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Instacart Shopper: Earn Money Negative Reviews

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Instacart Shopper: Earn money App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Instacart Shopper: Earn money app received 82 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Instacart Shopper: Earn money? Can you share your negative thoughts about instacart shopper: earn money?

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Instacart Shopper: Earn money for Negative User Reviews

Needs improvement and functionalityFirst, the pay from Instacart, not tips customers pay, has become a joke, even an insult, averaging less than minimum wage, while the founder lines his pockets. There is nothing appealing about the pay as it has been slashed more than 100% from what they were paying six months ago. Secondly, It should always give the isles the food or product is in, not listed as priority or pantry because it is very general terms and priority doesn’t give us any idea where it is! It doesn’t matter if it’s priority because if it’s on the list they’re going to get it anyway as long as the store has it. The way the app is designed it has the Shopper all over the store backtracking. You have to keep in mind these are not shop stores that we typically shop at for ourselves nor are we buying products that we normally buy for ourselves. We would complete the orders much faster if we didn’t have to waste time looking for items because the app doesn’t tell us where to look for it. Only a few items on the list will tell us what aisle to look in. Also if we need to contact support, we have to go through many screens to get there and then mini screens to get back to our order, and that is a waste of time as well. Hoping you get it fixed To be more efficient and time saving..Version: 4.190.2

Terrible update!The app is very slow now, doesn’t batches and takes forever to load. Not impressed 😡.Version: 4.262.2

Too many bugs and errors; customer service? Good luck with thatBatch cancelled without notice; app showed wrong address of store and then too late to deliver; customer service is a joke, no one can help you with those app bugs and errors, and no compensation of any sort. And some agents get upset if you don’t think they’re helpful lol! Just be ready that you might be driving all over the city for nothing lol. Plus the high rise apartment issues as some other reviews point out..Version: 4.259.1

DisgustingAs a shopper ,it works fine for first 2 months after that till now I just got one batch a day.This is really frustrating.Dnt rely on it for full time job option.I wish I can give 0 star..Version: 4.264.1

HiProblem with the app, I did a batch and stop seeing batches. I’m 5 star and my friends saw batches too And did like between 1-3 batches then no batches.Version: 4.263.2

Unfair wages, treatment, and policies.They keep deleting or removing my review. That’s okay. I’ll keep writing a new one every time. They call us independent contractors yet they penalize us for canceling hours last minute. You’ll probably never get a shift in or around LA because there’s over 100 people on the waitlist. I used to make an extra $500 a week around my full time job. Now I make $50 if I’m lucky. They started this new “on demand” crap for people who aren’t able to get hours but imagine If there’s 100+ people on the waitlist how often do you think you’ll get an order just sitting around? Half of their customers don’t tip, live in apartments with no elevators and ask you to bring up 4+ gallons or cases of water. Instacart literally send you orders for $15 to drove 18+ miles in traffic to a location where there’s no other stores so you have to drive 18+ miles back to the location of the store so you can possibly get another order. I used to suggest this to all my friends. However I don’t and would never again until they fix their policies. It’s trash. Stop responding to all your “nice feedback” reviews and get to the serious issues. We have made you guys a lot of money putting ware and tear on our cars and bodies while you guys sit up there behind a screen to reap the benefits. I don’t even use you guys as a service anymore. Your customer service is trash and so is the way you treat your loyal shoppers..Version: 4.134.0

Instacart Going Downhill Fast in 2020It started with removing the $3 quality bonus for orders that receive a 5 star. Now if your ratings are below 5.0 you will not see the batches, you will get the pick of the liter that the new shoppers and those fortunate enough to sustain 5.0 long enough to get orders. If you have a 4.95 like me, you are screwed. Apparently to Instacart that .05 is enough to hold back orders in an attempt to provide the best service to customers. When in reality I’m the 3rd fastest in my region and have never gotten below 5 stars in over 1000 deliveries until recently where I randomly got 3 starred. That was enough to tank my ratings so Instacart doesn’t offer batches to me first. This creates a monopoly for the new shoppers and those with 5.0 to see and take all the batches before I even get a chance to see them. I used to make an average of $300 a week until they implemented this rating priority system. Now I’m barely breaking 100. It’s so stupid because I provide the best possible service, communicate constantly, and always arrive on time or early. But no, all it takes is one person to accidentally hit below a 5 or someone who just thinks it’s funny to rate below a 5 because they don’t know how it affects us. Please fix this Instacart, this new prioritization system is gonna make great dedicated shoppers like myself have to make a decision to go elsewhere in order to provide for our families. This is only gonna degrade overall service now improve..Version: 4.163.0

Reliability Incidents and Tips!When I first started I thought this was a great way to make extra money... but now that more people are doing it I’m getting less batches and getting paid A LOT less for each batch! Also I don’t understand the point of reliability incidents!! This isn’t an actual job. If some people just aren’t able to work the day there are MANY others who can. Limiting people because they can’t work some days they thought they could seems wrong. People do this to make a little extra cash. All these other EXTRA rules will seriously make Instacart lose shoppers. I’m so close to just moving on to a different shopping app. I’ve heard so many great things about other ones! Need to fix things SOON! Now with the tips a lot of the customers are VERY generous. Which is always great BUT instacart wants to REDUCE tip because we HAD to make changes to the order! How is that fair in any way!!!!? It is not our fault that some of the items the customers want are not available! I can only make time to shop in the evening and by then a lot of the stores are waiting to close to restock! So a lot of the things are sold out! It’s seriously not fair. Again I’m very close to moving on to something else because this app is starting to rip me off!!!!!.Version: 4.159.3

Bad customer careWaited 30 minutes at a store to get $5 or told i was going to get deactivated….or wait 3 hours at a store to make $25. Unacceptable behaviour!.Version: 4.251.0

Instacart in general, customer report, ratingYou can be the best buyer and you will find people who rate you badly and even if you show excellent work. Instacart does not value the shopper, it only cares about the customer and making money. grades are important. If you don't have 5 stars, you don't get good lots and few get to you. the app fails a lot, they have the worst customer service for the buyer. I bought an insulated bag, they charged me for it and they never sent it to me. I attended more than 600 people with good grades and good comments, but less than 10 gave me less than 5, that lowered my grade and I could not work anymore. after this i only received batches far from my area (20 miles away). I tried to keep increasing the rating, but the way they control the rating is horrible. There were days when I got good grades and I still lowered my grade. I liked doing instacart, but after the new rules with Rating, everything changed for the worse. Every time the client makes a report, the rating goes down even if you submit tests of everything, the rating goes up if you do the number of batches they require after a bad rating. A rule that you will not be able to comply with because if your score drops even 2 points, you will NOT get lots, they say yes but they go so far that you cannot do them..Version: 4.190.2

To my fellow shoppersWe must take a stance Instacart is getting worse by the day too many problems. Customers make false claims without feedback. Shoppers I think it’s time to take action.Version: 4.239.1

