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Flip & Dive 3D App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Flip & Dive 3D app received 101 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Flip & Dive 3D? Can you share your negative thoughts about flip & dive 3d?

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Flip & Dive 3D for Negative User Reviews


Great but WAY to many ADSIt is a fun game but there is WAY to many ads and i’m not about to pay 3.99$.Version: 1.7.0

I would give you a zero but I can't so I give you a oneThis game is nice, but I recommend playing a different game because the ads there's so much like so me and you would have to do the level over and over because of vertical entries and the ads they just come out out of nowhere, there's no warnings, and it shouldn't be that bad because getting rid of the ads it's so expensive, and I just gonna start playing a different game, I can't give this app a zero, so I give it a one after a long time, the app gets very boring and you would want to just delete it, and I feel like the games be deleted cause how bad quality, and every time you watch it add, they get money from me, and when he down with the game, that's probably why there's so much bad, and they're just want to annoy us, so I'm deleting this app, and I wont download it again and you shouldn't download it either..Version: 1.8.0

AdsThis is a very fun and challenging game I love it very much but it does get annoying when you can’t do a level and u just want to move on but u can’t because 20 adverts pop up and no one really wants to pay £2.99 or something like that to delete them all u could be spending that on something way better and for the ads they show 😱I am truly and utterly gob smacked so my baby cousins are always on my phone bc I have so many games and to see thing like that popping up I was disturbed and when they were all in the living room and my cousin had my phone and she came rushing in crying because of an ad she saw I had to right this review so my suggestion is you rather make ads pop up less and make it a more child friendly ads or just cut all the ads completely And I also know this game has an age limit but because I’m older and have it on my phone my baby cousins(age 4,5 and 6)are on my phone on my apps it’s not one of those things u really take notice of so sorry for going on🤣 Thank you.Version: 1.4.1

Needless red ringSome games have fun and engaging obstacles, and then there's this game. The red ring is a completely needless addition to an otherwise extremely enjoyable game. The only thing this ring achieves is slowing down the pace of the game as you sit there and wait for it to slowly move. It honestly makes no sense to have it there because it's while you're waiting for it to move that you get bored/frustrated; most times I end up going to a different app SOLEY because I get tired of waiting for the ring to move out of the way. The challenges provide the perfect amount of engagement and anything more is excessive and invasive towards the experience. Long story short, this ring hurts ad revenue (at least from me) because it makes me tired of the game very fast, without the ring this game is five stars and I'll update my review to that when it's removed..Version: 1.4.1

The idea of this game is greatI love the idea of diving and having to complete specific tasks but I don’t think the game is really developed enough. You get coins when you dive but there isn’t much you can spend it on, there could be different game modes or more variation between the levels. Also the ads are very annoying but I just turn my wifi of and don’t get any! This game is pretty addictive and I enjoy playing it..Version: 1.4.3

To much addsEvery time I pass a level there is a add if you wanna make a game then pay for the adds😡🤬😤.Version: 1.5.9

Good game but warnings .....This game is fun and good however too many ads, every time you dive there is an ad after that and so on so on. To pay £2.99 to have no ads i think it is way too much. Also like someone already mentioned in the reviews, i have been playing that game for 2 days now and i came across 5 very rude ads!! I think it is so wrong the developper are letting this happening, i have got a daughter who is 12 and can play that game but i asked her to delete the app as the content of the ads are not for a 12 years old. So developper please do something about it or i will complain directly to Apple about your app. About from that the game is fun, different than any other games. It is a shame that you do not have a tutorial to start with..Version: 1.4.1

Well...When I first downloaded this app I thought it was brilliant, however now I can see a few problems with it. Although this game is fun and relaxing to play,it is also confusing. I think the way you level up changes each time or that might just be me! If anyone thinks the same, I would love that to be fixed. Also, the game seams to glitch after each add which is very annoying because there are a lot of adds. There being a lot of adds, would not usually bother me, however I think the adds are occasionally inappropriate. A love island add often comes up, which is a 17+. I would have thought that the adds change depending on the age you select, but that don’t. Other than those things, this game is pretty good. I’d love it if those things could be fixed xx.Version: 1.5.5

Fun game, way too many adsI understand the reason for ads, and you can pay £3 to get rid of them entirely. But unless you do this, the game is virtually unplayable. The sheer volume of ads is overwhelming, each time you want to try a level again, every 1-2 levels you progress forward, there’s a full screen advert. It’s a shame because the gameplay is actually really enjoyable and fun..Version: 1.5.5

Repeating over and over againThis game is very cool but there is a few problems… first of all, you earn money when u play but there is nothing to spend the money on. Secondly, the levels always repeat to level 1-10. Lastly, there are way to many adds! If the owner of the game saw this, please fix these issues. They are very disturbing to me and others..Version: 1.8.1

Umm…🤔🤔Hello creators can y’all bring me back my target without my target how am I supposed to make it y’all just want to see us struggle and make us watch ads so y’all can get that money well sweeties I’m not about to do that if y’all don’t bring me back my target there’s gonna be a problem and I said what I said purr so bring back the target the target didn’t do anything to y’all why y’all took he/she away from the game we had a good relationship but y’all ruined it we where having fun until this popped up (Have fun with out the target ;) ) Why y’all do the target like that he/she hasn’t even been there long it’s like horror movies one person die first and never come back bring back my buddy target cause I miss he/she they helped me out a lot when I needed it with out them I wouldn’t be able to beat those levels so pls bring he/she back I need them I miss them give them back too me pls and can y’all put different characters in the game like a male and other people that would be so cool anyway pls bring back the target pls and that.Version: 1.7.0

