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Mini Motorways App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Mini Motorways app received 76 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Mini Motorways? Can you share your negative thoughts about mini motorways?

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Mini Motorways for Negative User Reviews

Fun butIPhone X overheating issues in 8-10 mins Battery draining 1.5% a minute..Version: 1.0.3

Fun, but has some serious flawsI loved the idea of this game when I read the description which I think is misleading. One of the first things it says is “have you ever thought you could fix traffic?” The implication is that with thoughtful building you can actually make traffic work, kind of like a SimCity type game for traffic. That sounds fun. But that’s not what this game is. It’s more like a tower defense game with escalating problems that eventually overwhelm you. You don’t get enough control to actually make traffic better; it’s more responding to the dysfunctional problems that you’re given until they eventually, inevitably, overwhelm you. That’s fine; nothing wrong with that, but it’s not the game that’s being described. That said, I enjoy the game and it’s kind of fun. I’d still enjoy it if it were described properly. I wish it were the game I thought it was and I want to find one like that, but it’s still okay. There are things that are really frustrating though. Stoplights need to work better. You should be able to make your own entrances to buildings so you can built around them. And you should be able to demolish houses. I think a version of the game where the buildings were random but you had to build your own house (maybe in designated areas) would be a lot more fun. Either way, game is kind of fun, but not a lot of replayability since it’s just keeping up with escalating dysfunction until you eventually fail..Version: 1.4.1

Fun little game... butThis is a fun little game for sure, but it needs some new modes... they managed to sort some of the early issues, traffic issues etc. but in doing so it seems to have affected house and building placement. The new algorithm for that makes the game... not much fun and just frustrating at a certain stage. Once you reach the point where you’re getting to the 1000 score mark, I personally want something a little more relaxed to try as well. A way I can just enjoy laying out roads and watching the traffic... and it seems since the update... houses and building just dump themselves on top of one another in a way designed to purposefully cause you traffic issues... ohh... you laid your roads out smart... let me just attach this building too it where all the houses are on the opposite side of the map... Not a fun puzzle, just an annoying one now. Hopefully this will be remedied over time, a little like triple town did with its extra modes....Version: 1.0.2

Shouldn’t have been launched by AppleThe number of bugs is simply too high. Almost every play I am getting at least one major bug..Version: 0.6.3

Needs a little more to make it shineVery enjoyable and simple game. Addictive and visually I think it great. However the buildings and homes often spawn in very difficult places to make the connections needed to manage demand. The bonuses at the end of each weekly cycle don’t quite cut it and I often find myself out of resources and out of options before I can get very far in game..Version: 1.1.1

Loss of progressEvery time after i get over a 1000 pin score and i exit the game after finishing the level it drops my progress back to around 400 and i have to restart, even if i complete both the challenges that come after. it’s very frustrating.Version: 1.6.2

Once it’s over it’s overCompared to mini-metro the problem with mini-motorways is once you realise there’s a problem there’s never enough time to react and fix it. For example, moving a motorway once a business starts a timer is impossible - you have to wait for all cars to have cleared the motorway by which time the timer on the building will be up - so it’s impossible to react. This is the same for normal roads too. The game will be dull for 10/15 mins with everything going fine, then suddenly a factory will get busy or a traffic jam will occur and it’s basically game over as even if you changed something, it’d take so long for those changes to filter through that the game over will occur..Version: 1.7.2

Lots of bugsReally like this game. However there’s too much bugs too say it’s production ready and my the experience very frustrating. - all of sudden app freeze, and loss 10 mins progress. - all cars stuck. Have to exit game and come back to make them move again..Version: 0.6.3

Good game, but glitchesFor such a simple concept, this game is both addictive and fun. The addition of the daily and weekly challenges has revitalised the use from my perspective. However, there is a major issue that effects the experience which is that it glitches during game play meaning that you lose all progress for that level and have to start again. This is really frustrating when you are doing well as there is no way to recover it. This has been increasing over recent weeks and months to almost certainly occur at least once a day..Version: 1.3

Daily game: Mexico ERRORSep 18 daily game: Mexico stops game at Week 3 .. no options displayed so game can continue. Please fix..Version: 1.4.1

Eats battery lifeI really love this game but it kills my iPad battery almost instantly when I play it. Even charging it drains the battery life and goes dead while plugged in. I tried deleting and re downloading and it still didn’t work..Version: 1.6.1

So close to greatLove this game and it’s simplicity. I think some of the suggestions people have made are great. I don’t mind the randomness of WHERE the houses and stores show up. I think that planning ahead for situations where houses are on the other side of the map is fun. You could include difficulty levels to help with that though, where easy mode makes sure that houses only spawn within a certain distance of stores of the same color. Where I have a major issue though is with the algorithm controlling the ratio of houses to stores. I literally just played a game where I ended up with 4 green stores on the map (3 regular and one big store), and only 5 houses. Even if all the stores were next to each other and the houses were right by them, I still would have failed because the demand was too high. This makes me feel like why even bother trying to keep playing if there’s a solid chance that I’ll be faced with an impossible task anyway? I really enjoy the planning side of the game and being the master of my own destiny with how I lay out my grids, but making it possible (and likely even) to lose no matter what I do just feels like it goes against the ethos of the game itself. A simple recalibration of the houses to stores algorithm would fix this issue. In my opinion there should always be twice as many houses as there are stores at any given moment..Version: 1.1.1

