. It doesn’t renew over time, you HAVE to go out and visit lots of inns where you can pick up, as far as I can see, 3-7 spell energy. It’s impossible to fill my energy back up to even the 75 starter level and, when I’m at home of an evening and have no intention of going out again, the energy goes very quickly and I’m stuck till I can get out again the next day. I live in a small village and there are only about 4 inns. The greenhouse thing seems great BUT if you go and plant something and then can’t get back out to that greenhouse within 30 mins of it being full grown then you may as well not bother. The whole thing seems to be geared around you spending a lot of money and I’m not doing it. I will give it a few more days and then I will probably just stick to Pokémon Go..Version: 2.0.1

Bugs, bugs.I love Harry Potter but this game is frustrating. The spots seem way too clustered in small areas. Then huge gaps with nothing lots of places. Need to improve where sites are located. The game has way too many bugs. Today I collected 4 Brilliant Bucksbeaks as part of event. Said should have gotten reward for getting two. I reported bug. Got the well no one else reported it. Felt like my raising the issue was rudely dismissed. I sent screen shots of the issue in my response. I feel like I collect a ton more and lots are not recorded. So frustrating. Lots of bugs need not just with the game, including the customer service in the “contact us” for reporting bugs. Just heard back from customer service that said that they had no problem even though one screen clearly said collected 4 and the other said only 1. He said I collected them before event. I explained no I collected during event today; so should have been recorded. They don’t want to admit the bugs they have with the game and their customer service is rude. If that is the way they are going to be I am stop playing. As I have been playing the same battles are getting harder to win- not easier. This is stupid. It should be getting easier with experience and lessons..Version: 2.0.2

This needs more directionThe game isn't bad. It has the same mechanics as Pokemon Go and that's to be expected. But unlike Pokemon this has no clear goal. You catch them all in Pokemon and you do what here? Collect stickers? That's not a goal that's going to make this game last longer than a few weeks. Side note: I've heard some people call this a Beta? The industry has perverted the meaning of beta. If you're selling microtransactions in a "beta" then it's not a beta. You're just using that term so you can quickly release a "live service" and not fix bugs. You had time to implement microtransactions but no time to fix bugs that stop people from getting past the frost few tutorial stages?.Version: 1.7.0

Good concept, full of glitches and never delivers what is promisedI’ve been playing since the very beginning with the beta and while this game is fun there is constantly something wrong with it, game breaking bugs, it constantly needs to be restarted and too often when there’s an event on it doesn’t go right and has to be redone or it doesn’t live up to the advertised hype. I’m carrying on playing but other than the daily tasks it’s too frustrating to play until a lot of previous issues are addressed and the game made stable..Version: 2.5.0

ProblemsI am enjoying the game a lot but few issues to get fixed: Titles And achievements dont work: even selecting them, they are not set there anymore after some time Daily bonus: some bonus are not working, even doing what they ask to..Version: 2.0.2

FrustratingI have been playing this game for 8 months now daily and have loved it. Unfortunately in the past month they have had numerous issues with defects and bugs in the latest releases. One of the recent releases resulted in me and many others from losing a significant amount of progress made in the game, and then the fix they put in to fix that issue also didn’t work, requiring yet another fix. The app needs more QA before things get pushed live..Version: 2.13.1

Not terrible but needs workI’ve been playing this out and about and being a fan of the Pokemon go and walking dead or world games as well as a HP fan I was looking forward to this. It’s not terrible. However, trying to walk distances to unlock things with your keys isn’t going to work very well because the game crashes and kicks you out reasonably often so popping your phone in your pocket to walk a few kilometres isn’t going to work well. Secondly the wand movements aren’t really very easy to do whilst out walking about. A few are but others aren’t. It’s not easy to get great and mastery level spells anyway let alone while walking so I found myself stood around more than walking which makes it instantly less enjoyable than something like Pokemon go where I can easily flick a pokeball while walking. There’s potential but the game as it is, I don’t think it will become my favourite game on the go anytime soon..Version: 2.0.1

Fun, but annoyingThis game is fun, for the most part. I work in a very rural area and there is absolutely nothing available there, and while I live in a smaller city there isn’t as much as I would expect. My biggest bone of contention is that the energy doesn’t replenish itself. Heck, I would be fine if the energy just reset every 24 hours. After reading the reviews regarding loss of user progress, I cannot bring myself to spend money on energy. Fix the lack of energy, and my review will go to a 5/5!.Version: 2.15.1

