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To easyBasically all you have to do is launch your self off the side and land in the main pool and boom you won.Version: 6.4.0

No no no thanks a lotThis game was fun at the start but now it’s just glitching and I die every time.Version: 2.1

SO LAGGYIt is sooo laggy. And whenever u jump off the slide even into the like end, the others ALWAYS teleport or something. Please fix the lag. I don’t really mind when the computer teleports but maybe if they were a little but slower. Thx.Version: 4.0.1

THIS GAME SUCKSIt only shows rain or whateva for a long time and does nothing.Version: 2.5

Amazing, but I have some suggestions suggestionThis game is amazing and I definitely recommend downloading it! The only thing that could be better is if other sliders could knock you off the slide as well because the game is way to easy to win. I understand some people might not like this so maybe you could make some game modes like battle where you have to try and hit as many people of and they can hit you, last one standing where the slide is endless and last one standing wins and endless mode. These are a few suggestions hope you can maybe do it but it’s a great game! (Also maybe online multiplayer???).Version: 4.2.2

Fun but stupidThe game is a little fun to play. There are shortcuts that you can take to finish the race faster. But it doesn't matter what you do the other racers are right behind you always. Very unrealistic. You will get frustrated at this despite the fun!.Version: 4.0.1

Great, but...There’s a few problems that, if could be fixed, would make this a great game. First off, the changes were really thoughtful about making there more skins. But the only skins there are are three more, with different colors for each one. At least make a few MORE skins to seem a bit cooler? Also, I hate how the bots spawn behind you. For example, once I had jumped across the slide to reach the last part, and suddenly the bot spawns where I was, took my place, and made me get in second place. It’s great when it comes to a few challenges, but not very great when you are trying to win. Hopping to one slide to another isn’t realistic, either, but neither is spawning behind someone else. Also, another thing is that the game crashed way too many times. Please help fix this!!! Whenever I jumped to go to the other slide to win, and keep in mind I was just about to get a new skin if I won, the game went black and kicked me out. I kept trying to reboot it, but every time it’d just kick me out again. I had to wait almost a week until I could play it again, and that’s a bit of a problem. Other than that, the game is good. (It’s been a while since it’s been added, but I love the new power-ups you can get in the game.).Version: 4.0

WHY IS IT SO GLITCHING AND LAGGYIf you read the title well I’m not trying to be rude but in my device was an iPad I download this app then I keep coming 1st and little bit of 2nd until the winter map I was ok at the 1st level but on the 2nd I REALISED IT WAS SO GLITCHY that I couldn’t make it, I was stuck in that level because it was so laggy and glitchy that I keep falling so please fix the app for me so the devices are better, can you also make another settings so we could add any quality, for example, low, medium and high quality so we could choose it, I know that some kids don’t know what quality is but low quality is the smooth quality, so if you see this, voodoo please update it, thank you..Version: 2.9

Just consider it...Layout of the game is decent, but unfortunately in some biomes / different maps you can just go straight to the finish line by jumping off the waterslide. Characters... What if you added a feature where you can customise your character? Like change colours or clothes, depending on what type of skin it is. Just to add more to the game. What if you had a feature where you can play with REAL people. ... And yes to those who didn’t know, you aren’t playing with real people, it’s bots. It’s possible there could be multiplayer people but not likely. And lastly, I’m sure you should focus on not only finding bugs and fixing them, but please add more to the game. At the moment, not a lot going on. People already unlocked every single character there is, found a way to cheat, win first place constantly. It’s too easy and too predictable. Next thing you know, people will have their shot on the game, then get bored, then delete. But I’m sure if you add a little more to the game, then more people will want to keep playing. That’s all. Great game, but u it’s not enough. - Anonymous.Version: 4.2.2

Bad game do not download 👎🏻I was looking forward to playing this game but I can’t because all I see is clouds and rain.Version: 2.5

I couldn’t even get into the gameThis game is only meant for iPhones, I do not have a iPhone that can download games. So I downloaded it on my iPad. I was so excited but it only came up with a blue screen with a few clouds raining. I was so excited so I waited, I waited for three hours! I am really annoyed now! I think you should make it available for people with iPads because I am NOT the only one who is having this problem!.Version: 2.5

It’s not badSo it’s not a bad game. It’s fun and entertaining, but it could be better. Here are some suggestions I think can help the app. Well I feel like thing is annoying is whenever you jump off of the slide and get way ahead of all the other AI’s and then teleport right behind you, I would like for that not to happen anymore. Another thing is I would kind a want the skins to cost more money so you take more time to save up for them, Or could you add more skins so we could save up for a different ones, because I have all of the skins and it’s not hard to get them Also I think that you could do multiplayer so we could go against other people not just robots. And I think you could slow down on all the ads it’s really annoying every time you went or die you are asked for a also I think that you could do multiplayer so we could go against other people not just robots. And I think you could slow down on all the ads it’s really annoying every time you win you have an ad to watch or if you die and asked you if you want to watch an ad to continue and if you say no usually it’s still gives you an ad. If you read this thank you for reading this and please listen to my suggestions.Version: 3.6

It has potentialThis game could be brilliant but there are afue real major faults in this game 1. Its so annoying when you jump from one layer to the next some one is automatically behind you even though they didn’t jump, the while point of you jumping was to get away from them 2. Every time you go up a level/section towards the level there is an advert, it gets do annoying that after a while you have to stop playing the game because you have watched more ads then you have played the game 3.I hate that if you jump into the pool you still die even though the point of the gam is to end in the pool before everyone else and thats what you have done just not via the ramp, another incident close to this certain topic is that once i was going to win by miles (for the first time* see 1.) but then when I was on the ramp before the pool my avatar got trapped in the ramp and it wouldn't let me move so u was stuck in the ramp watching everyone go past 4. How come when I deliberately tried to come last to see what happens you still end you coming somewhere on the leader board when the leader board only foes up to 9th place and to come last you come like 15th? Althuogh there are many faults in this game I still find it very amusing and its a glld buy if you are reading this for advice for if you should get it or not 😌, its really fun... and addictive but mainly fun, it's fun!!!.Version: 2.1

Another fake .io gameIt's quite obvious that this game is all bots. ig it's fun, it gets pretty boring after a day or so. but just like all the other .io games, it's fake. it's not actually online and everyone playing is a bot and easy to beat..Version: 4.0.1

Good conceptGood game and concept but everytime you jump around to another part of the slide and come first, instantly all the bots just teleport to you which is really annoying.. Add online feature and less ads..Version: 2.9

Good conceptIt’s a good concept for a game if you were going up against real players if “rubber banding” wasn’t a thing it would actually be enjoyable.Version: 2.5

It’s fun but has some issuesWhen I first started playing this game it was a fun an different type of game to play but there are some issues. First of off I think you should make the game a bit more challenging. In my opinion I feel like every round I do its the same thing over and over again. I recommend adding new stuff to the game like spikes on the slides?? Secondly, why do we always start at the back of the slide? It’s would be a nice change to be in the front of the of the slide. Yes it might get easier but maybe only use that for the first few rounds and make them go farther back when they get to higher levels. Or make the players more advanced and faster. Last I’d like to recommend adding more characters. The game has a good amount of characters but there to easy to get. Once you get all of them there’s not really a goal. Plus like I mentioned earlier the slides seem the same to top it off! If you could I would really like if you there could be a UNICORN or a penguin!😄😄 Though the game could use some improvements it’s still a fun game at the start and you should download if you have nothing else to do. Creator please take this into consideration. Thank you!!! Sorry if I gave it low stars I wasn’t for sure what to make of it. 😐.Version: 4.0.1

Think twice before you download this game..This is a amazing game but the people that are playing with you are fake and I have proof of that because there names are very basic like ‘Private’ ‘PRO’ I bet they were just pulled out of a book about names. When you like slide super far away from the players they catch up to within seconds! Yes I know it’s a very fun and addictive game but it would be so much better if they were real people. Every time I play I’m always at the end of the line. If it were a real race then everybody would be lined up equally. Overall I think it’s not so fun... (TO CREATORS: you creators can do a much better job!).Version: 4.0.1

Unacceptable TOSYou have to allow them to collect any data they want before you can start the app. Instant delete..Version: 2.8