Too many ads. Stop it.Eww, the amount of ads are insane, and I’m losing my patience. This, so far is the worst game I’ve ever played. I suggest stopping the production of your games if you continue like this. Why would anybody even play this, when they know that it would overflow with ads, popping there and there every 30 seconds. I recommend not playing this game. It’s just a waste of space and time. Don’t waste your life on this, kids it’s just brain washing you. Get this! Get that! Play the game yourself, you lazy developers! See it for yourself!.Version: 1.5.5

Way to many adsThe ads make this game frustrating and annoying and to anyone who cares about their time I would not recommend this game.Version: 1.5.9

Review Purple DiverActually obsessed with this game. Found it really therapeutic and relaxing. It calms my anxiety and keeps be distracted for ages. If I could change anything it would be to change it up a bit. I feel like when you get to level 40 it’s really repetitive. Be cool if you could change characters or do different tricks. It would also be cool to change up the tasks and missions a bit more. Make it more exciting.Version: 1.4.5

To many addsThe game is really fun but there are far to many adds. Like every time I pass a level there will be a add and sometimes if I lose I will also get an add. Yeah people might say “ oh just get the no adds” but I can’t because it won’t let me. So could you please add less adds but overall a very good app!.Version: 1.7.0

Was fun but then...Was fun but after a couple of tries on a dive and an ad in between everyone I thought I’d really enjoy it so I purchased to get rid of the ads...but after playing only 2 days...I’m running out of interest for the game...I used my in game money to purchase new dive positions and even that’s boring now... I did enjoy being able to change the diver color but after spending 10k in game money to do it, the next time I opened the app my colors were back to default:( Adding new challenges or new things to buy would be nice...also being able to keep the color you purchased at least until you wanted to change the color would be nice...Version: 1.4.4

Ads. 😠There are many good things to this app but lots of bad things. Rude ads are shown and they are shown every 3 dives or so. After the disturbing ad is finished playing it messes up my dive. My diver will continue to lean over the diving board and I can't stop it. I would like to stop it but I do not wish to pay 2 or 3 British pounds. The game also seems to be repetitive as well as the ads you show. It can get annoying me the challenges repeating Over all a good game for older players because of the horrible ads you show. The terrible ads ruin my turn to dive. Asking for to much money just for no inappropriate ads and maybe co e up with new levels. I would not recommend this game to and children younger then 15. I would say I'm sorry but I'm not..Version: 1.4.5

Advert every 3 dives... shame reallyPointless leaving reviews because most game makers couldn’t care less about their downfall, however from reading previous reviews it seems that everyone has the same issue, so I thought I would waste a little bit of my time in hopes that they take into consideration where they’re going wrong and find another way to make money other that bombarding the game with pointless ads that no one cares about watching... Ok game, shame about the amount of adverts that pop up. Every dive lasts around 10-15 seconds whether you complete the dive successfully or not and every 3 dives you do an advert pops up. VERY boring as majority of the game is spent watching and then closing down ads. This absolutely ruins the game..Version: 1.4.2

An okay game to play but ADSThis game is fun when you download it but ads I was playing the game and was diving and I had to try again because I didn’t get the dive right so I clicked to try again and an A very rude and disturbing Episode Advert came up from the game and it was very disturbing of what kids shouldn’t be seeing at all and I was very disturbed by that how this game could allow these types of adverts to pop up into the middle of a kids game I know it’s a 12+ game but kids don’t care and there parents maybe barley look to what they are seeing on these games and other things that are not related to this like games and other things so I would recommend you look at the reviewers and games before you download in case of ads and anything else that can pop up in the middle of the game. In the game it’s self with the actual game I think it can be quite fun at the start but it can get very annoying when you do it wrong so many times and it just gets annoying and they you go deleting it . I hope this review is useful Thankyou ..Version: 1.4.1

Not a bad game but…Look. This isn’t by far a bad game. Although it can get pretty repetitive after a while, I’m not hating on this app. It’s another open option for when you are bored. However, where my problem with this app comes into perspective is the ads. Now I understand that, yes, apps such as these are going to have ads, that is a given. And, while I cannot personally relate, I understand that as a creator, apps need a way to make money back with sponsorships and advertising and whatnot. But, what absolutely drives me insane is the fact that after ever single level, boom, ad. Not even after every “major” level, just after one mini-level completion is an ad. It’s annoying. I get that you would have an ad after maybe 3 or 4 mini-level completions, but after every ONE? Come on. Do better..Version: 1.8.1

Not the bestThis game is not very good because it is almost impossible to get to get to the point that it tells you to get.Version: 1.5.5

Fun game, but....The game is so much fun until you reach the point where the game takes your target away. All of a sudden, the game becomes nearly impossible especially with the pool shapes. Otherwise, love the game!.Version: 1.5.5

To much AdsI know you need to make money but with that many ads after every couple of jumps, is quite annoying. I think the games fun but that ads just ruin it for me..Version: 1.4.1

👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼So basically this has way to many ads and also once you get to a certain point(level 35 I think) the levels become impossible. The duck was down the other end of the pool while I was in the first board which meant it was impossible to hit and I also had to get down 5 metres. The duck had to go down 4. I thought it was a goodish game till then. FIX THIS!!!!!!.Version: 1.4.1

DiveMake the game on Robloxteyeye.Version: 1.5.5

Buying No Ads I think is wrongAt this point I’m fed up! I get an ad most of the time after I fail a dive! Once I saw how much it was to get no ads I was like Are you kidding me? The game is about diving in a pool correctly, not watching an ad for who knows long, really I just think this deserves two stars because of effort and the fun it has. Thank and you could prices down the No ads because I would not like to have to pay 4.49 for No ads. Thank you!.Version: 1.5.5

