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Harry Potter: Wizards Unite app received 115 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about harry potter: wizards unite?

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Finally here!!Have been waiting for this for ages! Also can play together with pokemon go even! Love it, can’t wait till beta feedback is done and full version is released, hopefully players offer some suggested tweaks..Version: 1.6.0

Great, but Too ComplicatedHarry Potter: Wizards Unite is a great game, it’s magical! You can see monsters and friends all in the real world before you through your phone screen and cast spells. You can make a wizard ID, choose your house and wand, and wander around your local area searching for things. There are a few bad things though. As many comments have already said, there’s something called spell energy which, in short, stops you playing the game if you don’t have enough. I won’t go into too much detail on that though. He second bad thing about the game is that it drains the battery in seconds. I’m on an outdated iPhone 6, and this killed my battery. It also made my phone boiling hot, which was a little worrying. The third bad aspect of the game is the reason why it drains the battery. It is way too complicated. All I want from this game area few simple things, what makes the game unique. The AR Feature, the GPS, and the wizard ID are all nice. Niantic have added far too many uninteresting things that make the game difficult to navigate and confusing. To conclude, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is a great game for any Harry Potter fan, provided they’re on a phone with a good battery and one that can handle difficult games, but it is just more than it needs to be. I would still recommend this game to anyone though..Version: 2.14

Only problem is energy!This has been long awaited and it doesn’t disappoint! Harry Potter fans everywhere will love this game and the makers have clearly put a lot of effort into the content! The ONLY problem I have with the game is it seems to be very very hard to collect wand energy! I keep running out and have to stop playing the game. It feels like this was intentional so that people would spend money to refill. If the energy slowly refilled but you could boost it with money or visits to different locations I think it would improve the game. Despite this I still love the game and I know I’m going to be addicted for a long time to come!.Version: 2.0.1

Favourite game!This is by far my favourite game from the App Store! This is the game that I consistently return to, and I love how they’ve made adjustments in the time of the Coronavirus pandemic to allow continued gameplay without having to travel further afield; Knight Bus update today!👍 Off the back of the Knight Bus update, can I make a suggestion, although this may be already in the works? As the Knight Bus takes you to Hogwarts for wizarding challenges, could we perhaps also have it transport us to the Hogwarts greenhouses to allow us to continue to grow ingredients? Other than that, love the game, love the updates, love the social distancing considerations! Keep up the good work!☺️❤️.Version: 2.12.1

More than what I expected!Basing my expectations on what the Pokémon game was like when it first came out, I wasn’t expecting it to be this good so early on. I will say though there are a couple of times when I thought that a fortress and an Inn should have been swapped around e.g a huge historic brew tower is currently an inn and the wall just up the street is a fortress??????? It kind of confuses me a little. Also it’d be nice if there was more of the game that could be played at home or whilst stuck immobile (rainy day, late at night etc.....) But overall i think this was worth the wait and am excited for the on going updates and additions..Version: 2.0.0

Suggestion for updateA really good feature to have for this game would be a trading post where you can exchange ingredients, potions etc with friends. Otherwise it’s a great game.Version: 2.16

Enjoying but some issuesI’m really enjoying this game as a huge potter nerd however I’m finding the spell energy is confusing and frustrating as I apparently have 0 spell energy now at level 7 and it doesn’t seem to be replenishing with time, I can only buy more with coins which I also don’t have many of due to already spending my coins on more spell energy a few levels back. This doesn’t make a lot of sense as now I can’t play the game at all. There must be another way of regaining spell energy without having to use coins with you don’t get a lot of..Version: 1.7.0

Impossible de créer mon profilTélécharger l’application ne m’a posé aucun souci. J’avais le choix d’utiliser une adresse gmail ou profil Facebook pour accéder à l’étape suivante. J’ai choisi Facebook. Ensuite j’ai eu un écran noir. Pas pu accéder à la prochaine page. J’ai desinstaller l’application. J’attendrai avant de la réinstaller! Je continue sur Pokémon Go qui ne me cause pas de soucis!!!.Version: 2.0.2

Enjoyable but needs updatingI do enjoy this game but since the last update it has done nothing but crash on me, from coming out of inns, going into Fortress’ and the little distance ring around the wizard is ALWAYS stuck large when I open the game, once I have opened a different screen in the game it is fine but it’s always the same when I open. Also it needs to register steps when the game is not open, I cannot have my phone in work (I don’t fancy a prison sentence!) but walk a lot which is registered on my watch but never on the game meaning it takes me ages to open portkeys and a few inns or a fortress near my house so I don’t have to drive to cross a duel carriageway would be great. But a good start to a potentially brilliant game!!.Version: 2.8.0

Great GameI’ve really enjoyed playing HPWU! It is way more involved than Pokémon Go is because of the traces you have to do to catch the foundables that are scattered all over the place. I keep finding new parts to the game, such as the potion making aspect where you have to do the correct order of traces in the potion that speeds up the time it takes to brew a potion. I would give this 5 stars, but there are two aspects of the game that bother me a little. One would be the traces you have to do to catch the foundables. For each trace you’re graded from “fair” being the lowest and “masterful” being the highest. Whether or not you can catch the foundables seems to be more random than how well you perform the trace. I have had low level threat foundables that I have gotten either a great or a masterful and it doesn’t work, I feel that grade level should automatically ensure you catching the foundables especially when you are a higher level. The second issue I have is with your picture you can create for your profile. I understand not having th picture for everyone to see, but the picture seems a bit pointless especially since when you are friends with somebody on the game they can’t even see your picture. But overall a great experience!!.Version: 2.0.2

Bug?????My titles and wizarding achievements on my Ministry ID do not save. I’ll choose the titles and badges to have featured, but then, if I have exited the game, when I go to play it again it just says ‘select title’ under title and shows no badges under wizarding achievements. I’ve tried to save them on my Ministry ID multiple times but it hasn’t worked. I think this started happening after the second to last update.Version: 2.0.1

Pretty goodThis game is pretty good and is one of my favourite Harry Potter games, I signed up and everything but because my phone is a bit outdated, It won’t update or use gameplay as smooth as others, I do LOVE this game though and I highflying recommend it to all potter heads, it is also similar to Pokemon go, so if you have played that then you will know what it is kind of like. I am also having problems with the portkeys as they won’t open, and nothing in settings is allowing me to see the confoundables in my location, it used to, but there is no setting anymore to allow camera. Maybe it’s just my rubbish phone but the app itself is actually amazing!.Version: 2.13

A great game for Harry Potter fansHarry Potter fans will love the encounters with familiar beings and items from books and movies and casting appropriate spells. Graphics are wonderful although take a heavy toll on battery usage. Spell power can disappear quickly, especially when engaging in wizard challenges, and it can be problematic to regain spell power if there are no inns nearby or only ones that dispense minimal power. The daily challenge also requires significant effort..Version: 1.8.1

Spell energy suggestionsNow don’t get me wrong, I love the inn and quests function for spell energy, It’s a pretty interesting twist on the game, however, I do wish there was a way to replenish spell energy automatically without the need to do quests or visit a inn, sure there’s collecting energy around the map, but that’s very rare to occur and I don’t wish to waste money for energy. A thing I suggest is that over a course of minutes, your energy will automatically replenish overtime, inns could be used to replenish it faster, or, perhaps there could be a way to get free energy from watching ads? Any how, that would make the game less difficult once you run out..Version: 2.16

Enjoying this onePeople have talked about energy and the need to go out to get more. as many disabled players we cant get out or rely on someone else taking them out and alternative way to regain energy would be a good dission. yes i get the game is designed to get u out but y not be a market leader and help the many disabled people who just want to play the same game there friends r. so other than energy being a bit of an issue even for those that get out cos ur not going out at silly o’clock so u can play at home for a bit before u go to work or what ever. the game is good. yep there is plenty of room for improvement and as this game is made after pokemon some of those lessons were learnt and will be added as famous update but we would rather have a great game than good updates. u cant use the animations in ur profile pic in the game so y offer them. and though i finally have a pic it still has a red dot. some people spend a lot of time in or at hospital maybe put a few things like fortresses and green houses on them. iv been in one a month and though this game is only a week old in the uk nothing is close enough to me. just my thoughts. if ur a hp fan definitely try this game..Version: 2.0.1

