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Archero App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Archero app received 115 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Archero? Can you share your negative thoughts about archero?

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Archero for Negative User Reviews

Gone DownhillThe developers have recently added more weapons, along with bracelets and amulets to enable players to increase their health/attack. Good, you might say? Unless you are willing to spend a LOT of money you are very unlikely to get ‘legendary’ items in the short term. Seems any items you win in game or buy with chests are totally random and I reckon it might take a player a few years to get much in the way of legendary items unless you are very luck with the ‘randomness’. I guess the game is made hard so that the developers don’t have to worry about building too many levels, trouble is, after months of attempts trying to beat the same level the game starts to get boring. If the game was a bit easier and had many levels it might be a real winner. Sad really, I was enjoying the game but the developers have now made it so much more difficult to level up items to legendary or even ‘Perfect Epic’ status without spending a lot of money (and then there’s no guarantee you won’t get a lot of duplicate items you don’t need)..Version: 1.3.4

Energy is the problemGood game but energy kills it!!.Version: 1.0.9

RNG is disgustingly brokenIv being playing this game for 6+months now and since the last 1-2 updates iv noticed the rng on what skills you can pick when you level is broken, everyone knows the multi double richocate and critical is the only good combos, I haven’t seen any of those skills drop in well over a week, since then iv decided I’ll uninstall this game and play another game that is similar that seems less broken rng, such a shame this game was doing so well.Version: 1.3.6

Not well thought outEither the game isn’t well thought out or designed to have an impossible wall at later stages (3rd stage with arena) so we’d spend more for permanent upgrades. The first few stages are absolutely fine. At the later stages when you’re swamped with monsters to the point where you can’t stop moving (and monsters spawn faster than you kill them) you would be stuck in an inescapable position, and eventually die. Because you only get upgrades when the waves are ALL done, you’re stuck with being terribly equipped throughout the fight. Half the times I do make it far but it’s mostly because I get lucky at the beginning and I just keep going until my luck runs out essentially. Which is not very fun. It depends too much on what skills you get at the beginning (because it’s all you have for a while) and what monsters come up (because some are a lot easier to kill than others). So boo..Version: 1.0.9

ImpossibleThe new expedition levels are a nice addition, however level 180 is impossible. I understand they are supposed to get more difficult as you progress, but there is literally no way to pass the level. Three bosses that spawn in 30 second intervals, two of which are impossible to kill in 30 seconds. Which means if the one easy boss doesn’t spawn first, you will end up fighting two, then three bosses at the same time. Every time I attempt it, I die BEFORE I even kill one probably about 70% of the time, and it’s always the easy boss... there is no set of equipment that makes it any easier, no maneuvers or tactics to kill the bosses in an easier way. In order to pass the level you would literally need to survive, in a small room, while you are a “giant”, with 2-3 different bosses with different attacks and mechanics, while only being able to take 2 hits, dying one the third, for like 4 minutes, that’s how much health they have. relies too much on luck and not enough on skill. Two of the bosses have WAY too much health. Lowering the HP would probably solve the problem and make the level actually worth attempting. I also believe the progression of the game as a whole relies too much on luck and not enough in skill. The fact that you will never pass a chapter until you get lucky and get the perfect set of perks along the way really kills the point of the game..Version: 2.0.1

Overall fun gameGreat game that is overall fun to play and helps pass the time. If you feel bored change the weapon or armor and start over again on the first levels, easy way to rank up. What am Annoyed about and reason for 3 stars and not better, is the “hit boxes” seem to be off. I get “hit” by bombs thrown even though I left the area and am not in the ring of the explosion as displayed on the screen. Also things seem to hit be before they actually touch me, where I still had time to move out of the way, or some things will slide right passed you when they look like they should have touched you. And things like the ricochet skill don’t seem to work unless the enemies are on screen, I’ve watched an enemy go out of view just barely and the arrows stop flying at them. I take a step forward where they’re back in view and they suddenly start flying at the enemy again. But it’s no issue for off screen enemies to throw bombs or shoot projectiles at me, right? Also an issue if an enemy is right in front of you. Your arrows seem to pass through them with no damage. But they’re still damaging you and taking health. Still fun, but you’ll get 5 stars when you fix the hit box issue because it’s sketchy and kills me in moments I should not be killed..Version: 1.2.7

Game crashingGame keeps crashing during playing a game after updating. Gems end up getting used when I don’t use them. Please fix the problem please.Version: 1.2.7

OfflineThis game says that it’s offline but when ever I play it says waiting for internet it’s really annoying imma delete for now until you fix this please do it quick this is a fun game.Version: 2.6.4

Fun but too hard!Such a fun concept, love the game play, but the levels are way to hard!, I think of my self as pretty good with games and I cud hardly get past level 2 without paying for extra.Version: 1.1.6

Archero FacebookI’m trying to join the Archero Facebook group and it’s private ... I’ve tried to follow them 3 times or more but they always decline... how can I get these free Facebook gifts if I can’t even follow the page? I really enjoy the game but this is really irritating me.Version: 1.3.4

Very good game...but crashThe game are very good, addictive and challenging. But it crash all the time ( old Ipad air and i choose medium graph) no big deal if it crash in the middle of a can restart. But sometime the game crash when loading the quest. So you loose your energy and you cant do rhe quest. Worst, game lag in the middle of a fight. The gameplay its a 5* but the crash and the lag that worth a 3*. By the way, the crash was very low when I start playing. Im lvl 80 and I send several request to the support with time, ID, etc...I did my job ;).Version: 2.7.1

Great Game but...This game is really fun and it’s great for hours of play. The problem is the “ad not ready” issue. Gems are important in this game like almost every other App Store title and you earn them by completing parts of the game. That part is perfect but they give you these (rare) random chances to spin a wheel and win extra from time to time. Despite the tab clearly saying that I can spin the wheel 4 more times today and the fact that I’m on full cell service with WiFi, it says “ad not ready.” I can understand if I’m not on WiFi and the ad won’t load, so I haven’t earned my chance to win anything by watching a paid advertisement. I encourage app developers to do this to keep games free if you don’t want to spend money at the in game store. It’s just frustrating and hopefully fixable, because if that part worked correctly then this game would be 5 out of 5 and bordering on perfection. Just to double back on this, the game is really really fun to play and my complaint is a small part. Dangling a carrot in front of me and then basically saying “error” is super annoying when you get a rare random chance to win extra currency that helps a ton and can decide a win or a loss when you are deep into a difficult dungeon..Version: 1.1.2

New Heroes UpdateI was pretty excited to see what were the new heroes, because for a while now I wanted to be able to play a different character. Or to have the possibility to change the main one from male to female since I'm a woman ! It is really nice that they have different stats and powers, but I'm really disapointed to see that the only FEMALE char you added is 23,99$! Others can be bought with gems or even gold, but who's willing to pay 25$ to play the only female hero in a cellphone game... Not me I guess :/ I really enjoy the game and how the levels are made and everything, but that's a bit of a downer for me !.Version: 1.2.1

Game reviewI am playing this game for a week now. I was really excited when I started this game. Nice graphics and good gameplay. But after a while you keep doing the same thing and the game wants you to buy things so you can upgrade the hero and pass the levels. Otherwise you just keep playing the same things all the time. I am so disappointed. I ended buying a chest and got something useful. But even that is not enough for these game developers. You just have to keep buying. The main design of the character is useless. Don’t wast your time. This game is just for the people who will pay a lot of money for the chests..Version: 1.0.9

Need more HeroesHonestly I really like this game and I used to love since at first when I played this game when it first came out I was able to save all of the progresses that I did when I was offline but now whenever I’m playing this game when I’m offline or using my mobile data, I lose all of my progress when I come to play it using my home wifi. Also, I need some new heroes which can be bought by using coins not real money since I’ve already bought and reached level 51 with the current heroes which can be bought by inside coins. If those 2 things are fixed in the future I’ll give you a rating of 5 out of 5 but for now it’ll be at 3..Version: 1.3.4

An extremely fun game with some annoying money-hungry aspectsThis game is pretty stuffed with micro transactions, and has an energy system, one of the number one things to turn me off from a game. However, it has an extremely fun, addicting, and legitimately good game on its hands. Port it to other systems like PC or console, add cosmetics, more gameplay and options on the menu to keep people coming, remove energy, remove micro transactions, make it 5-10 bucks, and boom you’ve got an incredible rogue-like on your hands. But in its current state, I can’t give it five stars mostly because of the energy system. Let me play your game, don’t make me wait a day after playing for twenty minutes. Reminds me a lot of a game I played (Can’t remember the name, it’s like Temple of the Skull or something like that). It’s a fun game, but the micro transactions, energy system, and ads make it an annoying experience when you are getting into it. If I could, I would give it a 3 1/2 because it is really fun, but the energy system is a terrible business practice that has been proven not to work many times. I would absolutely recommend to my friends, but I still think this game needs some changes. I also think they need to keep updating to add some more game to its bones. Add more systems, upgrades, cosmetics, and boom, you’ve got a cash cow..Version: 1.0.9