Was fun...... until level 30. At this point, they’ve taken away the target which hadn’t been a problem before this level. But now at this level, the responsiveness for aiming the character all of a sudden is way off. The character either doesn’t jump far from the platform or flies past the pool. I really did enjoy this game enough that I decided to support it and so paid the $3 for ad free. But... after trying to see if this aiming issue is just a bug with this level and hitting the “Skip This Level” option, I was taken to an ad and then immediately brought back to the same level I was just trying to skip. I was enjoying playing this game for fun and relaxation, but now I’m just plain frustrated..Version: 1.5.5

Too many addsIt is very fun, but way too many adds😒😠right when I die an ad..Version: 1.5.9

Way too many ads!Very nice and pretty addictive game but WAY too many ads!!!!.Version: 1.5.5

It’s alrightIn the beginning the app was fun, interesting but now it’s gotten very repetitive as well as the fact the app glitches and says you failed a level even though you’ve dived more that it’s written. The ads are constant but manageable as you can skip usually after 5 or so seconds. It’s alright..Version: 1.4.1

Good ADD GameIt’s a fairly good game, challenging and fun, but it’s an obvious money grab from the developer judging by how many adds are in it, do a dive, ADD, complete a level, ADD, get to bonus level, ADD, adds, adds and more adds, then they want you to pay $4:50 to get rid of em, they put so many adds in it’s obviously just to get $4:50 out of you. Don’t bother with this game, you will end up doing what I’m doing now which is deleting the game because of the adds. I’m taking my $4:50 to Maccas yeeeaaaaaaa.Version: 1.5.5

TO MANY ADDS!It’s a pretty good game, the only thing is there are WAY TO MANY ADDS! I am most likely going to uninstall this game because unfortunately there are just way to many...it feels like it’s a game we’re u just watch adds and don’t even play anything! I know there are game passes you can buy but 4$ seems a bit much...I really hope they fix it and can make it only a few adds.Version: 1.5.5

Need more to doGame was awesome until about level 80 I really got over it. It’s the same every time. Even though I’m playing well into the 100s levels I want more to do!! Also we keep accumulating money but no where to spend it after you buy the other 2 stances. Please come out with more things to do cos I love the game!!!.Version: 1.4.1

Nothing new to do after an hour.....Saw my daughter playing this game and looked a fun challenge to fill in the spare 5/10mins I get between tasks and kids. Too many adverts, so played in airplane mode but seemed to jam up every so often... so took ‘the plunge’ and paid to go ad free. There are 3 things to save up your money for and that’s to unlock the diving position of the start of the dive. Once you have unlocked the three which took about an hour max there is nothing else to do in the game but go through repetitive levels.... Hit the duck, gain depth, duck depth, entry score.... and it’s the same over and over and over and over and over and over and over again...... I have 140k to spend and nothing to do and I must have completed all of the above challenges too many times that has now prompted me to write a review.... Latest update is to stop the red rings moving??? Why??? Timing is part of the challenge!! Why not update new skins, new arena’s, something other than a duck??? Come on Voodoo I play loads of your other games and this has to be run by senior school kid as a school project as it has no development or progression since I have been playing it I await you next update that actually provides ‘something to do’ in the game.....Version: 1.4.3

Ok but...When you get past level 10 the aiming thing completely disappears which makes it nearly impossible to play because you hold down to jump, and the more you hold down the further you jump and with the aiming thing it’s fine but without it... Also I keep seeing the love island app (which is literally a 17+!) ad. I’m not sure if this is allowed because it is a 4+ game and if say a six year old was playing on this it would be thoroughly inappropriate.Version: 1.5.5

Ok?It is so bad bc you hit a duck and you die like what you got to take it down a little bit please.Version: 1.5.9

My opinion with the adds,that’s my main problem.I think this is a great game and I love it but there are way too many ads. And not a lot of people will/can afford to pay that on a game, so they don’t get ads promoting other games and I think you could keep the ads but just cut down on the amount because for me in my opinion the amount of ads make me not like the game as much as I would like too. Thanks for reading my review And keep in mind this is my opinion..Version: 1.5.5

Needs more. Too many ad’s, AND LAGThis game is fun, when you don’t have WiFi it’s especially fun, because then no lag, and no ad’s. The ad’s is my number one complaint. They will pop up at any time, even mid dive so you wouldn’t know where you got to, and SOME ARE SUPER INAPPROPRIATE I feel as a kids game they should not accept sponsors from inappropriate apps, for example Dipsea or deepsea whatever it is, next the lag, after an ad there’s a crazy amount of lag. It gets over it like after 2 rounds, but still. And lastly, add more things! It gets boring with the same levels, having to do the same things, bonus levels, it gets boring. And here’s no reason for it, add more poses. More pools more levels, more obstacles more ducks whatever, just make it more fun! That’s really all I have to complain about this app, other than that it’s a pretty cool app..Version: 1.4.1

MehIt’s kinda fun I guess.. but with how many ads are baked into the game, there’s just no point in playing it anymore. Also the levels are too easy.Version: 1.8.1

Absolute garbageThe developers of this app care more about advertising revenue than player satisfaction. Clearly they are being paid per ad you are forced to watch between jumps. The game itself isn’t appealing enough to want to spend the $ on to remove the advertising. Keep scrolling people, there’s better ways to entertain yourself than watching advertising for apps you will never download. The AppStore need to change their star rating system to allow zero stars because the minimum one star is far too generous.Version: 1.4.3

