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Instacart Shopper: Earn Money Positive Reviews

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Instacart Shopper: Earn money App User Positive Comments 2023

Instacart Shopper: Earn money app received 17 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about instacart shopper: earn money?

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Incompetent Customer SupportI’ve been a shopper for over a month and it was great until I updated the app! It kicked me out and I wasn’t able to get back into my account to access my money or go back to shopping. I’ve reached out to customer support over 10 times and not one of them was able to comprehend and help resolve the issue. All they told me was the typical script read along: “I apologize and will get this fixed for you.” I had to figure it out myself and realized that the problem is the app is not suitable for iPhone 6s. I tried logging in on my old phone iPhone 5 and it worked just fine. So now I have to set up personal hotspot on my iPhone 6s to operate the shopping app on iPhone 5 and I’m able to shop and make money. It’s frustrating but I’m not going to buy a new phone just because the technical department cannot figure out how to accommodate the app to iPhone 6s. They need to replace them with people who actually know how to build apps and fix bugs! The people who work there is so incompetent, I don’t even think they’ve graduated high school.Version: 4.181.1

Crashing updateStill app crashes after this update I don’t understand.Version: 4.262.2

App is not working properlyThe new version is crappy it froze and after wont allow me to check out not to mention trying to get help sucks no one answers for hours.Version: 4.169.1

This App it’s great. But the bots are killing the pleasure to be a shopper.I was doing Instacart during 3-4 years but Since Instacart activated everyone due Covid-19 and the batches show up to everyone at the same time. (It doesn’t matter the rating thing). The people who make bots are taking the bread from my kids mouth. Deactivate accounts it doesn’t work. (They ask for a 100$ fee to create a new one). Even some old shoppers have more than one account (you’ve to filter the people using the SSN, Address, etc). and don’t let create accounts with fakes SSN like lyft (many people create accounts on lyft using passport numbers). Many people don’t care if the IRS call them to clarify that situation. You’ve to return to the pickup hours (only one session per account). Delete the fake accounts. Put more controls to avoid more fake accounts. And assign batch directly to the shoppers. (Reduce the time to accept the batch and penalties by don’t take it, first a suspension and then deactivate). if the people and the bots makers. Knows they can create fake accounts and use the batches without any undefined penalty, they keep doing that. You’ve to do something with the bots and fake accounts. The reputation it’s on the game. You’ll get full of people that doesn’t matter the quality. Only do more and more batches..Version: 4.180.2

Items that are not availableWhen I am shopping for someone and the item isn’t there I’ve checked the shelves and check the shelves and I say I can’t find it, and the screen comes up for me to check again because somebody got it 4 hours before I was there kind of makes me think you’re telling me I’m stupid and look again. I don’t like it when that happens. Often there’s an item called for and I look and I look, and when I bend over and look down under, there it is the last one way back in the corner and I get that item. I didn’t bend over and look because you told me somebody found one for hours ago, I bend over and look because I am a very persistent Shopper. And if I find that item later, in the store on an end cap I go back and I put down that I found it and get it for them. It just makes me angry when a machine tells me I’m stupid like a little child to go look again. If you look at the length of some of my shops you’ll know that I don’t just zip through and not find stuff. I have a lots of shops that are well under the time in which I should have shopped them, and gotten everything on their list. Then there are ones where there are refunded items because they weren’t available and in those cases usually my time is quite long. I’ve had shops were I spent 15 minutes trying to find somebody to help me, just show me where this was supposed to be before I give up on an item. Thank you for your time and listening to my RANT!.Version: 4.194.1

Love it!It’s like getting paid to exercise! I do it on my own time, great way to make extra cash fast. Being able to cash out daily is a plus too. One complaint as a shopper are the “priority items” or list sorting. Customer puts a priority tag on things that get moved to the top of the list. As a shopper these don’t matter, we are going to get them anyway and they should be grouped by aisle with the rest instead of cluttering up the top of the list. What would help me is to have the prepared deli items at the top and to better sort the list. I’ve learned to review the list before I start and before I leave certain areas (like produce) so I don’t have to come back when I find 1 green bell pepper half way down when I’m on aisle 10. Another is with customer reviews. I’ve had customers report an item as “missing”, implying they paid for it and didn’t get it (or the shopper stole it). I’ve seen these reviews for items that were replaced or refunded. Yes it’s “missing”, but not really, and it would be great if they were further questioned before allowing the review to go through..Version: 4.207.1

I got deactivated!Y’all deactivated my account because of a photo and saying I had someone with me when I didn’t. I finish my order and I was on my way home. When I got home it told me I need to send a picture in, so I did and y’all won’t take my picture of myself, so my sister ( who works for instacart) was trying to help me and accidentally took a picture of herself and y’all accepted the picture knowing it wasn’t me. How am I supposed to fix it if y’all won’t try to work with me. I wasn’t even working anymore when this happened. I told y’all in email that I can show y’all it me. I never had anyone who wasn’t employed my instacart with me. If anyone was with me they work with instacart which isn’t violating any rules. Y’all deactivated me before because of a misunderstanding. I got deactivated because y’all said I didn’t deliver a order which I did I just accidentally said I delivered it. At that time I was still new and was trying to figure out the app, which was kinda confusing. Y’all heard me out on that one, but won’t hear me out on this one. I just don’t understand why I gotta go straight to being deactivated instead of getting a warning which y’all never give to people that I know of..Version: 4.222.0