I used to love that gameI am stuck at lvl 7 for ages, I am lvl 55 and I am seriously wondering that I can’t be that useless to pass this stage. You have make it impossible on some levels to be passed. Ie the stone monster that creates stone soldiers as well (why the soldiers have to pop up exactly where I am standing?), it’s unfair to get extra health from the wheel when you are fully (same as you wouldn’t get another bouncy wall why you get health when you don’t need it?). The monster that fires roundy projectiles that fire 4 flames (I can’t count how many times I have lost in this lvl) at least make the roundy objects to have damage resistance. Some times I get hit from something and lose 1090 energy and some other times I lose like 400 (from the same enemy). Please make it slightly more easy so we can continue to enjoy this game, I can’t play the same levels again and again, it’s not enjoyable anymore!.Version: 1.1.6

I love the game but....I love every part of this game , except the energy accept, if your energy is full you o ly get to play 4 times , basicaly if u dont buy diamonds u have to wait to play.Version: 1.0.9

Pay to winOne of those games where u need energy to play. The game is mostly pay to win plus you can’t play offline. Game = trash.Version: 1.0.9

Energy aspect is trashLove the game just hate the energy aspect, I don’t want to be waiting hours just to play again and only 4 turns??? I’d understand if it only took one unit of energy to play a game that way we’d have 20 turns before having to stop playing, but 5 energy units is more than excessive!! I know many other players feel the same, fix this PLEASE!!!.Version: 1.2.1

7. Barrens of ShadowThe worst level. I defeat the boss and the red bar turns gold, means their health is completely gone yet they still attack and something manage to kill me when I should no longer be worrying about it. A good game otherwise.Version: 1.1.5

Great game that holds itself backThe fight mechanics and visuals are amazing. I have very little to criticise about while playing the game... It is when unable to play the game that the issues come in. The game forcing the player to wait hours for each attempt is ridiculous and should be completely removed. This change would fix many other issues that stem from this mechanic (such as the grind being ridiculous due to not being able to grind anyway). This could also be solved if the player had the ongoing option to view ads to continue playing (which is available initially but soon disappears). Another thing I would change is removing the cap for the starting ability perk. Being able to work towards starting with 2-3 abilities would be much more enjoyable, because the early stages of each attempt can become tiresome..Version: 1.0.9

Fun game but slow progressThis game is a very fun game but after a while it becomes extremely hard to progress as it costs an incredible amount to just get the smallest reward, it was a fun game but now that I can’t progress anymore it has become too repetitive and it has become too boring to play anymore.Version: 1.0.9

Repetitive and BoringPlayed the game for two weeks, only sunk an hour in a day (if that) and got bored. Had multiple sets of purple items+armour but the game became the same old rpg where you have to grind for gold to upgrade to be strong enough to move on. Rarely any new monsters and when they do appear their movements can easily be read after a few encounters making killing almost anything in this game a breeze including bosses. The only “challenge” comes from it being easy to die in higher levels as the enemies do more damage hence the grind aspect. Overall - nothing new + exciting in this game when comparing to other rpgs. Their events are baron and lifeless pretty much makes the grinding a bit easier. Good little time waster but nothing great..Version: 1.3.1

Great at first. Scales horriblyI’m on level 8 of 12 with maxed out epic items and pets and still can’t get close to finishing the level. I really loved this game initially as it’s a clever concept and design and a fun game to kill some time. The first four or five levels feels like a steady progress with a mix of more challenging enemies and bosses and levelling up items and pets. Then it ramps up difficulty very suddenly. My love pulled me through thinking I just need to level up (items and abilities). I’m on level 8 out of (currently 12) with all epic items and pets maxed out and still struggle to get to the last 1/4 of the level. How I’ll ever get to level 12 is beyond me. I won’t delete it but I will come back in a few months hoping they have fixed the challenge balance issues. If not then it will be deleted for good..Version: 1.2.6

Getting really disappointed nowI have been playing this game since nearly the beginning, have spent happily good money on it, but it gets to a point you are just stagnated. No more improvements or upgrades of equipment to made and the rewards are so small for what you do. You go through 100 stages, which gets very difficult, for 7000 coins? What’s the point the point of spending 15 energy out of 20 to do that? Also in the other levels you actually get stuck, just because 3 or for hits kill you instantaneously no matter the best you have on. And you log in everyday in hope they get something better to keep the game going, but it’s getting only worse; for that I do not recommend anyone this game for now..Version: 1.4.7

Good gameI saw the game from pewdipie’s video and gave it a try. As a game it’s really great. I don’t really mind the energy thing as it takes me off the game after a while so that I don’t spend hours of my day basically wasting my time. I understand the other complaints about the energy system because 10 mins per energy is quite long when you need 5 to play one round that might last you less than 5 mins. Maybe 3 mins to charge each or maybe even 5 would’ve been bearable. Next are the item and health drops. It’s quite frustrating to advance far from the beginning (I’m on chapter 3 which might not be too far) but still have beginner items, which I know can be upgraded but common is still common and has an unsatisfying feel. Lastly the health in game, specifically on chapter 3. There are waves of enemies per room that will spawn with a timer and you are bound to get hit if you weren’t able to take care of the wave before and enemies stack up. There should be more health drops than there is because it’s quite impossible to dodge almost 10 long range attacks that doesn’t care about obstacles. I knew this game was gonna be one of those “pay to win” games which only care about squeezing as much money from someone until they get bored. In summary, better or more item drops, more health drops, less energy timer. I honestly think how the game works is amazing except for all the priced stuff.Version: 1.0.9

Fix energyHate the energy system but other wise it’s a fun game.Version: 1.0.9

Fix the new power up plsGame is fun and all but the new power up seems like a debuff every time you get them. The only useful later power up are just coming down to slow projectiles and rage at best. The remaining new power up are so bad that it ruin the game because the more new power up you get the weaker you become and it is very ridiculous in term of progression. I don’t get the point buffing your companions because their attacks are super weak compare to your heroes. For example, I can hit 6-7k attack with rage and crit and multiply in by 4 times or even more while the companions deal at best 300 attack each and Crit may bring it to 8-900, while a fire hero does around 1k8 dmg per shot and each time he receive new power up the power can multiple by 2 or at worst around 20%. The companion can deal less than 1/10 of the power (of the heroes potential and their attack is slow and so easy to miss so it even worse than 1/10 of your heroes power) which mean new power up for them is basically near useless and it make the rng for good skills worse and yet there are more and more debuff new power keep getting introduced..Version: 1.2.3

Progression scaling is terribleGood game in concept, but the progression basically halts after stage 5. I get that you want to make money, but hard walls aren’t ways to do it. Lure people in with actual progression and make us pay for faster progression. Make more levels to counteract it. Make it so free to play players can actually progress and enjoy the game. It’s a single player game man, you can’t expect us to spend hundreds on this. In fact you don’t even make us want to support you with this money hungry approach y’all are taking. You have a reviews for a reason. Listen to us and maybe people will like the game more. I wouldn’t have quit if there wasn’t that insane pay to win wall. You have a good game, make it succeed..Version: 1.2.1

READ THIS DEVELOPERSI only did 1 star to grab your attention really it’s a 4/5 now to the complaint. Please fix chests there not even good the luck on opening them is not to high so what I’m asking is add more chests,rarity’s and make the chests more lucky 🍀 also make the loot better than like %90 common and %10 other and please fix the energy system it’s so annoying you would get a lot more people to play this game if you did that you have to wait omost 4 hours for you to get max energy but it only lasts 4 rounds like come on either speed up the energy system or take away the energy system entirely (most preferred) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO EVERYTHING THING THAT I HAVE ASKED IF YOU DO YOU WILL GET ALOUT MORE PEOPLE PLAYING AND THAT EQUALS MORE PROFIT AND HAPPY KIDS JUST THINK 🥺.Version: 1.4.8

I’ve played this game for a long timeLook, this game is a lot of fun, especially in the beginning. The game is really well developed and maintained. However the reason for the three stars is because of the difficulty curve. I honestly don’t mind the push for adds, I have watched... a lot. My problem is that I have grinded for over a year and have upgraded all of my characters to level 59. What is the point of all of your work when and enemy can take half your hit points in one shot? To me it means there is no point in leveling up. I also hate advancing through the game because you get more “power up” options, when there are only a few that actually help. If I don’t get the double shot and two arrows I may as well quit. I have loved this game for a long time but sadly I realize that all my grinding means nothing at this point. I finally have made the choice to get rid of this game. I would love the option to pay for the game to allow my character to actually get stronger, but when I see things that cost $10-$100 I can’t believe it. I buy games for PC which offer more for less than half the price. This is a mobile game. Charge $6 and allow us to develop an actual character..Version: 1.4.4

