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Screen Mirroring for Fire TV App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Screen Mirroring for Fire TV app received 124 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Screen Mirroring for Fire TV? Can you share your negative thoughts about screen mirroring for fire tv?

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Screen Mirroring for Fire TV for Negative User Reviews

Needs workGreat idea. However it’s not useable for me. I swapped over my fire stick 4K and iPad to my 5g home network, called the cable company and upgraded my internet speed and still can’t make it work. It’s basically showing one frame for 15 -20 seconds then the current frame for 15-20 seconds. It’s not to the point of Glitchy for me. It’s more like a slide show..Version: 1.3

My tv is not an option.My tv is not a option and a tv that I have in the basement is exactly the same in every way and it shows up as a option..Version: 2.4

VoiceGood app but no voice on tv ,need voice in tv as well.Version: 1.1

High hopes but buggyThis app works but not consistently. For me every time I try to cast something I’ll get an ad that shows up and when the ad ends the screen freezes on my tv and I have to shut the whole app down and restart the screen share. It’s not worth it only getting to watch a few seconds at a time uninterrupted by a bug or a freeze or something else frustrating like ads every few seconds..Version: 2.0

Time consuming.Eventually got the app to work, with my fire stick, after 2 minutes, picture froze on TV, the app said stopped working (Null ), since which I can’t get it to mirror on Tv, although app appears to be working. (I pad ). Fed up now, how to waste an hour of my life..Version: 1.2

CrashIt crash after the 10 seconds add..Version: 2.1

Not working with my fire tvIt’s not working with my fire tv.Version: 2.11

Not to bad slow not faster sometimes automatic closingNot to bad.Version: 1.4

Not greatNot great app slow startup and disappointing all the time tried 3 tv’s same problem..Version: 1.1

No longer functions for me-DO NOT RECOMMENDThis was working fine to cast things from phone to a Fire TV. But no longer. Nothing changed on my end, app just stopped working. It doesn’t even find my TV, but has no issues with Fire sticks. I will be removing the app from all TVs and phones and finding something else. The paid version doesn’t provide any audio. Why the heck would you cast something but not want/need audio?.Version: 2.12

Lag & addsSo I had this on my phone and I decided to get it on my ipad. sooo I got it and tried to use it it worked for like 1.2 second's then it just froze and then when i would disconnect it would just take me back to qr scan then if I would connect it it would be back to the same frozen video please fix uwu😜🤚.Version: 2.12

I need a fix!Hey guys I’m sorry, I just gave you a 2,, because I’ve been trying to get yore miring app to load for an hour tonight after just installing it this evening 😢 So, since this is the first app I’ve ever I’ve ever downloaded from the App Store, I finally had some hoe! I came back and read about tonight update. Good luck, ill be back with 5✨ when i can finally gets them integrated! 🤟🏼.Version: 1.3

No audioVery poor! No audio and poor picture on tv. Don’t waste your time!.Version: 2.3

Won’t work,All the assistance points you to purchasing the Pro Version What a waste of time !.Version: 2.12

Commercials every few secondsIt was doing fine until a commercial came on the screen wanting you to upgrade to their Pro version. The same commercial came on every few seconds. It was very distracting. This app is getting deleted..Version: 2.12

Waste of timeIt requires whatever is being mirrored to be recorded!!! Other apps don’t work when it is being recorded. Couldn’t watch the movie that I wanted :(((.Version: 1.3

Aggressive urinary tract infectionsAbsolute garbage. why mirror a screen without audio? tell me why that would be something you want. then the app wants you to not only rate it but then suggest you buy the pro version. this all happened in a matter of 40 seconds. first time i tried using it, an error popped up so i ended up watching ANOTHER ad only for it to give me this audio grief. i watched more ads than i did screen sharing. garbage. i hope everyone that helped make this app dies from aggressive urinary tract infections..Version: 2.12

Skip this oneI thought I would test out the free version before I invested in the pro version. Even with ads I thought I could get a good sense of how it performs. Well, I did. And it didn’t. Anytime I tried to mirror my iPad or my iPhone 8plus, it would freeze, get stuck on a previous screen, or just not let me stream. Never did it allow me to go into landscape mode, and was a complete waste of time. Why they give you a chance at a free version that doesn’t work? God only knows. That’s as dumb as the programmers who coded this piece of junk..Version: 2.0