Has potentialAt the moment there doesn’t seem to be much need to explore. If there are a couple of inns and a greenhouse and fortress nearby, there doesn’t appear to be much incentive to ever go and explore other areas. Hopefully the task system will be expanded to provide different tasks from different inns. That should get people exploring. The fortress system seems to be a global progression tree, not per fortress. If I complete a challenge level in one, I’ve unlocked the challenge level in them all. Do the challenges offer different rewards for different fortresses? I don’t know. I’m not concerned about the lack of adventure sync as that was only a recent addition to Pokémon Go anyway. The micro transaction charges seem a massive moneygrab. The price to expand the 3 different storage areas is a rip-off compared with how fast the coins are generated. In beta it should all be free. Only start charging when it’s out of beta, especially since progress can be reset at any time. I look forward to future features in this brilliant universe..Version: 1.7.0

Wizards Unite at last !Just downloaded today and enjoying the gameplay. A very nice change from Pokémon Go. The app still a big buggy but overall really enjoying being back in the Harry Potter World. Keep fixing the bugs Niantic and you’ll get 5 stars !!!.Version: 1.7.0

GreatGreat work to everyone who worked on this game ! However , after a while the inns and foundables stops showing up , now I can’t see any of them ..Version: 1.6.0

Freezes too oftenI’m getting really annoyed with the fact that the game keeps freezing. This morning I spent energy and a potion to catch Harry. Not the Harry from the event that’s going on but another one. Right when it was returning the confoundable, the game freezes. I have to restart only to find out that it used my energy and my potion but didn’t actually give me the fragment/family XP or anything else for that matter. As you well know energy isn’t always that easy to get unless you live close by a million inns. Also, potions take time to brew, so wasting a potion was pretty irritating as well. At this point it’s pretty much a guarantee that the app is going to freeze up on me some way some how. There have been several times it has froze and it cost me energy, potions, fragments. I’m not sure what bug is going on but I’m really annoyed with this. Otherwise I like everything else with the game, especially that you can prestige the pages so that you can keep collecting common items and earning more from them. That’s the one thing that got boring about Pokémon Go, there wasn’t much incentive to keep catching certain Pokémon..Version: 2.1.0

InternetYou can’t go to the landmarks because you don’t have wifi. Other then that it’s fantastic. But also you can’t always go on quests ..Version: 2.2.0

Great game, but a horrible spell energy systemI’ve been loving this game. It’s exactly what I’ve wanted and my fiancé and I love going out and exploring together. There are a couple problems that really get to me though. First of all, the way you need to collect spell energy is just not practical. I live in an area with not a lot of inns, and I work a lot so I don’t even get the chance to travel to inns often. So when I run out of spell energy, which happens fairly quickly, I can’t play the game for days. And no, I’m not going to spend money to get spell energy. There should be a better system, such as collecting food in the same way we collect ingredients and those food items would give you spell energy. Or it should rejuvenate over time. Also, Plenty of bugs. I’ve had multiple issues where the app would crash on me and I would waste my spell energy. Yesterday was the worst. When I went into town, the app kept crashing and it was super frustrating because it was my only day this week I was able to go to an inn. Other than those things, the game is very creative and well thought out. I’m gonna keep playing the game for now, but I know that if this spell energy issue keeps happening, I’m going to end up giving up on it..Version: 2.0.2

Incredible gameGrew up with Harry Potter, such an amazing worldwide community it’s made and this app has just further brought the magic into our dull world! Super, super fun. Not a personal fan of PokemonGO but with this app and my love of the Harry Potter series, it’s also encouraging me and many other people to go outside and just simply be active. The graphics are absolutely amazing and I love that you can turn off the camera for when you’re in a battle (for those awkward moments when you have to aim at a confoundable that’s right next to a stranger in real life xD). I think the port keys is a great concept, the distances may be long but then again, it does encourage me to go walking more! All round, it’s just an amazing game, definitely recommend..Version: 2.0.2

FAMILY FRIENDLY COOP & COMPAside from the occasional GPS tracking issues, I love this game and am so glad it actually happened! My whole family are playing it and are often comparing what we have and helping each other learn more about the app and doing fights together in the fortresses! We also have a competitive side where we’re always trying to beat everyone else by being the first to get to a level. Overall it’s a great game though there are little things like trading between players and PvP’s but I’m sure that is a lot later down the line as it is only a more recent addition to Pokémon Go! If you haven’t got this game yet... GET IT NOW!!!.Version: 1.8.1

The mature beta of Pokémon- no sorry Wizards UniteFor the game being only in beta it does feel like a mature game. Every now and then the game lags or just doesn’t load and whether that’s from my bad internet or the game just closing and opening the app seems to solve the problem. It is very ver very similar to Pokemon Go, but have some aspects that are quiet different that makes it feel like a somewhat different game. That being said, I stopped playing Pokemon Go due to feeling like the game was very monotonous. Hopefully this game doesn’t fall to that. It would be interesting to see more customisation in the app and maybe a more in depth explanation of how high your spell strength needs to be to to return foundables. All in all I’m enjoying myself with the app..Version: 1.7.0

I’m greatly enjoying the game, howeverIt is too difficult to get energy. In Pokémon go I never had an issue getting poke balls, In fact I often maxed out. There are too many greenhouses in my town. They are everywhere and pretty useless imo. I attempted to use one once but as I’ve never had an issue getting ingredients I really don’t need to waste my time with them. Inns are a completely different story however. I have to drive across town to find a good selection of inns. They are so spread out and having to use my car to get to them defeats the purpose of the game. There is only one park so far that I have found that have multiple inns within walking distance of each other, a green house, and a fortress which is nice because I enjoy the fortresses but can’t play too often as it takes too much of my energy. The only issue tho is this park isn’t exactly close to me. I think if you’re going to have so few inns, they need to give more energy. Very rarely do I get 5 or 10. It’s mostly 3 and I don’t have time to sit for 5 mins for it to refresh for another 3 energy that’s typically gone with one battle and I don’t want to drive 10 blocks back and forth between inns every 5 mins as that’s a huge waste of my gas. Please fix this inn issue and the game will be perfect..Version: 2.0.2

Good but a few glitchesVery engaging game. Latest update promises to remove a few irritating glitches, particularly with the GPS locations. Getting enough spell energy can be a pain as it doesn't renew with time. Now added friends capability and more achievements and rewards. Definitely a work in progress..Version: 2.0.0

DisappointedI have been waiting for this game for a long time. Initially, I thought the game was impressive. The graphics are cool, and the overall plot is interesting. However, there are two main reasons why I have given the game 2 stars. 1) they put way too much complication in the game. There are so many small elements that make the game more complicated than it needs to be. I understand they want to add as much of the Harry Potter world into the game as possible, but you can add it slowly. Like when they gradually added more Pokémon to Pokémon Go. It just made the start of the game a little overwhelming. Not to mention all the reading you have to do, which I did, but it felt a little unnecessary. 2) you have to have energy to cast spells. I HATE games that require energy to perform tasks. I fee like they severely take away from the game. It becomes all about money than the enjoyment of playing. I get it; you can get energy at “inns,” but it’s not enough to really maintain play. I am not sure if I am going to keep playing this game. The energy thing really brought it down for me..Version: 2.0.1

Adventure Sync??Awesome App. Seems like fun, does it have adventure sync like Pokémon though?? I walk a lot but not with the app open and my portkeys don’t seem to be getting any mileage. Other than that A++.Version: 1.7.0