No CompensationLost coins,rewards and gems in the Maze events. It is a large amount that I did not get. This is due to commercials freezing up, not playing, or going blank. Other players have/had this problem too. In normal, hero, and other events, this does not happen. Developers have contacted me, and I explained the situation. Still waiting for them to do something about it. This is why I am giving them a 1 star rating. I will also stop spending anymore money on this game. Update: ln response to your question. I updated this to 2 stars, for your reply and questions on this comment. lD: 5-84023325 Update 2: March 20. Still waiting for your reply, as I have not been compensated yet. Update 3: March. 25. No reply at all. I am dropping your ratings back to a 1 star rating. I have stopped spending money ($200 +) on this game. Other players have this problem too, and lost rewards. You gave everyone 100 gems for a mere inconvenience that your game freezes at 65% start up. But nothing for people who actually lost time, points, gems, shards, and rewards..Version: 2.8.5

AverageAs has been said many many many times reading other reviews you are drawn in initially with fast level progression and unlocking new stuff. The longer you play the worse this game gets however, it seems more often then not when attempting hard levels to progress you are almost deliberately given the worst possible level up in game skills pretty much forcing you to die or to spend your real money to progress. I’ve tested this many times, soon as you go back and redo old levels your blown away by the perks you’d wish you would get on harder levels. Progression is extremely slow and painful once you’ve plaid for a month or more. Boredom redoing the same levels over and over because you can’t progress without blowing money has killed this game for me.Version: 1.2.7

Great game ... BUT!This is an all rounded amazing game. However the battlepass feature needs to give more than what it is offering now. I have bought it 3 times now and every time I unlock the chests both golden and obsidian chests and I get the same stuff over and over. You need to fix the equipment rewards as it takes you forever to power up and work on building your equipment. And even now with all my gear on mostly Rare I still can’t beat most levels. I spend hours unlocking all I can but it seems you have to keep paying and paying just to get a little progress. This needs to be fixed because it gets tiring quickly and makes you not want to continue playing or buying anything.Version: 1.2.6

So much potentialThis game has so much potential it has a great combat system and is really fun to play but just a few things holding it back. 1. Energy system takes so long to recharge, it really reduces your playability. 2. It seems to be a massive grind fest. Takes a long time to get any decent gear (low drop rate) and updating them is long and tedious. 3. Game scales a lot faster then you can, you’ll hit a wall where your stuck completing the same patch of the dungeon “trying” to move on but the farm rate is low so you can’t. UNLESS you want to pay a bit of money to continue on. Bit if a shame really..Version: 1.1.2

Impossible to beatFirst the game is good but after some levels it is impossible to beat and the powers is useless. for invisibility its better to choose when it will activate and make a cool down because its useless only activates when there is no weapons or enemies beside you. have a choice to block some powers before playing some powers are actually useless. to the developers try playing the game so you’ll see the flaw. its a great game but some levels are impossible to beat. it becomes annoying. im in level seven in normal mode which is the “barrens of shadow”. this level in particular some of the bosses are impossible to beat. and the freaking life bar of the boss including the mini monsters is freaking not in sync so the life bar is finished but the boss is still alive SO ANNOYING. i thought boss is already dead but still not what a bad quality check for the game. ALSO the PET is hitting the enemy towards you which is annoyingggggg.Version: 1.1.5

Why does this happenAround about every 2 minutes or so the game kicks me out I don’t know why this happens I’ve updated the game but that doesn’t help especially when I get to the harder levels I can just barely sometimes beat a round in enough time before it kicks me out and sometimes deletes all the loot I’ve gained in that level This is a good game and I want to keep playing but when I can’t even finish a level more then half the time it gets hard Hopefully no one else has this problem.Version: 3.7.1

Progress PlateauI’ve been playing this game for a while. It has been fun for the most part. What I’ve noticed is there is an issue with progression as you reach higher levels. In general, upgrades become so difficult to purchase, it get impossible to pull high level gear needed to continue to grow. No amount of micro-transactions will even help at this level. *popup* limited time offer: $5.99 for a piece of equipment that is worse than two or three options already in inventory. Gems? Nah, don’t really need them. What would I even spend them on? Chests? High level drops are so rare it’s not worth the time. I’ll just idle mine coins, log in once a day and collect my 100K, so I can make a single upgrade. Change heros? Why? I’ve already spent a fortune on upgrading Arteus. Why would I spend any resources on a hero with lesser stats and the mountain of resources required to get it anywhere close. I’m pretty much at a plateau, there’s more stages, challenges, special events…but why? To earn a novelty currency I can use to spin a prize wheel that drops less coins than just starting a stage getting the level bonus and letting the mobs kill me? It’s not a pay-to-win issue, it’s not a pay wall, it’s just a progress curve. It’s a joke. I think I’m done with Archero. Sorry guys..Version: 3.6.2

One of the bestOne of the most addictive games I’ve ever played on mobile. The only problem is that it takes itself way too seriously, the drop rate for rare items is extremely low for such a small game on which you’ll spend no more than 10-15 minutes per session. I’ve been coming back to the game for one month but I’ve never seen one rare or epic item in my inventory. Also, most of the abilities are useless, all you need is speed and multishot. The monster companions don’t deal any damage at all so that’s also a bit pointless. Some bosses can only be defeated if you’re lucky and have enough HP to take damage because their attacks are not possible to dodge. Overall the gameplay is fun and satisfying, give it a try..Version: 1.1.4

DO NOT PLAYGame is fine until like lvl 12. then the developers expect you to sit there for 3 months retrying the same level. and yeah i upgrade all my stuff and try new stuff but even then it’s real tough when they give you 30 scrolls, but it’s 5 and 4 and 3 of some kind. only ever give you 6 of one kind of scroll and anything over lvl 40 needs 100+ scrolls. fix this developers since you all “listen”..Version: 4.2.2

A bit ehYea I’m sorry but In my opinion the levels take just too long to complete , gems are really hard to come across after you have reached the end but cannot beat the final boss , and waiting a week for a free chest is a bit rediculous. Yea yea I know you can get them from the wheel but that’s a chance and you have to watch an advertisement to spin it , also you only get 5 spins a day and the max you can get per spin is 20 (which is very rare) so even if you are really lucky you can only get 100 gems a day which is not enough if you want to gear up. Also if people are playing on mobile data (because a lot of people only play mobile games while bussing or waiting) then you don’t want to watch an ad. I do like the randomness of the skills each level though that is very good , and the skills are all unique which always keeps you on your toes for how your round is going to play out. But the fact that your permanent skills that you buy with coins is random is stupid. Nearly most of mine have gone into healing when I level up, yea it’s not bad but it’s pretty bad to heal 800 hp when I level up when I barely take anywhere near that most of the time. I think you should be able to build your permanent skills how you want. All round yea it’s ok but could use some reworks , Thanks keep it up.Version: 1.0.9

OKAY Game but VERY BUGGYGood game, but after stage 10 of the main game there is a serious jump in game difficulty and the there are several bugs in the game. Some of the major ones are the hitboxes that the player has, enemy projectiles get sucked into you (ones that do not track), some enemies will go into objects and walls and become impossible for the player to do damage to BUT they can still do damage to you. That is incredibly unfair. Also there are certain enemies that provide the player with almost no way to get away, like the fire worms in stage 13. They will spawn inside a player and do damage to them but you can’t move around or you will be killed because each hit does about 3k in damage. The drops are also terrible after the recent update, and you never get anything that is worth being needed. Additionally, leaving a review in-game is useless. Not a single person has responded to or emailed me back after 3 emails over months. I recommend the developers find a way to fix this game because it also does not restore purchases made by players and it just takes your money without giving you any rewards or the items you pay for. If you are thinking about downloading this game, don’t. Not until they decide to be responsive and actually fix the game..Version: 1.4.4

Change your difficultiesI’ve been stuck at the same heroic level for over one month, you dumb developers should fix your game difficulties!.Version: 4.1.0

Chapter 7Been on chapter 7 for more than a month and it’s becoming a struggle to get much further than level 5 on average (I’ve made it to chapter 9 once) few reasons being; - not making any progress since I can’t upgrade or buy anything new and rely mainly on chest drops but mostly get either the same items I don’t use or common items which I don’t need and can’t fuse, obsidian chest rarely ever drops anything good either - item drop percentage is ridiculously low - I currently have over a million coins and hundreds of scrolls for each category since I can’t use either of them for anything - boss difficulty plus combination of minions are way too overpowered 90% of the time - it should be a minimum of 1 level up per stage for this chapter since there’s only 10 stages but by the time you’re stage 7 you’re only level 5 (depending on lucky wheel) Overall this game was definitely good and a nice new change and runs really well but if the devs don’t listen and make changes to the things which are making players stop, then it’ll only go down hill from here..Version: 1.1.6

Fun but disappointing customer services.I’ve been playing this game for maybe a month or so now. I really enjoyed it at first, it was fast paced and I could progress through levels well. Obviously as you get further t becomes more difficult, but it’s more challenging for those unwilling to pay. I have had a few issues, connection wise, reward wise and have contacted the team but haven’t had a response. Recently they put the Battle Pass out which I feel is massively one sided to the paid players, but I continued to play but my battle pass has now disappeared from the top of my screen. I’ve suggested improvements to the game as well, which also seem to have not been responded too. Overall I’ll keep playing but with progress being slow, I don’t know how long it will hold my attention if there aren’t any changes to help the none paying players..Version: 1.2.1