FIX THIS!!!!This game is fun and all. I play it when I have nothing else to do. But what kinda bugs me is that I started playground kg this game three days ago and I have all of the skins you can buy and I have over 3,000,000 coins. There is no other purpose of having coins after you have bought all of the skins. Also what bugs me is that you only have like 5 maps that you rotate through. You never get any new ones. And on some of the maps, there is pieces of the decoration (ex): the Chinese map. Pieces of the buildings are sticking into the slide making it where you cannot see until you slide past them. There is so many maps like that. Also this game is stuffed with adds... I win a race, 2 minute long add. I die, add. It goes on like that forever. I just end up putting my phone on Airplane mode and turning off my WiFi so I don’t deal with stupid adds. Another thing that happens is that if I play this game with my music on it lags the game and crashes it. I don’t like this. Some people would like the app more if it had background music so you weren’t just stuck with your own thoughts while you play. If the game creators fix all of these problems then I would rate this a 5/5 star game. But because of all of the problems and how laggy it is I can only rate this game a 2/5 stars. If you would fix this it would be highly appreciated. Thank you,.Version: 2.6

Single player masquerading as multiplayerThe game functions perfectly even when played on flight mode, including loading in “players” with the same names that appear when on wifi. These “players” also teleport right behind you when you jump sections of the map. It is entirely possible to jump off the slides at the start of the map and land in the finish area, kind of negating any kind of skill or pressure the game wants to suggest it takes to win. The game needs to be loaded into an actual online server to play against real players and the maps/generator needs to be tweaked so that you can’t shortcut from start to finish in the matter of a couple of seconds.Version: 2.2

So many problemsThis game looked promising from the ads I’ve seen, but after playing this game for some time now, I have changed my attitude towards it. First of all, it’s misleading. The other players aren’t actual people, but CPU. How do I know this? Well for starters the names never change. You always see the same names over and over. Also, occasionally when starting the race, the racer in front of you will copy your movements. And the rubber banding on this game is absolutely ridiculous. No matter how far you are ahead, the racers will speed up to catch up with you, or even teleport behind you suddenly. But that doesn’t even matter because the game is so easy you will win 1st place every time. The levels tend to even repeat themselves with minor changes. And the game itself seems unfinished or lazily thrown together. The human characters are mannequins, the animal characters look like they were designed by a pre schooler, and the glitches. I have been launched for no reason several times, phased through the track like it wasn’t even there at points, and even sometimes I’ll land in the pool when I’m in 1st and then the game decides that I’m in 5th or 6th, WITH NO OTHER PLAYERS AHEAD OF ME. Here’s what this game needs: actual people, more time put into it, and competent developers..Version: 4.0.1

MehIn my opinion this is a kinda garbage game, graphics are bad, playing it is boring because it’s super easy, I have to ask you to stop calling the AI in the game “players” because I think we all know that Paul from Brazil isn’t miraculously still playing with you even when you have airplane mode on. There’s no content, apart from more environments and jumping or slides trying to be ‘first’, I like how you knew your AI were bad so you just went and made it so they teleport behind you, either when you land and your far away or when you hit the slide. In conclusion just another low content easy money grabbing hyper-casual game. Yikes. Wow it actually amuses me how many people are oblivious to this marking scheme designed to take data from you and make money off the fact you hate ads..Version: 2.1

READ EVERYTHING IN THIS REVEIWIt’s a blah game. To me it’s not really enjoyable and every time I do something in the game my phone buzzes like I am getting a notification the creators of this game you have done the worst job at this game no offence but to me it’s true DONT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME ITS CREEPY I SWEAR!! (If you did download and did not take my advice you’ll regret you ever pressed that download button on your device.) it has glitches and creepy things happen all of a sudden the creators don’t bother to fix it do not download this game The people aren’t even real there is a lot of evedence about that too so I suggest don’t download this game the creators are Voodoo and if you download this game it will act like a Voodoo doll which is a type of really really creepy doll ..Version: 3.7

I think 50/50Ok so I like this game a lot it is very fun don’t get me wrong but there are good things and then there are bad things so I say 50/50 the reason I am righting this is so you know before you get the app there are a few things that you will probably not like 1 there are way two many adds like I get ever once in a while but every time I don’t win there’s like a minute add. 2 I wish we had more maps to unlock and I see that you added more in the last few months but still it is not enough to me at the least 3 this is more of asking but whatever I think we should be able to pick to play with bouts or real people it probably really help because real people if they have played the game before they actually have skill as the bouts don’t and real people can not catch up to you as fast like the bouts 4 there should be an option for when you first join the game and you don’t have any levels and only have the boy and girl avatars there should be one for trans gender so not saying if it is a girl or a boy just saying like person even tho I am not trans myself I feel as this would help. That’s all so if you read this game makers please think about it.Version: 2.9

Loved it before it started to GLITCH 😵👎🏻🤭My sister and I turned on the game, and we both got a screen that was a sky with clouds ☁️!!! I swiped up the app, deleted it and reinstalled it and it still did not work!!!.Version: 2.5

Good to play, but...This game is very addictive and fun, and I enjoy playing it. However the things I have to say about this are the ads. There are WAY too many. Also, when I die in the game, it give me two options: either watch an ad to revive my self or just restart. Since I can’t really be bothered to watch an ad, I decide to just restart. When ever I do this, it just gives me an ad anyway! And they are really long! Two more things - when ever I jump all the way two the finish line, while I’m in the air, I can see no one. There is no chance anybody could beat me, but then, as soon as I’m near everybody suddenly appears behind me. It’s just not that realistic. Lastly, throughout the game the app closes all the time and I have to go back on it - and i have to re do the level..Version: 4.0.1

UhhWhenever I try to play this game I can’t sleep because it’s stuck on the loading screen for like five hours and I can’t make it so I don’t wanna play this game please fix this bug.Version: 2.5

Hear me out,,Repetitive? Yes. Adds? Yes. Slow? Yes. STUCK ON THE INTRO SCREEN? COME ON!.Version: 2.5

This game had so much potential to be good :(I downloaded this game because my I saw my sister playing it and I thought it looked interesting. The first 20 or so minutes of playing was fun, but after that, it just got boring. First of all, all the levels are pretty much the same, and they’re all painfully easy. Every time I play a level it feels like I’m doing the same thing over and over again. I’d suggest adding different obstacles and features to higher levels. Second, you can’t really spend the coins you earn on much. I have had every single character that you unlock with coins within 15 minutes or less. After you unlock all of the characters, there’s not really much of a reason to play anymore. Third, this game was advertised as a multiplayer game, but it’s obvious that it’s not a multiplayer game and the other “players” are bots. You see the same usernames throughout every single level, and you always start in 16th place. When I told my sister that I got the game, she asked me what my name was so she could know if she was on a game with me. I had to explain to her that it wasn’t actually a multiplayer game and that she’s been playing with bots this whole time. I know false advertising is pretty obvious to me since I’m older and I know better, but it isn’t as obvious to younger kids such as my sister. In conclusion, add more variety to the game, and stop false advertising :(.Version: 4.0.1

Not sure what the objective of the game isYou learn fast about shortcuts. Then, it becomes easy to always win a race. Nothing special about the characters. There are a few bugs that pop up from time to time. The biggest one is when you land too far out of the pool. The game doesn’t know what to do so you’re stuck in some infinite fall. I’m not even mad. There doesn’t seem to any restrictions about what you can name your characters so go for it..Version: 3.7

No ChallengeYou’re playing against an AI, not real people, despite what the game tries to convince you. This means the game is incredibly easy as long as you make as many jumps as you can because the AI is unable to make such complex moves. To try and counter this, the developers implicated a stupid auto-teleport mechanic that means the AI will catch up to you no matter your placement on the slide. This makes the game actually worse because nothing you do matters in the grand scheme of things because you’re always going to be only a little bit further in front of the AI at all times. There is a lack of creativity in maps, a null in game currency, and on some maps you can just jump off the slide straight into the goal. This makes the games incredibly quick to finish, each of which followed by a full-length ad that you have to sit through for each individual level. Honestly not worth the download, maybe the first few levels were entertaining enough to be a time kill. You’ll have the game on your phone for 4 days at most before you delete it because it’s using up storage space..Version: 2.1

Why??Hey so I recently downloaded ur game and I love it but I have stumbled upon a few issues that really bothered me. I was playing ur game and I was just on the blink of winning as I was on the end of the water slide. But then I got stuck right on the end and it just let all other players past I was pretty angry because in about 2 seconds I was first all the was down to the very last player this is a big bummer because I’m soo new to the game and this is not a great first impression. I would really appreciate it if u could fix stupid bugs like that because I want to say more positive things about your game. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has experienced a bug/bugs like this in aqua park io so please fix it. Thanks for reading.Version: 3.7