Waste of timeThe game is full of glitches and bugs that prevent you from playing the game. But instead of fixing this the “fix” other things that nerf the game into the ground. Their “new content” is just nerfs that you then need to work at unnerfing. Garbage app. Update: well I’m officially deleting this game. Y’all have made these events a horrible grind that has killed all the fun in this game. As a player who has easily pumped in hundreds if not thousands of dollars into this game I am very disappointed in how you have managed to ruin the game..Version: 2.15.1

Seems fun but very confusing to startI really enjoy Pokémon Go and play it daily. This week when the Harry Potter Wizards Unite game came out I decided to give it a try. It seems like fun and the graphics are great but it is very confusing as to what everything does and how to use things. I don’t like that the space is extremely limited to gather things and it takes a lot more work to get get and have enough energy to keep playing. Having friends is kind of pointless at this point because unless they are with you at a fortress to battle there is no point in having them. I don’t like that you don’t “take things over” like you do in Pokémon Go so it really doesn’t matter which house you sign up for. This seems much more like a one person game then having teams. At least in Pokémon Go the different colored teams take over gyms and you don’t have to know them personally. The portals are cool that you open with keys but are limited to finding sparkly dots and done within seconds. There aren’t any so called raids to adventure to so no group gatherings there either. So far this gets a 3 Maybe after things get going more and after I figure out what to do with things it will pick up but again this really seems more like a one person game instead of a game where you can play either alone or with others.Version: 2.0.1

New update made game unplayableCan’t play it it anymore. Since new update I can’t play the game. It freezes and what’s supposed to come up isn’t coming up.Version: 2.17

Fun but laggyConstantly gets you stuck in battles and even if you restart/ reset it won’t let you out of that screen. Very frustrating.Version: 2.14

Great game, but missing so much.Just to mention, I love playing this game at my house and I love Harry Potter. The game concept is great, and I loved Pokèmon Go (I still play it). Mobile data. It uses up so much it’s ridiculous. I would be fine with this if: • The battery saver worked Your phone will automatically lock itself, making this useless unsless you go into settings and make it so your phone won’t turn off or tap on the screen constantly. And if you’re like me, you’ll forget to set your settings back to auto lock. • You could run the app in the background This is so easy to add and Pokèmon Go has it. It would make me fine with the app having no adventure sync. • There were more options for battery saver Don’t show confoundings or items. Useful if you only want to use a greenhouse, inn or fortress. Only show items and places. Collecting items without the game having to load confoundings would be very useful. • Adventure Sync existed Really? You couldn’t add this at launch!? This is the best feature (in my opinion) about Pokémon Go, as I walk about 2K at school where we are not allowed our phones on at all. I don’t want a detention just because I wanted to open a portkey. Great concept, but needs a lot of work. (Also apparently people are saying that levelling up takes a long time. To be honest, I haven’t played much so I don’t know what the later levels are like.).Version: 2.0.1

Rural player hereI love this game but it is not super accessible to rural players. I love the Tonic for Trace Detection addition for traces, but outside of friends I have no access to energy or ingredients. Would love to see either energy generate over time, or be able to make an energy potion. They’ve made some good changes but more can be done!.Version: 2.15.1

Such a frustrating gameFilled with bugs, and with developers that rollout changes and then take away the best parts. Best to stay away..Version: 2.14

Never ran out of things more on any game in my life, it’s making me run out of patience!Mediocre at best, I love Harry Potter and although I knew it wouldn’t be as good as Pokemon go as there would be no way to relate the two but I spend 90% of my time on this game running out of something even though I’ve upgraded my bags about 10 times I’m ‘out of space’ or ‘out of battle energy’ and there isn’t enough Inns where I live as all the Pokemon stops have been converted to greenhouses instead of evenly distributed, I want to love this game but it’s not amazing and there’s no character customisation at all which is weird as a massive Chiluba of the money Pokemon go makes is from vanity items whereas this one concentrated on making you run out of space all the time so you have to spend real money on space, disgraceful. Maybe it’s better in big cities (same as Pokemon go) but idk, maybe in a few updates time it will be playable..Version: 2.0.1