Sound doesn’t work , I then see it’s been promised 3yrsI made the mistake of buying an app without reading the reviews. Can not believe I have a mirroring app that doesn’t support sound. How do I get my money back ?.Version: 2.13

Constant ad to upgradeAd with black screen is shown every 3 minutes If you don’t pay to upgrade..Version: 2.0

So so. iWeb is better.Ok app. Had trouble finding a way to turn on the sound. Kept being interrupted with long adds. Not going to pay for the pro if the free app has this many bugs. The Fire TV partner app isn’t too great either. Was out of sink with the iPhone video and kept being interrupted. It finally froze up and wouldn’t connect at all. Not sure which app was causing the connection problems. iweb tv is a much better app if you are watching something from a web page. Unfortunately I needed this for a zoom connection. Made my zoom connection a poor experience..Version: 2.0

Big waste of timeWARNING DO NOT USE Big waste of time. Every 2 mins the mirroring will be blocked by a 10 second ad asking to upgrade to premium. Very slow & consumes the battery of your phone..Version: 2.12

You thoughtHa you thought you could broadcast my screen to get personal info. Wow.Version: 1.2

☹️Ne marche pas très bien.Version: 1.3

PoorDoes not work.Version: 1.4

GarbageWhy does a free app request my credit card info? Why, why, why? I’m not using this without a good answer. UPDATE: The developer contacted me to say they don’t ask for credit card information with their app. That is a lie. They most certainly did ask for credit card information. The one-star review stands. I’d give it negative stars if I could. Avoid this app like the plague..Version: 2.12

Screen mirroringA terrible app that really doesn’t work and just tries to get you to buy a pro version..Version: 2.11

Not sure yetFirst the app appears to be free but if you want to share higher quality video you need to upgrade. You have to watch a video to be able to use the app. Should be listed as in-app purchases. Video on free app is very grainy. Almost to grainy to be useful. Now the screen stops mirroring to display more ads. Terrible software app.Version: 2.9

Won’t mirrorFreezes and fed up with ads to upgrade.Version: 2.3

Unable to broadcastI downloaded the app successfully and initially thought all was good but my iPhone doesn’t support the broadcasting so was unable to stream..Version: 1.1

Won’t workOn my fire tv it’s not letting me and it keeps trying to get me to pay money.Version: 2.7

Why not use the AirPlay button that everyone uses in their control center in their iPhone/iPad ?Broadcasting thru the integrated record/broadcast button takes 1 to 2 secs to pop up to the tv, I have very fast internet but it does take 2 secs to mirror your screen to my Fire Stick second gen, No sound coming from my sound bar that I got for Xmas. Watching an AD sticks! Everyone HATES watching ads! PLZ IMPROVE IT, I see there’s a lotta hate in this app.Version: 1.2

Shocking screen qualityPoor quality.Version: 1.1

No audio and non stop advertsNo audio and non stop adverts, which block the mirroring for 10 seconds at a time trying to get you to buy the Pro upgrade..Version: 2.12

Wants you to pay for the full versionDownloaded the free version just to see if I could get it to work. Wants me to watch ads and still doesn’t work..Version: 2.9

SlowVery slow to respond.Version: 1.2

Don’t download itAvoid it. No sound and laggy as hell..Version: 1.2

Too many adsEvery 2 minutes is excessive and makes app hard to use..Version: 2.12

Didn’t really like itThere’s too many ads while streaming, and there are plenty more free screen casting services like air screen so you might as well just use that. It’s simpler, and you don’t even need to download an iPhone app..Version: 2.4

No audio cast poor pictureDoesn’t cast audio so it is reliant on iPad sound Low quality picture.Version: 1.2

FRAUD,SCAMMERSDeveloper of this app is a fraud, I downloaded pro screen mirror app by paying 3.49£, but when I tried to connect, app says you have download another app and have to pay more 3.49£ , THIS IS A SCAM..Version: 2.12

Freezes ConstantlyWouldn’t waste any time on this app whatsoever. It freezes after around 10 seconds and is unusable..Version: 1.1

Screen cast quality is very lowQuality is blurry and the free version launches an ad every 2-3 mins. I would pay for it but the quality was terrible and I felt like the ad spamming was over the top even if it’s just a test drive..Version: 2.10