It’s an ok gameThis game is pretty fun when you start out and have absolutely no idea what your doing and just flying off of slides, it’s pretty fun not gonna lie, but for me personally when there are the little tiny key and you have to kill or knock the other person off is kind of stressful when you just want to have fun! But if not all that then the game is pretty fun, it’s the one I probably played most but now I don’t play it as much for these reasons. Another reason is that once you actually get good at the game it is such a breeze to get into first place. I was playing this for the first time in a while and I easily got it. Also the levels don’t necessarily advance or get harder. In the first couple of times I was playing there was nothing, just a slide. Then after a few rounds they added this broken water pipe and if you go on it then You shoot up, but it is pretty easy to get around it. Then there are these would thing that block one half, also easy to get around. So the levels don’t advance much at all just one time. Other than that it’s a great game and it’s pretty fun to play Thanks!!.Version: 5.7.0

Not the bestWhen I down loaded it it wasn’t even working right it was just sort of images of rain poring down and so I waited 10-20 minutes just for it to load and then I deleted it and I waited 10 more minutes then it FINALLY work. Also there are SOOOOOOOOOOOO many adds. Yet it is quite fun. P.s. sorry for spelling errors.Version: 2.5

Bots and adsThis is at first was very entertaining, but right after the first level that I played I got an ad. Literally half of the game is just ads. Some ads are very long like thirty seconds. Some are only a few seconds which aren’t too bad. Some ads when you click the X it takes you to the App Store and you have to go back to the game. Second, there aren’t real people playing. They are all just bots. It is unfair how you start sixteenth place and the other “players” start before you. If you are first place, the bots can just catch up and pass you in a couple of seconds. One feature that I like about this game is how you can go off the slide and try getting into the swimming pool. They should add boosters, for example every time when you win three times in a row you should get like, one super speed booster or something like that. The problem with these type of games is that they make it very easy for you and then praise you and make you think you are skilled or something and then you give the game a good review. When games are easy, they are not very fun and you get bored easily. If there were real people playing or you could invite your friends to a friends only round it would be much more fun and competitive especially with yours friends. I do not like how you have to watch ads to unlock certain features or pay money for no ads. Overall, this game is an okay game and NEEDS changes..Version: 6.1.1

Best game ever!I love this game because I work at a school and all my students ever want to do is play this game. I think that this is a great game because it is meant for all ages . My 5 year old daughter plays this game and so do myself and my 10 year old students. However you can’t play with other players. But we don’t even really need that! Also I like how it’s playing with robots not real people because that means you don’t have to have wifi and you won’t get hacked. At the school I work at we don’t want cyber bullying and we teach our students that . Kind regards Shanon.Version: 2.2

Was better beforeWhen the game was fairly new you were able to play it without wifi/data. It begged you to turn it on to get money out of you but that was fine. Now, you can’t play offline because it won’t let you play unless it knows it’s getting money out of you. I understand the business needs to make money but it used to be a good game to play with no service but now you can’t because it won’t allow you unless it’s know it’s benefitting. I loved the game and played it mostly out and about when I had no service for occupying myself. No good now - good game, but too money oriented..Version: 4.7.0

I don’t know...This game kinda annoys me🙁. It’s a good game and personally after I’ve played it I always want to play again. I’ll write down some reasons why I don’t love this game though, but I won’t be including adds because I know they have to put them in for money or what ever🙄But anyway these are my problems with the game. The game is quite easy😕. I really want a challenge, and if you do too I wouldn’t recommend this game. Another problem I have is that the people you’re playing against are clearly bots!🙄 Like the names are soo obvious. Birdy, Edgar and Mr fabulous. Like seriously 😑 those names are soo average! And when you reach the end no matter how far in the lead you are they just teleport to you. I know I’ve said this a lot but it’s soo annoying. It would make the game a much better experience if you were up against real people. There is so much more I could write about this game but to save you time I’ll leave it to the other people writing reviews to say those things. I know my review won’t get seen by the creators of the game, but for anyone who reads this I hope that you consider the things I’ve written about!!😊.Version: 4.1.3

Voodoo forces you to accept their termsOf use or you cannot play and that which entails that you let them harvest your data so they can spam you with targeted ads and even sell your data/info to 3rd party advertisers. No worries, just turn off wifi and data before using their apps and you can play ad free and not worry about giving these leeches anything..Version: 2.9

Barely scratched the surfaceThis game is fun, but limited. There are only a few different techniques to this game: you can either take the slide straight down and try to “kill - or simply outrace - your opponents, you can try jumping over the edge of the slide and fall to a part of the slide that’s further down, or you can always shoot for the hang glider and try to glide your way to the pool. Either way, you’ll have a good time. However, the developers have barely scratched the surface of what this game could be. The maps don’t really matter and the slides don’t change all that much. You can collect money, but after a while it doesn’t really do anything for you. You can buy them all pretty quickly. Now every time I win a race and see all those coins soar across the screen and into my bank, it makes me question what it’s all really for in the end. So what, I keep racing to make money, so I can buy all this crap? And then I just go race and do it all again? What’s it all leading to? What’s it all mean? It’s too bad the developers have no interest in exploring these questions. No, they’ll keep their pointless game the way it is, so long as they keep making money from advertisements. That’s all this game is anyways, an endless cycle of sliding towards another ad. But for now, I’ll keep sliding....Version: 3.3

😡😡😡Please add more levels.Version: 4.0.1

AI competitorsPretty sure im versing AI. This game is too easy to beat everyone... I’ve tested doing a jump right at the start where I land right at the finish and I win and somehow 2nd place is right behind me yet when I tested just sliding through the track, I could catch up to number one spot because none of them ever jumped. I’ve tested both multiple times. Not to mention the what I’m pretty sure is AI’s always getting more kills is funny since I’ve never seen a single one try and bump the others, they also dodge everything, not just bad stuff like boxes but good stuff like the water thing. Not happy. There’s no point playing a game like this against AI’s..Version: 2.9

Pretty good game but...This game is very fun at first (idk if this is just me) but it starts to get really boring cause it’s very simple and easy. Apart from some water bricks this game has nothing gaping you from beating everyone. Also the scenery never really changes. If the had different stages with different the Ames I think it would impact the game a lot. Lastly there are quite a few adds witch make the game ver annoying not to yell at this game in particular all games have way to many adds you have to agree. Apart from theses things the game has a pretty good base and would be so much better if they could update it to make it a little harder so you have to try harder to win and don’t just practically play with your eyes closed 😁😁💁🏻‍♀️💁🏻‍♀️😉.Version: 3.7

A full storyI was sitting eating lunch when I see everyone with there phones they were all playing this game so I decided to try it out I immediately fell in love with this app it’s is amazing if you don’t pay attention I almost immediately started experiencing problems every time I jumped off the slide way far ahead of anyone else the computers teleported behind me at the moment that it was just to make the game challenging the next day the computers started to teleport ahead of me. That’s when it all began. I talked to my friends who had the game and the were experiencing the same problems. I began to get so close to winning and lose because of the computers. The more I read the reviews the more I notice things wrong with the game. Like when I kill someone there is still the same amount of people playing the game. What I didn’t like (and this isn’t a glitch in the game) is how many adds you get it’s basically like every round you get another dum add. I also don’t like that you can’t choose the map it will choose for you. Even though it has these problems because the actual game is a good idea and super addictive I don’t say you shouldn’t try it. Just watch out for those problems!.Version: 2.4

Great possibility, poorly executedThis game is a nice game to play if your bored, and it’s very satisfying if you find a shortcut that leads to the end of the level straight away, but there are multiple problems with it. 1. It’s not a real .io game as it’s not online. Don’t advertise it as an .io game if it’s not online or on a .io website. This would be fine if it wasn’t advertised as one and also because of the following point 2. The AI is terrible. You can always leave them in the dust using strategic skills and shortcuts, but if you literally skip the whole level with an amazing shortcut, they instantly end up behind you and overtake you, taking away your first place that you should have gotten. This is frustrating as if you are just about about to beat the level with an amazing shortcut, but then 5 of the bots instantly overtake you. If the AI was better and did actual shortcuts I wouldn’t mind, but then teleporting is just lazy and should be fixed 3. Nothing is solid. You can fly right through hills and buildings. Also the ocean is solid. You should sink in it, but you don’t. This is a fun little game, but is poorly executed and the poor AI is very frustrating..Version: 2.5