Consistently inconsistentThis games been fun. But always glitchy and inconsistent. After a few rooms certain level up bonuses you get stop working all together, the in game gem currency is always there to revive. But sometimes it’s behind an add wall which you don’t pay for - which is fine. But the second you get a few gems built up - the add revive option goes. It’s not appropriate to take away choices. I also find this game extremely visual disability unfriendly. To the point that the layer of the same colours is really problematic. The developers appears to be getting greedier since this game begun a few years ago. Considering how certain things just stop working mid game it’s quite rich of them to force pay to progress now. Get the game right and quit it with the forcing $$ out if people if you can’t even get basic features to work correctly or appropriately..Version: 3.2.2

Fun but it feels unbalancedThe game is simple and fun but has some elements that makes it feel like I’m beating my head against a wall. For example I was stuck on area 4 for 2 months and I’m now on 5 and I’ve been here first at least 3 and I’ve made it to the final boss a few times but I’ve always had to spend gems to revive to get there. I feel like the gear drops need tweaking and, this definitely needs to be fixed, enemies should not be able to fire follow up shots so quickly; it is absurd how many projectiles can be fired at you with no warning and there are so many particles it can be almost impossible to see them..Version: 1.1.6

Great game. Lacks user supportFront the get go this is a very easy game to just pick up and play the constant progressive challenges keep you hooked. Levelling up is nice and smooth at first then it will take some true grinding there on out. Upgrading you gear and companions is a nice touch but I would prefer to see graphics changes on upgrading their class (minor point). There is absolutely no need to pay for additional gems you earn enough and every 24hrs/6days you can claim each chest for free. My only gripe is that the game has now stopped letting me watch adverts which takes away the chance for additional rewards and cheats. I have wrote to the “support” numerous times now and haven’t even had an automated response let alone a helpful one. Overall very good time passing game but with non existent support/maintenance I’ve given it’s a review of 3.5/5 I would happily increase my stars if support would pull their finger out !!!!.Version: 1.1.2

Gameplay is neat. Feels like gambling!The actual gameplay of this is great! It’s a simple idea that holds some familiarity to games like “the binding of isaac”. Where could you go wrong? In terms of in game playing I have enjoyed the time I wasted all smooth and easy. Runs well. However I do have problems. The problems I have with the game: —The lack of variety in what you can get as power ups. It feels kinda monotonous, like the only viable build is as many arrows as fast as they can go with big bouncy effects and fire. Great fun the first 10 times but it looses its appeal after a while. I would suggest maybe taking some more inspiration from other games in this genre and fleshing it out with some really wack ball arrow effects. Go left field or steal someone else’s ideas. —There’s also the stuff around the game that I’m very unsure about. To put bluntly it feels like it’s trying to get kids into a deeply rooted gambling addiction. It’s not necessary to spend all your cash on gems to play but the developers (or ceo) really really wants you to. It comes up more than I’m happy with but I guess that’s kinda the go to formula with mobile games. Over all 3/5 as it shows some big potential and I have enjoyed the little time spent but I think there’s some things that need to be tweaked.Version: 1.1.4

FixPls fix environmental hazard, aoe attacks and player hit box it’s annoying to die to something that doesn’t touch the character model.Version: 1.0.9

P2W is strong in this oneFirst few level areas are okay to get through, the later levels require months of free grinding or 2 seconds of spending money. For example one level I was stuck on for 13 days no matter what set up I used, I got a purple upgrade by finally getting a guaranteed drop from the chests, the upgrade was insignificant but all of a sudden that stuck level was 1000 times easier and I cleared it without even being hit once due to the enemies suddenly being easy. After weeks of grinding I’ve seen this pattern repeat where a gem bought item suddenly makes the impossible, possible. Game is overall fun and I would pay a one time fee for no energy or ads, just a shame greed ruins it as usual..Version: 2.0.1

I’m impressed but..Game is really fun and I enjoy it but I find it a little too difficult from level 1-20. Maybe you guys can add a small HP regain after every kill? Or just lower the difficulty. Also if we can’t shoot through walls then, the enemy shouldn’t either, Balance it out. Reducing the energy recovery time could be helpful, or monsters the get defeated have a really low chance of dropping energy kits..Version: 1.0.9

STUPID. DUMB. CRASHEvery time i try to play the game it crashes AND it takes my energy please fix this idiotic thing.Version: 2.8.5

Game is not rewarding anymoreWay too many currencies( gems , money, soul stones, cookies , gems to upgrade heroes, hero shards, rune stones, scrolls. You always short on gold and gems. I totally understand that is game to pay. But still, for those who play free where a lots of commercials we watch and now its not even woth it. For example gem wheal , you getting 10 gems for 5 min of commercial, 10 gems!!! When everything cost thousands. And if you even get those gems it 50/50. If not you get 3000 gold and again where everything thing you have to buy for hundred thousands. Its like you getting tips a change like two cents after 1000 dollar dinner . Its a joke!!! Money and gems price are getting higher and higher because new staff being added with no rewards to even it out the game. Its way out balanced. Way too many skills to chose and only choosing from 3. If adding so many skills which bunch of them are completely worthless, make it choose from 5 or even it out skills then. Pets are completely worthless too. And big chance you getting them . It’s disturbing. Expedition was a nice run to 300 level with some rewards, after you added 60 extra on top more harder ( which is ok) but no rewards ( no purple keys, jus small amount gems and gold) . Whats up with what ?!.Version: 2.5.2

Good game, but a lot of flawsEntertaining game and all but sometimes the level design and boss fights can make it hard to enjoy the game. Especially when certain rooms have levels where there isn’t much counter play with the game mechanics. For instance: there are levels which use enemies that shoot around the player, and enemies that shoot at the player, and enemies that charge at the player for melee attack, or they have enemies behind fences that you cannot shoot back at. These certain situations can get annoying because the only things you could do is run and shoot and you are more than likely gonna have to take damage in order to go through the level. Another thing is that the bosses can feel unbalanced and hard to strategize against . Like a good example is the tree and the rock from chapter 4. These two bosses were frustrating to beat because their ai is hard to damage without taking hits, the tree frequently jumps and shoots projectiles when it lands and the rock constantly charges at you and shoots you as you run away. One suggestion would be to test how the game would feel if enemy projectiles could damage another enemy to add another dimension to how enemies can be countered. This will help with runs that you get upgrade options that don’t help with damage per second..Version: 1.1.6

Bad update!!This used to be my favourite game, spending a few hours a day on until this last update. Don’t get me wrong, it runs super smooth and looks great, but the levels have increased, not decreased in difficulty. One hit from most enemies can take a third of my health away where before I was barely scratched. Enemies would wither away from my poison effects, now they hardly lose any health. And the bosses?? Even harder now. Why ruin a great game like that. I worked hard at leveling my character and maxing out my equipment, and now it feels like I’m a rookie again. Please fix this!!! Oh,, and the crashes on start up,, fix that too!!.Version: 1.2.7

Unsolved MysteryLove this game. Been playing it for a while now and their upgrading system makes you want to keep playing. So much fun so why the mediocre rating? I recently chaged my phone from the iphone 8max to the 12 pro max and then it stopped working. It wouldnt even boot to the main screen. I tried everything you can think of (signing off/on..deleting the game..updating the ios..etc) but nothing worked. Emailed them hoping to get an answer and I got a respond but the guy/gal basically suggested to me what I’ve already done. Responded back to it saying I did that and this email was the last resort. The email didnt even provide any other solution. Sounded condescending. This review probably won’t matter and they probably have a few with the same issue but have no solution for it so they won’t even address. Just annoyed that I can’t play the game anymore. Decent customer service is hard to find these days. That and bad says it works for all iphones😑 Update!!!! Still doesnt work when I try to open it. All the developers told me to do is update to the latest IOS. They’re definitely clueless or they just like to disregard the obvious. I’ve seen several users having the same issues. Doesnt seem like they care to fix it.Version: 2.6.4

What a messGame is an absolute mess and has so many problems. 1. There is so much stuff on the map you can’t see anything. You got arrows flying around, sometimes hundreds of arrows, coins everywhere, projects from enemies, smoke or other weird effects and all of this means you have no chance seeing anything at all. 2. The enemy can be moving at a snail pace but if you’re 90 degrees to it, your arrows will miss the target and shoot at nothing while projectiles continue flying at you. 3. It will hit a wall or a static reward chest on a 9 level rather than hit an enemy coming up to you. It’s really frustrating cause when you want it to target something far away shooting projectiles, it won’t but when an enemy is walking up to you to hit you it keeps hitting something far away and when you’re near the reward chest just before a boss, it will hit thst rather than hit any of the enemies on the map if you’re remotely close to it. 4. Back to the stuff on the map, you have the massive control onscreen joystick at the bottom of the screen. When you’re at the top of the map, the controls cover half the bottom of the screen meaning it’s even hardly to see anything that is happening. This game needs a lot of work and not worth putting a cent into the game until the devs put some work to clean up the game..Version: 1.1.2