So close to being greatThis feels like a proof of concept, rather than a finished game. A few things hold it back: 1. The game design is completely random so it’s basically a matter of chance how well you will do each time. Not a matter of your skill as such. 2. Traffic lights ONLY MAKE MATTERS WORSE. Seriously, what is the point of a power-up that hinders your progress? 3. The cars aren’t intelligent enough to route themselves around traffic. They will all follow the same shortest route despite there being an almost empty road that they COULD be taking that would be quicker. This quickly leads to choke points. 4. This is the single biggest problem in the game … the destination buildings “request” cars. In a real world scenario car A wants to get to destination 1. But in this game destination 1 will decide it wants 4 yellow cars to come to it. There might only be two yellow cars in the game though, because as already stated, everything is random. Buildings can demand traffic that doesn’t exist comes to them, which leaves you – as the town planner – completely screwed. 5. I’d love to be able to plan a city in a less pressurised way and see it slowly, organically grow. The current game mode isn’t designed for pick-up-and-put-down play as such. Fix these things and I’ll gladly revise my review to 5 stars, and you will have a fan for life. You’re 95% of the way to an awesome game, I just hope you can get the critical last 5% now..Version: 1.1

No strategy just luck.This is more of a game of luck rather than strategy. The randomness of the auto populate of the business and homes is a little ridiculous. Cities aren’t built on just plopping a house and a business anywhere. There isn’t any possibility of strategizing the roadways to keep the traffic moving. The traffic light is useless. It doesn’t help keep traffic moving. And only having bridges as a “power up” is a bit aggravating. There should be ways to make roads one way. The ability to move business. Or at least turn them. Create additional entrances. Or even entrance and exit only paths. Make some roads right turn only or left turn only. Or make them no turn possible. You could make ways to buy extra roads, bridges and freeways. An additional selection of traffic pattern could be a turn about. Could be the ability to close roads off so they can be deleted easier. And if a road is selected to be deleted then the traffic should automatically find a new direction. Or when roads are added the traffic already moving will automatically take the newer path if it’s shorter for them. There should also be a random land generator so we’re not playing only the cities listed..Version: 1.2.1

Needs algorithm workI came to Arcade purely for Mini Motorways after becoming addicted to Mini Metro. Congratulations on a fantastic game and concept. However, I am unlikely to stick around after Arcade free trial. The game frustratingly ensures you lose far too early, with malls requiring too many cars all at once too quickly, far out weighing how many houses/cars. It’s a game where you want to be able to have a sense of achievement but never quite get there with games ending prematurely... hopefully this can be improved..Version: 1.1.1

Concept is good, although...Love the idea and simplicity, feel like this needs more though, some game ideas are: Freeplay, so we can design our mini city and choose where to place the buildings, roads etc, that way we could find out interesting tricks with the games mechanics. The main mode should have different levels of difficulty, easy, medium and hard, or just different scores to at least beat, 250 is low! Also perhaps an addition of roundabouts?, as others have said not sure the traffic lights help, maybe a small bridge (over other roads) would be better? Possibly an endless mode, where we can build the roads but plays like the main game, but never ends, so we can work on traffic etc, and grow the city to a huge size!!! would need to implement some way of manually altering the games building progression to enjoy this though, also a saving feature would be nice! However still good fun and enjoyable! Recommend to sim lovers and traffic management game players..Version: 1.1

Almost SomethingThe game at first appearance and after playing for a while is great. The potential is there and i hope it develops soon. My complaints is it feels like it’s like completely up to chance as to whether you will do well or not in any scenario. I’d love to see the addition of more tools and even adding in public transport as a way to both increase difficulty and ease traffic congestion..Version: 1.3

Excellent concept... frustratingly madeLove this game and get a lot of satisfaction planning a perfectly working city. As it grows steadily you need to solve traffic flow problems, link islands etc. Very fun, engaging and therapeutic! And great design aesthetic. But the game stops making sense halfway through playing... The city grows at a ridiculously fast rate all of a sudden and venues max out even if they are full of cars. There isn’t enough time to solve sticking points. Basically, regardless of how you play, the game can’t keep up with its own demands and you will lose. Such a shame. Would love to see this fixed and for the game to become playable. If it could come good on its promise it would be five stars for sure. Will keep checking back and see if it improves. Please put it right, guys!.Version: 1.1.1

Love it but…I love this game! I would have given a higher rating though if there were more “ways to play”. I would love a mode where you have unlimited road tiles, resources etc. or even ways to move houses or buildings. There’s also a fair few bugs or times when the game makes you lose. Like when houses spawn on the other side of a river before giving you bridges. I also feel like you need more resources faster to actually be able to create a metropolis. I know some people love the challenge, but if there were more modes everyone could find the way they enjoy the most!.Version: 1.7.1