PLS FIX THIS!I love this game and have every character. The last update changed the game a lot! But the game also glitches a lot. It might be my iPad, but i haven’t used that much storage. Sometimes, when I’m racing, the game glitches and teleports me to a spot in mid-air where there is nothing I can do to save myself. It sometimes lags on the page right after the race where you get your award. The yellow button and the green button are sometimes not there and I have to close the tab and re-open it to get out of that page. And today, when i opened the app, one more than half of my legendary characters where gone! I cant’t even repurchase them with my game money! They weren’t even on the list. Pls tell me the reason for this problem or fix it! I’m very sad that those characters are gone because I worked hard to earn them. Other than those problems, it’s a pretty good game.Version: 5.2.0

It’s okayAt first I was addicted to this game because I didn’t have WiFi and it was the most "proper" game I had on my iPad. Since you only play against AI you nearly always win. But the thing I’ve noticed and I’ve known this for a long time is that they somehow appear behind you when you’re at the finish. For some reason it’s a bit creepy for me, because there’s no absolute way to be about halfway through the map and appearing at the end almost 5 seconds later. Please can you make it an actual online game which is more fun to play. Oh and also, I don’t know if it has something to do with me not having WiFi, but when I press "buy currency" button, it shows up with 5 coins (only 5!) for 0.99 or something. Then below that, it says 5 coins again for 2.99! I don’t see an actual point in buying coins in this game as it’s very easy to win and you always get more than 200 coins..Version: 2.9

Fix the Bug and I don’t want ad-trackingI was playing this game and really enjoying it and then you put in a development which meant you could become a animal. This was good for me, until I realised it had also essentially ruined my game. Now whenever anything happens on the game e.g. I jump, collect coins, kill someone, my phone vibrates. It’s extremely annoying to the point where I can’t actually play the game anymore as it gets my phone hot from the constant vibration. It was a great game until this. Also because I have disabled ad tracking it’s constantly asking me to allow it which I think is actually out of hand. It was my decision to protect my privacy you simply CANNOT ask me to re-allow it in my own settings every single time a start a new game. And it comes up with a big page of information telling me I have disabled ad-tracking which I think I already know anyway, since I did it and you won’t stop telling me about it. Absolutely disgusting..Version: 2.2

There is a glitchI tried to play the game but there’s a glitch with lines on the screen and it doesn’t even get to the game I hope you can fix it I tried reinstalling the game after I deleted it But the glitch still is on the game and try to fix the glitch soon but I love the game.Version: 2.5

It’s a really good game but...Well, I just started to play this because I thought it was going to be fun. It is a really good game and I recommend it to you but the thing is that I hate the bots for a reason. The reason is that no matter how far r u, they are going to catch you no matter what. It doesn’t matter if you have a technique or something because THEY ARE GOING TO CATCH YOU and that’s a little bit unfair in my opinion. I hope you could change that because it’s very unfair. I really want you guys to put an online option in the game to play it with friends, it would really be more interesting the game if you do that. But there is one point on the game when everything turns very easy. For example, I unlocked ALL the characters in less than 3 hours. Well if you are of those people that like to play games with more difficult challenges, this is not your game. I recommend you to play this without internet because you are going to have A BUNCH of ads in the game, and I think nobody likes that. I hope you read this and change those things I want you (and many other players) to change. I hope you guys will like this game, no matter if I have all the characters, this is a really fun game, thanks for reading my long review LOL 😂.Version: 4.2.6

Umm noYeah it’s made my hole phone lag so now I have to buy a new phone thx to this game ☹️😤.Version: 4.2.6

GlitchyThis game is extremely glitchy.Version: 2.5

GarbageGarbage game..Version: 6.4.0

Amazing but very glitchyAs soon as I downloaded this game I fell in love with it I was very happy with my decision to download the game. I love buying all the skins and unlocking all the maps. However as I have been playing this game it’s becoming super glitchy and I don’t know if that’s just my phone or the game but sometimes it will just kick me off the game half way through a race sometimes it will just stop so I have to leave the game and sometimes it just stops and then it’s fine and then it stops agin so that is a bit annoying also there is a lot of ads I don’t mind ads one but but people who don’t and want to get this game just be aware I hope the creators can fix the bugs and issues. But overall the game is so fun and entertaining I definitely recommend kinda ❤️.Version: 4.2.6

Try harderI mean I used to love the game play it EVERY SINGLE DAY now to me I have thrown it to the digital TRASH cuz now I hate the game so much I have a few reasons too #1 ITS VERY GLITCHY like it would glitch out a lot #2 there are a TON of ads on the game and its very annoying #3 you can’t look like other players cuz a few players would be a girl with a BLUE swimsuit and I can only use the red one and the most annoying thing in my opinion #4 if you were to go off the edge in the beginning and land REALLY far down on a slide it’s like the people FREAKING TELEPORT TO YOU and I lose almost every time now to that and maybe to be honest this this is nothing like the ads it’s not hard to play but it’s like all you play against is bots and in the game it looked like it was hard to play and you played with other PEOPLE not bots and to be really honest THIS IS PROBABLY THE WORST GAME I HAVE ON MY PHONE!!!!! I HATE THE GAME SO MUCH the only things I can say is #1 improve the game and #2 JUST TRY HARDER you make it look like a challenge to play and when I get it it’s like a piece of cake and I feel like you went off the slide on purpose in the ads I do not recommend this game unless you like games that are annoying (I read the review and realized I was very harsh BUT ITS ALL TRUE and other player agree that they hate the game look at the reviews you got and like the title of it TRY HARDER!!!).Version: 4.0.1

So disappointedThis actually should be a fun simple game, gets you hooked. But the glitches start to ruin your game against friends when you play it in snap chat. When I downloaded the app I spent more time in adds than playing the game. Pretty disappointed in what would have been a simple favourite game. There shouldn’t have to be glitches that ruin your game on fast modern phones. Even just one add per game and I would play it. But now I’m going to delete it..Version: 4.3.4

Good game but one problemThis game is really really good! I love that you can kill people and jump from different slides to get more to coins to unlock new characters! However, recently there was one issue and I wish for it to be resolved. Basically, I wanted to get the Rabbit and you have to revive like 10 times. Reviving costs 1 ad btw in case u were wondering. But when I click the Revive button if I die, it brings me back to the start! I’m very confused; if this can be resolved I would love that! Also, not so much of a complaint but a tip: Could you maybe make the bots try and kill the actual player? That would make it slightly harder and you wouldn’t get so much to be Top 3, because u usually always are! But thanks for reading, Yours Sincerely, Frankie Playz UwU.Version: 3.3

Good but this...I’m not the one to be negative but this game is okay. I’m only saying this because of the glitches and the add I get spammed with. It might not happen to you but it did to me. Over all it a good game try it out for yourself and see if you like it this is just my opinion..Version: 4.0

Fun game but the implementation is fundamentally brokenI’ve played over 100 maps, so trust me when I say that I like this game. But there are some issues with how it is implemented that break the game. For example, one of the best features is the fact that you can jump off the slide and land on a lower part of the slide, allowing you to take short cuts. This is wonderful, and a really enticing risk/reward scenario. Can i make that jump that will allow me to skip half the course? Or is it better to only jump a 100 ft at a time? Unfortunately this is all undercut by the fact that the AI cheats. If you do jump from 10% to 75% done with the course, you’re not rewarded for doing so. The game automatically brings the rest of your opponents up to the same point on the course, meaning it’s possible that you can actually screw your self out of the win by taking a shortcut, if the accelerated AI passes you in the very last couple feet. This “AI catch up” mechanic even means that battling your way to first place by shoving opponents off the course and taking short jumps still has AI getting automatically accelerated to keep the race close. I understand the thought process, but the problem with this implementation is that the most interesting part of your game is all for naught. This desperately needs to be fixed!.Version: 2.9