Pretty good- hopefully only gets betterI’ve been playing hp solidly for a few weeks now since it’s release and it’s already updated and improved in a few ways. After having played Pokémon go the concept is fairly similar, collecting characters or stickers for xp. It is obvious though that some characters spawn far more commonly than others and gameplay does get a bit tiresome as you’re hopeful for a certain or new characters, but you have to click on every spawn to check what it is and usually to little avail. The best way to get some interesting stickers is to battle down the fortresses. The best part of this game is that with every character you collect, this all is ultimately working toward you developing your character’s stats, strengths and weaknesses for battling. Profession, stamina and power etc are all valuable in determining your success in the fortress, though as a single player, and communities not being quite established yet, i haven’t had other players help, so it’s hard to move beyond tower level III. So hopefully friends etc are introduced soon. Other than that, small irks include some animations that take too long ie. greenhouses and certain foundables But overall am still enjoying the game and look forward to further developments.Version: 1.8.0

A Fun Little ThingI’m not one for reviews, but I think I’ll write one for this. I’m unsurprisingly a fan of Harry Potter, and I figured this for a Pokémon Go knockoff; however, this doesn’t seem to be the case. It does share quite a bit of similarities, but that can be chalked up to the fact that it’s produced by the same team. The game itself isn’t anything special, it’s another AR game, but this doesn’t take away what’s neat about it. It does, to some degree, have you feel like you’re a HP character having you personalize a character profile featuring a custom picture, title, a role firing aforementioned title, in-depth wand description (fitting your same wand on pottermore, if you do choose) and much more. The games similarities to Pokémon Go include the obvious walking, catching, and distance walked to unlock something. Although similar in concept, the “catching” part is slightly different in execution—instead of a swipe up, the game has you trace the wand motion to cast certain spells featured on the books/films. Many of the things you collect are familiar to many who have seen/read Harry Potter. There is much more to this game that should be experienced rather than read about as it’s a very interesting game. If you’re a Harry Potter fan it’s worth a peak at the very least..Version: 2.0.2

PromisingI’ve been playing for a few days now and I’m finding it really fun, I love the customizability of your profiles, and the wands, I enjoy the badges and titles available so far. Brewing Potions is unique, I love that you have to figure out the stirring motions. What I’m hoping for in future updates is the ability to customise your characters, I feel like the concept of individualizing the patronus spell would be interesting. I hope to see more potions activities as well as herbology. Perhaps adding a friend system, and an ‘owls’ gift giving system. I’d love to see a ‘howler’ system, the concept of sending a nasty surprise would be fun. I hope to see more interactive activities which doesn’t require walking everywhere, so that even when not walking you can still play. I’d like for the game to add in the offline step counter like Pokemon Go, mostly because I walk a lot but it doesnt register due to the app not open. I’d also like to see a pet/familiar system, sort of like Pokemon Go, where you can have a buddy?.Version: 1.7.0

Great game but still some issuesThe recent updates have definitely improved the determination of how good your spell cast is, so great work on that. However it has become a lot harder to get some of the potions ingredients and therefore all the confoundables I encounter that are medium to high threat level usually disappear after a single attempt of casting the appropriate spell. And even with potions it seems to be quite hard, even though I’m level 23 and the game tells me it is easier to overcome stuff, it seems that even the low threat ones are harder to catch than before and they too disappear to the point of absolute frustration. Just as an example I encountered a medium threat confoundable, cast a masterful spell 3 times in a row bringing the pointer into the yellow-green area at the very end and still it disappeared on me. I also seem to encounter the same things all the time so I have many multiples of some foundables and have never even seen some of the other ones....Version: 2.0.2

Super fun, still a bit buggyAbsolutely loving this game! I love that it’s similar to Pokemon Go and Ingress but with its own spin; it’s similar enough to be familiar but different enough to feel new and exciting. There are lots of aspects of the game that I’m enjoying discovering. My only complaint is that it’s still a bit buggy (I know it’s still in beta). It freezes sometimes when going into Inns, Greenhouses, and Fortresses; and after dealing with a Confoundable if you have both (1) got a new sticker AND (2) gone up a rank, it flips out and has to restart. But once the game restarts your progress has been saved so it’s not a big issue; just a little bit annoying. Once the bugs have been cleared up I think this will be an excellent game! I’m already addicted even despite the issues!.Version: 1.7.0

Great game But needs improvementGreat game but... I find myself spending way to much time trying to gather energy for a few spells it takes me 30 minutes to gather around 20-30 energy and it takes about 5 minutes to spend it all. I get it’s a free game with no ads and they want people to buy energy but it predecessor Pokémon Go has it fine tuned on when to buy and when to grind. One improvement I think that would help would be some sort of energy recharge like candy crush or a guaranteed 10 energy at midnight this gives the player time to get out and explore looking for more energy. I also found that port keys glitch and kick you out with no rewards this can be extremely frustrating after ten kilometers and having no in game reward but to be booted and cheated of my hard work. Friendship doesn’t really do much or isn’t plain to see the difference and there’s no helping friends from afar like gift giving. The most recent event with the purple sos encounters but I often find it over lapping with its other games like Pokémon. Over all it’s a good game but it still has room for improvement..Version: 2.0.2

Super comme jeu mais...Super, j’aime beaucoup mais ça prend du temps a « starter ».... Faut être patient et aimer ça! Et connaître un peu l’histoire de Harry Potter...👍🏼.Version: 2.16

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HP Wizards UniteIf you like a simple game playing with friends and love Harry Potter. And would like a bit of magic in your life then this is a game for you. The game does have lots of glitches and is hard to find your friends on the bus, and even though they ask if you want on the bus the don’t ask if you want to get off so falling off is easy. Still fun although if you don’t like repetitive game stay away..Version: 2.16

Missing one key featureThis is a very excellent game and whilst it’s origins in Pokemon Go are quite clear if you’ve played both, it doesn’t feel like a clone you r a rework. Hi here’s plenty here that’s new, different and engaging. Personally I’m not an HP superfan, I’ve seen the films and know a little of the lore but that’s about it. It’s still really engaging. However, for all the things that have been developed on from PoGo, there is one glaring omission- it has no form of activity sync so you are suddenly back to the days of needing a battery pack and leaving your phone on all the tine even when you are just walking around. If this feature was in then it would easily be a 5 star game..Version: 2.0.1

🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️Pretty mean game all around for people who like this kind of thing there a few bugs and a few things that could be fixed for sure don’t play anymore cuz i don’t have time.Version: 1.6.0

Motivation Drying UpI'd been waiting for this game to release for quite some time and it made my week when I heard it was finally released. When I first started playing it I was weary of the entire foundables idea and I still hold to that original view. To me there doesn't seem to be any real reason to do anything in this game. There's no competition between players and while you're filling out the registry, it feels nothing like the feeling you get when you fill out the Pokedex in Pokemon go. Instead of collecting interesting animals with varying stats that you can use to compete with other players and never really run out of room for improvement, here on Wizards Unite you collect several identical versions of the same thing which serves no purpose but as a collectable and your only rewards are the ability to reset that foundable page and earn more resources to return them again. The process itself is fun, hence my rating, but the more I play the less reason I see to do anything. The only thing keeping me going is doing the tasks both the daily and long term ones. This game really needs a strong motivator for players. Even so, I, like many other fans, greatly appreciate the work put into it and I've enjoyed it so far..Version: 2.0.2

Cannot change settings to allow access to cameraGenerally fun game with lots of different ways to enjoy. Mostly reviewing so I can post feedback on the following bug: When I try to open Portkeys I’m asked to allow access to my camera. When I’m directed to settings there is no option to change the permission settings for camera. The same happens when I try to change permissions through the settings option in the app. This means I can’t access my portkeys. They were probably one of my fave features of the game. I’ve stopped using it since this happened. Tried it again today after 6months but still an issue..Version: 2.14

Good gameI absolutely love this game. It gives the wizard inch world a lot of life. But I’m kind of upset that the energy doesn’t refill overtime. Other than that it’s an awesome game..Version: 2.16

It’s great, but maybe just add a few more fun things..Okay, I know what you’re probably saying, it’s great what needs changes?! Well, here’s my point. I don’t think there are enough activities to do. I get that it is very interactive, but I just think it needs some more activities to do in the game ya know?.. Maybe like playing quidditch, fighting dementors, hunting bad people, going of detective cases.. If you just add some more interactive activities I would love that! I’m not so far into the game, so if some of my examples already exist, I’m terribly sorry. But yeah, also, maybe you could like add roleplays?.. just a suggestion.. But overall the game is great! 😁.Version: 1.8.1