AdsI’m giving this 3 stars ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️. I enjoy it it’s fun but there’s just ads at the end of the level. Every level. I wouldn’t mind that, if the levels were harder but they’re quite easy. So this would be roughly around ever 55 seconds you get an advert. No one likes ads. Now, every single game has ads. Ads this, ads that, ads after this, ads after that. And to be honest it’s annoying. Really annoying. -Izzy.Version: 1.8.1

Horrible game that glitchesThis game is bad, it glitches and the levels are kinda babyish. Why do the people have pink skin?! When you are on stage one of a level, it sets you at one metre high! I find that it is too low. If you don’t even make it to the pool and hit the ground, you turn into a pile of pink bubbles?! Instead let them lie on the ground without guts or blood and definently not pink bubbles. When you get a touch down and you hit the bottom hard you would most likely break a bone, not break a bone and shake it off. Once you get into the water somehow you randomly float back the top and you don’t even get out! Your bonus levels set you too high that you can’t even see where you’re going to land! If you’re twenty metres high you look at the ground and it is all hazy, realistically if you’re twenty metres high there would not be any clouds. None of these things are realistic, I accidentally pressed on two stars not one, if I could give this game a zero star rating I would. Now onto adds, THERES JUST TO MANY!!!??? Please take away your adds! PLEASE don’t play this game, PLEASE!!!!.Version: 1.5.9

Adds👁👄👁This game is really well made! I love everything about it! It’s just the adds that are a bit annoying:/. I kinda recommend to get rid of them because it’s really really annoying. Every time I die I always get an add, when ever I level up I get an add. It’s pretty annoying, but the game it’s self is really well made and I really enjoy it!.Version: 1.5.9

Ads, ads, adsI totally understand that, as a developer, advertising is extremely important to you. However, I didn’t really have a fair shot at trying the game before being absolutely bombarded with adverts and am certainly not going to part with any cash until I know that it’ll be worth it. Half as many adverts probably would’ve done the trick, but unfortunately I’ve deleted it instead. Shame, it looked like it had real potential..Version: 1.7.0

WAY TOO MANY ADSAfter EVERY dive, there’s an ad. Even when you fail to accomplish the dive (ie, vertical, getting 12m deep, etc) there’s an ad. It’s like every 30 seconds. My god. The game itself is fun(for me at least) but it’s impossible to enjoy with the ads. And they aren’t short ads either, THEY ARE LIKE 30 SECONDS ADS!.Version: 1.8.1

Fun but to many...This game is super fun and often find myself playing it. I love the idea of the game The levels are super fun to play. But they are super easy and they don’t progress to be harder. There is also nothing to work for. Like new swim suits new backdrops and new driving boards. And there are so many ads every 2 times or so a ad comes on and it is super annoying. And I wish you had the option to choose if you want to play levels or just dive off the diving board of height that you choose. I’m gonna keep playing because I have not finished with all the levels yet. But all the levels or so repetitive I keep seeing the same levels over and over. Thanks for taking the time to read this hope you can take my thoughts into thought to improve the game Can’t wait to see so improvements.Version: 1.4.4

Needs sortingI really loved it and it’s really addicting but there is way too many adverts I only get two tries and there is an ad. like many other people there is way too many ads I really like this game but please sort out the ads there is some as I’m not even allowed to see it’s a bit inappropriate sometimes how Random ones just pop up thank you.Version: 1.5.9

AdsI like this game and it’s fun to play but there’s just so much ads it’s really frustrating when I’ve finished my dive and then strait away an ad comes on like flip & dive 3D you need to lower the amount of ads a bit. Instead put an ad every three times you go so you have 3 turns then and add..Version: 1.8.1

To many adsI always have ads comics up when I die it’s annoying and the circle you jump in doesn’t move for me so I get super mad cause I would always.Version: 1.5.5

ADS1. the ad situation is really bad. after every single jump i get an ad. when i skip the level by watching the video, it shows me one ad, THEN SHOWS ME TWO MORE!! i want to play the game not watch a bunch of ads for a game i am not going to get. its so bad and i really wish that there far less ads then there are normally. i get wanting to make money by putting up ads, but please at least lower them to only a few. 2. the next thing is that red ring that comes across the pool, IS SO ANNOYING!!!!!!!!! i understand that once you get the hang pf the game, you can challenge yourself the jump through the red ring, but maybe at least give us a choice. i dont want the red ring because im not very good at the game so every time there is a red ring, i wait until it has passed so i can jump. 3. when i jump through the duck, on my character it shows that the duck is on my waist, but when i get down to 20 meters, its saying i only jumped 3 meters down(even though the duck is still on my waist when im down to 20 meters). its very annoying and i wish that it would give the correct measurement that i actually got. these things cause me to not enjoy the game as much as i want, so if you are reading this before you get the app, please consider these thing before downloading. -thank you💋.Version: 1.4

Why I think it’s badToo many ads after finishing a level it gets in my Nerve maybe ur you delete all the adds for free which isn’t fair on other people because they are not allowed to spend money on games who really wants to play 2.49 or something to get rid of ads that aren’t even useful Cut it down on the ads because it’s every single time I finish a level an ad then another it’s just so repetitive sort it out..Version: 1.8.1

It’s Great!It’s a great game I really enjoy playing it. I love how you can do flips and story and hit the duck, I also like how it shows where the person is going to land it’s a great idea! But my only complaint is the amount of ads if you fail a certain height it comes up with an ad every time and if you pass a level it will give you an ad. So please consider removing some ads. It is a really good game otherwise 👍👍👍.Version: 1.5.5