GlitchyI’ve had nothing but issues with this app freezing, restarting, keeping me stuck on pages while I’m trying to sign up. It’s a mess..Version: 4.259.1

IC allows Hacks/Bots to take high dollar batches, Terrible Communication and Not Helpful “Helpdesk”I have seen firsthand the “Bot” app offered to other Shoppers online, and you can tell which IC shoppers have the high dollar batches when you’re in the stores (Costco especially). Costco employees have also shared with regular shoppers that they see IC shoppers with multiple phones, so they can shop one order and hand off the one to deliver. Instacart does nothing to shut down these third party hacks and expect us to take pictures of what we witness to show proof! If you’re looking to make good money, then look for the Bot, and when you get caught, you should be banned from shopping. The “Helpdesk” is not helpful, 800’s don’t exits to speak with anyone and emails might get 1 answer and then you won’t hear anything back. Do NOT ask about In-Store Shopper (IISS). When you request about ISS you’re Dashboard goes away and you can no longer Full-Time Shop (FSS), once setup. Last Sprinf, I inquired about it, and then waited for a week to have 7+ different “Scheduled Interviews” for ISS, of which zero appts! Chat individuals kept telling me different things, so there is no consistency of information being relayed back to shoppers. I stopped referring friends as well. Batches disappear instantly and this company does nothing about the continued issue with outside hacks taking work away from people trying to earn a living. Don’t waste your time with this app!.Version: 4.217.3

Instacart nowTo many unfortunate problems with the app that slow you down and make it harder to work. App malfunctions card malfunction and no standard process. Many of the stores on the instacart platform don’t have the items you need or the items you need are in the wrong spot. No way to schedule multiple orders the operators or a computer do that and mess it up a lot! Stacking bad tips with good tips to make your tip not as great. No way to tell the customers address so you don’t know where you will end up this makes it harder to plan what you will do next. All in all I’ve seen instacart decline since I’ve started and I’ve made my transition to other more reliable platforms. Yes. They probably have picked up in business that seems good but unfortunately they can’t handle the business without making it more difficult on the drivers. Requesting assistance from an operator is hit and miss some of them turn out to be overwhelmed with the situation and take a negative approach when you contact them and try blaming whatever current situation on the driver/shopper. THEY NEED PREEPAID INSTANT checkout so drivers/shoppers don’t have to wait in a rush hour checkout line (other apps have this) otherwise why the name instacart idk I can go on and on the only good thing I’ve found is instacart does instant cash out but you would probably have to use it every day since you don’t make anything compared to what you use to before they started stacking orders together so frequently🥺.Version: 4.196.0

Needs to be workUp until this point I have had a great time with instacart. It’s been a useful way of making money during this pandemic after I was laid off from my job. Sadly The rating system is awful when it comes to getting batches. Although I am happy they did something about the bots, the fact that one 4 star rating brought my score to a 4.8 is ridiculous. Usually a 4.8 would be good anywhere else but this app. Almost everyone I know who goes below a 5 star slightly has a hard time getting batches. Not to mention the rating is a customer who asked me to come inside their apartment and I refused to because it’s against our policy? I actually even informed the chat of this person after this incident because of the safety issue. I did contact chat today about this rating which they said it may take up to a week to get this taken care of. But now I can’t get work for a week because of this one rating. Update: chat also goes around the issue every time. I keep getting told they will process it late but honestly chat doesn’t help and all the information they give is fake. Thank you instacart for not being concerned for women’s safety. I joined this app because I felt it was better than Uber for the safety protocols but apparently you could care less.Version: 4.192.1

Low pay, inconsistent batchesWhen I first joined Instacart Shopper, I saw orders frequently and received notifications for them. After delivering groceries for about a month with only 5-star reviews, I noticed that I suddenly stopped getting orders or notifications. A friend downloaded the app and signed up and we sat next to each other to view orders. Her app showed 8-10 orders at a time while mine showed ONE order (if I was lucky). I contacted Instacart support numerous times with no resolution over the following year. I finally gave up and deleted the app after awhile, then redownloaded it to try again a couple months back. Same story all over again, I could hardly get any orders and they were so infrequent that I ended up making less than minimum wage before gas and wear and tear on my car were considered. I am so confused as to why the developers of this app have set it up in such a non-functional way for shoppers. I still have a perfect 5-star rating from all deliveries but cannot get any orders in a big city where others sitting next to me have a dozen orders listed at a time. I have deleted the app again and am done with it for good this time. I deliver food for restaurants now with a different app and make $20-25/hr easily compared to the $7-10/hr I was making with Instacart. I don’t miss Instacart Shopper at all..Version: 4.220.1

Cheater’sShowing less kms before accepting the orders once you start delivering kms jumps to at least 7 kms extra 70plus kg items and pay is nothing Both the instacart and customers thought drivers are animals By throwing few dollars they have to accept bcz they don’t have any choice I’m gonna post every where Shut instacart No instacart.Version: 4.283.1

No feedback for bad reviewsI love the job but it is extremely frustrating that customers can give bad reviews without any feedback and we as shoppers get blamed when we try to communicate and the customer does not respond at all or doesn’t have suggested replacements..Version: 4.203.0

Old versionHow can I download the old version, picking order with the new version is hard.Version: 4.158.1

Scam on name of promotionsI got promotion for guaranteed 110$ for 6 batch when i finished 4 batches they stop giving me batch saying there are no more available order and at same time my friend sitting beside me keep seeing batches on his account i have video to prove.Version: 4.263.2

Instacart is paying shoppers nothingIt’s really ridiculous to work for instacart these days 1 year ago it was reasonable to use my own car and gas and spend my yime for instacart and shopp those heavy items and deliver them because at that time instacart was paying 50 cents for picking the items and 40 cents for each kilometre. But now you can see 55 items and 80 units which will take about 1 hour maybe more only for picking and instacart pays us only 7$ for piking and delivering for 1.4 kilometres. These days with the new CEO they think that shoppers are their slaves and we have to work for nothing for them and use our cars for them to fill their pockets with money 🤬🤬🤬 they use the tips customers paying , when someone pays more as tip instacart decrease more and more. I am not stupid to work for 3$ per hour FOR you INSTACART and I think no one is . Only new people will work a few days till they find out what is going on. WE ARE NOT YOUR SLAVES INSTACART ..Version: 4.241.0

Bad care for personal shoppersAll lies I was a outstanding Shopper for 3 years made them 1000s of dollars and did over 2000 deliveries never got single thank you call once! Then some shady customers false failed delivery notices saying they never got there orders however I met them at the door. They all greet me with desire and passion. I had. 5.0 rating with perfect customer service feedback and they deactivate me because people were claiming nothing got delivered even though I had to take photos don’t worry Instacart I am hiring a lawyer for unlawful deactivating.Version: 4.203.0

InstaCrapIf someone gives you a single review under 5 stars you will never see a single order and be forced to find a new job. You will get finessed do not waste your time. The people who invented this app did not graduate highschool..Version: 4.232.1