Wizards are unitingI downloaded the beta version of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite as soon as it was made available in Australia and New Zealand. As a fan of Niantic’s Pokémon Go!, I was pretty sure of what to expect. The game has surpassed my expectations of enjoyment and complexity, and has quickly become a favorite time waster - in a good way, of course!! The game is pretty intuitive, in terms of how to cast spells, gain spell casting energy (by visiting inns), and battling foes at fortresses. As I’m still quite new to the game (only on Level 9), I can’t really talk about any special/ hidden features that I’ve heard exist, and some areas of the game are still in development (with notes of “more magic is coming”). All in all, the game is enjoyable and easy to spend all my time on. I’m looking forward to future developments such as being able to update an avatar, having friends, etc. Well done, Niantic!!! This is a great game!!.Version: 1.7.0

Pika46As a HP fan and seeing so many New Zealand players experiencing this game. I have been waiting for it be out for so long and playing it now it is so much fun. I have high expectations for this game to be as popular as Pokémon Go. Niantic you guys are doing a fantastic job and I can’t wait how you guys will show players around the world the wizards world. Keep up the good work and you have my ongoing support. Also I have some suggestion for future updates that you guys may like to consider: maybe include important landmarks in the wizarding world that contain rare foundables or important tasks to accomplish. These important places like the ministry of Magics or the magical schools around the world ( Hogwarts and Illvermony etc.).Version: 1.7.0

Great, but just a few things...I’ve been playing this since it came out, and it’s very enjoyable, but there are a few things that I wish could be changed to make it better: 1. Step Tracking The game only tracks my steps when I’m on the app, which means that steps I make at school, or in a rush don’t count towards anything, so it would be great if you could add an offline step counter. 2. Focus/Energy Regeneration It can get quite frustrating when you are on a long trip with no inns, and you run out of energy. There is no way to regenerate except for daily rewards and inns. If you could add a timed energy regeneration feature, that would make it much more enjoyable. 3. Leveling up It seems like as I level up, confoundables are getting harder to catch, even when they are the easy, low threat ones that I’ve caught many times before. It says that leveling up will make it easier, but that doesn’t appear to be the case. 4. Character customisation I assume this is something that will be added in the full release, but I would love to be able to customize the way my character looks and dresses, to make it seem more unique, as well as maybe having a patronus that could walk around with you like there is in Pokémon go. This is all the feedback I currently have for the game. As I said, it’s great, and I’ve been playing it all the time, but these things would really push it to one of my favourite app games.Version: 1.8.1

Do NOT like the new alert feature!I love this game and still do, but this latest update with the alert system when you accomplish a daily task is HIGHLY ANNOYING!! I can clearly see when I’ve accomplished a task by the red dot on the achievements button - I don’t need an extra banner. Please remove this feature!!.Version: 2.6.0

100% AddictedOkay, this game is incredibly addictive and it gets you out which is a bonus. I love the Potter Universe and this does justice to it. It was well worth the wait, and I’m so happy that they’ve got some voice acting in it as well. Although there are a couple improvements I would like to see: 1. ‘ADVENTURE-SYNC’ style feature, much like Pokemon Go so I can unlock portkeys without having the app open. It was a great addition to Pokemon Go, so would be just as useful on this. 2. ENERGY BOOST with every level up. So annoyingly, the only way to get energy is to visit inns and greenhouses, which is great unless you don’t live near any! Levelling up should come with a complete energy refill or at least a partial boost, with incremental maximum- like the Hogwarts Mystery game. I can only have a maximum of 75 energy without paying real money which is of course the ultimate goal of the developers. But if with every level up there was a maximum boost, even just a +1 or +2 along with a refill. I assume that later in the game it’s going to be difficult to level up anyway just like Pokemon Go. 3. CLEARER TUTORIAL. Some parts of the game I still don’t quite understand so better introduction to features would be great..Version: 2.0.1

Ok to pass the timeFriend code: 7689 5281 7274 I like that the timeline takes place long after Voldemort has been defeated. Interested to see what kind of story rolls out (if any), once completing individual collections. Only thing I might dislike is the energy system. Everyone else has noted that it’s difficult to replenish if you don’t live close to an inn. I just started out so I’m not sure about that yet; will see how it checks out..Version: 2.7.0

Awesome but I would like a new featureOn your ministry ID it would be cool if a profession was professional quidditch player. it would be really cool if you added that. This game is good right now because it gets players moving during quarantine. Also I would like to say that the energy And coins gets annoying. If you don’t have enough you have to buy some and no one wants to keep buying stuff for a game over and over. I read in the other reviews that others were having that issue to. Also In the vault you can delete items. I would like it to ask twice instead of once to delete an item because I accidentally deleted a very useful potion. In the chambers In Hogwarts it doesn’t let me switch back to AR so can u make that easier please. Since we are in quarantine I would like it if more objects came closer to me because we can’t leave the house as much as before. Also I live in a small community and I have to ride my bike half a mile to town hall to visit an inn and find traces. Also you have to spend money to fill energy. Other than that whole paragraph this game is great. You should try adding a hogsmeade. Thank You for taking your time to read my Review and I hope you take my suggestions into consideration. -Addicted Player.Version: 2.12.1

Lack of innsThis game is brilliant, it’s all I’ve been playing since it’s release. The only reason why I’m giving 4* is because of the energy needed to cast spells. It’s so restricting and severely limits your playing time, unless you live in a city centre where there are a lot of inns to replenish your supply. I live near just ONE inn, but that doesn’t really do much in the way of replenishing spell energy if you want to use Dark Detectors as well. Also, with Pokémon Go when I walk 2 1/2 miles to work, I pass 1 gym and 3 Pokéstops (4 of you include the gym stop). However on the same 2 1/2 mike walk playing Wizards Unite, I walk past one fortress and three greenhouses. I have nothing to replenish my spell energy, and there’s nothing at all in the area where I work. I’m either forced to spend money to replenish my energy, or jump on a bus for a several mile journey to the city centre to use the many inns there. I feel like this is a serious issue that needs addressing, otherwise I would give this game 5*..Version: 2.0.1

Great... but some bugsDespite the long tutorial and semi-confusing naming structure for the confoundables, the game is pretty good. The spell casting is very intuitive, wizarding challenges are fun and the events are interesting. However there are a few tweaks that I feel need to be made in order to make the game more enjoyable. Customizing your profile (wand type, house, etc.) doesn’t seem to really do anything. You can’t share pictures with your friends so the camera feature seems a little out of place. The spell casting mechanic seems to be a little inconsistent (what seems like a great cast may be considered only a fair sometimes?). Some of the confoundables are ridiculously hard to catch. I understand the ranking system but some seem to depart on the first spell way too often (mostly the same ones every time) even if their ranked as easy. But then again some seem to take a lot of tries to catch even though you make multiple great casts in a row. I’d imagine there should be dueling and presents (parcels?) you can send to a friend in the game, just like Pokémon go, but that feature isn’t available. Seems like a lot of these things are similar issues at launch of Pokémon go so they should be able to fix them pretty easily..Version: 2.1.0

BugPretty good, only bug is that if you can’t get to the registry straight away, the “foundable” stays whatever colour it’s listed as instead of being able to “place” it there. Sometime the game makes it so you can’t get there, and when I tap it to place the sticker, it just gives me the information instead. Other than that, there’s been no bugs or issues..Version: 1.7.0

Game that is literally Magic!Really enjoying this game which my sons also play. I like the variety and complexity of some of the features. Some of the foundables become very repetitive and I could see this as a drawback in the longer term. We live in quite a remote rural area in the north ofEngland and are a little disappointed that no foundables, inns or greenhouses, let alone a fortress are to be found for some miles in any direction. In fact many of our local roads don’t even appear on the map! I’m hoping the game will develop in complexity and additional features as we progress further. It will need to do this to retain interest. I like the need to walk a distance which encourages activity and any other similar features would be great..Version: 2.1.0