🤬Very slow don’t download.Version: 1.5

Can’t get it to workNot good.Version: 2.10

Screen mirrorIt always stops working after one minute.Version: 2.9

No soundNo sound through app.Version: 2.0

Doesn’t workWhen connected to my Tv is kept flashing on and off. It was also very delayed.Version: 1.3

InterruptionsThis works fine except when watching an updating plug pops up every 2 mins and lasts for 10 seconds..Version: 2.11

BadIt doesn’t work!.Version: 2.12

Terrible appThe app took awhile to connect to my phone, when it finally did I had to watch an ad before I can use the app which is expected. However, I was only using the app for literally 30 seconds after watching the ad before it forced me to watch another ad for 10 seconds. Definitely a waste of time for a screen mirroring app..Version: 2.6

Not workingI paid for the pro version and it is still showing the same message on my tv: Mirroring is starting. Please wait 30 seconds… I have been waiting for 10 minutes nothing is happening. Waste of money.Version: 2.12

FairIt’s a decent app, a lot of 10 second commercials that block out the tv screen. And it doesn’t broadcast the sound from the video. So you’ll need to rely on your phone speakers for that. Unless you have a Bluetooth sound bar..Version: 2.12

Doesn’t workDoesn’t work with iPhone 😤.Version: 2.12

Doesn’t workNot working.Version: 2.9

TrashTrash.Version: 2.10

Garbage even with pro there’s no volume on my tvNo fn volume after buying pro edition.Version: 2.10

Very laggyIt so glichy!.Version: 1.2

Absolute rubbish!Doesn’t work at all and support is patronising and useless! Annoying waste of time and money..Version: 1.1

Doesn’t work.Trying to mirror screen on Fire TV. It sends me on an endless loop of watching adverts, but never connects..Version: 2.12

FreezingThe app constantly freezes - so useless..Version: 2.11

Not easyIt should be easier to pair..Version: 2.11

WhyAm trying to set up Alexa on fire stick why do I have to screen mirror anything?.Version: 2.3

No soundThe found only played through my phone.Version: 2.3

Almost UselessIt technically did mirror my screen, but it was a hassle and barely worked. Every 2 minutes or so the mirroring on the tv will stop to ask if you “enjoy screen mirroring” and suggest to buy the pro version. The mirror quality was very laggy and after 6 minutes it cut out entirely. Audio doesn’t transfer over either. Basically, find another way to screen mirror. This app is garbage..Version: 2.1

It doesn’t work.It doesn’t work..Version: 1.1

Won’t connect to fire tvGot a JVC Fire tv LT-50CF890C and when I want to connect to my tv via this app I get the message wrong app, this app Only work with Fire TV devices! 😂🤣.Version: 2.12

Doesn’t work at allOnly starts to record then kicks out. Never connects. Update: 16 aug 2021- the developer has contacted me and suggested I move the router in my home closer to the television. Yes, because this is what people do. I have ZERO problem streaming anything I want. This app does not work. I’m not unplugging my router, dragging a cord all over the house, just to prove that this stupid app doesn’t work. IT DOES NOT WORK! I have great connectivity everywhere in my house and this singular app is the only thing I have a problem with. Typical of a crap product to dodge responsibility of being crap and suggest that it’s the placement of my router. USELESS! DONT WASTE YOUR TIME!.Version: 2.10

Not quite there. And free supported by adsThought this might be the answer for us but sadly not. Video didn’t work once I started to play it. Also you have to pay or its ad supported. Didn’t see that in the write up 😢.Version: 2.13

Waste of money and no free trial to figure that outDownloaded this to stream videos from the BallerTV app from a kids sports tournament to the Fire TV and only the video plays, the audio still plays from the phone. Also no options for “forced rotate” for videos that only play sideways depending on certain apps. No free trail so I had to buy it to find out it doesn’t work. Do not use if trying to cast videos to the FireTV from iPhone apps..Version: 2.12

Doesn’t work!I just get a blank screen! I have an iPad Pro 2019 and a 2nd gen fire tow box..Version: 1.3

Didn’t workA nightmare to set up..Version: 2.12

More junkCan’t remember if I paid for this or not but I’ve wasted money on several. These apps are all so bad, I just gave up on the process of screen mirroring my iPad to Firestick. App does not work and since I have already deleted this I can’t remember what specific lies or garbage this provided. I wish everyone luck on the journey down the rabbit hole of screen mirroring. Casting YouTube videos and such is simple and does not cost anything to do. A lot of these “screen mirror” apps are just fraud that package up casting and making it look like your iPad screen itself will be visible on your tv..Version: 1.1