Good game but...- from time to time it can be very glitchy and hard to control - every time I skip a lot of the map there is always someone right behind me even though they weren’t there before - there are SO many ads that keep on popping up after EVERY game most of the time I’m on the app all I see is ads and I barley even play the game because of it - how on earth do I change that avatar?? I’ve seen videos of people playing the app with different avatars or characters and when I click on the button where it looks like the skins should be it just says ‘coming soon’ even though lots of people have it and for them it’s always out - it would be more fun if you had an option to play online with your friends instead of playing against the computer - why do we start in last place?? What the app should do is the position we came in the last race should be the position we start in the next race instead of ALWAYS starting last - one time I tried to come last but in the end I came in the top 3 which makes me think/know that the app is letting us win to make us think that we are really good at the app and that we will keep on playing it because we think we are really good at it even though the app it letting us win which is not fun for us because then there’s no point in playing it if we always win ............rant...over.............Version: 2.1

Terrible poorly made moneygrabAds Voodoo used to care about the quality of their games but now all they care about is the money. Seriously, before you can play the game they make you check a box that says that they’re taking your personal information to send you targeted ads! And even worse is you don’t sell your soul to them you just get more ads! I’m not joking I didn’t check the box and it said it would show ads in a larger volume. Gameplay The gameplay of this game is even worse than the waterfall of ads. The best way to play is to just skip the whole corse! What is even the point of playing if you get rewarded for not playing! Conclusion “Water park land” or whatever the game is called is a waste of time and the voodoo company is gone to crap I no longer will play or support any games that come out by voodoo..Version: 3.6

Entertaining game however…. 😦At first, this game was pretty entertaining and fun to play. After a while, it just became boring. Why? Because like most other “competition mobile games” the “other players” are bots. Also, I always start in the 16th position which is probably intentional (so it isn’t really fair). Next, I’ve figured out that no matter how far you are than other “people” they will catch up within like 1-2 seconds (like you could be wayyyy at the end but if their at the start they can come in like 1-2 seconds). This is one of the main reasons why I believe all these “other people/players” are bots and the game intended to be like this. If the game added actual players to play with you then it’ll definitely be more competitive and fun since what’s the point if their all bots and catch up with you within a blink of an eye. Another suggestion is that you remove the option to like go off the slide, reason being is that I can just go off the slide and be at the end in seconds (which doesn’t make it very entertaining). That’s all I think I’ve gotta say, overall good game if it weren’t for the repetitive stages, bots (non-real-players), and the instant catch-ups (since they basically just teleport). Edit: also, from other reviews, there seems to be lots of ads, well, just use an ad-blocker lol. If you don’t know how to get one just search on YT or something. They probably use these ads to gain money (since this game is pretty much free of charges)..Version: 4.5.9

So much lagVery very lagy.Version: 2.1

It’s NEUTRIAL.It’s an addicting game and I highly recommend it. But there are still things that they should fix. Like, once I jumped to the slide and it made me get stuck there. There also was this other time when I jumped to the other part of the slide and you know what... The slide disappeared and everyone fell into the dark abyss. Does anyone relate to this? But I still think that it’s a great game to play and I love how every age can play! Lots of diversity in skins, because it’s a new released game. I also love how we get to choose our own names. Once my name was “CameronXAlly” Which is one of my ships from cwsc! (CAMERON IS SO CUTE) But if you know them, don’t say that I wrote this. Thanks for reading my AMAZING.... Thing!! By the way Cameron, Sorry for stepping on you..Version: 2.2

~🤞~It was fun for like an hour or two. But then everything started to go downhill.. I mean sure it’s entertaining and all, but it can get pretty boring at times. I also know that there are bots and all, but it would be cool if you could like add multiplayer. Plz? I mean it would make this whole game much better. I also think it needs some improvements. The graphics aren’t great, they could be better. The game itself isn’t that bad but the ads are kinda annoying, but if it bothers you that much then just turn off your WiFi. That’s what I did. I also think that you should add chat so like before you start the game you can chat (but please filter the curse words). And you could maybe add codes where you can play with your friends and relatives, and so on. I think that the slides should be longer, and the game should be harder. Also after level 100 you go back to the same setting you did when you were on level one. So please change that. I also like don’t understand why you use bots instead of real multiplayer?? It’s kinda weird — but anyways the game also gets boring after a while and I think you should make some major improvements to your game . . . ~🤞~.Version: 4.2.5

Okay gameSo first of all, the game is pretty fun and addictive, like other people have said. But I have a lot of complaints. First of all, I know other people who have the game have this glider thing but I have never heard of it and of course I don’t have it. Secondly, one time there was an update and the description said new maps, and I got excited because I had been waiting for new maps since I started playing the game. I quickly updated it, and when I went on the app, the maps were all the same and there were no new maps. This got me a bit irritated because I took the time to update the game for these “new maps" and nothing was different. Thirdly, I got really bored with the game really fast because it was really easy and nothing new about it. I haven’t even had the game for a month and I already have over 100k coins and all the skins. In the shop, there are two new tabs that have always said coming soon, and same with two new locations that say coming soon. Fourthly, the game glitches constantly and there are WAY too many ads. Another thing that confused me was that my cousin likes playing the game on my phone when I let him, and one day he decided to download it on his iPad, but when it installed and he clicked on it, all that was there was a blue screen with white lines passing by that looked like rain. He tried reinstalling it but the same thing happened. I hope all these things are fixed soon..Version: 2.6

DisappointingThis game has lots of unfulfilled potential. I have several problems with the game. Firstly, the game is way too easy. The main mechanic ruins the game; you can often jump from the beginning to the end of nearly every map. Secondly, the rubber-banding is off the charts. Since the progress bar only shows the positions of you and the first-place character, the AI characters can freely teleport to your position at any time. Not just one, but every AI character. That means you can jump from the beginning of the slide to the very end, and the AI characters can “catch up” to you. If you want to make your game difficult, don’t make it artificial difficulty. Thirdly, there are very few obstacles. I have had this game for not even a month, yet I have every skin and thousands upon thousands of coins sitting there, doing nothing. Add more unlockables. Fourthly, I am constantly bombarded with ads. For example, if I fall off the slide, I get a message asking me to watch an ad to revive my character. If I don’t, I get an ad anyways. This game, like all Voodoo’s games, feeds off the sole premise that the games are “addicting.” A game needs to be more than “addicting.” It needs to function properly, like a real game, instead of forcing players to hand over the $2.00 to not pay for ads..Version: 2.6

ADS, BOTS, AND CHALLENGESThis game is really fun and i love playing it but in all honesty, it’s the same thing every single time. i wish i was exaggerating. first the ads, there’s an add every time you finish a level and sometimes it’ll glitch and won’t let you skip it and you have to close out the app enitrely. now to be clear i’ve had experiences like this on other games so maybe it could just be my phone but i still don’t like how without fails these a 30 seconds add at the end of every level. secondly, the first time i ever played i knew there were bots, no one is trying to push me and the names aren’t realistic, you’re always placed in the back. what’s the point in playing the game if it’s literally just YOU playing the game. it’ll say other ppl got kills but you can clearly tell, bc you speed past everyone, that no one expect YOU got kills. that’s so aggravating!!!!! when will i be able to play with other real ppl bc it’s a good game so i know there are people playing… REAL people🤨thirdly, the only difference is the back group and the color of the slide. like my gosh get creative and had a lava slide or something or, winner gets to slide down a slide filled with coins i don’t know just do something that isn’t what we see everytime we open the app. i hoped this helped and that the creators take thought into this..Version: 4.5.9

Players are fakeI can be ahead by a mile and all of the sudden they caught up? I win 99% of the time. Make it with real player and u might have a game. Refund pls!.Version: 4.0.1

Fake peopleThe bots teleport behind you with a boost where ever you are say you jump to 75 percent of the map until the finish line they will be there auto mantically unless you don’t land but if you check the screen at the top you will see your rank will go down from first till 13 and if you look you can see where the first place is and if you ever wandered why the bar at the top goes red if you jump super far it’s there to hide the teleporting bots but you jump on a glider all the way to the end it does not go red because the bots can not track you so you can see the bot at first place if you land on the track will you see that it’s red and there are now bots behind you.Version: 4.3.4

Good but suddenly not workingI have to admit this game is an absolutely amazing game to play although it’s kinda obvious u aren’t playing against real, online players but that doesn’t bother me much. What really bothers me is that all of a sudden the game doesn’t work anymore, like I haven’t done anything to it and I can’t play it. Even with everything I try it doesn’t work and now I’m constantly wanting to play the game but I apparently can’t. I’m now thinking about deleting this game but I am going to check it tomorrow AGAIN if it works if it does then hurray I can play it, but if it doesn’t my only choice is to delete it cause there’s not point letting it just waste up all my storage and I don’t see the point of offloading it. Can u please explain the reason why this is happening? Ps. I would have give it five stars if it still works but apparently it doesn’t for some kinda stupid reason..Version: 2.5