Nicely designed, but needs some gameplay tweaksI really liked this game. You start out doing well, but the game sets you up to fail. It doesn’t give you enough road to connect everything, it outright stops giving you management items like traffic lights when you need them most, and gives you an excess of bridges when you don’t need them. The game isn’t particularly difficult to play, I just wish they’d let you play longer instead of withholding items you need..Version: 1.3

Fun Game But....Game is really addicting and relaxing however, when it turns into a “big” red pen theres literally nothing you can do. I had a direct motorway with all colors on deck going towards the new “big” pen and it just kept filling up nothing stopped it. Again all colored cars picked up that I had available through direct motorway. I don't understand I followed the games directions and sent everything there. No traffic. I feel like the game kinda cheats you by adding colors across the map with water in the way no bridges and even when all colors are out its not enough to satisfy the high demand. The demand is way over the supply. Its impossible if I do not have the supply how do I satisfy demand? I don't even get “game over” from cars jamming up from traffic its mostly from the above which is very frustrating. They should make the pens, once they get big to where it only needs maybe 3 cars immediately after that to stop it. Seems like nothing stops them to be honest. Once they are big, game over and I sit back and watch with nothing I can do to help my poor city :/.Version: 1.0.2

Very polished but key problemsI loved Mini Metro but this one is very frustrating. Unlike that game, the counter for each destination does not go down when cars arrive to it, making it very hard to solve an issue when it happens. If you got your alert halfway red and tons of cars are not already in the way, you’re done. But the worst of all is the fact that it will very frequently create houses in corners that are already fully blocked by other houses, making it an instant loss..Version: 1.3.1

Drains battery super fastPls fix :(.Version: 1.4

Good Start - Losing Feels Like LuckUpdate: I really want to like this game. The most recent update made it even more frustrating. I’m now regularly losing with only two colors based purely on the placement of the buildings, with nothing I can do to speed the traffic up. —— I spend way too much time on this game given it’s the same mechanic. It’s fun, but there are a few things that would drastically improve it: 1) the start of each game is like five minutes of waiting 2) the traffic does glitch occasionally, which requires a reboot to make it move again 3) there’s a bug with game center where if you play in airplane mode it repeatedly notifies you about your achievements 4) the nature of the controls means I’m constantly fighting Notification Center and app switching on an iPhone without a home button (add just a little bit of padding to the top and bottom of the screen in edit mode) Most importantly: 5) How far you make it feels like the luck of the random placement. I’ve lost at like 200 just because the same colored building were very far apart and there was seemingly nothing I could do. Similarly, I’ve lost because of placement and the inability to get a bridge. I wish it felt like I had more influence over how far I made it - more of a there is always a way to win, you just need to figure it out. Right now losing is a matter of time and the random placement influences when you lose more than your individual skill. Skill a good way to spend a plane ride..Version: 1.0.4

Progress isn’t savedSuper fun game, i love playing it to pass the time but everytime i exit the app and reopen it later, all my progress is gone and i’m sent to the tutorial again. i’m not all too upset as my progress doesn’t take away from it too much, but it’s still a bug that’s really inconveniencing..Version: 1.7.1

Could be great, ruined by bugsThis is a great variation on the metro version of this, very easy to control on your phone, simple yet addictive. but.... the fact every game I’ve played has ended because of bugs so far really makes it pointless. The cars inevitably get stuck for no apparent reason and then you just get a count down and lose. The game is basically unplayable right now because you’re just hoping to not encounter this bug. As others have mentioned, the tutorial needs to include motorways as it’s not clear how to use these and there needs to be an “undo” button as you can completely destroy your layout if the motorway doesn’t lay how you want it... and I also couldn’t work out how to remove a mid-placed motorway at all? This feels like it’s been rushed out for the arcade when it wasn’t ready at all. Such a shame as it would be a favourite for me if it worked..Version: 1.0.2

Almost perfect..I adore this game. It makes me think and I thoroughly enjoy planning the routes at the start. That doesn’t take long to change though as the game quickly enters a state of madness with no return. I do enjoy the challenge, but I would absolutely love the option for a free play, like others have suggested. I think the ability to have unlimited tiles and power ups would be great, with the houses and buildings still popping up. Or just free placement and drawing roads or something. This would be like a subsequent calm option, like the calm you feel when you start this game. Also maybe change the traffic lights to a roundabout power up?!.Version: 1.3

Very fun and relaxing but one major flawThis game is incredibly fun and relaxing until the point where you accidentally click restart instead of exit or resume. That wipes out your whole city and all the work you did. There should be a confirmation asking if the player is sure they want to restart.Version: 0.6.3

Would be better if they dropped the communist countriesRussia and China have the worst humanitarian records on the planet. Do we have try and make communism fun?.Version: 1.7.5

Game keeps freezingEvery time I get deep into a game, the week will end and it’ll freeze. Can’t click anything and non responsive. Not even worth playing as a free game.Version: 1.6.2

Great theme from the minimetro team, but very buggy.I’ve played it on my iPhone se but seems like the game wasn’t taking into consideration of this aspect ratio. The traffic light option doesn’t appear on my screen. I don’t have the newest gen iphones, but there are many people still using 16:9 ratios, SE, 6, 7, 8, etc. Hope the team can fix this problem in future updates. Mini metro was a great game, hope this will be too..Version: 1.1

