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AutoSender Pro - Auto Texting app received 49 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about autosender pro - auto texting?

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AutoSender Pro - Auto Texting for Positive User Reviews

Love that I can repeat messagesI think the fact that you can schedule a message to be sent automatically at a set time either monthly or annually is amazing. I have a monthly reminder set to send to all my clients about making sure they have all fees paid for this month..Version: 1.1

Best app I have ever used.Autosender works great for me. It lets me schedule as many messages as I would like, and then sends them automatically. I love the eCards you can choose from!.Version: 1.1

Great sms senderI have been using this app for the last several months and have had no problems..Version: 1.1

Must have iOS appAutosender is the most useful app I have used in a while. I use it to schedule pictures of properties I’m trying to rent to potential tenants. I also use it to schedule reminders about any meetings we have planned or if I am trying to make plans..Version: 1.1

My new favorite app I have ever usedThis app is a lifesaver. I manage a shop with tight deadlines and a lot of remote workers. I use this app to schedule messages to remind them about any projects they may have due. It is also great for scheduling holiday wishes to the whole staff!.Version: 1.1

Best scheduled texting appI love this app for scheduling my kids message about things like do not forget to change the laundry, time for bed, or anything else I need to send them..Version: 1.1

Worth the costAutoSender pro is the best way to schedule messages to auto send at a later date, best app my family ever started using!.Version: 1.1

Great for birthday invitesI created birthday e-cards for my daughter but wasn’t sure the easiest way to send them until I found this app. I just uploaded my photo, create the group with everyone I wanted to invite, scheduled and sent the message! Very simple..Version: 1.1

Best eCard messaging app for iPhoneThis scheduler is the best for scheduling regular text messages AND picture messages. It is very useful for someone like me who often forgets to send important messages!.Version: 1.1

Helped grow my businessThanks to the ability to quickly schedule messages from the templates this app is one of the most powerful CRM tools on the market, and is most definitely the most cost efficient!.Version: 1.1

I used it to pretend the Santa to send greeting msg to my kidsOnce setup it can automatically send greetings for you, not even need to turn on the device..Version: 2.4

Perfect for picture messagesIf you need to schedule text messages or image texts this app is for you. I can send my wife a happy birthday card right at 12:01!.Version: 1.1

Super helpfulI didn’t even realize how much I wanted an app like this until I started using it. I have found it really handy for keeping any follow ups from being forgotten about..Version: 1.1

My favorite SMS schedulerI have tried a few other iOS apps that claimed to let me schedule text messages that would automatically send, but this has been the first one that can actually do what it says! It also lets you schedule eCards or other images as well, which is very useful..Version: 1.1

Best auto text app availableThis app works perfect for my company. I schedule messages to my employees about things like deadlines or any meetings we have. I use the eCard feature to send holiday greeting cards to the whole office, or even birthday cards to employees on their birthdays!.Version: 1.1

Works better than I expectedI’ve been using this app to send images of different items I am selling to specific groups of people. It’s great since it can make sure everyone receives the message at the exact same time, exactly when I want..Version: 1.1

Simple and reliableThis app is very simple to use but is still reliable. I’ve schedule over 100 messages so far and every single one of them sent exactly on time, including a few birthday eCards..Version: 1.1

Perfect for virtual companiesMy company is an online team that all live in different areas around the world, and we have people in very different time zones. Thanks to this scheduler we do not have to worry about bothering each other while we are sleeping, we can schedule any thoughts, comments, or pictures we have so that they will be received at an appropriate time. And the Ecards let us wish each other happy birthdays which is fun..Version: 1.1

Glad I got itI was hesitant paying for this app but am SO glad I did. I use it to send my wife reminders as she can be very forgetful. Also is great for sending good morning eCards to her!.Version: 1.1

Great for birthday invitesI created birthday e-cards for my daughter but wasn’t sure the easiest way to send them until I found this app. I just uploaded my photo, create the group with everyone I wanted to invite, scheduled and sent the message! Very simple..Version: 1.1

Incredible communication toolSo glad I found this app. It is the easiest way to schedule an eCard to show your loved ones how much you care about them!.Version: 1.1

Works 100%This app works so well it is actually almost shocking. Every single app that offers the autosend feature that I have used in the past cost way more than this, but yet don’t even work half the time nor offer near as many feature as the AutoSender..Version: 1.1

We have started using this as a familyWe have a new rule in the family where if you are worried you are going to forget something or forget to send a message, schedule it through AutoSender so you don't have to worry about forgetting..Version: 1.1

Simple and effectiveDoes exactly what it means to. It helps that there is also a notification to alert you once the message has been sent. It is easy and quick to setup a scheduled ecard as well..Version: 1.1

Great if you want to send a text laterIt is a very easy and simple to use app, that lets me schedule messages for my kids throughout the day while I am in another time zone! Thank you!.Version: 1.1