Terrible appThe app bombardes you with ads while trying to screen cast, the image quality also drops slightly, you can maybe cast for a minute before another ad block the entire screen. FIND A DIFFERENT APP.Version: 2.3

Demands upgrade and 5 starFirst thing when you open this app it demands a five star rating and the only way to not read it is to close the app and open it again at which point it will allow you to set up the app start streaming and every 30 seconds it pause your video or whatever and it says that you upgrade to pro to get rid of it in the first five minutes I did this probably 20 times to me oh did I mention it makes you also download the app on whatever device you’re trying to stream to.Version: 2.9

Bot user friendly , too complicated to workNot good.Version: 2.12

Happy dude🚨❤️‍🔥😀.Version: 2.12

Bad app, nothing supportedNothing supported on this app.Version: 2.1

Not very compatible with fire tvLags a lot. When you rotate phone 90 degrees to get full screen, the image freezes and glitches on the tv. Needs a lot of sync work..Version: 1.2

DéconnectionMe déconnecte à chaque page que j’essaye de regarder sur la tv.Version: 1.3

Does not workDoes not work.Version: 2.10

GarbCan’t stream video rubbish app.Version: 2.9

Doesn’t mirror certain streaming appsLinked to my devices ok. Started a network app to cast a particular show to my tv. Network app menus were cast. Chose show to begin watching. Didn’t cast what the network app streamed. Plus there’s a periodic 10 second interruption to go PRO. I watched a sponsor ad at the beginning of the mirroring session, bugger off with the self promotion. That’s the kind of thing that makes me not want to consider the few $$ to go pro..Version: 2.12

Doesn’t workJust doesn’t work.Version: 2.12

Rubbish.Far too complicated. Don’t bother.Version: 2.10

Video lags way behind and is very choppyWas too annoying to use beyond 15 minutes .....Version: 1.2

Simply didn’t work for meTried to screen mirror from an iPhone to an LG smart tv via a Kindle Fire Stick. The devices connected easily, but when screen mirroring was started, all that I ever got was a buffering icon. I spent quite a while trying the suggested fixes in the FAQs, but still didn’t work. Perhaps there is a solution to make the app work, but I’ve got to wonder, if it takes this much time and effort, is it worth it? Not for me I’m afraid..Version: 2.10

Absolutely a waste of time!Don’t bother downloading this app. TONS of bugs, no sound broadcast at all. The first generation fire stick had no problems mirroring an iPhone, it’s sad that we have to use a low quality app and an external Bluetooth speaker now. Also tons of lag. Just a poor experience all the way around. I want to give no stars if that was an option..Version: 1.3

ReviewVery slow does not work.Version: 1.5

Too many adsFind a different screen mirroring app. Literally gives you a pop up to upgrade to the pro version every 1 to 2 minutes. Or get a streaming device with built in airplay compatibility because this is trash. Whatever you need to do to avoid using this app..Version: 2.12

CrappyReally slow doesn’t keep up.Version: 1.2

CrapLasts about 5 seconds then disconnects due to “null”. Utter piece of crap And not down to my network - our internet is good enough to wirelessly stream 4K movies. Don’t waste your money.Version: 1.1

Ads every 2 minutes if you don’t pay for the pro editionI wanted an app to mirror my phone screen to watch a yoga video on my TV. I had about 15 ads blocking the whole screen for a 30min video. The video was blurry and the sound remained on my phone.Version: 2.10

Wouldn’t recommendIt works kinda, a year later we still have no audio, every 5 minutes a pop up On the tv shows up and basically says “buy the paid version” for 10 seconds, low resolution and it freezes about 10 minutes in. All this just from using it 5 times I was thinking about buying the paid version now I’m not sure anymore. This is the only app that mirrors my iPhone screen to a fire tv and works yet it’s this bad. I would’ve stopped using it a while ago but like I said this is the only one I got working Overall bad.Version: 2.4

Pls improveOk so this is my first time using this, I wouldn’t say it’s terrible, but it’s not good, there’s a pop up saying to buy the screen mirror pro, there is no sound, it’s really laggy, and my phone was crying after a little bit of use, wouldn’t recommend this but it’s alright.Version: 2.12