Great gameSo much to do, it’s awesome. Would love to be able to have a creature as a companion. Also friends to trade items with if we are low on something..Version: 1.7.0

Love the play at home updatesI’ve been playing this game for nearly a year now, and I’ve always enjoyed it. Some of the brilliant events in the past have been a little frustrating as I’ve struggled with some of the tasks, especially fortress challenges. Also, since most of my walks are with a pram or buggy atm it wasn’t always easy to clock the miles when walking, requiring the app to be open. However, there have been some really thoughtful updates in recent months, meaning my distances just round the house are clocked and count towards portkeys, and since the Covid-19 outbreak the developers have been really thoughtful and creative about enabling game play. I’ve been really pleased that so much work has gone into enabling players to continue but in safety. So so excited about the Knight Bus release!!! Thank you for all your hard work. The magic really does exist!!.Version: 2.12.1

ReviewJust some feedback on the game thus far: I think it is too difficult to earn the amount of coins required to purchase items. Either allow us to earn more (eg in Pokémon go you can earn a max of 50 coins per day if your Pokémon is in a gym), or reduce the amount that items cost in Diagon Alley. Also, if not already in the works it would be good to have a similar function as in Pokémon go where you can link the app to your health app so it counts the distance walked when the app is not open. Currently I’m using a lot of data just to have the game open to measure my distance walked for daily research tasks. In the recent Event, I was no allowed to finish the task I was on before the event finished and my progress was deleted. You should be able to at least finish the task you are on before the event becomes no longer available. For example, I was on challenge 3/4 when the event finished - obviously I would not be able to access the 4th challenge, but it would have been good to be able to finish the one I was currently on. Thank you..Version: 1.8.1

Potential to be AmazingThere are two things I really enjoy: Pokemon Go and Harry Potter. This game is a win for the most part. Niantic has improved the mechanics and features from Pokemon Go and applied them to HPWU such as: character range, higher learning curb (more involved), balanced skill trees, and more. The reason this is not a 5 star review, despite being hooked from launch, is I’ve already discovered how painful the spell energy system is. Each spell cast diminishes your energy pool and the main way to gain it back is visiting inns (the equivalent of poke stops). These inns give you barely enough energy back for a single engagement. You cannot keep up with the generous amount of encounters this way without having to spend real $ to buy energy to refill your pool each day you play. Without implementing natural energy regeneration in game most new players will lose immediate interest. Ideally when you log off at night, energy should be replenished by the next day. On days when a player gets aggressive with playtime, then they should have to consider buying gold. If they don’t improve that core function...the amazing Wizarding community will not remain engaged. If Niantic improves this system then consumers are in for a truly worthwhile game!.Version: 2.0.1

Immersive fun!I’m genuinely surprised by how much I am enjoying this game. As an avid Pokemon Go player, I thought it would be hard for me to play another game, but Wizard Unite has been so interesting and addictive so far, that I’m conflicted at which to place as top priority! I can now see why it took a little longer for its release after it was first teased last year (?). The attention to detail, the storyline, and the novel game plan of returning foundables should be praised. What I like about it is that there are a variety of things you can do so you’re not left bored at what to do next. Furthermore, I just experienced my first portkey experiences, and each of them gave me goosebumps with the hit of nostalgia. I hope people give WU a go! :).Version: 1.7.0

Finally in canadaLove love love the game. it might be boring for some people but i love to walk and drive around to find things!!! only thing is now i’m voluntarily getting eaten alive by misquotes!! also i’m hearing a lot about people’s games crashing but i have an iphone 8 and i haven’t had any problems.Version: 2.0.1

Enjoyable game.I’m enjoying the game! I have Harry Potter and Pokémon go and find Harry Potter more interesting. Haven’t managed to sway the husband though! I’m fortunate enough to live in places where I can access spell energy close by. Have been stuck in smaller towns where it’s less accessible and didn’t find it much fun though. Also, I have my game muted of music and sounds. When I open a portkey & then exit after, the sounds start playing really loudly. Not a huge bug but can be fixed I’m sure..Version: 2.1.0

So much funI’ve been playing for a few weeks. I’m so excited every time I come across a new foundable. The new update is great, however, I’ve noticed that the title and badges are not saving and I confirm them all the time. I really like the mystery of Grim that we need to uncover. I wish we could also be rewarded for challenges with extra space in our vault or spell energy. I know we can buy it, but I’d rather not have to. Despite this, it is quite achievable to get coins by completing challenges and buying stuff on our own which is fantastic. For a HP geek such as myself, I am so excited to open up the app to check for any foundables/confoundables. I’m loving the potion making and I hope there will be more potions added soon. I really think that there should be more cauldrons that we can purchase to use and not just rent for a few hours. I think protego can be a bit trickier during challenges/battles. Maybe where we have to do it ourselves and not be given the arrow/pause to complete. Perhaps we could be able to complete our own spells when we reach a certain level. Yep, really enjoying so far though! 👍🏼.Version: 2.0.0

Enjoyable but a commitmentI really like this game. There’s a lot happening but once you start playing things start to make sense. I just wish they’d set up the “adventure sync” feature which is available for Pokémon Go. I always have to leave this game running and the screen unlocked, if I don’t it doesn’t seem to register my walking. So it’s annoying if I forget to set it up as I actually do a lot of walking and it chews up my phone’s battery life. Apart from that I’m really enjoying this game..Version: 1.8.0

Energy is a problemCons: energy is hard to come by where I live, and the park I like to walk around in. Many greenhouses, few inns. The inns are often stingy too, I do not want any more soy sauce (3 energy), thank you very much. This makes gameplay shorter than I’d care for, and can’t keep up with the confoundables that are around. I wish it were more suburb friendly, I’d rather play (and have my kids play) in the safety of my neighborhood than have to travel to downtown/trafficky areas. Quality of casting doesn’t seem to effect if confoundable is caught or not. Why do masterful casts have only a 50%ish success rate? That seems counterintuitive. Still a few glitches to the system, it crashed while opening a better portkey and never saw the rewards for it. Pros: fun storylines, detailed character creation (tho I would mind making a more detailed icon on the screen) familiar characters peppered with new, and lots of obtainable objectives to complete. Combat in towers is really fun, and doable as a duo. I like the customization of the professions too. Animation is beautiful! Wish list: easier access to energy so we can play more, and a school or something like it where we can practice the spell glyphs without spending energy to do so. Duel dummies would be great..Version: 2.1.0

Great but needs something extraMaybe it’s more duels, maybe it’s a storyline to follow or character customisation. But this game seems to be lacking in that area. I get that the game is to get you out and about promotes exercise. But the fact when you are stationary ie. home, there is no real way for you progress or even engage in the app. Pokemon go had the essence which attracted the Pokemon to your are but this doesn’t even have that. Maybe a mini game or even a hideout customisation where you build up your base. I love the Harry Potter universe but I feel it needs to involve more interaction. Maybe be able to visit diagonal alley, or even be able to sort a wand out through a series of questions like Pottermore. The vast nothingness when your just at home of not being able to do anything with the app is annoying. Apart from the obvious things that need adding as I’ve stated. The game seems to be quite fun and with a lot more content it could be a contender for Pokemon Go..Version: 1.7.0

Loving it...so farThis is quite an impressive game. The fact that there are battles as well as catching foundables is very interesting. My only issues so far would be if there was a possibility to replenish spell energy over time, even if a small amount or percentage depending on rank?.Version: 1.7.0

Good challengeGood game. It’s more of a challenge than Pokemon Go which I really like. Would be good if the map wouldn’t zoom back in after every confoundable encounter though. Bit of a pain having to zoom out again every time..Version: 1.7.0