Please fix this game!I love this game a lot but... there is so much weird glitches and stuff like that. Well anytime I jump from a slide really far away from the people, a bot jumps in and gets right in front of me. They like teleport to you! It’s not fair they make me lose. They ARE there to make you lose. Please fix this. ;( You should be able to customize your charter and do whatever you want with it. (The charters kinda look weird.) And ya you should get more coin when you win a race. Like maybe a lot more that you usually get. And with those coins you should be able to color the slide and customize your charter and stuff like that! But I feel the most biggest and annoying thing is the bots... and the ads! So much ads! You know that everyone hates ads! Make a little less ads. If you were able to put less ads, more maps, customize your charter, do multiplayer, less bots and more coins when you win a race, this would mean everything to me and other people too. I would of gave this five stars if you put all those things in like I said. Just please do a new update. It would be a lot fun! Thanks. Have a wonderful weekend or week. :).Version: 3.3

BadI'm a pretty honest person, and I'm here to give you honest feedback. 1. There are so many ads! So many that it makes the game glitchy and sometimes it even glitches out of the app. 2. If you're going to make "FAKE" players, at least try to make them real. When you're about to make it into the pool, BAM! Players teleport right behind you and win the race instead of you. 3. If there aren't much objects, why is it so laggy? I mean, if you want the worst experience for us, I mean, go for it, make it laggy if you want less people to play. 4. Why does it have to end in .io? It's not even a multiplayer game! And also, it's not a simple game, .io games are simple!.Version: 2.7

BadIt is the same over and over again.Version: 6.4.0

Bad gameThis game gets two stars because it glitches and I have all the characters. Now what do I do? I have passed all the levels. This game is a big thumbs down cos I have getting annoyed and it is boring. If you like getting frustrated and wasting your time then by all means get this game!.Version: 4.1.3

I Don't Hate It Or Love It I Just Like It...🙂I like the game a lot and it's so addicting but these are the things you could change to make the game waaaaay better! First, the adds... there are sooo many adds that it's sometimes annoying, second, plz have an option for playing online, third, when ur really close to the end sometimes the "fake players" (aka the robots of the game) just teleport to u and they sometimes just win and it's soooo annoying! Fourth, the game is a bit glitchy which can sometimes be a problem, Fifth (the major problem that annoys me ALOT) so when you get to the end the ending green bit, if you get to the edge a bit of that you won't win! Even tough none of those "fake people" and you lose! It even happens if you are not really in the middle of the pool. Anyways that all, other than the the game is awsome👍😀.Version: 2.2

BoringI down loaded this game recently and at first it was great but then it just got boring, the same thing over and over and over again, where’s the fun?! Where’s the excitement?! And also when I slide every now and then I come across a rock or a tree branch in the middle of it that you just slide right through, please fix this. I’d give it 0 ⭐️s if I could but it won’t let me so yeah I give it 1⭐️ don’t bother I hate this game and I’m gonna delete it right now because as soon as we got of the starting point I jumped, found a paraglider and paraglide all the way to the bottom and just a second before I reached the green end of the slide someone landed right in front of me. NOT POSSIBLE!!!! EVERY TIME I JUMP SOMEONE LANDS BEHIND ME AND OVER TAKES ME!!!!! GRRRRRRRR btw I just deleted it.Version: 4.0.1

Pretty goodHi just letting you know, I really appreciate this game but sometimes there’s a few glitches when I enter. I had to delete the game and download it again, Also whenever I make it to the slide (ending). And the other players behind as soon as I go up the slide or green thingy the players kinda like teleported to me. 2) Sometimes these “players” have really basic names and can’t be trusted for example: “babe” “kitty” “Mr. fabulous”. These are the names I’ve seen the most. I also think they are computer players because whenever I tried to join my friend I end up being with a bunch of computer players and never find my friend ANYWHERE. Other then that, a pretty good game ( No judge ).Version: 2.7

DOES NOT WORK!!!I got this on iPad and when ever I turn it on it sits on a blue screen doing nothing!😫 l redownloadded it still it didn’t work I restarted app and it still didn’t work. DON’T BUY WASTE OF TIME!.Version: 2.5

BADDon’t download this game if your phone can’t handle anything. Aqua park.Io made all my games lag and it won’t let me delete it! Please fix that, now all my apps won’t work. And btw, the ads just appear every one second. Garbage app. idk why it was such a great quality before.Version: 6.4.0

It won’t work!When I first started playing, it was super fun and addicted but recently it has stopped working. It just shows the sky with what is supposed to be wind and it never goes any further than that. I have uninstalled and reinstalled, done a complete reboot etc but nothing’s works..Version: 2.5

It was gr8t then it started going wrongI loved this game! I was playing it every night and I wasn’t really sure what the coins were for at first then when the new update came w all the characters I knew why. I mean I know apps r meant to improve as time goes on but I thought this should have been in place right from the start, now I have a bigger problem- I left the app in the middle of a game once and I had done it before and it wasn’t a problem but after that one time now every time I go into the app I just see a blue sky w clouds not the slid not even my avatar it’s very weird I would like to know why this is happening and how I can fix it and if the creators of the app could please reply to my comment. Thanks.Version: 2.5

Slow afThis app is fun but it Is SO SLOW and never loads, plus it over heats my phone, and there is ads every 30 seconds . It’s just another one of those annoying Instagram games that they pay people to promote. Don’t download..Version: 2.1

Glitches and AdsI’m here to report a few glitches and also about ads. I’ve experienced about 3 glitches, but they were so strange. The first glitch I experienced was that I was about to win the race, and so I did. Then the screen glitched and suddenly it only showed “enienem” on all 8 players with everyone receiving exactly 500 coins. I was confused at this point and did not know what to do. I wish I could show a picture because I screenshot the problem. The second glitch that occurred was that I skipped to a certain part on the slide, then skipped again. The second time I skipped off the slide, I jumped off like I was going to jump into the water, but I was at the beginning only. I don’t know if that makes sense to you, but afterwards, I was flying out of the world and in the sky. I refreshed my page and everything was back to normal. The third glitch I experienced was that I was at the end, I did NOT skip at ALL, and I won fair and square. I was in the pool and suddenly the leaderboard glitched. I was suddenly in 8th place and the person in first place jumped off the slide when I jumped off first! I was so triggered and irritated. The next thing I’d like to talk about is ads. They are so annoying that every time you complete a level, you get an ad. Please do put less ads. If you can see and try to patch these glitches, it would be amazing. Thank you..Version: 2.5

Avoid at all costsTL;DR - Don't waste your time or bandwidth. Not only is this game horribly optimized (burns through battery like nobody's business), the devs are money-hungry and have no clue what they're doing. The vibrations are annoying, the setting to turn them off doesn't persist, and the recent update they pushed deleted all of my progress, coins, and characters I had unlocked. I'm essentially back to when I first downloaded this game. Do not expect anything you accomplish, unlock or purchase to stick come next update. Horrible game, horrible devs, stay far away..Version: 4.1.0

Awesome!!! To not too sureOK! Ok! I agree this is ḀͦM̥ͦḀͦZ̥ͦI̥ͦN̥ͦG̥ͦ!!😂😂(at least it was). It started off pretty good,I guess. But then, all of a sudden, one day, once I got in it, it just wouldn't load and a grayish blackish screen would appear instead of a colorful starting point. I really hope you can fix this! But the actual problem might be because I'm playing in china,(I still live in Australia🇦🇺though.) not in the US or Australia. But I also think it's the apps own fault since I downloaded the game in china and it worked in the start. Also, if you do fix this, then I recommend you make it harder cuz I technically just jump off at the start and find the glider and go towards the end or I jump to somewhere near the pool. I've got a suggestion to fix that. USE REAL PEOPLE!! That's something I've read from other players. I thought that out wouldn't matter but it's too easy. About the glider, sometimes I use it but I can't stop it in time and go crashing towards something else. I've escaped that a few times bit I still find it hard. Maybe you could not let the glider go pass the pool. Again, please let me play again! It was pretty fun while it lasted!! Bonnie.Version: 2.9

Didn’t loadWhen I got on all I saw was a blank screen with clouds and it ran for 15 minutes crashed and then still didn’t work. It was also the same for my other friends please fix this.Version: 2.5