Almost a 5-star game.Here are my immediate thoughts after playing several games. 1) Traffic lights are useless. They take too much time to change and cause more traffic jams than clear them. 2) You should be able to see what cars are carrying people like you can on Mini Metro. On the same topic, I wish the “pick-ups” were dots not location things. 3) There needs to be a fast forward button. 4) I wish it was a bit more obvious that a house or building just dropped. They randomly pop up in the tightest situations and it’s hard to tell where later in the game with not zoom feature. 5) there needs to be a quick undo button. The current UX makes it too easy to drop roads accidentally. 6) I get this is part of the game, but wish you could rotate the entry points to buildings. Lastly, this game gets to a point where you can’t do anything to save yourself. I played a match where I had all my houses directed to their buildings and their buildings only and the buildings were producing more of a demand than the amount of homes I had could supply. This game has huge potential. Can’t wait for future updates!!.Version: 0.6.3

Needs an Upgrading UpdateMini Motorways is a great game and super fun BUT it can get a bit boring after awhile. It didn’t take me very long to complete all of the city’s challenges. To make this game better there should be more challenges and more city’s or even different areas of the same city or maybe stop signs and airports! With more areas and more challenges the game would give players more reasons to keep playing. I hope the creators of this game take on board or just look at my feedback to make this brilliant game even better! Thank you..Version: 1.0.2

12 months on, and still the same issues.I have played mini metro daily since it was released and have beta tested an update for the game so I am well experienced in this developer’s games. So this game had a lot to live up to, especially as I was against paying a subscription in order to play it. I played it for a few weeks, enjoying it, but also finding it a lot more down to luck than skill in comparison to mini metro. There were also some annoying issues such as pinch to zoom not being available and everyone’s favourite issue, the traffic lights! I have now returned to Apple Arcade after 12 months hoping that at least these 2 problems were sorted, especially after seeing the game had been well supported by the developer. To my dismay there is no difference. It is fun, and well made, but traffic lights are pretty much pointless, if not a liability, and the zoom issue still remains. I will continue to play but I will not be dedicated to the game like I am to mini metro as the genuine skill side to the game still seems to be missing for keen puzzle gamers. A classy well made game that is regularly updated. The downside being that the updates actually needed to make the game a top puzzler are still yet to appear and after this time are now very unlikely to..Version: 1.6.1

Needs more modesThis is quite an enjoyable and challenging game, but it quickly gets boring. All the games are open-ended. You’re merely trying to beat your own high score or rank up in a leaderboard. Even then, you don’t really know how well you’re doing. Being ranked 2,506th is great if there are 100,000 players. Not so great if there are 3,000 players. So even ascending the leaderboard isn’t satisfying because you don’t know what it means. There's no satisfaction possible from accomplishing any other objectives. A “story mode” whereby you had to solve challenges (a certain number of journeys in a certain time) would add significantly to the interest, at least for me..Version: 1.4

Drains battery way too fastI have an iPhone 12 Pro and it heats up my iPhone far too much and drains the battery faster than any other game I’ve ever tried..Version: 1.6.1

Like mini metro, but not as goodSubways are better than cars.Version: 1.3.1

Better if you forget the conceptWhen I first tried this game, I approached it as if I was an urban planner. My score was dismal. When I thought of it more as an exercise in keeping separate roadways for each color vehicle, as much as possible, my scores got much higher but my map looks nothing like what you would want to create for efficient traffic flow. I see so little gain from traffic lights even with the update, that it hardly seems worth using them. To me, the biggest factor between a score of 2000+ and one that ends much sooner ifs luck. Changes that would at least start to make the game less dependent upon luck might include being able to move the driveway entrances for a destination, and having some form of power-up where you could relocate or change the color of an oddly placed house. Being able to increase the capacity of certain highways would be interesting, but I’m not sure that there’s time for such a feature within the game as it’s presently constructed..Version: 1.3

Almost GreatMini Motorways really nails it when it comes to a fun, fresh take every game when you play. I don't have any gripes honestly and the game is a good time waster and allows you to think about your next move - however there are a few mechanics that seem broken. Honestly, the traffic light is a more a hindrance than an aid. It clogs up traffic rather than fix it, and if it helps for a long game I won't know because of the other broken mechanic which is how fast a building builds up tickets. Inevitably you will encounter a situation where you have one color to fill and all the homes are on the far end of the map. As the building requests more and more visits it gets harder to fill, and with no real quick path because of hard limits from the parking garage, you can’t make many paths sometimes. It feels like the building actually goes faster when it’s about to bust, and then when you get your cars to the building, it doesn’t help, even with 3-5 at a time. It’s almost like it’s a confirmed game over when you see that BIG bubble alerting you. It doesn’t feel fair after you work to get the cars over and then you lose all progression and can make it difficult to go for another round, because you know it’s gonna happen again. Maybe work on that? I’d think to maybe add bridges or overpasses for land like you do for the water as well, as that’s a real thing that gets people places faster..Version: 0.6.3