Addictive But...........I loved this game I was obsessed but the ads wayyyyy too many I bet I spent more time watching ads then I did playing the game like geeez ppl I’m sick and tired of it I might as well just go watch an ad marathon oh wait I’m already doing that and the stupid red ring what’s the use sure extra points but that doesn’t matter example if you’re in the challenge “hit the duck” and the red ring is there but the duck is right underneath we the ring but in the middle of it right where u can’t get and it doesn’t pass over the pool so your only option in that situation is to just die and I’ve had this game for months but lately past couple days every time I try to play it the screen goes black and it takes me back to my home screen and I’ve made a lot of progress in the game and I don’t wanna loose it my deleting it I just don’t know what do the creators of this game need to make some major changes like seriously and like NOOOW 🆗.Version: 1.5.3

Crazy lag and far too many ads!In addition to the Ad situation mentioned in the other reviews, the game lags. Every third or so dive you’ll only get as far as leaning off the diving board to jump before freezing for several seconds, then the diver jumps either halfway down or straight to wherever jumping without control happens to land you. Everything else on my phone runs lightning fast so it is a problem with the app. Also, I understand that ads are a necessary evil and I do appreciate the skip button, there are still way too many. It’s not like we won’t play long enough to see an ad. This game is entertaining enough to sit and play for a long time. There’s absolutely no need to throw an ad at us every 30 seconds. I know you need to make money, but you won’t if you annoy your players so much they delete the app. Just sayin… Overall, fun game but ads and lag make it almost unbearable to play..Version: 1.4

DisappointedI was really excited to start playing, but when I tried to get in it just kicked me out. I tried 5 times, it didn’t work. Very disappointed..Version: 1.8.1

BlehSooo many ads and it makes no sense I can't go deep.Version: 1.7.0

Boring, no long term playability.This game is very good for the first time, but after an hour or so it gets boring and repetitive and I keep earning money but have nothing to spend it on. It feels unfinished. If you don’t intend on spending time playing this game beyond unlocking all three dive styles, don’t spend £2.99 to go ad free. Some suggestions: - more skins. - more diving styles. - new arenas and the ability to select them. - vary the challenges more. It gets boring when it’s the same pattern over, and over. It’d be great if one dive from hit the duck, then the next was entry and flips or something. - keep the red rings moving. Dunno why this was changed. - add points for flips. You could do 1000 flips on any level and have 10/10 perfect entry but only score for the perfect entry. - maybe have like a season mode or something like that where you work your way up the rankings. All of these can just add a little bit more playability to the game. Voodoo games are very good generally. This one is severely lacking..Version: 1.4.3

ReviewsThis game is fun! But it has a tiny glitch and t keeps messing up. It makes me pretty frustrated and it contains lots of ads. So this would be 3 stars.Version: 1.8.3

YTOO MUCH ADS u can’t play without ads everywhere.Version: 1.5.5

Too many adsI love this game whwn I actually get a chance to play it because as soon as you either restart or move on to the next level you get an advert. It is very annoying and i get why apps have adverts but this is taking it to a new level. Especially as, for me the ads are all for the same app. This is why i have only given it 3 stars..Version: 1.8.0

AlrightThis game is pretty good. It keeps you occupied, and entertained in boring situations, or when you just want to relax. The only downfall is, I’m on level 200+ and have over $200,000 in money that I cant spend due to there being nothing you can buy. The challenges are way to easy, and they never change, the game never gets harder. There should be a free play choice, so you can build you diving board as high as you want, have better options on the game, the levels are repetitive. I also paid to remove the ads, for $2 so anyone that is complaining about ads can just remove them. If the game gets harder, and you can spend the money that you earn, I think this game will be even more fun..Version: 1.4.1

Too many adsThere is so many ads.Version: 1.4.1

80% of this game is adsThis was a great game at first but after a while of playing every time I done anything in the game an add would pop up one that u can’t even X out of the same add over and over and over 80% of my time playing this game was spent watching ads and I just thought in the back of my head every time I’m watching this ad the company is making thousands of pounds. What’s the point , I would not recommend wasting you time on this game because the ads will frustrate you and may I add the actual game itself had about 4 levels that just repeats and I’m sick of literally everything to do with this game ! Periot.Version: 1.5.5

Shocking advertising set upThe game itself is fine but the pop up ads are so shocking it makes you want to delete the game out of sheer frustration which I’ve ended up doing, every 30 seconds there’s and ad, sometimes 2 ads back to back, and most of them cannot be skipped until 15-30 secs have past. If this was changed to let’s say an ad every time you level up like most other apps do it would be a great little game to pass the time. Pros- addictive fun game. Cons- can spend more time watching ads than actually playing it..Version: 1.4.3

Good but repetitiveAt first I really liked this game and I had a lot of fun with it but after a while I found it was extremely repetitive and I got bored also there are to many adds on it so I am forced to put my phone on airplane mode which I sometimes forget to turn off. I also noticed that after you unlock the third diving pose you have nothing to spread the money on which is frustrating. Recently I also noticed the red ring kept stopping and interrupting my game play. I really like this game but if changes were made or an update then it will be fine.Version: 1.4.3

Gets boringLike a lot of people said this game gets boring after a couple of levels. This game needs to have more added to the game so it’s not as boring. I would suggest more skins for the person and another way to earn money such as mini games. I have been addicted to this game ever since I started. These few adjustments will make it a much better game..Version: 1.4.1

Too many adsI play it a lot and I like it but after every turn like jumping and flipping into the water there’s an ad. It gets frustrating to play..Version: 1.5.5

Adds but goodThere are adds after every level but good please put a shop or something to spend the money that we collect I love it overall but please just make it less adds and put a shop in thanks.Version: 1.7.0