Good game can be betterFor starters make some of the abilities we can get more worth while for example make it so bolt does say 25-30% damage instead of 10% base damage and proc 100% of the time same exact logic can be applied to all the other status effects. Another thing make the big bosses have more vertical room in their areas cause i am almost dying to one constantly to the point I am saved by your little bonus defense system when my HP gets low don’t think I didn’t notice that. For the more unique abilities such as the circles and swords.... just have them do more damage other wise they are worthless and passed up for raw stat boosts such as hp up or attack speed. Also what is up with the level limit? It’s silly and counter productive to one of the abilities we can get which is called smart which makes it so you level up faster.... when there is a limit of 11 levels... which you are guaranteed to get by the final boss which means when it pops up it just means I only have 2 viable options not 3. I like the equipment and most of the talents with the exceptions being make it so you can have more starting abilities and replace the passive money making talent for something such as more levels per run. It’s a good game but as stated previously most of the abilities are pure trash you are better off sticking with raw stat ups with the only good synergies being ricochet and bolt but as stated previously bolt is trash.Version: 1.1.3

Love the game.... until nowBeen playing this for months and love it. Its updated wonderfully in all the right ways. Never had to purchase anything. Recently I’ve been really invested in the game time wise and thought stuff it I’ll buy one of the packs since they are “discounted”. I had been stuck on level 11 normal mode and level 8 in Hero mode. Grinding was producing absolutely nothing, couldn’t progress in the slightest. Had all epic gear maxed out and thought well a package should help me upgrade and move on.... absolutely did not help in the slightest. Paid $80 for some major upgrades, beyond anything I’ve ever had. Usually an upgraded weapon helps defeat a level. I literally increased everything I had and I maybe went from 35/50 to 37/50. The attacks did not feel any different. An absolute waste of money and definitely won’t be purchasing again. If I see no difference in the next update then I’ll cut my losses and delete the game..Version: 2.1.0

Revert Gugu nerfsGreedy company couldn’t let one fun thing remain in the game that wasn’t pay to win. Honestly I’ve been playing this game for so long, and it’s such a waste of time. You never get anywhere, grinding takes ages unless you dump money into the game, the most fun I’ve had in months was with the new hero Gugu, and they nerfed him. Many others feel the same, he was too fun and wasn’t a hero you needed to purchase for money. Perhaps with a $40 price tag they would’ve kept him as is without a nerf. Honestly, anytime you play you’re slapped with tons of paid bundles and pay to win promos. To add insult to injury, right after destroying the most fun F2P character, they also slap a new bundle onto the update, a monthly “VIP” bundle at over $10/month. At that point you’re better off subscribing to an MMO membership than some pointless mobile game. Until they revert the recent nerf to Gugu, I see no reason to continue playing. It’s near impossible to have fun or progress without dumping MONTHS into the game…or y’know, a couple hundred dollars. So disappointed..Version: 3.5.0

A bit buggyGreat game for the most part, has decent player progression and engaging gameplay without it being too complicated. One problem I have with it is the occasional bugs that really effect the game. One example is after reaching the final boss in level 5 hero mode my shots were not hitting the target and were missing to the right of him. This caused me to die wasting the time i took to get to the end and almost makes me not want to try again incase it happens again. Ive also had bugs where ive switched apps in the middle of a game only to come back and all my abilities have been erased. Would easily be a 5/5 if not for bugs like these.Version: 2.0.1

EnergyHonestly I really enjoy this game and I don’t usually write reviews but I think that you guys need to hear this. THERE IS NO REASON TO HAVE AN ENERGY MECHANIC. Seriously?! What’s the point? I’m one of those people that sits down for long periods of time just to grind but the energy mechanic seems to only be there to slow you down!! I don’t understand. What’s its purpose?? As it is a game that requires a fair amount of grinding, why implement a feature that limits how much you can play?? The first time I played it I had to put it down after 10-20 minutes cause I ran out of energy. It is really not necessary to have in the game!! As I said, this game has so much potential and removing the energy system could be a big step towards making it better, but as it is this game is just frustrating me because I can’t play it for long periods of time when I have nothing better to do. Let me reiterate, I really do enjoy this game. I have so much fun playing it but I just wish I could play it for longer periods of time. Anyways, sorry that it was a bit long..Version: 1.0.9

Getting a little more than tiringPlayed this game for a while and really enjoyed it until recently. Been stuck on Level 11 for weeks, upgraded hero, talents, weapons, armour, accessories time and time again but still can’t crack stage 30, (I reached stage 49 once and was killed in one strike), and this is playing maybe 15-20 times a day some days. My hero is Lvl 61 and talents are at 62. Free draws from the chests seem to repeatedly give the things you don’t really need every time and item drops in the game follow the same trait. Starting to prove those pay to win reviews are maybe correct more and more. Shame..Version: 1.4.4

Great mobile gameI have played this game for almost a year now, and i think your game devs did a great job. I’ve contributed some good money to this game because I’ve enjoyed it, up until the point im at now. I have all perfect epic gear, that mostly was earned by playing and not making purchases. It is near impossible without buying anything to get to that point without putting in ridiculous hours into the game. Your drop rate for armor/weapons/lockets etc. in normal and heroic stages, and even events that are supposed to drop them are way to low! Second, some of your abilities are useless, whenever a player sees them automatically will know they lost. Circle abilities, and swords, meteors, side arrow, rear arrow, poison, they are horrible, and do little to no damage at all. The abilities that win stages are: ricochet, multi shot, blaze, shock, freeze, and sometimes front arrow +1. Third. I noticed that once you have three front arrows, if all three of them don’t hit your damage is NOTHING. It is only good for bosses as their hitbox is large. Most normal enemies in your game do not have a hitbox large enough for all three to hit, at least easily. Fourth, setting up ranged purple health plant enemies behind barriers you cannot attack through on “hero mode #12 “ dungeon of traps, they attack way to quickly to be able to maneuver around without taking damage, it’s ridiculously hard..Version: 2.5.2

Not worth starting the game at this pointI’ve been playing since release. Spent a little money on it, and a lot of time... they keep adding too many confusing and pointless layers to the game, and it’s just getting too complex and tedious. You’re not rewarded for practicing, and it takes too long to level and grow your gear. Don’t waste your time and please DO NOT waste your money. As soon as you upgrade an item or some gear, they add new stuff to the game that takes months and years to upgrade, or MONEY if you want to speed the process up (and it’s all random/luck). The mechanics in this game are awful, it doesn’t matter how much you grind or how good your gear gets, mobs always hit for proportionally the same amount of your total hit bar, and your attacks hit for the same %... it’s the same game over and over again no matter how high your get or how good your gear gets, the experience doesn’t change and it will leave you feeling tricked and cheated by the developers. They need to add more ways for new players and players in general get gear and upgrade their items, not add new and better items that you can’t obtain or upgrade without spending money to do so. Video games, especially mobile games, are such a joke and are absolute robbery. If this was a complete game with fair mechanics and content updates, I’d happily pay $40 for it plus a battle pass, but if you want the “full” experience and the best gear, you’d have to spend $1000 at least to get your gear leveled up..Version: 2.3.1

Simple cash grabI’ve been playing this trying to figure out why the devs felt it necessary to take what I find most joyous about a game like this where it comes down to dodging, good placement and a little bit of rng and fill it with $49 characters you can buy, upgrades in chests for better equipment which is painfully slow to get without putting your key card in and making the levels so cluttered you can get caught on almost anything while the enemies hide behind walls and throw aoe projectiles from areas your hero (at least base hero) will have incredible amounts of trouble hitting. Most boss fights are extremely simple and in a few cases I’ve even been able to take all hands off my phone and let it hit the boss while not taking damage myself. I would love to give more stars but frankly I can’t when I’m being shoved paid advertisement down my throat at every given turn. Like the concept for the game but I can’t say I’d ever recommend it..Version: 3.10.1

Good game but discouraging difficulty curveRather than rewarding the player for beating a tough level (probably through lucky item selection), Archero instead dilutes the upgrade pool with weak options for subsequent stages. Even with high difficulty levels, item selection should encourage rather than frustrate the player. I will abandon runs if the first few items are suboptimal because I know that I could not beat the later levels. I do this despite the existence of an energy system which has been designed to restrict this strategy The solution to this is to nerf op skills, buff weak elemental ones, and remove useless skills (pet skills). Skills that encourage different types of synergy should be added to make the player feel as though they have options rather than just hoping for ‘good’ skills. And the difficulty curve should be reduced to reflect the decreased presence of luck in shaping player performance. Other non-linear objectives such as quests within completed levels or separate challenge stages, perhaps with preset upgrades, would go a long way in making Archero feel less grindy. I think that an additional mode based on cutting down swarm style enemies would be satisfying for players to counteract.Version: 1.0.9