Good but flawedAn addictive game, I played for 3 hours without realising it. Pleasurable to play but ultimately flawed in its execution. You’d know 5 minutes before you lost the game that it was inevitable that it was over and there’s nothing you can do about it. This is because cars don’t seem to change their route once a journey has started (no matter how many new roads you put in they won’t take the options to get out of a jam). Most frustratingly there’s no visuals showing where the cars are trying to reach so you can’t plan motorways accordingly. You should be able to tap on a destination to see where each of the cars commenced their journey. Traffic lights seem to make things worse (no instructions on why they’re good). Random placement of buildings can make them physically impossible to reach (happened twice). Little to no alert that a new building is unconnected to the network, if hidden under a motorway you’d be lucky to see..Version: 1.2.2

Really want to love this gameI had a lot of fun with it for about the first hour or so, then I began to notice how hard the game works against you. I understand games need to be challenging, but this is excessive. I’m no civil engineer, but I feel confident in saying you can’t set roads up like a real life city in this game. If you do, you will quickly lose. The tutorial teaches you how to set up roads and that’s it. There is clearly a secret strategy that isn’t even hinted at in said tutorial. Traffic lights are counterintuitive. The game deliberately places buildings in spots that will cause traffic jams and businesses to become inundated, resulting in losing the game. Setting up the road for a neighborhood?....BOOM now there’s suddenly an upgraded business that will be inundated in a few minutes! Despite the cars pouring in and out of the lot: game over. I mean, it’s cool to have difficulty and challenge in your game, but I’ve got enough frustration in my day to day, I don’t need that from a casual game. Looks great though, and the sounds are soothing..Version: 1.1.1

Great concept but...Feel this game just lacks something to keep me interested! It's a great concept for a strategy game, however it doesn't really have much strategy in the gameplay. The house and buildings spawn in the most awkward positions which makes it really hard to connect roads or to rebuild roads to suit where they have randomly appeared. It gets a bit boring after a while as no actual way to carry on once the timers are up. I'd love a sandbox mode so you could continue to play and see how things pan out. It could also do with a feature that stops me accidentally deleting half my roads in error. What are the traffic lights supposed to do as everytime I use them they make things worse?.Version: 1.1.1

Good game, bad bugsThis should be super relaxing to play - if you’re an achievement hunter there isn’t much here for you (yet?) - but some of the mechanics are off in a way that make it frustrating. As another reviewer mentioned, the traffic lights are actually worse than just leaving a busy junction alone, and once a site gets too busy and starts flashing there isn’t anything you can do about it really because you’re already out of time. I’ve also been getting a bug just today (24/11) where motorway symbols are appearing everywhere - on top of houses, outside the boundaries of where I can place roads - and the motorways I should have are unusable because they won’t delete old paths when I move them. EDIT 27/11: I’ve given up playing; cars stack up or won’t move for no reason, the traffic lights don’t appear to do anything, it is just unplayable in its current format. This is a real shame because it has so much potential, Mini Metro is an amazing game but Mini Motorways does not currently even come close to it..Version: 1.0.3

Fun but glitchedThis game is super zen and fun. I think the visuals are nice and it’s got a meditative vibe. I feel like the every time I lose it’s because the cars got glitched or stuck. There are clear ways for them to move on but they just stop and cause a traffic jam. As soon as I see the first car stop for no reason I know the game is going to end soon. I feel that if this was fixed there would be a lot of replay ability. At the moment I have cleared the task for each map and don’t feel like playing more because wether do well or not feels more like luck rather then skill. I hope to see a patch with this fixed. Until then I am going to put this game away..Version: 1.0.3

Fun but FrustratingGreat game that gets a bit addicting but there is definitely room for improvement. First, just a small annoyance… when clicking on the timer to bring up the controls it’s too slow. There’s no point to having such a slow animation to display the controls. Second, the most frustrating thing is having businesses pop up on completely opposite sides of the map constantly with the driveway in the worst possible position with no possible way you’d be able to have enough tiles to connect things. I get that the randomness makes it challenging, but some of the logic needs updating so it doesn’t make things impossible. I’ve had businesses pop up 20+ tiles away from anything late into a game with the driveway on the far side and houses pop up just as far in the opposite direction. Again, fun game, but hopefully they make some improvements so you can actually use some strategy instead of being forced to place the least amount of tiles possible. If that’s the case, then you’re basically just connecting the dots and it’s not fun at all. UPDATE: I downgraded it another star because it’s getting to the point that it’s more frustrating than fun. It’s literally just connecting the dots without the ability to use strategy to make traffic flow more smoothly since you never have enough resources..Version: 1.7.5

Close but not close enoughAmazing concept and game. However the randomness and lack of AI eliminates any skill to the game. I consistently reach between 500 and 900 points but due to the counterintuitive randomness your design and hard work can come crashing down through no fault of your own. The fact that you cannot turn the factories around when they are first dropped in the game, deciding the best place to place entrances or even where you put them. Even if it was a Tetris style where you are forced to have the next colours racked up but you can decide where best to place them would be a help. Make it more skill based and less reaction based and this would be one of the great games..Version: 1.1.1