Awesome game, just a few thingsI absolutely love this game. I have been an HP fan forever, and I think this is a great addition to the Wizarding World. However, like other people, I think there are a few things that need some improvement. First, the spell energy. I like the idea of inns, but not everyone is able to get near enough to acquire the energy from them, especially since they can be out of range (but more on that later). It would be great if every few minutes you get 1 spell energy, so you don't have to wait around for an inn. If this issue is fixed it would make the game much smoother and easier to stay involved with. Secondly, I play this game while driving (passenger, no worries) , it's a great way to pass time. The only issue is that greenhouses, inns, and fortresses can only be accessed within a certain range, so it's not like you can just pullover on the highway. Once you get close enough and click on it, it might make more sense to let you access it. My seeds and water are overflowing! Overall, I think this will be a very successful game, especially with how fun it is now, and with a few changes I think it will become even better. Hope this feedback helps, and thank you so much for creating a this wonderful game. Ps. Dang I wrote a lot :).Version: 2.0.1

Updated: Great game but SO glitchyOk I love Pokemon Go and Harry Potter so this game is my ideal mix. And it is fun — I have played it every day since launch. The new update fixed some of the most annoying issues (having to approve leaving and auto sleep) but there are still a couple of things that really need to get fixed. 1) it is still SO glitchy. It crashes over and over when I switch between apps or just because it hasn’t crashed for a while and feels like it should. This game was designed to appeal to Pokemon Go players but if I skip back and forth between the two the other one crashes half the time. Super annoying. 2) this is not Pokémon go. It is not going to be a community game no matter how hard Niantic tries. But too many of the challenges require friends to pass them. Stop trying to make this a team challenge and focus on this being a fun individual game. As it is, I am never going to get past the challenge that requires me to fight a challenge with three friends so apparently I am done with SOS challenges. :-/ Other than these issues this is a great app!!! I enjoy it every day!.Version: 2.3.0

Good but…It’s a great game though uses the developers strengths and ideas that they learn from Pokémon go to help them make an enjoyable experience. However, in my main argument is with the wizarding energy. For those who don’t know this is the energy that is required to cast spells, think of it like polka balls in Pokémon go you need to visit inns to recharge your energy by eating meals. You recharge is based on what meal you eat and can be anywhere from 2 to 10 points of energy, And can re-charge again every five minutes. You use up one energy every time you cast a spell whether it succeeds or not in capturing the confoundable. Your energy has a maximum amount of 75 so you can gain over this amount the part that I I’m slightly annoyed at is that energy does not re-charge normally even at a rate of say one per hour. Neither does it re-charge upon leveling up where as in Pokémon go you could be given at least maybe 10 to 20 balls when you level this sometimes forces you to either re-charge with the limited gold that you’re given or to camp outside in this until you’ve reached a good amount of energy. It’s more of a small annoyance than a dealbreaker but with the amount of times you have to sometimes cast at one target you can end up running very low on energy very quickly.Version: 2.0.1

I got out of the game when I saw my IDWhen I go in to see my ministry identification, it gets stuck, it freezes and I boot of the game I have an iPhone 6S in I have that error to some friends it happens the same I hope it is fixed soon I want to play them.Version: 2.0.0

CameraI’m loving this game, especially when I’m in the car with my partner while he works as I go around and can get energy and such, though I do live in an area without many inns so some way to get energy without paying or having to travel a large distance just to get some energy would be great I just unlocked a portkey and went to use it and my camera has uninstalled itself from this game so I’m having to uninstall the game just to try and fix the problem I’ve experienced this once before and it’s really frustrating and needs to be fixed.Version: 2.3.2

Would be great if not for location issuesI love the whole concept of this game, it’s diverse with casting and potions, different career options, story line, etc. But location issues let it down. I need the app open and my phone unlocked for it to record distance, which majorly drains the battery. Being able to run it in the background would be great. It would be really cool if you could connect to your Apple Watch (or Fitbit/ other exercise app, etc) so it can share step/distance data. Another location issue is places available in certain areas. Eg. where I live, there are only two inns and one greenhouse within a reasonable walking distance, and nothing else seems to be in range as it doesn’t show up at all on the map. And the only ‘area’ for certain foundables is in my neighbour’s garden..Version: 2.0.2

Great gameKids and I love this game only complaints would be difficult to get gold or spell energy without leaving property, would be nice if you could earn these.Version: 2.11.0

Rural players are more limited then in Pokemon goThis game is nothing like Pokemon GO which is great in many ways. The issue I have involves the typical pokemon go rural player issue. If you don’t live near an Inn/Gym then you run out of magical energy which I should note unlike Pokeballs cannot be stored for later. When I first started playing I found a lot of stuff in my neighborhood which made me believe they fixed the rural issue. Then I ran out of energy and the game literally did not allow me to do ANYTHING so we drive to the next town fill up play for 20 min and go home to realize once again we are stuck to walking to open portkeys (hatch eggs). The energy needs to be linked to a timer. Such a simple fix, but ironically no one in development even thought about it. Guess Niantic likes to forget about the rural plays even when they are given a second chance. Updated to state the game is worth the 20 minute drive. I would love to see an hourly energy rate, but after three days my tween is asking me to take her downtown often. The family time has made the drive worthwhile. I still hope the energy problem is fixed some. One energy an hour is a great compromise..Version: 2.0.1

Annoying bugsI play this game multiple times a day and generally love it however there are some bugs occurring that are incredibly annoying. The first is a red dot for a notification in the challenges registry. There is nothing for me to “place a sticker” on nor is there nothing to prestige and yet this dot persists. I know several people also have this bug happening to them. Most frustrating is that my portkeys are failing to load properly. I never used to have problems with portkeys before but in the last few weeks when I place a portkey (in the same large room and same spot I always have) it doesn’t “place” in the way I’ve directed it to and it doesn’t give me enough space to walk through it. It then disappears and I’ve lost it. On top of wasting the brain elixir potion I used to get more benefit from said portkeys. My ap is also more frequently freezing and crashing multiple times a day. Please fix these bugs as they are affecting my enjoyment of the game.Version: 2.0.2

ReviewI love the game. However I wonder if it would be possible to link it to Pottermore? — for example I used my Pottermore account to determine my wand. I would also live to see this working on my apple watch!.Version: 1.6.0

Beautiful and really well thought out(4.5 stars) the only reason I’m giving this game 4.5 stars is because little flaws (like most games) could make it perfect, for example it would be great if you could see other witches and wizards on the map(especially friends) and little details like finding scrolls for your profession more regular. The energy thing is a bit of a let down too! And I think you should be able to have your portkeys unlocking even when the app isn’t open. Other than these points everything about this game is brilliant and I honestly feel like the 11 year old witch who never got her hog warts letter!!!.Version: 2.0.2

Only reason I give it 4 starsThe reason why why I give four stars instead of five stars which really entitled is the km part of this game (unlocks port keys and the 0.25 km daily assignments) is the the app got to be running in the background which makes the battery runs out quickly then it would do without it running is downer part of this game. If it was fixed that you would done the assignment with out it running I will give it five stars instead of four at the moment Where I live in UK we use miles instead of KM, it seems there is no way of changing it from KM which it is at the moment to miles which I want please sort it out,.Version: 2.3.2

New addictionIt’s a great game the AR mode is awesome!! The stamina needs to refresh automatically though to keep me interested longer. The graphics are cool too overall it’s a great start with the potential to be an epic craze for all the fans!!.Version: 1.6.0

Satisfaite :)Beau jeux :) belle image j’aime le style de dessin. Malheureusement, je n’ai pas asser d’internet sur mon cellulaire pour explorer plus loin que mon reseau wi-fi. Mais bon :) je m’amuse et j’apprend encore a decouvrir ce jeux intriguant. Heureusement ! J’habite près d’une serre ! Donc je commence a faire pousser. J’aime aussi toute la possibilité de classe et d’avancement dans divers carriere dans le jeux :) merci et a venir pour le reste !.Version: 2.16

A bit glitchy after the last updateI’ve been playing this game since the beta release and I thoroughly enjoy it, however since the last update before the full release, the game has been a glitchier then it previously was. The daily goals don’t always register correctly. I can visit 2 inns and return 3 foundables and it will register that o haven’t visited any inns and have only returned 1. The daily goal of completing a wizarding challenge has also put an stop to my partner and my ability to complete the daily tasks every day as we both work long hours and can’t always get to a tower. A look into this with hopefully an update with a patch for the problems would be great. However, these things aside, I still enjoy the game and will continue with it..Version: 2.0.1