Gets worse as you level upInitially, the game is very fun. From battling creatures in the fortress, brewing different potions, encountering different magical creatures and characters it quickly becomes addictive. However, as your reach lvl 6 you get to choose a profession which is supposed to help you in your adventures, overpowering confounded and fighting creatures in the fortress. However, unless you’re a magizoologist, you’re going to have a though time fighting creatures within the fortress as you aren’t able to access upgrades to Protego until you level up further through the skill tree, making the spell utterly useless when fighting. When you finally reach level 10, you get a notification that says “normal and low level threat confoundables are now easier to overpower.” THIS ISNT THE CASE! As soon as you reach level 10, good luck being able to overpower ANY confoundable without needing to use a potion. A lot of the time, as soon as a spell is cast the creature immediately resists your magic. Most of the time, as soon as a spell is cast for the first time, the confoundable disappears, wasting your time and spell casting energy. Although the game is fun from lvl 1-10, as soon as you hit level 10 it becomes impossible to do anything. Definitely needs some improvement..Version: 2.0.1

Great to play but needs a serious overhaul on bugsNot sure if it’s an isolated issue or widespread. I haven’t seen any complaints from others but it keeps happening to me and I’m irritated. When I use my portkeys, a type of lag occurs. I’ll look around, attempt to collect the things and then my visual will slide and it will say that I need to stay within the area. But I’m not moving and I don’t know why that notification pops up then it has a full on spazz and kicks me entirely from the portkey prompt. No biggie, I simply go back into my portkeys only for it to have completely disappeared! I walked 10k to unlock one only for it to bug out and disappear altogether. I don’t even get the rewards. Big fan, love the game but for the sake of my sanity fix this issue!.Version: 1.8.0

Great game, immersive, lots to do, NO SPELL ENERGYWhen i first got the game, i was very impressed. The immersion into the world, and customizations and all the things you can do aside from just fights or freeing something is awesome. Plenty to keep you busy, this was going to be a 5 Star review...until i ran out of spell energy. Spell energy does not replenish over time, you dont earn any from casting spells or collecting items or winning fights. You can only get spell energy from an Inn, and even then you get maybe 3, aside from that you have to purchase it. The fact that you can only purchase spell energy or get a couple from an inn is crazy. There should be WAY more ways to get more energy, i dont live anywhere near an inn, and cant even play the game because i have been out of spell energy for 4 days with no way of getting more, im not going to spend money for spell energy that will go away after casting 5 spells. This absolutely needs to be improved, should not be a struggle to cast spells. Like pokemon go you could get pokeballs from stops and levling up and catching. Theres needs to be alot more opportunities to get spell energy, wont even be playing anymore until this gets fixed..Version: 2.0.1

Happy but frustratedI am enjoying it however I don’t have a lot of spare time to go out and refresh my spell power and so more often then not I’ll tap on a confoundable and then find I just have to exit out of it because I don’t have enough spell power which I find weird because it’s not like the wizarding world has only so many spells they can make in a day 🤷🏼‍♀️. I think you should be able to see how much spell energy you have in the home screen and I also think it should also atleast replenish a small amount like 10-20 everyday along with the daily reward..Version: 1.7.0

It’s Become An Unapologetic Money GrabMyself and a group of friends downloaded this game the day it launched. Of course it’s had some bugs in the last year, but overall we were enjoying playing and even willing to spend some money to increase gold for storage/potions/etc. However, over the past few months it’s become so obvious the game is a money trap that most of those friends no longer play. I personally stopped spending money when it became clear that the “foundables” only regularly spawn in crowded cities or downtown areas, which is not where I live, and therefore I can’t catch anything when I’m at home (where I’ve been spending a lot of time since the pandemic hit). With this last Brilliant Event and Community Day, however, it’s so blatantly obvious this game cannot be played without spending money, that I thought about uninstalling the app entirely. The challenges require so many resources that, unless you spend money to have extra spell energy, extra potions, etc, you cannot possibly complete every step in the challenges and therefore “complete” the events. I’ll likely continue to play because I still love the HP fandom, but it will never get my recommendation and I’ll never spend another dime unless Niantic makes an effort to make the game player-friendly again..Version: 2.15.1