AutoSender is greatAutosender is a interesting eCard app that lets you schedule messages that will send automatically, even if your phone is off. So you can schedule messages that you know you need to get sent, so that even if your phone dies, or you have no service, it will still send. Worth the cost in my opinion..Version: 1.1

Best text message appLoving this app for scheduling auto texts to all of my clients.I also schedule pictures of my reports to send to my boss on a weekly basis..Version: 1.1

Best card scheduler appAutoSender is by far the best app I have ever used to schedule my text messages to send auto text messages. I love the fact that as soon as a client or anyone else sets up a meeting with me, I can prepare a delayed text that will send 30 minutes before our meeting to remind them. Since I started using it I have had zero no shows, as if they forgot and cannot make it they will let me know as soon as they get the message..Version: 1.1

Most useful app on my phoneAutoSender is an incredibly useful tool for scheduling reminders to all of my clients for any meetings or deadlines that are coming up. Thanks to the preset templates its super quick as well..Version: 1.1

Need it for my jobI work at a daycare and we often have parents who are late picking up their children who refuse to pay the late fee since they all claim they just forgot. Now I schedule a message to send a reminder to any parent who tried has been late in the past, reminding them not to be late or they will have to pay the late fee. Now if they do forget they cannot use that as an excuse and will pay the fee!.Version: 1.1

Love the new subscription featuresI have been wishing they offered a subscription feature since I have started using the app, and love it now that they added one! This is the best messaging app I have ever used to send scheduled text messages..Version: 1.1

Subscribed!I have been using this scheduler app for months now so I can’t even explain how excited I was when I saw the subscription feature added..Version: 1.1

Great appThis AutoSender app works perfect for whenever I wanna schedule messages to my kids throughout the day but know I wont be able to use my phone. The only app like this that actually sends the message for you..Version: 1.1

Finally an app that delivers what it offersThis auto scheduler app does everything it says it can, and it does them exactly on time. It is nice to see an app actually deliver everything it offer.s.Version: 1.1

Outstanding services offeredThis AutoSender team offers the most amazing features, and is always providing amazing updates..Version: 1.1

My girlfriend loves this appMy girlfriend always asks me to remind her later about things like picking up something after work, but I always forget to remind her. Since we found this app, I simply schedule a reminder as soon as she asks me to, so that it doesn’t matter if we forget, the phone still sends it..Version: 1.1

I Use it all the timeThis sms texting app is amazing for scheduling messages. I use it multiple times a day to make sure all of my clients are updated on any meetings we have, and use the preset templates to make all my plans with customers..Version: 1.1

Such a unique appThis app is the most helpful app I have seen. The ability to schedule cards or schedule automatic text message to send is incredibly useful..Version: 1.1

Useful Ecard schedulerAutoSender has let me easily schedule my messages so that they would send no matter what. So whenever I know I’m not going to have my phone on me for a bit, I make sure to schedule any messages that I would need to send out..Version: 1.1

This app has helped my life so muchPeople who write negative reviews are extremely cheap and don’t understand that this app is very great to use. Definitely have made things easier for me..Version: 6.1

Great customer relations management toolIf anyone is looking for a CRM tool, you have found the right app. It’s so easy to reach out to customers before or after a meeting to confirm the appointment or to thank them for a time..Version: 1.1

Referral system is wonderfulI love this app. I use it to schedule text messages to remind my clients when we have any upcoming meetings and thanks to the referral system it is easy to earn credits..Version: 1.1

One of the best apps for iPhoneThis app should win an award it is so useful. The pre-prepared eCard templates are super quick and easy to use, and they have one for almost every occasion!.Version: 1.1

My new top appThis app is by far my favorite app. The auto sending feature is exactly what I was looking for to schedule message my boyfriend things I think of while he is sleeping..Version: 1.1

AutoSender PRO ReviewI have been using the app to remind my friends about our plans since they have very bad memories. Thanks to the group feature I can just create one message and then select all of my friends to get it..Version: 1.1

Like the duplicating messages featureI really like the preset templates and the duplicating messages in your history is very convenient for me. It lets me use the same template that I already typed without having to retype it everytime, and all I have to do is change the time and recipients..Version: 1.1

Best Property Manager appAnyone who has ever managed property knows you are constantly busy. There is always appointments, or issues that need to be solved, or payments that are late. With this app I schedule an repeat message so that it sends a reminder to all my tenants at the end of the month to pay rent..Version: 1.1

Just bought the largest credit packI just bought the largest credit pack and have no regrets. I schedule multiple messages a day, anything from scheduling my girlfriend a good morning text, to scheduling a message to my boss about a project we are working on. I even use this app to schedule happy birthday card images to be sent to people for their birthdays!.Version: 1.1

Lets me schedule messages easilyI just spent 10 minutes going through with this app scheduling birthday wishes to my entire family so I do not forget to later. Could even schedule picture eCards as gifts to send more personalized birthday wishes. Very cool app..Version: 1.1

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