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InStories Reels & Story Maker App User Positive Comments 2024

InStories Reels & Story Maker app received 73 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about instories reels & story maker?

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InStories Reels & Story Maker for Positive User Reviews

Good concept but bad glitchesI love the designs and possibilities to create so much creative professional looking content with this app, however I’ve had constant issues with saving my work to my Camera roll or sharing to social, making anything longer than 60 seconds becomes an issue and the music should last for the entirety of the story rather than just 30 seconds. Also the support team seem very slow in getting back to issues..Version: 4.8.1

Worth it!Working as an SMM, I have found this app extremely helpful for quick stories to post through out the day. Can be used for a huge range of businesses and fully customisable. Definitely worth the subscription! Tried lots of other apps and programmes but Instories really stuck with me❤️.Version: 4.35.0

A MUST for every insta userI can't actually believe how good this app is. I can't even imagine posting stories without it! Since using it people have constantly mailed me asking me what app I use for stories, even my boss asked me! It's so easy to use and I really mean that! Beautifully updated templates, they've thought of everything! 11/10.Version: 4.17.0

Love love love it!It has become a bit of an obsession of mine to create stories now! Very easy to navigate and beautifully designed templates..Version: 3.17.4

Could not ask for a better app!I NEVER pay for apps, this one was a must have even though free version was good, needed to upgrade to pro. The ads I’ve made through this app for my business- KarmaKittenCo have helped tremendously! Direct sales have been great! Could not ask for a better app, if you are thinking about it, honestly just do it, you will NOT regret it!.Version: 4.2.0

Love itI have only been using for a few months, and probably not using to full potential, but so far I love it and it can make just simple pictures look very professional. Would definitely recommend.Version: 5.20.0

Love love love this app!This app works amazing , I couldn’t do without!.Version: 5.17.0

Insta appLove this app it’s amazing for my insta stories they look so professional!! The music feature is great as I can’t get this on my business account . However I added to my story with music once and got reported for copy rights!!!! Had to remove Little annoying when I pay subscription monthly.Version: 3.8.0

Issue with saving projects to deviceI’ve loved this app since day one but recently I have had no luck downloading any projects to my phone. I’ve tried every way, double checks settings on the app and my phone, even deleted the app (well don’t do that I LOST all my previous projects!!) please help!!.Version: 5.19.0

Good appJust cancelled cuz I’m cheap.Version: 5.29.0

Fantastic AppI just purchased this app and I really enjoy using it. It’s simple to navigate and a lot templates to choose from! Fantastic!.Version: 5.13.0

First video is a winJust made my very first video roll. Simple and easy to use, great features, impressed so far!.Version: 5.35.0

Simply AwesomeThis app has been a life saver from promoting events and streams to just telling a story using a few seconds of videos and pics! I loved this app from the time I tried it, and now that I’ve invested money into it it’s been my go to app for almost all my on the go promos and motion flyers. Thanks so much for this app it’s brilliant!.Version: 3.11.0

Bring more templates please for Hair nicheLove it! Bring more templates please for Hair niche.Version: 5.15.0

Upgrade lifeThank you for make my life easy.Version: 5.16.1

One of my fav apps!I’ve looked around for apps to help me grow my social media and this one is probably my favorite! I even decided to upgrade and subscribe to the monthly plan! And I never pay for apps, EVER! But this one is worth it! I use it several times a week to help promote my business and it gives that professional touch that I was missing! Love love love! I also love that new stuff comes out a lot for holidays etc! Keep the good stuff coming!.Version: 2.9.0

One of the bestHell yes! One of the best app for stories and video! Stylish design, lots of useful features which help you to create a captivating content in a few simple steps!.Version: 3.0.2

Same stories for monthsVery rarely update with new stories. Christmas ones still on at the end of January. I’ve paid yearly but this will be the last time.Version: 5.48.1

I haven’t found anything greaterI almost want to keep it a well kept secret but had to present it to the rest of the marketing team and now everyone is thrilled. The work is done for you. Who ever the creators are, they understood the assignment. I’m happy to see that new templates are added quite often. Thank you. Wonderful app.Version: 5.10.1

So far so goodHonestly I’m thinking about replacing my subscription with Canva because they are a little bit slow lately. This app is the biggest candidate in my list!!!.Version: 4.37.0

Best investment for my business by far !I would not be able to manage or enjoy Instagram for business as much as I do with this app. Instories has allowed me to save time and and money - and have fun. So many options. So easy to use and customize. Thank you for such an amazing app and keeping it update! Fan for life. Now I need to remember to tag the app on my stories. That something I always forget..Version: 3.4.0