AppThis app is the worst app ever. The rating system is garbage and batches are disgusting.Version: 4.278.1

Regarding deactivated accountThis issue handled by trust and safety team so if you wanna talk to them related that but there is no direct contact to reach out them. They are taking more time to solve case than the murder case solve by police. It’s been 10 days still I am not getting reply from this team..Version: 4.197.0

Fix the appFix the app back to the older version and stop updating to whoever is messing with the code is not doing a good job. Fix it back to the old update!! We are literally seeing zero batches..Version: 4.264.1

No more hrs just on demandI currently work for instacart and have been for almost a yr and I truly love what I’m doing for the community that I’ve made this my full time job. But just recently changes were made and I don’t feel they were changes for the good. I know one email can’t change much but hopefully as a community we can. My concern is the new on demand change for the Richmond va area. We use to have options when it came to working (hours or on demand) now we only have on demand and since this change has taken place I haven’t had much work come my way. I went from making $400 to barely $150 in a week. My area is strong for orders so that’s not a problem. I now have to watch my phone non stop and fight over orders because everyone is trying to work vs. having hours and letting the orders come as they may. I think this new change isn’t for the good for some people. I believe letting the community have options is better for some. I was able to select hrs when available and work OR work on demand before my shift or on my own time. I think we should be able to have some kind of option instead of none and that’s what we have now. No options. Please review this change and please bring back hours and give us back the option of working what’s best for us and not just having to work one thing. On demand isn’t for everyone nor is having hours but it works for everyone..Version: 4.153.1

I don’t know anymoreI see a lot of reviews about bots and things like that and I’m starting to get concerned. I’ve only been working for Instacart for about a month now. I love shopping and delivering to customers but it’s starting to become difficult and confusing. In the terms and conditions it says something about the company not being responsible for delays because of the app. I don’t think that’s fair because I could have a good phone and good service and still not be able to complete an order fast enough because the app is messing up. And then if the customer is unhappy it’s my fault, not the app. Another thing is the pay and how many batches are available. A friend of mine works on this too and she has had all her reviews be five stars and she gets loads of batches. I have a couple of FOUR star reviews and get barely and batches to none. Also when I’m having trouble with the app the service people just take you in circles. They send an email that you can’t even answer to or a phone number that you can’t call again if the call fails. It just doesn’t make sense to me why these things aren’t priority. Or why they haven’t said anything about what they’re doing about the bots or how they’re trying to fix it. Or maybe they are the problem. Maybe there aren’t bots but it’s them taking the money for themselves... idk but this is all sketchy now and I might have to either take a break or stop completely and let people know to stay away from Instacart. Smh.Version: 4.181.1

HorribleThis app makes you want to drop everything and go home, I have back problems because of it, they expect me to take up boxes of water and grocery bags to apartment buildings with no cart and no bags in addition I had to pay out of my pocket for one of the customers 45 dollars because their card declined. I asked for reimbursement and they declined my request. Truly pathetic, I advise anyone wanting to work for this company to make money some other way!!.Version: 4.260.0

Customer serviceVery bad customer service..Version: 4.273.0

Do not work for themThey abuse shoppers and allow shoppers to reck your rating. There are times when cancellations haven’t even reached their maximum grounds for deactivation and they’ll close your account due to earning too much. They got a high turnover rate and will hire someone new after they ban you, i was a 5 star shopper and got deactivated due to earning too much..Version: 4.258.2

Really Gone DownhillBeen with instacart for almost a year. Love working so so much up until a month ago. Was able to pick up orders pretty much anytime I wanted to work due to being in a good zone. Now spend most of my time staring at a screen that doesn’t load and when it does load the orders flicker on and off. When I do get notification of a batch I never see it on my batch screen. If I try to refresh app it just loading and loading. Then they started sending me orders from 40-50 miles away in every direction because of “limited batches in my area”. Except that is totally wrong because they are sending orders from my area to people 40-50 miles away. A lot of shoppers don’t have this issue and show full batches in my area while I don’t show any. It switches back and forth from other zones to mine and when it switches back to my zone the orders are disappearing before I can even click. I don’t have any idea of what to think. Instacart is going to lose good shoppers who actually care because they can hire 400 other shoppers in my place. Now you see 10 year olds shopping with parents on separate phones. They’re doing orders and so are their parents. How does this even happen? One shopper told me he was 17 years old. I have attempted to contact Instacart for over a month now and they “escalate” my issue. Don’t think this will be fixed because they can just hire whoever they please to replace me. Such a disappointment..Version: 4.179.0

AWFUL AND UNFAIRThis is the most unfair job with unresponsive support. One woman gave me a bad rating because she falsely accuse me of forgetting to give her an item, and Instacart failed to address this issue at all. Due to this one bad review Instacart penalized me by not letting me access any good orders anymore. It’s completely unfair that out of the hundreds of deliveries I’ve done this one bad review has completely ruined my reputation on the app and now leaves me with I will access to any orders. Completely unfair system. Don’t work here unless you want to be treated like trash.Version: 4.227.1

Rating system sucksI’ve been on 5 star for almost a year and as soon as I have a bad rating I hardly get batches. This is so unfair especially when I know I’ve been working hard, checking all items and communicating with customers to make they have the best item. And also how do u let new shopper have better batches than your old and trusted shopper. Most company go by seniority but not instcart. Bad management..Version: 4.224.0

The App is a complete mess (for me) and customer support can’t help me at all.I have contacted customer support so so many times, but they can only offer me workarounds to my problem. I am missing lots of different links on my dashboard, I can’t complete any trainings through my dashboard (I know where they are, and I have no links available, just a page that says I have already activated my card), I can’t order my first batch of insulated bags (had to order the “refill option” on Carrotswag, I can’t see my weekly earnings / hours, and all my demos are for IN STORE SHOPPERS.... Meanwhile I just did FULL SERVICE ORDERS all day! What is going on?! I have uninstalled and reinstalled many times, logged in and out, my phone is up to date, my app is up to date, everything should be working just fine. But it’s not. My roommate is a long time Shopper, and I can clearly look at their app and mine and see that I am missing so many links. I had to take my food safety test in the browser, with a link given to me by support. That is the best that they have been able to do for me. The app still doesn’t reflect my completion of the food safety course or the fact that I am a full service shopper. Will happily adjust my rating of this app if someone could offer me any sort of actual solution, and not just a workaround..Version: 4.205.0