AnnoyingThe game is just okay. It’s very repetitive and can get boring. The lost frustrating this is vertical diving. It’s almost impossible to do. It’s not hard but it’s not easy either. It’s not a bad game it’s just getting frustrating having to do the same level over literally 10 times then when you fail you go down a level which just isn’t fair because you could’ve spent a long time on a level and finally pass it completely by chance and then you get to the next level and if you mess up 10 times you have to redo that one you were struggling with which I just don’t think is fair. But this is just from personal game play you may be better at it but this is hella frustrating for me it’ll take my literally 30 tries just to do one level and that’s absolutely ridiculous for a game. It should only take you four or five tries for level 6. Also there are WAYYYYY too many ads. Like you get 10 ads literally every 30 seconds I swear..Version: 1.5.5

Good game but ......I started when I was bored 😐 of my Game’s and a like swimming 🏊‍♂️ so I got this game and I was like this looks like a good game. I downloaded it and it showed me how to play and I said to myself oh I really like this game. But when i started to play it longer advert advert keep popping up all the time and it is so annoying. Then is you miss the dive advert also advert every 3 dives people you should Not Get This game do not also before you get the game read this review..Version: 1.4.5

Suggestions and complements 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼I love this game! It is a great game but needs a small bit of work. First off every game a developer makes should be made with effort which this game is made with. What I mean by that is I have had this game for 2 or 3 months and I have yet to see a update. Also I can tell this game was made in small amount of time because I am on level 137 and nothing has changed every level you get a different goal there are about 5 different goals. They never change it is always those 5 goals repeating. Also I love how you added a shop. I like how you can change you skin color and you swim suit color but every time get off and come back on it changes back to the original color it was. You can’t change you swim suit style which I’m kind of sad about but its ok. Also you can change the way you jump off the diving board but when you buy it for the in game money two of the ways that you can buy are glitched. The style where you face forwards and flip the opposite way you can’t get past the flip level so you have to change the way you jump. Love the game thanks for reading..Version: 1.4.5

Ads and Lord of the ringsThe game is really fun but every time I complete a level, I have to watch an ad. It gets super annoying. Also what’s the point in lord of the rings. It super frustrating because you are already trying so hard to complete the task! Please change this..Version: 1.4.3

It is ok I guessThe game is pretty hard to do but I like a challenge however the person who made the game put to many ads and never put what you need to do in order to read it does get annoying when you don’t know what you need to do it is fun and interesting but the ads and the fact that they don’t tell you what you need to do it does not help when they tell you to go down a level and the duck to they want you to go down to the bottom but the duck float holds you from going down it is not a terrible game it’s just those minor issues I had while playing this game so in the end it is not bad it just so many ads like no joke a duck float that keeps you from winning and not that good of instructions overall game is good.Version: 1.7.0

Was a good game, now it has reset itselfI used to love this game (which is why I’ve given it three stars) but recently the game has put me back to level 1 again. This is extremely frustrating as all my progress has been lost. I can see that a pink target has been added, to show me where I will land (which is quite helpful) but I really wish this change would’ve come without the resetting of my progress. Also, the past few days my game has been glitching, as I have had to repeat the same level multiple times. Overall, the game is good, but the glitches and reset of progress I’ve had recently are very annoying..Version: 1.4.4

So. Many. ADS!The game is fine and all, it’s actually pretty amazing. You can customize your character, there are a lot of stages, and I like the bonus one, but there is one thingnthat ruins the whole game: the ads! Advertisments are great once in a while, they can be shown every 3 stages or so, but the annoying part here, is that they show ads after every single attempt in a stage!!! If you complete a stage, an ad shows, the next stage shows an ad when you beat it, it applies to every stage! The ads will even show if you retry a stage! Luckily, removing ads exists here and costs 3 dollars, and boy, am I relieved that it’s that cheap. If you like advertisments and meeting new games, I would recommend this game. Oh wait, the ads only show COLORING games, and that annoying Raid Shadow Legends sponsor is there too, but it’s mostly coloring and other games with very repetitive gameplay, so now, I’m not even sure I would recommend you this game This game deserves a 5-stars, but because of your insane greed and desire to put THIS much ads in the game, you get 1 star. For anyone concerned about the “you win, you get an ad, you lose, you get an ad” issue, just turn on airplane mode or just disable your connection, that would be the best maneuver to enjoy the game..Version: 1.8.1

There’s no real goalFun game but once you get all three diving positions there’s no real point to the game anymore. The levels got repetitive and I got bored.Version: 1.4.1

Huge IssueHello, and i really hope you are reading this. if you are, here are my thoughts on the game. first of all, the ads. the ads are the main reason i’m typing this. they’re so reoccurring and obnoxious, i really don’t recommend downloading it. there’s an ad after EVERY. SINGLE. TURN. the only thing to solve this issue is to put your phone/ipad on airplane mode. you shouldn’t have to do this to stop the ads. the game is fun, (without the ads ofc) but i still do not recommend downloading it. the more downloads the game gets, causes more good reviews, causes the game to become more popular, causes the game to get more sponsors, and that makes the ads worse. i recommend deleting the app if you have it, because they really do not deserve this many good reviews. (a lot of them are probably bots/spammers, but at least us leaving bad reviews will stop something.).Version: 1.8.3

Good but Goes nowhereGood game at first but once you have all the dive positions there is nothing to spend game money on. Make it harder with more levels and more things to buy. Gets boring and super repetitive after a while. Maybe even put in some goals or challenges..Version: 1.4.1

TrashA few glitches but every. Single. Turn. There’s a ad, it’s the most annoying thing.Version: 1.8.1