TerribleSo far - terrible app, three days if the trial were spent trying to at least load one pic , but app freezes constantly. Couldn’t do any stories wasted a very precious time, and couldn't cancel subscription ( that part is worked out without any bugs) Trying to contact the developer about canceling the subscription : No contacts, no valid email Will contact AppStore with complaints and will cancel the credit card charges as not authorized..Version: 4.46.0

Fantastic app!Having a lot of fun with this app. The features are comprehensive and the layout is easy to navigate..Version: 5.7.0

Time saver at workHelps so much with my social media promotion. I have access to photoshop and other tools but this one is my go to. It offers so many user friendly templates. I’m not overly creative so my first few projects were pretty cookie cutter but after getting comfortable, I make tons of really cool, unique content. I’m really amazed because It saves so much time and doesn’t cut into the quality of the post. It’s fantastic for all small business! I mean it’s great for everyone especially influencers. Super easy to navigate. I think most preteens could learn to use this app, it’s that easy..Version: 5.10.1

Bloody greatThis app is everything I’ve been looking for to make my stories more professional for my website!.Version: 1.2.5

Now keeps crashing?I’ve had a subscription to this app for a while and I love creating stories using it, however since the latest update the app keeps crashing when I try to export my video. Help please!.Version: 4.4.0

QualityHey guys absolutely love this app it really helps my small business. But why is the quality going when I upload it to Instagram?.Version: 3.14.0

BRILLIANT APPThis app is incredible it’s the best Instagram stories app I’ve ever stumbled across it’s incredibly easy to use and the variety of the templates is amazing definitely worth paying for premium X.Version: 4.10.1

Amazing appI wish this app is free, but still help me creating amazing content.Version: 3.6.0

Won’t Upload!! Won’t save !—Update Problem SolvedI have a paid annual subscription and I try to upload to my Instagram or save to my phone after 30 mins of making sure my screen doesn’t close still nothing happens but if I let my screen go black and cut it back on I see a check mark saying it went through but when I go check not saved to my phone or uploaded to my Instagram! Please help Developers got back with me I just had to re start my phone Now this app is wonderful love the templates very easy to use !.Version: 4.27.2

Best app for Instagram!!Extremely happy with this app! Highly recommend.Version: 5.6.0

Delighted!I am so impressed with it. I love it. I manage several social media account and platforms, so It’s everything I needed to. Highly recommended to any Digital Marketers & Social Media Marketers out there.Version: 4.20.0

AmazingThis app is incredible… only hiccup is an error prompt whenever I try to upload music from Apple Music. I’d gladly pay monthly or yearly for this app. 🔥.Version: 5.49.0

ThanksI was able to figure out some good basic stuff and create a professional look quite quickly 👍👍👍💕.Version: 4.39.0

FIX WHATEVER IS HAPPENING PLEASEI love this app and have been using it since May 2020. I haven’t had an issue until the update and i can’t do anything on the app. It won’t allow me to do anything without the pop up of “what’s new”. I have deleted the app, uninstalled the app and turned off my phone. I can’t figure out why it’s not working. I use this for all my editing for my fitness videos. It’s SUPER frustrating. I don’t want to move to a new app since this PERFECT. Please respond and fix what’s happening. PLEASE.Version: 4.6.0

Love the app, but one terrible hangup!I use this app so much and pay for the pro version! I LOVE the templates and designs and music. My only issue is that when selecting images to use, it freezes when scrolling and I either have to scroll extremely slow or when that doesn’t work, just wait for it to unstick every couple of seconds. It’s the worst! I hope they provide an update to this! Most times I give up and sometimes head to another app!.Version: 4.27.2

Won’t post stories without itI love all the template designs available and how easy they are to customize. I also love the wide variety of music options I can select from for my stories. IG took away the music sticker for business accounts but cut stories allows me to add music! So far IG hasn’t muted the music so Cut Stories has been a blessing to use! Thank you for this great app..Version: 4.18.0

Impressive App that COULD be INCREDIBLE!Very impressed with the caliber and quality of this application. I’ve only used it for a few days and I look forward to expanding this. I use this for my upscale high end wholesale gemstone business and a designer jewelry business I rep. There are so many poor, cheap apps out there but this is definitely NOT one of those! If you’re after the highest quality with incredible options (like being able to change the display ratio of images) just jump in and do it! The flexibility of this is unmatched from any other apps I’ve seen. I strongly want to up my rating of 4 to 5 but I’d like to suggest to your tech department that you make the app sync between devices and definitely have it display horizontally on an iPad! By doing so you would absolutely OWN THIS SPACE! Your app is FAR SUPERIOR to any other out there and you would completely solidify your position in the market! I can almost guarantee that your subscription rate would probably double. Also if you were to expand and add the features of Planoly for posting and make this sync to a desktop it would be astounding! No one would be able to touch you! Thanks again for the nice app, and hopefully a great app in the future!.Version: 4.10.0