A bit...glitchyOkay, this is a very good game! But today I went on it and I got stuck on a screen which had clouds and rain on it, so I deleted it and got it again. Also, I would like to play against real people, because their names are “Fox” or “Spy” or “David” and I know no one that would put their name as that. When I win and go into the slide, on the leaderboard it says the names and places of people who didn’t even hop into the pool because they were behind me. And when I was was talking about cloud and rain on my screen, it’s still like that. I’ve tried to re download it but it still didn’t work. It’s just clouds and rain and it’s stuck..Version: 2.5

Honest Review: Waterpark.ioBetter bots then other crapchat games. I actually appreciate that there is significant banding with the bots. This game will last you till about 50 levels until you get bored of it. As for most of these games my advice is host an online versus race to which the developer will respond. “Server hosting 💵 😰 .” - Hear me out: once the player completes 100 levels you should unlock online versus mode with lobbies and such this feature can also be bought in the store for 💵 and should someone not want to play through 100 levels. Here is More Feedback: Game-breaking Bugs: •Sometimes jumping off the slide near other bots will trigger random teleportation to a respawn point or such. Sometimes you will be far away from the pool then be teleported right next to it. • Map clipping in levels 30+ this usually appears near spawn area. Some developer may be arguing it makes the game harder and that its a feature. “Clearly not if you want to make fog then make fog”. Dont clip the map scenery anywhere near the slide whats wrong with you? RATING •3/5 If you want me to watch ads then possibly add something that I would need to be online to use else I as your average player are turning my wifi off and playing the game without ads..Version: 4.0.1

This game is so glitchy 🙄🙄🙄This is a good game but is full of glitches it is really addictive and great and you have a lot of fun but when I play and I want a new character I spend my money that I got on the game I spend it and it glitches and freezes my screen so I have to restart the app and also at the end of a round it doesn’t let me continue so I have to restart the app again you spend all the money you have earned on the game and get nothing in return this is very annoying I don’t know if it’s my phone or just that app but I would be careful when you get it also there are so many adds if you want a simple game then this is good but there are lots of things to look out for.Version: 4.3.2

Boring+GlitchyYe so when I gotta got this game I thought ‘awesome!’ But now, literally a few days later, I’ve completed all the levels and I’m just doing the same ones over and over again. Also after a while it gets boring because you have the ability to jump really really far but you nearly always win because of it. Also the game is quite glitchy and it’s not just my phone because it’s happened to my friends as well. I recommend this game for a while but not as a long term game to get attached to. Also if you do get it but it’s showing way to many adverts or it being glitchy, I find that turning on aeroplane mode always sorts that out. One example of the glitch is that sometimes you click to collect your winnings and move on, but the button won’t click so what I have to do is close the game then open it again which gets boring. If you are the owner of the game and you are reading this, please have a look at the glitches and add some new levels. Thank you for reading..Version: 3.6

Adult adsInappropriate ads. Won’t let my kids near anything .io.Version: 4.2.6

Won’t let me playWhen I go on the game it just puts sky I’ve tried deleting it and getting it back again I tried it on other devices I am on Apple by the way it was parking before but not anymore which is annoying so can you please try to fix it it will probably have happened to other people then just me. I would’ve gave the game five stars if it was still working.Version: 2.5

Was fun, but now littered with ads.I used to be OBSESSED with this game. As there where no ads and you could play smoothly and it was just a simple concept. But now, the game is just boring. First of, STOP with the ads! You can have a few cause you need to earn money, but there is one everytime you get to the end! Second, once you have unlocked all the skins, it gets EXTREMELY boring. I unlocked all the skins in under 2 hours, and then I stopped playing because I was bored and done with the ads. Also, the game rating is 12+ but once you download the app and open it, they make you agree that your over 16. Which I dont get if its a game for 12+. Do you need parents to agree? Im so confused and Im just bored of it.. If you enjoy it, then enjoy it :).Version: 4.1.3

Developer please readThis game is a really good don’t get me wrong but could you at least make it so that they’re not bots that you were going up against like I’m getting super bored and I’ve passed all the levels way too easily I’ve gotten all the skins all the water parks and it just keeps going in a circle no new players no new challenges it just gets boring after you defeat it all so please at least add something new… I know the developer is probably not even going to read this review but I’ve also been playing for a long time and it’s always been like this and I’ve loved this game for so long but I’m just bored of it now there’s nothing to do and everything done so whats the point in it now. Like am I supposed to just keep replaying the cycle over and over again and or can I at least get other human beings other than the same people over and over again to make it at least a bit holder I have always played this for so long but now I’m really wondering should I even keep the app? After all a lot of people are having this problem to so could you at least do some more things with this Game it has a lot of wasted potential.Version: 4.5.3

Unplayable issuesI enjoy this game. Not a 5 star game in my opinion but worthy of a good review except for the bugs. I’ve downloaded this game a few times and keep running into the same issue. The game stops opening after a few games. It’s never the same amount of time the first time was after 3 days then it stopped working this time it was about a week. The one time my sister downloaded the game onto her device it stopped after the first time she closed it. To get the game working again you have to completely remove it wait for a few updates to be released and then re-install it. Right now I get to the loading screen before ad pops up. It doesn’t load and stays white but it doesn’t let the game finish loading and doesn’t have a way of closing it until it plays... I have left it on the loading screen for 3 hours (no joke or exaggeration) when I got home it was still showing exactly the same thing... a little white ad box over a black loading screen. Please fix this issue I’m on a more than decent device and this game could easily get 3 maybe even 4 stars if this major issue was fixed..Version: 4.3.1

Try again. Make something better. Do something NEW.Ok, it’s me again. That first one was a warmup. I’m going all out now. First, let’s discuss the most disliked thing:ADS. The ads you make for the game, and the ones in the game. The first ad I saw for the game was implying that only left brains can beat the level. Guess what? My cousin is not a left brain and she’s on level 89. That was unnecessary, but your ads are horrible. HORRIBLE. You say this is the best water slide game ever, when you can’t even make ads that look good? Listen, we all know this is just a ploy to make a quick buck. Wonder how people leaked the truth? BECAUSE THIS GAME IS SO TRASHY THAT PEOPLE FIGURE IT OUT THEMSELVES. Think! I know that you and your crew just want to make money off of the next thing: The GAME. Seriously, try harder you lowlifes! You are ruining the art of game creation! There are so many wonderful games, like Minecraft and Fortnite, and YOU have to stick your ‘Voodoo’ in the App Store! You might’ve succeeded in making a quick buck, but you haven’t succeeded in making a good game. If you don’t fix the game, my only thought will be that you want it to be horrible. If that’s the case, I will try my best to lower your 4.6 to a 3.1. You might think that I can’t, but if you don’t refurbish the game, people might do it themselves! This is the start of a war of tech. Do you join?.Version: 3.6

Glitchy and unfairThe app has NPC characters and not real ones due to the fact many people play offline in car trips, i understand but what i dont understand is letting the NPCs cheat... yup they cheat. Literally when you drop down really fast down from the NPCs they teleport about 50cm away from you and beat tou last second before jumping in the pool, and the game is glitchy as hell. Like seriously, i once was following th NPCs for some reason but then i decided to jump off. Bad idea, the game teleported me to the pool then back into the middle of nowhere and did the pool animation right at spawn... then it clipped me through the ground andddd.... im in an endless softlock. Many other glitches have happened but this is the main glitch i seem to be having all the time.. i actually used to play this game back when it came out and it wasnt as bad and the NPCs did teleport but not so close so i didnt mind as much...Version: 4.1.0

Very glitchyI just got a new phone so you wouldn't expect it to glitch like that. Very bad game 😡.Version: 2.1

It WAS funAt first i found it addicting and it is quite addicting, though it needs a lot of improvement. there’s literally no point to it, there’s no objective other than to land in the pool and it’s easy to do that as you can just drop from wherever you spawned. there are characters to unlock, but after a day you can have unlocked all or nearly all. also if you don’t drop directly into the pool, but you drop far down, the other “players” teleport to you which completely ruins the idea of it being a race, whenever you’re winning then someone who wasn’t close behind you overtakes you somehow. there’s literally only 5 or 6 maps which are un creative and repetitive. also, the kills are inaccurate, there’s only sixteen players but when you total up the kills of all the players it’s over that. how to improve it? basically just make more maps, make them longer and harder. add power ups or more obstacles to make it harder. more characters and things to unlock. i would suggest making it online multiplayer because then people can actually find it harder..Version: 2.5