AdsThis isn’t the average review about the game having an issue with ads. There is too many ads but that isn’t my main complaint. I start a level and then oop there’s an ad. I’ve already started the level though and once the ad is done the very inaccurate dive is done or it gives me a fail. Fix the timing with the ads. I’ve lost numerous attempts over this 😡.Version: 1.8.4

It’s okay but it can be betterOkay so I think it’s a very fun game and very addictive. I’ve been glued to it ever since I got it and to be honest I’m kinda loving it!! Well I WAS loving it. BUT I’m giving the game a low rating mostly because the game gets very repetitive and doing the same lessons over and over again gets boring to say the least. So to improve the game I recommend putting in NEW lessons and tasks. Also I think giving the character different types of outfits and looks would definitely improve the game. I have lots of money and I don’t know what to do with it. Oh I almost forgot I think adding MORE stances would also be cool and make the game more interesting and fun. These are just some ideas and I highly suggest giving them a shot. Oh one more tip LESS ADDS!!!!!.Version: 1.4.2

Some levels impossibleI have had this game for several months now. Overall it’s a great game but it does have its issues. There is what I assume to be a glitch where sometimes when you jump, the diver stays rigid and doesn’t curl while she’s falling. Another is that the ring that used to always be continuously moving, now will sometimes stop. I can avoid it at times but there have been instances where my objective was to hit the duck but the edge of the ring stops on top of the duck. And finally the levels are literally impossible either because of the distance you have to jump on the first levels, you can only go so far from the lowest diving boards, and from higher boards it’s impossible to hit a deck at the edge of the pool nearest the board. I enjoy the game but fixing those issues would make it so much better!.Version: 1.4.8

Fun but uhmThis game is fun for a mini game and I have found myself playing it quite often. The game itself is fun until you have beaten all the challenges and it’s just repetition. The game doesn’t become harder as you continue, it only switches pool types and scenery. It would be cooler if you could unlock new scenes, pools, and diving boards. They recently added a new feature where you can change the color of your character and your character’s swimsuit, but I have found some flaws. To change the color of either you or the suit, you must pay and absurd 10,000 dollars EVERY time. Even if you have already chosen that color. I closed the app for about two hours, and I came back ready to play with my new decorated character, when I realize the color change is no longer there. But, my money isn’t refunded either. I saved a lot of money because there was nothing to spend it on, and I purchased other things as well. This was just disappointing. I tried to buy the colors again and exited out as a test. When I reopened the app, the colors were gone instantly. I recommend they fix their game and test it some more. It’s a great idea though. It gives the play some objective (earning money), so they can continue to play the game. If the creators also decided to add character customization, such as body type or gender, it would add more to the game as well. Other than those few complaints, I enjoy this game and look forward to its improvements..Version: 1.4.4

DONT GET THIS!I went on the game thinking it was going to be great, and it was until it kept crashing. I thought maybe it was just my phone, but it wasn’t just my phone. This game needs major fixes! Everytime I re-downloaded it, the same thing would happen. I do NOT recommend if you don’t like games crashing. Not even to get on the ads but man there are wayyyyy to many, they come like every 15 seconds and unless you want to deal with that, it basically only leaves you to the chose of buying it or deleting the app. I chose to delete it because why not it’s gonna crash you at any time. I know it sounds like I’m complaining for ads and that’s what is supposed to happen but this is a complete waist of time and there are too many ads for just even one run through of the game!.Version: 1.4.1

Fun but annoyingHi! Overall I love this game, it’s really entertaining and simple to just play for a couple minutes! I do have three things I would like you to change, a recommendation and one question. The first thing that annoys me the most is the adds, I probably get an add every time I try to get into the pool, not every level but every try. I often will leave the game and not come back to it for awhile because of the amount of adds. I find this game very satisfying but the adds make it frustrating. The second thing I think you should change is the red hoop, it doesn’t add any purpose. I usually just wait for it to pass but I just want to play, it’s not a good add on. The third thing I am asking you to change is the vertical landing. That means either you touch the water with you head or feet first. I will most often go for the heads when I try to land, but it says I fail. That is just plain annoying. One idea for you is to make a mode where you can practice and not get judged and not have levels, that would be nice because I struggle on some of the levels. One question is what do you do with the coins? I have a lot but don’t know what to do with them! Overall this game is really satisfying and fun!.Version: 1.4.4

Used to be goodI had this app in the beginning of 2020. Used to be good. Could play a couple rounds without ads. Now there’s an add after every time and $4 for no ads is silly. It’s also way to easy now as there’s a target in the pool. Not fun anymore don’t recommend it..Version: 1.5.5

Fun game butReally fun game but it gets pretty repetitive after a while. It’s kinda just the same levels again and again. And I’ve got all the different ways to stand on the board... maybe harder levels or different things to do would be good.Version: 1.4.8

RepetitiveThis game is fun, but after about 30 levels it removes the target (when you hold down on the screen it shows a circle of where the diver will land) which makes it really hard to complete levels where you have to hit the duck or “duck depth”. I think there should at least be an option to watch an ad to get the target for that specific level. There also is not a big variety of levels and come a certain point it’s not entertaining anymore. I suggest adding some levels or new features. It would also be cool to have a proper person diver and not just a bald headed faceless one. (P.S, anyone who has trouble with too many ads, just turn off your Wi-Fi and turn on airplane mode and the ads completely go away! You’re welcome 😉).Version: 1.8.4

AdsThere’s an add after each level. Not worth the time. Don’t download. Also drains battery.Version: 1.8.0