Not to bad but could improve.It would be good to edit the carousel durations. There could be more font options It would be nice to be able to have more free range over the templates to edit the size of them etc..Version: 2.1.2

Lost all my instories when changed my phoneI can’t get hold of the team when I need help with using the app.Version: 4.3.0

Secret WeaponI found this app by accident tbh. I love all the features, especially the music add ons. Please keep it simple and keep releasing new updates..Version: 2.6.1

Simple and impressiveFrom first time I opened app to my first Story (text over a camera image with a music track added) took about 4 minutes. You can see it @hideinthehills.Version: 4.2.0

Still using Instories & 💛 it…I am onto my 2nd year with this app and love using it for my ad creations, inspo posts and enjoy exploring with it so far. l will be recommending this to friends & fam who want to up their game & create more interactive posts. 😊👍🏾.Version: 5.12.0

Love itTried a few and this is unbelievably amazing, quick, simple and really effective. The templates are fabulous as is the fact you can add your own music. If you created an awful looking video you’d have to try very very hard. The fonts are stunning and the whole thing is just very slick. For the price it’s excellent value! If you’re a new business trying to make a professional and good classy I highly recommend investing in this..Version: 4.33.2

Love the app♥️Helped up my game so much!.Version: 5.28.0

Best App for InstaAfter locking for a simple not over complicated app for my business advertisements, this is far the best . Easy to use and not too expensive for the year especially if your a business ! Perfect professional standout from the crowd stories ❣️😍 Love it !.Version: 3.17.0

App keeps crashing :(I don’t want to say anything bad about this app because I love it, but lately it’s been opening for maybe 5 to 8 seconds and then crashing. I have an iPad Pro, not sure if that helps. I do pay for a subscription also which is making this situation a little more frustrating..Version: 5.13.0

Love the app but would love more templates for real estateIt works very well, I didn’t have any issues however would love more templates for real estate industry, thanks !.Version: 4.33.1

Love love love!This is app is beyond superior to the other story making apps. Love the templates, music options etc! Coolest one I have so far 😊😊.Version: 3.12.3

Started great….I have been using for maybe 6-8 months and the app started amazing. Over the past couple months the app became glitchy. This has steadily become worse… Today there is no sound and unable to play music with the video. Was worth it, now disappointing, not worth it. Fix the glitches and 5 star… right now 2 star..Version: 5.48.0

Good but will not let me add my logo!!Templates and editing on the app are good and easy to use. The most frustrating thing is that the logo function doesn’t work for me. It’s supposed to let you add your logo into the app’s library so you can easily add it to every story you create however when I try to add my logo it, it never loads! It doesn’t even load your files/photo library. I’ve emailed RE this problem a few months ago but no response. Reading other reviews, it seems like I’m not the only one experiencing this problem... please update the app!.Version: 4.17.0

Love this appI’ve been using this app for marketing videos for my business for the past couple of months and overall it’s awesome. However, this is the second time I’ve run into the issue of my videos not saving to my camera roll. It says saved on Instories but when I go look for it in my phone photos it’s not there. I’ve tried deleting the app and reinstalling but right now it’s still not working. If there is a solution, please let me know ASAP. THANKS.Version: 4.5.0

Great supportVery helpful with my queries on copyright of music.Version: 2.1.4

Creative contentHad so many templates to create reels and post for instagram and loved the AI feature on the app. Would recommend and giving 10/10.Version: 5.25.0

BestI’m using this app more than 3 years, I had try many different apps, but chose this, and really happy. In my opinion this is the best story maker, and video creator..Version: 5.39.0

Almost amazing but need a few tweaks1. Thank you for adding an add your own fonts option, however it’s not easy to do and doesn’t work all of the time in fact it’s very hit and miss. Your support page suggests you would respond in 5 hours....38 hours later no response. 2. For style of text, there needs to be a letter spacing option. 3. The option to make the font smaller than 12 would also be good. If you can address the above then would totally give this app 5 stars it better than most story apps but still necessitates to the need to use other apps to get what you are trying to create perfect..Version: 2.6.2

Absolutely love it!So simple and easy to use! Absolutely love it!.Version: 2.3.0

Great for what it is, but the constant unstable updates kills itThis is a very amazing app for producing some wonderful Instagram stories, but the app is consistently having bugs and I find that unacceptable for such an expensive app. I now only keep one of my devices updated and use an older version on the other that still actually works. Adequate testing of updates before release is something they need to work on, because it’s what’s killing my enjoyment of this app..Version: 3.2.1