Great Side GigThis platform is great for people looking for a flexible side hustle. As a student, this is a perfect job, as setting my own hours and being able to freely adjust them when needed. Although the pay structure is by delivery, meaning that it tends to either be feast or famine, the fact is that, if you work efficiently, you can make a decent amount of money on a slow day, with upwards of roughly 20-25 per hour on good days. What this app lacks in consistency it makes up for in flexibility. Beyond pay and hours, this service puts less miles on your car, with most of your time spent shopping instead of driving. Customer service is readily available and quote helpful, which is a definite plus. Also, shoppers keep 100 percent of all tips, and let me tell you, people tip WELL on this app. My tips account for nearly half of my earnings. On top of all that, the instacart customer base is friendly and understanding, even when you have to replace or refund certain items. I wouldn’t really recommend working full time on instacart, since pay can be inconsistent, but it is a quality side gig that will help bring in some good money..Version: 4.122.3

My thoughts on InstacartInstacart is really a great opportunity for it’s shopper as well as the customer... I personally like Sam’s club early in the am which comes to me later in the mornings now. I feeI Instacart works really hard to accommodate its shoppers. Sometimes the “help” is not as knowledgeable as we would like them to be and many of the help representatives will disconnect when they don’t want to solve an issue or maybe just don’t know how and it’s frustrating standing around a store especially when a customer is waiting for an app problem solved the help is not cooperating or just don’t know what to do... many times it takes 2 to 3 people to get a problem solved. I do believe Instacart works really hard overall to help its shoppers. But also please keep in mind many times lines are long items are missing during these Covid times and it takes awhile to deliver to customers. I have many family members working for Instacart so I get a lot of feed back from them and their issues as well. For example I recently signed up April in San Diego... yesterday when I went to my referrals it showed she has 87 batches to complete her 90 batches.... today it says she need 89 batches to complete... very confusing!!.Version: 4.186.1

Off to a horrible startI just applied last week. Everything went smoothly until I picked my interview date. The app showed that I was locked in for 2pm on 10/12 and that I should be on the lookout for an email with the interview location. I became concerned on Tuesday morning when I still hadn’t received an email with the interview location. I opened the app and all it shows is the interview confirmed screen. I figured the managers were busy and didn’t get the email out. Today after getting an email telling me to upload my driver’s license and a selfie, I went into the app. Of course, all I can access is the confirmation screen or the “support” files. I browsed around looking for a way to speak with a person. I eventually reached a person. I would have been better off using Google for help. The rep claimed info was missing from my that is required or the app won’t allow you to proceed. I told her what was happening. She suggested that I cancel and reschedule. I told her I thought that was a bad idea because I’m only allowed to reschedule once and if the app glitches again, it makes me look like a slacker. She basically told me that’s my only option. I canceled and rescheduled. Based on other reviews about the crappy app and “support”, I’m not even a little bit optimistic that the app is going to act right..Version: 4.197.0

Great Side Job For meI just started about 2 weeks ago. This past Friday and Saturday I made over $200 with 10 orders in about 6 hours altogether so about $30 an hour. For me $200 is great I’m not going to complain about having that extra money... however I would never use this as a full time job because as other reviews say you will find it very unpredictable especially Sunday-Thursday. Driving is also unpredictable it’s one of the reasons I gave it 4 Stars they don’t tell you where you will deliver until you hit start delivery but I’ve been lucky to have most of mine within about 6-10 miles between my house, store, and delivery location. Shopping problems consist with packing and barcode updates this is definitely a flaw but not something to get around if you know where everything should be. I hate shopping pick N Save but ALDI is the easiest and it’s never taken me more than 45 minutes to complete a complicated trip. And never more than a hour altogether. Gas I put in $30 on Friday and have almost 3/4 of a tank and after 10 deliveries I still have about half a tank and 2 deliveries where a bit of a drive FYI I drive a v6 Buick Rendezvous..Version: 4.136.2

Instacart shopping for over a Year!Instacart has changed a lot sense I first started out with them. First you only can see the store your going to now you see on a map and the house/houses if multiple orders/Deliveries at once. You now get paid for mileage, you can now “Cash-out” same day instead of waiting 3 days after Sunday to get paid. But you still have to Waite for your tips. You can also see the city layouts “zones”, and now you can be on a Waite-list to be notified when hours are available. You’ll need UNLIMITED Data in Oder to shop! At first it was hard I didn’t know how to do everything but after a couple times you get the hang of things. You’ll know where items are but not at first. The app works great for the most part, you have to keep updating it but it will notify you about that. The pay is good! Especially holidays, NY/NYE was amazing! $400+ in 3 days of just working 4/6 hours all days, Insane. Make sure your car is always cleared out, and it’s ok to have a small car I have a fiat! That’s small! And have a non gas Hog car, that will save you a lot! When you have to drive a distance to drop off. This can become your part time job if your consistent on choosing your hours. Which is also great, it’s flexible, but only if hours are available..Version: 4.126.1