Good App, but still needs a lot of work.First off I want to say I really appreciate having the ability to use the app at my lesuire whenever. The ability to dictate when I work and when I don’t is truly amazing. However, in the 5 weeks I’ve had the app I have noticed some serious issues with it that have now led to my account’s deactivation. For starters, the constant glitching in the middle of performing an order is very irritating and inconvenient, for the shoppers as well as the customers, because the timer continues to roll even when this happens and on a given day that glitch will happen to me at least twice. I asked other shoppers if they had that problem just to make sure it wasn’t just me & they all said that this was an issue that happens often. Secondly this past week I had an issue with the Instacart GPS where it sent me to a residential address to retrieve grocery orders to deliver, and this was something that happened on 2 different instances. Last but definitely not least there’s the issue of not having any way whatsoever to call a customer service number to speak to a live body to discuss these issues. I don’t know why that isn’t an option at all for an app like this, because a good portion of the time most of these issues could be addressed and possibly solved by just having the ability to speak to an actual person.Version: 4.173.2

Green accept buttonThis button is a huge mistake please revert to slider. I’m sure a lot of people are having to cancel batches because of accepting by mistake by touching the screen. Or at least place a confirm box..Version: 4.261.2

Fake promotionsWhy do you give promotions when you don’t show delivery batches? Just let us be STOP GIVING FALSE HOPES I WISH I COULD COULD MINUS RATINGS.Version: 4.260.0

Horrible horrible service.I applied to Instacart 2 days ago. I was told i would be receiving an email with additional information as to how to complete my application. The emails took forever to come in and once they did- it just had links that sent you to the app. I had already downloaded the app because it told you to at the beginning. It gave me an option for an interview time/appt. i made one and was told again i would receive additional information as to how to finish the application such as mention of the quiz and availability form. The links that were sent just took you right back to the interview confirmation page. You couldn’t access any other part of the app. I even re-downloaded and tried a bunch of different things. I tried finding a contact email or number for help- nothing. Help page- nothing. I figured i would ask about it when they call me for my interview. I’m all set up ready for my interview. I got a confirmation email and text message specifying the time and date (Wed April 8th at 3:00pm). I waited by the phone and no one called, there was no email. There’s not even any contact information anywhere. It’s ridiculous and unprofessional. Especially when they say they’re looking for ORGANIZED RELIABLE AND RESPONSIBLE workers. You would think during this time of crisis they would so much as have an email address. Very let down..Version: 4.171.4

Don’t use this app!! Freeloading Customers LieFalse missing items reports made by customer in order to get free food. False damaged reports by customer. Shoppers that use bots to cheat the system are overriding the rating and speed time system to get higher paying work and therefore hoard the jobs. Cheating shoppers still exist and your HackerOne partnership seems like a joke waste of money. In theory your rating system should work but in practice, cheaters are able to bypass this. You still haven’t added the option to take a picture of each item during shopping to show proof that items in fact are not damaged and to prevent false reports being made. Alot if customers lie and say the items are damaged when they are not. Stop lumping non tipping customers with tipping customers. Its unfair to us and they are usually the ones that complain, or the pickiest wasting our time by messaging us at every second therefore delaying the delivery for the other customer (the one who tipped) and again they never tipped us but feel so entitled to demand our time at every second of the process. Stop lumping 3 customers at a time. Its easy to mix up their items especially from a store bagger; they always mess up our order and we get blamed by the customer for “missing items” when it was the cashier or the bagger that messed up..Version: 4.195.1

More money for instacartIt’s very interesting to see instacart raise prices on items in store, charge a ton for delivery, don’t make customers tip (even though you pay your shoppers based on them making tips), and don’t have a weight limit on orders. The extra $5 for a heavy order doesn’t help much with medical bills for back injuries carrying 600+lbs per order up apartment building stairs. Instacart has been cutting shoppers pay and lying about it. Horrible app to make extra money. You won’t make much for your time ($6/hr), the job is unforgiving on the body, customers write horrible reviews when the store isn’t stocked well, which will affect if your ability to take orders. GOD FORBID ANYONE SHOULD USE LIVE CHAT. THEY DONT SPEAK ENGLISH WELL, THEREFORE DONT UNDERSTAND THE ISSUES AND CAN NEVER HELP. (Their automatic generated responses are littered with spelling errors and don’t make any sense half the time.) DONT BOTHER SHOPPING WITH INSTACART. YOU WILL MAKE MORE MONEY ON UBEREATS!.Version: 4.281.0

I’m a shopperI think grouping order together is a terrible idea. The customer should be getting notified that I have more orders than theirs because I lose tips from the amount of time I spend on other people. I already don’t get tipped enough and I think it is ridiculous how impatient people are even when I get it into the 2 hour time frame. I think the customers should know what it is like to be a shopper or be informed so they don’t have such high expectations for us. There is also a problem with scanning frozen papaya chunks and a lot of meat from the seafood department which needs to be fixed because it makes it harder for shoppers and it puts more on our time when Instacart could have prevented that. When you do group orders together, please have a route that makes sense and not one where I’m ending 30 minutes away from me. If you group orders shouldn’t they be somewhat next to each other? I have to deliver 7 items yesterday and I have to drive 20 minutes there and back to the store and I got tipped $1. I know it is all up to the customer but that is just ridiculous and I had orders ahead of them. I shouldn’t have to inform the customers about what’s going on it should already be known that I will need a little more time than usual. I don’t think the customers of Instacart like when their orders get grouped either because it takes longer and nobody in this world has an ounce of patients!.Version: 4.205.0

Needs reviewI have been a shopper for over 5 months, on the whole very satisfied. My biggest complaint is lack of batches but due to the way batches are distributed, not a lack of batches. You can sign up for the hours you want to work, or you can wait list for hours you might want or just be on demand. When on hours you commit yourself to take batches during that time frame. However, the system does not seem to work that way. I have been on hours and my neighbor 5 houses down will be on demand and get a batch and I will not. I think the system should always give batches first to shoppers on hours, next on waitlist and then on demand. When you get to select hours you have to commit to at least 30 hours available per week in order to earn the right to early access to pick up hours. So those shoppers are committed and want to work. I think Instacart should reward those loyal shoppers by giving them batches when they are available. By the way this has happened to me on a regular basis. I love the job, the people, the tips, but I need to earn a certain income or else I will be forced to leave Instacart for another job. Please make the system fair. Nenah G..Version: 4.149.1

As of June 9 the app is horribleNew update screwed over everyone. System is buggy, completely different to old system. Can’t get any batches. Batches are not consistent. Probably to get rid of excess workers. Pay sucks now, better off working for the grocery store itself. Bad call after the company made their sales goals for 2022 off of the fear of corona virus. Needs to support their shoppers better. Do not download, it’s now a waste of time. For more complaints and evidence check the reddit page..Version: 4.180.2

Bad support serviceHi my name is Luis Jovanny Mujica I am a contractor for Instacart. I want to say to the new workers that work for Instacart or that you are going to apply for Instacart chat support they’re not good at all. They make you wait a lot you waste your time with them instead of moving on with your orders and it’s just a waste of time because time is money and they’re paying you for order and you can spend an hour chatting with them an another hour for the order to deliver or move forward so you wasted two hours just to make what you’re not making. I have too many issues with them and they don’t even solve my problems at all I have so many declines on my card and I had to cancel my orders and I told him to remove cancellation rates because once you get to 15% cancellation rate you’re automatically fired. Now they don’t pay you what you’re supposed to get paid for the orders they take your tips. They don’t pay you when you spend time shopping all over in the store and then order gets canceled you spend there 30 minutes shopping in the store and then what they pay you it’s not enough they just pay you for your arrival. So those are my issues that I have had. If it was my choice I would put zero stars complain to HR and sue them for wasting my gas and putting miles on my car taking my tips and not paying..Version: 4.206.2

CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT: Instacart employees DISCRIMINATE & play games with shoppersInstacart is systematically discriminating against shoppers. This form of discrimination is against the law. Several times as I was on an order, the order would be removed from my account after I completed ALL THE SHOPPING, just as I was at the register checking out. Or when I claimed an order as I arrive at the store it was removed from my account. When I complained about the issue to customer support, they would make sarcastic remarks that I should have moved quicker and let this be a lesson. What kind of Lesson is this? I was at the store on time and completed the shopping on time. This makes no sense at all. Then they kept sending a notification to resubmit my profile picture, which I did over and over. They said they couldn’t verify my identity and they deactivated my account. How is this even right to do to someone? I say shoppers need to start a class action lawsuit to stop these abuses against shoppers, because I am sure I am not the only one. What they are doing is playing games abusing shoppers, and it’s discrimination, and against the law. So if there are others out there who have experienced the same form of harassment and discrimination by Instacart customer support, please research and let’s all ban together to start a class action for harassment and discrimination against Instacart..Version: 4.197.0

Is the system programmed in away to lay off the experienced shoppers?As shopper, u get batches to fulfill baed on your rating. Well it was working well until Instacart hired hundreds of new shoppers! Since hiring, i don’t see any batches anymore although my friends (new shoppers lives in same city and zone) see bunch of orders but i see nothing! Is the system programmed in away to lay off the experienced shoppers? Well logically you should give priority to the experienced shoppers as they will do customer’s orders fast with high quality or at least be fair and let everyone (new and senior shoppers) sees the orders at same time!.Version: 4.229.0

Do not work for instacartLow pay rate, for $15, you have to go shop for 55 items(90unit, cash out and delivery to the customer; sometime you have to carry up to 15 floor (if it’s condo) to delivery to their door. I forgot to say you have to drive 5km to get to the customer house as well. TELL ME IF IT’S WORTH YOUR TIME They paid well before, but after we have the new CEO, things got worse. It’s lower than minimum wage Consider it before you want to work for instacart.Version: 4.260.0

Not HelpfulIf I could rate them a minus star I would. I haven’t even started shopping yet and support is the absolute worse and the app sucks..Version: 4.256.1

Not fair treatment Cornershop is betterMy first question how the Instacart have rate if 4.7 her? when for the most reviews is 1star. Support is the worst ever, they can only answer you with templates and they lies a lot! Customer can leave ratings but not the reason for the bad rating. For the most part shoppers doesn’t know what was the problem. Customer can delete tip after delivery with out reason. Instacart gives orders only to the shoppers with 5.0 if your score go down to 4.96 you done. You have to complete 100 orders and get 5 stars to increase you score. But her is the problem coming, it’s close to impossible because Instacart doesn’t gives you orders , the best case you can get 1 -2 order per day for 10$ One of the customers gave me 3 star because item was wrong. I choose the item by bar code and name, with is means item is right. But Instacart regret to delete this rate for me even it’s not my fault, but the Instacart app fault. Cornershop is better.Version: 4.223.0

A couple months ago this would be a 5 star reviewSo every morning when I wake up I check instacart, but as of recently whenever I check the app there is something new updated & it’s honestly just making life harder. The most recent being I can’t see how many shops are available until I “go online” which is so stupid. Then if I don’t want to see anymore I’d slide the “go offline”. I think they’re trying to make it like door dash but it’s just pointless. If I wanted to see orders obviously I’d click the app, & if I didn’t want to see anymore... I’d obviously leave the app. Why make these stupid buttons. They also changed where the location of the towns are to above the address instead of after the street name like a normal address. Also unnecessary & annoying. There were plenty more, but besides these stupid updates I LOVE this app. It’s super easy to navigate (unlock door dash) & really fun & the people who place the orders are always really nice. I also wish there was an option to set my location because recently I’ve been seeing several towns I’ve never even heard of. Which makes me think they’re 30+ miles away (who the heck is going to drive that far for one order). I just want to see the ones in my general area. Again though, the most frustrating thing for me as been these stupid little changes. It’s so unnecessary & really just making it more annoying to use the app..Version: 4.225.0

Not coolFirst, the base pay is too low, (I was making 10 dollar per hour if customers don’t leave tips) this app doesn’t understand how long it takes for shopper to pick the items in store. Most importantly, the app combines cheap customer who leaves 0 tips for a huge amount of items with good customer who gives good tips, which makes it very unfair to the good customers, but the app still try to even it out by combining them. I’m so tired of these chancer on the app who leaves 0 tips, they wants service but pays nothing (20 dollar 50 items), still they often get what they want, and they usually get their food delivered first because they live closer (due to the app’s flawed route logarithm), whereas the good customers who leaved good tips have to wait for their ice cream to melt or oven-roasted chicken to get cold, or their meat products lost freshness. If I was the good customer, I only pay my tips to get things delivered faster, definitely not helping chancer paying their tips. Usually the lazy chancer tend to buy really heavy stuffs (boxes of can pops, 20kg dog food) and they require items delivered all the way to their old apartment door step with no elevator, so I was thinking the shopper should also have the right to rate customers, and know what they are expecting before they accept the order. Shopper are here to make money, not driving around all day doing charity, even if I do charity, I’m not helping chancer..Version: 4.259.1

Instacart Customer Care for the shoppersTerrible. Just terrible. It takes 1 hour to get simple answers to your questions. No one seems to know anything. Actively looking for other gig opportunities because as soon as I find one, I WILL PERSONALLY DEACTIVATE MY OWN ACCOUNT. This is ridiculous..Version: 4.258.2

Batches are not fair at allI have a screenshot that shows instacart batches calculating is so fake and unfair! screenshot that i took just now about batches cuz one batch is 2 full service and 4.3km with 39 items and 45 unit pays $23.24 and another batch 1 full service 3.2km 84 items and 125unit that pays $15.99 how that can be fair for shopper ? Some people don’t know that’s more than 2 hours 125 unit !!.Version: 4.243.2