Hopefully they see thisOnly leaving one star in order to encourage them to see the review. The bad: hero duel is completely unfair, literally get put up against people with twice or more health and damage because they play more than me and are max level. I simply do not understand why other than it helping with finding matches. By far the worst part of the game. Secondly there is definitely a huge language barrier going on, it wouldn’t be hard to hire translators, but that’s far more forgivable. Third is that, as far as I can tell, the only way to get the paid characters is to use actual money which is really disappointing as I’m not going to spend money on them. Fourth is that it is pretty pay to win which is a very close second in worse feature contest. Fifth is that a lot of the enemies kinda feel the same from design (the many, many recolors) to abilities (the pea shooters and medusas, “zombies” and skeleton soldiers, etc). The good: each equipment (heroes, weapons, ults, pets, etc) pieces all feel very unique and allows for wide variation in playstyle. Secondly the gameplay is mostly fun if at times tedious. Third is the definite sense of progression, even if it can feel very slow. Over all I’d rate this about 3.5 out of five. It could definitely go up if they fix some of the issues but I’m not counting on it (especially the pay to win aspect)..Version: 3.8.1

Frustrating not funThis game is fun for the first couple of chapters but becomes extremely challenging and outright boring when you progress the slightest bit though the game, this would be fine if you could grind for more gear easily but you can’t as the drop rates are too low to use the fuse option to get better gear and the silly energy mechanic exits stopping you from playing levels again and again. This game could be fun, I would pay if there was an option to completely get rid of the energy so better gear could be obtained without having to wait forever. I wouldn’t recommend playing this game if you enjoy being happy..Version: 2.4.0

Can you pls minimise the frequency of pop-up boxCan you pls minimise the frequency of pop-up box for reward from spent time? That appears every single time after finish a game, and it's really annoying Thank you.Version: 2.5.0

Game is fun until you reach black castle(5)The game is pretty good at the beginning but as soon as you reach black caste which is stage 5 I recommend to stop playing the game, unless you pay to get better weapons and gear..Version: 1.0.9

Amazing ...... for a while ....Great game was fun and addictive but eventually takes forever to build your gems for overpriced boxes that give you everything you don’t want. Updates were okay but you hit a brick wall when your equipment is lvl 40-50 now I’m on a level which is too much for my character to survive and no way to improve the character to go further. It was amazingly fun addictive and the graphics were great but once you hit the wall the game becomes irrelevant and after all I spent on it I received little to nothing in return. Good fun but don’t spend a penny it’s nothing but a rip off. Btw I am a level 68 and the review will either go 5 stars if you make the game progress able again or it will drop to a 1 as will my family’s and I will delete this game and find one that doesn’t become pointless as time goes on..Version: 2.1.0

Great gameGreat game highly entertaining, energy is an issue can see myself deleting soon as you only get 4 goes every full life bar either lesser the recharge time for each life or make it possible to have more goes (1 life = 1 game). Gameplay is fun good enemies good bosses I like that it’s challenging to get further through the levels however levelling up equipment takes an age and there doesn’t seem to a big chance of getting better damage/ability weapons, have been stuck on the same level because my equipment is so weak feels impossible to upgrade or find new drops. Other than that would recommend downloading free to play and is better than the majority of games on the marketplace.Version: 1.0.8

After years, this game still needs work.I recently picked this game back after not playing for a couple years and coming back, I’m realizing just how broken this game really is. It’s very subtle but there are moments where I’ll take damage and not a single projectile hits me(even when the stage is cleared). Another issue is the character hitbox. There have been times where I have been hit by a projectile and I didn’t take any damage from it, but there are also times where I’ll narrowly miss a projectile but it still hits me. Another issue to point out is just how bad the progression really can be. The fact all enemies deal such a crazy amount of damage and how small their projectiles can be is frustrating. There’ll be a point where I can’t even see them anymore because of my weapons projectiles overlapping them and making them completely invisible a lot of the time. I’ve made it pretty far into the game and there are points where you just hit a stalemate and can’t progress from how hard it can be to upgrade your various equipment to keep up with enemies taking away a 1/5 of your health every hit and making health such a scarce luxury you get every 5 levels or from random enemies and bosses. I hate this game but I love it at the same time. Please fix it..Version: 3.6.2

Fun game, for awhile.Archero is fantastic and fresh, for awhile. You’ll hear me say “for awhile” a few times in this review because the game is great, until you hit that pay wall. The game is completely free to play, for awhile. The game feels new and unlike anything else, for awhile. Eventually you delve deep into the game and you’re faced with the exact same monsters you faced before just much harder, leaving no desire to keep going. You eventually hit a point where the game is so challenging it’s impossible to move on without spending money or waiting months (yes months) to get enough gear to move on. You’re able to open a chest once a day for free, and it’s notorious for giving nothing but rings and spirits (pets.) You’re also able to open a premium chest for free once a WEEK, and while that chest is okay, it’s nothing that’s going to get you any further in the game until you can open 8~. So you’re looking at 2 months before you get any decent gear upgrade. I’ve unfortunately put quite a bit of money into this game, and I regret every purchase. I’ve almost finished the entire game, but I don’t really care to keep going because I’m done spending money on it, so I’m basically stuck until I decide to spend more. Don’t download this game unless you have patience of a saint, or money to throw at it..Version: 1.0.9

Why even botherThis app is incredibly disappointing from the get go. From the beginning, you are constantly striving to upgrade your equipment - which the game will not actually assist you in doing at any capacity. The chests give you ‘common’ (grey) equipment 99% of the time, meaning that the chest system doesn’t actually rely on chance but instead what the developers perceive as ‘awards’, for example they will give you an epic (purple) piece of equipment every 8 EPIC CHEST DRAWS. This is absolutely ridiculous as the very concept of ‘chests’ in video games is reliant on delivering high level equipment at a random frequency - which this game DOES NOT DO. I sincerely hope anybody who is considering downloading this game heeds my warning and refrain from downloading this game as I am one of the poor souls addicted to this monstrosity of a mobile game. Save yourselves..Version: 1.3.4

LolI’ve been playing this game for a few months now and yes it’s great but can you guys start updating it more specially considering there are people that have put money into this game . It’s Scheer laziness and feel like you “devs” should sell this app to someone else so Itl get taken care of .....Version: 1.2.3

Good but getting badGreat game to start but the monster fights and the duels will be next to impossible for new players to ever win. The match ups can be ridiculously lopsided! They put brand new players against 3 year veterans. Maybe some fixes here devs??.Version: 4.1.0

Ads filled garbageGame forces you to watch bunch of junk ads just so you can barely advance with the game. Do not play. Extreme case of greedy developer..Version: 4.2.2

Keep Losing Progress (Game Glitch)Let me start by saying I Love this game! The character building, the mechanics, the worlds - all top notch! However, I am writing this review to let you know that I have lost progress numerous times. At first, it wasn’t too big of a deal, I would stop in the middle of a world (usually after just beating a boss) and then would close the game and come back later. Well recently, if I had just gotten an HP boost or something before I closed the game, it would take that away as soon as I opened it back up. At first I thought I was crazy, but then today, I got a vest during a run. I went to my inventory, saw I had three, and then proceeded to try to fuse them (per the red notification icon). As soon as I clicked the fuse button however it DISAPPEARED from my inventory. THEN later something even worse happened, I cleared a world (Hero 2) and then closed the game. When I came back to play just now, my progress was REVERTED to 46/50 and Hero 2 is no longer cleared. I don’t know if anyone else is having these issues but they are very frustrating. Like I said, LOVE the game, but there are clearly some data saving issues at the moment. I can only guess its server side and not client side, because I didn't even close the game in the case of the vest disappearing. That happened right as I was playing the game. Thank you for your attention and keep up the great work..Version: 1.2.1

Was funFun game really enjoy it. The energy it requires to play is okay if you don’t want to play much. Also I have found the levels almost to hard to progress though currently on lost castle. It has got to the point im sick of the game cause it takes so long to level things up to give your self a chance. Game started out fun and cool now just repetitive frustrating perhaps neffing the bosses a little bit much will go a long way or make it easier to find items in game. Thank you though enjoyed it but deleting now..Version: 1.2.1

Extremely madI finished hero mode chapter 1 and when I was claiming my stage 50 rewards, it buffered for a while and it said connecting, then I shut the wifi off and on again. The game crashed and all my progress was lost. I spent 3 days trying to finish this chapter. unacceptable.Version: 3.0.2

The PVP is unbalanced and stupid.Hello. Long time player here. Archero used to be my go to game on my phone when I was bored but after playing it for so long I deleted it. My problem with this game is the progression used to feel so satisfying on the earlier stages, but as you near level 12 and after it becomes an RNG game. If you simply don’t get the abilities you need, you simply won’t win. This makes the later stages a hassle and a chore to play, it’s not fun anymore. I recently reinstalled it because I heard about the PVP and wanted to give it a try. Immediately after my first game I knew it was garbage. The aim mechanics are the worst I’ve ever seen on a mobile game. Why not just have a shoot button for my other thumb? Why must this game be played with only one finger?? It’s ridiculous, anyone without the stalker staff is instantly put at a disadvantage because they have to stick to those terrible aim mechanics, while anyone with a stalker staff gets to run in circles and focus on dodging because they don’t have to aim. Also, why don’t we get the same abilities? I could get HP boost and the fire star, while some kid can get Rage, shields, and attack boost! That is completely broken. I’d also like to add getting better gear takes way to long, and the fact that you can’t dismantle a perfect epic is beyond me. Your game is not good. Have a good day..Version: 2.7.1