:(Loved this game but once my arcade subscription ended I wasn’t able to play anymore.Version: 1.7.2

DisappointingGame has nice aesthetic. Seems buggy, and the logic and playability are not great. As for bugs, sometimes you get a traffic light at the beginning of a turn and then it is not available. Also, you can’t seem to access the tutorial easily. Cannot find it. As for logic and playability, where to start. It just isn’t clear what’s going on. The traffic lights, freeways, they don’t have noticeable logical effects. It is not clear what is rewarded. Are you trying to make an efficient network? Then it just isn't that clear why your network starts to get bogged down or what you can do about it. The road placing and delete function can be counterintuitive and glitchy. At some point the game changes dramatically and road tiles are extremely scarce after being abundant and you die without any sense of what you could have done differently. What ever the five principals of good game design might be, this effort is not embodying them. You get the sense this Apple Arcade offering is intended to get folks interested in their subway game, which is a $4 game. I suspect that one may be better designed but don’t want to pay to find out. Also this game is such a natural vehicle for environmental thinking, and yet they fumble the opportunity completely. Like, I wanted to create the most efficient network and the game seems to reward or force roundabout routes. That’s it for me..Version: 1.3

What’s with the performance issues ?It’s a very simple game not sure why my phone heats up and consumes battery like crazy playing this game. Also the controls are unintuitive..Version: 1.6.2

FunLike this game but have some bug when points over 500 like doesnt move cant change the way stuff.. Also i wish fast forward system update ASAP :).Version: 1.0.2

Good, but not finishedThis is probably the Apple Arcade game that I want to play the most. But also the most annoying with the things that should have been fixed at the play testing stage. Graphically it’s great, but it’s screaming out for a dot version upgrade. At the moment I often lose, screaming at the phone where a bug has occurred that can’t be worked round in time. • cars get stuck at junctions causing tailbacks for absolutely no reason • if the wrong coloured car goes to a house, it stays there blocking itself and that houses cars • when a car is allocated it chooses the nearest available car. Even if there is one almost back to its house that would get there faster • if a car is on the way to the store when you delete a road it can’t get back, and you have to count cars to try and figure out where it’s got stuck and rebuild the road to get it back • once a store starts pinging to say its not being served fast enough, in the later stages of the game there often isn’t enough time to rectify it, even pausing the game and building a motorway directly to it • traffic lights slow traffic down more than an uncontested junction • bridges can’t be built over the sea - but there’s no indication what is sea I’m waiting with baited breath to see whether the developer will put the effort needed to make this game as satisfying as it should be..Version: 1.0.3

A not-so-great follow upAs a big fan of Mini Metro I was glad to see this. Unfortunately, after a few games it is soon apparent that the ‘best’ way to play is by tricking the game with pre-emptive road placements, rather than organically building an efficient road network. Rather than match high scores against other players I’ve been competing against myself, but that is almost leaving things to chance and has short term appeal. There needs to be much smarter route control for the cars, a reason for upgrading to traffic lights and also some kind of cause-and-effect for where coloured houses appear in relation to their destinations..Version: 1.1.1

Relaxing, forward thinking gameThis game has the potential to be extremely addictive with its simple yet rewarding game design. The main issue with the game only presents itself when you play a map a few times only to realise the game is (on most occasions) impossible to beat. The maps present you with buildings that demand more cars than there are houses or generates the building so far away from the house that even if you have a direct and clear route to that building, you will lose the game. The traffic lights also make next to no difference to intersections as well, making the use of them extremely useless. This game would be the PERFECT brain teaser if only these bugs were fixed..Version: 1.1

Bug fix and features that need to be addedTo zoom or move around it deleted roads and got annoying to short of time a tutorial is spost to teach not corse stress like for example I couldn’t even pass as the pins kept on coming up and ran out of time ⌛️ here’s a suggestion dubble tap to move around with out placing roads or deleting roads and to release the look around dubble tap again. Helpful hint for you If you fix , bring in the features I will give you 5 stars ⭐️.Version: 1.0.3

Simple but becomes complex in no timeAs stated above, simple but addictive game play however just unfortunate that it cannot be played long enough to get satisfaction. The city becomes chaotic in no time. Buildings and houses sprawling everywhere and no enough roads to built. It would be better if we could plan the city rather than buildings sprawling randomly. If refined this game has potential to become huge..Version: 1.2.2

Drains batteryFun game but it drains my iPhone 12 battery quickly..Version: 1.6.1

Actually funThis game is quite entertaining, bugs aside. Sometimes when joining roads it’s starts acting weird. Also we should have the ability to pan around the map. So many time’s I end up switching to another app, because I’m building too close to the iOS navigation bar. Also battery drain is really bad, my phone heats up like crazy. Not sure that I’d play this game often as it stands, cos it will probably ruin my phones battery health..Version: 0.6.3