Exploitive companyNew shoppers are reeled in because for the first 30 days they get the best batches. After that, the batches are not good. So if you just started with IC don’t quit your day job because the honeymoon will be short lived. Also, IC takes the no tip batches and combines them with the folks that are tipping well. So for all you folks who tip, IC has your order combined with folks who don’t tip. Then in most cases the no tip order gets a faster delivery because you have paid for them by tipping. Multiple customer orders within one batch have tips hidden so until you complete the delivery, you don’t know who tipped you and who stiffed you. IC is not in this for the shopper. They exploit the shopper for their own benefit. Their shopper support is a glorified complaint line manned by an outside company. They do not have the authority to solve ANY issues at all. They talk in circles wasting your time without resolving anything. IC does not care at all for the shoppers. This is not an app that you can rely on nor is the company. At $7 a batch, this is not worth it. Signed a five star shopper who got tired of being taken advantage of and left. This company is only as strong as their shoppers. And with shoppers like me leaving because of the poor treatment, they are destined to fail unless they start caring. IC: please save the canned response. It’s not genuine and it’s been said in other reviews here..Version: 4.223.0

Was Great Now HORRIBLEI started instacart 1 year ago and I am a Top Rated 5 star shopper. 3-6 months ago, instacart use to have peak bonuses for order that sit. Now, the orders will never surpass $7.00 no matter how long it sits. Additionally, the orders would appear for 1 sec then disappear even if no one had speedy Gonzalez hands to catch it! They orchestrated a bot that would not allow time to view the distance, item count, or Type amount before accepting! Then if you cancel they PUNISH YOUR ACCOUNT WITH CANCEL %!! The orders are like 10-20 miles this way 15 miles that way for $7 orders with 50 items! Slavery!!!!! I even went above and beyond in customer service committed to finding replacements during this COVID risking my LIFE NO BONUSES FROM INSTACART NOR IN TIPS! Sometimes I did not have time to take a return right back, waiting in line for 20-30 mins just to get in! I don’t want someone’s returned pork! Don’t even eat pork! Furthermore, my 5 star account was deactivated without ANY warning because I did a delivery with my husband for help bc I’m 6 months pregnant! Evil company all about getting you to work for $7 every two hours and driving 10+miles every order with $2 tip amounts with the occasionally $5-10$ tips. This app is for the corporation not for the buyers or the shoppers. FIYAH burn Instacart for their scheming on their employees and customers!.Version: 4.180.2

Only working to put gas in your carAs an Insta cart shopper in my opinion I think they need to base their shopping times and drop offs times and the batch pay on the area density of traffic and parking issues. Batch pay needs to be based on traffic density size of the items (furniture at Walmart???) tipping should be mandatory or automatic gratuity. This app is garbage waste of your time don’t do it you’ll never see the money. Gas prices inflated cost of living don t waste your time customers are horrible rude never say thank you shame you.Version: 4.257.0

BadInstacart needs serious improvement. How is it that you send your shoppers to deliver bags upon bags of groceries to apartment buildings but you don’t give them a cart to deliver those groceries? Truly terrible. I had a very bad experience with a customer today because of this specific issue. I am not paid enough to drag 10 bags of groceries plus a big box of diapers and a box of pop to the 10th floor all by myself without a freaking cart. Please tell your customers to come downstairs and get their food or give us carts to make these ridiculously difficult deliveries. Thank you !.Version: 4.211.0

DO NOT RECOMMEND - BE AWARE!!Started working instacart about 1.5 mos ago. At first it was a GREAT place to make money and enjoying it while you do. Now in the last 2 weeks, I can hardly swipe a batch quick enough. I am a 5 star shopper, with great comments from customers. I care about customer services, only come to find out Instacart doesn’t. Daily, you set for hours and hours starring at your phone trying to get a order. I have heard about BOTS (which instacart denies) but it is impossible for a human to receive and swipe an order in .25 seconds one it appears on the screen. Order come in and out your screen in a blink of a eye. Your eyes are strained from starring at the screen all day trying to catch a order before the BOTs steal it. I went from make a descent amount of money per week to making nothing. I fear my personal information in compromised at instacart, because if there is a hacker in their system, no telling what that hacker can view. Maybe all my information, maybe all the customers information... the thought is terrifying. I heard Shipt had no hacker problems and you make more money with Shipt. I would not recommend Instacart to anymore. And more importantly, I have heard this is not the first time this BOTS hacking has happened with instacart. This is a common issue with the company..Version: 4.176.0

Mediocre app, mediocre companyFirst off, the app sends notifications for new batches to be shopped way too late. By the time you get a notification all the good batches are gone. Which brings me to my second complaint. This company pays well below minimum wage and Encourages customers to leave mediocre (5%) tips.. for instance, they’ll pay $7 for us to drive to the store, deal with traffic, parking, and shopping for 20-50 items for the customer. This includes picking and weighing produce, etc. Then we check Out and often bag groceries, bring them and load them into to our car, drive to the customer, bring the bags to the door, then drive home or to the next store to shop. Unless there is a decent customer, often times there will be a $2 tip on these orders so after time and gas we either break even or sometimes even pay Instacart to do these mediocre orders. The problem is shoppers keep taking these mediocre batches, but you can bet shoppers that will shop these low paying orders are not doing a thorough and accurate job, therefore making the company unappealing you customers as well. Really they need to guarantee at least minimum wage(preferable paying $20+ for the work) plus tips to keep their good shoppers around. It is a lot of physical work for what you can typically make. Don’t recommend..Version: 4.162.1

Unfair ServiceFirst of all, us employees should come first before the customers (because we all know how customers like to lie, be greedy, try to take advantage). I had an incident with a customer recently.. he kept spamming my phone when i was shopping for his groceries, constantly asked me about his order, trying to make one bunch of bananas, 6 bunches. Kept texting me Hello, make sure u bring groceries to my house, kept asking me why i’m not replying when i’m busy grocery shopping. Gets customer service to call me for no reason to make sure i’m shopping for his order when i already am. He had 3 cases of water and since he kept bothering me to meet him at his apartment i told him to meet me downstairs at the entrance since there was many items. He was no where to be found after spamming me so much. I tried to wait and call him and couldn’t even get in the apartment either. I’ve waited like 10 minutes and still have other deliveries to do. I left the groceries inside the entrance (where you can get in). I’ve done that with a past order no problem. Next morning i go on my InstaCart App and my account says deactivated. I’m frustrated as i go to my email and customer service has said they deactivated my account and said i did not deliver the order when i did. They sent me the rules list and i tried contacting every customer service, typing and writing up emails and ZERO SUPPORT at all. Pretty frustrating for a young adult who is trying to make some more money for herself and there isn’t another InstaCart App either so i’m screwed! but of course they don’t care at all for anyone or their employees who work hard and drive through Toronto traffic. I make sure all the orders on time to and totally lost my respect for this company. Very heartbreaking and upsetting..Version: 4.255.2