Not enough role playingThis game claims to be a role-playing game and certainly has the basic design of some a crpg: you have quests and objectives, a class/skill system and an overarching storyline. But there isn’t *enough* role playing to satisfy me. In particular, there are no ‘naughty’ options: you cannot play anything other than a character faithfully following ministry directives to solve this Calamity. I’ve been given the aesthetics of a role-playing game, but not even the most token ability to actually do anything other than follow the plotted line. It’s a decent enough time-waster, and is vaguely motivating me to try to get out more and that’s good. Fiction-wise HP is still my first great love, so I can’t object to this. But I wanna *roleplay* in my rpgs..Version: 2.0.2

Updated softwareI love this app, but it was a bit silly that it didn’t function with apple’s beta software. I’ve missed out on quite a few events and upgrades to the app since I got the beta..Version: 2.15

Honestly pretty frustrating :/ Much potential though.For awhile I was confused trying to figure out whether you catch things based on strategy or random, and I’m still confused. In the event that started just today, I was trying to catch a Quidditch Fan Hermoine Granger and cast FIVE MASTERFUL CASTS IN A ROW with a Dawdle Drought and Potent Existimulo Potion in full effect, and it still resisted. Finally out of frustration I practically scribbled something and got a “good” cast and THAT’S what caught it. It was a waste of energy and a waste of potions, just for a little bit more XP? That’s not worth it. In the Wizarding Challenges, I’ll cast protego perfectly like it said and still take damage. I don’t understand how to stop that. I’ve tried several different techniques: holding my finger down, drawing and releasing, waiting and then casting, casting immediately, none of it matters bc I take the same damage. I’m starting to consider deleting the app bc nothing is changing. Everyone is having the same concerns and nothing is being done, you just keep adding new events and bells and whistles. It’s almost like reviews aren’t even being read and it’s heartbreaking bc the app really is fun at times, but needs to be polished..Version: 2.13.1

A company that builds distrust and animosity NEVER SPEND A CENT!As another player said recently, the company creates “distrust and animosity” among its players. It behaves in poorly communicated underhanded ways. In addition, the game has no beta testing on new content or “fixes”, constantly becomes unable to log into, and constantly nerfs its gameplay in unannounced undermining ways. If it were strictly f2p fine, but many people invest real money and are being taken for a not so fun ride. NEVER SPEND A CENT ON THIS GAME!.Version: 2.14

Good butGood but uses a lot of data. Hopefully the developers can fix this and make it not so costly on the ol mobile phone data. Makes it pretty much impossible to play outside of wifi, which defeats the purpose of the game. Good game overall. More complicated version of Pokémon go.Version: 1.7.0

Bitter sweetLove Harry Potter and great concept. As others have mentioned, would be great if energy could refill over time. And/or make more “home” quests for when stationary for some time. Be good if the name and title on the ministry Id could stay as what you set them to, every time I confirm them and go back to the map, when I go back in they have gone again. Same with the red dot for new things that aren’t actually new. Also telling me to go to diagon alley to get free potion but when you go there is no free potion? Also the spell casting for traces has no method. You trace a “fair” and it works, trace a great and it doesn’t. Trace a great and it disappears/departs. Use a potion to spell up and it still doesn’t work, even if trace great?!? Could be better.Version: 2.3.2

Almost!Almost everything is amazing! The game is so much fun and the various mechanics make it even better. The only complaint I have is the spawn rate. Nothing spawns anywhere near me. I wish I could enjoy it from my home like Pokémon Go. I have a small park down the street with a couple inns and still... there is rarely anything that shows up. I was at a friends house in a smaller city when I downloaded the game and got TONS of items and spawns at her place. I was surprised to find that the game is nearly unplayable at my home and even the park. I hope this is a launch issue and that it will get better over time. Would really love to get to play the game without having to drive 20 minutes to get to a more central location in town. The energy thing is also slightly annoying. I love that you can stock up on poke balls in Pokémon Go so you can play from anywhere. I blew through 75 energy in a few minutes when I first opened the app.... and then couldn’t play for the rest of the day because I wasn’t near an inn. It feels like you have to be in a big busy city or have a lot of real money to blow on the game in order to play it. Hoping to get to actually enjoy this game in the future!!.Version: 2.0.1