Sandbox Mode Badly NeededWith the placements of buildings and houses being random, there’s not much to learn from each game to take into the next game. The game requires effort into strategy only to have the next round completely change your strategy. You more than likely stumble upon a good game rather than create it. Having the sandbox option would be amazing to have. Cities Skylines has found major success in a sub-genre that was dominated by SimCity. The traffic aspect to the game is one of the biggest highlights. It’s a great feeling to build a functioning traffic system from scratch. The “from scratch” part is very important. Designated areas for housing and buildings, unlimited roads and full maps, making the entrance to a building moveable, off ramps on motorways, and many more features would make casual play fun. This isn’t really a casual game. Opening the app, I know I am going to put a lot of time, and thinking, into the game. The sandbox mode would keep me playing especially for when I’m burnt out on the standard mode. Essentially, I would play this game everyday if it had a sandbox option..Version: 1.7.5

Please add pinch zoom outBeing able to zoom in and out in build mode would be very convenient and more comfortable..Version: 0.6.3

Fun gameplay, poor controlsThe game looks great and gameplay is intuitive, but the controls and interface are not. I'm writing this because the devs seem to take notice based on reviews. I want to love this game, but I find it near unplayable on iPhone and iPad. Two-finger touch would be intuitive to move the map if you could zoom in and out. As it is, it's all frustrating build/delete roads when I swipe to move the map because it's so zoomed-in during build mode, I can't tell where anything else is! The direction and efficiency of your routes become a guessing game, and I don't think that's the goal. It's a map-based game, so mirror Apple's map controls. It would help if in building a road, it wasn't all one touch. For example, it would be nice to drag to draft the route, drag back to undo and then click to confirm, but that may be over burdensome. I think that just comes from the frustration of wanting to zoom in/out. Anyhow, I cannot recommend the game as it is for iPhone/iPad players, only Apple TV..Version: 1.2.2

Love the game but...I really enjoy the concept of the game and the way it is executive, however it is frustrating for the game to end when traffic is flowing perfectly. The game could be drastically improved, if the speed at which cars travel was increased, or the rate at which cars are requested was tweaked..Version: 1.1

Constantly trigger system gesturesPlease add prevention of system gestures.Version: 0.6.3

Take the Mini Metro InsteadIf this game was released before Mini Metro, I’d likely be giving it a 5-star review. Though its prettier than its predecessor, it isn’t as satisfying a puzzle or simulator - trying to solve a traffic puzzle doesn’t feel great when it feels clunky to adjust roads, and the cars don’t really behave like actual traffic..Version: 1.1.1

Great concept but needs big improvementsLike a lot of the other reviews here I think this could be a great game but in it’s current form it feels like it isn’t quite ready and feels like more of a beta version. It very quickly drains the battery on my iPhone X and it gets very hot. Traffic lights only make things worse and slows down the flow. The spawning of houses and warehouses is completely random to the point where you can tell how quickly you’re going to lose a level based on where things are positioned in the first week or so. Quite often things spawn in positions that make it impossible to have a decent flow of traffic. I’ve also experienced the same bugs as others where cars will queue for no apparent reason meaning it’s game over shortly after. When the large icon appears at a warehouse there’s rarely anything you can do other than sit and wait to lose. As much as I do love this game I think I’ll be uninstalling until a major update comes out fixing these issues..Version: 1.0.2

Great concept poor executionGame is quite addictive you build roadways connecting houses to work buildings of the same color not enough cars make it to the building and a red circle starts when it finishes its game over but there’s just a few minor things that ruin the experience.. for 1 street lights are useless and hamper your cars getting to there destination And each in game week nets you more roads to place and 2 randoms that you can choose there’s 4 total more roads a us highway, bridge and a street light a couple of times my game chose not to give me any roads at the end of a week nd no choice ...another issue is when you getup into the 500 car range the game over timer ticks faster than cars seem to drive even over a direct highway tconnecting the buildings across the map overall tho it’s a fun way to kill time . This game could greatley benefit from a sandbox mode with infinite roads as tho your fans struggle to get far and when you do most game overs are due tithe RNG nature of the game.Version: 1.0.3

Melt your phone for high score?Phone gets pretty hot 1000… not sure how people are reaching 200,000 without melting their phone or running out of screen space. Fun game though.Version: 1.5

Loved the game until.....Challenging game to pick your brain and make you improve your strategy on every try although.... it was very frustrating seeing all the time invested to get the cars into the buildings and seeing them stuck inside the parking space and losing the game because of this. Won’t play this again until this is fixed although I am afraid I will never now when or if this is fixed... Apparently when the buildings upgrade although you are able to feed them with enough cars the car park is not capable of fitting the increased volume of cars. Shame I liked the game.... Also it would be cool to have more challenges to achieve other than 250 points....Version: 1.0.3

Great concept but I feel is a bit luck basedThe game has a great concept but I feel it becomes a bit luck based from 1000+ completed journeys onwards based on how many motorways you have in your possession at the time. Based on the placement and frequency of properties and businesses in the latter stages of a level, it can become too much to the point that you are guaranteed to fail more times than not if you don’t have enough items in your possession, motorways in particular. Also if you make a mistake in the early stages of a level involving a motorway and you need to reposition it in the latter stages of a level, there is never enough time to be able to do so and as again you are guaranteed to fail more times than not on this which is out of your control. It would be a great option at the point you fail a level if you could restart all of the cars back at the properties but be able to make any adjustments to the placement of items on the map before you begin again, to perhaps correct where you went wrong previously. Overall, the game needs a bit of work and fine tuning here and there and it would be great!.Version: 1.7.5