Hype?I really don’t get the big hype about this game. Although yes it is fun and addictive, you’re being lured into a false belief that the other sliders are actually people, because I have strong evidence that they are not. Not only are the names of the sliders hella generic, like ‘USA’ or ‘pirate’, but there are also sliders that have names that were probably just pulled out of the dictionary, like ‘paracetamol’. As well as this, at the beginning you start right at the end o the line. If you were actually playing against other people, you would all be on the same starting point. As well as this, whenever you land back onto the slide in first may I add, ‘second place’ always catches up within a few seconds even though they when you jumped were nowhere close. Finally, when you do get the luxury of coming in first with no one behind you, the list of places is already given whereas the sliders haven’t even reached the bottom yet and you are the only one in the pool. The developers in this game are giving us false sliders and even putting a nationality behind their name (yeah sure, paracetamol is from Germany)..Version: 2.4

Not fairI skip ahead while at the beginning and then all of a sudden the others are in front of me! HATE IT!😡🤬😠.Version: 4.0.1

Annoying but sometimes fun??I downloaded this app because lots if people on tik tok had it and it looked cool! So I downloaded the app and I won straight away. I kept on playing it every day and never lost, then I realised that there is always somebody behind you. When I realised this I just thought that it was a bit kaggy or something but then I found out that it wasn't just happening to me. This makes the game a bit rubbish and stupid and I thought you were playing against real people but now I think they're just robots playing! I hope the maker reads this and understands and see's that it's not very fun playing with robots! I hope you understand! Bye!! Have a nice day and life!!.Version: 2.9

Downloaded and nothing happensNo menu, no nothing, just water on the screen..Version: 2.5

Bad 😖I tried playing this game because it looked really great but I can’t get into the game and don’t tell I didn’t wait. I hated to say that this app doesn’t work.Version: 2.5

Plz helpThe new update gave me a loading screen that won’t stop loading I waited for 1 and a half hours and still nothing NO ONE DOWNLOAD THIS GAME (help plz)!!.Version: 2.5

Could Be GreatFirst of all, there are way too many ads! You reset, you get an ad. You revive, gotta watch an ad. You complete it—even if you get first place—yeah here’s an ad for your reward. On top of that, there are two ad fields imbedded in the main menu screen! When is enough enough!? I advanced through 5 different maps before writing this review and I’m glad I did. At first, the gameplay seemed really fun. I felt like I was a natural as I was winning a lot and making a lot of kills. However, after playing a while, I realized it was designed to keep you constantly engaged with your opponents as well as give you a significant advantage. If I made a big jump—one that should put me WELL ahead of other players, I had a few opponents on my tail within 2-3 seconds. On the other hand, it is really easy to make kills, yet when those players try to hit you, it does literally nothing. My suggestions: 1. Lighten up on the ads. 2. Level the playing field with the AI and make it so that they can knock you off the slide as well. 3. Make it so that the big jumps are more realistic in where it places you in the rankings. This game really has potential, but it has a long way to go..Version: 2.9

It’s ok😐So at the start this game was really fun, but after maybe a day or two, it becomes very easy. I don’t mind that you’re playing against bots because it really doesn’t matter. However there are so many glitches that it became very unpleasant to play. First off sometimes the game glitches when i’m playing or when i jump off the slide to another, i fall straight through even though I clearly made it. Also the ad’s are unbearable. I know the creators make money off them but an add after every game is kinda a lot. Get if it you want but idk..Version: 4.5.7

Please do something 😔Everyone is having the same problem. Ever since the recent update all you see in the game is two clouds, blue sky and something which seems to be rain. You can’t even play this game anymore. I tried deleting and reloading the game over 7 times and nothing has changed 😔. If you don’t fix this error most people will lose interest in the game and they will all end up deleting it. It has been like this for more than three days now. I loved this game so much when I first downloaded it, it was amazing 😁 but now all of a sudden it won’t work and it’s turning people off the game. Please do something about it soon 😔..Version: 2.5

Glitchy as hellWould have given 0 star but I couldn’t It is so glitchy can only play 1-3 rounds and it kicks me out &it is so hard to turn while flying bc of glitches or make a kill bc of glitches though I am on iPad so it may be better for you If it weren’t so glitchy (or at least on my platform) it would be great but it isn’t. if they make less glitches hurray but bc that is how the game is at time of writing (and my platform) and that’s how I’m reviewing it that’s the low score.Version: 2.9

Has potential but just here to get dataThis game has great potential but unfortunately it’s clearly been designed just to collect data and ad revenue not provide a good gaming experience. The premise of the game is good and fun to start with but you very quickly realise that all of the other “players” are AI controlled. The game has an “auto catch up” approach whereby it doesn’t matter how far ahead you get or how many layers you jump on the slide the AI will be teleported to immediately behind you in an instant. The different levels have almost no variation. The currency doesn’t seem to have a purpose that I’ve found and if you decide to change the settings to stop the app collecting personal data from the huge list of “partners” then you end up with a large alert banner across the top the ENTIRE time. I’ve enjoyed playing for a bit but I’m done now, shame really, it has potential..Version: 2.1

Stupid problemWhen you go onto the game you get a skin and leave the game the skin that you get disappears and you get left with the cheap as one you have first, big mistake, also there is to many adds, to be honest guys there’s no point even having wifi on while playing this game..Version: 4.2.9

This is not what I expectedOk first of all, there is so many glitches! Glitch #1. Sometimes when I jump from one slide to the other it glitches and I fall right through the slide! Glitch #2. When I have the 👑CROWN👑 on me and I’m in 1st place and sometimes when I jump into the pool it says that I’m in 2ND PLACE WHEN I NEED TO BE IN FIRST!!!!! Glitch #3. Sometimes it freezes or goes slow and then I don’t know what is happening in the game! Also on the bonus level I like IMPOSSIBLE to get ten points! Plus I don’t know the cost of the rare or epic characters I mean I have like 14,000 something coins and I don’t know the cost! I mean I really want to get the rare ghost but since it does not show the cost I cannot buy it. 🙁 Also their is so many ads! I know I can just turn off the WiFi to stop ads but then I would not be able to watch TV so please DO NOT put so many ads! Other than those flaws I TRY to enjoy the game...AND ALL THESE PEOPLE ARE BOTS!!!! I mean WindyGod!? Really!? How is that a cool player name!? And most of the names don’t match like I saw a BEAR character that was named BUNNY!!!! Plus all that I saw was new it just said “bug fixes” YOU HAVE NOT FIXED THE BUGS!!!! YOU ALSO BARLEY LOOK AT ANY OF OUR REVIEWS!!! I mean hey, I might delete this if you don’t stop these bugs!!!.Version: 3.7

This sucks so muchThis game is only for those who really don’t know what to do and are bored the AI sucks so much you sometimes cheat and get to the end but the game is so wack because your so far ahead of everyone else that it puts them right behind you for a bit of CoMPeTiTiOn and you end up getting in second place or even further behind because of how this works the system makes them faster than yourself so they can catch up but that is the worst part.Version: 4.1.0

Its raining?For the past 5 days my app has been raining? Its very weird ive deleted the appnclosed it and its still raining.Version: 2.5

GOOD game BUT......🧐🤨This game is super fun and I can’t stop playing it until.... I realized 1. I had gotten all the water parks so I wasn’t excited for the next course 2. I had gotten all the skins and didn’t have any challenges 3. I HAVE BEEN RACING THE SAME PLAYERS FOR A MONTH I’m not sure if these are bots or not but every race I have it’s the same people and I don’t get a challenge from new people I would love if you could race against your friends or people around the world for more challenge 4. I’m always in the back when we start a little race can’t you switch it up to give people a challenge when I first started playing this game I was garbage at it so whenever I won I was hyped, but now I’m amazing I’m my opinion in this game I win first every round (majority of the time). All I’m asking for is more challenge please!!!! I want to have that feeling when I’m hyped because I won. 5. None of the players push back this is super weird to me because when you push people off the slide it’s called a kill right but none of them push back and once I get the little review and it says, “panda got 4 kills!” I’m like, “Yeah I didn’t see panda push anyone off!” I also have never pushed off from another player so...... what’s the deal is it just the players or are they bots it would be a lot more challenging and fun if the players pushed back please take this into consideration and make it more challenging . Thanks!.Version: 3.8

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