Classy Templates. Smart DesignEverything I’ve been wanting an app to accomplish for marketing. Being able to design on brand for multiple brands all in the same setting on my mobile is such a time saver/life saver. I think it’s so important as a designer to experience the design as the end user would on their mobile while I’m creating. Real progress in technology here. Good job developers and managers..Version: 2.9.0

Great PotentialI really enjoy this app! It allows users to make their stories more appealing and unique. What was once exclusively done with apps like photoshop and premiere has now been simplified and accessible to everyday users! It’s great stuff! My only suggestion for developers and (something future users should take note of) has to do with the limitation on customizing content. Being able to delete and add photo boxes in each template would make this app a game changer. Also having the ability to adjust photo size and animation speed would be choice. I have tried numerous Instagram story editing apps and they all possess the same, or even more limitations. I have yet to come across an app with this many clean template options that also allow for customization! Please consider creating more ways for users to really own and create their own content. I will be suggesting this app on my social media pages to other creatives. I would love to see this app be #1 for Instagram story editors in the near future!.Version: 1.0.1

Awesome for IG storiesI just LOVE making my stories with this app, it’s so easy to navigate, many templates to choose from, minimal or not add for free version 😱 ... once you start using it, you’ll make all your stories with it. I started using it after I red the reviews in a blog, I’m glad I downloaded it 😉.Version: 2.3.4

Beautiful appLove all the features so far 🙂🙂.Version: 3.18.1

Brilliant appI’ve just installed it and having a play around I am really impressed it’s super easy to use thank goodness lol give it a go it’s really good x.Version: 4.18.0

Simply the best!I was using Mojo and other app until I found Instories. OMG. This is by far the best app I’ve ever used to great stories and post for my social medias. What I liked the most, before Apple changed the rule, was the fact that I could use 30sec for free of any song from ITunes. Now I purchase each song from iTunes in order to use them with my videos and they become available instantly. The only thing that I missed is the ability to sync on all my devices. I am sure the are already working on it. Templates are great and modern. And the app is so easy to use and the UX is at top level. When there is a problem, their customer service replies very quickly. Which is helpful when you are experiencing a little bug or glitch in the app. Keep up the good work. You’re the best!.Version: 5.7.0

Loving it and User friendlyReally easy to use and creates stunning content for Instagram with a little creative imagination. I’ve had lots of compliments/engagement on my stories, since using this app. Happily paid for PRO annual subscription. My only question is when do templates and fonts get updated for a Pro user please? Thanks :).Version: 2.4.7

Love this appI use this for retail store. Allows you to use many templates add music. Easy to work out the editing. Love it!.Version: 5.5.0

Absolutely Fantastic!! 🤩I am rubbish at technology. I literally struggle so much. I have a number of online business now and I was just getting nowhere with promoting my products. I have a hyperactive 2 year old and I just don’t have the time to phaff about. This app is a dream come true! It’s SO easy to use and has really helped me up my game! You get what you pay for and this is beyond my expectations!!!! Love it!!.Version: 5.9.0

🖤 LOVE THIS APPI love this app and have used it it to create numerous pieces of content over the past few months since I’ve downloaded it. I would have given it five stars if not for the issue with uploading logos. It either takes an extremely long time to connect to your photo library if at all, or you have to quit the app and shut down your device and it might connect (slightly frustrating 😬). Though I would still recommend it it would be great to see a fix on this on a future update 🖤.Version: 4.3.0

Great but glitches!Love this app. Makes making reels easy however I’m struggling to export them to camera roll on my iPhone. Gets to 60% exported then confirms it’s done…only it’s not showing in camera roll 😢.Version: 5.15.0

GoodLove it but it’s a pain you cannot save photos you’ve edited for free, everything else is great but that slightly disappointing..Version: 5.50.0

Love it!So impressed with how professional this looks, so easy to use, great features..Version: 2.3.1

Bug in AppAfter I updated my iPhone 13 Pro Max to latest IOS , I thought that would resolve the issue but it’s being consistent. When it comes to upload on IG or even save to my camera gallery, the app render to 60% then froze forever. FYI I did re install the app couple of times. I’d kindly appreciate if support can help as I use this app for business. Thank you ..Version: 5.15.0

Not fully functional for 3 day trialI downloaded this app to use the templates to make reels. However there is no reel tab on the version I got. I've sent them 3 messages in the app about it but when I exit the app and open it again to check on the status of the message, the message is gone. It's as if the app is designed to not give you the premium features you want for the first three days and just have to end up paying for them to use them..Version: 5.12.0

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