INSTACART DOESNT CARE ABOUT THEIR SHOPPERSThis app deserves -10 stars if that was even an option. The app deactivated my account due to a “missing delivery”. I thought it was really weird since I couldn’t remember missing any delivery. I think it was a customer trying to get free groceries by claiming they never got them. So instead of instacart contacting me by phone call and ask what happened they just deactivated my account minutes after. I tried contacting instacart shopper support multiple times and was blown away of how hard it was to get simple shopper support. There’s no direct phone line to contact help. Instead you’re left wondering what happened with no answers. All they did was transfer me to different representatives to “help” me. I finally was able to have a representative open my profile and he saw that all my deliveries were complete and on time. It also says you need evidence to fight your case but when your instacart gets deactivated you are not able to look at your delivery history so it feels like they’re just making it harder for shoppers to fight their case. I later discovered that people had the same situation that I was experiencing. Long story short instacart doesn’t care about their shoppers. Even the hard working ones who relied on this app for extra cash during this pandemic. Also thank you to the customer who claimed they never got their groceries, you just got a hard working person out of a job😊.Version: 4.179.0

Most people we shop for are ridiculousOf course people are going to give us 3 to 1 star but replacing a item or asking most people if they would like a refund or a different item we get no response but same time mf don’t even answer the phone so how the hell would we know if it’s a good replacement for a PERSON THAT DONT ANSWER ANY CALLS let’s be real honest KROGERS doesn’t always have the best fruit or always have items in stock and with the meat or deli they don’t always give us the right meat but say it’s right. I rather not do Instacart anymore because I don’t have time to argue with any person I don’t know I could careless about star ratings if I feel like 🍇 or anything that edible in produce is bad ,old brown and nasty looking I’m going to refund if you’re not replying. I hate calling and we get ignored but app tells us don’t call unless this or that’. This is trash it’s easy money but some people we shop for are totally ridiculous . doing three full services can be hard because you mixed up things and sometimes you give the wrong people the wrong item or you leave a item in your car it’s just to much just to make a little 20$ batches like that should be 50 it’s 3 different living areas we have to visit to and shop for . why we can’t rate these people we shop for.Version: 4.187.0

Repeated message can’t even get into appI have a message on the screen every time I open the app and it won’t go away, makes the app useless. “Error while building response”. I know I’m not the only one with the issue so fix your app. This is unbelievable, I’ve been sent my card but can’t even start now because the app glitches! Also it’s a terrible customer service system. You can’t do it online but it has to be through the app i can’t even get into? These reviews really show how much they care about their workers..Version: 4.261.2

Bot issues & unsupportive helpI started by making 600+ a week easily. Recently, the batches disappear so fast and when you swipe to get them you are left with an error message. Upon doing research, it appears 3rd party bots people are paying for daily “steal” all the good batches and even some of the poor ones. When asking support, they deny the existence of bots - when in fact news articles have been published quoting instacart reps saying they exist. This needs to be addressed! The bots are run by people who create accounts for people who are not honest about their identity also, making clients upset/uneasy not knowing who is going to be delivering their groceries. Instacart cart overhired and is now being run over by the bots. Additionally, when support is needed they are 90% of the time unhelpful and do not answer questions. 2 weeks ago I had an order disappear while it was transitioning to start shopping and was told the customer deleted it and I would be paid for it still. I haven’t been paid still, and every time I talk to support I get the run around when I have screenshots from the original conversations saying I would be paid. There is no phone number to call, and when I ask questions, the support team doesn’t answer the question they repeat information that I already gave them. Fix the bots and please get better support staff that actually understand and know how to read English!.Version: 4.175.2

Instatcart sucksBatch pay getting worse daily and support sucks and knows nothing but lies.Version: 4.245.0

Pilot version in Sacramento AreaReviewing again in hopes that the app update gets changed back after shoppers have voiced their concerns. I personally love instacart I’ve been doing it for a few years and it has its ups and downs. This new update has really made me have to look elsewhere for money. I understand this new version was meant to give new shoppers a chance at batches. But I think you’ll lose all your veteran shoppers in the making. It goes beyond just glitches in the app itself. The option to pick the batch you wanted is what made instacart the best gig app out right now. Being able to see your options and choose the batch best suited for you made a good experience for the shopper but also the customer because you aren’t reluctantly picking a batch you don’t want. I feel with the newest update, I’m offered so many low paying batches or batches that are just way too far away. I was so much happier offering my service to customers when I chose the batch I want do and that was best suited to my situation at the moment. Now customers often can skate by on these low pay large item # batches because people have no other choice. It’s sad that this is how some people make a livable wage and they’re forced to accept crumbs for a service. This is a luxury for most customers so to see shoppers not being able to pay their bills because of this update saddens me. Hoping that it’ll change back to the list option soon..Version: 4.225.0

Very less batch payInstacart is a real fraud. Not giving proper batch pay. Grabbing the customer’s tip from shoppers. Cornershop (uber) is the best for pay. You are gonna loose your business. 🤣.Version: 4.285.0

Low Pay, Don’t waste your timeBadge pay is horrible.Version: 4.262.2

Instacart needs to make MANY changes.Let me start off by saying I enjoy working for Instacart. I've been doing it for six months and I really love doing it. I make good money for the type of work it is and I love the flexibility. However, there are a few major issues that need to change. For instance, the rating system is terrible. A customer can give a shopper a low rating for whatever reason, in fact they dont even HAVE to GIVE a reason, and once your ratings go down you lose first access to the high-paying batches. Also, the chat agents that are supposed to help us are terrible! 9 times out of 10 the agent doesn't give clear responses, sometimes they never answer at all, and they all give different answers! When Instacart works it's wonderful, but when it doesn't work it's absolutely terrible. Never in the middle. Also, people have been downloading software onto their phones to automatically grab the high-paying batches without letting other shoppers have a chance. Instacart claims they have tried fixing this issue and sometimes I notice the "bots" are gone but they always come back. There's a simple way to fix this, make a captcha feature for accepting a batch or some other type of 2-step anti-robot system. The people using this software are literally taking food out of people's mouths and taking money from their pockets. Things need to change!!!.Version: 4.191.1

A Couple bugsI don’t usually write reviews but I feel the need to write one for this application. First and foremost I think the concept is great and it is a great way to make some extra money. Having said that and being an Instacart Shopper, I find it very frustrating that the app randomly decides to glitch while I am in the middle of an order. I check my connection and it says no problems, I put the WiFi on if needed, and it still gives me a hard time, resulting in me wasting 15-20 minutes in the market just standing there because I cannot contact the customer or even see the list of groceries, much less scan the items. And I know it isn’t only me because I see other shoppers around me waiting around starring at the phones with empty carts, looking just as frustrated as I am. Also, I cannot always see what my earnings for the last weeks are of current week. I didn’t even know this feature was a thing until a week after actively using the app and it appeared for about 3 days, then disappeared. Now I cannot check past orders and see how much I made or if a customer adjusted a tip which is very frustrating. Once these are fixed I will change my rating but these are major flaws which gives the user A LOT of extra trouble during an order. Thankfully customers have been patient with me, but this could affect my earnings due to wasted time that isn’t my fault. Please fix, thank you..Version: 4.172.2