Ads I can’t deal withThere’s LOADS of ads but most of all,all the same it’s tbh ridiculous im not hating on voodoo games I have loads with the same ads and I never leave reviews but this is ridiculous and not only that,annoying so please that would be amazing if you could fix that problem. Thanks so much not be a complete hater but if this continues I will permanently delete all your apps but if you could fix that it would be amazing and I won’t pay to get them away that’s ridiculous if you do and that would fix most of your bad reviews! Other than this thanks SOOOOO much and it’s amazing your games except from the ads keep up the good work and keep making more games!.Version: 1.4.5

Stop the ads.Having ads is alright. Its understandable to require ad revenue in order to sustain a business, but this game has such a high, unnecessary amount of ads. I play through just one attempt and boom. Ads. Moreover, the concept behind the game is great and entertaining. However, the fact that you get only ten attempts is sad, especially when you account for the inconsistency of the game's core (and only) player-controlled mechanic. Releasing at the same time often results in different landing positions, which is alright, at least until the gain depth needed to pass is only achievable via perfect entry. The game itself is good, but these issues need to be addressed. Especially the ads. Imma be honest: i play these games on the toilet, and no person on the toilet would choose ads as their form of entertainment while droppin a deuce. Just sayin.Version: 1.4.3

AdsWay to many ads! Every time I beat a level there are always 2 ads and you beat a level every 30 seconds so you spend more time ad watching then playing the game.Version: 1.8.1

Great game but changed for the worseIf I wrote this review a year ago I would of rated this 5 stars, now don’t get me wrong this game is fun and all and a good game to play when you have nothing to do, but ever since the new update the game hasn’t been the same, first things first I groan and moan when I get on the hot air balloon bonus level, not because it’s hard but it takes foreverrrr to fall! Secondly the name purple diver was way better than flip and dive 3D, Flip and dive 3D is just a much more basic and boring name and every one knew this app for being called purple diver. I think you should change the name back, but other than those 2 flaws this game is fun and a good game to play, please don’t ignore my feedback tho thanks for reading this!.Version: 1.5.5

Good game but lacks long time play appealI’ve been playing this for a while and is a good game and fun time waster. But past about level 80 it needs to have more complex levels. I recommend not just having different size and shaped pools, but include more complex flip and vertical angle combos that require you to select the best flip posture for the jump. The new bonus levels are a fun addition but simply making it how deep you go is useless. The meters represent no actual target. It is is simply you need a perfect dive or a fail. This is not a fun challenge. If you’re at 1000m you should include crazy amounts of flips and vertical angle to make players feel they achieve something if they complete it. Another idea is seperate screen buttons for different tricks In the air. Say a pike button, flip button etc Good game but needs to be worked on to keep players interested.Version: 1.5.0

Lame gameWhy is it so confusing? Yeah it says harder than it looks but this isn’t supposed to be THIS hard. Lame..Version: 1.8.0

Ad Fix + SuggestionsIt’s a really fun game and I’ve honestly been glued to it; it’s a great time killer! If the ads are annoying you, I suggest turning off all wifi and data. It will give you ZERO ads and you will play uninterrupted! Moreover, I have a few suggestions for the developers; one being to lessen the amount of ads because it’s kind of insane, two, being able to use the crazy amount of money you get per level to buy new skins, new areas, new bathing suits, new pools, and more stances. I’ve only noticed three different stances in the game and I’m currently on level 200; it gets very boring when you keep doing the same tasks with nothing to motivate you (playing to save up to buy something new, for example). Other than that, I enjoy the game a lot, but I just see a much better future for it if the developers took the reviews into account, and more specifically, made it more stimulating for those who get to high levels!.Version: 1.4.1

HATEI absolutely hate this game it’s the worst game if you get frustrated really quickly this ain’t the game for you the is a red circle you half to dodge to get the duck this game is off the charts because it’s bad, frustrating, annoying and so much more who ever invented this game need to get there life together or change so much about this game cause it’s a wast of time. I’m sorry to the creator of this game it’s just not my thing and if you want help so change some stuff about it just reply to this..Version: 1.4.1

I LOVE IT....butI love this game except for one thing, after a few levels or at A random level, the red marker or target will disappear and never reappear. This always finds a way to frustrate or infuriate me. This is a glitch. This glitch is very annoying! Please fix it because I do not play the game and I delete it, until I want to see if it is fixed and of course it never is so I just keep following that cycle until I decided to write a review so that you can fix it (developers). Please fix this glitch because without the red target or guide it is very hard to complete the levels because you have no way of knowing where you are going. Other then that glitch which affects the whole game it is a great game until that glitch starts and never ends! Please fix this..Version: 1.4.4

Well, 😒 MUST READ VERY IMPORTANT INFOSo this game is fun but there is A LOT of problems. First off, ads. I know every app has them, but this game has them like crazy. Every time you do a SINGLE flip, add even if you mess up! Ad ad ad. There is more ad time then actual playing time in this game. This may sound like exaggerating, but it’s not at all. Second off, the game itself is not very accurate. When you do a flip, it tells you if you are doing the flip right of wrong. I think they shouldn’t do this feature because the game would be fun if I could just flip at different levels. However, if the game was like that there could be some mini games too, because the whole concept is just flipping off a board and a judge telling if you did it right or not. Kinda boring if you ask me. The third thing is that there are also lots of glitches. I was playing the game the other day, and there is this level with a red ring you have to land into to. The next level was a redo of it, and there was no ring so I just landed in the water easy peasy. There are more glitches but it’d take forever and this review is already very long so I won’t list them. So I really wouldn’t recommend this game to a friend cause it is boring, cheap, has a LOT of ads, and is just sketchy. This game is a rip off. 😒.Version: 1.8.3

Put the pink circle back!!!Soooo... This game is very very rage quitting when you get to the level without the pink circle. I really liked this game until that... please put the pink circle in... Also, why so many ads?.Version: 1.5.9

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