Energy??I love the concept of the game so far, but I must say, the way that the energy doesn’t restore itself makes very little sense in a game. I understand that you get energy from the inns and such, but I think they should be more like an additional thing. Energy should recharge by itself slowly..Version: 1.7.0

Amazing!!! 5 starsI adore this game, I love escaping into the magical world of my childhood. I’ve never been more hooked on a game, and it’s getting me off the couch walking between 5-10km per day. I’m currently level 19, going up a level almost everyday. It is getting harder now though, to be expected. I just have one issue... it’s so hard to complete lessons without books and the books are so hard collect. Special events from the Ministry need to occur more often because I really need some books from the restricted section. Otherwise I can’t get enough of this game, and the graphics are ace too 😊.Version: 1.8.1

A fun way to get out and aboutWould be great if the app sorted you into houses and gave you your wand and profession via a quiz a la Pottermore. Hope we get a chance to earn a patronus in future. Also when you battle, you should get marked with owls marks (Acceptable, Exceeds Expectations, Outstanding etc.).Version: 1.7.0

Good but need adventure sync!When are we getting adventure sync? The app does not keep track of kilometres walked, even with the app open, as well as Pokémon Go..Version: 2.5.0

Keep crashingThis game just keep crashes, every time tab the trace just lead me to a black page with a clock at the left bottom corner and stuck on the thing for ages more than 1 mins, not any indication what’s going on, took too long to load..Version: 1.7.0

Awesome Game! (A couple fixes needed)I truly love the concept and overall adventure of this game! The graphics are great and the different actions are also fun. I have such a great time collecting, upgrading, and exploring all the things the game has to offer. I’ve invited multiple friends of mine to come experience the good times the game has to offer. I love the Harry Potter Universe with all my heart, and this game allows me to experience what a wizard can do. Casting all the unique spells is super fun, and I get a workout while I geek out! I have had a couple annoyances with the game though, but I understand that it just released. I just want to help the development. First, as I’ve seen with other reviews, the energy depletion feature is a let down when I can’t play the game anymore because the energy has ran out. I suggest regenerating energy overtime, or erasing that feature because some people are so addicted to this game that they can’t get enough of it, (me)! Second, tracing the spells can get a little tricky when it’s bright outside. Making spell casting a little more lenient would help a lot! Thank you for creating such an amazing game, and I hope you continue to add and edit to make it even better!.Version: 2.0.1

(4.5) Brilliant but...I love this game, it’s really good that you can do the actual spell movements and try and do it quickly and accurately. I just found out that when you are brewing a potion, you can swipe down and do some movements on the potion like stirring it and that is good, as it speeds up the potion. As much as I love this game, like every other game, it has its faults (although there aren’t many here 😊)I found that when I’m trying to make my profile picture, the game stops and exits. Also, once my gps was turned on and the game said it wasn’t, so I couldn’t play for a while, but it hasn’t happened since so that’s not a real issue. I also think that when you are learning things in your profession, you should have to do something a bit more than collecting scrolls and books etc, so if it’s a spell you are “mastering”, you should have to do the spell a few times before mastering it. Also, I think your energy should recharge over time, instead of having to buy it whenever you run out. Overall, it is an amazing game, so addictive and fun to play. I highly recommend it to Harry Potter fans. Keep up the good work!.Version: 2.0.2

Great! Just as expected!!I think this game will be huge!! They did a great job taking the Harry Potter world and turning it into a fun game that gets you outside! Customize your wand, choose your house, and get out and play!!.Version: 1.6.0

Amazing I prefer this game to PokémonYes this is an amazing game yes it might have some bugs but come on people there is no such thing as perfect & plus give them time and the bugs will improve. U try programming full time and spotting all mistakes and every single bugs made not easy. The atmosphere of this games amazing and for some reason I feel exited playing this game more than most cause of its music atmosphere & gameplay. It’s more to my preference and being a huge Harrypotter fan I must say this games awesome & fun. Can’t wait till it improves..Version: 1.8.0

Nostalgic ❤️I grew up reading HP and going to the movies on premiers. I miss it so much. Playing this is ultra nostalgic for me and keeps my potter head heart full 🥲.Version: 2.17

Wasn’t what i expected, but love it.I do love this game. The graphics and characters are awesome. The story is alright too considering i didn’t think there was much further to go with the happy potter story line. Its a brilliant job they’ve done. Couple of points though, the vault needs a lot more spaces, i was full up of everything after only a couple of hours which i understand once you know how to play, you'd figure out what to pick up but even potions are quite low and thats full. Also port-keys, need a feature like pokemon where it registers you walking without the app on so that you can progress without wasting battery, also better prizes would be appreciated for walking all that distance. It is only the beginning so my points are hopefully already being thought about. Overall great game..Version: 2.0.2

Please fix the Inns!Great game, I’m level 23 and loving playing however it seems to have changed in the last week since the last update. Inns are barely granting enough spell energy to play in areas with greater spawns. Even when there are a number of inns they are populated only with teapots and cauldrons which are not enough to sustain a good session playing the game. Overall I love playing but it is frustrating to have to pass up on catching items because I need to save energy!.Version: 1.8.0

Great Game But...This is a great game and it has definitely motivated me to go outside and walk more. It is a lot of fun to play and very immersive. There are only a couple of issues I have with the game. First, it is very difficult to refill energy since the best way is to go to an inn. The nearest inn to my house is across an interstate, which is nearly impossible to cross for me. So, the only way for me to refill my energy is to pay which I don’t want to, since I don’t have the money to do so. Also, since inns, greenhouses, and fortresses are located in real-life locations, they are inaccessible to me since I live in a very suburban neighborhood and the only way for me to reach these places is by crossing a very busy and dangerous interstate or by driving there, which I can’t often do since I don’t have a car. I feel as though inns, greenhouses, and fortresses should be placed in other areas apart from real-life places, which would be much more accessible for me and possibly for many other players. I also feel like there should be a different way to fully refill the energy since me, and possibly other people, are unable to access an inn. I really hope this is taken into consideration because I thoroughly enjoy this game and the entire concept and I have a great time playing it..Version: 2.0.1

Good game, just have to learn how to play itGame plays very much like Pokémon GO which is to be expected and where I can imagine half of the player base comes from since that games sucess, however this game is much more intricate with more things to do, I can imagine future updates will provide even more content. I look forward to dueling with friends or sending & recieving gifts for a little extra XP or something along those lines. Perhaps in the form of owl mail like in the movies. A lot of potential, not too much to learn all at once since launch which is good as it could be a little confusing for some people who don’t have much experience with mobile games like this. Overall, decent mobile game especially for a free one. Major Harry Potter fans should be able to sacrifice a bit of pocket change for a couple of extra boosts and such if they enjoy it however there is no need to. Most things are achievable without paying a cent..Version: 2.0.1

Solid appHP:Wiz Unite is another solid entry into the AR realm. While it’s not completely taking advantage of the IP it’s based on it does a pretty decent job of taking you in the JK’s genius world. The improvements already implemented speak volumes of the team commitments to stick with this for the long term. It’s early days so there’s not quite as much to do as I thought there would be, yet it remains engaging on my foot commute to work and leaves me wanting to dawdle outside to do more. There are more paywalls than POGO but again constant play will let you overcome if this ends up being your thing. If you like pogo or HP get involved..Version: 1.8.1

Brilliant Game for the Potter geeks like me ❤️I’ve been playing for a couple of weeks now and absolutely love the game, my only frustration is that we can only get energy from inns, it would be good if energy came in the rewards for leveling up as well. I love that unlike Pokémon Go it really is free to play, sometimes in Pokémon to level up or restore health you really do need to spend money or wait extensive periods of time to collect what is needed to heal or hatch eggs (ect), i did put a small amount of money into unite but not because i needed to so i could move forward but because i wanted to, its a brilliant game and i love that a lot of the smaller artefacts from Potter and fantastic beasts are in there, brilliantly put together and it’s obvious a lot of thought was put into this game, it would be great if we could link our walking distances to our game like other games, and have it count to our portkeys while not on our game, like Pokémon and egg hatching, it’s still a new game and im sure many updates will be added along the way, having friends we can add and send gifts to would be a lot of fun to 🙂.Version: 1.8.1