Random decision and unfair treatmentMy father’s account got deactivated because it said that he is failure to deliver orders for 4 times but he has done over thousand batches and he has delivered everything. They are not transparent on the info they get. The trusty and safety team is the worst, they should try the job before they make a judgement, there is fraud by customer. Stop buying your rating They are paying very little for shopper to carry numerous of items alone. Ridiculous. Small items but a lot of them don’t count as heavy item. Why don’t you try and lift them? No word for them.Version: 4.225.1

Deactivated my account without any reasonLast week i just delivered the order and after that i got a mail that my account has been deactivated. In the mail it said your account has been deactivated saying your selfie check didn’t approve. How it can be possible as I haven’t submitted any selfie. I tried to contact Instacart safety and trust, but i got one of the worst reply that don’t message us and we won’t be replying to any of your mails. How stupid reply was that. They even took a time to watch my profile as i was 5 star shopper since 6 months. So don’t trust them as they are so mean and spoilt my whole livelihood as i left my permanent job to become full time shopper. I want to provide zero stars to these people. I have sent them identity documents to proof my identity but all useless I just want to send the mail wordings in which they were replying me in so roud language. Really really upset with this company.Version: 4.238.1

Bug!!!It doesn’t show me any new batches!!! My rate is 5 star but I can’t see any new batches. While the app is open and I’m waiting for a new batch, sometimes I received a notification (NOT IN THE APP!!!) that a new one is available, but even I can’t see that too! I am so disappointed with this extremely weak application!!.Version: 4.226.0

Needs Two More FeaturesOverall it’s a good side hustle being an IC shopper; I make a lower hourly rate on average than on other platforms, but with the highest rate of dollars earned per mile driven. I have only two serious complaints: 1) I’m in Salem, OR. When it’s “slow” the app shows me batches in neighboring cities like Stanton, Dallas, Woodburn, Corvallis, and Lebanon. These are too far away to be worth my time; I would be losing money to take them. Further, it clutters my screen when there are sixteen or seventeen batches available and most of them are in these distant areas. STOP SHOWING ME THOSE BATCHES! Or at least, give me the option to hide batches beyond a certain distance. Having to scroll through a bunch of unacceptable batches just inclines me to go work on another platform instead. 2) I will sometimes take a batch containing two orders, and the app forces a delivery order on me. Often this means the first delivery is the one close to the center of activity when I want to pick up another batch, or to my home when I want to end my work shift, and the second is out on the fringes of town. LET ME DO THE FARTHER DELIVERY FIRST so that I don’t waste time and miles dead-heading back to where I need to be next. Give me the option to reorder the deliveries. You have a decent platform, but with these issues it’s typically my last resort among the five that I work on..Version: 4.223.0

Fine but could be way betterI’ve been doing instacart for about half a year and it’s not bad, it just needs a few updates. First customers can give reviews to us shoppers but we can’t review the customers, which is really unfair when you get a rude customer. Also customers can change their tips up to three days, which is fine if they want to add to it or if the shopper was not good and they want to take some of the tip away. But some people are taking advantage of this and leaving a tip and no matter how the shopper does at the end taking in all away. Something needs to be done about this. I once got an order for 20 dollars did it in an hour and then only got paid 10 dollars for it. I did not do the order badly, I asked the customer for replacements when the items were out of stock and wasted time texting them to make sure they got what they wanted and then they took the tip away. There is nowhere to contact instacart to complain to them. The only way you can contact instacart is on the app if you try to cancel an order, so if I finished an order and have a question or concern I can’t contact them, other apps and gigs have ways the workers can contact them and instacart does not. They really should improve on that and that would make the app way better..Version: 4.193.0

Address problemIt says to write my address, but only US states show up. Please make Canadian provinces available..Version: 4.180.2

If you don’t need money Instacart is for you!!I’ve been doing Instacart for almost a year. At first it was good. They have taken away the quality bonus. They have reduced they per batch pay. At this point half the orders are $7.00 for a full shop. That included driving(10-20miles) to the store shopping takes about 30-60 minutes. Then driving to the customer (varies but at least 10 minutes). You have to deal with traffic and the supermarket. This is work that you will have to depend on tips. In my opinion this is not a job you should have to depend on tips. Don’t forget all the wear and tear on you car, gas, TAXES. The customer will not know that you are only getting $7.00 Instacart does not tell the customer how much you will be getting only the total. Then if you sign up for hours they will send you on even further drives. You can turn down some of the bad batches but you are forced to take one or they will give the shopper an incident report. Today I had an order with 36 miles of driving just to get to the house and the customer was not home. I contacted support and after waiting for a 1/2 hour the customer arrived while I was on the phone with support and they had. Canceled the order and then had to reopen the order. I needed to be transferred to a manager to do this. They tell me to hold and then support just hangs up on me. Also at this point the have disconnected the 1-800 number for support. I could not even call them back. Talk about frustrating..Version: 4.161.1

Support for shoppers is poorUnfair rating system. You will get a low rate from customer if the store has not enough supplies. With score less than 4.8 practically you won’t see any order..Version: 4.217.3

App freezes and crashes. New verSince new version was installed, App freezes when in shopping stage. Have to delete and install it again, every 5 minutes..Version: 4.158.1

Ehh... (read the whole review)I’ve been doing Instacart for about a month or 2 and I have definitely made a good amount of money but they really need to work on and change a few things. One- The incident reports are a joke. I don’t understand why you have to cancel your hours before the 6 hour mark or you end up getting an reliability incident which stays on your account for 30 DAYS!!!! Seriously?! that makes no sense you are penalized the whole month for ONE shift you missed. You can literally have reasons behind a reliability incident and it will not matter. Two- the amount of money that you make sometimes does not match all of the work you would have to do just to complete the batch (driving, carrying cases of beverages, delivering, etc), Three- it would be nice to see the customers instructions before accepting the batch (I had an order on a military base that costed me a lot of time just from trying to enter through the main base), Four- when you are doing on demand shops it’s like they don’t factor in the driving time (you could be 20 mins away from an on demand batch and by the time you get to the store and shop you’re literally pressed for time because of how long it took to drive. I could seriously go on and on but I have no problem going to Shipt. I heard they’re 10x better than Instacart..Version: 4.139.0

Tip baiting??Customers will put a high tip and then change it after it’s delivered. This company allows tip baiting, within 24 hours of delivery. If there is no issue with the order and it was delivered in a timely manner there is no reason as to why the customer should be allowed to change their tip. For example; You don’t go to a restaurant, give the waitress a tip, and then come back to 22 hours later and ask for half of it back. It’s a service you are paying for. Your tip is what it is. That shouldn’t be changed. Also, Customers in apartment/condo buildings should be coming to the lobby to get their groceries. We don’t get paid enough to go up and down up and down to grab bags and bring them up to the 23rd floor. Provide us a cart then. Or have the customers meet us to pick up the groceries downstairs. They are already having the convenience of having it brought to their home..Version: 4.238.1

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Is Instacart Shopper: Earn money not working?

Instacart Shopper: Earn money works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Instacart Shopper: Earn money.

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