Has potentialThis game has potential. I know it’s new and will take time to develop much like Go has over the years but off the bat there are a few things I can think of that need improvement. The story is a bit overwhelming to start. Too many pop ups and it was a lot to start. I hate the greenhouse thing. I can’t always get back to a greenhouse in an hour or even 7/8 to collect. They are too far apart for that to work and be a fun addition to the game. Right now it’s too labor intensive. Also, more fortresses are needed. In Go there are like 6 gyms near me which is great but only 1 fortress. There are more Inns than are needed in this small radius so it would be nice if at least 1 of those was a fortress. I have to go out of the way to find a fortress. Definitely a balance issue with the stops and type there are. Also, not really sure what the point of picking a house is or having friends. It doesn’t do much for you. Hopefully something that will be worked on to enhance the game much like the teams in Go. Plus, maybe a gift feature or something to actually interact more with friends. Having friends doesn’t really help you much now. Decent game. It has potential to be really good..Version: 2.0.1

Enjoyable, but...This game is enjoyable for me despite the fact I own a tablet and don’t have data and therefor can’t walk anywhere... and I live in a village so all I have is a greenhouse nearby that I can’t reach because it’s my village church. I’m not gonna complain about my lack of connection though because that’s no fault of the game’s, plus a lot more things pop up than they did for Pokemon Go. It’s main issue is the energy, it’s the reason why I deleted the other Harry Potter game; it’s a shame it’s in this too. At least there’s more to do in this one. It’s fun pretending I’m a wizard like the little nerd I am. I like that some of the spells are quite difficult even though it’s only swiping the finger, because it has to be accurate and quick enough. Three stars because it could be better. 🦅 💙💛.Version: 2.0.1

Fan Fiction with a Dodgy PlatformThe biggest problem this game has is that there are other, better games we can play. If you’re a Potter fan, yes you will get to see elements from the films (not the books, since WB is involved). However, none of the story was developed by JKR, and the story is *barely* present. What this is, is it’s a Treasure Hunt game. This was great when we could go out into the world and explore and find new things based on geography - something PoGo once had but lost when they changed to dynamic, ever-changing, random spawns. Since Lockdowns occurred the Devs have tried to change the game to adapt to the new world we live in, but over the last two months the game has been buggy and it’s almost impossible to catch/return collectables, not easier. Now an Update has resulted in progress being lost, or suddenly everyone has filled an entire page which makes those that had completed the hard way wonder why they bothered. The unreliable nature of the game logging out progress means you can’t trust that anything you do in the game will actually matter. Buyer beware..Version: 2.13

Used to be fun; Recently too many issuesI’ve been playing this game for over a year. I enjoy the game. However, recently every event that is launched has issues. The game crashes and locks players out for hours at a time. The developers launched a new “training” program and now after players have spent resources to improve their power for playing, they are changing it so that some of the training is useless. I’m not sure if it is a resource issue as the team also owns Pokémon Go. But, more attention needs to be paid to ensure that the game is able to handle surge capacity during weekend or day long events..Version: 2.14

Hope you’re richThis game is trash. The spells are truly difficult to swipe on a phone. Some confoundables are “easy” but yet they run away after getting a great cast. Your bags fill up with seeds and water in no time as well. Guess what? $$$ time if you want to hold more than 30. And to grow a seed which yields ONE mushroom, it takes 24 hours and you have to go back to that particular greenhouse. To make it grow “better” (I spent probably 10 energy which is over $.20) to get it to yield 2 whole mushrooms in 24 hours...... The raids cost a ton of energy which doesn’t re grow over time. You actually have to swipe at different inn’s every five mins only to get a couple energy back. OR YOU CAN PAY $$$. That’s the real name of this game. $$$$$$. 30 mins in to the game and my bags are full. Better spend some $$$ for more bag space. Oh we only give you a little energy space to work with so you run out of spells fast if you aren’t running around inn to inn. Want more energy space??? Better spend some $$$$$$. Ran out of energy and you aren’t near a bunch of inn’s? $$$$$ time. We used three dark seers on one inn (that’s over $3.00) and in 30 mins we had 2 rare confoundables and 1 ran away after first cast “great” with a max enhance potion. This game had years of development and ideas off Pokémon go to make a great game, yet you guys went for a huge cash grab..Version: 2.0.1

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