New updateI absolutely LOVE the night bus feature! I’ve loved being able to go to a fortress without actually living near one. I also love that there are always a variety of challenges (both short term, time limited and continuous). I’m LOVING the fact that I can pick up spell energy and port keys are one of my favourite things - I love walking into a new world! I’m NOT a fan of the new update in which the foundables are always being found. I’m strategic in how I use my spell energy and save it up for those that I don’t yet have in my registry. Now with the numbers of how many parts of the foundable there are to collect are constantly increasing, I have no way of knowing which ones are in my registry. I think it’s unnecessary as we had the option to update to prestige pages once the page was complete - thus allowing us to ‘find’ them again and we were always able to ‘find’ them regardless. The number was a GREAT way to keep track of what/how many I had found..Version: 2.13

Great but ...What a brilliant beautiful game and sorta like Pokemon go but for people who like Harry Potter and wizards and witches, the game presents nice aspects about the wizarding world and a story line (that I don’t read, sorry) HOWEVER i honestly got really annoyed that if u use all your spell energy up it doesn’t reset over night, u either have to go to a inn or buy it with 100 gold or complete a task for 10 spell energy’s but then there is only 1 task for everyday. Also, oddities, I’ve only bumped into one and that was at night and everywhere online it says u can only get them at night, this annoys me as well because it would be really dangerous for kids to go at night to get these and I don’t think some parents will want to go out at night just to get something for a game, some parents will but others will probably want to stay inside. This is a great game but I honestly think some improvements need to be made, I love this game with my heart and I hope that Wizards Unite will develop into something greater..Version: 2.0.2

Great game but..Fantastic game, which is to be expected from Niantic - very similar to Pokemon Go, But with the added fun of brewing your own potions! A couple of things worth mentioning, to explain the lack of 5 stars: Energy should be able to be regenerated, rather than having to find them at Inns and Greenhouses. When these landmarks are far and few between, it’s difficult to build up a decent amount of energy, especially when you don’t live in big cities with lots of inns. Hopefully enough people will have the same gripe that eventually Niantic will change the energy to time regeneration. Also, and not a major thing: it would be nice to be able to customise your character, like in Pokemon Go! The portrait is a nice touch, and I will have fun using all the filters when I eventually take my photo, but the actual in-game avatar would be better being customisable rather than just being the colour of your house! Other than that, the game definitely has plenty of potential, and I look forward to exploring further into the game and to what the developers bring out in the future updates!.Version: 2.0.1

Love it buuut...,Such a great game but it only lets me play on wifi so I can’t walk around to collect stuff. I can only do it on my property. Please let me know how to fix it or update it so that it is just like Pokémon Go. Cause you CAN walk around with Pokémon Go. Thanks..Version: 2.10.0

Great gameLoving Wizards Unite. As a long time PoGo player it has definitely taken over! Would like to see more even spread of spell books though. I haven’t earn any in a week or so and can’t keep my profession lessons tidy..Version: 1.8.0

I would rate five starThere is this annoying glitch that every time I try to go into my ministry Id it bugs and closes my game.Version: 2.0.2

Love itWill be great once the bugs are ironed out. Great concept, love the game... slight delays sometimes when it freezes. Nothing major as only in beta version so you expect it. Would be good to have the concept Pokémon go has with being able to collect km whilst app is closed, this way it saves your battery a little bit. Would be good to expand your bag when you progress up levels. That way you can carry more. Will be great when game fully releases and have more game play away from hot spots. As very minimal at home..Version: 1.7.0

Beth1Sterling this is not a bugAfter reading your review of this game I laughed so much This is not a bug ! There is an additional feature that YOU have not discovered. If you took the time to investigate you will find once you have collected all the items on a panel the red box on top right hand side comes up. Double click to reset that box and earn new and “extra XP points in the game” My suggestion to you before writing a review is to look deeper into the Magic if the game 🤣😂.Version: 2.5.0

Che, neat alright.Game is great, sure there are haters out there who want everything that Pokémon GO currently has in the game but apparently they’re not aware of what patience is..Version: 2.0.2

Brings back memoriesIt’s the feeling you get when the opening musical score plays right before a Harry Potter Movie. Love the game!.Version: 2.0.0

Brilliant!I downloaded the game and was obsessed with playing it for the entire day. The animations and dialogue are fluid and realistic and I like the challenges given. But having used up my energy I left the game overnight to find the energy doesn’t refill overnight at all and can mainly be done by walking to inns which barely provides much. What’s the point of playing if you can only play it for a couple of hours until you fully run out of energy? While I like how it promotes players to walk to get extra energy from inns, I still think this is the main reason me and other players are frustrated with fully enjoying the game. The energy should DEFINITELY refill by itself, maybe 24 hours or so which would perfect the game and make it more enjoyable..Version: 2.1.0

Great...butI have already purchased plenty of gold, loving the recognisable characters and there is a good story to the game. But... I played PokemonGo and on that you got to collect Pokemon, train and battle them - at the moment I seem to be doing nothing but waving my wand and then get a bit of XP to level up to do some more waving, and if a creature disappears before I wave it, I don’t really care..(repetitive like walking dead AR) so no real excitement. Of the portkeys I collected (and walked to unlock) I have been kicked out of quite a few - so no rewards! Few more bug fixes and should be a better game - also I think it would be better if you couldn’t just change house whenever you want..Version: 2.0.1

Really Loving ItIt is more complicated than Pokémon go but still fun. There are a few things that could possibly be made better such as being tested into your house and wand. I am currently level 5 but am already enjoying making potions and unlocking port keys. You don’t have to know anything about Harry Potter as well because my sister is playing and enjoying it. If there is a chance for us to get a patronus or become an animagus maybe we could have a series of challenges followed by a test to determine what type it is? Thank you so much for this game the graphics are amazing!!!! The werewolf scared me for a second 😂😂😂.Version: 1.6.0

Awesome game!!Have been playing this game so much, it’s so fun! I would love to have more interactions with people in my own Hogwarts house, and it would be awesome to have more rewards for walking distances other than just portkeys. An option for practicing and mastering spells would be awesomely fun too, for when you aren’t able to get out and walk, as well as other ways to refill spell energy..Version: 1.6.0

Wizards uniteEnjoying the game so far, although there have been a few teething issues which I am sure will get ironed out. Looking forward to seeing what else gets added.Version: 1.8.0

Looks Great, But Cluttered Complicated InterfaceAs a long-time player of Pokémon GO, I have been waiting for this one for a while. It is decisively different, yet builds from the same fundamental ties to exploration in the real world. I immediately understood Pokémon GO, you catch Pokémon and try to collect them all. You battle your Pokémon and train them - quite simple. A few hours into Wizards Unite and I’m still not entirely sure what I’m doing. I’m registering ‘foundables’ to a collection? The interface is painfully hard to navigate, feeling like Pokémon GO with twice as many features and half as much depth. I am still enjoying the game and trying to get my head around things. I have no quarrel with the energy mechanic, it’s just a shame they labelled it with the same name and gave it the same icon as other games. Energy in this game works differently in that it is apparently not time-gated, so far I have been gaining energy from exploring. My suggestion is to add potions that give energy to help out the more rurally-bound player base. Looking forward to exploring more of the game!.Version: 2.0.1

Solid game in betaGame has great bones, I like the combat interactions, and especially like the fortress system where you can activate co-op play and customize the difficulty at a time and location suitable to you and your friends rather than on an arbitrary timer set by the game engine. Professions give you a goal to progress and the potions are fun little side task that give you useful items to help in the rest of the game. It is beta, so you will experience rather long black screens while loading content, and quite a few bugs around - just make sure you report any you find so we can ensure this promising game hits release as polished as possible!.Version: 1.7.0

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