This game infuriates me!!It’s a great game very entertaining. But, 20 energy and if you don’t have good skills to start off with you can spend all the energy in 10 minutes. Who ever came up with that idea needs to rethink the game. Look at candy crush and how popular it is because u can change back time and get more energy. In this game you can’t do that either. And also needing a connection to play is a stupid idea. If you fix the energy this game deserves 5 stars. The bosses are extremely hard but that is great. You can not beat the bosses if you don’t get to choose the right skills..Version: 1.0.9

Too freaking hardBelieve it or not, it will take you an ENTIRE MONTH to complete level 7. I can easily get pass level 6, but level 7 is a whole new world. You guys have to seriously consider redesign this stage smh.Version: 1.2.1

Bro.I’ve been playing this game for about 5 months now, and had no complaints up until about recently. The more the game is updated the more they decrease the drop and rate and up the difficulty, especially for the gear event. I have 6 out 8 gears EPIC and the remaining 2 are RARE bracelet/locket, and can’t make it past level 5-10 now, with a maxed out weapon time and time again. Not only does it take from the joy of the game it’s completely frustrating because in those 10 levels I acquired no gear or just one if I’m lucky....on a GEAR RUN. The ads that are offered for the events crash 85% the time they are offered not only taking my energy but the money and any scrolls and gear I have acquired and since events are only offered 2 times before a gem requirement I lost one of my chances to play. I’ve emailed them various times over various different issues and incidents and have had no response. I would really love to see these things improved and worked on so I could go back to enjoying the game like I once did before. NOW, we have a new season with literally mediocre rewards when once upon a time for a season there would be 3/4 keys through there’s literally just one key at the end after having to kill hundreds of monsters. Just gets less rewarding every time..Version: 1.3.4

Nice conceptVery nice game to play! Dont have to spend money unless you realy want to. It is so addictive i quit playing all other games. So fun !!.Version: 1.0.9

Prepare to be frustrated beyond compareAs has been said many times in these reviews, the game is fun... extremely fun, until it’s not. When you hit level seven the Barrens of Shadows, it’s 10 levels of bosses that can continually reproduce the mobs. The bosses are all about 10 times harder than they are in gameplay as are the mobs. I managed to squeeze out to level nine one time, but that’s it. The final boss beat me in one hit and I had an extra life and he took that too, in one hit. Games should be fun not frustrating. There is a thin line between challenging and stupid. Habby has crossed it on that level. I have attempted to contact Habby multiple times, but there is no response from developers. All of my equipment is on epic level 40, and I am at level 53, and I still can barely get past the sixth floor. I have been on this dungeon for nearly 15 weeks. The restrictive energy system allowing only four rounds of gameplay at a time is an active failure. The lottery reels that are used for upgrading, more often than not, put off attributes that are nothing that a real gamer would ever choose for themselves. You can not configure your loadout to benefit you in game play. It wouldn’t be so bad if you could at least purchase attributes to help you out (as in, to always start with “Bouncy Wall”, or “Multi-shot”..Version: 1.2.6

Battlepass is misleadingI purchased this thinking it would be on my account permanently because it didn't specify otherwise, and after I waited 8 days to use it again, it's asking me to purchase again. Not worth it and I don't appreciate being misled when I'm spending my money to support a game..Version: 1.2.6

Difficulty scaling problemsGame is too difficult scaling between worlds. Without spending money you have to play for weeks in order to get enough scrolls and coins to upgrade your character in order to progress just a little bit further in each world.Version: 1.0.9

Needs alot of workControl of character needs work not being able to control what your shooting at becomes horrible in the later zones where you meed to prioritise a killings order but toon jus shoots anything at random Massive jump in enemy stats between zones yet you get a tiny increase from very expensive upgrades Damage balance is totally off i.e i got 1600hp each hit taken does 650 dmg yet it takes me 10-15 hits to kill monsters From zone 3 onwards you earn so little gold compared to upgrade costs you will be doing at least two runs to get one upgrade that will barely make a difference to stats because of the random talent system half the times your run will be over before you start because of bad talent choices which wouldnt be so bad if you didnt have tiny energy pool.Version: 1.0.9

Do not pay for anything!Stupidly I’ve spent about £70 upgrading my character to be more powerful thinking that it would help me progress. Automatically the enemies become more powerful but waaaay too much! Now I can’t even reach the level I was getting to before. It was actually easier before I upgraded and now I’m left totally bored playing the same level over and over. They only want you to spend more and more money but what do they care? They’ve got their money now and I’m left with a boring and impossible game. The App Store should be monitoring and restricting these games so the devs can’t rip people off like they do. Plus even with all the money I spent I still have to watch extremely long ads and wait ages in between games for the energy to rise so I can play it. It’s a joke and needs balancing out so they get more money and we get more enjoyment out of the game! Greedy devs!.Version: 1.2.3

OkIt starts hard then gets easier as you level up then gets extremely hard. It turns from a fun random dungeon to a waiting game for upgrades. Coins are practically worthless only used on upgrades and ridiculous scroll prices 1400 for 3 scrolls to upgrade! Actually it might be 4100! All the shields are practically useless 1. Keeps spinning and is nearly never in the right spot 2. The invincible for 2 secs is so annoying I think it’s on a timer it triggers in completely empty rooms and is frustratingly unrealiable once it activated just after leathal damage 3. The wingman’s keep moving and are so small so u can’t hide behind them The later worlds are bullet hells and the screen gets so cluttered with all your weapons and enemies. The energy system is a drawback seems it just frustrates people it doesn’t really add anything similar games don’t have this system it discourages playing and getting more skilled with practice..Version: 1.0.9

Good game - bad mixDon’t get me wrong, it’s a really fun game to play. But when you try to mix RNG, skill based gameplay, and grind together, you end up with a really frustrating game that leaves you contemplating whether the expense of time was worth it. Going a bit more in-depth - I’ve been playing this ever since its first couple months and I have yet to acquire a legendary item. If it wasn’t for me sinking quite a bit of $$$ into the game I wouldn’t have perfect epic items in my possession to this day. Or perhaps I simply don’t play enough on the daily due to other obligations. The drop rates are abysmal when it comes to trying to upgrade higher grade gear. I feel that the daily dungeons available in different difficulties are very much needed, and drops rates actually proportionate to the difficulty. From months of experience it is apparent that the outcome of the dungeon has already been decided by chance. I am quite confident with my own skill, but inherent skill can only factor in so much with the difficulty of some dungeons. If you end up with great abilities, a breeze. If you end up with bad abilities, you’re destined to lose quite early. I cannot tell how many times I contemplated just quitting the dungeon before it even started just because of the horrible starting abilities. I’ll be much obliged if there was an option like watch a video to “reroll” abilities every time you level up, a suggestion from a review I made months earlier..Version: 1.3.1

Awesome game but...Given I believe the devs of this game do not care about or even read these reviews i’m hoping to draw attention through the one star rating. This game is great don’t get me wrong, highly entertaining and plays like a dream. It is just so ridiculously difficult to obtain equipment that is even remotely helpful. The one week free obsidian chest is great and everything, but not when i’ve played the game for a few months now and NEVER got any tier higher than blue. I genuinely cannot progress any further because it’s too difficult to get anything that will actually help me because of the ridiculous pricing of chests and overwhelming odds in favour of getting another crappy grey item. Now see it would be fine to get greys because of the fusing system...but not when i can only open at absolute MAX one chest a day and get one item hoping it’s the one i need and then it ends up not being that item anyway. In conclusion, this game has huge potential but for now i’m leaving it, it’s too disheartening and unsatisfying to spend time playing to only feel as though i’ve wasted it all because i still cant progress..Version: 1.1.4

Constant game crash, loss of rewardsThis game crashes allot. There is a recovery feature, but this does not always work. Example, after crashing in the ancient maze event, the recovery feature worked. At the very last boss I died for the first time and accepted the watch video to revive. The game crashed. There was no recovery. I lost the entry fee and all rewards from the progress. This example is one of many lost rewards from a crash. It is almost impossible to complete any full dungeon without the game crashing at some point. The longer the dungeon the more likely it is to crash. Iphone 5S ios 12.5.1 meets stated hardware requirements for Archero, so clearly it is NOT a hardware issue! Edit. With over 100 crashes in a few days, I have deleted the game. Perhaps it IS NOT compatible with iphone 5S ios 12.5.1..Version: 2.7.1