Could be a great game, butI really enjoyed this, and I can see it could potentially be a great game, but as is, it does have issues. First the controls can be a bit flakey, some times not register at all when the game starts. Also it is so easy to accidentally delete a road or motorway by accident. The game seems a bit like pot luck at times, as cars can just pile up and do nothing causing the end of the game, through no fault of the user. A peaceful unlimited game option would also be good, to allow you to craft you own road layout and not have to stress about cars not getting through on time. With a few tweaks this game could be fantastic, as it is currently, It is just a good game with frustrating issues..Version: 1.0.3

Please allow zooming out during the build mode on iPad ProHave to pan way too much to build.Version: 0.6.3

GlitchesGame glitches when moving motorways sometimes. Has happened twice and cost the game. Otherwise is fun.Version: 1.7

Pretty relaxing despite a few persistent bugsThis is a fun little game, but there are a few issues I’ve noticed that make it a little less enjoyable to play. There are fairly regular audio glitches throughout, perhaps it’s the beta software but it doesn’t seem fully stable as of yet. On multiple occasions I’ve seen what I can only assume is a road accident occur, at least thats what it looks like. A line of cars will seemingly stop in the road or at a junction for no apparent reason and there is literally nothing you can do other than wait for the game to end in failure when a timer runs out on a building. The traffic lights seem to be pretty pointless, and in many scenarios have made traffic worse at junctions. Cars freely dashing across junctions and glitching through each other appears to be much more efficient. It’s very easy to accidentally switch into the “build” mode and draw a rogue road or wipe out a motorway with a single swipe which seems like it should be avoidable. It’s also very easy to accidentally pull down the notification centre if you’re trying to draw a road at the top of the screen, as the ability to change your viewpoint on the map is quite restrictive - it would be better if you could zoom in and out more easily. Either way, still very enjoyable to kill some time with and the soundtrack is nice and relaxing, I’m sure with a bit of polish this could be a great game..Version: 0.6.3

Addictive Game, however..This is a very addictive game and I would fully recommend downloading it however there are a few issues such as -Accidentally pulling the notification centre down when tapping the top of the screen to build a road. -Traffic lights seem to be useless as they actually slow down the traffic and therefore make a building time out and end the game. - Buildings have no apparent spawn point and some times there can be several of the same colour shops spawn and not enough houses to spawn along with them, therefore making the buildings time out and end the game. -Houses spawn completely the other side of the map and by the time the car has reached the centre of the map the building has already timed out (and this is with a motorway!) -Road Tiles do not appear often enough to keep up with the demand of the houses and buildings. But generally a really good game, I am constantly playing it to try and overcome these issues however no matter how often I play I always come across the same issues that end the game prematurely 😣 very frustrating.Version: 0.6.3

It’s ok.Fun like SIMS type. But it’s hard to know why the spots get crowded and why and by how much so then everything looks ok but all of a sudden it gets crowded and you’re shut down. There’s no meter to show you how much percentage of the number that makes a site too crowded or not accessible etc, so it gets confusing as to what you’re supposed to move, when just a few moments before everything seemed to be working fine. Also the motorway on top is overlapping the thing underneath so if you wanted to move the thing underneath you have to move the motorway to get to it, which is kinda annoying. I get that it’s just a silly game, and people play it with “strategy” so they don’t actually build functional town areas, but if they do that, they ought to be penalised, because the game would be much more fun if you got extra points for functionality of building a real town, and having the knowledge of the numbers needed to get a building filled or not filled, and how many cars actually are in each house. But I get that in order to do that it would be a much bigger game..Version: 1.4

GlitchyEnjoyed... had fun while it lasted. Game glitches and cars get stuck won’t move they just stay in one spot and the counter starts counting until runs out of time. Cars appear where no roads are??? Please fix it! Side note game could do with power ups and choose when the buildings upgrade.Version: 1.0.3

Fun an addicting, broken aspects make playing not enjoyable.Don’t get me wrong; this game is fun and addicting for not only just to waste time while watching TV or lounging around. But there is a serious bug/break in the game that can immediately ruin your game. When there is an intersection, either with or without a traffic light, sometimes traffic just completely stops and then your city fails. There is no fix I have found, other than completely removing all the roads in that area and frantically putting them back if you can, to hopefully get the traffic going. It’s especially bad when you are in the 500+ commuters area, and then (ex) yellow buildings need items picked up, then they go into the red pop up timer meaning it needs a lot of cars right now. All of your yellow cars besides maybe 3-4 are stuck not moving at all. They will just be frozen, and all it takes is ONE car to be broken at an intersection for the entire map to be completely bricked. It’s especially frustrating when I can just look at where everything is going wrong and all I can do it sit and stare at it, and wait for my city to get shut down and I have to restart..Version: 0.6.3

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