Worse app everIf i could put -100 star i would. Ok its a free app, i am ok to see a few adds, not one every 30 seconds!!! How can you watch somwthing!!! Dont lose your time by downloading it, youll remove after 2 min. UNBELIEVABLE.Version: 2.3

AwfulDoes not function as advertised..Version: 1.6

LaggyIt works but it’s too slow and laggy.Version: 1.2

Needs major improvementYou have to watch a ad in order to mirror your device which I found interesting secondly my screen freezes as well as the sound isn’t there there are so many issue that I have had with this I deactivated it after 24 hours don’t waste your space or your phone or laptop for this app.Version: 1.1

Just awfulDoes not work and is useless..Version: 1.1

UselessCan’t set up tried every was , emails them no reply crap app crap help.Version: 1.1

So annoying 😡😡😡I would have zero stars if could. This is terrible. I can’t believe they call this “ok.” Anyway do not even consider downloading because it’s sooooooooooo slow! OMG i can’t even get started how long it took to download. I just can’t even..Version: 1.2

Hangs and hangsJunk. Good wireless connection but still hangs and spins. Don’t waste your money. I even bought the ‘Pro’ version. Same problem..Version: 1.2

No Audio SupportNo audio support in the app. One must use the phone audio or use a Bluetooth workaround. Until audio is supported, the app is not ready for primetime. 😟 The current app was posted 10 months ago with promises of audio support. There is still no audio support.Version: 2.12

UselessIt forces you to record the screen. Dictatorial app. Run away as far as possible.Version: 2.6

GarbageWhat a terrible piece of garbage. Instead of the seamless screen sharing like with AirPlay, this runs a janky low-res screen recorder app that is interrupted once a minute for 10 seconds (after already forcing you to watch a 30-second ad) tryna get you to pay for their garbage app. Do not download..Version: 2.12

Terrible picture . So.blurry you can’t even see itThanks p.Version: 2.9

StrangeFunny how all the 4 and 5 stars are from ppl talking about the audio not working and those just happen to be the only reviews that the app makers replied back to. It’s almost as if they are posting those reviews with the the built in reply that they are working on it. Things that make you go hmmmm.....Version: 1.1

CrapRewlly slow and laggy.Version: 1.3

Good but no soundIt mirrors my screen but I can’t get any sound to go through to my TV.Version: 1.4

SlowVery slow but I will wait for updates.Version: 1.4

Doesn’t worksDoesn’t works.Version: 1.2

Horrible app. Horrible service. Waste of my time.It’s embarrassing for a company as big as Amazon to butcher an essential aspect of their product. What a joke. Begging for money just to provide an expected service, and it wouldn’t even be worth it if it was free. If you download the app anyway, enjoy a garbage picture quality with the volume coming out of your phone instead of the tv..Version: 2.9

This is what we’ve come to expectIt’s ridiculous that I need to download this to share my screen in the first place. It crashes all the time, requires payment to be even slightly usable, and has a terrible interface. No one should be okay with this and you should be ashamed to have made it..Version: 2.9

Keep searchingA colossal waste of time.Version: 1.1

Worst app everThis app does not work, waist of time..Version: 1.6

TrashDon’t waste your time.Version: 2.10

Screen mirroringDoes not load anything. Did everything it said to do and doesn’t work.Version: 2.10

ProI bought the pro version 9 hrs ago did a firestick update and this app does not work just does a blank screen says to scan qr code but just shows a yellow box how to get refund the pro version doesn’t even show up-in app store.Version: 2.10

Disappointing AppDon’t waste your time with this app. And don’t think of getting the pro either. The app does mirror but with lags/delays and no audio. You’ll notice the lags via an iPad than through an iPhone. At times with the iPad, the connection to mirror is dropped as soon as you switch windows. How can you even put out an app that is so flawed?.Version: 1.2

Disney +Does not work with Disney+.Version: 2.12

Don’t BotherTotal piece of garbage..Version: 2.10

GoodIt works great but I just can’t get the sound onto the tv.Version: 1.3

Don’t download does not workThis app does not work how it’s suppose to. Since it wasn’t working I deleted the app and my screen was still recording (nothing was showing on the tv) I had to restart my phone because it would show as if it was still recording. Don’t get it.Version: 2.12

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Is Screen Mirroring for Fire TV not working?

Screen Mirroring for Fire TV works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Screen Mirroring for Fire TV.

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