“Free to play” for only like 1/2 the game...Conceptually a good game, keeps me entertained at work for weeks. But I’m at my breaking point. About halfway through the game it becomes 99% impossible to progress without spending a LOT of real money, or pointlessly grinding for months just to get 1% further along in a level. This game literally has me smashing my fists in my head because it’s impossible now and I’ve been stuck for months and can’t progress. The expedition levels were mostly linear in increasing difficulty but then apparently Satan himself designed expedition 71 as a revolting disrespectful joke to pull on players like myself who actually invested time into this game. I watched videos on this level and you have to have FULLY MAXED purple items and heroes to even have a chance. This game could be so much better but the developers force you to spend money halfway through. So yeah just know if you decide to start playing this, you’re only going to get half a game unless you start spending serious cash. You ruined it for me devs. I would continue playing and earning you ad revenue but since you got so greedy and ruined it to make it impossible, I’m just going to stop playing entirely, so that’s free money you lost ........... 👍👍👍👍.Version: 2.6.4

From 5 stars to 2 starsThis is a fantastic game, it’s a lot of fun and very addictive. So why the 2 stars, well it’s basically a pay to play game. You start off with 20 energy and each game cost 5 energy. That’s not the problem, the main problem is the refill time. In most free to play games it takes 20-30 minutes to get a life back, in Archero , it takes 12 minutes to get 1 energy. That means it take 1 hour to get a life back. Or you can buy gems, it cost 100 gems to refill your life meter (you only get 4 lives ). Gems cost £5 for 500, that means it cost £1 per refill of 4 lives. I just wish the developers would sell the game for £1.99-£2.99 price point, I would definitely but it and I think a lot of other people would as well..Version: 1.0.5

Addictive but EXPENSIVEIt’s a brilliant game and I was instantly hooked. It’s harder than it looks and takes practice and skill to progress which is what I like about it. But the fact you have to wait 50 minutes to play a round until death is off putting. You could die 4 times in the space of 10 minutes and lose all 4 lives. Then you can watch 4 videos to gain extra lives which is good but again off putting. The shop is super expensive £1 doesn’t even buy you 4 lives. Which in my opinion is outrageous! It is a brilliant game but could definitely do with a few tweaks to make it more friendly..Version: 1.2.3

It’s a great game but…Okay, don’t get me wrong but I absolutely love this game. It is fun when you play with a partner in one of those special matches and even when you play solo. But the thing is when I tried to play the duel against someone fore the first two times it was BAD. Not in the way where I got crushed (which I sort of did) but the game literally glitched. Those two times I chose the clone to shadow over me and help me defeat the person but literally each time the clones turned against me and started shooting me with their arrows. Like, WHAT? They were on my team! Also, one time I pressed “increase heart strength” or something like that because it’s supposed to increase your max health, and it totally didn’t. My health was the same and I got crushed by the other person. Also, each time I spend my gems I worked hard for to play those matches, my opponent get the weapon of a laser and I get arrows. In the regular game when I play solo, I have an axe thing not an arrow. And I’m pretty sure that all my opponents that I battled have not been equipped with arrows. What are the odds that all the times I’ve played they’ve all had lasers? It doesn’t seem like the game is on my side. But besides that I guess the game is fine…..Version: 3.9.0

Incredibly fun, but extremely unfairI have been playing this game for a long time now, and I’ve even spent a decent amount of money buying the battle pass each season. The gameplay is incredibly fun, however, the levels are EXTREMELY unbalanced and progression takes far too long. To give in example, I am currently on chapter 25 of normal mode. I have spent lots of money trying to get the best equipment possible and to level up my character as much as possible, but I am barely able to complete the first 20/50 floors on this chapter. Also, there are over 40 chapters in total. Who is possibly able to make it that far? With how random the loot is, it takes ages to unlock better gear, and upgrading the gear you currently have barely does anything. You can spend hours getting gold to level yourself up just so you can get +100 health, which does literally nothing as each monster will do ~10k damage per hit at the point I’m at. The game seriously needs some balancing. The monsters themselves need to be less aggressive, and the loot system needs to be SERIOUSLY over hauled. I should not have to spend hours of my time just to get a minoscule +7 per attack when I upgrade my main weapon, and the amount of useless items in game is absurd..Version: 4.3.4

Ads don't closeLove the game. Ads no longer close after most recent update. Ads will play but close button does nothing. Need to quit game and relaunch. On an iPhone X.Version: 4.1.0

Good game. Too slow to progressSeriously, could progression take any longer?.Version: 1.0.9

Great game but defo pay to winI played the game for a week. Really enjoyed the concept and the gameplay. It’s the difficulty curve that got me. After so many levels you either have to wait a long time to get the gems via ads for the chests etc, or pay for the pleasure. I don’t find this offensive, but after studiously saving up for a week in game and taking the free obsidian chest, plus two others, the equipment was basic only. This is despite the game saying you can get really good equipment from this chest. It would take some significant time to get to the point of progressing further in game. I dropped it from there. Beware if you play and pay for the chests, they might be less advantageous than they are letting on. I’m with others here that a small fee for the game and better upgrade systems would make things much better..Version: 1.0.8

Offline version needs internet to fully workLet’s say you wanted to upgrade your skills and character in the offline version. The first thing it says is you need to connect to the internet. Let’s say you also finish an entire level, like I did. Once I got back online, the entire new level was lost and I was thrown back even though I completed the level I was on. Other things that don’t work offline: character equipment upgrades, ingame dealer offers, upgrading skills, the 30 gem revives and some others. Please fix, but otherwise a very entertaining and enjoyable game :).Version: 2.6.4

Has potentialHave spent a ton of time and money committing to this game and have nothing to show for it. Rewards are too diluted in chests and you are forced to watch ads for a significant duration of gameplay just to progress, making the game feel like more of a chore rather then playing to have fun. The battle pass system should be renewable into other seasons like other games as after a season is done as I and many people I know have no motivation to pay another $7 just to gain rewards for another season making the game feel repetitive as the rewards per season don’t change significantly either. The skins update to the game was amazing but the grind just to get tickets make little sense as I’ve been playing for about 2 years and still haven’t gotten enough tickets to gain 1 skin even though I’ve spend well over TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS!.Version: 3.5.0

Owner is greedyYou can’t advance without spending way too much money. Not even possible to advance at a reasonable rate by watching ads. Too bad..Version: 1.2.1

Awesome but not getting same kind of equipment to fuseReally love the game but won’t even get same rarity Equipment even if we open Obsidian Chest. So far opened that chest by Gems 1 times and other by days still no chance to get rare and not even single epic equipment. Worst chest ever and if we won’t even get epic equipment by that chest then give us gems by making events everyday or reduce those chest gems needed by 25%. Been playing game for year and saving 2 great bow to fuse still no chance. Maybe saying “great no chance for great rare and not even single chance for Epic equipment” will do good for that Obsidian Chest 👍 come on guys make events to get more gems and great and rare equipment even if you don’t want to make it for Epic hmm..Version: 1.3.6

Not worth it long termVery fun at the start, finding new combos of skills that work well is great. The frequent levelling up each play makes it feel rewarding too. As you get towards late-game though, if you don’t get the correct skills at the start you might as well quit immediately because you’ll die straight away. Becomes very tedious and not at all fun. Edit regarding dev response: I know how gear works. Playing previous levels over and over for slight increases in hp and attack is not fun. They do have events that you can play each day to beak up the tediousness of farming old levels but they often don’t give the rewards you need..Version: 1.4.4

BuffThis game is very rigged it will take you at least 6 month for you to get something good it will make you spend slot of money you never have any luck they just want people money that all hey care you never get anything good everything is about paying don’t recommend you will spend slot of money if you enjoy the game.Version: 2.6.4

A great game hurt by performance issues and lack of balance.Devs have so far been unresponsive to the issue but the longer you play the game in a single sitting the more your performance will suffer. Frame drops, extreme lag...makes it incredibly difficult to play, especially in the later levels. There is the ugliest difficulty spike come stage 5. You either get the perks you need or you stand no chance of passing the stage. You actually unlock more perks as you progress except the perks you unlock are actually worse than you start with (and you can’t remove them from the pool!). Level 5 also has such an extreme difficulty spike. You either have exactly the perks you need or you stand no chance. Even with significantly upgraded gear you still deal very little damage to enemies on that stage. It’s fun...but get ready for grind. This game will also eat your battery o so very quickly, make sure you have a charger around..Version: 1.0.9

Jeu impossible depuis la mise à jourDéjà, Le jeu se fermait toujours à des moments inopportuns (juste après avoir dépenser de l’énergie généralement) avant la mise à jour d’aujourd’hui (12 mars 2021). Depuis la mise à jour, je ne peux même plus rentrer dans des niveaux. Aussitôt que je rentre dans une salle, le jeu se ferme. Franchement c’est dommage parce que je suis rendu loin et que j’aime le jeu. Mais la je peux plus jouer du tout. Je suis sur Iphone6..Version: 2.8.0

Ads ads (0 star)能不能不要那么多转盘 还有什么能量 通关需要花钱 需要看广告 垃圾游戏 0 star.Version: 1.2.7

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