App Update: UPDATEI’ve been an Instacart shopper for almost 2 months & have been loving it until the update. I’m assigned batches from 10-20 miles away when there is a Publix less than 5 miles from me. I’ve yet to get a batch from that store. That’s the store I mainly shop. Shopper support has tried to help & one reported it today. Yes, before the update it was difficult to get high $$ batches but I still made good money. Tried to go to “support” below but I haven’t seen where I can notify them of the problem that I’m having that others are also having. Yesterday afternoon I FINALLY was given a batch to shop the Publix nearest me. When I delivered it the customer she said the order originally went to a Publix further away, she was perplexed & had to cancel the order & start over, she has used Instacart for a few months so I think the latest update screwed things up for customers too. Long story short, I chatted with support for the 3rd time in 2 days. Told him what the customer said & about the reviews here. This morning I received a batch for the Publix nearest me & then again for one a few miles further away from my Publix. THANK YOU!!!!!.Version: 4.180.2

GREAT APP - UNTIL YOU GET DEACTIVATEDI have been an instacart shopper for several months and I loved it! It was easy for me to shop and navigate the app. Yes, there are issues with bots and seeing bigger batches pop up and disappear right away, but I was still able to get several big batches on my own if I drove to different areas. My customers were always very appreciative of the fact that they can add items they may have forgot to order which is a PLUS!! I would have given 5 stars but I was deactivated on May 21 because my 12 year old God daughter took a picture of herself when I was taking her to grab lunch between batches. Which in Instacart defense, was the correct thing to do. HOWEVER, after explaining what happened and even taking a picture of her with her food I have yet to here back from Trust & Security. I have been getting the run around from everyone. The email they sent notifying me of the deactivation does not accept replies. The [email protected] email is no longer valid and directs me to contact support via the app, the app directs me to reply to the email or call, when I call the number is invalid!! It’s absolutely ridiculous!! I was a 5 star shopper!! And to be treated like I no longer matter because they have more shopper is unfair. Hopefully I can get this resolved soon! Whatever you do! Don’t let a kid play with your phone if you’re working forInstacart. 😔.Version: 4.179.0

Customer ratings.The customer rating system sucks. I went from 5 start to 4.87 for no reason I can think of. We make the best decision possible at the time. I contact every customer with changes or clarification. If they don’t answer I am penalized for it. That’s not fair. I love Instacart. I love the idea of them and I use them personally. However I’m on the verge of going to corner shop..Version: 4.223.0

InstaCart ShopperI’m a shopper who can only shop at stores in my area, meaning customers who live fairly close by. One store is across the street from my residence and another store is 1/2 block away. I RARELY get batches for these stores! I live in a large city, Fort Worth, and the majority of batches I get are for areas all around the city instead of stores in my area. I know for a fact that the app sends these batches to other shoppers who have been with InstaCart for a long time - which is discriminatory. It doesn’t make sense for me to drive around the city, making less than minimum wage and paying for my gas to and from the store as well as car maintenance to accept batches for stores that are located across town!! Yes, InstaCart pays gas from the store to customer’s residence. The app is set up for one zone and that’s metropolitan Fort Worth. Why not set the app up where we shoppers can choose the zip codes to work in? Another problem with the app, for me anyway, is the difficulty of taking a photo of the customer’s license when delivering alcohol. Customers tell me other shoppers have the same problem. Very annoying... and embarrassing. Otherwise, the best benefit is being able to deposit earnings directly into our bank account. I’m retired on social security and need every penny I can earn. Thank you..Version: 4.213.2

Love InstacartI recently moved to another state and was very heartbreaking it was taking me a while to get back into law enforcement! I was really down and I tried doing Uber and Grubhub; to help with contributing financially to help my husband and provide for three children. During this pandemic, I wasn’t making anything at all to help at home except to provide gas. I had to sign up for blocks and with children there was no telling when I could work! I would just put I was available And was lucky if they sent me any orders over a 3 hour period of sitting around! It sucked. I signed up for instacart, hoping things would pick up. I was approved so quickly and within days I was able to head out and work. After I finished an order there were so many more waiting and when I say I am so happy with what you guys are providing for people in need, on both ends, its unbelievable! I make enough to supplement my husbands income, pay bills and even help my family with what Corona is doing in our nation! I wasn’t paid to leave this review, I just really wanted to thank instacart for what you have provided that allows me to help my family! I can work when I want, can log off when I don’t and don’t have to worry about consequences! With my babies out of school and daycares closed, I control my own schedule and don’t have to fret about needing baby sitters!!!! I love it!.Version: 4.170.0

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